The Mind of Aries

 It is in Aries that the first signs of Spring occur because it is through Aries that a new cycle of life begins. Aries is basically a mental sign since the first impulse of all that exists begins with an idea. Therefore all ideas begin with Aries, and an idea is a will to be or a spiritual impulse taking form. It is in Aries that the seed of an idea is initiated and the activity to take on form occurs. Why this is important is that if we look around at the pulsating new life during this month of Aries we are seeing the actual and originating ideas of God that took concrete form long ago.

With this in mind, therefore, it is important to acknowledge that it was in Aries that humanity first emerged as an idea in the Mind of God, and that we are, at our core, primarily mental entities that were awakened within the fiery fields of our Creator’s Will.

Since Aries is the birthplace of, and time in which, ideas take place, it is important that we understand the function and process of ideas. Ideas are not something humanity itself creates. All ideas come from the Mind of God. Humanity was given the seeds of the mind in order to understand the Mind of God. But humanity as yet does not and cannot function within the realms of that portion of the mind that can perceive the reality of the Mind of God. One must have an “illumined” mind in order to understand the Mind of God, and the prerequisite for the illumined mind is harmony and fusion between the personality and the Soul.

There is a Will within the universe whose purpose is to further the Plan of evolution within all kingdoms on Earth. This Will created the archetypes, or models, or ideas, of a perfected humanity in tune with the Will of God. These archetypes (archos =first; typos =model) exist in a realm of ideas on very high and divine levels of reality. All of creation first existed as an idea or as an archetype. These archetypes seek manifestation through Aries because all ideas are a spark of fire, and Aries is the fire sign of all beginnings. The archetype or idea behind every created form (seen or unseen) is what is called its Soul. The Soul contains within itself the picture of the perfected idea, plan, or model of the created form. In the course of evolving the mind principle, humanity must be able to contact, perceive clearly, and bring into perfection the original idea, plan, or model created for each form.

In other words, each of us has within our Souls a perfect form or model of self that is our original perfect prototype. It is our responsibility to grow ourselves up in consciousness and knowledge in order to meet and become that perfected self. The picture, held in the very structure of our Souls, calls us forth. It is this information that Christians call “the body of Christ” or “to be Christed.” If we understand that the Christ word means the Soul, that the Soul holds our perfect pattern of being, that through Aries we can approach that idea of self, and that through Mercury we bridge the old self with the new self, then we have for the first time the ancient wisdom keys that can unlock the mystery of the evolution of self.

The bridging of the personality with the Soul &emdash; a process called the Rainbow Bridge &emdash; and the ability of each of us to reach into the archetype of ourselves within our Soul is actually what the Resurrection, enacted more than 2,000 years ago by the Lord of the Sun, was about. Each Spring, during Aries, and with the help of Mercury, we are capable of rising to the occasion of our own perfected archetypes held in our Souls, and, in an act of sacrifice, giving up the ways of the lesser self/path and embarking on the Path of Wholeness (Holiness) or Knowledge. It takes this information and an act of aspiring intention for it to be so. And so it becomes.