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March 6, 2021- 8am

Symbols – in the Age of Aquarius.
Symbols are the language & tool of Aquarius (astrology), Scorpio & the higher abstract mind. Symbols focus & train our mind to see & comprehend vast amounts of knowledge in a flash of revelations. Symbols help us enter the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things, the intuition. About Mars. We used to live there. Before we lived on Earth. We used to live on the Moon too. We no longer have to return to Mars. That was a previous era. Now we are to move towards Mercury & Venus. This is Esoteric. Read about symbols on the parachute of the Mars Perseverance. It landed on Mars during the last days of Aquarius, as the Sun was moving into Pisces.
love, Risa


Did you find the message hidden in Perseverance’s parachute?


March 4, 2021- 10am

An Astrology Study Today. 
On this original Inauguration Day, March 4th. 
Today is Jupiter’s Day, Rays 2 & 6. Reappearance of the Christ meditation day. 
Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)  in Astrology Chart = Mind of God coming into the minds of humanity. 
Understanding outer events via charts & Wisdom teachings. Read more below. See charts. This is our college. We understand outer events by studying energies from the heavens. 

Today – it’s v/c today – most of the day. At 2:43 (west coast time, the moon enters Sagittarius, sign of justice. Lady Justice blinded. Mercury joins Jupiter tonight, 7:27pm (west coast). Will the “Big Reveal” begin?

Today, March 4, the original inauguration day (till 1933) before the US became a “corporation.” Then the “rules” changed. Each of us then became “vessels” (owned) by the corporation. 
Read more:
March 4th, the original Inauguration day before it was changed to January 6th.  Watching, listening from March 4ththru 6th– 
(real) Prez has a harmonious Grand Trine in his chart.
Mercury, Jupiter, North Node at 17 degrees. 
North Node – the pathway forward. All planets involved at 17 degrees. We all know what 17 means.

Prez T Chart – Grand Trine Today.
Harmonious Grand Trine in Prez T’s chart.
Today in the true prez’s chart – a Grand Trine. Looking at his chart today. See below. 

Prez T via Uranus (highest planet in his chart – see 10thhouse, inner wheel)
 – Helping Humanity take the first initiation (reorienting to the Soul & to the 
Rule of Law)
. Offering humanity a new (Uranus) structure (Saturn) to move forward (North Node) into the new era (Aquarius). The Patriots know & recognize his purpose. The others, following the Brothers on the Dark path, do not, cannot, as the DB have closed their minds with false illusion. 
We study astrology charts to ascertain the energies each person is working with.

March 4, 2021 Grand Air Trine in President Trump’s chart. Note the #17. Disciples who have kept up with our posts here, understand this number. 

Note: Notice the Grand Trine at 17 degrees in the element of air – messages from the Mind of God. 

Note the following planets/degrees/houses, etc. in the prez’s chart. Inner wheel is prez’s natal chart. Outer wheel is the sky today – transits. We will watch & observe what will occur today. Perhaps nothing on the outer realms. But we have the astrology to study which are energies on the inner subjective level stimulating the day & the people & the real prez.

·  (Outer wheel, 6thhouse) Transiting  Mercury conjunct transiting Jupiter 17 Aquarius (6th house, outer wheel).
·  (Inner wheel – 2ndhouse l) Natal Jupiterretro 17 Libra, (not seen in the bi wheel, but I am including it here – Natal Chiron 14 Libra, Natal Juno 14 Libra (2nd house). (all inner wheel) 
·  (inner wheel, natal, 10thhouse) Natal Sun 22 Gemini, North Node 20 Gemini & Natal Uranus 17 Gemini (10th house). (inner wheel). 

Air signs – Libra (3), Aquarius (5 & 7) & Gemini (2).

Esoteric – Air signs have to do with the Mind of God, & the Purpose & Plan of God. Uranus awakens humanity & also brings forth the crisis, the revolution, the revelations needed to step into the new era.

For Esoteric students: Follow this step by step.
Look at natal Jupiter in Libra (prez inner wheel, 2ndhouse). 
Uranus is the Soul ruler of Libra & personality & spiritual ruler of Aquarius & Jupiter is the Soul ruler of Aquarius.  
Mercury in Aquarius is ruler of Gemini. 
All of these energies are related. 
In outer wheel,  7thhouse, Venus trines Mercury (11thhouse, inner wheel).
Trines = spiritual advancement, harmony.
Squares – challenges to make new decisions.

JOSavin on his way to DC. Funds dispersed for inauguration.
March 4 – 6th.
B already had his – the false prez. 
Whose inauguration will it be? 
Grand air trine – houses 2, 6, 10 (values/resources, service to self & other in daily life, work in the world – the 3 “work” houses) in the true prez’s chart.
Values, Serving Others, leadership in the world (houses 2, 6, 10).

Everything is astrology. 

Studying today – USA, Prez T, USA/March 4th. Prez/USA, March 4.

The opportunity of Pisces 
The light of Life (Ray 1) itself – ending forever the darkness of matter
Pisces the last of the 12 signs, evokes the incentive to free oneself from material desires with the “return of the Prodigal Son to his Father’s House”. In this sign of death and rebirth Rays 1 and 2 are to be synthesized and by an integrated balancing of energies the open way upon the razor-edged Path of spiritual growth and development is revealed and can be trod by an aspiring humanity.
A year’s labour upon the reversed wheel of group service is thus completed. The wisdom gained by each “Logoic Spark” is refolded to It’s originating source, sounded between Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. May the group prepare to receive a new impression of divine Will and Purpose for the coming cycle on behalf of humanity.
Keynote, upon the ordinary wheel:
”Go forth into matter.” 
For the awakening soul: 
”I leave my Father’s home and turning back, I save.”

News &  Notes from our false government & false media.
House passes voting bill – not Senate yet. Has to do with expanding mail in voting. Making voting more & more open to fraud. They have a “cracked moral code.” Working under the direction of the F/Darkness. Also false information about Cue people, supporting the false narrative that Patriots & Cues “attacked” the Capital. 

Spiritual & Natural Law are to work together until humanity can legislate itself, self-government the self, being in Right Relation in terms of the kingdoms. Natural Law is Common Law, a correlation to make here. Understanding cosmic law, natural law, we then understand what Prez T was trying to do.

Further Study – Try to Follow – in depth study w/ charts.
See USA & Prez T chart. 
Legislations, Rule of Law – Libra (one arm of the Grand Trine)
Libra & the Law – see 5thhouse, inner wheel, Saturn in Libra (the law, legislation). US Saturn in Libra – legislation, sex, money (all these three issues represent the US Dweller, challenges, hindrance we need to look at. See outer chart, Pres T. – Jupiter r, 17 Libra on the US natal Saturn. T is always talking about the Law, the Rule of Law. We have been living in a Lawless (from the F/Darkness) state. 

The Prez comes along, with his Jupiter, Ray 2 of love/wisdom – with his Jupiter on the US Saturn, he was trying to bring forth the new (Jupiter) structures (Saturn) for the United States. Note: Jupiter is part of the Grand Trine today highlighting the prez’s chart. THIS IS AN ETHERIC TEMPLATE beginning today. So we observe the next weeks & months, watch if structures (new/expanded) are built with love/wisdom (Jupiter). 

The Jupiter (the prez in 5thhouse of chart) trines his Uranus, North Node, Sun in the US 1sthouse. Trine – brings about change (Uranus) & change (Uranus) in the US. 
Note: T Jupiter R – Jupiter is a social planet. Retrogrades – one doesn’t do things the usual ways, don’t fit into traditional structure. Retrograde people are renegades. 

They bring in new ways of doing thing in society. T’s natal Jupiter retro trines (harmonized) his Sun, North Node, Uranus (outer wheel) on the US natal Mars (20 Gemini) which is why people are angry with him (they don’t understand him) & Mars brings tests of the US identity. Prez T is the perfect prez to bring about the reorientation of the United States.

USA chart w/ the prez. Notice 2ndhouse of US – T’s Mercury is midpoint between US Sun & Jupiter. Mercury illuminates. The US Mercury is in Cancer (Ray 3 – initiates, manifests God’s Mind.). Trump’s Mercury is in Cancer in between the Jupiter/Sun of the US. Note it’s the 2ndhouse of the US – he is bringing back values for the US. He said I don’t think money should go to the UN or to the WHO or CDC. 

He is concerned with the money. Where is it, where did it go, he asked? 3rdhouse of the US – T’s Venus in Cancer on the US Mercury – more illuminating of the Plan of God for the United States, trying to illuminate the masses, the people (Cancer). His communication to the people. He uses short phrases to wake people up. He uses the common language of & for the people. 

At CPAC, Sunday. Saturn in the US chart in Libra is the Dweller. The Prez said Corona Virus Bill, thousand pages long, isn’t about the virus. It doesn’t help the people. Venus/Saturn – both rulers of Libra (prez T’s chart, outer wheel, conjunct). Where is the money going, he asks? 

Noet in chart but the pres. has Chiron conjunct his Jupiter. He can be wounded very deeply when not understood by the people. 

See all Mercury connections with the prez.s chart. Mercury – illumined the mind.
The Dark Brothers have entrained the minds of humanity, controlling the lower mind of humanity to such an extent that the precipitation form the Mind of God to humanity cannot be received. The D/Forces disrupt this natural illumination by the Mind of God. It is a battle for the mind of humanity. 

Beginnings, manifestations, consummations, initiations. love, Risa 

March 3, 2021- 12pm

Under the Stars.
1. A son tending his mother in a tent under the stars in the sky.

2. Carrying the Cross of Crucifixion of Pisces.

Power of Love. Power of Death. Wednesday, March 3, 2021. Mercury’s day. Mercury is the ruler of Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio. Scorpio moon –-  Scorpio quo.

“Scorpio Initiates are the custodians of “the Light of Day”, which is a light formed from the three blended lights-the light of form, the light of soul and the light of life. This enables them to go into the darkest and most dangerous places on Earth, to save souls and lift them up, to destroy world glamour and illusion so that truth will prevail on Earth.” (LH, Union via Astrology knowledge)

March 3, 2021 – Wednesday, Mercury’s day. Complex day today.The moon touches all the planets today.                                                         Venus sextiles Uranus (Rays 5 & 7).

Tonight, Mars leaves Taurus, enters Gemini. A new vibration From Taurus (earth) to Gemini (air).
Looking up in the sky tonight – Locate Orion. To the right is the star cluster Pleiades. Mars aligned with the Pleiades. Mars rules Aries & Scorpio & Sag. Mars & Pleiades.

From Garin yesterday – Mars and the Pleiades are only 2.6 degrees apart tomorrow night. The red planet Mars and the Pleiades star cluster – also known as the Seven Sisters – will stage their closest conjunction until February 4, 2038, the closest Mars-Pleiades conjunction since January 20, 1991, when Mars passed 1.7 degrees south of the Pleiades.
Pleiades…our last solar system, where intelligence was embedded into matter. Pleiades, Ray 3, Mars Ray 6. Last time, January 2019. When the Gulf War began. Risa

Photo below –

Lawrence under the night sky. His father died last week (om mani padme hum), his mother ill with Covid. Lawrence set up a tent in the family’s back yard, hung lights, made a kitchen in order to prepare foods & feed his mother. He remains outside in the yard in order to not compromise his mother’s health. Note the reflection of the lights in the sky – they look like the Big Dipper – the 7 brothers, the 7 Rays, husbands to the Pleiades, the 7 sisters.
Flag now used by the real prez (T), is the original flag of the US. Not the US as a corporate entity flag.

Original Inauguration Day. Tomorrow, March 4th – original inauguration day, before it was changed to Jan. 6th. We will look at the real prez’s chart – he has a Grand Trine. Attempted/attempting to bring a new structure to the United States.

Yesterday, March 2, was Dr. Seuss’s birthday – Pisces man. They banned his books, Dr. Seuss’s books. Cancel Culture, out of control, cracked moral code people. Zealots, fanatics attempting to destroy our history, republic, people – all the endeavors of humanity.
Retrogressive Forces in plain sight. So many still carrying the cross. Solidifying the Pisces crucifixion of the Pisces Age. The dead Christ, instead of the Risen Christ (Aquarius).

The Ray 6 at its lowest destructive warring levels, the Ray 6 of Pisces out & about in plain sight by the zealots. Ray 6 on its lowest level is fanaticism, zealotry, extremism yielding destruction.

Zealots attacking people (during this time of the created to destroy virus bioweapon). We don’t need to do this (Crucifixion theme) again. That part, the Crucifixion, is over. Pisces is over. But many are still carrying that old way of being/believing.

Lowest level of Ray 6 (fanaticism) colliding with Ray 5 & 2 (real science & love & wisdom of Aquarius). Colliding of time lines & Ages. Every day someone tells us their family, neighbor, friend received the vaccine. Entering their bondage. Very Piscean.

Very Neptune. The poison. The imprisoning of the Soul in matter. Imprisoning themselves into global bondage. Body now owned by Big Pharma, corporations, part of a patent now. The road divides. Parts. Choices made. Time marches on.

Cuomo in a press conference. Said he wouldn’t resign. He never referred to the many who died under his watch in the nursing homes.

Truth = No More Illusion

When the truth is realized, there is no more illusion. The phantom of the self dissolves. It is a mirror reflection. Until truth is revealed, what are we to do? We suffer illusion & pain often. We however, try to seek the truth, see the truth. Life is a joyful play. We keep trying to see the Divine within each other. Life then becomes a joyful, festival movement, & no longer a war festival. We wait. Waiting is a quality of Discipleship, link to the ability to receive. Life has a dimension of reception. Life offers life thru time. After every act, we wait poised. Then we are able to receive. Movement/poise two wings of a rhythmic life. Poise thru pause. Awaiting the Eye of God, Diamond Light, opening within us. God experiencing Life in form & matter thru us. We are borrowing these bodies we live in. But the experiences are ours.

Looking at the Grand Trine in the prez (T) chart. Occurring tomorrow, March 4 – the original inauguration day. Everything is astrology.



March 2, 2021- 7am

Pisces, the Saving Force.
The light that ends forever the darkness of matter. Tuesday, Mars guarding, directing & guiding us today. With the Light of the Soul. Pisces Sun continues.
Pisces holds within its saving waters ALL the previous signs.
Bringing them in its chalice, refining them, offering them to Aries later for the new spiritual year.
“And the waters drowned the man & the fish was made to disappear. It appeared again, then disappeared, appeared & disappeared only to die & to die again, and then it brought salvation.” (EA p. 97.
It’s a v/c day this morning….till 12:38pm west coast time. Then the moon enters Scorpio, sign of mysteries & the call to Disciples.
Tomorrow will be a very complex astrological day along with Scorpio moon, Pisces Sun.
Mars is at the last degree of Taurus today, entering Gemini tomorrow evening. Mars is action! Slow action in Taurus. Talkative, communicative action in Gemini. Disciples, knowing astrology, observe all energies, understanding them, using them with the Lords of each sign & planet & Ray.
We are grateful for our work here together, our College, our Ashram, our place of study, learning, refuge & refinement. Risa

March 1, 2021- 2pm

New Education.

Monday, March 1, 2021.

Yesterday the real prez mentioned the children & that they must return to school. Yes and however….what are they being taught?

We need a new education for the children (elementary thru high school thru college), the new era education, the new Aquarian education, with the new laws & principles.

Education needs to go ‘deeper’ – stimulating in young people a sense of deep meaningfulness and purpose about, for & in their lives. For this, all areas of knowledge – especially art and creativity & the true science are important.

For each child (teen, adult, there is a key. For some, the key is music, for others, art, for others science, nature, the animal kingdom, etc. The foundation of all understanding of our children (& each other), all religions, our present time, the Wisdom Teachings, is the Science & Art of Astrology. That is the foundation of our College here. The above is our School’s Curriculum. love, Risa

Working everyday together here with Even-mindedness, detachment, unruffled patience, physical, emotional, mental relaxation. Connecting with the Soul. Observing rules & guidelines, one’s thoughts & voice. Enthusiasm for the Work & the Teachings, with no personal attachments. Just doing the Work together. Every day. With evenhandedness. Risa

News & Notes:

Cancel Culture now cancels Mr. Seuss books.

Frankenstein monster of political correctness.

Political correctness ruining our country.

Destroying people’s work.

Testing (Covid) – Dispatch from Santa Cruz.

Some private schools in Santa Cruz.

Testing being mandated.

Covid tests are medical experiments on our children.

Is there a law against this?

This is being driven by the parents – covid testing every week.

All the options create an almost paralysis in some very aware intelligent parents who don’t believe in testing or vaccines.

It’s all a charade with the schools now.


Restrictions on moving targets that keep changing.

Drive to test – if have enoughnegatives = less restrictions.

Captive audience are kids in school.

Most vulnerable are children – in terms of testing.

DNA market happening here too w/ testing.

Super horror show.

Compromised choice/area….saliva tests…

Research Nanotech, size of piece of dust, can see on John Hopkins Sarah grippers, Nanotech that administers drugs, substances, etc. for extended time attaching to intestinal walls – see Johns Hopkins site.

Saliva test available – Costco – 250 dollars a week to use these tests.

Labs run by shady corporations, bought PNH Company bought lots of hospitals…ran them to the group.

Testing – sign away results of tests –

Needs driver’s license of parents, too.

Exactly what practice of medicine are we consenting to here?

Covid monitor, tracking all students’ tests results weekly.

Where is all this going?

Potential for error, for loss.

Tracking every week.


Colleges for young people – feeling even if we change schools….

Concentration camps behavioreverywhere.

Manycolleges do testing.

Sense that unless this magically disappears overnight….

When the true prez is back….


A feels she can’t fight the tidal wave anymore.

A societal structure that creates a paralysis in terms of action.

She is standing in front of the tidal wave.


The whole thing is like a nuclear option. Drop a bomb on my life.

Move out of the state? Then what?


Step = have conversation with 18 years olds first.

What are their thoughts? What choices would they like to make?

What do they know about all of this?

Who makes the choices?   Risa

February 28, 2021- 11am

Sunday, February 28, 2021. Last day of February.

Pisces Sun & Venus, Libra moon today. 

The true president of the U.S. will speak today at CPAC. Waiting to listen & watch – first major appearance since election. Risa

February 27, 2021- 11am

Pisces Solare Festival. Saturday, Feb. 27th.
Calling Disciples to come together on this Pisces solar festival day, safeguard full moon day. Pisces, completing the circle, the alpha & the omega. Pisces imprisoned in matter & in the home. Seeking to be free again (Aquarius). 

Reciting our Mantram together. Standing with Christ & the Hierarchy. Doing our “saving” work together. 
[Agni Yoga] reveals the transformative
power of groups.
A group that is correctly attuned,
even though not necessarily large,
can cause transformations
at planetary or even greater levels.
Trigueirinho, The Path of Fire
Significance of Mantrams
Mantrams protect, they invoke devas, they help dissipating glamour, they give entry into the Occult Kingdom, they discipline and transform, they help in works of goodwill to rebuild the society in tune with the Law. They produce and spread a field of Light around the practicing groups. They insulate against the impact of negative forces.
Mantrams are rhythmic. Their rhythm is in complete tune with the 7th Ray and therefore they bring in rhythm to the student. Mantrams enable intercourse with the Deva Kingdom. Mantric practice also empowers the student to accomplish much with much less speech. It eliminates the need of speech substantially.

From the gates of gold down to the pit of earth, out from the flaming fire down to the circle of gloom, rideth the secret Avatar, bearing the sword that pierceth. 

Naught can arrest His approach, and none may say Him nay. To the darkness of our sphere He rideth alone, and on His approach is seen the uttermost disaster, and the chaos of that which seeketh to withstand. Cosmic Fire, p. 747

the ‘Brothers of the Dark Face,’ who have taken a stand against the spiritual evolution of the world. The ‘pit of maya’ is the physical plane, the lowest of the three planes of maya. The ‘stars of the eternal Lhas (gods, spirits of dawn, light at dawn) are the ‘spirits of the highest spheres.’ They have responded to the cries of Earth with the WORD, sounded forth ‘with seven-fold intensity.’ DINA 2, p. 15.

Pisces Solar Festival, 9 degrees Pisces. 

Standing with the Hierarchy & Christ, under the Light of Pisces. Standing today in Dedication & in Safeguarding. Safeguarding the Light of Pisces, the Light of the World, that ends forever the darkness of matter.

Mantrams (stating our intentions, visualizing each word & sentence & phrase).
“I am a messenger of Light. I am a pilgrim on the way of love. I
do not walk alone, but know myself as one with all great souls, and
one with them in service. Their strength is mine. This strength I
claim. My strength is theirs and this I freely give. A soul, I walk on
earth. I represent the ONE.” 
(Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 140)

“I know the Law, and towards the goal I strive. Naught shall
arrest my progress on the Way. Each tiny life within my form responds.
My soul has sounded forth that call, and clearer day by day it sounds.
The glamour holds me not. The Path of Light streams clear ahead. My
plea goes forth to reach the hearts of men. I seek, I try to serve
your need. Give me your hand and tread the Path with me.”

Mantram of Unification
“The sons of men, the Souls of all are one, 
and I am one with them. 
I seek to love not hate; 
I seek to serve and not exact due service. 
I seek to heal, not hurt.
Let pain bring due reward of light and love. 
Let the soul control the
outer form, and life, and all events….
and bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time. 
Let vision come and insight; 
Let the future stand revealed. 
Let inner union demonstrate, and outer cleavages be gone. 
Let love prevail. Let all men love.”

“We know, O Lord of Life and Love, about the need; Touch our hearts
anew with love, that we too may love and give.” (The Externalization
of the Hierarchy, p. 154)

Agni Yoga, the Mantram of Fire
I seek the Way, I yearn to know.Visions I see, and fleeting deep impressions.Behind the Portal, on the other side, lies that which I call home,for the circle has been well-nigh trod, and the end approaches the beginning.
I seek the Way.All ways my feet have trod.The Way of Fire of Love calls me with fierce appeal.Naught in me seeks the way of peace: naught in me yearns for earth.
Let the fire of love rage, the flames devour.Let all the dross be burnt.And let me enter through the Gate, And tread the Way of Fire.

“I know the Law, and towards the goal I strive. 
Naught shall arrest my progress on the Way. 
Each tiny life (devas, solar petries) within my form responds.
My Soul has sounded forth that call, and clearer day by day it sounds.
The glamour holds me not. 
The Path of Light streams clear ahead. 
My plea goes forth to reach the hearts of men. 
I seek.
I try to serve your need. 
Give me your hand and tread the Path with me.”
(Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 265)

 “I strive towards understanding. 
Let wisdom take the place of knowledge in my life.” 

 “I strive towards co-operation. 
Let the Master of my life, the Soul, 
And the One I seek to serve, 
Radiate light through me onto others.” 
(Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 140)


The Soul of Our Nation
The NGWS is called to awaken the Soul of our Nation (& all nations). We are called, as the NGWS, standing between Hierarchy & humanity, to awaken the soul of our nation. To stand with our nation, our Republic & our people, to stand with its task – to stand within the Light & to direct humanity & the nations towards that Light.

The crisis in the world is soul-size. We cannot solve it with a horizontal personality perspective. A higher order, from a higher perspective is called for, individually and collectively. Thus we call in the Soul of our Nation & stand within that Soul, radiating the saving force, the Light of Pisces. 

America UN-Cancelled.CPAC this weekend.
CPAC, Orlando, Florida.
What is CPAC?
Read here –
There’s a big annual conferencegoing on in Orlando, Florida.
Of Conservatives. President Trump will be speaking there on Sunday.
What is CPAC? 
Conservative Political Action Conference
The Conservative Political Action Conference is an annual political conference attended by conservative activists and elected officials from across the United States and beyond. CPAC is hosted by the American Conservative Union.Wikipedia

Who are the Speakers?
Speakers & what they talked about on the first days.

A Place to Call Home
Freedom Watchers Group is a place to call home
We need a place to go & connect where we aren’t censored.
FB eventually will take us all down.
Zoom is now on Freedom Watchers.
We have to shift off FB.
FW is real, revolutionary, revelatory & radical.

Have Cash on Hand
Visa & Master Card has had outages.
Have cash on hand. 
Grocery store – announce all credit card processing down.
People could only use cash.
Ikea no ability to process cards.
Something’s going on.
Be prepared. 
We are going through an economic readjustment.
Humanity’s 1stInitiation. That of the Birth of Consciousness,
Awareness. Awakening from our slumber. Through suffering.
Till we understand that “love underlies all the happenings of the times.” Risa


February 26, 2021- 11am


Purification – Pisces, Lent, Preparing for the Fires of Aries.
Fire always follows water. 
Today – Friday, Ray 5 day, Venus’s day.
Purim, Lent, tomorrow a Full moon, Pisces solar festival, 9 degrees.
Standing today in Confidence, Aspiration, Dedication, in preparation.
Virgo mon today opposite the Pisces Sun/Venus. 
The full moon festival will occur sometime after midnight.

Reading about Pisces today.
Lent is a Water Festival preparing us for the initiatory spring fires of Aries.                                                                                         Disciples understand this. 

Pisces and the waters of Purification
Esoteric Astrology, p. 287
Fire always carries forward esoterically that which water has begun.

In Cancer, the purificatory waters of experience begin their beneficent work. This is begun upon the Cardinal Cross because that cross deals only with wholes and, therefore, with mass experience.

In Scorpio, the purificatory waters of testing and trials are applied. This takes place upon the Fixed Cross and their effect is drastic in the extreme.

In Pisces, the waters of purification are applied through daily life experiences; they apply to the “fish swimming in the waters of matter and finding there its sustenance.” 

This is upon the Mutable Cross of ordinary material existence and experience. 

Thus the influence of the three crosses (three levels of development, awareness, etc.) is brought to bear upon the incarnated Son of God upon the wheel of ordinary life and in the usual order. 

Upon the wheel reversed (Soul centered), the fire takes the place of water and burns away all dross.

Purification of the entire nature is thus achieved gradually, and the man becomes sensitive to the influences which can be brought to bear upon him when the fiery triplicity plays its part and the influence of Aries-Leo-Sagittarius (three fire signs, following  water signs Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) begins to re-orient him towards universality, self-consciousness and one-pointed attitudes. As we continue with our studies together, the significance of this statement will increasingly appear. 

I (the Tibetan) am hinting at matters of spiritual and esoteric importance because this sign, Leo, is of paramount control in the life of the aspirant. He has to know himself through true self-awareness before he can know that divine spirit which is his true Self and know also his fellowmen. 

Purity from Bethlehem to Calvary, p. 97                                                                                      
The word “purity” comes from the Sanskrit word pur, which means freedom from alloy, from limitation and from the imprisoning of the spirit in the chains of matter. There can be no achievement without purification; there is no possibility of our seeing and manifesting divinity without passing through the waters that cleanse. In the world today a great cleansing is going on. An “ascetic purification” and an enforced abstinence from much that has hitherto been deemed desirable, is going on in the world, and none of us can escape it. This is due to the breakdown of the economic system and the many other systems which are proving ineffectual in the modern world. Purification is being forced upon us, and as a consequence a truer sense of values must eventuate. A cleansing from wrong ideals, a racial purification from dishonest standards and undesirable objectives, is being powerfully applied at this time. Perhaps this means that many in the race today are going down to Jordan, to enter its purifying waters. A self-applied ascetic purification, and the recognition of its value by the pioneers of the human family, may succeed in leading them to the portal of initiation.

There is also to be found in this episode an interesting analogy to what is happening to the race today, from the [98] astrological standpoint. We are entering into the sign Aquarius, the Water Carrier. This sign stands symbolically for group purity and relationship, for the universality of experience and for the waters poured over all.

Pisces is the time to prepare the seed for the new cycle beginning with Aries. If today we sow a good seed we have a better harvest in the future.

We are Light Bearers.
From Eileen Caddy, Findhorn
Realize the Importance of (Y)Our Work as Light Bearers Each Day
Today is a new day, so we begin afresh today seeing what we can do to help, not hinder, every soul we come into contact with. We look for the very best and when looking we find it and recognize & praise it, and then we see what a difference it will make – not only to ourselves but to everyone around us. 
It is so easy to forget that what we do influences many lives, that each of us holds a great responsibility towards our fellow humans & the kingdoms – their well-being rests in our hands (disciples & NGWS). 

We always know to ask & to listen, to observe…to be silent at times…then the answers come. We are all in stages of training & should be applying that training, and if we fail to do our Work, activate our training we are missing an opportunity of lifting them up and helping them.

The Hierarchy wants us to  realize the importance of the work we are doing as Light Bearers each day – as we unite with dedication & intention and send forth the Light, a very vital work is being accomplished. As you do this consciously it is even more effective. So never think for one moment that the time spent in radiating out and blessing is wasted. Not a second is wasted.

News & Notes, Dispatch from Santa Cruz, CA
Seeing the Fanaticism of Ray 6 (the lowest level of Ray 6)
As Rays 5 & 7 are ushered in, as Ray 6 is being withdrawn.
Religious fanatics & fanaticism arise, Ray 6, on its lowest level – devoted to a death cult, actually.
Vaccines as a death cult projected onto humanity.
A struggles with the question how do people make a true choice if they don’t have the true information? Especially about the vaccines?
People are dying from the vaccines.
A child died too. HPV series. 
People aren’t trained to see the connection with the vaccine record & death. 
With the children it’s hard to see this. 
As for the vaccines – 
Buses will take people free to get their shots.
People are rushing to get the vaccines.
In Pisces, there can be a great illusion (Ray 6) perpetuated.
People getting the vaccines….rushing to get them.
All Minds Are Created Equally. They are all equal.
How a person uses their mind is each person’s choice.
Humanity learns from its mistakes. Harmony emerging eventually from conflict, chaos & suffering. 
About the vaccines, the belief in masking & distancing, etc.
Humanity will learn from the mistakes & false beliefs. 
Humanity has free will to choose.
Looking at the reality of the vaccines…one can be horrified.
Humanity must learn from its mistakes.
That is what free will is for humanity. 

Superintendents of SCruz county schools, all schools & County office of Education, CEO of the hospital. Talking about reopening the schools. 700 parents on the call. We listened to their plan which is terrorizing, having kids go back into this altered super mind-controlled environment with behavior monitors walking around, shields, masks, hand sanitizers, can’t talk with friends, plexiglass on picnic tables outside. It’s worse that we thought. But then, reading the chat, question & answers….oh dear….parents were the ones (horror comes in here)  asking – well if teachers aren’t mandated to get vaccines (75 have already gotten the vaccine), how will we know if my child’s teacher got it or not. So I won’t send my child to school if their teacher didn’t get the vaccine. 

The false-narrative-get-the-vaccine-Bi-Pharma-information-campaign has worked completely on many within humanity & especially with fearful  parents (what the F/Darkness want & have achieved). Demands of parents for everyone to get the vaccine, even their children. Horrifying to know this. Children now being tested weekly in schools. We know the tests don’t work.

For those of us NOT behind all of this…it is exhausting & horrifying to see it continue. 
One of the shots is authorized for 16 – 18-year olds – , this is scary, in the category of being horrified. Parents on call asking why children aren’t being vaccinated. There is no vaccine for children but they are working on it. People insisting on the death cult, sacrifice of the children religions. 

Our study, thoughts, ideas, preparations today. For tomorrow’s early morning Pisces festival – the Light that Saves the World. love, Risa


February 25, 2021- 10am

Purim – Joyous holyday- February 25 & 26 & 27th. Today is Thursday, Jupiter’s day so a joyful day! Reappearance Meditation today with everyone. Venus entered Pisces early this morning.  Sun sextiles Uranus today & the moon is in Leo. 
Preparing for the Reappearance of Christ with our prayers today. Standing with the Christ all day. Preparing also for Saturday’s Pisces solar festival, at the time of the full moon.

So many preparations the NGWS is participating in. For Saturday’s full moon Pisces Festival, for the Three spring Festivals, for Wesak & for the Reappearance. The NGWS is busy with many tasks. Beginning tonight, we celebrate Purim. 
Purim, the Jewish Festival of Saving Grace. Beginning a sunset. 
The story of Queen Esther, King Cyrus, a cruel magistrate (Haman) & the Jewish people in Persia.
It is the story of  the near destruction of the Jewish people by Haman, evil advisor to Persian King Cyrus. 
Queen Esther is the new wife of King Cyrus, king of Persia. 
She was secretly Jewish. (the Jewish people were being killed by Haman, the king’s magistrate).
Esther, knowing the situation concerning her people, gathered her courage & told her husband the king that she was secretly Jewish (for protection) and she told him of the plot to kill her people.
The king who loved his beautiful wife, banished Haman from his court. 
And Esther, by telling the truth, saved her people.
There is rejoicing, a celebratory meal (seudah)l, eating of sweet things. Hamantashen cookies filled with apricots, poppy seeds, prunes.

There are costumes (like Halloween), and merriment.
Purim is about the fact that nothing is quite as it seems, is it?
In celebration there is giving of gifts & the giving to the poor (gift baskets).
There is the reading of the story of the Book of Esther.
Esther’s Scroll – or the Scroll of Esther. Hebrew Megillah.
When the story is told, there are noisemakers sounded when the name Haman is said aloud.
And there is flag waving when Esther’s name is spoken in the story.
And eating the sweet triangular shaped apricot (poppyseed, chocolate, prune, coconut, apple cookie (can use puff pastry) called Hamantashen. 

The jolly festival of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar (late winter/early spring). It commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman’s plot “to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day,” as recorded in the Megillah (book of Esther).

The Story in a Nutshell
The Persian Empire of the 4th century BCE extended over 127 lands, and all the Jews were its subjects. When King Ahasuerus had his wife, Queen Vashti, executed for failing to follow his orders, he arranged a beauty pageant to find a new queen. A Jewish girl, Esther, found favor in his eyes and became the new queen, though she refused to divulge her nationality.

Meanwhile, the Jew-hating Haman was appointed prime minister of the empire. Mordechai, the leader of the Jews (and Esther’s cousin), defied the king’s orders and refused to bow to Haman. Haman was incensed, and he convinced the king to issue a decree ordering the extermination of all the Jews on the 13th of Adar, a date chosen by a lottery Haman made.
Mordechai galvanized all the Jews, convincing them to repent, fast and pray to G‑d. Meanwhile, Esther asked the king and Haman to join her for a feast. At a subsequent feast, Esther revealed to the king her Jewish identity. Haman was hanged, Mordechai was appointed prime minister in his stead, and a new decree was issued, granting the Jews the right to defend themselves against their enemies.
On the 13th of Adar, the Jews mobilized and killed many of their enemies. On the 14th of Adar, they rested and celebrated. In the capital city of Shushan, they took one more day to finish the job.
Why Is It Called Purim?
Purim means “lots” in ancient Persian. The holiday was thus named since Haman had thrown lots to determine when he would carry out his diabolical scheme. 

The Significance of Purim
In addition to the miracle of Jewish survival despite the efforts of our enemies, Purim celebrates G‑d’s intimate involvement in every aspect of this world. Even though there were no overt miracles recorded in the Megillah—indeed, His name is not even mentioned once—G‑d was actively “pulling the strings” to care for His nation.
Additionally, Haman’s edict catalyzed a spiritual revival among the Jews. In a sense, this was even more significant than the Covenant at Sinai—an overwhelming spiritual experience that compelled the Jews to accept the Torah—since it occurred of their own volition, even as they were scattered among the Persian people and immersed in their culture. It was in the merit of this spiritual reawakening that G‑d orchestrated their salvation.

Words to know in Hebrew
Midrash – Midrash (מדרשׁ) is an interpretive act, seeking the answers to religious questions (both practical and theological) by plumbing the meaning of the words of the Torah. (In the Bible, the root d-r-sh [דרשׁ] is used to mean inquiring into any matter, including occasionally to seek out God’s word.)

Kashrut (kashroot) Jewish dietary laws.

The Numbers
Purim – 
Queen Esther & the Jewish people & King Cyrus & Persia 
Puris is #77 = 14  = 5, the 5thPrinciple. 
Aquarius & Venus all Ray 5 – 
The 5thRay has many names. One is Revealer of the Truth.(from Esoteric Psychology 1)

 77 associated with Christ Consc. Jesus the 77thlineage, 7 x11 = 77. 
Queen Ester is an 11. 

Queen Ester reveals the truth of her true cultural identity. And with the truth she saves her people.
The Truth sets us free.  
Queen Eshter – Revealer of the Truth.
Queen Ester is 11 – 

We are told to stand in the color then the vibration & the number, under the Light of the Soul. 

JOSavin – says “we are in a Purim moment.”
One meaning – a time of revealing the darkness, reveal the undercurrents, the F/Materialism as they have controlled humanity for decades. We are in the time of the “reveal”, the Purim moment. 

Dear NGWS, in our community we will prepare these delicate pastries on this day… Purim – a day of feasting and gladness. 

From the Book of Esther, 9:17 From the Bible – Book of Esther: “In the twelfth month, which is the month of Adar, on its thirteenth day … on the day that the enemies of the Jews were expected to prevail over them, it was turned about: the Jews prevailed over their adversaries.” – Esther 9:1 “And they gained relief on the fourteenth, making it a day of feasting and gladness.” – Esther 9:17 “[Mordecai instructed them] to observe them as days of feasting and gladness, and sending delicacies to one another, and gifts to the poor.”   

Recipe for Purim Cookies

Apricot filling


February 19, 2021- 11am


It’s becoming Biblical.
Look at photo on NYT today. It looks biblical.
It IS biblical! Friday, February 19, 2021.
I am weeping at the sight of humanity – cold, freezing, no heat, no water, standing in the icy freezing weather with plastic bags around them waiting for food & water. I am devastated at the F/Darkness & their cruelty. The photo on the front of the NY Times looks biblical. And in reality, these times ARE biblical. Humanity brought to their knees in suffering. And it will get worse. Until humanity, on its knees, calls for help.

We are doing two things today….praying for humanity who is suffering. And finding ways to help humanity, especially in Texas & Appalachia. Or wherever the storm has devastated resources for humanity.

I am weeping also for those who died (were killed) under Cuomo’s watch. Weeping for the many who believe the false narrative who are fighting w/ family & friends. Weeping too….For the children not in school. Did you hear the teachers in the Teachers Union in CA mocking parents? Those teachers need to be fired!.

I’m weeping for the banishment of our true president. And for the darkness that has encased our country & so many of our people. This is our test, our “storm”, our time of Kali – when the dark is allowed to be seen & we never thought there was so much darkness & never thought the Dark Forces could be so cruel. And it is not over.

Disciples are called now….to stand in this darkness & to hold up a light. And to give & give & give some more. Until the darkness is gone. And to stand ceaselessly within the Forces of Good & the Will to Good. Together.

The F/Darkness create crisis, false flags (created events that destroy) that destroy humanity – presently now thru their weather wars. They are cruel & do not love humanity. Their purpose is the destruction of humanity, & the suffering of humanity so humanity distracted, exhausted, on the very precipice, cannot be directed by the Soul. Also in crisis & in weather wars, the F/Darkness create false organizations calling people to “give” to them for the poor & suffering. BE CAREFUL where you/we give. Research all places of giving. Many of the places aren’t real.

For now I’m giving to Catholic Charities. 98% of the money goes to the people, not the administration.

The cancel culture/mob rule (filled with hatred) people (so inappropriate at this time especially) cultivated to be cruel very carefully by the F;Darkness (who direct them), would do better if they “called out” the forces behind who is creating the suffering of humanity rather than calling out Ted Cruz (which of course is a sham & a distraction).

Having lost many of my newspaper writing positions due to the Cancel Culture mob (many by the way who are teachers & publishers in what we have considered as alternative towns) –
I am beyond impatient with the Cancel Culture/mob rule people, their cruel words, actions & judgments which destroy their brothers & sisters.

For those who understand astrology. I have the same North Node in my astrology chart as the United States. North Node in Leo. My Leo is conjunct natal Pluto. So I really feel the destructive undercurrents attempting to destroy our history, our Republic, our nation & our people. Risa


February 18, 2021- 11am


Pisces Sun began early this morning. Pisces, the Saving Force.
Thursday, February 18, 2021 – A joyful day today. 
Pisces – Rays 2 & 6. Taurus (comforting) moon continues. 
Taurus, Ray 4 – the Art of Living. 
Many planets are still in Aquarius. 
We are now in Lent.
Night Light News is updated – It’s all about Lent. 
Today is our 2nd day of Lent. Purification, preparation days. 
I will write below about a Virgo’s response to Lent. 
So we can think about what would each sign’s response be for Lent. What could we consider?

Today is Jupiter, Ray 2 day. And the Reappearance Meditation Day, preparing for the Christ. Mercury is slowing down now…preparing to stop its retrograde motion, coming to a standstill Saturday afternoon (4:52pm west coast time). Mercury on Saturday is at 11 degrees Aquarius. 
Today is Thursday – February 18, 2021.
Jupiter’s day – Reappearance Meditation Day today.

Our Meditation Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind, 
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities. 
We dedicate ourselves anew 
To the service of the Coming One 
And will do all we can 
To prepare humanity’s minds and hearts 
For that event. 
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

News & Notes:
Cancel Culture Mob Rule
More Cancel Culture Mob descend on Risa’s Stars.
Another Cancel Culture situation occurred with my column.
Ojai Valley News, after 30 years (like Santa Cruz) of writing the column for the people of Ojai, the publisher decided my politics didn’t fit in with her politics & abruptly cancelled my Esoteric astrology column. People wrote in but of no avail. Right after B was given the false presidency, the publisher began investigating my website & FB pages…(which had nothing to do with my astrology columns). 

I want everyone to read this following information about what’s behind large & small papers, magazines, etc. What is occurring, who is behind them, the money, the people. It’s most informative.

Although I feel deeply sad for the readers (Santa Cruz & now Ojai), what I fee mostlyis freedom now. I don’t want to write for publications that are run by mob ruled cancel culture identity politics false narrative corporation paid entrained people. So….here’s what’s behind  98% of our media.

Santa Cruz – (finally) Courage in Santa Cruz. Unmaskedshoppers entered Trader Joes. They called the people anti everything (anti science, anti-masking, anti-vaccine, Cue people). Shoppers called for the group to leave. Someone threw a basket at one unmasked man. Police Chief will prosecute. Brave Santa Cruz people. I would have joined the un-maskers. 

Lent & a Virgo
Virgos talk a lot. Unceasingly. Why? They are ruled by Mercury (messenger). They have a lot to say, to process. Virgos organize their thoughts & thinking by talking, talking, talking (writing too). It is just the way with Virgos. When we understand each sign, we learn to listen to each sign differently & understand their process. So, here is a Virgo on Lent. And then my response. What is your Sun sign? And how are you all using the season of Lent? In what ways are you being mindful of purifying & preparing for spring, Easter, the Resurrection Festival & the Three Spring Festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini at the full moon)? 

Lent & Habits.
I posted yesterday ideas for Lent. On NLN, Freedom Watchers, GAB. I hope everyone read them. This is our college, our Ashram, our place of Learning. In the shift off FB (not wanting to “feed the beast” [V’s words], we have gradually shifted to other freedom sites. I hope you are all following along. Or you will miss the Teachings each day. Anyway….
Here is the dialogue yesterday between Kristen (Virgo) & Garin – about Lent & words & my response….

Kristen – I have never participated in lent. I was raised without religion. A fast of words could do me good. A Virgo speech therapist with so many words. Simplify speech, thoughts, life. 

Risa – A great application, Kristen. A Virgo fasting on words. There is another use of Lent with words….to use only at all times, praise words. This is good for a Virgo because they can fall into judgments about self & others. During Lent, the gathering & using of praise words for self & others. love, Risa 

Kristen (she is a poet) – Thank you, Risa. So true about Virgos and critical words. Purify words so they become like clean water to a parched land. Bringing life. Aquarian tasks at hand. Sending love!

From Garin – A fast of words. Good choice for you, Kristen. Raised Methodist, I did not learn much about Lent as a child. Nobody that I knew participated. But I am not a child anymore, and I see the same esoteric insights hidden in all religions. For some, not having to overcome childhood indoctrination is a blessing that frees us to move into a larger vision sooner in life.
Kristen 14 minutes ago
Yes, very true Garin. I have had to overcome a hatred of religion though (left indoctrination). It is only in the last few years I see beauty in the religions thanks to Risa’s teachings. 

And a dialogue about religion between Kristen & Risa 

Kristen – I have had to overcome a hatred of religion though (left indoctrination). It is only in the last few years I see beauty in the religions thanks to Risa’s teachings. 

Risa – It’s important to remember, it’s not the religion that is to be rejected, but the MESSENGERS of the religions who distort the teachings. People’s thoughts & beliefs distort the purity of every philosophy & religion. Religions in themselves, the true religions, are developmental stages, lessons given to humanity in order to learn. The minds of the Messengers of the religions are what is the distortion. So we don’t reject the religion. We study it, research it to understand it on our own. Catholicism is an adult religion. The last religion given to humanity. Catholicism is the first religion given to humanity on the Ascending Arc (upward spiral, back to heaven, our source, the Father’s House). All the previous religions were on the Involutionary Arc (downward spiral into matter – teaching humanity how to be & live in the world of form). Catholicism, on the Ascending Arc, was/is the beginning teaching of how to “Return to the Father.” Our spiritual origins. All the Liturgy within Catholicism helps us with this journey back “home” again. Risa 

New Rhythms
We can create new rhythms during Lent. When we create new rhythms, old patterns & habits, no longer useful, drop away. 

The Disciple’s Yogic Path
All round development. All around development. Practical development. Philosophy w/out experience is not the path of yoga. Moderation in all aspects of life is needed. All experiences from low to high, here & there. Denial is not a yogic practice. Moderation is the yogic practice. All desires are to be known. Walking the path slowly, unfolding every petal of every etheric petal. Live all experiences – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. The world of matter cannot be done away with. Yoga of Synthesis – developing an all-aroundardent life. Master all experiences, be artistic, creative, calm. A master acts, eats, dresses, cooks, teaches, serves, inspires, lives well. All is to be Masterly. 
All around, all round, ardent, artfuldevelopment. All the developments completed by the Disciples before one’s Advent as a Master. All ‘round development. 

Some music today
1970s California Sound.Minor key, acoustic guitar. Listen to the very last note/vibrato.
Steely Dan. The music of the 60s/70s was quite lovely.
Listen to the guitar. Read the words. 
Word meaning: Squonk – mythical creature in the hemlock forests of N. Pennsylvania – travels at dawn & twilight – fearsome yet gentle creature of the Lumberwoods, American folklore. It is said when this creature is cornered, it cries in a pool of tears. Thus humbling & comforting himself. Allowing him to express optimism that things will improve in the future with lines like “Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again”.

I’ve never seen you looking so bad my funky one
You tell me that your superfine mind has come undone
Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you my friend
Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again
When the demon is at your door
In the morning it won’t be there no more
Any major dude will tell you
Any major dude will tell you
Have you ever seen a squonk’s tears? Well, look at mine
The people on the street have all seen better times
Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you my friend
Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again
When the demon is at your door
In the morning it won’t be there no more
Any major dude will tell you
Any major dude will tell you
I can tell you all I know, the where to go, the what to do
You can try to run but you can’t hide from what’s inside of you
Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you my friend
Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again
When the demon is at your door
In the morning it won’t be there no more
Any major dude will tell you
Any major dude will tell you
Any major dude will tell you
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Walter Carl Becker / Donald Jay Fagen
Any Major Dude Will Tell You lyrics © American Broadcasting Music, Inc.


February 17, 2021- 1pm


Lent, Ash Wednesday, New Rhythms & Death Calls to a Truth Leader.

Each of us – during Lent – Creating new rhythms, new sound rhythms. During 40 days & nights of Lent – preparing for spring.

Wednesday today – Ash Wednesday – Lent Begins.

Sign of the cross on our foreheads, with the words spoken to our personality selves, reminding us we are more than our bodies, emotions & lower minds – 

“Remember, from dust thou art formed & unto dust thou shalt return.”

And our prayer:

May the love of God and of our fellowmen inspire us; the light of our souls direct us and the strength of our Group enable us together in bringing the good out of the present darkness & evil by our right action and clear thinking, through out intentions, dedications, love & aspiration to assist humanity.

Christ During Lent 

In the Bible, the Christ, before completing His Mission of Deliverance on Earth, at His Baptism at the River Jordan, assumed (overshadowed) the body of Jesus (the Master of Religions). The Christ, a great Archangel from Sirius, needed to learn how to use this body of form so He went into the desert for 40 days & night in order to get us to this body & learn how to be comfortable in it to accomplish His Mission of anchoring Love & the new Piscean dispensation while on Earth. He encountered the difficulties of bring a Spirit clothed in form & matter. As we do. 

Our Part – Creating New Rhythms During Lent

Thinking about our actions today & during the next 40 days & nights of Lent.  Creating New Rhythms. It takes 40 days & night to create new rhythms in our lives.

The word Lent itself is derived from the Anglo-Saxon words lencten, meaning “Spring,” and lenctentid, which literally means  to lengthen – the lengthening days – days is derived from “dyeu”, “to shine”. Shining long days preparing for Springtime.  

Days in preparation for Spring signified by the festival of Resurrection or Easter. Time of purification, cleansing. It is also a preparation time for Baptism (on Holy Saturday for new candidates into the Catholic Church).  

Fasting (creating an inner space in order to create new rhythms) Fasting not only from rich foods & meats & things that emotionally fulfill us….But fasting from certain thoughts & actions: 

Let us, as we fast (from unkindness, criticism, too much of anything), also forgive. Forgiveness releases and liberates. Forgiveness, held before humanity as an ultimate ideal, is an aspect of the will nature of Deity, the “very breath of life itself.” Let forgiveness be given.

Cultivating a/the culture of gifting during Lent

Gifting creates a divine circulatory flow of energies. All choices we make generates an energy field.What gifts?  Not necessarily things. But praise, recognition, listening, good thoughts, prayers, blessings on/for others. 

Choosing kindness always. All acts – generosity, kindness, etc. creates an energetic field of light within & around us.When thinking of offering/giving money….consider community values, complementary currencies, sharing, bartering, exchange. 

Money & its use is a major test for humanity at this time. It has to do with the 1stInitiation. 

During Lent we consider: Creating a safety net for self, family & friends. Consider what a safety net for all of humanity would be. In earlier times this was called creating a Commons for those in need in all communities. 


Death Calls – our Great Adventure.

Om Mani Padme Hum – Mantram of Compassion.

Rush Limbaugh, voice of freedom, fighting mightily in the last two week, dies at age 70. Dec. 23rdwas his last show. He spoke of Gratitude on that last show.

He said he learned what love really is. 

His philosophy – there’s good in everything, even in the most dire circumstances, there is good. Remain open to this. Then the Good will reveal itself. What he meant – “love underlies all happenings, all events, etc.”

Om Mani Padme Hum.

He was the first voice to be heard about the Truth being destroyed.

People have instincts. But need words to articulate their instincts & intuition. He broke down policy issues so humanity could understand them.

His viewpoint clarified people’s internal instinctive thoughts.

He stood for principles & was able to explain what was occurring in our country – the destruction of liberty & freedom. 

He loved sparring. He loved ALL voices. 

His was the first voice for freedom & liberty, long ago, he saw what was coming. He was an entertainer, who cut through the noise, articulating the real issues. 

He was on the radio 3 hours a day, 5 days a week.

No one is like him now. Carrying the show for millions of listeners for years & years. 

He had empathy & wisdom, intelligence & wisdom.

And many resisted & abused him for many reasons.

Because of his politics he was attacked, prosecuted, etc.

He weathered all of the difficulties. He was inspiring.

He was honorable. He came from the Midwest (Missouri).

He talked about limited government being better government. 

Issue after issue he had a true voice.

The importance of the voters & their voice. 

A lesson here for us to learn. 

The times now challenge us to be the most transparent & the most genuine.  He was generous. A “royal” on the radio. 

His life changed politics. He came from nothing, rose to great power.

He was a quiet man, great sense of humor, personable off the radio, great entertainer on the radio. 

Rush had the ability to see the reality all around us.

There is no one like him in our present time, no one as transparent. He said life is like golf, stumping us at every time. 

The closest to Rush, who “sees” the reality is our true president (T).

Rush was like Charles K. who also cut through noise. Got to the heart of the matter. 

Rush was iconic, he changed the game of politics. Told the truth. Great conversationalist. He always absorbed the present times. He had the knack of plain-speaking. He became a “persuader,” self-taught, absorbed the message of the times. Rep could not have taken the house in 94 w/out Rush.

Rush’s views on & support for conservative values, supported T. He endorsed T & told the people – “This man (T) is on our side.” 

Both R & T love(d) America, loved traditional values.

They both loved the people. 

Rush was an American original. Look at his chart. 

Pisces man. The Saving Force. 

The world knew him. And many loved him.

Millions. Rush, in all his bravado, deep down inside had great humility, compassion, & great gratitude. 

Om Mane Padme Hum. 

Rush’s chart – 

Aquarius rising – voice FOR the people.

Venus & Mars in Aquarius – he loved humanity & called humanity forth – warned humanity. 

Pisces Jupiter, North Node, Moon – Pisces “saves” the people, the world. 

Scorpio – midheaven – he understood the “dark underbelly” of the evil forces & talked about it openly.

Mercury in Capricorn – he understood government, traditional values.

Pallas Athena in Capricorn – brilliant sense concerning politics.

Sun/Ceres in Capricorn in the 12thhouse – God was with him – he often said “God is with me today.” 

South Node in Virgo – understood the details.

Uranus in Cancer – Calling humanity to change, to support the Truth, the Light. 


More on Rush’s chart (esoteric).

Aquarius ruler is Uranus (in Cancer, for the people).

Cancer – Spirit enters the Gate of Matter.

Spirit into matter (thru his daily show/voice [6thhouse) to the people trine Jupiter in Pisces – big message of truth to the people, creating a revolution of Truth, he absorbed so much information & integrated it & wove it into stories that informed the people (Cancer). Optimism, confidence, respectfor others’ intelligence, ability to persuade, let people think for themselves, give facts, be correct, don’t think humanity who thinks is a minority. Stand on core principles – these liberate us. Active in the movement of Truth (Sagittarius in the 10th& 11th). 

Rush displayed the Piscean values of love, compassion, gratitude, with great skill & ingenuity. 

His power permeated the entire country (Pluto is the Soul & Spiritual rulers of Pisces).

His Sun is in the Pisces house. Pisces – the Saving Force.  Joy & Awe for what is right for our country & our people. 

He would say “we are what is.” Don’t measure success by how many people like us.” 

See the Yod(astrological configuration)–Finger of God – directing one’s energy into our present life purpose – 

North Node, & the rulers of Pisces Neptune/Pluto.

The three form a Yod with North Node Moon.

Finger of God – His path was to bring to humanity (moon) the truth which formed the Saving Force for humanity.  


Mantram today – 

From the Avatar of Synthesis 
Who is all around 
May the Avatar’s energy pour down into all kingdoms. 
And lift up the Earth to the Kings of Beauty. 

Calling forth the Lords of Liberation, & the Rider from the Secret Place. Come forth O Great Ones. The Rider makes the Way for the Lords of Liberation. Calling forth the Saving Force – for our people, our true president, our Republic. 

Our learning for today….together in the Ashram. Love, Risa


February 16, 2021- 1pm


Mardi Gras today.
Happy Festival before Lent begins tomorrow.
Transit today in the heavens – Saturn square Uranus –
The two rulers of Aquarius forming a square.
Saturn Ray 3. Uranus Ray 7.
The old structures & the new, side by side.
Then challenging each other. The battle between the old & the new Playing out in plain sight for each of us.
Saturn/Uranus – 7 degrees Aquarius (Saturn) & 7 degrees Taurus (Uranus).
At Wesak the Sun will be at 7 degrees Taurus, too.

Saturn/Uranus….new structures coming forth for the new era. The old crumbling away, the new beginning to appear.
Challenging the old templates (Saturn) so the new rhythms (Uranus) can come in for the new era. Saturn is the past. Uranus the new.

Aries moon today with a short 3-hour v/c from 4pm to 7:12pm (west coast time. Then the moon enters Taurus. Just in time to stabilize into
The Lenten season.

Before Lent – Tuesday, February 16, 2021 – Mars guards & guides us today.
Mardi (Tuesday) Gras (rich, fat) – the day before Lent (40 days & nights of purification & preparation).
Mercury retrograde in Aquarius – assessment reordering reviewing.
40 days and nights preparing for the Three Spring Festivals Aries, Taurus, Gemini; Resurrection, Wesak & the Festival of Humanity. Preparing for the Three Forces – Restoration, Enlightenment , Reconstruction.
In Greece, Cyprus and the Eastern Orthodox Church. Today is a celebratory festival day (akin to Mardi Gras), called Clean, Ash, Pure or Green (in Cyprus) prior to the beginning of the season of Lent (tomorrow). The words, “clean, pure, green,” refer to the body, the result of fasting during Lent, purifying one’s life, leaving behind all obstacles to health well-being and goodness.
Celebrations begin tonight at Vespers (evening prayers) with prayers of Forgiveness ending in a Ceremony of Mutual Forgiveness. All present bow to each other asking forgiveness, understanding and love. Forgiveness, when asked with the heart, is always given. Thus Lent begins with a clear (clean, pure) conscience and loving heart.
An outer appearance of this is homes are cleaned during the first week of Lent. Reference to Clean Monday is in the Old Testament, Isaiah 1:16-20, read at the Sixth Hour (tomorrow – at morning time).

16 “Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil;
17 Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.
18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.
19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:”

Purification and cleansing through fasting is an ancient religious discipline. Isaiah (58:8-9) describes a fast and its health effects:
“Then your light breaks forth like morning, healing (restoration, new life), goodness, peace and prosperity spring forth, and Glory protects you. And when you call out, the Lord answers, “Here I am”.
And here we are…working together for the next 40 days in preparation. Love, Risa

Our esoteric Astrological Institute is a living organism, a circle, a network, a community. It is as always an experiment of study, meditation, prayer, action with truth & transparency & trust as our foundations. Along the way we cultivate and develop love, wisdom, will & Divine action which is service to humanity & all of Earth’s kingdoms. Risa


February 15, 2021- 11am

News & Notes
Doctrine of Avatars  –  Divine Beings Appearing & Responding to the call of Humanity. 
Monday, February 15, 2021.                                                     
Avatars. Divine Beings appearing to assist humanity in times of crisis. 
When humanity calls for help, the higher Beings appear to assist humanity in their next step on the Evolutionary Path.    

Divine Intervention – this is a real occurrence. When humanity seeks help, help is given in the form of Angels, Teachers, Teachings, people, etc. 
What’s Next? 
Juan O Savin often says “it will be a near death experience” – which means humanity will suffer so that they will themselves call forth help fro higher regions or reality. Suffering awakens humanity. Then humanity seeks help. 

Astrology -Ray 7 via Uranus, anchoring the new rhythms on Earth.
The old passing, dying away.
Saturn/Uranus 7 degrees in Aquarius/Taurus.
7 degrees, same degree of Wesak Festival, when the Buddha appears.
At the Taurus full moon festival.

From Rays & Initiations (page 752)
Sealing of the door where evil dwells
The task which the Hierarchy wishes to see accomplished at this time is the spread of goodwill; each person, community and nation should begin with a diagnosis of their own attitude towards goodwill, and then set an example by eliminating cleavages in the home, the business, [Page 752] or the nation.  Goodwill is contagious; once a definite start has been made in a pure and disinterested spirit, goodwill will permeate the world and right human relations will be rapidly established.  The healing of cleavages is a practical matter.  
The Spirit of Synthesis, working through the great first ray Avatar (the Avatar of Synthesis) is closer to the Earth than ever before, and the clarity which will emerge in the Light of His Presence is already available; the tendency to integration can therefore be more easily fostered and a new synthesis attained among men.  Before, however, integration and synthesis are possible, this first ray energy must work to destroy all that prevents integration and all that is hindering a needed synthesis.  Human beings themselves must also destroy the prejudices, the animosities and the fixed ideas which have prevented synthesis, which have created cleavages and hindered right understanding. 

So…. what’s next.
Pondering this….have been thinking and wondering, watching….mapping everything – dates, times, transits, planets, signs, new/full moons, festivals, biblical events, etc….Upcoming major transit – We have Saturn squaring Uranus on 17th. Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus, 7 degrees 7 minutes, 2/17. Ash Wednesday – 40 days & nights of purification. Setting new rhythm. 7 degrees – Same degree as Wesak Full moon late April 26th. Taurus Wesak Festival 7.6 (degrees) Taurus.

Cue always says “it’s going to be biblical.” So we have Lent, spring equinox. Aries Festival, Passion Week, Purim, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Resurrection coming up (similar themes). Purim. On Purim (Queen Esther, King Cyrus & the Jewish people delivered from being killed. 
God battling for His people. Against Amalek (evil). 
On Purim God defeats Amalek. (genocidal plan under Amalek to destroy the Jewish people. In bible, “they built gallows to hang Mordecai.” (Gallows being built at White House?) 
Purim, Right before Passover, Holy Week, Good Friday, then Easter/Resurrection (April 4). 
Also, the Three Spring Festivals with powerful Forces coming in. Good to map out religious dates, understand the biblical references, then perhaps some clues. Transit – Saturn/Uranus – structures all fall down (maybe). Revelations, revealing the deep dark hindrances. Dweller.

We don’t know what’s happening in the Art of War….
JOSavin – “So sometimes there has to be a Divine Intervention by God. There will come a time that God will/must intervene. People are to keep praying.” Passage in DK – Invocation. Invoking the aid of the Hierarchy. Prior to & preparing for Wesak so that we have a tremendous amount of energy built up (invective) by the people for intervention. Calling forth the Avatars to assist us. “Certain Great Lives, in times of emergency are swung into activity – one such time is Full Moon, reception by Hierarchy/humanity. Another is Wesak. When situation is acute, crisis. Intervention – Result of invocation/evocation. Are told we will come to near death situation.

A sense we get….it may be so bad that humanity will get on their knees & pray (like in WW2). Unless humanity suffers enough that their entrainment is broken, due to an acute crisis. Intervention comes is 1. due to a crisis. 2. when humanity deeply asks on their knees. “Intervention, like the Cuban Missile Crisis was.” People have to get desperate. And we’re not there yet. We don’t know what it will be. Or timing. But feel like numbers….may be significant.

Things may unfold during now & the days till Easter. Between Feb. 17th Saturn/Uranus (Aquarius/Taurus) to Wesak full moon – all 3 at 7 degrees. Gemini May 26 Festival is lunar eclipse at 5 Gemini/Sag. Conjunct Gemini Ascendant of the US (chart). Seeing lots of 5 & 7. Aquarius Rays 5 & 7. 

Ext. Hierarchy, 293. Divine Intervention. Dweller challenges freedom of human Soul (nation). Angel of Presence, next step towards Liberation, throws light on the path. Avatar reveals lighted path & Way to humanity. Seeing so much evil now. Angel to be called in along with the Avatar.

“And they do appear from Age to Age & humanity must call forth an Avatar to manifest.”
What are we dealing with in humanity?
Sex, money, materialism.
Ambition, Fear, Destruction/cancel culture of the Good.

Avatars appear as the magnetic massed appeal & intent of humanity is issued forth it is that produces this manifestation (Avatar, Divine Beings responding to the call of humanity) .

In one life we are confronted by both (Venus/Saturn in Capricorn, Saturn/Jupiter) Dweller & the Angel; via a major conflict taking place. As now, spiritual/material in conflict, humanity being the battleground.

Doctrine of Avatars in one’s life – when one has correct orientation, there comes a moment when humanity demands more light, liberation. When humanity can make this demand with firm intent, steady, unafraid, response will come from the very Presence Itself, manifestation of Light (Taurus), Love (Venus) Power (Vulcan) springs forth.

Recognition of need evokes response, conflict ceases, Dweller departs, the Disciple moves forward. A demand rises to the gates of heaven humanity calling for evil to end; then a response comes forth.” So this is what we are waiting for. “at moment of greatest difficult, demand from humanity, response comes, Avatar appears, light pours in, new hope, fresh determinations, strength streams thru body of humanity & emerges into more spacious life, truer values. Fusion of inner & outer, with fresh influx of love/light. “We are at this moment (tension) now.”

Angel and Dweller. Darkest hour. Waiting for the cry of humanity to come forth to shake off what is evil. Waiting for massed intent of humanity for truer values, enlightened living, understanding, Will to Good, fixed determination for Divine pattern, and urgent cry for help, etc. When humanity reaches psychological point of having done all it can, humanity standing with effort and action, the focused will of people, their desire, participating in the task of clearing the way selflessly….then an intervention appears.

The Desire of All Nations Appears. When the people are able to see the pure evil then humanity may be shocked to their knees.

Invocation – demand, sacrifice, statement of belief and a call to the Avatar who waits….So….taking these words to heart, mapping everything astrological, biblical, festivals, dates, then observing. Seeing the Dweller, Calling in the Angel. Calling Humanity to get on its knees. We’ll see. Calling everyone “to do their part.” Knowing it is a battle between Good & Evil – a biblical reference. Huge clue as to what’s next.

So….purification – Lent soon….festivals, etc. leading up to Resurrection.
Lent/purification – 40 days & nights (in the desert), Holy /Passion Week. Death/Crucifixion/Death. Tomb experience. Rent the veils. Resurrection event.

And so this morning in a dream I heard. What you have been witnessing is the actual ending of the Pisces Age. And the beginning (at solstice) of the new era, the Aquarian Age. And in Pisces the “leader” (the Christ, the Savior) is crucified. The leader is judged & killed & crucified. He was one man (T) bringing forth the last sacrifice of Pisces.

Now as we enter the new Aquarian Are, humanity itself becomes the Savior. Humanity is to become the World Savior, the World Disciples. No longer one man (in Pisces) but all “men” which means the “thinkers” This is humanity’s time now. To “save the world.” Humanity the World Server & Savior.

Calling Humanity – Risa   

Rules for disciples & Initiates
Listen touch see apply know.
Know express reveal destroy resurrect.
Working together.


February 14, 2021- 10am

Valentine’s Day, 
There’s nothing like Janis singing Piece of My Heart on Valentine’s day.
Let us be each other’s Valentine. All the time
“Being of love a little more careful than of everything.” (ee cummings)
Love to everyone on this Valentine’s Day. Love, Risa 


February 11, 2021- 9am

New Moon in Aquarius on the Day of Jupiter, Ray 2.
Thursday, Jupiter’s day. February 11, 2021. Ray 2 day. 
– the new era is here with its new Aquarian Laws & Principles.
– planting new seeds to be of service to the world.
– a server in ~ empowering others in new & unique ways. 

Aquarius is everyone’s friend.
Being an innovative and progressive friend…

The New Laws & Principles are now here.
Helping us navigate through the new era, the Aquarian Age.
We are to Understand & apply  the New Laws & Principles. 
Applying them in daily life.

Venus/Jupiter today in Aquarius. Uranus in Taurus.
Venus, Ray 5. Jupiter, Ray 2. Uranus, Ray 7.
All the Rays of Aquarius today in this new moon day.
Gathering the light of Aquarius, radiating that light to humanity.
To our Republic, to our true president, to our country & to our people. 

The United States has Moon in Aquarius. 
We, humanity in the US, ARE the new world.
The people in the US have yet to realize this.
Uranus will illuminate humanity. Venus & Jupiter in Aquarius flowing
thru Uranus. 
The US is the land of the new Discipleship. 
Who will join us – the New Group of World Servers?
Calling humanity. 

Purim begins tonight – Thursday night. Some calendars say Purim begins tomorrow night. Purim – Jewish festival of Queen Esther, King Cyrus & the saving of the Jewish people. Purim marks the Jewish people’s deliverance from a royal death decree around the fourth century BCE, as told in the Book of Esther.  More tomorrow. 
Radiance Mantram.
Gathering the Seven Light of Aquarius at the new moon today. Radiating those energies to humanity. 

Aquarius is the “waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity. Aquarius is the light that shines over land & sea. The light that cleanses & purifies until the dark is gone.” 

Hercules task in Aquarius – to cleanse the stables, to cleanse the swamp. The task president Trump was asked to do. Which he attempted. But humanity, many within the United States, didn’t understand this. In this Kali Yuga Age of darkness. The NGWS holding the Light in the darkness for humanity. 

“Radiance we are and power.
We stand forever with our hands stretched out,
Linking the heavens and the earth,
The inner world of meaning
And the subtle world of glamour.
We reach into the Light and bring it down to meet the need.
We reach into the silent Place
And bring from thence the gift of understanding.
Thus, with the light we work
And turn the darkness into day.
Thus, with the light we work
And turn the darkness into day.

The New Era is here now. 
The new Laws & Principles too.

February 10, 2021- 10am

Observing everything, with intelligence, knowledge, love, and above all, humor.
Praying to St. Jude – saint of impossible cases.
St. Jude, bring truth & clarity to our country, our people, our Replubic. Help us hold the Light for humanity.
Wednesday, Mercury’s Day, February 10th.
Day before Aquarius new moon, 23 degrees.
Find 23 degrees Aquarius in your charts, everyone.
The new era is here.
Venus joins Jupiter tomorrow, in Aquarius, 12 degrees.
Find this degrees, too. 12 degrees Aquarius.
Good things happen with Venus/Jupiter.

The new moon day is a very important day for the new era.
It’s also the Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Transiting North Node is in Gemini. Seeing two sides of the issues. Thus…. Making choices.
Uranus in Taurus, awakening humanity (sudden shocks, sudden revelations).

It’s Chinese New Year, Losar & Presidents’ Day soon.
Lent too. New Moon tomorrow.
Let’s prepare for all of these together.

From the book – Rays & Initiations (page 225)
Rule XII
Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the group upon the upward Way and let Taurus bring illumination and the attainment of the vision; let the mark of the Savior, as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group.
Look at the chart posted today. All the “lights” in Aquarius, a stellium).
Aquarius is the 5thRay – concrete science, knowledge.
True knowledge leads to Truth. Which then opens the heart (Jupiter).
Venus joins Jupiter tomorrow at 12 Aquarius.
Find that in your chart everyone. 12 Aquarius.
The numbers in the chart are significant.

The rule above, the 12thrule – the Group is guided by Taurus.
Uranus is in Taurus (7 Taurus, which will be the Wesak Degrees, 7 Taurus).
Uranus in Taurus is about the Eye of Illumination, awakening humanity.
The NGWS helps with the awakening o humanity. Aquarius represents Hierarchy, energies, direction from Hierarchy.

Tomorrow, Venus/Jupiter. Venus rules Taurus. Venus if Ray 5 (mind). Jupiter is the Soul ruler of Aquarius. Tomorrow, at the new moon an opportunity to bring in these energies & to climb the “electric bridge” (Aquarius) that connects the three parts of the mind (5thprinciple), making connection to the Soul & Christ & Hierarchy.

This new moon prepares us for the Three Spring Festival, of the Reconstruction.
At winter solstice, Saturn (ruler of Aquarius) joined Jupiter, which began the new Aquarian Age. We are in the first year of the new Era. Tomorrow, Venus (Angel of Presence) meets with Jupiter at a new moon (Aquarius). All these energies (see chart) will pour into humanity, electrifying humanity so we can climb the ladder, build the bridge into the higher realms. If you have the book Rays & Initiations, one can read more.

Aquarius is Rays 5 & 7. Anchoring (7) the Knowledge (5) creating new rhythms for humanity.

Understanding the influence of Ray 5 (Aquarius Ray) – all the Aquarian influences, plus Jupiter/Venus tomorrow. We are to know we are bathed in these energies (electrical waters of life) & it’s important to understand this shower of electrifying Aquarian energy is helping us understand the past, present & future.

This new moon is a Gateway into the Three Spring Festivals in this new year, this new era.

Birds as messengers. Birding at the Met.
The NY Museum’s collection of birds in art.
A very Mercury exhibit.!?showOnly=highlights%7CwithImage&q=birds&perPage=80&offset=0&pageSize=0&sortBy=Relevance&sortOrder=asc&searchField=All
Aquarius Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn. Pallas Athena, Aquarius moon.
Saturn Moon Venus Jupiter Mercury Pallas Athena Sun – all in a row.
Look at the chart below.

Aquarius Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn. Aquarius moon.
Mercury rules Aries (new ideas), Gemini (communication), Virgo (order/organization, Scorpio (transformation). Mercury is Ray 4, Harmony Thru Conflict.
A harmony seeking to emerge from our present conflics.
Birds chirp in the dawn & love the rain & build nests for their young.

Thoughts, News, Notes: 
Wednesday, Post #1 – Feb. 10th.
I have been thinking of humanity as this stage of entrainment. And I remember when I used to be in that state. It is a completely closed off system of emotional reaction, very little thinking. I remember when I was at that stage. If we think back on our lives, we have all been there. This narrow closed off developmental stage of the personality. One can be deeply cruel at that stage. I remember what I did when my mind/heart were closed off. It is a very dangerous stage. There is no compassion. There is no love. One is blinded. There is only anger, rage, hater, attacking & destruction. I have a sense of shock at myself at that stage. From remembering that I understand humanity at that stage. I pray that something shakes humanity out of this stage of being closed off to livingness, to truth & to love. I pray for humanity at this time in our country. For humanity’s awakening. For the future of our country & our people is up to humanity awakening. It is like before the Atlantean floods once again. That long time ago when the world was plunged into darkness & evil & the waters has to come forth to purify & cleanse. Now it is the Aquarian waters, cleaning the Augean stables. I pray this occurs. I pray that humanity awakens. Risa

St. Jude is the saint we pray to for impossible situations, cases, experiences. St. Jude pray for our country, our Republic, our people, our true president. Risa

Wednesday, Post #2 – Feb. 10th. Mercury’s day.
Look at the chart for today & tomorrow.
New moon tomorrow. Venus/Jupiter, 12 degrees Aquarius.
A most auspicious time.
The chart – a stellium of electrical energy in Aquarius.
“Waters” of life poured forth to a thirsty humanity.
Aquarius – change happening in our world. Changing our world.
Many will resist the changes. Not understanding them.
Disciples understand this.
Democracy needs a ground to stand upon. That ground is the Truth. In short supply now in our media, amidst the people whose minds & hearts are closed to the Truth.
Disciples must stand for the truth & speak the Truth. Having courage. When we speak the truth, the truth holds us. No matter who does not agree with us. Disciples are courageous.
To read today’s postings –
NLN – Freedom Watchers, GAB….you know the pathways. love, Risa
·       Impeachment today. They (Dems) stepped into the trap. The story they are telling is distorted (Rep. Colorado, Neguse). Now everything can come out. We don’t take back our country with weakness. But with Truth.
The House of Rep represents the lower personality mental/emotions (Kama mamas). We can see it in their emotional governing communication. The Senate represents the higher mind. And so now….Swalwell & Joachim Castro (D. Texas) will speak (Managers). Embarrassing lies. Keep talking boys.  Risa

February 9, 2021- 12pm

Today – Listening to Prez. T. lawyers.
They speak gravely & with truth. 
Warning the other side, the “impeachers,”
their erratic actions & process of impeachment 
are seriously flawed & ill-advised.

Lots to read today. Keep up everyone.
News & Notes:
It’s so interesting, watching what is occurring in our country, our government. The 3/4 corruption, the media’s corruption during the impeachment. Watching, listening to corruption, false narrative, false interpretation in plain sight.
What’s happening? Impeachment. Watching hubris, th Rule of Revenge in plain sight.

Listen to: How To Lose Our Country.
Read about Critical Race Theory. Suing School in Nevada.
Mars Ray 6 rules Tuesdays.
Today is Tuesday, February 9, 2021. Two days till the new moon.

Mars – higher & lower
Mars, Ray 6 on the lowest level is unkind, unhelpful, ambitious, manipulative, destructive & fanatical. This defines & explains what we are seeing today & into next week (government officials participating in impeachment, possessive, fanatical obsessiveness, not doing their jobs, need to be taken out of office, not elected again).

On the higher level, Ray 6 is aspirational & devoted to the Plan & Purpose of God for the Good of humanity.

In the face of the dark lords having overtaken our government, in what we are seeing in our government today – the impeachment. Let us neutralize what is occurring. Neutralize the betrayal, the unfathomable anger & rage, the destruction, the revenge, the hubris, the hypocrisy, the hate movement within the D party (& some R) that is fortifying the deep polarized chasm within our country. Watching the revenge reality, the rule of evil, the dark forces in our government in plain sight.
Let Light stream forth into our minds. And the minds of our people.
May we stand with goodness in massed intent….calling forth the Saving Force
To be spread abroad in our country. Come Forth O Mighty Ones.
The door to evil NOW must close.

Video – Beware of Losing Our Country. Message from Yugoslavia (Beware of what is occurring in the US.

We could lose our country)  Watch/listen to the video.
Video – woman from Yugoslavia.
On Telegram. On The Scoop

An entire country taken over by Dark Forces.
The people Affected by it, a takeover, a quiet revolution.
After 89 Berlin Wall came down.
Socialists, communists (cabal, dark forces, etc.) didn’t want to give up E. Berlin.
So they fomented a war by creating false ideologies, false information.
And people began to believe the lies, & they began to attack each other, be against each other.
A situation that is happening now in our country.
Don’t be deceived by these manipulations.
We are being warned. People are pitted against each other.
In Yugoslavia (& other countries, the dark forces) did it under the guise of religion.

The US situation of polarization is being done under the guide of race. Race Relations. Forces of Darkness create events, under the banner of race where people are killed, hurt.
It’s all in the messaging. Critical Race Theory is being presented to us. This is a false theory. A dark destructive theory.
Don’t fall for it.

Don’t worry about being called a racist. That word, a trigger word “hooks” us/in.
Don’t be “hooked” in with trigger words.
Don’t believe this false reality.
Don’t be divided along those lines.
This is a dire situation here in our country.
All the world is looking at the US.
If America succumbs, the entire world, all other countries, succumb.
To the take-over by the dark forces. It’s a takeover by the Dark Forces.
Who can hear this message? Who understands it?

Messages now embedded in all phases of our country.
It’s an embedded group-think of deeply false thinking.
Big trend now for BLM political correctness. Embedding this false narrative everywhere.
Any magazine that has catapulted, that is “on board,” any schools, colleges
Accepting this programming….Reject it.
This false narrative, political correctness is not going to redeem us.
It’s a false re-doing of history. Even asking why we need the Constitution.
This is a withering of the Law. But the cosmos is structured around the Law.
There is a deep ignorance in our country. Adults & young ones.
The ignorance is prevailing in this Kali Yuga Age.
Many are embedded in this political correctness programming.
The messaging, over & over, has now become absurd.
But many don’t think so.
So let’s talk about racism – let’s talk about vaccines & racism.
Which is racially oriented. So, yes, let’s talk about vaccines & racism.

Video – Yugoslavia woman warning us – watch it.

Listening to a historical context of how a country is lost.
There is no Yugoslavia anymore.
There may not be a USA anymore if we aren’t careful.
The “messages” are manipulated now, so the truth is twisted.
There are seeds of truth, but they are distorted.
The ignorant can’t see the bigger picture.
They only see the smallest part of the picture.
They are manipulated easily.
In video – Yugoslavian woman explains how communism came to her country,
Speak up . Use freedom of speech.
Practice right to bear arms.
Don’t be silenced.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) – REJECT IT!
Critical colleges embedding messages in the curriculum.

Lawsuit in Nevada
Lawsuit now in Nevada. Single mom & son suing charter public school for Critical Race Theory teachings. Put in place at the senior year in high school.
Goes to the heart of the CRT assumptions.
His father, white. Mother black. Raised Christian.
White Christian mail w/ white mother.
Forced to take this class by a political correct ideologue (person) who says people of color can’t be racist & white people have to acknowledge that white people are racist.
The son, not believing in this ideology, requested leaving class. He was not allowed.
He was trying to go to college. Fought going to the class. Got a D in the class.
This affected his transcript.
So they (mother/son) are suing the school.
And so… Brings out the issues of Critical Race Theory.
A false dangerous theory that separates people by race.
Only the ignorant would believe it. But many are asleep, & many are not educated
These days in our country.
Lawsuit in Nevada.
Turning the whole thing on its head.
CRT is hypocritical, ignorant, false, & a heresy.
Don’t buy it.
There is no individual consideration in CRT. It is not intelligent. It is only judgments.
It’s a false manipulative ideology.
Ideology crams an idea down the throats of young people.
Discussion, dialogue, disagreement, intelligence around the issue is not allowed.
This issue is affecting so many young people today who are being manipulated
Into false judgmental thinking. False history of destruction.

Critical Race Theory Lawsuit

Teaching Critical Race Theory in CA Schools
In one public school in Scotts Valley, CA – teaching kids about racism.Saying founders of America were racist. Corrupt.
Teaching little children in elementary school –
Parents are warned about teaching sex-ed.
But not about teaching CRT –
This is manipulated education & propaganda.
Must realize our educational system is now unhinged.
Appropriated by CRT & a false narrative.
This is not history or real teaching. This is manipulation.
Must take our children out of schools that teach CRT & that whiteness is the enemy.
This is terrifying. Destructive. It’s not education.
Along with all the testing of the children & the masks.
Be aware everyone, parents. It’s a take-over.
Ask now – what is our children being taught?

From Risa:
My children would be taken out of these schools immediately.
We need to create new schools & for the children, teens, adults.
CRT does not belong in the new Aquarian education.

Applying our Learning
Not to only learn but to utilize & realize the learning. Not to accrue but to expand. Not to possess but to share the teachings in all areas of our lives. Not to keep it for ourselves, but to offer it to others. People learn but do not practice. So knowledge doesn’t settle down & become practical. Without utilizing & sharing the knowledge, there is no expansion of consciousness. There is no wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge in action. Many students acquire more & more information, seeking more & more, but they do not use the information or activate the knowledge. Making knowledge operational means to use the knowledge in daily life. Applying it. Knowledge in operation = wisdom, light, presence. The Vedas tell us the purpose of learning is to practice the learning in daily life. Practice allows wisdom to permeate our lives. Practice of wisdom facilitates the sub conscious. Mind to conduct acts of service & sacrifice (from the heart). This is the ways disciples learn. Creating bridge between knowledge & action.

New Learning – Common Law. Anna van Reitz.
Following Anna Van Reitz – You Know Something is Wrong When….(book)
End of News/Notes for now. Risa

February 7, 2021- 12pm


In the Ashram Kitchen. Sunday, February 7, 2021.
Capricorn moon today with a stellium (lots of planets in one sign) in Aquarius.
– Pluto Saturn Venus Jupiter Sun Mercury. 
The new era twinkling in the sky for all of us.
It’s a rather responsible task-filled day, even if it is the day of rest for many.

What shall we do today on this Sunday? 
What is occurring in the Ashram Kitchen today?
What is being prepared?
In Italian families, everyone gets together usually on Sunday for dinner. The grandmother or eldest in the family (men/women) begins the sauce early in the morning. Sometimes, a soup is made, too. 

Pasta Fagoli – Chicken stock, creamy cannelloni beans, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, lots of greens (spinach, chard, kale, green beans, etc.), tomatoes, basil, tender pasta, etc. Topped w/ grated parmesan cheese. 

In the Kitchen Today
Steam artichokes w/ garlic & rosemary in the steam water. (Artichokes grown on the coast of central California, in the salt air, low lying fog of the central coast of Monterey).

Roast beets, onions & tomatoes & bell peppers. On oiled cookie sheet, cut beets & tomatoes in ½, quarters, onions & peppers in bowl – add olive oil & salt. Roast in a low oven – 300 degreesfor an hour or so.

Pickle roasted beets – cut beets into cubes, in bowl w/ beets, add chopped garlic & beet tops, including stems, sliced onion(scallions, or regular white or yellow), olive oil & rice vinegar, salt & pepper. Can add fresh lemon or lime juice too. 

Make spaghetti sauce with roasted tomatoes & onions.
Saute onions, celery, bell pepper, carrots, kale & garlic (all chopped small) in org. olive oil. Add oregano & basic, salt & pepper. Cook on medium till veggies are softened, herbs are bloomed. Blend roasted tomatoes & onions in food processor. Add to veggies. Add cans or jars of organic tomatoes. Add ends of parmesan cheese. 

Let sauce simmer for several hours, or all day. The long simmering is important for several reasons. 
1. To develop flavors. 
2. It reduces the inflammation response for those with digestive issues & those allergic to nightshades (tomatoes, bell pepper, all pepper plants/spices, potatoes, eggplant).Just before serving sauce, add several T of honey to sauce. I use Tupelo honey. It acts like a mineral instead of a sugar in the body. 

For those allergic & health compromised – foods that contain lectins are to be avoided.
Legumes, grains, goji berries & night shades have lectins – the body can’t absorb these foodswell. They should be eaten sparingly. Or first, pressure cook them.

What is good to eat? 
Salads, all veggies & green things, avocado, sweet potatoes  & millet = ectin free.
I just picked up 50 lbs. of millet from Azure Standard (a big truck travels through the US filled with organic foods & everything needed for a family & garden –

Night Shades – highest concentration of lectins & Glycoalkaloids are a family of chemical compounds – they damage cell membranes. 

Pressure Cook lectin foods – 
How to eat night shades, like tomatoes (full of lectins, concentrated in skin & seeds). Remove skin & seeds, eat in moderation or pressure cook them. Eggplant (both tomatoes & eggplants are fruits). Pressure cook eggplants, too. Peppers – capsicum = hotness. All forms of peppers are filled with lectins. Goji berry is a nightshade filled with sugar. (avoid)
Potato (white), the most toxic of lectins. Pressure cook them too & eat in extreme moderation. Sweet potatoes are NOT lectins. Eat sweet potatoes.

Recipes (lectin free): from Dr. Gundry

We have lots of apples. So I’ll cook them in the oven in a cast iron pot – cut up apples, juice of one lemon, cinnamon. Place top on pot in low oven – 300 degrees. Roasting for ½ the day. 

Salad tonight with spaghetti – Lettuce (romaine), arugula, baby kale, cabbage, radishes, scallions, in a Caesar dressing –little fishes (anchovies), lemon juice, garlic, water, parmesan (grated), Worcestershire Sauce, Dijon mustard in processor. Salt & pepper. 

From Risa – when I’m not writing, I’m in the kitchen preparing foods. I will be making bread today too. 
I wish you could all join us in the Ashram kitchen. 
Someday….I know it. Love, Risa


February 6, 2021- 10am   

Saturday, Saturn’s day. February 6, 2021. 
The structure of the days ahead. 
The energies are building to meet at the new moon this Thursday, February 11th. 
Venus joins Uranus. Our resources restructured, reset, changed, transformed. At the blink of the Buddha’s eyes. 

A note about our present crisis times. The door to evil did not close after WW2.

So now…. as the same dark forces are in the US now, this time we have to eliminate the dark forces. 
“Come forth O might One. Let light, love & power & death full it’s purpose. The active aid of those who know the Truth is also here. Construct a great defending wall. The rule of Evil NOW must end.” 

Matter turns atom, atom turns matter, time adjustment, atom/time/man/Master.
Three times matter evolves. Time is the alchemist. Time transforms mind to the Master Mind. Time teaches patience, keynote of evolution. Time is Chronis, slow movement. Who knows his movement? An occult statement. Disciples are strong due their ability to wait, to have patience. A Master remains stable. Time is the Master, moving all. Matter, atom/Adam, adjustment, Man, Mind, Master. Om.

Saturn’s Day – Disciples Planning Ahead
The Structure of Looking Ahead.
Upcoming February events & festivals.

Thursday, February 11th– New Moon festival, 23 degrees Aquarius.
Venus joins Jupiter (auspicious) in Aquarius (for the new era) after dawn, 7am west coast time.

Friday, February 12th- Lunar New Year of the Ox, Chinese New Year.
Mercury joins Venus at midnight.

Sunday, February 14th– Valentine’s Day. Mercury joins Jupiter in Aquarius.
A perfect transit for Valentine’s day. Talk is all about love.

Monday, February 15th- Presidents’ Day. Honoring the “office [title, responsibility, tasks, duties, etc.) of the president.” 
A “job description” that includes extreme testing, trials, anguish, suffering, rejection, battles & learning – all in preparation for Initiation for whomever holds that office.

Tuesday, February 16th– Mardi Gras Festival. 

Wednesday, February 17th– Ash Wednesday – Lent begins. 40 days of purification for Spring equinox, Easter & the Three Spring festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini). 

Thursday, February 18th– Sun enters Pisces, 2:44am (west coast time). 

Saturday, February 20th, Mercury stationary direct, 11 degrees Aquarius.

Monday, February 22nd- George Washington’s birthday (mine, too). Cherry pie on the menu. 

Wednesday, February 24th- Losar, Tibetan New Year of the Iron Mouse.

Friday, February 26th- Purim begins at Sundown. Queen Esther, King Cyrus & the Jewish people and their temple saved. (Pres T is often called King Cyrus, among other kings, presidents & courageous notables)

Saturday, February 27th- Full moon, Pisces solar festival. Lantern Festival, ending of Chinese New Year festivities. Om….Risa 

February 5, 2021- 9am   

Choosing the Path
Before Initiation
For today, Venus/Saturn & tomorrow Venus/Uranus in Aquarius
Know yourself to be the Angel, standing between you (the Soul) and the physical plane man (personality), and the Presence.

Friday, Venus’s day, Ray 5 day, January 5, 2021.
Venus is Ray 5, today is the 5thday of February, Aquarius is Ray 5.

“Before the throne of God, the angel, with all the other angels, stood and cried: ‘Lord of my life, grant me the strength to tread the path of revelation; to cross the sea of dark illusion, and face the lighted way of earth.’ 

And God said: ‘Go forth and far away.’

“Before the gate which opens on the lighted way to peace, the angel stood alone and said: 

‘Lord of my life, the way of revelation is the way of manifested life: the path of dark illusion leads to the light which scatters every shadow. I seek to tread the lighted way which leads back to thy Presence. As yet that way is dark. What shall I do?’ 

And God said, ‘Draw near and enter into thine own light, and in that light, see Light.’

“Before the gateway of each newborn day, which holds within its sealed hours ordered responsibility, each morn I stand. I cry aloud: 

‘Lord of my life, how can I do the duty of this day yet seek detachment? Meet every need yet free myself from ties and bonds?’ 

And God said: ‘The sun draws near and vivifies the earth. Naught can it take from out the earth. Live likewise. Give and ask naught!'”

Brother of mine, gather around you afresh those who are seeking thus the lighted Way and learn to give them of your wisdom and to share with them that which you possess. This is for you a duty in the coming months. This will not be easy for you but will further the detaching process. Begin with those you have at hand and those who know and love you and together set ajar the door to which seekers may find their way and, through your rendered service, may find their way, perchance, to us. (From Discipleship in a New Age, Vol. 1 p. 392)
Venus/Saturn today. Venus/Uranus tomorrow.
Teachers & Disciples – 
The Ones with the Lighted Countenance. When so many have covered their faces. Following a Dark Ritual from the Dark Brothers. Disciples stand with Light faces, Lighted Countenances. Standing in their Soul Light, Even standing in the dark. Disciples are unmasked.
From Risa 
I felt a sadness when reading the above quote, the dialogue with God. When I die, where will my blue books be? When we pass over the River Charon, the Master & I become One. The books will be in my heart. I would like, on my death bed, for certain passages of the blue books to be read to me. 
True Esoteric Background/Disciples
There are very very few people who have the true esoteric background. The study of the blue books, the Teachings of the Tibetan. Most people have no minds today, no focused minds. They live in the emotions. Reactive living.  The Esoteric Astrological study presented here & in the blue books build a new mind & helps us discern & discriminate what is the Truth. Many western esotericists are subject to glamour & illusion. And some are following the Dark Forces. It is always therefore important to cultivate discernment & discriminate what’s true & what’s not true. 
The Forces of Materialism distort the purity of the Truth. They don’t want people to enter the Truth. Thus they distort the true occult teachings. They do this with the blue books.  We are in a time when everything is complex & confusing. Upside down, inside out.
Relearning History
We need more than short bits, trigger words, average day to day news, glib information to learn about the times now & our history. We need deep research. 
What if, instead of online book clubs reading politically correction fiction (always a theme about some oppression, hero story, emotional levels), what if they were actually reviewing the Fall of the Cabal? It’s more interesting than any fiction anyone could write.
 Humanity needs to relearn history. What is occurring today is of ancient origins. Why it’s taking so much time to bring the real to the fore in our present times.
The following documentary attempts to tell our real history, in terms of the “cabal.” The cabal is the Dark Forces that have taken over the United States. (The Venus/Saturn conjunction is on the U.S. South Node – the past. Transiting Uranus is squaring the US North & South Nodes. It’s time for change to occur now. Bringing the past forward, learning our true history, darkness to light, revealing the Truth, so we can move forward now….North Node (our pathway forward, our dharma).
Documentary – the Fall of the Cabal.
A sequel has been done. Thousands of years back into history, thru the Crusades, etc. It’s very interesting. If people think the cabal is a today situation, then the true situation historically isn’t known. There will be 17 you tubes, with 7 completed. One can do one a week or a day. May have to watch several times to understand these things. The documentary discusses the UN, the NGO’s (used for laundering money, etc., goes back to the bankers, their laundering money, the Gates’ Foundation, and more.)
To watch:
Fall of the Cabal sequel:

On Tucker (Fox last light) – a guest (Cornell professor, William Jacobson) gathered inf. on all colleges mandating critical race theory (which isn’t education). Data base. People need to look at this instead of athletic programs. This (CRT) is the agenda contaminating the minds of the  young. A lawsuit was won in Nevada, to stop university from teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT). Now we need to look at the schools, grades 1 – 12. That’s a study now needed. 
Article – website – where CRT taught.  Go to:
love, Risa 

February 4, 2021- 8am   

 Everything is to Come. 
All days following now are unknown days.
We live them with Love & Wisdom (Ray 2) 
We move slowly into our days. Today, Scorpio moon. 
Reappearance Meditation & Night Light News is updated.
It’s all about Aquarius. 

Today – February 4, 2021 – Jupiter’s Day, Ray 2 day of Love/Wisdom.
Jupiter is at the heart (the Soul ruler) of Aquarius.
Our Sun is in Aquarius this month & for the next 2.500 years.
Reappearance Meditation Today. 

Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom
Maitreya (Christ appearing as the Aquarian World Teacher) is Ray 2. 
The “Son” (as in Father, Son, Holy Spirit) is Ray 2.                                           
The Hierarchy is Ray 2. The Soul (which Christ symbolizes) is Ray 2. 
The heart, the Sun, the Disciple, consciousness (the quality of awareness & consciousness – not asleep) is Ray 2. 
The color is indigo blue. 
The symbol is the Cross. 

Ray 2 is a dual Ray – that of Love (Christ taught Love) & Wisdom (Buddha taught Wisdom). The two are Brothers. Christ & the Buddha work together at the Wesak/Taurus Festival. Disciples are preparing now for Wesak, with the Hierarchy.
Everything is a polarization on Earth. Like the Gemini brothers. 
The most prominent polarization is that of the personality & the Soul.
Of Earth & heaven, of night & day, of dark & light. 
Ray 2 integrates & synthesis all polarities. 
Ray 2 is the Law of Attraction. Creating Magnetism. 
A loving wise person magnetizes. 

The signs Gemini, Virgo & Pisces receive & distribute Ray 2.
Where are these signs in everyone’s chart?
What areas of life? Color those areas indigo blue.

Look at the winter triangle in the night sky – Sirius & Gemini are Ray 2. 
Look at the triangle of the Three Aspects of God – Rays 1, 2, 3.

Aquarius is Ray 5 with the Heart of Ray 2 (Jupiter).
At first all these words are like puzzle pieces.
But as we integrate the information each day of our studies.
And apply the information to our astrology charts AND daily life.
The puzzle pieces all come together & synthesize.
Ray 2 is the ray of synthesis. 

Reappearance Meditation
Today’s rhythms – Reappearance meditation & NLN.
“People of goodwill can come together to make things better.”
These are good words said by a “disciple.”
The NGWS are aware of how Goodwill is created in humanity.
We align with the Will-to-Good (Ray1 into Ray 2).
And radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity.
And then the Will-to-Good becomes Goodwill in humanity.

We face the Christ with love, dedication & intention.
We say together…

“Forgetting the things which lie behind, 
I will strive towards my higher spiritual possibilities. 
I dedicate myself anew to the service of the coming One 
And will do all I can to prepare humanity’s minds and hearts 
For that event. I have no other life intention.”

We recite the prayer above once again.
We use the word “we” instead of the “I”.
Working as always together in the Ashram.
Om Om Om – dedicating our 3-fold personality to the Work of Preparation.
Night Light News is updated.

A note mentioned yesterday about Ray 5. 
Ray 5 is Concrete Science & Knowledge. 
Venus (5) will join Saturn in Aquarius (Uranus ruled) tomorrow, Friday (5), the 5thof February. This transit occurs in the late night.
Then Venus joins Uranus on Saturday night.
Keep watching observing the days ahead. 

Venus/Saturn in Aquarius. (look at USA chart)
Coming close to the US N. node this Friday, January 5thon Venus’s Ray 5 day. 
North Node – our path forward, our dharma, united with purpose. 
As the Aquarian Age is 2,500 years long, we must begin to understand energies, qualities, 
energies of Ray 5. Aquarius is Rays 5 & 7. The color of Ray 5 is golden orange.
Something may occur tomorrow with all the Ray 5ness happening, with Venus/Saturn joining.
Creating tensions that build to the new moon 

So glad when people answer the questions (see dialogue/replies on Freedom Watchers)– creating a dialogue for all of us to participate in, then we are not so alone, wherever we are, we can also be ‘here’ together….Risa

February 3, 2021- 12pm

What would we do together as a group if we had one hundred million dollars?

The Battle in Santa Cruz, CA with children & schools (from two mothers) What did Bucky Fuller write?

Ray 5 – the Ray of Aquarius & Venus. Astrology on Friday & the United States. So much to share!
What if our group had one hundred million dollars? What would you do? What would we do? For me?
I would buy land, build a community, gardens, in a warm climate. Build the new schools , the Erdkinder, & new colleges for the children, teens, adults, etc.
But first, we would need to study Common Law. Land patent, owning property. Research is needed on land patent. Same as when owning car.
Go back to original certificate of origin.
In land, follow all deeds to original land grant (Spanish, if in CA).
Pre-statehood status. Each title if many dif. Owners.
Who owns the land.
Common law.
A bit of mystery uncovered.
What should we be if we owned land?

One hundred million dollars.
What would be do with this money together as a Group?

We are under the light of Aquarius, Rays 5 & 7.
Aquarius, Leo & Sagittarius receive & distribute Ray 5.
Venus is Ray 5. Our God, Sanat Kumara & the Kumaras came from Venus.
Fridays, guided by Venus, are Ray 5 days.
Study & information on Ray 5.
Important that we understand Ray 5.
We are in the 5thwave of livingness/humanity which is the thinkers which is what is in wisdom teachings called the Aryan Wave or Race (meaning ALL humanity – not one skin color, not one specific culture).
Aquarius is Ray 5.
We are in  year 0 of the Aquarian Age, governed by the Ray 5 Lord.
Lots of events happening now has to do with 5thRay.
Solar Angels are related to 5thPrinciple.
We are as students at this time to acquaint ourselves with qualities of the 5thRay.
We are in the month of & Age now of Aquarius, Ray 5.
Venus Ray 5, is in Aquarius.

Astrological Transit

Venus/Saturn in Aquarius. Coming close to the US N. node this Friday, January 5thon Venus’s Ray 5 day. Must begin to understand energies, qualities, energies of Ray 5.
What is Ray 5? What are its qualities? What is it associated with?
Where is Ray 5 influences in everyone’s charts?
Ray 5 is the color of golden orange.

5thRay (of mind) connected the animal kingdom w/ the human kingdom during Lemuria.
Humanity is Ray 4, The Soul is the 5thkingdom, appearing now for humanity.
4thkingdom of humanity with 5thkingdom of Souls.

5thRay – Revealer of Truth.
Ray 5 has many names. 
Ray 5 either reveals the way into matter & eventual death (which the Dark Forces have presented to humanity). Or it reveals the pathway into the light & into the higher reality.
In our world today, the F/Darkness present to humanity the way to materialism, capturing humanity’s minds, leading them into the dark & into death.
The F/Light & the stars on the other hand call humanity to the higher realities, into the Light of Truth, true Science & true Knowledge.

Ray 5 is Ray of Science & Concrete Knowledge.
Both true knowledge & science have been & continue to be corrupted now.
Science is being corrupted at this time via the vaccines & the virus.
Doctor, Lee Merritt, interviewed by New American (Alex Newman).
Scientist, talks about false science being given to humanity at this time.
And so many believing the false science.

Lord of the 5thRay is the 5thKumara. On the lowest level of the astral plane on the verge of liberation. The Five Kumaras. Who are they?

The 5thPrinciple, principle of Manas (mind), the mental plane.
What is occurring with humanity now is a battle for the minds of humanity.
On the Constitution of Man (COM) chart.
F/Light trying awaken our minds.
F/D dumbing down our minds, using all their dark methods to control our minds, so we can lift ourselves up to the higher realms.
5thprinciple mental
Venus conjunct Saturn angel meeting dweller in Aquarius.
During Aquarius more & more revealed.
It’s all about our minds. Controlling Agnishvattas, thru color & symbols & sounds.

We are the Aryans, the ones who must become the thinkers. Then we must become the discerning ones & discriminate rightly & make our choices. Then we must make Right Choice. Then we must become the Loving Understandings (6thsub-wave of the 5thAryan Wave).

The Rays are positive, in that they radiate out. The Rays stream into the Constitution of Man. These are called planes (7 planes, 49 sub-planes). The physical planes (7 6 5 – personality planes, physical emotional, mental – from above downward) are Devic substance. The 5thplane (or the 3rdplane from below upward), the mental plane consists of Devic (spiritual) substances.

The Rays interact w/ Devic substances. The Rays from the Big Dipper are the positive forces coming into the receptive Devic energies . This is esoteric.

Note the 5 – the Aquarian Age (Ray 5) and the mind (5thplane from the top down on COM). Venus is Ray 5.
The goal for the Soul (5thKingdom) is to manifest the plan & purpose.

Leo is Ray 5. The US North Node is Leo (6 degrees)
Venus/Saturn join at 5 degrees Aquarius (this Friday) on Venus’s (5) day.
Thus, our study of Ray 5 is important. For the entire 2,500 years of the Aquarian Age.
Who will study this? This is our college. Everyone here is a teacher as well as a student.

The Battle in Santa Cruz – from a parent – CA marching along into the darkness….
In SC schools – they go after the schools & the children first. All of a sudden, all children have to be Covid tested before being on campus. Children’s health defense & worked on letters sent to schools’ districts, about testing & vaccines. Your line in the sand. What we will do & not do. That level is here. Testing kids so they can potentially go back to campus, though there is no clear plan about this. Have to go to a testing clinic, preview day on how to not touch or be close to them, bring own computer, stand behind plexi glass, etc. etc. They are not consistent in their instructions or wording.

Question, how to approach it? Send them notices of liability. All administration on notice, they are violating rights. It’s illegal. The tests are also not approved by the FDA. They are experimental & authorized only under emergency use act. So they can’t be mandated, they are an experiment.

Going against Nuremberg code. Having to navigate what do to? Some are saying they won’t go back to campus. Can’t stay at the schools if they are doing. Some are more extreme.

Christina Hildebrand ( sent letter to thousands of superintendents & principles of private schools. It’s tricky, takes time & effort & it’s emotionally extremely difficult. What are the other options? No one knows anything. Some children say, let’s move, Mom. Where?

Where do we go? It’s a whole world of unanswered questions. It’s happening at some elite SC private schools & at public schools, concerning extracurricularactivities (sports, clubs, plays, swim teams, etc.). Some parents won’t do tests. It gets the DNA from each child, gene factors, etc. Labs keep samples, tho say names aren’t associatedyet they do research on one’s DNA. Have to find one who will destroy the sample. It’s really easy to say – home school! But there’s different methods to that, restrictions, difficulties, hindrances… & (parent/s) one does everything themselves.What about parents who work?

There’s this under the radar program, not school, the Freedom People, but it’s not for all ages & don’t have basic things to graduate from high school& there’s a long waiting list & one needs tutors, etc. If one has a child who wants to go to trade school, electrician, etc. then it’s different. For the intellectual kids, the system’s breaking down. It’s really hard to figure out what to do.

Because we are working within the square of the problem. What did Bucky Fuller say? How do we begin to solve this situation/problem? Who knows? It’sthe same as what they are doing to people in nursing homes. But in this case, it’s the children. It’s the middle of a war. Craft a response to the email about the conflicting information that Covid testing is mandatory. This is breaking the law.

3rd party act – facial recognition & watch child being tested, inf. given to 3rd party corporation in LA. The dark DS false narrative destroy humanity start with the children shadow government continues….

Wednesday, Mercury’s day. Scorpio moon with Aquarius Sun, Mercury & Venus, Jupiter & Saturn. A Ray 5 Study today & what it’s like for freedom loving parents & children in Santa Cruz (CA). A dark story. System broken. Needing to create the new one.

We might be at the stage of “it’s all broken now, what do we do, when we don’t know what to do?” This is really the end of the old ways. And so….There’s a key in that state of breakdown. It’s like being in the Sound of Music. What did they do in the movie to stay alive? Not knowing where they were going in the hills. But going into the unknown anyway.

The question is what is every one’s “red line?” With the Covid testing, the rules for children in schools? Teachers either brainwashed/entrained, afraid for their lives, or love staying at home & getting paid anyway.

A question for everyone. What would we do as a group is we had one hundred million dollars? What would we do together? What are your skill sets, gifts & abilities you are cultivating & wanting to offer to humanity?

What would you do with one hundred million dollars?
What did Bucky Fuller write that applies to our present situation?
Who will answer these questions in our Ashram college today?
Love on this Mercury’s day. Risa

Addenda: The Charts Today – Look at the US chart. Inside wheel is USA. Outside wheel is transits, the “now” in the heavens. Find Venus & Saturn in Aquarius in the outer wheel. Find North Node in Aquarius of the US in the inner wheel. Look at today’s chart. See how many “lights” are in Aquarius (Ray 5, the Light of Truth, Science & Concrete knowledge) .
Our work here is noticing the “lights.” We are the observers of the First Lights (Prima Luce).

February 2, 2021- 12pm

Candlemas Day – Blessing of the Candles.
February 2, 2021, Tuesday.

A light kindled in the darkness of the world.  Blessing of the candles.
Bringing into the home signs of spring. Create a nature table, especially in families that have children. 
St. Brigid’s Day, Goddess of the Dawn, of healing, of fertility (beginning our 
planting of seeds). Celebration of hearth & home. 
The Return of the Light. A solar ritual. A turning of the Seasons ritual.
Bonfires lit. Burning of the Christmas trees.
In the home – Candles lit – symbolizing the return of the Sun. 

Candle, candle, burning bright,
Fill us with your holy light.
May the flame of joy and love
Glow now brightly in our hearts.

Making “St. Brigid’s crosses” from rushes, and dolls of Brigid made of corn sheaves & wheat & oat stalks, offered as gifts as blessings for health & protection. Pilgrimages made to holy wells & water brought back to bless the home. Making of breads & cakes.

Candlemas Day, February 2, 2021.
40 days after Christmas. 40 days an important number mentioned
Many times in the Bible. Time of purification. 
Candlemas Day, Feb. 2nd– cross quarter day – between December’s solstice of winter & March’s spring equinox. 
Fire ritual day. Fire at the roots of all plants, the sap rising in the trees. All of nature preparing for Spring. 
It’s the day of increasing light between winter & spring.
The day we take down our Christmas trees, the last days of Epiphany.

St. Brigid’s Day. Imbolc (Gaelicfestival). 
In some area’ssnowdrops are emerging from the snowy cold ground.
They are the Candlemas flowers, Candlemasbells. 
Symbolizing hope that spring will come.
Candlemas flowers as purification flowers. According to folklore, an angel helped these Candlemas bells to bloom and pointed them as a sign of hope to Eve, who wept in repentance and in despair over the cold and death that entered the world.

Weather Divination (instead of the groundhog)?
As a time dedicated to anticipating the spring, weather divination customs developed, the precursor to our celebration of Groundhog Day in the United States.
A popular Scottish verse goes:
If Candlemas Day be dry and fair,
The half o’winter’s to come and mair [more];
If Candlemass Day be wet and foul,
The half of winter’s gane [gone] at Yule.

Did the groundhog see his shadow? Different groundhogs in different places “saw” different things. So as our present unusual Aquarian days are unfolding, we don’t know anything for sure, day by day. We thus just remain in the present. Knowing whatever comes is magical. Legend says if the groundhog comes out on February 2 and the weather is sunny, he will be scared by his own shadow and go back into hibernation for six more weeks of winter. But if it’s cloudy, he will not be frightened and spring will come quickly.

The Mass of the Candles
Carrying candles in a procession. At St. Francis de Paul Catholic church in Kansas City, 1400 candles are lit for Mass – signifying “the light of the world” appearing for the saving of humanity. Light is pure. It penetrates all darkness. It illuminates all that comes under its influence. It moves with incredible velocity and as a fire, it nourishes life. Christ’s mission was to illuminate those who were living in darkness & in the shadow of “death.” He brought a new Light to the World. The prayers used at this mass are symbolic, quaint & beautiful.


“God, the Creator of all things, who, by the labor of the bees (from Venus) who produced this beeswax, bless & sanctify these candles that they may be beneficial to the people, to their health & well-being, may all of humanity be inflamed with the sweetest charity for others, & may the light of the candles dispel all darkness.” 

Reading more about Candlemas Day. Learning more.

Rituals bring heaven to earth. Everything’s magical.
Love, Risa

February 1, 2021- 12pm

Dear Readers – Yesterday there was a discussion on our main FB page (our college) about my not posting on FB anymore.

The discussion was quite interesting. For those who can go to  Risa D’Angeles FB age. I responded to the discussion & I am sharing it with everyone here. I had other information planned for today, but this came up instead. Love, Risa

Please read – Monday, February 1, 2021. 
Dear Everyone, Monday. From Risa. I read the discussion (comments on FB for yesterday – lamenting the fact that I am not writing on FB anymore). You can read all my comments below.
In this post I respond to the discussion. And thank you Vicktorya (co founder w/ Ed, of Freedom Watchers) for writing & joining the discussion.
~ And so…. About V & Ed’s contribution (Freedom Watchers platform) to our Freedom of Expression & Safety.
~What V & Ed created (Freedom Watchers, FW) has emerged from their deep aspiration to assist humanity. Their platform (FW) is V & Ed’s creation, their creativity, meeting humanity’s “need of the day.”
All their aspiration, creativity, creation & work needs to be appreciated by all of us. You are my readers & students here.
This is our college, the place of learning. You are all aware that over & over my work has been cancelled, suppressed, vilified, etc. Many in my place have.

V & Ed rose to the occasion in this crisis to create a place of safety & free expression for all of us. You (we all) need to rise to the occasion to see their platform as V & Ed’s gift that came forward & we must begin to assist & support them. Most of us have no idea the amount of work & money is needed to get these new platforms up.

We care about our convenience, our habits. We don’t want to be inconvenienced. However, let us think in other ways. Let us appreciate the “seed” that V & Ed have created. FB & social platforms we are using are the old GMO seeds of the past. They are poisonous. We no longer are to use the old GMO seed (old platforms).

When the new platforms arise….We must now say….how can we help those new seeds, new platforms, new creative endeavors attempting to meet the needs of the people? Asking….How can we help you V & Ed? Our task?

We are to help water those new seeds. And not fall back on criticizing them or making them less than. We can all say in our hearts – Thank you V & Ed for all that you created for our freedoms.

Over & over, V wrote & emphasized their platform (Freedom Watchers) is save & secure. That is most important for all of us to acknowledge. So…I will wipe those tears away from V’s face & we will all now begin to stand with you. Often, we can’t see the new, blinded as we are by something that might feel uncomfortable. But now that we know these things & our tasks as Disciples is pointed out, we stand with V & Ed & support them, recognize what they have done, applaud & be grateful to them. This is their part in the new era.
We are all students here. We are all learning through our mistakes together. Now we rectify our mistake. And stand with gratitude to V & Ed for their work for all of us – for our freedoms, safety, liberty & ability to express ourselves. Sincerely, Risa (love to V & Ed) ️s Further

Comments by Risa
The True Patriots, like Vicktorya (& Ed), are trying to meet the needs of the crisis of the time & need to be recognized. We can’t go back to or support the corrupt structures. They “mine” us. We may feel inconvenienced, but the warriors are out there, spending millions on new platforms, trying to create the “new”. It is our task to support the new, the warriors working with the Forces of Light. I miss the ease of FB too….It makes me sad what social media has done to all of us, to our connectivity, creativity, communication. they are truly a dark force. ….
This is a good discussion among everyone – this subject is where CHOICE is made. No it’s not easy.

Do we support the censorship? It IS part of the Dark Forces. It came right out of DARPA. Look it up everyone. We get caught here. It’s easy. We stay here. Then we support all that is dark. I miss it too, everyone. It’s not about my abandoning everyone. It’s about making a conscious choice to support the Light. It’s about choice. Saturn square Uranus. The old platform or the new? We have to create the NEW, supporting platforms that support free speech. It’s not convenient. It’s the choices begin presented to us.
We can do it. We can choose…..

The Patriots are participating in a deep creative effort. They are trying to create the new rhythms. The new Aquarius rhythms. They are trying to create freedom platforms…that allow us to not be censured & therefore be creative Creativity blossoms within freedom, not in censorship, false narrative, selling or mining us. The new reality, Aquarius, is about freedom. We need freedom to have true creativity which is related to the Soul.

This situation (FB or the new platforms) is much more complex than our desires, our habits, what’s easy, what’s convenience. It’s the difference between habits & rhythm. The old way established habits (which crystallize us). And they are easy. The new way attempts to establish new rhythms for the Aquarian Age. Our cyber warriors standing in the light are attempting to create the “new rhythms” new platforms that do not censure, delete or control.

The difference between mutable (adapting to the old), fixed, asking what is best for our Soul, and the cardinal, stepping into what is being initiated for the new reality, the new freedoms. We can now choose. Even if it’s inconvenient.

The Astrology
What we are seeing is transiting Saturn (old ways) approach Square w/ transiting Uranus (new rhythms). Both rulers of Aquarius – the old & the new ways. giving us a choice. This will be exact on Feb. 17th. Standing steady in the light, learning everyday how to respond, always together in the Ashram. Risa

Addenda: February 1, National Freedom Day. America, symbol of Liberty. 
Signing today by Lincoln (ratified, Dec. 18, 1865) that became 13thAmendment. 
Prez T Ex Order 13848, goes into effect today. Feb. 1st. In this order, 45 days from Nov. 3rd…Dec. 18th. 45 days from Dec. 18this Feb. 1 2021. Ex Order sign 2018, sanctions if foreign interence occurrence in US election. Important dates, Nov. 3, voting day. Then Dec. 18th. Then Feb. 1st. Essentialy as of today, freezing assets of corporations, businesses, people, anyone who took part in interference of elections. This could be connected to Wall St.’s short selling situation. This is important to know, watch, observe, understand. Prez T is 45thprez of US. 45 + 45 = will do 2 more terms as prez in the New Republic. Risa 


January 30, 2021- 10am

Only a Few Can Hold the Light.
Hello Everyone, Today is Sunday, day of rest. It’s also the last day of January.

Virgo moon today, Mercury (its ruler) is retrograde, 2ndday of its retrograde station at 26 Aquarius.Moon Neptune today (morning). Moon Pluto (tonight).

Dreamy yet profound, transformational. If we are aware. 

How is the Mercury retrograde affecting everyone? Last night at dinner we all told stores of the past unusual (Aquarius) encounters & events with unusual people. In Mercury retrograde times we remember the past, talk about it, review it. Doing this something completes it. 

Mercury retro times are also quieter times. Most everyone turning inward. Except for natal Mercury retro people. Their lives are inward all the time, except for when Mercury is retrograde. It’s good to have everyone’s astrology chart to see who in one’s life has natal Mercury retro & who doesn’t.  Then one understands better how people communicate. Astrology is all about relationships. And relationships are all about communication. And Mercury blends them both. 

I’ve turned inward too during this Mercury retro time. I can hardly hear anything political anymore. I’ve turned a deaf ear to anything occurring on social media or in the government. When seeing B & the present government, it feels like I’m watching ghosts participating in a strange enactment they call government. There is no life or energy in them. Something different is happening on inner levels, but we don’t know what it is anymore. 

Many many are silent now. Letting the battle rage but out of our sight. We stand steady within our own lives now, tending caring for our responsibilities. One caution though here – the new trigger word, the new control word, the new non-equality word is “equity.” Whenever you hear it, know it’s a trap, it’s not equality, it means certain people will receive things & others will not. It completely disregards the fact that “All men/all Minds/All people are created equal.” The B administration & all those around them are the epitome of the Kali Yuga Dark Age. Beware & be aware. Darkness having overtaken our country in plain sight. 
Only the Disciples now carry the needed Light. Are you a Disciple? 

The Teacher has said this….
The Entirety of Wisdom during the Kali Age falls away.
Only a few can hold the wisdom teachings. 
¾ of the world is in a state of darkness. Only ¼ is light.
Disciples see the light, stand in the light, radiate the light for seekers seeking the Light. 
Standing steady in the Light. 

Kali Yuga is the Time of Dark, the time of Night.
When darkness & evil are allowed to be seen.
Maitreya looks on. Maitreya means “friend to all in the universe.” 
When there is a complete withering of the Law, the World Teacher comes.
He comes in the dark & creates the Time of Light. 
Vedic seers tell this to humanity from time memorial thru the Hymns of Wisdom.
Passing them onto their students who later become Masters too.
When we are engaged in working with the Wisdom Teachings, hearts & lives fulfilled, doing this work night & day according to the Plan. 
Not doing this work, those not doing this work become stuck in the dark of confusions & illusions. Crystallized in the old ways. Unable to free themselves. Unable to see the light. 

Those who study the Teachings & provide Goodwill to others – their Hearts are filled & lives are fulfilled when we study astrology & the wisdom teachings 

Sanat Kumara, planetary Logos, Lord of the World from Venus has an entire awareness 
of our planet. 

The Older wisdom teachings are always used for the future.
Stand firmly in the Light, the Light will guide us, as we stand together. Especially thru these turbulent times.

This year 2021 will be intense & turbulent. 
Remember the Christ comes when there is a withering of the law.
We need to stand firm. No fear, No hindrances, no illusions of difficulty or pity. Eyes opened, firmly aligned in the Light.
Gathering daily as a group, see the vision of the new era using our imaginations….the vision of the Aquarian Age. 
Always standing & aligned together. 
So we shall do that. 

About Aquarius, Health & Digestion
I mentioned the Vagus nerve yesterday.
Cranial nerve & vagus nerve. Being affected by the new energies of Aquarius. 
Vagus nerve affects the entire body. It’s called the wandered.
Aquarius, air sign is pervasive, it’s also everywhere.
Humanity is attempting to pen the heart chakra & the Vagus nerve is connected to the heart chakra. Vagus nerve is critical for Aquarius & Aquarians.  

About Aquarius 
No planet is exalted in Aquarius and no planet falls in this sign because the true Aquarian—after due experience upon the Mutable Cross and the Fixed Cross—has reached a point of balance. He is held by none of the pairs of opposites but uses them both for spiritual ends. He is hindered neither by earth nor water (Capricorn and Pisces); [Esoteric Astrology – p. 147] he has surmounted the tests of both the processes of incarnation and initiation and so stands free, distributing energy and life, symbolized by the two wavy lines. 
(Cosmic Fire 511) The goal set before humanity (especially Disciples) is that of becoming Masters of the Wisdomor of Love.  This a man achieves when he can function consciously in the buddhic vehicle,or when the astral  permanent atom is superseded by the buddhic permanent atom. 
Our learnings today, Sunday, day of rest. Love, Risa

January 30, 2021- 9am

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius.
Mercury has retrograded today. January 30, 2021.
Today is Saturday, Saturn’s day, Ray 3 Day. Day of Intelligence & Right Thinking in the magical realm of Mercury’s retrograde.
Disciples observe communication & know what is occurring.
Astrology offers us understanding & compassion.
Astrology is the foundation of the Wisdom Teachings.
And of our College here together. 
Mercury retrograde – 26 Aquarius, moving back to 11 Aquarius on February 20th. Where is that in everyone’s chart? What houses are involved in these degrees.

To understand the world, our lives, events all around us & the Wisdom teachings, everyone must also begin to understand astrology. For it is the foundation & the language of Aquarius.
Look at the chart for today. Locate Mercury retrograde in Aquarius.
Note how many planets are now in Aquarius. 

Night Light News is updated.
It’s about Mercury retrograde which began today, Saturday.

Notes: What I notice each morning in our northern lands now is more light. The sun ascending to reach the spring equinox (equator). There’s a natural sense to begin planting seeds in our greenhouses. Making our lives more normal now, quiet, back to natural ways again. No matter what is occurring in the outer world of government. 
Esoteric Healing & the Heart & Vagus Nerve
Heart, Anahata Lotus (Chakra) & Vagus nerve
Heart is being activated via Jupiter as the Aquarian Age unfolds.
1stInitiation has to do with Leo/Virgo – humanity recognizing the fact of the Soul as director of the personality.
1stInitiation has to do with the economy, which is being reoriented in our world at this time, as the Ages change.
Humanity is going through the 1stInitiation – Bethlehem Initiation. House of Bread. 
Leo is the opposite of Aquarius. 
As the Aquarian Age unfolds, Leo is activated. 
Leo is the cultivation of our talents & abilities, their recognition & their usefulness in the Aquarian Age. 

Vagus Nerve, Digestive Issues
For the last several months many have experienced digestive issues. And the animal kingdom seems to be too. It’s subtle but actual. It’s important to know about the Vagus nerve in the body. Heart becomes more dominant after 1stVagus nerve connected with heart, circulation & blood. Esoterically connected with Vagus nerve esoterically. EA Healing = heart, vagus, life force group consciousness, higher mental & causal body (surrounding the Soul). Those interested in healing, observe the animals, observe the self. Do research into the Vagus nerve which is impacted by incoming energies. Several weeks ago, talked with natural vet & he said he saw an increase in digestion in animals. Vagus related to brain/gut in the body.  Vagus nerve – what is it?

Inner Guidance
The Aquarian Agewill see the restitution of inner and spiritual guidance (from Jupiter & Uranus) on a higher turn of the spiral.  Destiny of the Nations, p. 9-10
Qualities and functions of the Aquarian Age 
The functioning of the Law of Loving Understanding (Jupiter) will be greatly facilitated and speeded during the Aquarian Agewhich we are considering; it will eventuate later in the development of a world-wide international spirit, in the recognition of one universal faith in God and in humanity also as the major expression of divinity upon the planet and in the transfer of the human consciousness from the world of material things to that of the more purely psychic.  This will lead in time and inevitably to the world of spiritual realities…  Destiny of the Nations, p. 47
Aquarian influences is the Common Law information (Anna V Reitz), coming back to the essence & truth for humanity. Documents in red, the blood of the land. Aquarius is about the circulation of the blood in our bodies, giving us life & livingness.

(Esoteric Astrology, p. 141)  Aquariusis pre-eminently a sign of constant movement, of changing activity and recurrent mutations….It is therefore, a sign in which the significance of cycles is mastered and understoodby the initiate. 
(Cosmic Fire, p. 511)  The goal set before humanity is that of becoming Masters of the Wisdomor Masters of Love.  This a man achieves when he can function consciously in the buddhic plane/vehicle,or when the astral  permanent atom is superseded by the buddhic permanent atom. 

May Lord Sanat Kumara, the Lord of Justice, 
prevail over the governments!
May the Manu Vaivaswata 
preside over the minds of men and wield them to goodwill!
May the Maha Chohan steer the forces 
of civility into varied groups of extreme ideology!
May the Avatar of Synthesis round up 
the extremism and bring in all-round human progress!
May we join the Hierarchy of Masters 
who lead us from darkness to light!
May the Mother Earth bring forth the needed adjustments for justice, harmony, Goodwill, peace and poise!
We pray to the World Mother through the symbol, sound and colours of Aquarius! 

Mantam – the Light of Wisdom Requested

Enlighten me O Lord, so I may enlighten others.
I request from my heart:
The light of wisdom
To dispel the darkness of my mind
And the mind of others.

Nourish me with goodness,
That I in turn may nourish all beings

May I have compassion & virtue
in all my actions.
So that all suffering in the world cease.
All happiness and joy in the world be fulfilled

We dedicate ourselves to the well-being of all Earth’s kingdoms.      Now & forever more.  Risa

January 29, 2021- 11am

From Risa, 

Friday, January 29th. Night Light News is updated.
It’s about Mercury retrograde which occurs tomorrow.
Notes: What I notice each morning in our northern lands now is more light. The Sun ascending to reach the spring equinox (equator). There’s a natural sense to begin planting seeds in our greenhouses. Making our lives more normal now, quiet, back to natural ways again. No matter what is occurring in the outer world of government. 

There is an unfoldment of time, like a lotus. Unfoldment, conducted by time which rotates matter, a spiral rotation, moving thru time, forming lotus of creation. Serpent of time in lotus in space globe unfolding thru time, spiralic movement. Space mind is intelligence & seers experience this space as life. Space pulsates says the wisdom book, manifestation in gradations – angels man devas – space life, space globe organized. We think of space time & lotus of the universe as mind. Serpent unwinds into spiral, globe of space unfolds into lotus in globe, globe in mind.

Dream – Hyssop & the Psalms
In a dream last night, I heard the words. “Pray with praise words, read the Psalms, use them in daily life.” Psalms are the ancient prayers in the Bible, the Old Testament.
And so, a psalm appeared in my reading today. Remember last week I wrote about spikenard, the use of this precious oil, if fragrance to be used to help the old world be cleansed & to welcome the new era. Spikenard is the oil of Magdeline Mary.  

So again a precious oil was mentioned – 
“Sprinkle me, O Lord, with hyssop, and I shall be cleansed; that I (my personality) shall be purer than the snow.”

This is the psalm used on Candlemas Day, at the blessing of the beeswax candles, Feb. 2ndat Mass, a special Candle-blessing day. I will write more on Candlemas Tuesday.

Friday, January 29, 2021 – Venus’s day. Ray 5 day. Science & Knowledge Day. 
In the Night Sky
In the night sky tonight & tomorrow night. On January 29 and 30, 2021 – before going to bed – look eastward to see the brilliant waning gibbous moon near Regulus, the brightest star and Heart of the Lion in the constellation Leo. From most places worldwide, the moon and Regulus by mid-evening can be seen – that is, midway between sunset and midnight.

The moon will be very near Regulus on the evening of January 29. By January 30, the moon will have moved onward in its orbit – cruising ever-eastward in front of the stars – so that we can see the star pattern of which Regulus is a part. This pattern isn’t a constellation. It’s an easy-to-see asterism, or noticeable pattern of stars, in our night sky. It has the shape of a backwards question mark. Regulus, the Lion’s Heart, marks the bottom of the question mark pattern, which represents the Head and Shoulders of Leo. This beloved pattern is called The Sickle.

The Sickle in Leo is an easy-to-spot backward question mark shape made of stars that marks the head and shoulders of the constellation of the lion. The moon sometimes passes in front of the Sickle’s brightest star, Regulus.

Regulus is a 1st-magnitude star – or one of the brightest stars in our night sky – wait a few days for the moon to drop out of the evening sky. Then we can  use the Pointer Stars of the Big Dipper to help guide you to blue-white Regulus and the constellation Leo the Lion. It helps to have an inky dark night to see the starlit figure of the Lion.

At a distance of about 77 light-years, blue-white Regulus is a larger and hotter star than our sun. Although it looks like a single star to the eye alone, astronomers assure us that it’s a multiple star system, consisting of several component stars. Regulus spins once on its rotational axis in less than 16 hours, in contrast to our own sun’s spin rate at its equator of 24 days.
The charts – US & today’s chart

Humanity trying to awaken expand consciousness. Uranus is responsible for this.

Yesterday, a big revelation for humanity occurred around finances, exposing short selling (financial markets, stock market, Wall St.). It’s good to make onesllf familiar with this situation. X22 put a video up yesterday, explaining what happened w/ the exposure of short selling. This is a “reveal” just like pedo & vaccines will be. This is how the financial system is rigged. The old systems have to come down. How do we do that? Exposure of corruption. Yesterday, we had Venus (money, values) conj. Pluto in Capricorn (dark exposed). Short selling (rigged) was exposed. Venus conjunct Pluto in Cap can be power (Pluto) struggles w/ money (Venus) & Cap is ruled by Saturn (structure of money – Ray 3). 

Saturn is at 5 Aquarius coming into a square with Uranus – 2 rulers of Aquarius (new era, new ways, new world) & this will be exact Feb. 17th. Between now & then more exposure of financial corruption. This has to do with exposing greed & desire (history of desire is ruled by Taurus, lowest level of Taurus). Uranus (revealer) in Taurus (corruption around materialism). 
2ndsign of desire is Libra (sex). Libra is about balancing desire. US has Dweller, Saturn, in Libra. 
3rdsign of desire is Scorpio – reorientation of desire, victory over desire so the Soul can triumph. 
4thsign of desire is Pisces – Divine Desire, associated with the Cosmic Christ & the Desire for Freedom of all nations. It looks like a small transit (Venus/Pluto in Cap) but it’s initiating the uncovering of the hidden rigged financial system in our country & the world. 
Yesterday a full moon, Sun/Jupiter 9 Aquarius, trine US ascendant & Uranus in Gemini. URANUS REVEALS WHAT’S HIDDEN. Also, the US has transits Chiron square Jupiter in Cancer in 2ndhouse of money & values. Also, Saturn coming up on South Node of the US. Over the next month & half, as Saturn moves into square with Uranus & conj. S. Node, more & more revelations will come forth. Pay attention, keep up on the ore & more revelations coming forth concerning the corruption. 

Planets Venus, Saturn, Uranus all rulers of Libra. Libra comes in during transitions, to reveal what’s heeded, what’s happening & how to neutralize thru knowledge the energies. 

Libra has to do with money sex & the law. This is the money part (short selling revealed). Later the sex part will come forth w/ pedo. And Saturn represents the Law (US Saturn in Libra). This infomration is Esoteric astrology. All three planets ruling Libra are significant now. So something significant revealed yesterday (rigged, manipulated finances) & we know the revelations will continue. Keep up. Stay awake. 
Venus will conjunct the US Pluto tomorrow. Continued financial transformation. T Saturn on US South Node, Feb. 12th. Old & new structures revealed. 
Saturn square Uranus on the 17th. New structures come forth for the new era.
The WHouse/Biden complicit in the manipulation yesterday. The WH called Robin Hood (supposed to be day traders not big traders, they created the situation where they could make money) & asked them to stop trading to save the hedge funds (. It’s important to know the spiritual esoteric meanings of what is occurring. 

(it’s) The Big Scam – Tucker talked about it. These money people go on TV & talk down a stock, so the masses listen to them & that will drive stock down. When short selling the big hedge funds are betting that the stock will drop. So they create the drop. The media is complicit in getting the stock to drop. The digital warriors found out about bringing the stock down. 

Reddit digital warriors bought the stock & the big guys lost all their money. Then the WH came is to stop trading. They didn’t want the big hedge funds to stop trading. Yesterday something was initiated, having to do with desire & greed. Everyone can do their research. Uranus revealed corruption in the financial system. 

This is all tied into the reorientation – Libra – money, sex, & the Rule of Law.  As we enter the Aquarian era, Uranus, ruler, is revealing these hidden things, so humanity can learn more & then make their choice. Transiting Uranus in Taurus (related to Venus – money & resources). 
Hedge fund, investment fund, able to make extensive use of extensive trading – short selling, leverage & derivatives. 
On bigger picture….more of the corruption is being revealed which is the most important occurrence for humanity. More revealed to the masses so they can choose where they stand. More revelations about finances, vaccines, etc. the more knowledge we have. More revelations to come. Risa 

Health – To research: America’s Frontline doctors – 
Simone Gold, America’s Frontline doctors. Need list of doctors overtime jailed for their discoveries. Gold is articulate. She will be discredited as DForces are censoring her. Group effort, White Coats. Bunch of doctors together. She talks about all the lies about Covid, about the vaccine, etc. People closed minded, entrained will reject all the truth. 

Meditation full moon – swimming to the boat. We are solid with our group swimming. Feel all those swimming with us. Looking over to see who is there. The portion of humanity waking up swimming with us….seeing that there’s points of light all around here & there & we are all doing this together & it’s OK – the ones who can’t get in the water & the ones swimming towards the Light with us. And everyone in the water grabs an oar….swimming towards the Aquarian sun, the future era – everyone has their part & piece to do. 

Prayer – “O Lord, help us to know & do our part in the reconstruction of the world.” All of us doing our part together. There are many of us swimming towards the Rising Sun.

Together towards the new era. Love, Risa

January 28, 2021- 1pm

Full Moon Day – Aquarius Solar Festival.

Day of Safeguarding the Aquarian Light.
Navigating to a new reality as the old reality falls away.
Difficult at first for everyone. Difficult for me.

Today –  Reappearance Meditation, Jupiter’s day. 
Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom day.
Thursday, Jupiter’s day. Ray 2 day of love/wisdom.
Join us in meditation today everyone.
And read the Aquarius Labour – the Cleansing of the Augean Stables (which the prez [T] continues to do in our “kingdom.” We stand with him as he stands & works with the 

Standing with the Forces of Good, of Light & of the Will to good.

Read the Labours for Aquarius. 

Keynote for Aquarius – 
“Waters of Life, poured forth for thirsty humanity.”
The NGWS can say as identification – “Waters of Life are we, poured forth for thirsty humanity.” As we teach & educate humanity. As in our meditations, we create the thought form of solace & of solution for humanity in crisis. 

Reappearance of the Christ
Whenever withering of law, uprising of lawlessness, on all sides. 
I Manifest myself
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil, 
for the firm establishing of the Law. 
Bhagavad Gita Book 4 Sutra 7,8

He is assisted by Ascended Masters of Wisdom
When men feel exhausted seeking resources & the innate possibilities & problems beyond handling, they look for Divine Intermediary, pleading their cause to God, be their Savior. Christ is the Mediator.
“I have come that they may have life,” He said.

“People of goodwill can come together to make things better.”
These are good words by a great Disciple.
The NGWS are aware of how Goodwill is created in humanity.
We align with the Will-to-Good (Ray1 into Ray 2).
And radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity.
And then the Will-to-Good becomes Goodwill in humanity.
Understanding this “precipitation” is the purpose of the work of Disciples.

We recite the Reappearance Mantram with the Christ.
Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Joining the NGWS worldwide – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis…

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,  
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities. 
We dedicate ourselves anew 
To the service of the Coming One 
And will do all we can 
To prepare humanity’s minds and hearts 
For that event. 
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life 
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul 
Characterize the lives 
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work 
Through self-forgetfulness, 
Harmlessness, and right speech.

KEYNOTE of the full moon Approach to the Hierarchy:
“He who faces the light and stands within its radiance is blinded to the issues of the world of men; he passes on the Lighted Way to the great Centre of Absorption. But he who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves his brother on the darkened path, revolves upon the pedestal of light and turns the other way.
“He faces towards the dark, and then the seven points of light within himself transmit the outward streaming light, and lo! the face of those upon the darkened way receives that light. For them the way is not so dark. Behind the warriors–twixt the light and dark–blazes the light of Hierarchy.”

We gather the Light of Aquarius & radiate the Aquarian (v

Let the Group serve as Aquarius indicates, Let Mercury seep us upon the Way, the Mark of the Savior be seen above the aura of the Group. “Aquarius, custodian of “life more abundant” which the Christ spoke of, concerning the future. Taurus reveals the vision, & is the present. Pisces, the saving grace/sign healing the past. Let the Group serve as Aquarius indicates as we stand with the Hierarchy, speeded upon the upper Way. The NGWS offers humanity illumination & the attainment of the vision. The NGWS realizes it mission & tasks for humanity. Soon, we will toil in Pisces, within humanity, conditioned & ruled by the past, seeking healing, mediation, sensitivity, loving compassion. The NGWS is a mediating Group of Servers, intermediating between Hierarchy & Humanity, able to contact both. We stand here, as the NGWS. Om 

Reciting the Great Invocation together in the Ashram. Standing in Safeguarding of the Aquarian Light, today. Love, Risa

January 27, 2021- 8am


Steady in the Light.
New ongoing Studies Today. Under Mercury. 
The battle is for the minds of humanity. We continue to learn so we
Have freedom to think, freedom comes with knowledge & the knowing of truth & the Laws. 
Each of us – Steady in the Light. Learning Each Day. 
This is our Ashram & our College.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021. Mercury’s day. 
Ray 4 of Harmony emerging from Conflict & Chaos. In this Kali Yuga time. 
Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn in Aquarius.
The light of Aquarius shining through all the tears & tatters of our present crisis.

After Cancer moon, we have a v/c day today, Wednesday.
Leo moon begins this evening. 
Tomorrow is the full moon, Aquarius solar festival, 9 degrees Aquarius.
We stand today with Dedication – which holds our minds steady in the light.

Mars in Taurus – stabilizing us. A trajectory forward today. Preparing for Thursday’s full moon festival & for Mercury turning retrograde (Saturday). 
Disciples, knowing the stars & planets’ daily movements, can plan for these things. Disciples are prepared.
Standing in Aspiration today. Aspiration holds our emotional field in right preparation.
Aquarius (air sign), the light that shines across the land & the sea. The Light that cleanses with its healing rays all that must be purified, until the dark is gone. The blended rays of Aquarius – Saturn (3), Uranus (7), Jupiter (2), Moon (4), Uranus (7). 

Learning More Today. 
This is our College. We learn together here. The truth of all that matters, is what saves our lives.
In our daily lives these days.
New conditions occurring, a new forging ahead.
In the conflicts & chaos, in the tears & tatters of our old way of living….
A new light is attempting to come forth.
The light of Aquarius – “the light that shines on Earth & across the seas, cleansing with its healing rays, all that must be purified, until the darkness is gone.” 
We are all on a journey of our lifetime. 

Our Study, ongoing.
Know this – the battle is for the mind of humanity. As we learn the truths more & more, we have control of our own minds. We have freedom.

Study – Anna Von Reitz (Judge & author of people’s rights, history, sovereignty, etc.)
Her site –
By way of introduction –
Anna’s FB page –

Important information. Articles to read today.
Anna has thousands of articles to understand our country, our history.  We will begin to understand at the beginning. 
Today – notes on last night’s webinar – history. Can read articles on her site.  Read today – Articles 581, 1714, 2285. 

Quick Overview of Anna’s articles to read.
History in England, Magna Carta. Where’s start over point, tracing history of private property rights, Sovereignty issues, Norman Conquest, French king, heir of Normandy (NW France, Gaul), no more Monarchs in England, splitting up England to little kingdoms, each sovereign, etc. 

Camelot – history. If searching, look in France. Linked to JFK & Jackie Kennedy. JFK, thru spiritual inheritance, is the inheritor of Camelot. Lancelot has dream of heaven on Earth & humanity making its own decisions & having freedom.

Magna Carta – limiting powers of Pope.

Christian Queen in England married non-Christian Welshman. 
There are lots of international people interested in Anna’s webinars, thus reclaiming their identity & status & recording their status in LRS. Only six nations retained sovereignty. Anna working on a booklet condensing her information concerning being an American National & meeting corporate authority. 

Thick Red Line – idea & organization, Howard Lichtman. Movement to help police (stuck in the middle between people supposed to defend, & those wanting to defund them). Working for corporate entities instead of working for living men & women. Look this up – Thick Red Line. Educating the police. Use Howard’s information if needed. “Government the Biggest Scam in History – who owns the media, etc., the media, etc. 

News & Notes of the World

New Robots (called Sophia!!!) as Health Care Workers!
Company – mass roll out of humanoid robots, replacing health care workers. They named the robot Sophia! Instead of Sophia rising into the plane of wisdom. The Dark forces have Sophia merging with metal & machine & becoming a robot, further into matter, on the Involutionary (deeper & deeper into matter) Arc.
The CEO of the company said the Covid robots will be deployed in many parts of world to enforce mass mandates & social distancing edicts. The Dark Forces appropriating the Light of Wisdom, degrading it, to censure & destroy humanity. We are so happy we know esoteric teachings. Without that knowledge it is most difficult to manage our critical difficult times. A mass roll out of humanoid robots. Appropriating the wisdom word, Sophia. The Dark Forces are clever, but they have no love for humanity. All they know is control & destruction. 

GodSpeak Church in Ventura – (book by Camus) Myth of Sisyphus – icon of stoics, keeping rolling boulder up the hill, just keep going, bringing order & purpose out of the universe – It’s the story of the Search for Meaning. Fight Big Pharma, etc. & all those against humanity, keep rolling the boulder up the hill. