Dear Readers, I have hurt my left hand & arm & will not be able to type or post for a while. I have transiting (in the sky) Neptune (Pisces) square my natal Saturn (in Gemini - the hands & arms, Mercury, communication, rules Gemini) transit - Neptune breaks down structures, ways of being, habits.
It is a good way to lessen my time on technology during this sacred Lenten time. I will attempt to post the daily astrology chart each morning.
Everyone's work each day - to place the daily planets around your charts. To see what planets in the sky (transits) are touching your natal chart. When this happens, change begins. Spirals of karma recognized, & then disappear. Transit by transit. love to all....Risa
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Thursday rhythms - Reappearance Meditation.
February 27, 2020. Jupiter's love/wisdom day.
Sun & Mercury & Neptune in Pisces. Moon in Aries today.
Our 2nd day of Lent. A time to release all that is not longer useful, physically, emotionally, mentally. So when the time of Resurrection arrives, we are prepared. Resurrection Festival, Easter Festival, Aries Spring Festival - all Initiatory times.

And so we recite as we do each week, the Reappearance meditation, promises & prayers with the Christ - preparing for His Precipitation along with the Hierarchy in 2025. We live in most auspicious times. Dangerous times. Times of opportunity. And so, with our knowledge of these things, we prepare together in the Ashram.

Reappearance Meditation –
We face the Christ with love, dedication & intention.
We say together...

"Forgetting the things which lie behind,
I will strive towards my higher spiritual possibilities.
I dedicate myself anew to the service of the coming One
And will do all I can to prepare humanity's minds and hearts
For that event. I have no other life intention."

We recite the prayer above once again.
We use the word "we" instead of the "I".
Working as always together in the Ashram.
Ohm Ohm Ohm


Why we do the Reappearance Meditation & why on Thursday?
The Christ anchored Love/Wisdom when He visited the Earth 2000 years ago.
The Christ is from Sirius – where Love originates.
Jupiter is the Ray 2 planet of Love/Wisdom.
The Christ is Ray 2. As in the Hierarchy who hold the Plan of God.

Who is the Tibetan Dwhal Khul? What has been his work to do for humanity?
To prepare humanity for the Reappearance of the Christ as the Aquarian World Teacher.
We are in the “time of the forerunner.” A time between now & 2025.
When the Hierarchy & the Christ will begin their precipitations for the Reappearance.

The Tibetan Djwhal Khul is a Teacher & Master. He has his own Ashram. He works with the other Masters/Teachers (Morya, Koot Humi, Hilarian, Germaine, Mary, etc.) in the Hierarchy (inner spiritual disciples/government knowing the Plan of God). The Hierarchy is home to many Ashrams, each having different tasks & responsibilities. The head of the Hierarchy is the Christ (a job description – and presently the Sirian [from Sirius – place where love originates] Archangel is called the Christ).

The present Christ, from Sirius, was the World Teacher during the Piscean Age (he assumed/borrowed the body of Jesus for 3 years) & in 1945 informed His Disciples that, after pondering the invitation from Sanat Kumara for nine years, He would resume the post of World Teacher for the Aquarian Age.

The “appearance” of an Archangel, a Master, an Avatar on Earth is very very difficult. The work itself is also very difficult. Thus, the Christ asked His Disciples to help in His Reappearance. To prepare the world for the Reappearance. Preparation includes understanding of the Ageless Wisdom, the foundations of Astrology (personality & esoteric), new & full moon purposes, mantrams, creative visualization, group work (to name a few).

How was humanity to learn of these Ancient Teachings?
The Tibetan was given the responsibility & work to outline in book form the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom held in Tibetan monasteries since the beginning of time. The Tibetan is an Abbot of a Tibetan monastery and has many tasks to perform. Due to his deep knowledge of the cosmos, astrology (taught by Master Jupiter), & the wisdom teachings, the Tibetan was asked to explain the teachings to humanity, first through Madame Blavatsky (Secret Doctrine, Isis Unveiled & the Theosophical Society) (the 1st level of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings) & then later the 2nd level of the Teachings was given through Alice Bailey & the publication of the 26 “blue books” or Esoteric Teachings. Madame Blavatsky worked within the Theosophical Society. The organization founded to publish the blue books was Lucis Trust. The Alice Bailey books were written from 1919 – 1949. When the blue books were completed, Alice’s work was done & she died December of 1949.

