Lighting a candle in the night.
Holocaust Remembrance Evening.
Today commemorating the US forces entering Auswich & freeing the Jewish people from the force of
Evil, from the Death Factories. We recite the Mourner's Kaddish (Prayer). Together. We will not forget. Risa
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Sorrow & shock & loss & tragedy in the sports world!
Om Mani Padme Hum.
Kobe Bryant (41, b. Aug 23, 1978) (a Laker) & his daughter, Gianna (age 13, b. May 1, 2006) & 7 others died in a helicopter crash - twin engine chopper, dropped through the fog into a field in the city of Calabasas, CA. Just before 10am. The helicopter crashed into a low mountain. Extreme fog was occurring in the area, an unusual fog not seen before. Om Mani Padme Hum. Prayers for Kobe's family - three daughters & wife Vanessa Bryant. Prayers for all the people in the crash & the families.
...Om Mani Padme Hum. Mantram of Compassion.
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Discerning the Truth, Light from Dark, Good from Evil.
Sunday, January 26, 2020.
Sun in Aquarius - Serving the world.
Moon in Pisces - Saving the world.
I am posting a you tube today by Dr. Klinghardt - (medical doctor, Sophia Institute) - (I posted it yesterday, too).
I am posting it again so that everyone can listen to it.
I am posting it to educate. So that we all know what is occurring. When we know the truth, we can step forward & choose which Right Action to proceed forward with.
The video is short - it's 8 minutes long.
It is about the light & the dark. The battle occurring in this dark Kali Yuga time. We especally see it occurring in world governments, between the people & the people, between the people & governments, between the good & the evil, between light & dark.

It is good to be reminded of this great battle of light vs. dark. It is a cosmic battle. And it has manifested upon our earth, in our physical world. The ancient evil during Atlantean times, during the world wars have manifested in our present world at this time. Focused within the United States, the country based upon an experiment in freedom.

During times of transition, as we are in now (between the Ages of Pisces & Aquarius), the battle become more intense. The dark forces keeping humanity in the darkness by any & all clevel & evil means. The Light forces attempting to bring forth the Light of Truth, so humanity can be free from captivity, & begin to create through their imaginations, the new era, the new world of Aquarius. Together.

The battle is such that humanity can be very confused. Not knowing truth from untruth, light from dark, good from evil. It is all shrouded.

I took notes as I listened to Dr. Klinghardt. They are below.

And please note the reference to the president & science - note that the president rejects pseudo-sciences & scientists paid to not tell the truth which means scientists who are paid by the globalists to support a falst agenda (thus false scientific facts).

Discples are knowledgable, disciplined, discriminative & discerning. And stand, with intention & dedication, with the Forces of Light.

To see & listen to the YouTube - Light & Dark - What's Really Going On.

About Dr. Klinghardt

Also, I will post in the coming week information on precautions concerning the Corona virus. love, RisaSophia Health ➡️ MY NEXT RETREAT IN HAWAII 🔥➡️ Go here for the advanced paid courses (deep dive into parasite,...
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Chinese New Year & the president's lawyers speak today. Saturday, Saturn's day. January 25, 2020.
Saturn - Ray 3 calls for the discipline of truth to come forth.
Ray 3 - Intelligence day - the intelligence of Aquarius.
Sun & Mercury in Aquarius. The new era energies.
The moon is v/c today & tonight. Pisces moon begins
early Sunday monring.
Chinese new year begins. Metal Rat year.
A return to responsibility & simplicity.
A tidying up & a return to standards & discipline.
(After the distasteful lazy gregarious ways of the previous year). 2020 - order, righteousness, commitment & seriousness. A year under the Rule of Law.

The president's defense counsel (lawyers) speaking in the House today. We are listening. When we listen, we learn more & more about our government. Our country was founded as an experiment in freedom. Freedom is not free. It's a sacred trust. And the people must work towards maintaining freedom. Our freedoms are being challenged on all levels today. Disciples are awake & aware of these things. Disciples are able to discern truth vs. falseness, light vs. light and "made up things that never existed, including words." Disciples are discerning. True disciples, discerning & supporting the truth, stand with intention & dedication with the Forces of light.

