Calling the Truth out of the DS Shadows.
Calling for The Lord of Truth to oversee the Impeachment Hearings. Watching the Impeachment hearings today.
November 4, 2019 – Wednesday. Mercury's day.
Sagittarius Sun - Sagittarius is the sign of Truth.
Today, observing, listening & seeing that the entire Impeachment situation is deeply politicized – which does not allow for the truth. Know that the DS is running these hearings. They have been in power in our country for over 70 years.

Calling for Truth in the proceedings.
Standing within the 5th Seed Group - Politics.
5. Political organizers - Work in the world of human government and with bringing about of international understanding between nations - working with the first Ray, to embody the method whereby the Divine Will works out in the consciousness of races and nations. - Use: head, heart and base centres.

Sagittarius Sun – Sag is the sign of Truth, truth telling, of Justice. The blind fold taken off Lady Justice’s eyes. The “corrupt temple has to be brought down.
And it’s going to be biblical.”

So today – the Seed Group #5 (Political Observers) is watching Washington. The Impeachment Inquiry has shifted to the Judicial Committee w/ Nader. Schiff is Intel.
The Impeachment inquiry should have been in the Judiciary Committee in the first plane.
But it was hijacked by Schiff & Pelosi. The president & the office demonized & desecrated.
No allowing for the common article of faith that binds us together within the Constitution, which bind us in Goodwill.
Anyway, today four lawyers will talk about the legality & constitutionality of Impeachment.
Note – 3 of them are on the left, one on the right = imbalance already.
Impeachment by the left has been made into a political issue.
Which it’s not & shouldn’t be. When something has been politicized,
It’s no longer pure. Truth is easily distorted.
The DS is so deeply entrenched in our governemtn that it cuts to the heart of democracy & attempts to destroy our country.
It is a clear & present danger, what is occurring in these hearings. It is the DS that is presenting an abuse of power.

Assange & the Truth
Let us shift now to Assange & the Truth.
Washington Standard article May 31, 2019

Julian Assange On the War on Truth & Free Speech:
“Everyone Else Must Take My Place”

I am defenseless. I am unbroken, albeit literally surrounded by murderers, but, the days where I could read and speak and organize to defend myself, my ideals, and my people are over until I am free! Everyone else must take my place.
The US government, or rather, those regrettable elements in it that hate truth, liberty and justice, want to cheat their way into my extradition and death, rather than letting the public hear the truth, for which I have won the highest awards in journalism and have been nominated 7 times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Truth, ultimately, is all we have. –Julian Assange, handwritten letter

A further Note: Dec. 9 – release of the Fisa report. Everything’s planned out.
We will observe on Dec. 9th at 1:28 pm. Justice must in the long run prevail.

What we are watching is a desecration of our Constitution & the office of the OFFICE of the president. Risa
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"We know O Lord of Life & Love about the Need...."
The Law of Sacrifice - from the heart (sacra).
Giving - To Make Sacred, Holy & Orderly Again
Standing With & Supporting the Forces of Light
Giving Tuesday - December 3, 2019.
Mars guides us today into action.
Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving that encourages philanthropy and celebrates generosity worldwide.
The Spirit of Giving is a great quality of balance.
It creates harmony within us.
Always give more than receiving.
Giving creates true joy within us.
Giving is related to Jupiter.
We are given much so we can give more & more.
Giving liberates us.
During sunrise the life giving energies stream into the earth.
The Sun itself gives of itself for the life of Earth's kingdoms.

On Giving
Dāna (दान) is a Sanskrit and Pali word representing the virtue of generosity, of charity or the giving of alms. The teachings by the Teacher are valuable beyond measure, and are offered out of great generosity.

According to the ancient tradition of "dana".....
those who carry on the Wisdon Teachings, the Ageless Wisdom Teachings (Buddha, Christ, etc.) are supported through the generosity of the community; thus Dāna (giving) is offered to support the teachings offered.

A distributing hand is a divine hand. Giving is a blessing.
Hands carry the energy of giving & protecting.
There are many ways to "give." One act of giving is to "forgive."
Offering forgiveness releases us. Frees us & the ones are are forgiving.

We note how we use our hands each day - in tending, cooking, clothing, working, clearing, cleaning, etc. All that we do with our hands is a blessing. We are grateful in our Giving.

