The Lamp

As the Sun travels through and transmits the qualities of Sagittarius, humanity has the opportunity to enter into a direct relationship with the Soul, and thus the higher intuitive mind. A fusion occurs between spirit and matter, and the world of humanity and that of the Soul become blended. The instrument that activates this blending is the higher mind, the aspect of each individual for which Sagittarius is responsible.

The higher mind consists of two parts: the abstract, pondering mind, and the intuitive, all-knowing mind. In Sagittarius we have the possibility of expanding our consciousness into these higher mental realms, and eventually into the Mind of God. The Mind of God, in esoteric studies, is also called the world of the Soul, the intuition, and the Buddhic/Christ mind. This process is activated by thinking, studying, and pondering the purpose and laws of life. We are not referring to philosophical questions, thoughts or opinions.

It is important therefore to understand the specific levels of the mind and their functions. The lower brain/mind gathers facts and arranges them logically, the abstract mind symbolizes facts and finds patterns. Eventually the intuitive mind is penetrated. This is where “straight talk” (Agni Yoga phrase) or pure knowledge is available. This movement into greater mind capacity occurs because the mind, when in active thought, always spirals upward, creating and building a path as it ascends. When the mind penetrates into the intuitive, we have entered into the realm where the thoughts of God are available. The mind has actually “thought itself” into the world of God’s Mind.

In ancient and contemporary esoteric texts this upward spiraling mind-path is called The Rainbow Bridge, or antakarana in Sanskrit. It is a bridge between the lower mind and the intuitive, Buddhic/Christ mind. When the intuitive realm is reached, a stream of knowledge flows into the personality, creating what is called the soul-infused personality and representing a marked spiritual change in the life of the individual.

One of the symbols for Sagittarius is a lighted lamp. This represents the Soul and its function of providing light to the individual on the Path. The light is an actual glowing phosphorescence created in the physical brain and is what is seen as a halo around the heads of saints.  Kundalini is the fire in the spine rising from the base chakra to the head. The metaphor of the lighted lamp in Sagittarius is actually the fire lit in the mind as the risen kundalini touches the pineal and pituitary glands. This is the physical aspect of the illuminated mind. When the individual has reached this realm, there is greater creativity, wisdom, guidance, and, most importantly, cooperation with the Plan of Hierarchy.

We each have the capability to enter the intuitive realm and become Soul-infused personalities. It is our heritage to come to know and participate in the Mind of God. The process begins with a focused study of any subject to which we are attracted, though I have found that the study of astrology and esotericism more quickly accelerates the mind’s upward spiral.