The Earth

 The significance of Earth’s part in the evolutionary plan of our solar system is hardly discussed. The reasons for this is that either Earth’s importance is unknown to most practical astrologers or it is simply overlooked. A study of esoteric astrology (Alice Bailey, Alan Oken, Errol Weiner) reveals that Earth stands between two lines of spiritual force from Gemini and Sagittarius, and that Earth is the Soul ruler of Sagittarius and the Spiritual ruler of Gemini. What this means esoterically is that Earth is the primary place of unfoldment for humanity. Earth is the planet whereby a link is able to be made between spiritual forces and matter, and the only place where Soul development can occur.

Earth is the planetary link between humanity’s two developmental stages; that of involution (where our spirit enters matter) and evolution (matter going back to spirit). Earth is the place where, through our creative activities and free will, we are able to forge the Path back home to spirit and leave in our wake the light we brought with us from our spiritual home.