The Light Force From Shamballa

Clarification of terms: Shamballa is a force field, a plane of consciousness, or dimension of awareness, where the “Will of God is Known” and the place where the Watchers of the Planet reside primarily in etheric form. The director of Shamballa is Sanat Kumara, the Regent from Venus, and head of Shamballa, who, 18 million years ago, came to Earth and, along with three of his executives (called the three buddhas), activated the functions of mind in early humanity. Following this mental activation these four representatives from Venus elected to remain on Earth and oversee the unfoldment of our mental activity. At times in our history, when humanity has needed an increase of intensification in order to progressively evolve, it has been Sanat Kumara who has activated those forces. In the early 1900s Sanat Kumara and the Shamballa forces flooded humanity with a new force field called the Will of God. This is the same force found in Ray 1 in the Big Dipper.

In order to stimulate the higher spiritual principles in humanity and to arouse in each individual a more active willingness to know and serve the Plan, a powerful new ray of light was released on Earth in the early part of this century. Originating from Sanat Kumara, and radiating through the red star Aldebaran, known as the eye of Taurus, it was (and still is) planned that the force of Ray 1 (Will and Power of God, the Father. For humanity it is the will to evolve.) from the Big Dipper would bring each individual to the “mountain of vision and to initiation” (spiritual transformation).

This vital new force of the Will sweeping through humanity has had several interesting results, and one that was unexpected. After a new force of thought emanates from the Mind of God, and in order for it to precipitate into the physical field of Earth where humanity presently resides, this God-thought is absorbed and affected by our emotional levels. At first, when this force of God called Will entered into our emotional bodies, our desire bodies experienced a new freedom and power to act. But without prior training in the appropriate uses of power, and because our desire bodies were still immature, it became apparent that the Will of God force was becoming greatly distorted. While a small group of individuals were capable of understanding and using this force of Will to better serve the Purpose and the Plan, much of humanity responded by seeking self-power and by using power to control others. A duality, in terms of the appropriate response to the Will of God, thus occurred within the unit of life called humanity, and glamours resulted.

Glamour is an esoteric term denoting a distortion of ideals. The effects of glamour are many and far-reaching. Minds become closed; there is separative thinking; people live in fear or repression; systems are created in which the few impose their will upon the many; individuals do not have freedom of time, creativity, or expression; the economic system becomes imbalanced; and the life of the group is unappreciated. When life is no longer constructive and the art of living no longer able to be practiced, when a government imposes its will on the people, then humanity becomes captive within a man-made state (of being). Glamours symbolize a polarization away from, and a distortion of, the Will of God. The plan of Spirit and the purpose of Diety is for humanity to have visions and possibilities of freedom and to experience synthesis. In order to achieve this freedom, vision, and ultimate synthesis, one must achieve a certain level of illumination, for it is illumination that is the antithesis of glamour. It is for this reason that Taurus, the sign of illumination, is and will be prominent in the unfolding lives of humanity. For Taurus, along with its rulers Venus and Vulcan, is the sign that forges the instruments (thinking mind) for constructive and harmonious living.