Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods

Aries flows through three planets, which, in turn, transmit the fire of Aries into three distinctively different levels of consciousness. For the development of the personality, Aries works through the planet Mars. For Soul development, Aries is received through Mercury, the planet referred to as the Messenger of the Gods. On spiritual levels, Aries is received through the ministrations of the planet Uranus. Humanity has reached the level of development where it is Mercury that we need be concerned with now. We have experienced Mars’s energy in the development of our personality. Now that the Soul of humanity is being evoked, Mercury and the three processes of the mind are awakening. For it is through the mind that humanity will find God. The desire level of Mars is no longer adequate.

Mercury had several different names in ancient times; Mithra and Hermes are two of the most ancient. Hermes was thought of as the god who invented and initiated humanity into magic (how to create) and the Mysteries (creation itself). Mercury is considered both one with, and companion to, the Sun, and it is Mercury who leads and evokes the activity of the Soul through the application of the mind principle. Mercury is said to heal (open) the blind (Third Eye) and restore mental and physical sight (being able to perceive the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things). The 5th race of humanity, called the Aryans, or People of the Mind, were born under the ministrations of Mercury. And while Venus is considered the sister to our Earth (Venus gave us the seeds of the mind), Mercury is our elder brother who teaches us how to use it.

Mercury receives seven times more light than any other planet (since it’s so close to the Sun) and its color is yellow/gold. Mercury is also called Buddhi (fourth plane consciousness; that of the intuitional mind), represents our right eye, and is the creator and initiator of our wisdom and enlightenment. Mercury is responsible for the reawakening of the Divine Sciences (Ancient Wisdom Mysteries). As the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury’s force on the planet precipitates a crisis of knowledge for humanity. At first we seek (Mercury is curious) the knowledge of earthly things. Later we seek the knowledge of divinity. All knowledge is a crisis in that the previous level of knowing is destroyed and the new level of knowledge replaces it. It is the destiny of humanity, through the mind principle, to reveal divinity to itself. It is not the other way around: Divinity does not reveal itself to humanity. The function of Mercury, and its tool, the three levels of the mind, is to do this for itself. This is also within the realm of Aries. Mercury receives the energies of Ray 4, the ray that creates harmony after chaos (knowledge comes after ignorance). Ray 4 is also the ray of humanity. Mercury, working with Ray 4, influences and impels each individual to seek and gather facts, to build the lower and, later, the abstract and symbolic minds, and eventually to identify and come to a realization of the mysteries of life. Since Aries is the sign in which life begins as an idea in the Mind of God, it follows that Mercury, the planet of the mental faculties, in working with Aries, is the builder and revealer of knowledge…which the ancients always knew.