Party in the Ashram, or 20th Birthday celebration as a Group. Wednesday, Mercury's day.
October 17, 2018 - This is the 20th Birthday of our Group Work, our Ashram. On Oct. 17 1998, we opened our Esoteric Astrological Center in Santa Cruz, CA, at the corner of New & Center Streets. It was a Saturday afternoon. Our little crooked building had a big wide tall window looking out onto Center St. Each Saturday (later Sundays) we held our Esoteric Ageless Wisdom astrology classes there.
We gathered together, meditated, studied the blue books together, the astrology & we ate together (organic, pure, home made, etc.).

On this first Saturday of opening our Center at New & Center St., about 1/2 way through we began to hear the sound of music, of bells, horns, drums & whistles.
What we didn't realize beforehand was that this was the day all California High School bands gathered together in Santa Cruz for a grand parade. So for an hour these bands paraded in front of our Center as we watched & listened to them. We felt really that this was a festival & parade just for us, for the opening of our Esoteric & Astrological Institute & Center.

Interestingly, the man who originally owned the building that we rented from, his name was Dr. Moryan. The doctor worked next door to our center. The two buildings were connected. In the back of the center over the years, I grew roses & avocados (from the seeds) & geraniums.

After receiving the keys to our new center (during a Venus retrograde in 1998, a Venus retro like now), we went to a Chinese restaurant to gather our thoughts & discuss our next steps with the Center. On walls of the restaurant were paintings of peacocks. There are no mistakes ever anywhere.

Today. We no longer have our center (building). It has become a medical office. One wall, the "yellow" wall where I had a large white board that I wrote on & posted all the symbols of astrology & the wisdom teachings - that wall was left standing when the building was "razed" (torn down). That wall of "knowledge" is therefore still standing today, forming the western wall of the new medical building. That wall faces the Pacific Ocean, land of Lemuria, the developmental stage 18million years ago when humanity's mind seeds were activated by the Lords of Venus.

As for our Institute & Center now? - well, it's here now on our FB page. And it has turned into our College - our Esoteric Astrological Science & Arts & Research College. And all of us are part of it.

So today - we wish each other a Happy Birthday.
20 years at the "corner" of New & Center Streets".
In the etheric now.
Here on our FB page. Happy Birthday everyone.
love, Risa

Our study today - Durga as Mary.
Durga is the Daughter of the Mountain.
Durga is the impermeable mother, with nine veils.
She sits on a tiger or lion - signifying passion.
Passion for all attractions & temptations of the outer world.
Untamed passion w/out nobility. The un-subdued personality.
Which can become violent & destructive.
Disciples must be noble always w/ controlled personalities.

Durga is a warrior, a fighter.
She does not allow us to lift the veils of illusion unless we are prepared & ready. She does not allow us to enter into the Inner Temple or stand at the Threshold. For the inner realms are fiery realms. Durga protects us.

Durga is Libra, on the Leo lion, her purity from Virgo.
She is the fulcrum, the center of the wheel of creation.
She is the equilibrium (note the word w/ lib at the center)
within our bodies, the equilibrium allowing the Antakarana, the Rainbow Light Bridge to ascend, carrying the personality to the Soul.

The celebrations of the Durga Pujas (festivals, prayers, mantrams, etc.) are in this context: the power of Libra enables us to gain balance between the personality and the body, between the Soul and the personality, between the super Soul and the Soul, and finally between the super Soul and that which cannot be defined. (persoanlity to individual Soul to World Soul to Cosmic Soul to That Which Cannot Be Spoken of). Durga (energy) exists in all these stages of balancing.

She is the Mother of equipoise and of justice.
Durga protects those who follow the Law, the Dharma.

The seed sound related to Durga is DUM.
The mantram is DUM DURGAI NAMAH; it is sung in multiples of 8, best during the first 10 days of the ascending moon in Libra.

The Sage Agastya, Master Jupiter (most ancient teacher of the Masters in the science & art of Astrology), works with the Mother Durga. His Ashram is at the Durga Mountain in the Nilagiris (blue hills) of South India. He has guided many on the path with the mantram of Durga. All initiates coming from the Ashram of the Mother Durga work with the Mother energy. And a great Master, working with humanity says to us...

