The Path of Discipleship

Disciple comes from the Latin word meaning “learner, pupil, to comprehend, to hold.” Discipleship is a state of being accepted into the study of the mysteries of the Universe, and entrance into Soul and Spiritual realms. There are many steps leading to discipleship. These include life experience, aspiration, devotion, faith, belief, knowledge, and intuition. During Christ’s three years of teaching he accepted and taught apostles, another word for disciples. There were twelve primary disciples/apostles, like the twelve constellations, and the twelve months in the year. Each human being can become a disciple. One does not need to be a Christian to be a disciple.

Humanity has three levels of consciousness: the personality, the Soul, and the Spiritual. The personality level is where we gather experience and are not consciously aware of any other levels. The Soul level completely reorients our personal life and introduces us to the transpersonal, or spiritual, life. The Spiritual level is engaged when we have completely offered our life in service to humanity. The latter is a state of discipleship.

Humanity lives primarily within the confines of the personality. This is an important realm because it is only when an individual has, through life experience, built a very strong ego identity, or personality, that the Soul can take up residence. The personality has to be very solid, and the lower mind must have a firm grasp of intelligent thought to withstand the presence of the Soul. The Soul is a fiery being with the ability to destroy whatever it touches. Therefore the personality must be able to withstand great pressures. The experiences each individual gathers, life after life, are the tests and trials the personality encounters in preparation for eventual Soul infusion.

After many experiences of the physical life, the individual begins to aspire to a life less oriented to the gratification of the physical body (through desire for sex, food, passion, and money) and more oriented to something yet unknown. Often this step feels confusing because life as it has been lived no longer suffices and yet there is no clear path for the future. These are the first urgings of the Soul &emdash; and the first step on the Path of Discipleship.

From this point on, it is up to the individual. There is an ancient saying: “Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given, knock and the door shall be opened.” This refers to the next steps to be taken on the Path of Discipleship. Heaven is not given easily.

Scorpio is the sign of discipleship. It is in Scorpio that we are asked to make a decision about our lives. Will we stay within the confines of personality gratification, or do we have the courage and willingness to be of greater service and withstand the tests for qualification? Eventually, we all make the choice.