Monday Thoughts.
The ancient human ways in which we are connected through history & our ancestors helps heal us. Reading poetry helps us restore the remnants of that which is Good. Reading poetry helps us heal. We read Joy Harjo's poetry for meditation this morning.

Listening to mantrams in the early morning sets the spiritual pace for the day. Mantrams order & organize our elements. They connect with the devas of the dawn & of sunset. We align with the Light of the World. Becoming the Light of the World. Especially under the sign of Cancer. Dedicating ourselves, in Cancer, to the Teachings & to the Teachers.

Today, June 24, 2018, Monday. In the sign of Cancer.
The Soul says in the sign of Cancer -

"I build a Lighted House (within the personality) & therein Dwell."

In the US, the Soul is hidden within the material culture of our country. The US is a grand experiment in Freedom. Freedom is its prize. It is its Soul.

The US is Sun in Cancer.
The task of the US is the stand within the Light & lead humanity & all nations towards & into the Light.

At some point the North Node will transit (go over) the U.S. Sun in Cancer. The North Node is our direction.
Cancer is ruled by....
Moon (veiling Neptune) (personality ruler),
Neptune (Soul ruler),
Neptune (Spiritual ruler).

Neptune hides things in its deep waters.
It is hard to find the Soul of the US hidden by Neptune.

Neptune is presently retrograde in its own sign of Pisces. Neptune trined the US Sun previously. Harmonized.

This last year Saturn (structure - breakdown, restructure) opposed the US Sun in Cancer - bringing forth new structures (January).

Saturn opposes US Sun in September.
And in August, Saturn square Saturn (US).
Lots of transits over the U.S. Sun in Cancer.

The North Node is 17 degrees Cancer.
The US Sun is 12.44 degrees Cancer.
So soon (sometime in October) the N. Node will go over the US Sun.
And transiting Saturn will square the US Saturn (Sept/Oct).

Natally - the US Saturn (in Libra) squares its Sun (in Cancer)
- a challenge for the US & its people & government to take a new path into the future - a spiritual path - reconstruction.

Our country (the US) is going through many changes at this time. A restructuring is occurring.
Always it is for the Good of All.

Cancer's Keynote - the words of the Soul.
"I build a lighted house (within the personality) & dwell therein. Radiating out my Light to all the Livingness around."

For study today - place (draw) the transits, today's planets - which is the 1st chart) around the US chart. Notice the North Node in Cancer coming up upon the Sun in Cancer. Note, the North Node moves clockwise. Note also Saturn (in the natal chart & in today's chart). Risa
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Our first full day of summer.
June 22, 2019 - Saturday, Saturn's day.
Pisces moon. Cancer Sun.
Two water signs.
One the Gate into the Earth, of form & matter.
The other, sign of the Savior.
One, at the very bottom of the natural chart.
The other, the end of the zodiac, containing all the previous signs.

Our first day of summer.
Uriel in the meadows teaching.
The Sun bright above.
In the sign of Cancer - the mother, the womb.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer.
Exaltation in astrology means it's the very best place to fulfill its mission.
Jupiter rules Sagittarius- the professor.
Jupiter expands us into areas we never would or could have considered.

Cancer is Ray 3 - Divine Intelligence.
All of matter is imbued with Divine Intelligence.
From our last solar system.
This means the Mother (mater, Earth) was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit - Divine Intelligence.

The Pleiades are Ray 3 too.
Our last solar system was the Pleiades, where matter was imbued with intelligence.
Jupiter expands us.

Cancer is reflective, fluid.
Preparing us for self knowledge in Leo.
Cancer is the moon's house.
And Jupiter is exalted in Cancer.

The month of Cancer is the month dedicated to Teachers of Wisdom. The Teacher reflects the rays of the Sun.
Cancer is Rays 3 (Divine Intelligence) & 7 (anchoring the teachings upon the Earth).

Moon rules Cancer, meaning Cancer transmits it light via the Moon. For all of humanity to see.
The Moon transmits Light of the Sun.
It it the light in the darkness of night.

