Sunday, day of rest.
love, Risa
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2 days ago

Risa's Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Catechism - "Where is the animal, O Lanoo?"
Life in the midst (not mists). Living in the midst.
From Advent to Epiphany with Winter solstice & Christmas in between & at the heart of these days.
Today is December 15, 2018 - the very middle of December.
In our 2nd week of Advent. Winter Solstice is the 21st (Friday).
The Full moon is the next day (Saturday, the 22nd).
Christmas is the following Tuesday (25th).
And the New Year (when Mars enters Aries - appropriate for Mars to enter Aries at new year's time) is 17 days away.

Today - Sun in Sagittarius, with a v/c moon - till 4:44 pm (west coast time when the mooonn enters Aries.

Sagittarius - depicted as an archer on a white house.
In earlier days Sagittarius was the centaur (1/2 animal, 1/2 man). This was in Atlantean days - a fabulous animal/man.
1/2 horse/1/2 human. The horse symbolism dominated Atlantean myths & symbols in the same way the ram & lamb are found in Aries symbology. The Centaur depicted the evolution & development of the human personlaity with its human objectives & its identification with form & desires.
A needed developmental stage.

Then the Archer on the white horse appeared & this was a more Aryan (Sanskrit for "one who thinks") symbol, depicting one identification with one's definite goal. The man is no longer the horse but is separate from the horse, freed from the identification as animal. When a Centaur - there exists only animal desire & ambition. When the Archer - rider on the white horse, bow & arrow in hand - there is aspiration (desire lifted up to the Soul) & direction. And these are human (one personality, the other Soul) goals.

Sagittarius moves from ambition & desire to aspiration, from centered upon the self intensely (again a develomental stage) to selflessness, from individual one pointed self interests to the one pointedness of the Disciple - seeking Initiation in Capricorn.

Now Sagittarius is simply the arrow with a fragment of the bow. The Archer & the Centaur have dropped away. The emphasis & focus is no longer the ovjective outer life but an inner spiritual focus. A moving upward from physical to emotional to mental (where the Soul resides) to the illumined Mind & to Love & Wisdom (Buddhic plane on the Constitution of Man).

There is an ancient catechism which all disciples are to know & understand & to master. We listen to the questions supplied by the Teacher & we answer those questions.

“This is the story, O Lanoo, of the journey of the pilgrim-soul which travels through the seven states of being; from spiritual and intellectual unconsciousness, through matter and experience, to self-consciousness, self-awareness and enlightenment.”

Note: the word "Lanoo" means "student & seeker of the Truth." The word is used in the ancient manuscripts called Stanzas of Dzyan, of which both Helena Blavatsky & the Tibetan refer to in their books. We ponder upon this ancient Socratic dialogue between Teacher & student & apply it to ourselves & our understanding of Sagittarius.

"Where is the animal, O Lanoo?
and where the Man?

Fused into one, O Master of my Life.
The two are one.
But both have disappeared
and naught remains
but the deep fire of my desire.

Where is the horse, the white horse of the soul?
Where is the rider of that horse, O Lanoo?

Gone towards the gate, O Master of my Life.
But something speeds ahead between
the pillars of an open door -
something that I myself have loosed.

And what remains to thee, O wise Lanoo,
now that the horses of two kinds have left thee
and the rider, unattached, stands free?
Now what remains?

Naught but my bow and arrow, O Master of my Life,
but they suffice, and, when the right time comes,
I, thy Lanoo, will follow fast upon the shaft I sent.
The horses I will leave upon this side of the door,
for them I have no further need.
I enter free, regain the arrow which I sent
and speed upon my way, passing from door to door,
and each time the arrow speeds ahead."

