The Resurrection of the Christ

The Resurrection of the Christ Or the Real Story of Easter

The specific Resurrection of the Christ (Lord of & from the Sun) from the tomb, after His life, crucifixion, and death, was spiritually important because prior to His embodiment, humanity was in a state of darkness. That is, the Divine Spark of Life, from which we were originally created, was not lit (available) within us, and our evolution was spiraling downward and not upward toward Spirit, which we were initially created to do. This downward arcing was considered a state of emergency by the Hierarchy, and during a conference held by the Overseers of our Planet Earth it was decided that the Lord of the Sun (whose position is called the Christ) would literally enter into the field of Earth for three years and bring with Him the Light of Life itself to respark the hearts and minds of humanity. The three days in which He was considered to be “in the tomb” was a time in which the Light was being implanted in the very core of the Earth &emdash; in this way, the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms could also access the Light and continue with their particular upward-arcing evolution. Without this intercedence, the Earth and all her kingdoms would have eventually disintegrated. The Christ’s statement “I come from the Father” meant that he came from the radiating, projecting, life-giving Light of the Sun. Thus He was considered the Son.