"I am here to repair your bodies.
I shall restore life to you and make strong your etheric body, so that you can survive and continue to be conscious after the so-called death.”

In Indian, but also Egyptian, Babylonian or Greek temples, there are presentations of Gods with animal heads or with animals. To an ordinary worshipper they induce a feeling of devotion and of mystifying veneration.

A trained occultist however, sees in them archetypal and zodiacal symbols of creation.

Disciples are occultists & trained observers.
We are in training here.

Durga is an aspect of Mary, the Mother of Jesus & the World Mother. She moves in the Himalayas accompanied by a lion. She is the guiding star of the entire Hierarchy, and many Masters have met her. The words, “the Precious Jewel, the Star of the Sea, the World Mother” refer to her. Oftentimes, when the Hierarchy is in need of a solution for a crisis, they turn to Mary for help & she assists in the solving of the difficulty. We remember, when the Christ Jesus ascended (to the Himalayas) he placed Mary, the Mother in charge of the Disciples at that time. She remains, in all her aspects, the Mother Protector, known in all the religions.
She waits for us to speak with her.

Durga's tools - our tools (virtues) too.
~A shield for protection,
~a bow for determination and focus,
~arrows for penetrating insight,
~a bell it is to invoke mental clarity and to clear the air of negativity,
~a string of beads (mala) reminding her worshipers are reminded of lessons on concentration and spiritual growth.
~a club used to beat a new path,
~the three pronged trident piercing through the veils of the past, present and future, teaching us about birth, life and death.
~a conch shell representing the vibratory powers of manifestation,
~the lotus referring to both spiritual and material abundance.
~the skull or severed head, a common motif also associated with Durga in her fiercest of forms, represents the personality and all the ways we become slaves to our personality (if untamed). The lower mind conceives of situations as bad or good, positive or negative, while Durga is here to show us the paradoxical nature of our reality and the divine unity behind all existence.

The sacred objects Durga carries in each of her eight to eighteen hands, like the Great Goddess herself, carry the power to create and destroy.

Durga's tools - Symbolically they serve as guides and tools we can use to help us get through the inevitable cycles of death, destruction and suffering as well as life, blossoming and joy.

For example, Durga’s knives are not to be used for violence, but are a symbol of liberation. The knife is a tool that cuts away; it severs or excises that which no longer serves us whether it be a destructive belief, an unhealthy relationship, or a toxic situation we find ourselves embroiled in.

Her sword also points to the focus and discriminating wisdom that is necessary in life – particularly to those committed to a spiritual path. All the sharp weapons Durga carries cut through obstacles that impede our progress and clear the path for spiritual growth.

We build a Temple, Golden & filled with Light, as we study here together. We can also build a prison of matter for ourselves & others. Disciples build the Golden Temple working with the Devas - the "shiny ones." These are our instructions in the Temple, the Ashram. We help humanity pierce the veils of illusion. Building the Temple together, active on all the planes of existence. We are therefore cautious, not to build prisons on the planes. We use Words of Power with caution, with Right Intention, with purity, with the Soul on the mental plane. (reading from Discipleship In a New Age, vol. 1, 337).

A birthday party today in the Ashram. Come join us everyone - love, Risa
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Education 101
How to destroy a country.
How to Create A Socialist State
by Saul Alinsky (writer, community organizer).These are his famous 8 steps to topple a nation & create a socialist state.

1. Healthcare = control & limit & pay a high price for healthcare = control the people.
2. Create poverty – increase it to as high as possible. Poor people can’t fight back.
3. Increase debt to unsustainable level = poverty.
4. Gun control - remove ability to protect self, create police state.
5. Welfare – control all levels of life = taking control all aspects – food, housing, income.
6. Education – control what people read & think & listen to & what children learn in school. (Internet=controlling children's thinking, no more thinking or research).
7. Remove believe in God from government, schools & country
8. Class warfare - Divide people – wealthy & poor – polarize them. Add warfare between race & gender relations.

