Desire is a longing, a wish, a want, an appetite, a craving, an urge, an intense feeling for something. Aspiration is a little higher than desire, though desire is its foundation. Whereas desire is completely on the feeling level, aspiration is desire with just a touch of the mind principle. Desire attempts to pull something in; aspiration hopes to breathe it in. Desire is a movable feast of the emotional field. It is said that the universe was made of desire and that the “ocean” of air we live in is, in fact, God’s emotional field of desire. Actually, desire is a pull from Spirit and is the core component in our evolution.

It is in and through Taurus that the desire principle begins. Remember, Taurus follows Aries, the sign of the first thought. Well, something had to happen to God’s first thought, so it dropped down into matter in order to anchor itself, and there it’s been since the begining of time. And we, the sons and daughters of God, have been living in God’s thought-desire (first two principles/elements of life) since the “night of time.”

So, after 18 million years of this, it’s about time we learned what desire is and how, through Taurean influences, using desire can reorient us back on the road to God. This might sound rather strange at first, but desire is actually a force embedded in matter, a powerful impetus that urges us to change, shift, be attracted to something, and rise above present conditions.

Desire has three phases: (1) the passionate urge to be, have, and express; (2) the aspiration to seek that which helps us rise above something and achieve freedom; and (3) the will(ingness) to cooperate with a higher order of things. These three phases of desire symbolize the qualities inherent in the time and sign of Taurus. Taurus anchors the Spirit of God within form (after Aries creates the fiery thoughts) and when finally in form, Divinity then desires to express itself within form. We are that creature, desiring to express the self, and He is us.

After a while though, desire creates duality. Duality is expressed in humanity as a desire for two opposing things. In the case of the Pilgrim on the Path (or on the way to it), duality expresses itself as “Do I want to pay for that beautiful thing in form, or do I tithe to the poor and be of service to others?” This is a very simple sort of duality, but it is important to be aware that when these types of polarized questions assert themselves within us, we are experiencing duality. And this is a good thing, since after a while lots of desires create lots of duality (polarization), and this creates tensions, discomforts, and an aspiration to reach the next level of life, where, hopefully, there’s more comfort. This is because life always wants to unify while desires often separate. But it takes desire to get us to the point of unification. Aspiration is a step up from desire. Meaning “to breathe in” and containing a spark of the mind principle, aspiration is more of a hope for things to get better, to be not so polarized. Aspiration is a step toward unity. After we become rather desperate with our unmet aspiration (it’s a test), we often find the will to keep aspiring. We know that something better’s out there. Often it takes a great deal of aspiration, and an even greater will(ingness) to persevere, before what we really desire, aspire to, and are willing to be, comes about.

This is not the entire picture of desire, aspiration, and will. But it is enough to say that Taurus provides these inner forces as a means of developing our consciousness of spiritual things so that, eventually, we will, through desire, aspiration, and willingness, come to the point where we cooperate with the Purpose and Plan of God. By that time we’ve realized that there’s an art to living and that we are the constructive tools life uses for life to happen at all. This is the secret of Taurus.