Lords of Taurus

Called the Thrones, this exalted hierarchy is an archangelic group who hold steadily the cosmic blueprint, or Plan, for humanity and all things in form. Like the Taurean bull, whose power is often hidden, these Lords are capable of wielding supreme power, and we are able to contact their essence through our desire nature. Desire is the quality used to activate our physical and emotional fields, and our entire solar system is bathed in the watery oceans of the desire of God.

As Lords responsible for the patterns behind form, this hierarchy molds our solar system through a musical language based in the keynote of E flat. Containing form’s archetypal pattern, and since Taurus is the second evolutionary sign in the zodiac, it is during the second month of prenatal life inside the mother that the Lords of Taurus, sounding their keynote, produce the form of the ensouling ego, that first projection of form patterns that are the beginnings of life limited in space. And as the sign Taurus rules the throat, it is also during this second month that the Lords of Taurus radiate the image of the throat center. A spiritual impress of the throat is projected onto the fetus. The throat center, in humanity, is the seat of creative power and is destined, after many reincarnational journeys, to become what is called the Rose of Light in the larynx.

In humanity’s continuing present-day life within our specific solar system, which is one of seven, these angelic beings, pouring forth the force, Divine Law, and judgments of God, are associated with Ray 1 (Will and Power of God, the Father). Through their directive work with the Lords of Karma (called in Sanskrit the Lipikas), the Thrones teach humanity the necessity of ruling with integrity, fairness, and justice. King Solomon must have known them.