In all the above, the masses of humanity can be controlled. Question from Risa - Do the above 8 relate to our country (USA) today in any way? We think on these things. ~Also, note....we are to create the new SHARING SOCIETY - the New Aquarian Era - the Sharing Society is completely different than the Socialist State. Risa
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The Divine Mother – Durga – Destroying hindrances.
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Continuing with our Study of Durga.
We cultivate our knowledge of these Great Beings.
We become friends with them, when we know of them.
The Lord Maitraya is our friend, too.

We develop & cultivate our relationship with ourselves,
with the stars & planets, with the Masters & Teachers.

We develop our relationship with study cultivating a focused mind.
We then begin to depend upon ourselves as we also cultivate our friendship with the great Ones.
We become dependable within ourselves.
And with others. Then we are able to be of service.
To the world, in need.

A Study of the Mother Goddess
Durga is a Hindu Goddess of Strength and Justice who brings compassion, peace, calm and order to the chaos, destruction, violence and conflict in any situation. She appears to us on her tiger or lion. She is poised, serene and composed, dressed in a red silk and carrying various weapons and tools in her eight to eighteen arms.

In the Hindu traditions of South Asia, Durga is the Divine Mother Goddess. She presides over the seasons of life, birth & death. To many, She is simply DEVI, which means ‘Goddess’. "Devi" comes from the sanskrit ‘Deva’, which means ‘to shine’.

Durga is the Great Mother (like Mary in the Christan religion) who helps us remove limitations, emotional & mental hindrances & obscurations preventing us from shining the Divine Light we all carry within our hearts.

Durga, which means the invincible, unconquerable, and unassailable one, is the name this powerful and courageous Goddess assumed after she defeated the buffalo-headed demon, Durgama. She teaches us that the divine light of truth and wisdom will always prevail over disorder and pain.

Durga’s myth (story), the Devi Mahatmya (Glory of the Goddess), dates from the 5th century CE and is an epic tale of the triumph of wisdom over ignorance. (CE = Common Era or A.D = After the birth of Jesus which occurred 0 AD or CE).

The Devi Mahatmya story/symbol is a dramatic narration of the different battles the Great Goddess fights to stop all that is threatening the balance and harmony between humans and nature. Its various chapters describe how only the Great Goddess can stop the asuras (demons) that are causing so much bloodshed, violence and destruction on the earth. The demons represent the afflicted ego qualities in humans and Devi confronts the demons of arrogance, pride, hypocrisy, greed, rage, discrimination, injustice and more.

Throughout the story, Durga appears in Her many great manifestations as Parvati, Ambika, Mahalakshmi, Chandika and others. She takes various divine forms to engage in each battle and meet whatever threatening egoic energies appear.

We are reminded again and again how these asuras (demons) are the afflicted ego (personality, a developmental stage) and all that is happening on the mythic battlefields (of the story) shows the ways the lower mind and ego (personality) try to trick, deceive, even attack ourselves and others. (more tomorrow)

Mantra & Contemplation (Libra's task)
We dedicate our personality to the light of the Soul.
We are receptive to the Purpose, Power & Will of God.
As it is stepped down to us via our Soul.
We serve that Purpose.
We accept the Purpose, the Power & the Love.
And do the Wll of God.
And we also say....
Help us to Know & to Do, our Part in the world.
And thus the two stages of awareness in time & space
are fused & blended.
We are quiet, attentive & alert.
We are Disciples.

The energy of the thought remains, creating a bridge from
the personality to the Soul to the Monad, God, the Father.
When the deep silence comes to us the Soul makes itself known.

The purest Soul communication is instantaneous knowing.
We are quiet in order to sense, feel this "knowing."
It is the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things.

The descent now happens.
Our mental nature within us is impulsed by the Divine Will within us.
Our emotional nature is cleansed & purified by the energy of Divine Love.
And our physical brain & nervous system work under Divine Action.
We radiate Divine Love to all that is around us.
and to humanity itself. OM

We seek to know the Divine Plan as held by the Christ.
Via study, prayer, intention & observation.
We render ourselves available for training.
So that the Divinity can enter into our nature.
We then embody the Soul quality that we touch with our hearts & minds.
We do this via ASPIRATION.
We then discover & recognize the service we are to do in the world.
In our daily lives, we put all of our energies into Divine Use.

