Sacred Geometry & Symbols of Wesak

To the right are geometrical formations made by the Buddha (wisdom teacher), the Christ (love teacher), the Hierarchy (watchers of humanity), and all previous teachers of our race during the Full Moon of Taurus or Wesak (May) Festival. There are seven symbols created through movement and all contain sacred meanings. The energies created by these formations produce channels that step down the energies of cosmic beings for use here on Earth. These energies bless our planet and stabilize the fire of Aries. The Wesak Festival is a present-day event and is performed by, and within, all the spiritual kingdoms. Love and wisdom (Ray 2 energies from the Big Dipper) are the primary energies contacted and received through the presence of the Buddha and the Christ. A bowl of water is placed in the center of the geometrical formations. After the water is blessed by the Buddha, who charges it and all who participate with a deeply spiritual force, he then dispenses the energy of wisdom to humanity. Because we are not yet able to take in the Buddhic energies, the Christ steps in and receives them for humanity and distributes them to those present. These energies are also held in full potency until the Full Moon of Humanity (Festival of Good Will and World Invocation Day) in June, when they are once again dispersed.

Every individual who has the desire, aspiration, knowledge, and intention to participate in the ceremony is welcome. The blessings received are based upon our own readiness to receive this energy and contain it until the next Full Moon. The Taurus energy contacted during this ceremony reminds us to awaken our senses to beauty and to harmonize our sensual desire nature in order to bring forth enlightenment in our lives.