(originally from The Secret Doctrine, later printed in Esoteric Astrology pp. 176-7)

Each of us finds where Sagittarius is in our astrology charts. What area of life is ruled by Sagittarius.
Then we apply these teachings to our life in practical ways of understanding. We look out into the world & begin to understand others, too, Sagittarius as they struggle with these three levels of development.
In our studies we learn to understand each other.
And like the Soul to the personality, we look upon the Earth & her kingdoms with Love, Understanding & Compassion. The purpose of our studies here together.

Pondering these things today with Saturn, the Teacher.
love to everyone today...Risa
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3 days ago

Risa's Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Notes - After Meditation Discussion.
Focusing. Focused Mind. The Only Way We can Evolve.
Esoteric Notes on this Friday.
Venus rules the day, guiding & protecing us.
December 14, 2018.
The main concern in our work here in the Ashram is the focusing of the mind. Developing the mind via the focusing of the mind. How do we do this? And Why?
Only with mental focus can the Will (Divine Purpose) come forth within us.

Focusing - it occurs through the art of handwriting (cursive), calligraphy (Divine Will is in fingers/hands), reading from books (not computers), study, concentration, being in nature, maintaining a daily written journal - all of these focus the mind (lower) leading to the opening of the higher Mind. And the Soul.

Meditation is a Focus of the Mind.
In meditation we seek to synthsize (join) with Divine Purpose. And the Divine Plan.
Then the devas within our bodies come into alignment.
We must focus the mind to bring in Divine Will.
All the forces of Darkness manipulate our world (flickering light, different frequencies) so that we are unable to develop focus & concentration of the mind.

There is an electrical action between Rays & Devas.
These join together within each of us.
When they interact & the charges of postive & negative flip...Initiation happens.

Only when our mind is focused can we become balanced internally. Thus, the purpose of our school here on FB - the purpose of schools, of study, or reading & of prayerful meditation. Focusing the mind in all ways is our intent here. Disciples understand this.

We must have bodily autonomy - control of the greater Devas that control our little body devas.

Only in this way can we progress - become aligned & focussed on the higher spiritual realities. The higher realities then direct & guide our lower selves.
Then, we understand the words....
"the Forces of Light DO control the F/Darkness."

The Ways
Being in nature (away from technology), following sunrise & sunset (circaddian rhythms), following holy regimes as in an Ashram - these are basic steps to follow.

Prayer, meditation, new & full moon times/meditations.
Being aware of what the F/Materialism are doing, yet emphasizing Ray 7 - what can we bring into our lives daily where we increase our focus, our concentration, our prayerfulness. This is "positive coming into nature."

Nature is the feminine. When we sit out under a tree, focusing on the tree's essence, the elements, the earth, the wind, the water - these protest us. These are the "devas."

Our group's work is to heal the self & then humanity.
To educate ourselves & then humanity.
This is the "task" given to Disciples.
We "see the goal, reach the goal & then we see the next goal"

These are "healing" techniques in the Ashram.
Disciples are aware of all levels of all endeavors of all of humanity. Counteracting the F/Materialism.
Knowledge is the first step.
For those who cannot follow the knowledge, then we introduce practices in the Ashram that build in protection.

And so today - Friday, Venus's day, Ray 5.
December 14, 2018.
December 14 is the 348th day of the year (349th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 17 days remaining until the end of the year.
Under the Light of Sagittarius & Rays 4, 5, 6.
The Tarot card for Sagittarius is Temperance.
The fires of Sagittarius need to be "tempered" when one is a disciple, learning to be an Initiate.

Each disciple is being molded into a Diamond Light.
We remember this when the pressures of life assail us.
We are being molded into a Diamond Light.
And so, Temperance in all things.
It is when Right Judgment is used & the Knight is fully anchored in the Higher Mind (revealer of Wisdom & the Ray of Love/Wisdom) that we may move along to the Mountain of Initiation.

And so out of the deep Scorpioic waters emerges the Path leading to the Place of Initiation (Capricorn).
The Knight is one who has passed the significant test of Right Use of mental Energy, balancing all lower forces into a harmonious working unit.

