Pluto Retrogrades -
Wednesday, April 24, 2019. Mercury's day of information.
Pluto retrogrades today.
23.09 degrees Capricorn. Back to 20.38 Capricorn.
Retrograde till 1st week of October.
Pluto is Ray 1 - it is complete transformation.
It is death - not physical, but of everything else that needs to pass away. It is the death that creates liberation & resurrection from that which has held us back, that which has been hidden. Ray 1 at first destroys that which is no longer needed. Then it begins to build again, a new reality.

Ray 1 is will (our personality will).
Which is eventually lifted up to the greater Will - the Will of God. Then one stand within the Will to Good.
Vulcan, the Soul & Spiritual ruler of Taurus (where our Sun is now) is also Ray 1 - Vulcan places the lead of our personality into a fire, forging the personality into a Chalice for the Soul. Then they become One.

Pluto & Ray 1 & Vulcan are purifying agents.

Pluto in Capricorn - challenges the old ways, the status quo, nequal power. There is tremendous force with Pluto in Capricorn. Will & power come forth so that there is the Right Use of Mind. So that there is Active Intelligence to play upon all forms & life events.

Capricorn is government. Pluto transforms governments, those in authority - allowing for that which us no longer useful to pass away. So the new era (Aquarius) can come forth. Everyone is affected by Pluto in Capricorn. We see the transformations happening in all governments around the world. So the new culture & civilization can emerge. It is a long process. Pluto retrograde - we think on these things.

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Aries, Venus in Aries, Mars in Gemini. Aries, Taurus, Gemini.
Preparing with Buddha, Christ & Hierarchy - all of us -
- for the Wesak (Buddha full moon) Taurus Festival, Saturday, May 18th.

We all find where 23 - 20 degrees Capricorn are.
This is where (area of life) we may feel/experience transformation. This is how we use the tool of astrology.
Applying the daily transits to our astrology charts.
And the charts of those we are close to. Our work together. love, Risa

Note: in additional graphic below - note the different planetary retrogrades & the degrees for each planet when retrograde. The slower outer planets move within lesser degrees however they are retrograde for a longer time than the inner planets. Risa
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We are in Taurus now. April 23, 2018.
Taurus works with Ray 4 of Harmony Through Conflict.
Humanity is coming under the influence of Taurus.
Thus the reversal of the wheel of life is happening.
From personality to the Soul life.
This movement is inevitable for everyone.
Taurus produces the flood-light of illumination for some.
For others it increases self interest.
The self interest ones will enter into a pralaya.
As the new world era comes forth.

Humanity is called, however to the mountain of vision & Illumination.
The two horns of Taurus/the bull are to become the one pointed horn of the Unicorn in Capricorn.

Taurus with Vulcan forges us - the lead of our personality to become the chalice of gold - we are shaped like metal into the form of illumination. Vulcan forges the Way for the Coming Avatar (Christ), embodying the Will of God, Peace, Understanding & Right Relations between all nations.
Taurus is very important today - Taurus rules & guides all that which is occurring everywhere. There is an inner urge for everyone as desire & stobborness in many of humanity, as directed purpose in the Disciple & Initiation. In the advanced man there is an impulse to Love & Harmony.

Let us consider where we each stand under Taurus.
Is our attitude, work intention under the direction of the Soul?
The Pleiades, Great Bear, our solar system - a triangle (cosmic) is the Eye of the Bull which is the Eye of Revelation.
It reveals steadily the sublime Plan of Deity.
This is the subject which Light reveals.

Humanity, the world Disciple is ruled by Taurus.
Uranus is in Taurus now. Uranus awakenns.
Uranus is awakening humanity. Bring a lightning bolt to humanity. Calling humanity to awaken to the present conditions in our world. Awaken to the darkness & hiddenenss.

