Fire in the Heart

Our hearts are connected by purpose, function, element, and tone to the Sun in the sky. Both are central to the body that surrounds it – the Sun to the planets and the heart to the physical body. These similarities set up resonating fields and are an example of the astrological axiom “As above, so below,” and the scientific statement that the microcosm (small) reflects the macrocosm (large). As the Sun is a molten ball of fire, the core of our hearts contain a piece of that fire in the form of a seed atom. Seen with extended sight, this seed atom is a tiny flame.

During the course of Creation, four seed atoms, or divine flames, were implanted in the physical body, and they reside within everyone today. These fire seeds or atoms regulate the four aspects of life. The fire seed atom in the heart maintains the physical body. The fire seed atom in the liver maintains desire. The fire seed atom in the solar plexus maintains the vital (etheric/electric) body. And the fire seed atom in the mind is our intelligence. These seed atoms are not visible at this point of development within the medical field. But in ancient medical texts, and known by Hippocrates, these seeds of spiritual fire were acknowledged.

The fiery atom in the heart was created by the Lords of Leo (Lords of Flame). Projecting sound and light from their very substance, the Lords implanted this seed flame into the hearts of early humanity. (This explains the statement that our physical body is a temple of the indwelling Spirit.) Implanted at other developmental phases by different angelic Lords, the three other seed atoms (mental, vital and desire) resonate in rhythm to the tone of the heart’s seed atom. Reflecting all colors, the heart atom hums the sound of the body. This tone is not only the keynote of the originating creative Spirit, but has the same tone as our Sun. This information helps us understand the words “And the Word (sound, humming) became flesh.” All things began as sound, which, as it rises in frequency above our audible field, becomes visible light and color. This is why we “see” the rainbow but cannot hear it.