Mercury, Venus and Earth in Relation to Gemini

Gemini (Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom) works directly with three planets in our solar system. The first is Mercury (Ray 4 of Harmony through Chaos), which gives Gemini its adaptable and highly curious nature, always seeing both sides of every subject. Mercury, the personality ruler of Gemini and referred to as the Messenger of the Gods, has quite an extensive job description. Mercury carries messages between the poles with the speed of light. Mercury is the god of duality and mediation and manifests in our world, not only as the information giver, but also as the connecting link between the higher (abstract, symbolic, pattern-identifying) and lower (logical, analytical, personal me) minds. Mercury eventually establishes Right Human Relations between the personality and the Soul, after the logical and the abstract levels of the mind have been developed. Throughout the ages Mercury has been known by different names to fit the times, but in each incarnation he seemed to teach the same disciplines. To the ancient Egyptians he was Anubis, the jackal- headed god, who prepared and led the deceased through underworld corridors to final judgment. He was also Thoth, the ibis-headed god, who taught all things mathematical and reasonable and was considered to be the mind principle of Ra, the Egyptian Sun god. Both Thoth and Anubis were thought to have created all knowledge, which included language, astronomy, arithmetic, music, medicine, laws, and science. In Greece, Mercury was called Hermes, the god of wisdom, and later in history, from 580 to 500 B.C., Mercury incarnated as Pythagoras and created a system of metaphysics that uses numbers and geometry to explain the universal mysteries. It is said that in Mercury’s present-day incarnation he is the Ray 2 Master Koot Humi and the one who will succeed the Christ as Teacher of the World.

The second planet that Gemini works with is Venus (Ray 5 of Concrete Knowledge and Science). Venus is considered to be Earth’s alter ego or higher self. Earth and Venus have worked together in ways still too mysterious to understand, except for one event that completely transformed humanity 18 million years ago. That event was the activation of the human mind. This was performed by the Lords of Venus as a gift to humanity in exchange for an aspect of the feminine Love principle that humanity had given to Venus ages before. The four original Venusians who came to Earth those many millions of years ago still remain here in their etheric forms. Sanat Kumara is the head of this team and is called the Ancient of Days in esoteric texts.

Gemini is the sign of thinking, communicating, connecting, and relating. These are mind principles. Therefore, it is completely appropriate that Gemini works with Venus. Remember that we are not just speaking about planets somewhere out there at a distance from us. The planets represent forces within and outside ourselves. They represent different vibratory levels, and different planes of consciousness. On the personality level of development, Venus represents attraction, a coming together, personal love feelings, a desire for unification. On the Soul level, Venus tells us that for unification to occur, for separations to be fused, for opposites to blend, for the tensions of duality to be resolved, for understanding and actual Love to occur, then all levels of the mind must be activated. It is the ancient rule.

Which finally brings us to the planet Earth, which is the spiritual ruler of Gemini, and the planet where the use of polar opposites is a teaching mechanism to resolve duality. Earth is Ray 3 of Active Intelligence. Ray 3 impulses us to develop intelligence. This is our responsibility. The Ancient Wisdom rule states that intelligence and the fusion in consciousness of polar opposites is the way evolution takes place on Earth.

For now, in order to develop intelligence &emdash; knowledge and discrimination &emdash; we live with the tensions created through the polarities of the twelve zodiacal signs. Providing the balance of tension between the opposite signs is the sign of Gemini. Providing communication between oppositions is the planet Mercury. Providing ultimate harmony, synthesis, and unification between all oppositions is Venus. Planet Earth is the location in the solar system where this work is to be done. Providing the work force in this great Plan of Spirit uniting with matter (the Divine Marriage), is humanity, that unit of life like none other in the universe, and looked upon with favor by its Creator Gods, the Elohim.