Therefore, with Uranus in Taurus (in a sign for 7 years), for the next 7 years brings hope for humanity to awaken to the Truth. Taurus as desire - the "desire of the nations to be free." People are awakening to what has hindered them, what has been hidden, what has kept humanity enslaved. Uranus is revelation. Revealing what needs to be known so that humanity can move forward & build together the new era (Aquarian Age).

Preparations for Wesak
We are preparing for Wesak.
We paint the colors of our life.
Washing our karma in the blue.
Contemplate the blue, invoke blue into our being.
Blue is white in deep.

The depth of blue is unfathomable.
Clear sky blue. Indigo blue.
Disciples are stable within the blue.
Our mind, sense, tissues of the body are blue.
This is the wash for the day, wash for the mind/Mind.
We recollect things, events, places, people.
Pride, fear, suspicion, unrest.
We strengthen the mind, do away with these things w/ the blue.

We lift up from violet to rose to orange to golden yellow to honey yellow to aquamarine to light blue to blue to deep blue.
Color is the detail of Light.
We contemplate on the elevation of colors.
Our minds are cleared.

We recite the Mantram - the Gayatri, Soul, Great Invocation.
When the blue is settled in the mind, the purification continues.
We enter into joyfulness then acts o fgoodeill.
And now we prepare for the Hidden Vaisakah valley.
where the Mastes of Wisdom meet each year.
We sit quietly in mind.
Align the mind with the blue. It is all around.

We visualize the Christ, the Teachers.
Their right hand blessing us, right hand emitting grace.
A subtle smile on their lips.
We are all around & at the feet of our Teachers.
The Christ teaching us in the sacred valley, sacred mountain range. A flowing river, south to east to north.
Moonlight in the valley. There is quiet, silence, flowing wind.
We wash our karma in space. On the deep blue slate, ever elevating colors. Preparing for the Wesak Festival in the Vaisakah Valley.

The Heart is the Christ.
The Ajna Center is the Buddha.
We unite the two.
They then become the Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom.
The petals of the heart unfold. There are 12.
The two petals of Ajna Center unfold.
Christ invites us to remain with Him until HIs Ascension.
In 40 days. He teaches His Disciples now on the Evolution Arc. Disciples today, remain close to the Christ as He is preparing for His Reappearance, beginning in 2025.

The Buddha, under Taurus, reminds us to have no expectations of the outcome of our desires.
To raise all desires up to the Soul where it becomes Aspiration. Then Will and Direction progressed forward.
CHrist taught us transmutation of Desire into Aspriation.
We use our human will to conform itself to the Will of God.
We are assured that the Will of God is all that is Good.

We stand within the many colors & tones of blue.
We paint the elevator of colors in our meditation today.
Placing our art work in our Gallery. So others can see it too.
Disciples are in all worlds simultaneously.
Choosing which level is most important.
Standing in the blue together in the Ashram.
DIsciples choose because they have knowledge of these things. We are grateful. love, Risa
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Earth Day – Earth is Ray 3 of Divine Intelligence.
Easter Monday, April 22, 2019.
Come dine with me, the Christ said to His Disciples. And they cast their nets for fish.
Today is Earth day.
Tomorrow in the heavens at night the Lyrid meteor showers shower the Earth with light. Today & tomorrow, Venus joins Chiron (careful) in Aries (careful of sudden movements, wounds, things red & going fast).
Pluto retrogrades Wednesday
Moon can be seen next to Chiron Thursday night.
Saturn joins the moon April 25th.
Passover ends Saturday.
In the Antelope Valley in California the cherry trees are blooming.

Today, Earth Day – Sun in Taurus, Moon in Sag.
Taurus (the Word – coming into form – At the beginning was the Word) is an Earth sign.
The goddess of the Word is Saraswati – the flow of consciousness is “the Word.”
When we are able to express rightly, our qualities become visible to the world.
Often for Taurus, it is difficult to express oneself.
The Tibetan writes – “it’s good for Taurus to teach, to explain things. Then their creativity comes up & out into the world.”
Taurus is the Word. Making the Aries ideas come out into form into words, ideas, expressions.
Taurus is the throat, the sound.
During Wesak – humanity is the Throat Center.
The NGWS is the Ajna center.

