Light, Evolution and the Zodiac

 Light is directly connected to evolution and our states of consciousness. Light itself is evolving along with all of life on our planet. In fact, we can say that the unfolding of consciousness is itself the evolution of light. This unfoldment occurs through the work of the constellations and the planets each month. As the different lights from the constellations, Sun, fixed stars, and planets fall to Earth, all kingdoms (mineral, planet, animal, human) participate in receiving their specific light. In receiving this light, we in turn evolve.

Therefore, the entire workings of the zodiac (constellations) can be understood from the point of view of light as it unfolds in constantly increasing radiance. Each constellation (sign in the zodiac) contains an inner light (whose light source is from what is called the Central Spiritual Sun and is not seen by us as yet). This light externalizes each month as the Sun passes through that constellational area of the sky.

Since each constellation provides humanity and all of Earth’s kingdoms with the light that enables us to grow and evolve, in the following months we will begin to refer to the constellations in terms of phrases indicating the specific types of light available from them. This will provide us with information on the particular levels of unfoldment (due to the different types of light) available from the twelve constellations.

The phrase for the type of light available in Aquarius, and thus the opportunity given to us for our unfoldment of consciousness, is “the Light that shines on Earth, across the sea.” This is the healing light that always shines, heals, cleanses, and purifies until the dark is gone. The explanation of this is simple. Within each of us is an inner light that is with us forever. Its purpose is to cleanse and purify our “darkness” (spirit being in matter) until our mission here is over. What it really means is we are not alone.

In reality, the work we will do in the next twelve months has much to do with the Soul, since the essential nature of the Soul is light. As the months unfold, the light from each constellation affects matter and form and proceeds, with or without our knowledge, in its work of bringing to us ever higher and higher experiences and, therefore knowledge. It’s a revelation of growth. This is evolution.