Tomorrow, Durga's tools. They are our tools, too.
love, Risa

Note: As we face the many shifts, crisis, political, social, and religious crises of these changing times, the 1500 year old myth/story, the Devi Mahatmya and the millennia-old ritual worship of the Great Goddess Durga, provide comfort, direction, philosophical and spiritual insight into the prayers & powers that can aid us in the deep process of transformation which we face both globally and personally. The wielding of Divine Intent produces order & organization & harmony in all of our affairs.
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3 days ago

Risa's Esoteric Astrology

Part 1 - the Nine-fold Veil in a Network of Four Triangles facing upward. And Five Triangles facing downward.
The Libra Goddess - Durga & the Durga Festival -
Monday, October 15, 2018.
2nd quarter moon phase.
Capricorn moon, Libra Sun.
Venus & Mercury in Scorpio.
Careful with our speech (Mercury).
We can destroy with it or create with it (Scorpio tells us).
Capricorn Moon - Saturn ruled - tending to tasks & responsibilities.
Libra - with easy, harmony & grace.

2nd Quarter Moon
The moon has moved 90 degrees away from the Sun.
It's a waxing (growing larger) moon, rising at noon.
Setting at midnight.
Seen in the western sky during the early evening hours.
Growing in size from crescent to full.
As the moon waxes (develops & grows in Light), we do too.
We consider projects that will soon come to fruition.
We help them along. Tending, caring & cultivating them.
With knowledge, grace & beauty.

The Durga Festival - Libra Goddess
Durga – Goddess of Libra, protector of the world (of form & matter).
She wears Nine veils – inside the veils is Wisdom.
She guards the Threshold into Wisdom.
Durga – the Mother –
GA = movement. Durga = impossible to move.
She is the Light in the darkness of matter.
Her 9-fold veil has a network of 4 triangles –
The apex upward interpenetrated by 5 triangles – w/ the apex downwards.

The Durga celebration is always in Libra – carried out for 9 days, culminating on the 10th day.
On each of the 9 days, one aspect of the Mother is celebrated.
On the 10th day (Durga has 10 arms)
- there is Liberation from matter, the Mother
(Earth & its darkness is the Mother).

Durga guides us through the darkness, the darkest parts of ourselves. The darkness of matter.
Into the Light of ourselves.
She allows us not to lose sight of the Path.
Even within the darkness.
Durga – the Goddess of Autumn as each day’s light is lessened.
She stand holding a Light for each of us.

Durga is the Mother of equipoise and of justice (Libra).
Durga protects those who follow the Law, the Dharma.

Being near but not within the Work.
Let us step into the Work we are doing each day.

Let us learn about, ponder & participate in the Teachings.
All the ancient & present teachings we are learning - they build toward the new world religion in Aquarius.
Thus we all participate in all the religious festivals,
- understanding the main religions of the world.

Let us participate with our brothers & sisters of all faiths…
The Ancient religions - all religions developmental stages of humanity - Disciples understand this.
The Hebrew
The Hindu (Durga Festival 10 days) & the Christian religions.
All religions prior to the Christian religion taught humanity
how to be in for & matter. Disciples understand this, too.
And all the preparations leading up to the
New Aquarian religion for the world, for all peoples.
Based upon the Astrological & Esoteric teachings.
The new & full moon times, the equinoxes & solstices.
Let us visualize triangles around the Earth. (Esoteric).

Let us materialize the spiritual Impulse within us into form
& matter.
As we do this....matter is lifted up to heaven.
And it is redeemed.
We lift up the kingdoms of Earth.
To the Kingdoms of Beauty.

