The Seven Rays


Stand outside in the darkness of night, look up into the sky and locate the Big Dipper. The seven stars in this configuration are called The Seven Rays and it is from here that all of life is impulsed. Each of the stars has a responsibility to aid humanity in its evolution. Each individual, country, nation, mineral, and plant works with one or two primary Rays both on the personality and Soul levels.


Following is a list of the Rays and their influence.

Ray 1 is Will and Power

Ray 2 is Love/Wisdom

Ray 3 is Active Intelligence

Ray 4 is Harmony Through Chaos

Ray 5 is Concrete Science

Ray 6 is Aspiration, Devotion, Faith and Religion

Ray 7 is Synthesis and Ceremonial Ritual

History is a result of one or more of these Rays being poured down onto humanity. For example the past 2,000 years has been influenced by Ray 6, (the Ray of devotion, religion and aspiration). Ray 6 began to withdraw at the time of the Renaissance.

Ray 5 (concrete science) was in full force prior to World War II and resulted in the atomic bomb. Presently with the advent of the Aquarian Age Ray 7 (synthesis through the mind and use of ritual and ceremony) is being poured down onto Earth and is working with Ray 5 in order to include heart with science. This will lead to Ray 2 of Love and Wisdom.

The 5th Ray is also called The Revealer of Truth, The Door into the Mind of God, The Guardian of the Door, The Dispenser of Knowledge, the Keeper of the Secret and the Master of the Hierophants. The 5th Ray works with lasers, rockets, other solar systems, communications sciences, light and electricity. It has been said that science will reveal the existence of God, the originating Energy.

The 7th Ray is the ray of Synthesis. Organized knowledge will require ritual and ceremony. These activities provide a chalice for the Soul to enter matter. Ceremonies and rituals will be reconstructed to reflect the cycles of the solstices and equinoxes, the new and full moons and the entrance of our Sun into a different constellation each month.

Further reading can be found in Alan Oken’s Soul Centered Astrologyand Burmeister’s Seven Rays Made Visible.