In Autobiography of Alice Bailey, p. 299 there is reference to the esoteric teachings & its relation to the Reappearance of the Christ –

“The Tibetan has been occupied, in part, by the founding of his own ashram which is now rapidly consolidating and expanding, in the giving out of the teachings which are now contained in some 20+ (blue) volumes, and in inaugurating certain spiritual activities in the world which conform to the Plan of Operations of the Hierarchy, as worked out by them in their effort to hasten the Reappearance of the Christ. In these later years we must begi to understand how this return of the Christ has, in fact, been the keynote and climaxing objective of all the Work that has been done.”

And “It is the privilege, and the inevitable program of every senior disciple, to initiate some activity in each incarnation which serves the Hierarchical Plan and which more especially aids in that part of the Plan for which his own ashram has accepted responsibility.”

The Tibetan.....
(through Alice & the Alice Bailey blue books – Alice was the Tibetan’s amanuensis [a-manu-ensis – using the hand to write a manu-script) = Scribe - a literary or artistic assistant, one who takes dictation or copies manuscripts. – Amanuensis - a 17th century word] have given out of the teachings now contained in 20+ blue volumes, inaugurating (teaching us about)

......brought certain spiritual activities in the world which conform to the Plan of operations of the Hierarchy, and worked out by them to hasten the Reappearance of the Christ.

We begin to understand how the Return of the Christ has been the keynote and climaxing objective of all that has been done.

We are Souls, we study these things together in our daily lives.
We learn together. We live in the outer world.
Yet are an inner consciousness.
We live in two houses – an inner house of the Soul.
And the outer house of our personality which interacts with the world of form.
We are to live vertically & horizontally.
We see this as the form of the Cross.
We stand at the center of the Cross.
Receiving from above, anchoring below.
Sharing all that we know, side to side.
Our service in the world.

Standing in the center of a Cross.
Three Crosses - Mutable, Fixed, Cardinal.

The Cross = Expression of the Vertical Live and the Horizontal Life.

Three Crosses, with a circle above the three.

To these symbols of the life of the disciple I, the Tibetan, seek at this time to add another one, which is a symbol of the attitude one (an aspirant, a disciple, us) should hold during the cycle into which we are now entering.

I have combined the two crosses of the vertical and the horizontal life with the cross of Humanity [192] (Three Crosses) and have also added a circle at the summit of all three.

What, my brother/sister, does this mean? It signifies the following:

1 That the vertical life of spiritual contact with the Ashram (Group Brothers & Sisters & the Teachers) is constantly preserved by meditation, prayer and concentration (focused study, etc.).

2 That the horizontal life of service is preserved with equal care and that there is a constant stream of planned energy going out to all those who need help.

3 The long limb of the triple cross symbolizes to the disciple that he must go down into the very depths of human life in order to prepare the masses for the reappearance of the Christ and for the externalization of the Hierarchy.

4 The sphere at the summit of the cross portrays the "place of the Disciple's consciousness." Our life of reflection, of constant awareness, and the steady focus of our attention is higher than the vertical life of the aspirant, than our horizontal life of service, and indicates the measure of our conscious activity in the Ashram.

5 Forget not that an Ashram in the Hierarchy is on a higher plane than that of the soul.

The Ashram of our college, our school here on FB is within the plane of the physical world & within the Soul of our intentions & our work together. Above us is the Hierarchy & their Ashrams.

We draw the symbols & their explanations in our Esoteric Journals. Our comprehensive in-depth work today.
Jupiter’s day. Jupiter expands us. Love is revealed through our studies. Love to everyone today. Risa
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Today is Ash Wednesday – a study.
"In my beginning is my end. In my end is my beginning." TS Eliot.
Author of “Ash Wednesday- a long poem.
A Study Today – On Ash Wednesday – 40 days & nights of review. In college as an arts, literature & psychology major, two American writers/poets were studied – TS Eliot & Gerard Manley Hopkins (“Glory Be to God for Dappled Things...”
Long poem – Ash Wednesday by T.S. Eliot.
On the struggle when one lacks faith.
The Aspiration of Salvation.
Spiritual concerns (his).
After Eliot converted to Catholic Anglicism.