Moon rules Cancer
The Moon absorbs the heat and the power of the Sun. Moon also trans- forms the scorching nature of the Sun. He transforms the power, the heat and the scorching nature of the Sun into a pleasant and agreeable energy. He heals, soothes and he the mind pleasant.

The Teacher too transmits the energy of consciousness in an agreeable way to the students whereby the student s infant consciousness unfolds through orientation. Thus the teacher is considered to be the Moon.

The Moon transmits light in darkness (in the night). Darkness symbolically represents ignorance. The light for the ignorant is the teacher, who brings the light of Wisdom into the dark corners of the students. A candle in darkness is dearer than candles in the day-light. Such is Moon in Cancer.

Capricorn is the dawn and Cancer is the dusk hour. In the dusk hour dark- ness presides over light. The presence of the Moon helps in such darkness.

The summer solstice marks the commencement of the southern path of the Sun where Moon helps more than the Sun. Thus, the teacher is relevant for those in whom darkness presides over the light

For those who already consecrated themselves to the path of Discipleship, Jupiter's exaltation in Cancer plays a greater role as Teacher. He causes expansion of consciousness.

May every student re-orient to his/her teacher (to the Soul, to Christ, to Guru - whomever one learns from) afresh from the beginning of the summer solstice and may such reorientation be complete by the end month of exalted light filled month of summer's Cancer. love, Risa
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Our first night of summer.
In the night sky. Risa
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Festival of Solstice -
Marriage (uniting) of the Sun & Earth today.
As summer begins today, Friday, June 21, 2019.
8:54am west coast, 10:54 central, 11:54 east coast.
Prior to the Sun entering Cancer, Neptune stations retrograde.
We may feel a bit dizzy, a bit sleepy, perhaps exhausted due to Neptune's retro. We are careful with our physical bodies today, tomorrow, & the days ahead.

The solstices and the equinoxes are the four most important festivals of the annual cycle. At these cardinal points energies are present, through which many layers of wisdom can unfold. By attuning to them we gain subtler perceptions. 

Following the Rhythms of Nature
The Masters of Wisdom are intensely working that these festivals are again integrated into the lives of people and celebrated by them. The Hierarchy wants us, the disciples of the Masters, to follow the festivals which are in tune with the nature. Thus our energy system can adapt to the bigger system in a way which is not possible otherwise. For this the Hierarchy gives us their presence, when we invoke them into our midst. By collectively aligning to the inner worlds as a group, we can effectively receive the energies available and stimulate them in us. We therefore should keep these days free and use them for group livings.

Ray 7
To follow the rhythms and laws existing in Nature is an activity of the 7th Ray, by which the micro-cosmos aligns to the macro-cosmos. The four nodal points of the year bring a directional change each, and if we attune to it the magic of inner transformation happens.

Days of Consecration
Since ancient times, rituals have been performed on these days; at the present time they are mostly lost. Many people do not know the meaning of the solstices and equinoxes and do not pay attention to the change of energy. There are religious festivals around these cardinal points; however, they are only approximations but not exact. We have to understand the qualities of time, otherwise we only vaguely do some meditations, because there is just a solstice or an equinox. But if we know their significance, we can conduct the inner work with a deeper intention.

Highest point is reached during Summer Solstice.
Cancer stands for the descent of the soul, for the birth into the physical body. In Cancer it descends as a golden light into the heart centre. The golden colour stands for Buddhi. We should associate with this colour at summer solstice and at the same time pass on the light to others. By this we also get transformed.

Summer means Sun enters the Gate of Cancer in the sky.
In our head, the sun & moon seeds gather in the 3rd ventricle & a new state of illumination begins.
This always occurs at summer solstice, after disciples have celebrated the new & full moon festivals in the months prior to summer.

Sirius (Ray 2), where Love originates, appears in the sky at Summer Solstice
We are changing seasons today.