From a Spiritual Teaching for Dec. 14

Light of life measured in degrees.
Pages of wisdom counted in numbers.
Span of time fills the chalice.
Volume of space molded in cube.
Degrees expand.

When the lower mind marries (joins with) wisdom.
Mercury & Venus - Rays 4 & 5.
Then the light grows by degrees.
The mind glows. The mind becomes light.
It becomes Divine mind. It is diamond.
The light rays of Divine mind permeate the senses and the body. The body becomes radiant, magnetic.
FIlled with Golden Light.

As the mind and the wisdom become one, the Scriptures (religions, ancient texts, ageless wisdom) are comprehended in their true sense; page by page.
And then revelations happen.

The book of life opens. The Scriptures unveil themselves.
The pages of wisdom are revealed through symbols.
Numbers are their key.

When the mind is filled with wisdom through marriage (Rays 1 into 3 = Ray 2, the life span becomes flexible.
The predestined hour of death is postponed since man is reaching immortality through the mind’s absorption into wisdom.
The serpent of time with its spiralic path returns & become the fullness of Light.

When the measure of light increases, covering the mind, senses and body, and when wisdom reveals in its completeness, death disappears into the fullness of the light of wisdom through time. The disciple becomes a space of globe molded into a cube.

Cube stands for perfect figure. The cube does not suffer inversion. The cube is also indicative of solidarity and stability. The six sides of the cube are equal. They present twenty-four right angles. The twenty- four right angles are the twenty-four lunations of the year and the twenty-four Tatvas (ingredients) of creation.

Man is said to be a cube at this stage since the six Chakras in him are transformed as lotuses and the six dimensions of the six lotuses bestow on him the qualities of the cube.

The man shines forth in all six directions: east, west, north, south, above and below. The man remains at the centre as the stable one and continues to shine forth in all the six directions. The degrees of light expand from their acute angle to the right angle. Only right angles exist. Wrong angles disappear. Man has become an adept.

Ashramic meditations - these are our study here, helps the devas within us evolve, our human monad balance & we enter into At One Ment. Mercury is the key. Venus is the Love. The new education which becomes the healing of humanity has to do with instructing/teaching humanity how to build the Antakarana, how to bridge the personality with the Soul - creating the Rainbow Bridge.

Gemini (Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom, ruled by Mercury & Venus & Earth) rules the oxygenation in the blood.
Gemini has to do with hands, fingers.
They are very important.
Gemini is the etheric field. Gemini is Ray 2 of Love Wisdom.
Gemini & Sagittarius complete each other.
Gemini is Ray 2. Jupiter (Ray 2) rules Sagittarius.
Integration happens.
The Disciple becomes the Adept.

Our studies today shared with everyone in the Ashram.

Gemini & Sag complete each other.
Both are "ruled" by Earth, Ray 3.
Gemini begins the procuess. Sag completes it.

From EA, p. 366
"Gemini rules arms, hands, indicating service the two brothers must render to each other producing dissolution under pluto of separative relations which has existed for so long between them. It is health unto life to bec onsidered. Gemini governs oxygenation of blood leading to life activity & free interplay & circulation of spirit/Soul aspect throughout all complex organizsms. Where there is a free flow of life force & no impediments via the blood, there will be the Presence of Perfect Health. Understand this Law that produces in the Initiation controlled health & immortality."

Health is all about the Soul.
We develop the presence of the Soul (free flow of life) here in our school, college & Ashram.

In 2025 when Christ & Hierarchy begin their approach Pluto in Capricorn cycle ends. We are being molded more & more in preparation for this time of the Reappearance.

Entering the Temple of Solomon & the Temple of Wisdom.
With Temperance. love, Risa
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4 days ago

Risa's Esoteric Astrology

Festival of Light - St. Lucia's feast day.
Music for Santa Lucia Day.
Reappearance Day meditation. Standing close to the Christ.
The Christ is the symbol for the Soul.
He is also the Aquarian World Teacher, teacher of angels & of men.
Drops of Light. And in the sky in the following nights, drops of light falling Geminids meteor shower. During Santa Lucia's festival. Google did a lovely graphic of the Geminids, which are peaking tonight.