Today's astrology - a rather complex day.
Sagittarius Sun - Sag teaches us about Giving. Sag, ruled by Jupiter, is expansive in its giving.
Pisces moon - Pisces "saves" the world through it's givingness.
Veus sextile Mars - it is a friendly harmonious day between the sexes, between all the dualities.
Moon trines Mars - we give & give & give some more.
Moon sextile Venus - we realize what we give returns to us 10-fold, so we can give more & more.

Our Noontime Mantram & our mantam all day today.
"We know O Lord of Life & Love about the need.
Touch our hearts anew with love,
So we too many love & give. Then give some more."
(the Disciples noon time recollection)

Giving love today & everyday, Risa
Below is our Giving Bowl on Night Light News.
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From the Rig Vedas - Prayer -
"Let good thoughts come to me from all direction. Let good thoughts radiate from me in all directions."
A question today - How is our life force, our bood affected by the Higher Kingdoms & by our thoughts & words & actions?
A good question to ponder & understand.
Saturday - November 30, 2019. Saturn's day.
Our last day of November. Tomorrow is December 1st.
The last month of 2019.

Today, Saturday is Saturn's day.
Saturn is Ray 3, the Teacher. Ray 3 is Divine Intelligence.
The day is v/c till the afternoon - then the moon enters Aquarius - sign of the new era with the New Laws & Principles.
The entire heavens (stars, planets, Sun, etc.) along with the Hierarchy (inner Teachers) transmit the magnetism (life force) of their cumulative group energy & Soul into the wider world of humanity.

The blood within us receives this transmission of magnetism & is thus transformed by the higher worlds. (It depends upon the quality of one's consciousness & awareness that we can receive & use this "impression" of life giving substance from the higher worlds.

The Higher Worlds affect everything = As above so below. Our physical body is composed of devas (what the elements are, actually, the builders in our body). The respond to the energies of the Higher Worlds - the energies of harmony, light & goodness. The energies affect the devas within our bodies & blood stream. There is a light force (fire) within the blood.

The Light within our blood responds to the Light from the heavens. The devas respond to harmony. We are ourselves both Divine Man (the thinkers) & Animal man (our bodies). Harmony from the higher worlds can magentize & reorganize & reorder the elements (devas) in our blood so that the blood flows well & is filled with light (which contains information). By means of blood, the life forces are distribued to the entire body. We are talking about life forces here that when strong then the body is strong. When weakened, the body is weakened. Mars, the planet vitalizes the blood.

The higher world is the celestial energies. Energies coming into the etheric level of our body & are distributed. Mars is the planet of vitalizaing & purification of the blood system. Aquarius governs the blood system & circulation. Negative emotional thoughts can affect the purity of their blood. Modern stress and the related anxiety can also affect the purity of blood. noble, positive, well-meaning, creative and constructive thoughts, which work as a tonic for

The blood, being the mysterious magnetic fluid in the body, is responsive to the subtle magnetic energies of wisdom and wisdom thru such keys as harmonious sound, number, colour and symbol. The currents of consciousness (our thoughts, awarenesses, being aware & observing) and the currents of life vitalize & balance the cellular & atomic levels of the blood. Healing is all about enabling unimpeded flow of prana (breath), which again is a magnetic fluid. Carbons accumulate in the body, which affects the liver, the stomach, the pancreas and the spleen.

This accumulation affects the flow of blood in the arteries. Carbonation is the slow pro- cess that gradually takes control over the health of the body. Carbon is anti-life. Thus, inert persons bring in anti-life. the quality of thoughts brings in health or ill health. Excessive passions, bouts of anger, extreme love-hate attitudes, as well as pride and prejudice, affect the quality of conscience, which in turn affects the quality of life energy. The Rig Veda gives a good but small invocation, which cannot be lost sight of in
the context of the human thought activity:

“Let good thoughts come to me from all directions. Let my good thought radiate in all directions.”

When we speak the Truth, recite hymns & mantrams, study ancient texts, etc. the chemistry of our body changes, the chemistry in our blood becomes more magnetic & the electrical field around our body changes into light. We are uplifted into the Light....we become that Light.

The electrical energy of our body changes, the Soul becomes magnetized to receive more & more Light. The personality, the vehicle we use to interact in the world, the vehicle of the Soul - then becomes electrified & we become the "Light of the world." Risa
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