Learning & working together today.
Standing with the Mother, the Libra Goddess, Durga.
Love to everyone. Risa

Part 2 -
A few news & notes about our world today.
News & Notes
- our world today, astrology & the Wisdom Teachings.
Libra - money & the economy.
Venus retrograde in Scorpio - reorientating the economic system.
Venus & Uranus & Saturn (rulers) work with Libra.
Coming in as Libra does in times of transition.
We are in the transition between two Ages.
Pisces to Aquarius.
And so....a new reality is emerging.
And humanity is undergoing the 1st Initiation.
An economic reset.
Uranus creating the reset.
Readjustment of the economic system.

We are also in Venus retrograde - so we are to familiarize ourselves with the 1st Initiation & the economic problem & the general world picture. (Ext. Hier. p. 196).

Prez's natal Uranus, NN & Sun in Gemini are on the US natal Mars - he is to bring about the reset, the reorientation.

Venus retrograde in Scorpio. Coming into inferior conjunction Oct. 26 - that is where Venus conj. the Sun in Scorpio - other people's resources, debt, etc.
That energy s occurring so around that date we will observe what is occurring in outer events.
Disciples ponder upon & understand these things.
This is our College. We learn together here.
Knowledge, then intelligence, then thinking then intuition then the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things appears within us. Together. love, Risa
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4 days ago

Risa's Esoteric Astrology

Day of Rest, contemplation on values.
Aligning with the Will to Good = Right Choosing.
Sunday, October 14, 2018 - the Sun's day.
Illuminating our values today.
Libra Sun - Libra's meditation is Contemplation.
The morning & part of the afternoon is moon v/c.
Helping us rest & reflect.

A Contemplative Day today.
Later (12:17pm west coast time) Capricorn moon begins.
Capricorn calls us to be practical.
Saturn & Venus ruled (Capricorn's rulers).
Practicality & values in the sign of Initiation.

Venus Retrograde continues.
We remain for a long time (till mid November) in Venus retrograde.
This means it is time to assess what we value.
To keep & cultivate & cherish what we value.
To eliminate (share, give away, allowing it to drop away), what is no longer of value.

Events will occur during this Venus retrograde (in Scorpio then in Libra) that will bring us to the awareness of what we value, who we value, all that we value, including the value of the self/Self.

We are aware of this, observing.
Under the Light of Libra Sun - the time of the interval, of a moving up & down, an occiliation between two things, until
we come to Rest.

Libra & Saturn tell us (Saturn exalted in Libra)....
Right Choosing occurs when we align with the Will to Good.
Then we are able to see what & whom we value.
Including ourselves. love, Risa

Art below: (in our Gallery in our Art college)
1. Resting by John Singer Sargent
2. Resting Under a Tree by Roger Fry
3. Resting on a Tree Branch by Marion Davis
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5 days ago

Risa's Esoteric Astrology

Posting the Column & signs today. Venus Retrograde.
Saturn, the Teacher teaches us to be kind in all ways.
Even when we know things, we remain kind.
Understand that all is, in their own way, within their own developmental stage. We may not be in that stage, yet we recognize it. And respect it. And remain within our own stage of development. Astrology & the Ageless Wisdom help us to understand these things. This is our College, our Temple of Learning.
Today, Saturday, Saturn's day today.
The Teacher's day. October 13, 2018.
Libra Sun, Sagittarius moon.
Air & Fire - a very intelligent combination.

Today I am posting the column.
It is about Venus retrograde which continues till mid November. The seeds of our learning carries the knowledge of life, each one of our lives. In our learning the darkness turns to Light. Then the impulse of creation happens. The color becomes blue then gold. We build ourselves into a Golden Temple. This is our Golden Temple of Learning. We unfold then, as sound, colors, numbers, shapes. There is both darkness & light. We see the darkness. We stand in the Light.

Esoteric Astrology as news for week Oct. 12 – 18, 2018
Venus Retrograde

We have begun many months of planetary (Venus & Mercury) retrogrades. Venus, the Evening then Morning Star, has retrograded in Scorpio. Venus began its retrograde October 5th (11 degrees Scorpio) and continues until November 15th (when Mercury begins its retrograde). Venus retrogrades every twenty months for about forty days & nights.
When planets retrograde, the past reappears, decisions are delayed, plans are set aside for reflection and assessment and all areas and subjects associated with the retrograde planets are reviewed in order to either renew, revitalize or set them aside forever.

