Spring Equinox: A Resurrection

 During the four sacred seasonal intervals we call equinoxes and solstices, there is a dramatic outpouring of light that flows to Earth. This work is done by the Lord of the Sun (the Christ) and His archangels and angels. The Light issuing forth during these times makes an impression of new life upon the physical composition of Earth in the shape of a cross. Ancient Mystery Schools established Temple observations and rituals based upon these fiery tides of new light. To a lesser degree, twice a month, this very same light is experienced by humanity at the time of the New and Full Moons.

Aries signifies the Light (Fire) of Life itself and it is during this month that this Light is being renewed and pouring forth onto the planet. The Sun is once again rising into the Northern Hemisphere. Humanity has always followed the path of the Sun, as it is our guardian and life-giving source of heat and light. But there is an inner significance. All of nature participates in the journey of the Light’s ascent and descent. This is what the seasons represent. Easter is the story of the ascent of the Sun (the Aries Light of Life itself) in the life of Earth’s kingdoms and the ascent of the interior fire within each human. From darkness we will emerge, eventually, into the Light. Aries shows us the Way.

At this Spring time of Aries, life itself is ascending or, to use a Christian term, resurrecting. This can be seen in the budding of plants and trees, the new life manifesting in the animal kingdom, and the heart of humanity responding joyfully to the new warmth, scent, and color in the air.

The changing seasons bring us into a more intimate relationship with the purpose and Plan of our Spirit. We become more attuned and better able to accomplish our work. All of nature is a drama unfolding before our eyes &emdash; an allegory of the Spirit within us attempting to walk the Path of Holiness. The fact that each year a new Spring season occurs informs us that we are always renewed within, that we are always ascending in consciousness, and that our path is always a resurrection into Spirit no matter what we do. That is the Law of Nature.