Included in our study is Eliot’s astrology chart, a biography & a lecture by Duke University professor (excellent study/lecture).

Ash Wednesday (today) beginning Lent – 40 days & nights....
Leading to the Initiation called the Resurrection.

Studying together in the Ashram together each day.
Having faith, learning about ourselves, reading a long poem....
& asking....
Did we, do we lead others into a wasteland?
A reflection of the Nine tests of Mars.
The lower unskilled temptations of the personality.
Asking - What are our unskillful no longer needed parts & places within ourselves.
During Lent ask ourselves these things.
It helps that we are in a Mercury retrograde, too.
In Pisces – the most spiritual of signs.
And during Lent, knowing these things, we part with what is unskillful (creating eventually, a “wasteland”) ...parting with them in gratitude.
For they have done their work.

Thus....Moving from the circle to the upward spiral.
Nevermore in the Wasteland – writes T.S. Eliot.
First Day of Lent – time of purification, reorientation, illumination, restoration.
Joining the Christ in the desert – 40 days & 40 nights.
Remembering – here in the desert He learned how to “take on” & “use” the body, emotions & lower mind of Jesus (the Master of Religions, the man from Nazareth, the carpenter).

Beginning our 40 days & 40 nights, together in the Ashram.
Faith keeps one moving up the spiral, the staircase.
There is an elimination of pride.
We do not seek another’s gift.
We have our own.
Like an eagle who stretches his wings.

A Study Today on Ash Wednesday. The first day of Lent. Rejoicing in things as they are. While still living in the “wasteland.” (the darkness of Earth, with no faith, through suffering). Praying to God for strength, that God have mercy upon us. The anguish we feel when we see the sufferings of the world. Lord, have Mercy.

First day of Lent – Ash Wednesday.
The words of the priest, as he marks the sign of the cross on our forehead (Ajna center – diamond Light of Direction).

“Remember, from dust (the substance of our physical bodies) we have been made & unto dust (our personality/body/emotions/lower mind) will return.”

Today – a study on our first day of Lent.
“Teach us to care (truly) now & at the hour of our death.”

Psychological Spiritual Study of TS Eliot’s poems Ash Wednesday.
TS Eliot was a major American poet.
A study of TS Eliot would take up an entire 6 months of daily study in our Esoteric Astrological College.
Eliot mentions many historical figures/writers.
Like Dante’s leopard, lion & wolf – the three sins.
Eliot – Three white leopards sat under a juniper tree - & ate the physical body of Eliot. As He discovered the spiritual world being more real, more valid than the physical world.

The Prophet Ezekiel – vision of a valley full of dried white bones. And a skeleton was form & put on flesh & was fully alive. The putting on a “coat” of physical matter. Then dis-assembled later on. Taking on a state of humility. And an imperfect love. Renouncing sexual love, left “back in the wasteland.”

Being free of pride & ignorance. Leaving them in the Wasteland.

Lyrical Section
A long list of Christian paradoxes.
Viewing them thru the prism – Teach us to care, find the middle way, resolve paradoxes of life. Cam, distress, torn/whole, memory/forgetting. The Rose windows (Christ), the Garden of Faith. End....a final termination. End....finally having a Sense of Purpose in Life. The central basis of the poem.

The Garden – end of the Journal of futility.
Singing in the graveyard, under a juniper tree, the bones scattered, in the cool of the day, the bones singing. Grateful having escaped the Wasteland.

In Four Quartets – Greek philosopher Heraclites – the way up & down are the same. The same Staircase. The Way up – a direct vision of glory. The way down, the dark night of the Soul. The same staircase. Both are mystical realities. Climbing the spiral staircase – at the firs turning we turn & saw below, seeing darkness while looking below. Reaching a landing, at the turning of the 3rd stair – temptation to simply remain here – the world beauty. Eliot loved beauty. Many artists beauty suffices – a way to live a happy life. Beauty – a transcendent experience (listening to Wagner, he could not speak). Glimpse of something beautiful out there.