With Venus retrograde we assess what we love, our intelligence, money, relationships (lovers, partnerships, friends), possessions and values. With Venus in Scorpio retrograde, we review what we share with others. Venus represents the intelligent heart, and the emergence of the Love principle. Venus turns knowledge (Jupiter, the Father) into intuition and wisdom (Pallas Athena, emerging knowledge, the mind of her father, Jupiter).

Venus resolves duality (through right knowledge), promotes diplomacy (Libra) and establishes Right Human Relations, created through intentions for Goodwill. Venus coordinates our intelligence so that we can choose acts of Goodwill, which creates Right Relations. This is a new concept of Love for humanity.

Two notes... when Venus is retrograde the value of things is confused. Prices may be too high or too low. Again, discernment is needed in all interactions. Also, the midterm elections (Nov. 6th) will occur during this Venus retrograde cycle. When public events occur during retrograde times, we are often surprised by the outcomes. Venus governs unity and harmony, love and wisdom, values and Right Human Relations (Venus ruling Libra). Let’s watch what happens.

ARIES: You will assess and reassess your professional life and work in the world. Be sure not to do less than is expected. Pay attention and complete all tasks. This isn’t your greatest strength but it’s important now that projects be on time, that negotiations go smoothly, that you do your very best and more the next several months. Review goals. Do you like your work? Are you challenged? Are you dutiful? These are important questions.

TAURUS: Venus is your guardian angel (also for Gemini, Capricorn and Pisces). But Venus likes you best. Ssshhh, don’t tell! On your mind are ways to safeguard your future, visions and dreams of creating a refuge, teaching and creating realities that are new. Consider how your values and beliefs affect relationships. Do they help or hinder? Do they include others’ thoughts, ideas and needs? Building a fence around a garden may be a necessity.

GEMINI: You may be concerned with resources, values and sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings. Nothing about this Venus retrograde is light for you. Love calls you to be kind and patient. To be honest about finances, resources, desires, intimacy and relationships. Are you studying the mysteries yet? At some point you will commit to this. Then your life will change. You may look back for a while. Remembering things past. Then they fly away.

CANCER: Many people passed your way and left an indelible mark on your heart. You will remember relationships, past and present, assessing their goodness, value, what you learned, gave and received. All relationships help us learn how to be in them. Then one day we’re ready and the real relationship comes along. Your practicality creates a solid foundation of trust. Your nurturance helps people grow strong.

LEO: Evaluating daily tasks, you ask are they effective and efficient? Increased technical work skills affect work routines. Expect challenges in communication and understanding due to Venus retrograde. Notice if animals begin to feel unease, agitated or become ill. Look after your health. Go slower than usual. Know that rest is good and all that happened in your past also was good. There was love.

VIRGO: Creating a winter garden, beginning a creative project, visiting museums and galleries, choosing to be playful instead of serious, remembering generous moments from the past, reconnecting with loved ones – these and more are part of your life the next several months. They’ve have already begun actually. Consider changing the way you ask for affection. Expressing it more is one way.

LIBRA: You will experience an interesting state of insulation the next several months. You will ponder upon many things – the state of your home, the foundations of your life, your parents, especially mother. You’re both mental and sentimental. As you sustain and nourish others you’ll need to hide away, hibernate a bit for study, retreat, warmth and comfort. Tranquility will be your aim. Forgiveness the outcome.

SCORPIO: Your mind expands exponentially through study, training, travel, culture and the mysteries. One study particularly important is the Electric Universe. It seems our present scientific systems are all wrong. Gravity isn’t holding us together. Electricity is. Studying this subject of the electrical universe places you on the very edge of the new reality. Continue to visualize your dream/vision. It comes quietly on little cat’s feet.

SAGITTARIUS: Feelings of nobility within solitude appear. You’ve been mentally active, engaged, diligent and industrious for so long. Now it’s time to retreat a bit, have late afternoon tea, cultivate trusting friendships, and assess resources slowly and cautiously with a sense of gratitude. An internal shift eventually rebalances your energy, helps organize your future. You will see goals clearly and visualize how to reach those goals. Learn archery.

