"Let the rules be known...."
Mercury - building the bridge to Freedom.
Wednesday, July 8, 2020 - Mercury's day today.
Is anyone feeling the Mercury square Mars (Cancer/Aries)? Squares are challenging. We are asked to move in a different direction (90 degrees, a turning withn the square). With the Mercury/Mars it may be quite difficult to do that easily.
Along with the Mercury retro. In this mercury retro my 5C iphone finally stopped working. As of this writing the moon entered Pisces - more veiling today. In the Cancer Sun, the ruler is the Moon veiling Neptune. So much turning inward today & the days to come. Soon Chiron retrogrades (Saturday) & Mercury turns stationary direct (6 degrees Cancer) (Sunday).

Principle of Freedom –
We need to ponder upon the energies coming in now have to do with Sirius. The US chart has to do with Sirius. US Sun & Sirius are one. Venus is related to Sirius. Venus on the US Ascendant. – Everything we see now has to do with freedom. The ability to maintain freedom. The battle between light (freedom) & dark (no freedom). Liberation from the forces of Involution & their enslavement to matter – censorship, repression, oppression, censoring speech, signing, walking, etc. etc.
THE US STANDS FOR FREEDOM, the only nation. Therefore, we need to figure out about freedom. It’s not just a word. It’s a living divine principle & associated with Sirius. Freedom is a cosmic principle. Freedom has everything to do with our nation. Venus, in Lemurian times, gave us the spark of mind so we could think.
Our country is at a crucial time in our history.
Humanity stands at the point where we either continue into matter or we rise up & return to Spirit.
The Soul is the vehicle that assists in the Ascension (personality to the Soul).
The prez, standing against the F/Darkness is trying to bring the spirit of America, the people’s spirit, forth. He is calling to humanity. Who can hear him?
The spirit of a nation is in the people, the masses.
He is trying to call that spirit forth.

Venus on the US Ascendant – Venus is the Great Unifier – - - - - uniting all that is separated.
Mercury pointing out the words of the Declaration of Independence –
“We the people – in order to for a more perfect union....”
we must know & recognize that
“All men (MINDS OF HUMANITY) are created equal....”

Prez spoke on the south lawn. Everything is symbolic.
Sirius is located at the south of the body – in the root chakra. The dog star (Sirius) protects humanity from going deeper into matter.

Freedom is a cosmic principle –
Liberation from matter, identification with spirit.
Principle of Freedom – a leavening energy, that can permeate substance in a unique manner.
Why there is so much chaos happening now, & increasing.

Freedom – one must cultivate freedom from political correctness.
This requires a climate of thought, thinking, knowledge, curiosity. Stanind within the inner & outer rim of freedom.

US North Node is Leo – freedom.
Heart of the spiritual path is about freedom –

Cancer Sun = degree of Sirius, US Sun & Sirius are one.
Path to Sirius = Principle of Freedom.
Path 4 – Attributes – cosmic rapture/bliss.

The universe is run by laws.
That is how it its rhythms function.
Without laws the rhythm stops. And all disintegrates.
And so....

"Let the rules be learned whereby the Army of the Voice works within the veils of maya. Then let that voice be no more heard and let the group onward move within the Sound."
(Rule VII, Rays & Initiations, Bailey blue book) Risa
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On this long v/c mercury retrograde day (Tuesday, July 7, 2020, Mars day) there's only one thing to do....listen to charlie daniels....devil went down to georgia...
charlie w/ his golden fiddle (playing in heaven now).... the official music video for "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels Listen to Charlie Daniels: Subs...
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Post #2 - Monday - News & Notes
for morning class - music at the end....

• Freedom is called for in Cancer (4th sign of the zodiac, 1st water sign). Courage for Leo (5th sign, 2nd fire sign).

"The most courageous act is to think for oneself. Aloud."
Coco Chanel

"Courage is what it take to stand up & speak. Courage is what it takes to also deeply listen." W. Churchill

• From Anais Nin -"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."