Eliot read the Upanishads. Note the Sanskrit ending of The Waste Land to the "What Krishna meant" section of Four Quartets shows how much Indic religions and more specifically Hinduism made up his philosophical basic for his thought process.

Among its best-known phrases are "April is the cruelest month", "I will show you fear in a handful of dust" and "Shantih shantih shantih" (Peace, peace, peace). The Sanskrit mantra ends the poem (Waste Land).

There is much to study & read & listen to here.
Listen to the extraordinary lecture on T.S. Eliot – taught by Duke University English Professor Victor Strandberg. This video focuses on Eliot's work '"Ash Wednesday."

Read a biography from Wiki.

Our Offerings during Lent
We offer up our unskillful behaviors to the Soul.
Leaving them behind during the 40 days & nights of Lent.

A suggestion for our times now is to “give up” unkindness.
Leaving our unkindness behind. As it is never useful (Capricorn).

Love, Risa (writing from our College Ashram)
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Tuesday, February 25, 2020. Music of the Spheres.
The music of the spheres stream love, light, wisdom & freedom to humanity. The music of the spheres raises humanity to a state of synthesis, and this flows from the flute of Lord Krishna - generating music of the highest order.
The Ghanharvas are the waves of musical notes emanating from the cosmic spheres. They preside over birth to death & to birth again. From the absolute to the apparent....a vertical path, from the top of head to Ajna center. from birth to death - karma - a behavior we carry within - this design is different in everyone.

Through a series of incarnations we learn more & more & walk towards fulfillment until all of Life itself in fulfilled - a progression of lives. Eventually we move from a circle to a spiral (a different dimension, activating our etheric connection, move from forehead to the Ajna), ascending towards the Light. We live with habits at first, then we remove ourselves from self conditioning habits.

We ask for help. We recite mantrams. The hint is vibrations, all is vibratory. Mantram are vibratory. Homeopathy is vibratory. Energetic. Not mechanical. The different dimensions are vibratory. Frequency, pattern, vibration change.

And so....we do the spiritual work & then help comes from those who have liberated themselves - the Teachers & Masters.
The Hierarchy of Masters related to Karma helps us neutralize our habit-forming natures. From the top of head to top of forehead to Ajna to all the 7 centers - all are awakened & the hieroponts & hierarchy of sounds conduct the alchemy that purifies & opens the center. Karma is neutralized.

The path of Aquarius is the path between the top of the head to the Ajna (diamond light center). Veda Vyasa called this the River Kingdom, the Path of Vena. We visualize this daily. Thus an influx of energy flows into the River Vena. Karma is neutralized with Raja Yoga. Wiping off the pictures of the subconscious mind on the walls of our nature with the sounds of the seven stringed lyra of Krishna.

Mardi Gras today - thinking about the taming of the habits.
The last party before we "tame our habits" during Lent.
We befriend the personality. We have fun. We are disciplined at times. Then we have fun at other times. If we don't offer friendship & kindness to our personality, it will rebel. So we accept all parts of ourselves. During Mardi Gras we are kind to our indulgent side. We have fun. We are generous with ourselves. We are realistic.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Lent begins. 40 days & nights of purification. Holy days in the desert with the Christ.
Disciples live the gentle kind Way.

The Astrology
Moon enters Aries 10:47am west coast time, 12:47pm central time, 1:47pm east coast time. We notice the shift of energies when Aries moon begins.
Sun joins Mercury in Pisces late afternoon, early evening (5:45pm west coast). Moon/Chiron (6:20pm).
Mercury/Mars 10pm). We watch the energies....they change us. Risa
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Sacred Marriage vows recited today. A Wedding (Mercy & Giovanni) in the Garden of the Ashram today - officiated by the Heart of the Christ. Risa ... See MoreSee Less

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And the fish died & came alive again....
Sunday, new moon day today. February 23, 2020.
Hercules & the 12th Gate of Pisces.
Pisces - "Leaving the Father's house, turning back (to Earth) in order to save."
"And the waters drowned the man. The fish was made to disappear. And it appeared again & drowned again, appeared again, & drowned again. Dying, to bring salvation."