Night LIght News is posted & updated.
It's all about the Chinese New Year.
Lunar New Year of the Metal Rat.
love, Risa
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New moon in Aquarius day.
"Waters of Life poured forth for thirsty humanity."
The NGWS reciting these words in service to humanity...
"Waters of Life are we, poured forth for thirsty humanity."
The earth filled with Aquarius & Ray 5 Light.
On this Ray 5 Venus day.
New moon is at 4.22 degrees/minutes Aquarius.
New moon days are dedicated to strengthening the work & endeavors of the New Group of World Servers.

New Moon Meditation
During new moon times, we support & uphold the endeavors of the New Group of World Servers everywhere.

At the new moon....
We Strengthening the Hands (work, endeavors) of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) everywhere in the world.

What is/are the NGWS?
Composed of all men and women who work for equality of opportunity, justice, inclusiveness and right relationships, the NGWS functions in every field of human endeavor and in all parts of the world. For the most part the NGWS work, unrecognized, to meet not only human need, but the welfare of all living things, through an understanding of our planetary interrelationship and of the power of Goodwill to bring about constructive change.

Sun's Light, Sign & Ray
At new (& full moon times - the moon in the sky is a timing mechanism only), the focus is always now on the Sun & the Ray(s) & sign the Sun is distributing. Sun in Aquarius as this new moon time.

And so, we consciously align with the rhythmic pattern of energy flowing from the heavens -
(the Rays in the Big Dipper
to the sign to Sun
to the planets
via Shamballa,
& the NGWS) each month.

Meditative Process
In our meditative work (visualizing, using the creative imagination) we become a part of a planetary meditative process carried forward at all levels of consciousness.

Anchoring New Era Seeds
With great creative potential, at the new & full moon times, when the Earth is filled with Light, we (the NGWS) are anchoring together the seeds of the coming new era (the new Aquarian era) and the seeds of the new culture & civilization.

Gathering Together
Let us gather together in the Ashram (which is wherever we are), visualizing we are all in the Ashram Garden while also standing together, hand in hand, heart to heart, around the Earth.

The Meditation

Mantram, reciting this together.

I am one with my group brothers and all that I have is theirs.
May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them.
May the strength which is in me lift and aid them.
May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them.

We align & recognize our place, as a Group, within the heart centre of the NGWS (new group of World Servers).

We connect with & mentally extend a line of lighted energy towards....
the Spiritual Hierarchy, the planetary heart centre;
to the Christ, the "heart of love" within the Hierarchy;
towards Shamballa, "where the Will of God is known".

We ponder upon the role of the New Group of World Servers - we stand mediating between Hierarchy and humanity,
we respond to Hierarchical impression.

We stand together aligning Humanity, Hierarchy, Shamballa. We thus help to bring the Plan of God into existence.

We reflect & ponder upon on the seed thought:
Through the impression and expression of certain great ideas, (via the NGWS) humanity is brought to the understanding of the fundamental ideals which will govern the new era, the new Aquarian Age. This is the major task of the NGWS. When humanity receives these new ideas, they become ideals within the hearts & minds of humanity.

Aquarius is the Light that shines on Earth, across the sea.
The Light that ever shines within the dark. Cleansing with its healing rays until the dark is gone.

Aquarius is...."the waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity."

Using our creative imagination - our creative minds....
We visualize the Light of the Soul streaming into humanity.
We visualize the precipitation of the Will-to-Good,
& Essential Love, streaming throughout the planet -
~from Shamballa,
~through the Hierarchy (planetary heart)
~through the Christ, through the NGWS,
~through all men and women of Goodwill....
~everywhere in the world, and finally....
~through the hearts and minds of the whole human family.

