DK's Study Group Meditation

In esoteric training it is made very clear to the seeker that illumination is reached by training the mind, and a scientific form of meditation is provided. The objective of training the mind is identification with the Soul aspect within the self with the understanding that the Soul has the ability to unfold consciousness. This is, in fact, part of the Soul’s purpose. In this type of meditation the mind is used as an instrument for observing the world. When one observes phenomena with curiosity and with the intention that those phenomena will reveal themselves, then the mind’s observing eye becomes the instrument for bringing about illumination. Taurus is the sign that signifies, beyond desire and aspiration, the ability to achieve illumination. Therefore it is appropriate that during the time of Taurus this way, and explanation, of scientific meditation be given.

Five Stages in Meditation Esoteric, or scientific, meditation moves the individual out of the realm of feelings and into the more steady plane of knowledge. It also provides for a stable, firm, and balanced ascent of conscious spirituality and, later, intuitional illumination. We have found that deep and focused study of materials (books, research, etc.) we are seriously interested in helped us accomplish the first three steps, with the last two emerging as a consequence. The five stages in meditation are:

  • 1 Concentration, where the conscious mind focuses on one object, thought, etc. This includes study, creative arts, reading, researching.
  • 2 Focusing the attention in one direction and holding the mind on one desired idea.
  • 3 Contemplation. This is an activity of the Soul,where the mind is held in a quiet state.
  • 4 Illumination, which is a result of the three preceding processes. This involves a registered state of knowing coming down into the brain (logical mind) from the intuitional, a consciousness of the knowledge achieved.
  • 5 Inspiration, the result of illumination, which demonstrates in a life of service. These five stages of meditation lead to a union with the Soul and a direct knowledge of Divinity.