Pisces new moon 4 degrees & 29 minutes. Here is a blessing from a spiritual brother (for my birthday which was last night)
...I am sharing it with everyone so we can all know of the blessings during this new moon time -

Dear Risa - disciples know very well the sacred impact of Sun's visit to the birth Sun and are attentive to the gifts this special transit will bring - it is the New Year, the beginning (new moon)), the seeding of new seeds for further growth towards infinity.

So may this day bring you precious gifts manifesting in the course of the next annual cycle and beyond. From today onward. And it is doubly special, or better three times: It is Dhanishta (a rising star) time, bringing fresh Aquarian wind. And then it is Maha Shiva Ratri, the great night of Shiva, as per Eastern astrology & in the west, western astrology & for the world - the
pisces new moon - beginning of a new creation - OM Namah Shivaya!

New moon - Labour the 12th -
New moon day -
Strengthening the hands, arms & endeavors of the New Group of World Servers. Standing with the Christ - the saving grace coming thru the hands & feet of humanity - redeeming matter in our work through the work of our hands (Gemini) & our feet (Pisces).

" Lost he is, & found: dead, yet vibrant with Life. The server becomes the Saviour & homeward turns."

And the teacher said...
"One labour yet remains before the circle is complete & liberation is attained. Proceed to that dark place where the Great Illusion (Earth realms) is enthroned & where the monster (Gerson) of three heads (the unrestrained personality), three bodies, six hands, is lord & king (personality ruling the life). He holds a herd of dark red cattle (symbolism of our lower desire nature, passions unredeemed).

Drive this herd to our Sacred City, Hercules. But be aware of the shepherd Eurytion & his two headed dog Orthrus. And one assistance we give you, Hercules - Invoke the aid of Helius (the Sun)."

And so thru Gate the 12th the son of man who is also the Son of God departed. And within the Temple he made offerings to Helius, the god of fire in the Sun. For 7 days he prayed, fasted & meditated & then a favour was bestowed upon him. And a golden chalice fell upon the ground before his feet. Hercules knew within himself that this bright object would enable him to cross the seas to reach the land of Erytheia (the dark place of illusion).

And so it was. Within the safe protection of the golden chalice he sailed across the tossing seas until he came to Erythema, a strand of land in a far country. When Hercules arrived at the island he climbed to the top of a mountain & spent the night in prayer.

When he captured the red cattle, he took them to the Sacred City where Athena, Goddess of Wisdom resided. Across the Alps he drove his cattle, and into Italy. Wherever wrong had triumphed he dealt the powers of evil a deadly blow, and righted the balance in favor of justice.

And so the 12 Labours of Hercules ends here. Pisces, symbolizing the feet, is about the treading of the Path, attaining the goals within each sign. Pisces is one of the signs of death the death of old foolishness & ignorance, confusion & beliefs that no longer serve the disciple, coming to an end. And thus, the Pisces disciple able to have the knowledge & wisdom, love & willingness "that Saves the world."

During many of Hercules's 12 labours he often faltered, stumbled, didn't understand & so many times lost his way (which we all do, which all of humanity often does). Hercules is each of us. But always he turned back, retracing his steps & journeyed on. Though wearies by this most exacting labour, Hercules returned to the teacher who awaited his coming.

Welcome O Son of God, who is also the son of man. The jewel of immortality is yours. By these 12 labours you overcame the human & put on the Divine. Home you have come, no more to leave. Upon the starry firmament you name shall be inscribed, a symbol to the struggling sons & daughters of men of their immortal destiny. The human labours have ended. Now, your comic tasks, begin."

And from out of the Council Chamber came a voice that said...."Well done, O Son of God."

We ponder upon this story today. We are Disciples. We gather this story at this new moon time & offer it to all of humanity so they may know of this story, too, & of these tasks & promises & of the chalice falling from the heart of the Sun, for them, too. love, Risa
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