We make contact with Sagittarius, & the rays 4, 5, 6 that flow through Sag. We recite the Soul's keynote - "We see the goal, reach the goal & then we see the next goal."
Sagittarius streaming through Jupiter (2), Earth (3) & Mars (6). Mars, Ray 6 under Sag - we are dedicated to the Plan & Purpose of God, Sanat Kumara. We thus assist in working out the Plan of God on Earth.

Today - our Thursday rhythms.
We recite the Reappearance Mantram with the Christ.
Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Join the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis...

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together...

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare humanity’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterise the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Santa Lucia - a festival of light as the darkness proceeds.
Santa Lucia’s festival, always on Dec. 13th, is a great festival of Light. During the autumn months, humanity creates festivals of light - Advent in the Christian community, Hanukkah in the Jewish community, Diwali for the Hindu community. Festival days of light are celebrated everywhere in all world religions & cultures. Interestingly vision and seeing without the physical eyes are related to her, the themes of Sagittarius.

Lucia, a 3rd-century martyr, who, according to legend, brought "food and aid to Christians hiding in the catacombs" using a candle-lit wreath to "light her way and leave her hands free to carry as much food as possible". Lucia's (light) feast once coincided with the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year before calendar reforms. Lucia's feast day has become a Christian festival of light.

Falling within the Advent season, Saint Lucy's Day signals the arrival of Winter solstice, Christmastide, pointing to the arrival of the Light of the holy child in the calendar, on Christmas Day. (the holy child & Christ are the symbols of the Soul of each of us - individual Soul & world Soul).

Saint Lucy’s Day is celebrated in Scandinavia, with their long dark winters, where it is a major feast day, and in Italy, with each emphasising a different aspect of the story. In Scandinavia, where Saint Lucy is called Santa Lucia in Norwegian and Danish, and Sankta Lucia in Swedish, she is represented as a lady in a white dress (a symbol of a Christian's white baptismal robe) and red sash (symbolizing the blood of her martyrdom) with a crown or wreath of candles on her head.

In Norway, Sweden and Swedish-speaking regions of Finland, as songs are sung, girls dressed as Saint Lucy carry cookies and saffron buns in procession, which "symbolizes bringing the light of Christianity (symbolizing the Light of the Soul) throughout world darkness."

The pre-Christian holiday of Yule, or jól, was the most important holiday in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Originally the observance of the winter solstice, and the rebirth of the sun, it brought about many practices that remain in the Advent and Christmas celebrations today. The Yule season was a time for feasting, drinking, gift-giving, and gatherings, but also the season of awareness and fear of the forces of the dark.

Marriage of Light/Dark
Male/female. Positive/negative.
Light emerging, Soul appearing.
Divine Will (Father, positive pole, radiating outward) streams down into matter (the Mother, negative recpetive pole) producing together a marriage of Light. Creativity comes forth.

The "light" is the Soul.
It is the Vesica Piscis - we prepare ourselves in the darkness to receive the new light (winter solstice midnight Sun). As we prepare, allowing the Father's light (will to good) to enters our bodies (personalities), a spark of light emerges from within us. Positive pole joining with negative pole (electricity), Light comes forth. This is the Soul. Rays 1 & 3 = Ray 2. (esoteric explanation).

Saffron buns (recipe)
The rolls are lightly sweet, buttery, and vibrant yellow from the saffron-infused dough. The raisins in the “eyes” of the rolls give them just a little extra sweetness when you bite into them. Click on below for recipe. love, Risa
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5 days ago

Risa's Esoteric Astrology

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
December 12, 2018 - Sun in Sag, Moon in Aquarius.
In the heavens, Mercury enters Sagittarius later in the day.
The appearance of Our Lady (Mother Mary) to Juan Diego, a widower, dedicated to Our Lady. A miracle occurred as he was on his way to a nearby barrio to attend Mass in honor of Our Lady.