The Grand Design in the sky, our timetable, our “blueprint” for life, following Sacred Geometry, tells us, “summer’s here.”
A “marriage” of the Sun & Earth taking place all around us.
Let us be part of this holy ritual.

Today, wherever we are, let us celebrate the solstice, standing under the Sun shining directly overhead, feeling & absorbing the full force of solar energy.

Let us, with gratitude and holiness, draw the Sun’s three levels into our bodies – the rays of the Sun, the heart Love/wisdom of the Sun & the Central Will of God of the Sun. Let us stand beneath and within the Sun’s energy, absorbing the Solar Logos’ light and heat, and thus establishing a connection to be drawn upon directly in the coming year (the new & full moon festivals).

At each festival we will remember our intentional connection made with out Solar Logos, the Sun, at summer solstice.

City Four-Square - Four Angels
It is a time of purification, dedication, love & service to all life on Earth. Note that these are the potent words of the 4 angels around the “city 4-square” that we are attempting to create in the acquiring of the land for the Aquarian Waters of Life community.

Let us dedicate ourselves to this accomplishment today and seek the aid of the Devic (angelic builders) kingdom on this behalf – that we create together the template of the new sharing society, the new way of living, the Community, Village, Farm and Educational Center in the Center of the Dove, the land of the Ancient of Days (our God, Sanat Kumara).

All of these words are potencies that precipitate Divine energy into form & matter, should we stand together with intentions of their precipitation. Let us lift up our hearts, minds & Soul to the Sun & give thanks for our last year as we begin a new year, beginning in the dark ½ of the year, where we will gestate a new reality (Virgo) and birth a new culture & civilization as the year progresses.

This Sun connection is reflected in the bonfires that seem to erupt everywhere on this solstice night. Especially on beaches, in hills & mountains.

Removing Obstacles
We call upon the Deity of Ganesh, to remove all the obstacles of the past year (for ourselves, families, friends, country, nations).

We call upon Ma-at to provide us with happiness & joy.

To Isis to “find our way”, to Sirius so that we may “love more”.

To Betelgeuse to “be prosperous so that we may serve others."

And to Polaris so that we may have Divine Direction.

We use this starry information to make contact, to create relationships with the greater beings above us, to understand our Earth in relation to the heaves. Contact releases Love.

As the solstice fires burn today & tonight, we use the smoke of our fires to light our cedar sticks to purify our etheric bodies, our children’s, our friends’, our homes, temples & environments.

As the summer solstice ritual at Stonehenge represents, there is a marriage of heaven & earth during summer solstice, a “wedding” between Mother Earth & Father Heaven.

Spirals are drawn in sand, dancers move in spiral shapes, the Sun’s movement is a spiral, contracting & expanding at each solstice.

Summer solstice tells us the Sun’s force (God’s force, Livingness) is at its peak and the Mother (Earth) receives that force, blooms with abundance, light, color, beauty.

Sabbat – the union of God the Father, Mother matter. A wedding of life.

This happens within all of us, too. And so with this knowledge we can celebrate with the mysterious forces within the Sun & Earth. The Devas (bright shiny angelic ones) know of this force occurring. And thus we have the sacred wedding, depicted in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

We light a candle today. This is our "bonfire".
We join with all the fires around the world.
Let us join together in reciting the Great Invocation.
It is the Mantram of Direction for humanity.
We are, as the New Group of World Servers, humanity's mentors.
Togther then, in the Ashram garden, under the Light of the Summer Sun.

"And it is at this season of summer - in a cosmic flowering that the earnest aspirant dedicates one's life anew to the pursuit of that beauty which is also the Face of Love turned upon our world, inspiring us to live purely, as the flowers are pure, and with our heart turned always to the glorious Spiritual Sun toward which all creation yearns." -- Corinne Heline, "Star Gates"

O Lord Sun, the night & day are yours
As are the seasons.
In the evening may the light shine in our hearts
Help us know your truth & do your Will.