• To readers - These quotes have to do with the present situation - wearing masks, being fearful, believing in the mask/distancing hoax, the false media, the details offered to humanity to scare them, etc.
During Leo, we will be called to stand up with courage. During Cancer, Ray 3, we are called to have intelligence & to display that intelligent, anchoring it into the world (Ray 7). Risa

July 12th (Fuller's birthday) - the day Mercury goes direct on the US Jupiter & Bucky's birthday. Risa

• The one who establishes the Rule of Law is eligible to be King - holding the Rod of Law. RisaOm

• Supporting the freedoms of humanity everywhere, the freedom for Goodness, for Goodwill, for the Will to Good. Supporting the Goodwill freedoms of humanity. Risa
• More & more impressions about a school in our community, children coming there. Impressions experienced daily. Researching now about children & education. Bucky Fuller's quote added to - "there will come a time when the right education of children similar to Montessori will be made possible." The early education system for our children will be Montessori, also the Erdkinger Farm School for teens. Risa

• "Children have been victims of wickedness. Let them receive loving goodwill instead. All whom can be reached, concentrate major efforts on preparing themselves to aid the children. Above all else, plan for the rehibilitation of the children of every country." (the Tibetan)

Heaven is rockin', gold guitar in heaven for charlie daniels, a great something good, join the circus, (he said 3 weeks ago) you never know what will happen (charlie died today at age 83 unexpectedly)...when you're old you'll sit on your rocking chair....his driving factor to do things that made him happy, raising a family, playing music, doing concerts, at 83 still on the the work of Charlie music isn't a hobby - dedicate your life to something you love....Om Mani Padme Hum....Charlie playing in heaven now....listen to charlie....

More of Charlie - #charliedanielsband #cdb Official video for Charlie's song/recitation "My Beautiful America" , song available on: Land That I Love - a...
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Building a new Model of Livingness.
We are Creative Beings. Building a "lighted house" (community, village, garden) within humanity."
Using our creative imaginations. Together.
Monday, July 6, 2020. Moon's day, tending to humanity & its children today.
Cancer Sun & Mercury - building a lighted house, becoming the Light in & of the World for humanity.

Aquarius Moon - setting our sights on the present/future.
Our thoughts, ideas, ideas & creative imaginations in present times, creates the future. We use our creative imaginations to build & set the template for what it is we want our future to be. We are creative beings.
We understand B. Fuller's quote -
"We never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, we build a new model that makes the old model obsolete."

The model that is new is NOT socialism, or violence, statue destroying, or overthrow, or the green revolution, or fake meat, or GMOs, or what the left has presented. That is an old dying model of destruction, enslavement leading to death of livingness.

New Model
The model that is new is the Aquarian model - following the new Aquarian Laws & Principles. Only those who know these laws, & follow the laws, principles & precepts from the Aries, Pisces & Aquarian Ages can & will create the "new model."
The heavens & stars proclaim this!

So, Buckminster Fuller's birthday is soon - July 12th -
Sun Mercury Jupiter in Cancer -
He contemplated humanity, the masses of humanity & their needs. And brought forth ideas for the well being of humanity.
Fuller's midheaven was 2 degrees Aquarius.
He saw into the future. Aquarius was the umbrella under which his entire chart unfolded. His North Node was Pisces - his compassion for humanity along with his moon in Pisces.
Pluto/Neptune in Gemini - profound communication/inventions.
Taurus rising - stabilizing humanity.

One of a Kind Thinker
(Aquarius midheaven, Uranus in Scorpio, 6th house)
w/ a Perspective on World Problems.
Richard Buckminster Fuller was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist. Fuller published more than 30 books, coining or popularizing terms such as "Spaceship Earth", "Dymaxion", ephemeralization, synergetic, and "tensegrity". Wikipedia
Born: July 12, 1895, Milton, MA
Died: July 1, 1983, Los Angeles, CA

B Fuller -

B.Fuller Institute-

About B. Fuller - Wiki -

When in college (Immaculate Heart College Art Dept. with Corita, Bucky would come to our classroom & talk & teach. Later I would attend Mensa meetings when Bucky spoke,b being friends with his family. our Esoteric college, we would have a series of weeks studying Fuller's chart, his books, ideas & inventions.
Calling for the community to come forth - to emerge out of the etheric, to enter fully into form & matter - our village, community with its cottages, places of learning, an art center, a healing center, a large warm salt-water pool, a temple (with the deer on the hillside), community kitchen where we prepare foods & eat together, gardens everywhere, trees fruiting & flowering, the sky is blue, a blue body of water nearby with boats & sailing ships (to teach the children how to navigate by the stars), ships to fish with, & on the land
an ark of animals, two by two. This is our community, our sangha, our refuge, our place of learning. As we all visualize it, it begins to form in the etheric (where everything begins) & with our daily imaginations, it slowly precipitates into form & matter & comes into form. This then becomes our "creative work" each day.

Manifestation -
The "word" (imagination, idea, ideals) made flesh."
We are creative beings. Risa
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Building the New Model...
Days of Safeguarding begin.
Sunday, July 5, 2020 - the Sun's day, golden light.
Day of Rest today. It's practical to rest today, Capricorn moon.
Especially after a lunar eclipse & full moon solar festival, birthday party in the Ashram, Mercury retrograde.
Resting today to prepare for the new upcoming week.
As we, each day, prepare for the unexpected.
Creating the good, resisting that which is not good.
Understanding the difference. Discerning the two.
Creating the Good....then the unexpected appears to help us. Disciples understand this.
A quote from Buckminster Fuller for disciples....
“We don’t change things by fighting the existing reality.
We build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”
We build with the Will to good which become Goodwill & Right Human Relations. Risa
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July 4th, full moon tonight (9:44pm west coast time).
The Cancer solar festival, lunar eclipse, birthday party in the Ashram, building a lighted house (the Light of the World) for humanity under the stars. Join us everyone. Risa
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Post #2 - July 4, 2020 - News & Notes
Sirius & the Principle of Freedom. The energies coming in now - important - 13 Cancer triggered by Mercury retro, full moon lunar eclipse - triggering the Sirian (Sirius) energy coming into our world, our country. Sirius represents the Principle, Divine Principle of Freedom. It has to do with the Planetary Logos, a high reality to understand as humanity. Our freedom is a dim reflection of the Freedom of Livingness.
The energies coming in now impel us to fight for our Freedom & our Liberties. To be a free people, a free nation, under God. Freedom is associated with the Will to Live, Will to Good, Will to Be. Freedom is a spiritual principle. Freedom is flowing into the world now from Sirius, & especially into our country, the experiment in freedom. Freedom eliminates all that binds us to matter (excess materialism). next month Leo, & US North Node in Leo continues this connection to Sirius.

We are to learn about Sirius, the spiritual Principle of Freedom. There will be a battle for our freedoms. Reorientation happens in Scorpio so the heights of this battle may be in October. Also, the full moon lunar eclipse (8+ Gemini) Nov. 30th is on the US Gemini Ascendant. Sirius is associated with Initiation. We are to learn all that we can about Sirius, which oversees our country which embodies freedom for the world. The United States of America is to lead the way into Freedom. Thus, the Dark Forces seek to annihilate our country & our people. Only humanity can save itself now.

The Principle of Freedom, when we think about it, is really the Spiritual Path with sequential steps into freedom. Freedom from the personality, freedom of the Soul, freedom of speech, freedom of thinking, freedom of action, freedom to choose, freedom is limitless. Freedom to create the new era. This last is what is being obstructed. Forces want to enslave humanity by embedding humanity into machines, our brains. If we embed humanity/with machines, humanity & machines are ever stuck with no soul.

This is the Grand Enslavement into the Genetic Future. We are at Crossroads as to whether we will remain human. For years, F/Darkness have been working/manipulating devas via frequencies, that has hindered redemption of the planes/devas within us. So that we have been imprisoned. There is now a split in the lineage - into the machine (no hope, no going back) or remain as humanity. The experiment is already released. The vaccined children, metal in their heads, the "machine" has already entered the little ones - they can't relate to humanity anymore - the "machine" level has already been released, contaminated our little ones.

The Battle is Dangerous. Darth Vader was part machine. We saw the repulsive Progressive Ad - 1/2 man & 1/2 machines (acting like horses). The Dark Forces want humanity to go further & further into matter. This ends in death. They are doing this via degrading women, matter, change frequencies of music, change our food (GMO), they give us cell phones, they vaccinate us. These all degrade humanity. However, humanity is supposed to be more & more freed of matter & the machine. Humanity is to rise up into the Light.
The prez last night said 'you have to come forward, now, humanity." Humanity is mass consciousness. It is the Hierarchy that has to come forth now & stand up with "massed intent." Humanity is veiling the Christ, it's on the verge of liberation. Humanity is to become the World Disciple that brings freedom to the world. Humanity is being tested now as to its identity. The silent majority has to come forth. Because right now, the energies of Sirius are coming forth into the world (tonight), calling for the masses as the energy of Sirius (freedom's principle) is flowing in via Cancer. Risa

Talking to the Entrained
When talking to the entrained, don't use trigger words. Don't use vaccine, freedom, AI, etc. etc. When we take it back to the money though, people can begin to understand something, CAF explains it so well. Here's the corruption about the money. On that note, the entrained (some of them) can get it. Look at china, they are slaves there. (example of money today - (don't use cash, it's dirty they say - Use your touchless payment methods - signs on how to pay - use your Apple wallet at google pay - don't even use a credit card, walk by with your AI). As for the damaged children, one has seen them or not - damaged from the vaccines. Back off from vaccines. Entrained don't know anything about how the body works or about the unsafety of vaccines. Go the currency route. Maybe the entrained can be touched by the loss of currency. How currency works is more reachable to the entrained.

Love America
I'm proud to be an America. I love our country. We are on the verge of losing our country. The prez brought up last night the schools indoctrinating our children to hate our country. We need to teach our children to love our country & the truth about the purpose of our country. Risa

Astrology - the month of October & the US chart - it has potential for great difficulties, violence, military, war (Mars/Pluto). Transiting North Node on the US Mars in Gemini - trigger point. Transiting NNode on the US Mars. Mars will be retrograde which passes over the US Chiron (wound) the same time transiting Jupiter will square US Chiron. A couple of full moons too, at the beginning of Oct. & the next on Halloween. Pluto opposite Mercury, too. The US Chiron is midpoint between Sun & Pluto.
Everything points to great difficulties & very serious month for the cities & towns. Great conflict w/ NNode on the Mars of the US. Think about this, it's right before the election. With all the pedophilia information about to come out, not being able to win the election (again) this is do or die for the Dark Forces. Military may have to be called out to protect voting. November 30th, eclipse on the US Gemini/Sag - w/ transiting NNode on Mars of the US - further conflict/battle. Leading, hopefully to the reorientation of humanity awakening, standing up to the F/Darkness. It is & will be a battle, a conflict, bloodshed possible. Plan of the globalists is to permeate the towns, cities, then the suburbs. Humanity who is awake need to be prepared & armed in all ways possible. Risa

Healthy American
Know how laws are made - know the guidelines, the rules, the procedures. Find out who your public health person is for your town/city. - Peggy Hall. Interesting information....
Remember the power of words.... words have meaning. They connect to the devas....

The tension we are living under is great, too grate to handle for some, for the ones who know the truth. Workers even working outside have to wear masks. Neighbors betraying neighbors. Social shaming working against people. Livelihoods destroyed. Wearing of masks creates lack of oxygen which creates greater tension in the body. Many are at a breaking point. The weight of the world is on many. Especially with children, parenting, daily life, & on top of this.... people empowered to be cruel, to have power over others, to control people. Especially those who know the truth & yet have to work in the public. 1984 Big Brother overhead.
A person can only bear so much tension. Then they can't do it anymore. There is a whole other layer. Co-employees don't often feel the same way. When one is a parent in this battle of truth (masks, distancing, there is more & more marginalization, in charge of their children & pummeled from every direction. One either gets out. Or they break. Where are the moments of hope the mothers of children are asking in this time of deep & destructive repression? Many parents & people are immersed in the darkness of the illusion. Report from Texas - passed mandated mask wearing laws with a fine - citations elevate 250 - 5K to even imprisonment. W. Hollywood doing this too. Infiltration of the dark forces is now beyond belief. Everyone must leave these areas & take refuge for their health & well-being.

The masks are just the beginning. Beware everyone!

Trigger Point – Bottom Line - We need to find ways to support those who stand within the light within the darkness. We need to find ways to support freedom fighters, people who stand up for freedom & liberty. Some states are no longer free states. Time to go everyone - those who feel like they are in a race against time. Deadline's over soon for some. Get maps. Know the roads & streets to travel across the country. Get real paper maps (AAA, Goodwill, 2nd hand stores, old school maps). Old maps are better. Find them. Use them. Risa

Everyone in the blue states - what is your bottom line in protecting yourselves? What is your bottom line? Know this, act before it's too late. Every day everyone is adapting to repression & oppression. Are we adapting & allowing this repression w/out acting? Little adaptations add up until there is no more freedom anymore. The little steps slowly over years, making people unfree (airport security, take off your shoes, got thru that 'machine', wear masks, maintain distance, close businesses, close beaches, don't sing....step by step.....then freedom is gone. And then it's too late. Risa

We have adapted to normalize ourselves to disease. Acute infection traded for chronic disease & this is accepted & normalized. Taken for granted. We are now afraid of our immune system. Afraid of normal living. Afraid of the air we breathe. Afraid of each other. This is not normal living. This is devitalizing for humanity. And so...Now we all have chronic illnesses. Ads everywhere normalizing disease, taking pills, vaccinating, on a prescription drug. And one is automatically suspect if not on this protocol. Humanity is becoming weary of these things. Part of the dark agenda. Who will step out? When? Risa
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