Autumn Equinox

Astronomers refer to the seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter; in terms of the movement, direction and path of sunlight as it falls to Earth. Farmers are aware of the seasons in relation to the growth of crops and plants. Astrologers mark the seasons by the two solstices and two equinoxes. What is not generally known is that these four seasons correspond to the Soul growth of humanity. At each point in the year when the Sun’s path changes, there is a special release of spiritual power, a change in the Earth’s rhythm. New forces are at play, and one of the four elements (fire, earth, air, water) is predominant. Elements are the basis of all life on Earth.

The autumnal season, begun at the Autumn Equinox, September 22nd at 4:56 pm (PDT), is a time when the element of air predominates, taking over from the previous summer’s element of fire (hot sun in summer). Libra, an air sign, is the turning point between spirit (air) and matter (Virgo, the previous month holds the element of earth). It is a time of rest; not of sleep; but a resting of the material (Virgo) things in our lives and the ascendancy of the spiritual (Libra). What this means is that humanity begins to feel the call of Spirit and our minds and hearts are focused not on the things of the Earth, but the things of the Soul. The ripeness of summer is past, the light is darkening, and we prepare, during autumn, for a long hibernation.

For those on the Path, the Autumn Equinox represents the beginning of the Soul Year. A new spiritual impulse descends upon the Earth globe. Spiritual forces are released, and under their impact the Earth undergoes a subtle change. The atomic structure is modified so that the physical substances can become more sensitive to spiritual growth. This cosmic downpouring of spiritual impulsing touches each of us deep within and prepares us for the birth of the new light at Winter Solstice.

The angel who directs and guides humanity during the autumn season is Archangel Michael, who oversees our purification process. After the richness of summer, we now desire to cleanse and prepare our bodies to withstand the cold, dark winter. St. Michael is chief of the Archangels, and it was Michael who bent over the Christ and protected Him as He knelt in the Garden of Gethsemane to receive the centuries of ignorance, hate, and despair in order to transmute them into currents of love and healing. The Archangel Michael also guards the birthplace of King Arthur, and is known as the dragon slayer of ancient times. At present, Michael slays the cloud of ignorance that lie over humanity’s collective consciousness. Michael, as the spokesman for God the Creator, was the being who gave humanity its earthly name; that of ADAM, a name composed of four holy letters brought back from four remote stars. Michael is from the Sun, and his work is to guide the entire human race toward eventual liberation.

It is good for us to be aware of this information during the Autumn Equinox and for the three months of the autumn season. Often we live unconsciously throughout the seasons, yet feel a growing sense of aspiration to participate in something beyond ourselves, yet part of the Earth and the changing seasons. With the information that autumn is a time for the Soul to be invoked, and with the awareness of the Being (Archangel Michael) who can help in this process, our Soul work should proceed more smoothly and with growing intelligence. Providing this information is the purpose, and partial content of, the re-emergence of Mystery Schools whose presence will be felt more and more as we enter the Aquarian Age.