Ray 3: Builder of Intelligence

Everything is Mind (manas in Sanskrit) and everything is the Mind of God. Mind permeates all of life. It was through the thought of God, translated into sound, that life one day burst forth into all the infinite forms of Earth and the Heavens. All matter, being made from Mind, has intelligence, even what we see as inert stones and minerals. And everything is attracted to light, which marks the path of evolution.

Ray 3 (active intelligence) from the Big Dipper transmits intelligence into matter. Streaming down from the Big Dipper, Ray 3 pours itself into Cancer, the sign of creation, then into the Sun to pick up the energies of Love-Wisdom, passing into the Moon and Neptune before reaching all the kingdoms of Earth.

Intelligence in the mineral kingdom is manifested in minerals’ magnetism and radioactivity, by the geometry of crystals and gemstones, and the fact that they are the chemicals and minerals needed by other forms of life (plant, animal, and human) to live.

Intelligence is manifested in the plant kingdom by the plant’s ability to root in the soil to find nutrients, their attraction to the life-giving rays of the Sun, and by their ability to produce color and perfume.

Animals manifest their intelligence through their instincts to survive, their devotion to humanity, and their attempt to form a beginning understanding or consciousness about life. The next step of animal intelligence will be to individualize into human form.

Humanity manifests intelligence by the ability to not only perform all of the above, but also through the use of the thinking process, one step beyond instincts. Humans are able to analyze, use logic, gain knowledge through choice, and apply creative solutions. The quality of intelligence still to emerge in the human kingdom is intuition. Most of what we call intuition, or the psychic, today is actually an advanced state of instinctual knowing.

Ray 3 expresses itself through the mind like a constant, steady heartbeat, impulsing humanity to take action, use the faculty of choice leading to discrimination, and make mistakes in order to gain knowledge. Working through Cancer, Ray 3 is responsible for the consciousness of the masses of humanity to express itself, which is also an activity of the intelligent mind.

In the world of form we can either create or destroy through our use of words. Creative ideas, abstract thinking, inventions, study, analysis, math, and the communicative arts are the results of Ray 3 influence. The game of chess comes under this Ray, as do astrologers, time-keepers, and thinkers. Ultimately, Ray 3 is responsible for humanity’s identification as creative beings working within the Mind of God. This being within the Mind of God is not something that will occur sometime in the future. We are the mind of God. It’s our identification that Ray 3 keeps working on, constantly. During this month, as the Sun transmits the power of creativity from the Cancer Hierarchy, perhaps we will get a glimmer of this identification. The fairies know it. That’s why they celebrate during this month of Cancer.