Juan Diego, a tiller of the soul & a poor widower, was walking by a hill called Tepeyac early one morning when he heard beautiful music like the warbling of birds. A radiant cloud appeared, and within it stood an Indian maiden dressed like an Aztec princess. Along the way, in the village of Guadalupe, the Virgin Mary appeared, speaking to him in his native Nahuatl language and asked him to talk with the bishop of Mexico, a Franciscan named Juan de Zumarraga. The bishop was to build a chapel in the place where the lady appeared. At first the bishop, hearing Juan's story, didn't believe Juan & asked for a sign. Juan told the Lady of the bishop's request. Our Lady had roses appear & a picture of herself embedded within his tilma (cape). When Juan met with the bishop again, he opened his tilma and the roses fell to the ground. On the tilma where the roses had been appeared was an image of Mary exactly as she had appeared to Juan at the hill of Tepeyac. The bishop believed Juan & had the church built in honor of Mary. It is now the cathedral of Our Lady in Mexico City. Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe is, with her golden skin, the patron saint of all the Americas and its people. Pope John Paul was dedicated to Our Lady.

Today, Mercury (Ray 4) enters Sagittarius (Rays 4, 5, 6).
Intuition replaces reason. Higher Mind directs lower mind.
Sag is the sign of the Higher Mind overshadowing the lower rational (day to day) mind. We remember there are 7 levels to the mental place, from lowest rational mind to higher abstract Mind, with the Soul in the middle.

Mercury in Sag - we become a natural teacher, we comprehend larger issues, our goal is to impart a vision of truth to everyone we meet along the Path. As we walk the Path in Sag, a gradual disassociation from the human personality takes place and we turn our attention to the Soul for direction.
We leave the horizontal arms of the cross & step upon the vertical arms of the cross. Standing in the very center. Desires are lifted up to Aspiration to serve others.

Ray 4 - Harmony emerging via conflict & chaos. Ray 4 is how we learn. Ray 4 is humanity's ray. Ray 4 is also the Art of Living. And art itself.

Mercury is in Sag into the new year.
We comprehend the goals ahead. We reach those goals.
We communicate about them. We see the next goals to be achieved. The Hierarchy impresses us each step of the Way.

Honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe today.
An altar filled with roses.
We stand under the Light of Sagittarius.
And Rays 4, 5, 6.
We communicate (Mercury) our ideals & goals (Sag).
Riding our white horse, bow & arrow in hand.
Over hill & dale.
Our eyes on the mountain peaks of Capricorn.
love, Risa
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6 days ago

Risa's Esoteric Astrology

Note from Risa - all my FB pages are GOODWILL SITES.
Sites for Goodwill=Right Relations=Harmony & Peace.
Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018. Mars (Ray 6, aspiration), guides us today.
Today - A quote by John F. Kennedy.
During this time of Advent (light in the darkness).
Something new is coming.
At the end of our year. In our Kali Yuga time.
So that we all have harmony in all our communications, our thinking & actions.
A quote to ponder from a great man who was sacrificed.

Note on the astrology influences today - see chart below. 8th house & 1st house.
Mercury inconjunct Uranus (Scorpio/Aries).
There may be disruptions today - unexpected, unusual.
With communication, with thinking, with reaching out, with contacts, etc. We remain poised throughout.

The Quote
"The times are too grave, the challenge too urgent, and the stakes too high — to permit the customary passions of political debate. We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us through that darkness to a safe and sane future." –JFK (Gemini Sun/Venus)
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Monday, Dec. 10, 2018. Temple deer under the cedars behind the prayer flags under the rays of the sun above the Buddha. Risa ... See MoreSee Less

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