Creativity moves form the sacral (generation) to the throat center (re-genration).

Taurus is Ray 4 – Harmony thru conflict & chaos.
Two fire signs. A fiery day today.
Sun joins Uranus today.
What will occur today that is unexpected, sudden, unusual, revelatory?

Earth is Ray 3 – Divine Intelligence leading to Right Actions in the world.
Where is Earth in our astrology charts?
Earth is always across from the Sun.
Wherever the Sun is (example – Sun at 2 Taurus today), then Earth is opposite the Sun (at 3 Scorpio today).

Earth in our Charts
In astrology charts, there is one aspect of energy of paramount importance (not often acknowledged by astrologers). It is the energy emanating from, radiating from, the Earth itself. The Earth in our charts (sign, house) indicates the location of our Earth path, where we best will learn, where we must “tread the ways of men.”

Our service to the world & to humanity takes place here (where the Earth is). Our deep lessons & learnings take place here too. It is our inner journey for outer manifestation of actions to serve the world. The Goal then & the Field of Service. This is Earth, our presence in this Mystery School. Where our Earth is in our chart tells us where Active Intelligence anchors into our daily existence. It tells us also the what & where of our present incarnation is to be expressed in the world around us.

Our Sun is our Creative equipment, our personality vehicle holding all previous gifts & talents. In our chart, all of this creativity & talents gathered is manifested (lands) where our Earth is. So that we can be useful in our presence here on Earth. Earth is Ray 3. Our Earth in our charts manifests Ray 3. Saturn is Ray 3.

The Lord of Karma works with the Earth, helps us become responsible with our gifts & talents & expressions. Eventually our Karma (tend to things, care for them, forgive, heal, complete, etc.) becomes our dharma, what we will accomplish in service to others.

Being on Earth is a task in itself & a responsibility (note the Ray 3 ness – like Saturn). We are to become on Earth awake & aware, enter into a state of consciousness (soul quality), know that we are Souls & Spirits clothed in matter, for the purpose of helping to uplift the Earth & the kingdoms. Step by step - We are to become seekers, then aspirants, then Disciples, then Initiates. We eventually come to realize that our Earth is under the great Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom & we are to express these Soul qualities in our lives.
This is the Path, the Vision & the Goal of Ray 3.

Right now, for everyone, as the Sun is in Taurus, Earth is in Scorpio. The reorientation of material values, lifting them up to so that we may understand Spiritual Values, and Spiritual Will. The 3rd & 4th stanzas of the Great Invocation....

“From the Center where the Will of God is known.
Let Purpose guide the little wills of men.
The Purpose which the Master know & serve.

From the Center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love & Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells

Let Light & Love & power restore the Plan on Earth.”

Easter Monday – In the week after His Resurrection, the Christ, appearing in the physical body of master Jesus, could be seen in His luminous radiant Sun body. The Sun’s Light is its natural vehicle. The Christ, an Archangel from Sirius, also was in His natural Archangel body of Light – the Capricorn realm being the home of the Archangels. We remember the holy child was born in Capricorn.

There is an interval now between the Resurrection Festival (initiation) & the Ascension & 50 days till Pentecost (fire of the mind, Holy Spirit descending upon the Disciples – giving them all language, all wisdom) & the Ascension (when Christ returns to Shamballa). It is a 40-day interval (remember 40 days in the desert of Sinai, 40 days of Lent, now 40 days till the Ascension). 40 days (4 is a square, the Earth plane) of purification & preparation.

Christ taught the Disciples each of the days from Resurrection to His Ascension. These teachings took place on the deep spiritual plane. Only Disciples who were able to function in the higher realms (upper room symbology) could take part. Humanity possesses a number of “bodies” – physical, emotional/desire, lower mental (personality), Soul, higher mind, intuition, Spiritual Will, Monadic (see Constitution of Man). Christ appeared to His Disciples clothed in His Etheric (subtle light) body.

On Easter Monday, the Christ was at the Sea of Galilee, teaching His advanced Disciples hot to develop & use certain spiritual currents within themselves. The proper development & use of these currents protect the Disciple creating a shield o& armour of pure white Light. And the Disciples were in a boat & the Christ asked them to cast their net to gather fish, for the Christ asked the Disciples to dine with Him. And Simon Peter drew the net full of great fishes, 150 in all. There were so many fish in the net but it didn’t break. And Jesus said to them...”Come & dine with me.” And they ate the fishes together on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

John 21:1-14
When they had gone ashore, they saw a charcoal fire there, with fish on it, and bread. Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish that you have just caught.” So Simon Peter went aboard and hauled the net ashore, full of large fish, a hundred fifty-three of them; and though there were so many, the net was not torn. Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” Now none of the disciples dared to ask him, “Who are you?” because they knew it was the Lord. Jesus came and took the bread and gave it to them, and did the same with the fish. This was now the third time that Jesus appeared to the disciples after he was raised from the dead.”

Fish, a dweller of the deep, a religious symbol, used by the early Christians, denoting the Piscean Age, the Age wherein the Law, adding to the Aries Ten Commandments, was to Love One Another, As I, the Christ (the Soul) love you.”

And they ate fish & honey from the honeycomb. When the Initiates has passed certain tests there is a drink given in thanksgiving – a drink of honey and herbs and there is a celebratory eating of fish & honey together.

The days after the Resurrection were wondrous days filled with Divine teachings, with revelations, with intimate & tender communion & closeness with the Risen Lord. Only those who were sufficiently advanced could participate in this glory of an interval between the Resurrection & the Ascension. The interval lay between heaven & earth. The days were holy.

“And there were so many wondrous things that Jesus did & said between the Resurrection & His Ascension. If they were written every one, the world itself count not contain them.” (St. John.

In the 40 days ahead, we are quiet, observing revelations, teachings from the Lord.
We understand these things. We are grateful.
Question: where is Earth in everyone's chart?
Love, Risa
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Easter, Resurrection Festival.
The tomb is empty.
Meaning, there is no death.
Only the passing away of the physical sheath - the personality. After our work is complete (our lessons, learnings, service) here on Earth (a Mystery School), the Soul takes us home again. The Great Task of the Christ was to open the door (rent the veil) that hindered humanity from returning home again to the Father (our Spirit origins, stepping upon the Evolutionary Arc, the ladder upward to spirit).

And so we see everywhere a spring time, reflecting this resurrection event. There is an uprising of flowers, an unfurling of leaves, birds chattering.

And the Essenes who knew of these mysteries continued with their vigil during the night hours of Holy Saturday & at sunrise sang sacred prayers & hymns of praise. And Mary Magdeline was the first to see the Christ, risen from the tomb in His Etheric body. Mary met Christ in the Garden. And they walked together to join the other Disciples in a small village near Jerusalem and He broke bread for them & they recognized him and His radiant Life Force was shed upon them. And on Easter Evening they met in the Upper Room (where the Last Supper had taken place) & He said to them "Peace be with you." And he continue to teach them through the day & the days that followed.

Happy Easter, Resurrection Festival, everyone.
Happy Passover - the journey from Taurus to Aries.
Happy Easter, the Piscean great cosmic event.
Happy Full moon days - 2nd Aries Festival, moving towards Wesak (esoteric).
Gathering all of these, we now journey towards Aquarius.
love to everyone, Risa
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Today is Holy Saturday, day of Baptism.
April 20, 2019 - Right after midnight the Sun left Aries, entered Taurus. A shift from Rays 1 & 7 to Ray 4.
Harmony Through Conflict & Chaos.
Humanity learns through Ray 4. Humanity is Ray 4.
The Earth is Ray 4.

Yesterday - Good Friday was (is) the Crucifixion, the 4th Initiation, the Great Renunciation. Christ Jesus, at the moment of death, “rent the veil” (opened the closed door) that kept humanity from returning home again (Spirit). Mary & the Disciples placed the Lord in a tomb. There was deep sadness.

Holy Saturday, the church is dark. It is like a tomb. All candles are extinguished in the church, there is no light. The Christ is in the “tomb of matter”, the underworld. He is doing important work there. He is releasing the earth spirits (humanity) from their imprisonment (Involutionary path into form and matter). Humanity is released also.

For 18 million years, humanity was unable to "return to the Father." The Evolutionary Arc (Path homeward, upward to heaven) was closed. The Christ was the only one who could open this door "rent the veil". He gave life again to the planet Earth & her kingdoms. He "saved" humanity from death. A real & actual occurrence for humanity.

Holy Saturday - Day of Baptism. Heavenly fire released in Aries. The Mind illumined in Taurus. The desire body, the focus on Taurus - it's element is linked with water. A blending of fire, earth & water - an alchemical act. Right before Easter (Sunday midnight) dawns, aspirants are taken to the baptismal fount and holy water (when seen etherically, it is a fire) is poured over their heads. It is called "Easter Water." It is a blessed & blended fire water.

The aspirant who prepared during Lent receives the blessings of the "new fire". The chakras are affected by the preparations, spiritual intentions & finally by the fiery waters - the chakras a illumined, the etheric awakened, consciousness is opened to the innter planes & the Soul appears, leaving a lasting impression upon the future of the one being baptised.

John the Baptist knew of these things. Thus his work was to baptize aspirants before the Christ appeared. This symbolism & inner spiritual significance has been lost in our times for most. But not for everyone. The Song of Solomon is the text used by aspirants today, Holy Saturday. The words become a spiritual forces within us as we read them.

Today, the Christ is in the nether (under) world. Helping those who have been lost to return home again. We are with Him. Preparing for Easter (Resurrection) morning. love, Risa
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Three-Festivals Day & Evening. A deep study today.
Learning through the Ages.
Three developmental stages/religions coming togther.
Our studies today in the College Ashram.
Understanding the Crucifixion Initiation.
Three Festivals today. Our last day of Aries.
Tomorrow Taurus Sun begins.
The Aries Festival today is 29 degrees Aries.

Friday – April 19, 2019 – Venus guides us today.
And so our studies today. Venus, Ray 5 – Concrete Knowledge & Science.
The Science of the Ageless Wisdom, the Science of Relationship – Astrology.

1. 2nd Aries Festival during a full moon. Bringing forth “all things new.” The new era, the new culture & civilization.
2. Good Friday. Crucifixion Initiation. The 4th Initiation. Renunciation.
3. First night of Passover. Jewish people leaving Egypt (experience of slavery) for the Sinai desert (40 years of purification) on their way to Canaan (land of milk & honey), Israel to established a new home.

Scorpio moon with Mercury joining Chiron.
Passover – also called Sedorim (Seder – evening meal of commemoration) - Also called Pesach, Pesah. Jewish festival that commemorates the exodus of the Hebrew people from Egypt and is marked by the Seder ritual and the eating of matzoth & other ritual foods, questions and prayers & remembrances.

Aries Festival – Spring festival.
“I come forth & from the plane of Mind, I rule.”
Mercury & the Intuitional plane.
Building the new thought forms for the new era.

Passover - Also called Pesach, Pesah. a Jewish festival that commemorates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt and is marked chiefly by the Seder ritual and the eating of matzoth.
As I mentioned previously, as the Christ taught His Disciples while in Bethany, He taught by Proverbs & the Psalms. These were preparatory teachings, purifying teachings, preparing the Disciples for the Renunciation Initiation (Crucifixion Initiation) on the Cross (Good Friday).

Christian/Catholic Festival
The Crucifixion and the Cross of Christ are as old as humanity itself. Both are symbols of the eternal sacrifice of God as He immerses Himself in the form aspect of nature and thus becomes God immanent as well as God transcendent.

Cosmic Drama
Christ must be recognized in the cosmic sense. The cosmic Christ has existed from all eternity. This cosmic Christ is Divinity, or Spirit, crucified in space. He personifies the sacrifice of Spirit upon the cross of matter, of form or substance, in order that all divine forms, including the human, may live. This has ever been recognized by the pagan faiths. If the symbolism of the cross (its 4 arms) is traced far back, it will be found that it antedates (comes before) Christianity by thousands of years. The four arms of the cross will be seen to drop away, leaving only the picture of the living Heavenly Man, with His arms outspread in space (Leonardo da Vinci’s heavenly man).

North, south, east and west stands the cosmic Christ upon what is called "the fixed cross of the heavens." Upon this cross God is eternally crucified.

"The sky is mystically spoken of as the Temple and the eternal consciousness of God. Its altar is the sun, whose four arms or rays typify the four corners or the cardinal cross of the universe, which have become the four fixed signs of the Zodiac (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius), and as the four powerful sacred animal signs (bull, scorpion, lion, man), are both cosmical and spiritual.... These four are known as the consecrated animals of the Zodiac, while the signs themselves represent the basic fundamental elements of life - Fire, Earth, Air and Water."

Passion Week & Easter represent the Initiations.


3rd Initiation – At the third initiation, termed the Transfiguration, the entire personality is flooded with light from above. It is only after this initiation that the Monad (essential spiritual self, fire of God within) is definitely guiding the Ego (Soul), pouring His divine life ever more into the prepared and cleansed channel . . (into the personality vehicle).

QUOTES FROM PONDER ON THIS (Compendium of all the blue books)

(Crucifixion – Renunciation Initiation
(1) Before the fourth initiation can be taken, the work of training is intensified, and the hastening and accumulation of knowledge has to be unbelievably rapid.

The initiate has frequent access to the library of occult books, and after this initiation he can contact not only the Master with Whom he is linked and with Whom he has worked consciously for a long time, but he can contact and assist (in measure) the Chohans, the Bodhisattva, and the Manu.

He has also to grasp the laws of the three lower planes intellectually, and likewise wield them for the aiding of the scheme of evolution. He studies the cosmic plans and has to master the charts; he becomes versed in occult technicalities and develops fourth dimensional vision, if he has not already done so. He learns to direct the activities of the building devas, and at the same time, he works continually at the development of his spiritual nature . . .

The life of the man who takes the fourth initiation, or the Crucifixion, is usually one of great sacrifice and suffering. It is the life of one who makes the Great Renunciation, and even exoterically it is seen to be strenuous, hard, and painful. He has laid all, even his perfected personality, upon the altar of sacrifice, and stands bereft of all. All is renounced, friends, money, reputation, character, standing in the world, family, and even life itself. (1 - 88/9).

(2) After the fourth initiation . . . the initiate is admitted into closer fellowship in the Lodge, and his contact with the devas is more complete.

One is rapidly exhausting the resources of the Hall of Wisdom, and is mastering the most intricate plans and charts. One becomes adept in the significance of colour and sound, can wield the law in the three worlds, and can contact his Monad with more freedom than the majority of the human race can contact their Egos. He is in charge, also, of large work, teaching many pupils, aiding in many schemes, and is gathering under him those who are to assist him in future times. This refers only to those who stay to help humanity on this globe . . . (1 - 90).

(3) When a man (Sanskrit, the thinking ones in the Aryan phase of development – Aryan – 5th root race) takes the fourth Initiation, he functions in the fourth plane vehicle, the buddhic, and has escaped permanently from the personality ring-pass-not.

This great act of renunciation (the fourth Initiation), marks the moment when the disciple has nothing in him which relates him to the three worlds of human evolution. His contact with those worlds in the future, will be purely voluntary, and for the purpose of service. (18 - 696).

(4) Since he first put his foot upon the Path, he has been trying to build the antahkarana. Even that has meant for him an act of faith, and he proceeds in the early stages with the work of building, yet scarcely knowing what he does. He follows blindly the ancient rules, and attempts to accept as factual that which has not been proven to him to be a fact, but which is testified to by countless thousands down the ages.

The whole process is in the nature of a culminating triumph of that innate sense of Deity, which has driven man forward from the most primitive experiences and physical adventures, to this great adventure of constructing a pathway for himself, from the dense material world into the spiritual. These higher spiritual energies have hitherto been recognized by him through their effects; now he has to learn to handle them, first of all, by letting them pour into and through him, via the Antahkarana (Rainbow Bridge, from personality to the Soul), and then to direct them towards the immediate objective of the divine plan.

The Soul Steps Aside
Hitherto he has worked primarily with the thread of consciousness; this is anchored in the head, and through that consciousness his personality and his soul are linked together until he has become a soul-infused personality; he has then attained unity with his higher self. Through the building of the antahkarana, another thread is added to the soul-infused personality, and the true spiritual individual is linked with, and comes under the direction of the Spiritual Triad.

At the fourth initiation, the soul body, the causal body (so called) disappears, and the thread of consciousness is occultly snapped; neither the soul body, nor the thread, are any longer required; they become now only the symbols of a non-existent duality. The [Page 216] soul is no longer the repository of the consciousness aspect as hitherto. All that the soul has stored up of knowledge, science, wisdom and experience (garnered in the life cycle of many aeons of incarnation), are now the sole possession of the individual spiritual man. He transfers them into the higher correspondence of the sensory perceptive apparatus, the instinctual nature, on the three planes of the three worlds.

Nevertheless he still possesses awareness of all the past events, and knows now why he is what he is; much of the information anent the past he discards; it has served its purpose, leaving him with the residue of experienced wisdom. His life takes on a new colouring, totally unrelated to the three worlds of his past experience. He, the sum total of that past, faces new spiritual adventures, and has now to tread the Path which leads him away from normal human evolution, on to the Way of the Higher Evolution. This new experience he is well equipped to face.

“Where there is the will to love, and where such will flowers into demonstrated capacity, there is a disciple of use to the Masters of Wisdom who are serving as custodians of the Plan. Where there is a group that demonstrates the will to love, holding steadfastly to that will… there stands an outpost of the Inner Ashram of the Christ.“

Standing with the Christ today, Good Friday.
Understanding the 4th Initiation.
Standing with our Jewish brothers & sisters.
Preparing the Sedar on this Friday evening.
Grateful for our studies, the knowledge gained each day. Grateful together. Love, Risa

The path of spiritual evolution is rocky (Capricorn Initiation), & most perilous — filled with conflict (Ray 4), challenges, chaos and drama. For a writer, that’s good news. We have something to write about!
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Post #2 - Holy Thursday, April 18, 2019.
Reappearance Meditation. Last Supper Day.
Christ today in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Listening to instructions from His Father about "saving the world."
Night Light News is Posted -

Our Reappearance Meditation today.
"People of goodwill can come together to make things better."
These are good words.
The NGWS are aware of how Goodwill is created in humanity.
We align with the Will-to-Good (Ray1 into Ray 2).
And radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity.
And then the Will-to-Good becomes Goodwill in humanity.
Understanding this "precipitation" was yesterday's post.

Today - our Thursday rhythms.
Night Light News is updated -
And we recite the Reappearance Mantram with the Christ.
Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Join the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis...

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together...

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare humanity’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Note: later in the day I will post information on the Last Supper. Today, the Christ is in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Listening to His Father's instructions. We are in the Garden with him. Supporting him. love, Risa (more later)
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