CAPRICORN: At times you feel restless, realizing something’s changing foundationally in your life, perhaps your self-identity and your usual ways of being. You will experience your natural and familiar winter identity as Persephone (both female and male Capricorns) underground in the world of Pluto. You’re deeply internal. Make sure you have baskets & baskets of pomegranates. They keep you alive and well and in touch with the Mother.

AQUARIUS: There are four rulers of Aquarius. The dour strict rule-oriented Saturn (old ruler) who criticizes a lot. The revolutionary Tesla-like newbie Uranus creating new rhythms and the Aquarian Age. The loving wise teacher, Jupiter. And the lightning-like revelatory genius Uranus (again). Which would you like to be? Knowing the rulers of each sign and what their tasks are allows us to assume different identities. Blending Uranus and Jupiter is good. When we’re Saturn we scare everyone. Jupiter loves you.

PISCES: Be caring and kind to everyone. Have intentions to bring harmony to all relationships and interactions. This is to be your goal. You may reconnect with past friends and lovers. There are several you would like to see, talk with, create new friendships with. This may or may not happen. Many are on another path. Be generous, helping those in need. Everyone is in need of something sometime. Discover it. Offer it. Have patience and faith. Protect yourself in all ways, more so than usual.

love to everyone, Risa
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Quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. On Thinking, using the m/Mind.
Friday - Venus's day, Ray 5 - Knowledge.
Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon - air & fire.
The fire of the mind/Mind principle.
Working together. Standing in our Starlit Temple.
Our College. We offer the Lotus of our Days to the Lord.
The Quote -
"We (must, yet) have not sufficiently developed in our people the habit of (thinking & debating & thus) analyzing a situation, of analyzing people’s words, of (helping others to) coming to their own decisions.

"I think it would be of great value if in our universities we gave the techniques of analyzing a subject from every point of view. It would be sound preparation for coping with world questions, which we must eventually solve. We cannot blindly leave them to government. We are the government.

"We have to take a new look at ourselves, at what our government requires of us, at what our community needs from us; and then prepare to take a stand.

"In the long run there is no more liberating, no more exhilarating experience than to determine one’s position, state it bravely, and then act boldly. Action brings with it its own courage, its own energy, a growth of self-confidence that can be acquired in no other way." (end quote)
(from Tomorrow Is Now by Eleanor Roosevelt)

The key to Kanye's message yesterday was....
Think for Yourself. Learn to think. One is not a victim.
Q says the same thing. Think, research.
Do your own thinking & researching.

Building the mind/Mind
In esotericism, in the Ageless Wisdom teachings, in learning & applying astrology & here in our College - we rebuild our lower mind so that we can reach up to the Soul (on the mental plane), then to the abstract mind (Jupiter) & then enter into the Buddhic (intuitional mind) & the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things - So we can then begin to "think clearly."
With an illumined mind.
This is our Work here together.

Why is this important?
We are the (5th subrace of the) 5th Race (developmental stage).
The 5th (Like Ray 5 of Knowledge) Race is the Aryan Race. Aryan means "to think."
The Thinkers.
(Aryan - a word appropriated by Hitler as an excuse to create the Holocaust - I am not using the word in the same way).

As esotericists, we learn the true meaning of words - their origins & foundations. Aryan - Sanskrit - the Thinkers.

Aryan - like the word "man" - meaning "the Thinkers."
To Think. The Thinking Ones.

From knowledge to intelligence to the intuition to the
Rain Cloud of Knowable Things (Buddhic plane).

Our task within every nation.
To learn how to think, analyze data, debate, dialogue.
Creating compassionate communication.
Cultivating tolerance, kindness & curiosity.

Below is Eleanor Roosevelt's astrology chart.
Notice her Cancer moon - concern for humanity.
Her Gemini, her Libra, her Virgo planets.
Notice her Sag rising - education, communication bringing harmony (Libra) to humanity. love, Risa
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