Defining the Terms of the New Age

In order to proceed with the new level of information, we must first create a firm foundation by defining the terms of our discourse. It is important that we no longer use language from the unconscious and emotional points of view. In much “New Age” literature, which reflects the prior Piscean Age, terms such as consciousness, light, evolution, millennium, dimensions, frequency, tone, and harmony are frequently used but little understood, though the use of such words has given us at least an awareness of them. The following definitions provide a basic understanding of the energies underlying life and reality as it is truly lived on inner, causative levels. A definition of consciousness is followed by definitions of light and evolution.

Consciousness, Light & Evolution

In A Treatise on White Magic, the Tibetan, through Alice Bailey, states that there are four fundamental truths that humanity needs at this stage of development in order to have a firm understanding of life and the consciousness (energy) within life. These four truths are: (1) all is duality, (2) the interplay of duality creates awareness (tension creates attention), (3) this is how everything unfolds, and (4) all life is a spiral of constant cyclic rebirth through time. Consciousness, therefore, is an ever-evolving set of polarized fields (spirit/matter, male/female, light/dark, up/down, radiating/receptive, inner/outer, exoteric/esoteric, the light within/the light without, etc.). Both polarities contain a germ or spark of original creative light. Light can be seen in the masculine polarized field. The inner light, in the feminine polarized field, is hidden. The two fields, or poles, create a sort of friction by constantly interacting with each other, and by the tensions created by their inherent opposition. This friction between the two polarized sparks, the one inner and the other outer, produces another spark of fire that flashes forth. It is this resulting third spark between the two poles that creates a new level or field of awareness.

In other words, evolution is a gradually increasing state of consciousness demonstrated by a series of flashing light displays. Quite a spectacle I would assume. Now, the really interesting part is that within every aspect of matter, there is a hidden piece of originating fire. Matter, in fact, hides the fire, and this is why Ancient Wisdom teachings called form an illusion. Form isn’t actually an illusion if one lives in form. So what is the illusion? The illusion is the idea that form is all there is, since we can’t see the fire within, because all we can “see” at this point in our development is physical matter. In actuality, form veils the fire, while it also conducts the fire within. As our evolution in consciousness continues, as we become more and more aware of the hidden mysteries of life, as we build larger pathways in our mental substance and rise up to meet the higher frequencies, or dimensions, our physical bodies, made of matter, become better and better conductors of the light. In order to have the time to become those better conductors of light, all spirit/matter works continuously through the law of rebirth until the work has been completed.

Christ, the Master from the Sun, who said to us more than 2,000 years ago, “I am the Light of the World,” wasn’t kidding. He was actually an Aquarian who, in compassion for humanity, came to Earth to prepare us for the present and forthcoming Aquarian time in which 3/7ths of humanity will seek the meaning of life. Later, in the Scriptures, He also said to us, “This you will do and more.” Substitute the word “be” for “do” and we open the door to our ultimate reality. The religious axiom that there will be a reappearance of the Christ does not mean a being from on high will make another appearance. The “Christ” represents us, as soon as we unify our consciousness. The World Wide Web is part of the Plan for the unification of consciousness, on a global level, to occur.