We deepen today on this summer solstice loving cooperation w/ all those working on Earth - consecrating & dedication ourselves to Earth’s redemption.

Reciting the Nootime recollection together
"We know O lord of Life & Love about the needs.
Touch my heart anew w/ love that I too may love & give."

Sun entering a new sign - 0/1 degree
When a planet is at the very beginning of a sign, it has moved into new territory (a new element and mode) and is in dialogue with that sign's planetary ruler.
In the natal chart, planets or points at 0° of a sign take a stance that either indulges in or embraces the very pure, undiluted nature of the sign. There's a fresh, unstudied quality to a planet at this degree. Some of the most familiar, prima facie traits linked to that sign will be obvious in the person's nature, but the sign's true essence and the challenges the planet must face and embrace on its journey are just being discovered and are yet to be mastered. Simply put, there's a new language to learn and much work to be done. Embarking on this voyage, the planet at 0° appears highly eager to encounter that which it will become.

When a planet Solar Arc directs to a new sign, this indicates a "year of getting to know and beginning to experience the essence of that sign In some ways it's a portent - a signpost indicating much of what we can expect for the next thirty years condensed (and intensely heightened) into the first twelve months." (1) Astrologer Fernando Guimaraes suggested to me that the first degree is like an "operatic overture," an introduction that sets the mood for what will follow.

Happiest Solstice everyone.
Lighting our candles in the Ashram Garden together.
On the brightest longest day of the year.
love, Risa
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The Ark Returns Home.
Wednesday - June 19, 2019.
Mercury conjunct Mars opposite Pluto.
Three planets of reorientation - rulers of Scorpio.
Capricorn moon continues with a v/c all day today.
Moon enters Aquarius at 7pm west coast time.
A day of reflection.
The ark has returned home to the heart of the dove.
Ocean roars thunder, waves meet clouds, foam of ocean abounds, leaping over waves.
The ark returns home to the sound of Om.
Looking ahead -
Friday is summer - Gemini ends. Sun enters Cancer
And Neptune retrogrades.
Everything is in rhythm.

Continung our Reconstruction Mantram.
Each morning, prior to starting the day's activities, achieve an inner quiet, see the Self as the soul, place yourself at the disposition of the soul, of humanity and of your group.

1. Then say silently and with full dynamic intent:

At the center of all love I stand;
from that center, I the soul will outward move;
from that center, I the one who serves will work.
May the love of the divine Self be shed abroad in my heart,
through my group and throughout the world.

2. Then, focusing your attention and dedication, see the group to which you belong as a great center of love and light, irradiating the world of men, bringing relief, light, love and healing in increasing measure.

3. Brood then upon the plan to be carried out and upon the indicated service for the coming day. Do this as the [316] soul, keeping the personal lower self in a waiting attitude, like a servant attentive for instruction.
4. Then say:

The joy of the divine Self is my strength.
The power of the spirit of man shall triumph.
The Forces of Light do control the forces of evil.
The work of the Great Ones must go on.
The Coming One is on the way. The Avatar approaches.
For this we must prepare.

5. Close with a minute of dynamic quiet.

Our work today.
Our journey outward. Our journey inward & home again.
Saturn/Pluto/South Node in Capricorn -
Everyone facing the Dweller on all levels.
Disciples understand. love, Risa
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Crypto-currency on TV now - FB unveils crypto-currency (digital money) & calls it LIBRA! FB, eventually Master Card, Pay pal, etc., they are all doing this. For those who have no bank acct. Competetition for Applepay. The quesion I have is their choice of calling it Libra? !! The CIA (FBI, those in charge of nations, countries, including the F/Dakrness, etc.) all know (& thus use) astrology. Libra is money (esoterically). Libra is Ray 3 - intelligence, the economy, Right Human Relations, money). All those in power know astrology. Not knowing astrology means being left behind in terms of knowledge. Astrology is the language of Aquarius. So what is crypto-currency? A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. (from Wiki). Risa ... See MoreSee Less

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