The Lords of Aries

Known as the Lords of Fire (Agni), these great beings hold the archetype (pattern) for the future race of humanity, whose at-one-ment of personality, Soul, and Spirit will produce a harmonious and peaceful world to come. The Lords of Fire participated in our initial creation, but for most of humanity, their work lies still in the future. The fires (fohat) of their nature produce a purifying and illumined consciousness. This illumination ignites the presently sleeping original Divine Spark, or inner fire, of each individual, creating a burning ground that clears the illusions, mental distortions, and emotional fugues that are the barriers to clear perception to the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things (world of wisdom and intuition). These fires produce the discriminating personality, the illumined consciousness, and a fiery force field of radiation needed in our ascent, or resurrection, of consciousness back toward the Source.