The Fire and Light of Aries

Aries drops an electric fire to the Earth. Electric fire is that aspect of God that creates heat and a fire that can burn and destroy. As the initiating zodiacal sign, Aries calls each individual to the path of Earth experience. With Mars, the personality ruler of Aries, what we experience is the fire of challenge, of war, strife, and conflict. These are the cornerstones of the life of the personality. When the personality is fully developed, our previous way of life is set afire and dissolved, and our personality becomes a burning ground in order for it to purify. There is an old saying that if one wants to stand at the feet of the Master, one’s feet must be washed in the fires of the heart. This is an ancient way of saying that one’s personality must purify. Once the personality has undergone a burning away, a vision of higher realities asserts itself. This is the fire of the illuminated mind. The fire of the warring personality transforms itself into a flame in the mind. Both are Aries fire. But one is the fire of experience and the other is the fire of knowledge. The Plan for humanity is patterned not through the energy of Mars (war, strife, separation), but through the energy of Mercury (knowledge, the Mind, unification). Thus it evolutionarily furthers us to develop the mental faculties, for they are the same pattern and prototype as the Mind of God, from which humanity issued forth.