We consider & ponder upon the many ways in which the "One Life" and the "Love of the One Soul" are working out in the world through the NGWS. And so, as we do these things, we together, we build the "thoughtform of solution" to world problems.

We align Humanity with the NGWS with the Hierarchy with

We align the personality with the Soul with the Monad (Spirit).
All is aligned in our universe. All is in harmony.

We recite the Great Invocation together.
We see the word of the Great Invocation (the Mantram of Direction for Humanity, flowing into New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling, Tokyo & New York - & distributed from these inlets into all of the Earth & her Kingdoms.

We visualize the hearts & minds of humanity, the kingdoms of the Earth irradiated with Light & Love & Wisdom & Intelligence & Power & the Will to Good which become Goodwill everywhere.

Our Radiance Mantram

Radiance Mantram
Radiant energy when directed to humanity is
Both electromagnetic & gravitational
(the Light becomes the “waters of life for thirsty humanity”.
It contains information humanity seeks)
Together, wherever we are, and also from within the Ashram, in vocal unison as a group, facing the world & Humanity, radiating the Light from our Ajna centers (middle of the forehead, our center of Direction), we say together…
"Radiance we are and power.
We stand forever with our hands stretched out,
Linking the heavens and the earth,
The inner world of meaning
And the subtle world of glamour.
We reach into the Light and bring it down to meet the need.
We reach into the silent Place
And bring from thence the gift of understanding.
Thus, with the light we work
And turn the darkness into day.
Thus with the light we work....
And turn the darkness into day"

(from Glamour: A World Problem, p. 232-233)
As we recite this together as a group, with intention & radiance, we visualize the turning of the great searchlight, which we have jointly created by our unified light. And we see that with our Radiant Light that all glamours, illusions, confusions, mayas, separations are dissipated. We hold the light steady realizing mentally the work of dissipation it is doing the job it is intended to do – to cease the ignorance and illusions on Earth so that humanity can come to a state of true discernment and discrimination. And thus, make Right Choice.

Our work today.
love to everyone as we work together each day in the Ashram. And on this new moon day. love, Risa
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Rhythm in daily life brings about the perfection of form. Our Thursday rhythms. Ray 7. Ceremonial White Magic. Precipitating the Soul of the matter into form. Right use of livingness produces order in manifestation. Disciples learn this. Then activate it. Then the forces of life are given to the Disciple. It is a major trial & test for Initiation. As Ray 7 comes into incarnation (as it does in the Aquarian Age), a test & trial is given to humanity. Can humanity choose the Right Hand path, the Way of the Disciple, reflecting in daily life, all Spiritual values.

Our Thursday rhythms.
Daily (weekly, monthly, yearly) rhythms balance our lives, balance our breathing, all our relations to all the kingdoms become balanced. We plan our day to be rhythmic - physical, vital, mental. Entering into the heart of all that matters. Everything in our world is in rhythm. We enter into rhythm, too.

Today, January 23, Ray 2 day, Jupiter's day (Venus sextiles Jupiter today) is our Reappearance Mantram day.
We stand together today reciting this mantram together.
Preparing, in this time of the Forerunner, for the World Teacher's Reappearance for the Aquarian Era. It is a most auspicious time to be alive. We ponder upon the idea & reality of His Appearance.

"People of goodwill can come together to make things better."
These are good words.
Someone important in our world said those words.

The NGWS is aware of how Goodwill is created in humanity.
We align with the Will-to-Good (Ray1 into Ray 2).
And radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity.
And then the Will-to-Good becomes Goodwill in humanity.
Understanding this "precipitation"

Today - our Thursday rhythms.
We recite the Reappearance Mantram with the Christ.
And with the NGWS everywhere.

Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Join the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis...

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together...

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare mens minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Under Aquarius, we stand with our hearts wide open.
The 12 petals of the heart unfolding.
We stand with the Christ in the Ashram.
Unfolding in time & space, we become the Lotus.
Everything occurs through time in nature.
We live in the Lotus of time. Unfolding.

Reappearance of the Christ
"Whenever there is a withering of the law, an uprising of lawlessness, on all sides....I Manifest myself.
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law."

Bhagavad Gita Book 4 Sutra 7, 8
“The Fiat of the Lord has gone forth:
Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity.
That demand is rising & mounting every day
And in such an hour, as you think not,
He will come.”

Reappearance of the Christ, Vol 1.
Doctrine of Coming One.
For decades anticipated by the faithful.
The return of Krishna, of Christ (world Teachers).
In Esoteric studies, the Christ {rinciple is an office within the Hierarchy.
The Christ is a Great Being from Sirius, Ray 2.
Lord Maitreya is His other name.
The name of His Reappearance, beginning in 2025.

Maitreya, the Christ, is assisted by the Hierarchy – the Ascended Masters of Wisdom.
When men feel exhausted, seeking resources & the problems are beyond handling, they look for a Divine Intermediary, pleading their cause to God to be their Savior.
And the Christ & His Intermediaries come forth to help humanity.
Christ is the Mediator. The Savior.
He said long ago, & now, too....

“I have come that they may have Life.”

Spiritual revelation is based on the interdependence of God to all kingdoms. The appropriate mechanism is always found through which Divinity reaches & communicates with humanity.

Someone is expected, anticipated.
When time is right, when faith is keen enough.....
“Always He has come.”

Today, there is no exception to this universal Law.
There is no doubt of the spiritual awakening everywhere leading to the New Era of Brotherhood - keynote of Aquarius.
This is occurring now.
Inner & outer forces creating great changes.
Reorganizing world social structures that no longer meet humanity’s needs.

New approaches, new values to govern life are beginning to be defined.
This entails reorganization of financial economics, sharing all world resources This is the overriding priority.
Equitableness must be among all peoples.
Sacrifices, and simple living for long amounts of time, create stability & peace on Earth.

Our present political system is in stages of transitions.
Awareness about this is needed.
We are not separate but integrated to the Whole w/ All kingdoms. Truth revitalizes us.
Greater world harmony results.
Recognizing higher states of consciousness, Masters & initiates of the world.

The heart of an Arhat is like the heart of the Cosmos.
The heart of the Arhart is like the fire of the sun.
Eternity & the motion of cosmos fill heart of the Arhat
Maitreya is coming radiant w/ fires, His heart aflame w/ compassion for suffering humanity.”
Agni Yoga, Hierarchy, 1931.

With each civilization & culture appearing in our history, humanity has moved forward. This process is guided by highly evolved beings, the spiritual hierarchy.

The history of humanity is the responses to new ideas released into the world by the Hierarchy.
Thus, creative arts, science, religion, & all things new come forth, especially in the transitions times in between the Ages.
We are in this time now - a transition time.
In the transition times - Rays 1 & 7 come in.
And Libra.
Ray 1 destroys the old & creates the new rhythms, teachings, Laws & Principles. Ray 7 anchors these new rhythms on the Earth.
Libra's Ray 3 focus of Divine Intelligence allows us to see these things. And Venus brings forth this harmony of understanding.
When we have the truth, harmony is restored.

At the head of Hierarchy is the World Teacher, Maitreya, the Christ.

Hierarchy - they are the great Masters of Wisdom - custodians of the Plan for evolution of humanity & kingdoms
The Hierarchy watches over all world events.
They are the invisible government.
They made the evolutionary journey ahead of us.
They now guide the rest of us & are behind the entire evolutionary process.
As humanity gains conscousness we then becomes like the Hierarchy. We too become Masters - mastering the Earth plane - a Mystery school. The Catholic Church is also a Mystery School. Over time, we become Divine perfected illumined beings. And join the Hierarchy.

Understanding these things - we stand in equilibrium, in poise. Together. love, Risa
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