Sounds From the Galactic Center

Deep silence emanates from the Galactic Center of our universe, located at 26 degrees Sagittarius. From this silence came forth the root tone of all creation. “And the Word was made flesh” means sound was clothed in physical matter in the form of earth, air, fire, water, humans, birds, beasts, flowers, trees, and all things that creep. We experience sound all around us — in the organized tones of music, raindrops, a dog’s bark, and our own heartbeat. All sound has tone. Tone creates vibration (movement) and vibration has a rhythm (beat). At the core of esoteric philosophy lies the premise that one root sound permeates the entire universe. This root sound or tone, too low for the human ear to hear, is in a state of continual transformation. The result is a universe that thrives in a constant state of variation and motion and there is never a depletion of energy.

Sound creates light, color, form and matter, all of which have tones. Every atom, neuron, electron, and cell has its own individual tone. This includes animate and inanimate objects. Our physical, emotional and mental bodies are comprised of millions of combined tones.

Tone, or sound, has a mathematical interval system that creates harmonics (higher or lower notes) to the originating tone. The systems within our bodies are always in a state of balancing the different tones. Dis-ease means that our tonal (harmonic) system is out of balance. To heal, we must bring our harmonic system back into balance. Sound creates and heals, but it can also destroy. Harsh jarring sounds, loud music, the constant barking of a dog, an angry voice are some of the sounds that can make a person ill and out of balance.

Sound and music have been effective healing tools since ancient times. Although sound/vibrational healing is still practiced in many indigenous cultures, it has only recently begun to reemerge in today’s healing modalities.

Constellations and planets have their own tones. The tone for Sagittarius is F major, and its opposite, Gemini, is F sharp major. The ruling planetary tones are Jupiter-F sharp major, Earth-C sharp major, and Mars-D major. The planetary tones for Gemini are Mercury-D major, and Venus-A major. Listening to music written in any of these keys will be very balancing for Sagittarius, especially classical strings and flute. Another suggestion for Sagittarius would be Mozart’s Symphony No. 42, also known as “Jupiter”.