What is Esoteric (Soul) Astrology?

Esoteric Astrology is Soul-centered astrology. Different in its focus and purpose than personality (mundane) astrology, Esoteric Astrology was first introduced by the Tibetan Master Dhjwal Kuhl in the Alice Bailey books written in the first half of 1900. Sign rulership are different in Esoteric Astrology than the rulers used in mundane or personality astrology. Interpretations in Esoteric Astrology are based upon full knowledge of the Seven Creative Rays of Energy emanating from the Big Dipper. Since everything manifests in threes, Soul or Esoteric Astrology is the 2nd level of astrological interpretation given to humanity. The timing and availability of esoteric astrological information relates to humanity’s developmental stage. In the last years prior to the millennium change and the beginning of our entrance into the Aquarian Age, the Soul of humanity and of Earth is to become a reality. Esoteric Astrology, as written in the Bailey texts, is a preparation and explanation for Soul infusion. There is yet a third level astrology called Spiritual Astrology, again, with different rulerships than either the mundane or Esoteric, and more information will be given to humanity at the appropriate developmental time.

What is the Soul?

The Soul is a five-pointed star six inches above the head of an individual. Acting as a bridge it hovers between form (our bodies) and essence (Spirit). The Soul is not Spirit. The Soul purifies the personality (body, mind, emotions) for the entrance of Spirit. When a strong personality is cleansed, the Soul departs and Spirit enters the body.

For millions of years humanity has been preparing the personality for this event and we are now on the threshold. The electrical waves presently dropping to Earth from Aquarius, Jupiter and Uranus will accelerate a Soul Infusion. This is a global event.