The Science of Service

Three new sciences will emerge in the coming millennium. They are: (1) the Science of the Mind Principle, through the study and application of the Ancient Wisdom teachings; (2) the Science of the Soul, or Rainbow Bridge; techniques that invoke the Soul in its work of bridging Spirit with matter; which occurs at a point within the mind; and (3) the Science of Service, based on an intelligent heart and a loving mind. The activation of #2 and #3 are based upon the foundation of #1, and these new sciences will replace the present-day meditation practices of the individual because these three sciences are concerned with the development of the group and no longer only the individual.

Because Pisces is the sign of the World Savior, we will focus on the Science of Service at this time. The concept of the World Savior needs clarification. The World Savior is not an individual, though Earth did experience one such Savior 2,000 years ago, when the archangel from the Sun fulfilled his task of Initiation by taking on the work of the Christ and saving Earth from the darkness of ignorance. The World Savior to us, at this time, means the Soul that is within each of us that one day takes hold of our personality and steers us back onto the Path toward our spiritual heritage. World Server, in the esoteric sense, means the Soul.

Service is the spontaneous effect of Soul contact. As the Soul begins its task of capturing the instrument of the personality (physical body, emotions, logical mind), there is an urge, an impetus, within the individual to relieve the burdens of others, to work within a group of like-minded individuals, and to absorb the world’s sorrow and pain. The heart is affected in compassion, and the mind begins to envision doing active work that serves humanity.

There are three characteristics of a true server. They are: harmlessness in one’s actions and speech toward the group (it is assumed here that upon reaching the first point that harmlessness toward the individual would have already been mastered); a willingness to allow others to serve in their own way and to the best of their ability (the knowledge that living life is a service); and joyfulness, which creates a pure vibrational unifying sound in the inner realms of life (a counter to criticism, which creates a separative and disjointed sound).

As the work of service evolves, inner contact with the Soul and with Spirit deepens and the mind becomes more illuminated by the seven rainbow lights of the Soul. A force pours through the personality and gives the server the vision and power to be able to cooperate more and more as a strong group member in the New Group of World Servers. The real and the unreal are revealed, and the life of the individual is flooded with a radiance of love and light, and is experienced as divine impersonality. Eventually, the Plan of Evolution is revealed. This signifies that the server has entered the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things. It is at this point that the heart center finally awakens.

Pondering Unity & Service

Pisces is the sign of unity, and though we do not necessarily see this in our outer daily lives, an aspiration (Ray 6) for unification (Ray 2) is definitely taking place in the spiritual realms between the Soul and Spirit. This is the purpose of Pisces, though the knowledge of this and our ability to feel its effects are still beyond our mental capabilities. Pisces is water and Aries is fire. Water blends and fire creates. The merging of these two elements, in the form of Pisces and Aries, always signifies the ending of one reality so that a greater reality can come into being. Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is dissolving illusions created in the material plane. Pluto, the Soul ruler of Pisces, is liberating the Soul and our spiritual will and asking us what form(s) or principle(s) do we wish to serve. During the month of Pisces, these are questions to ponder in preparation for the new year, for it is through service that the two fish are liberated.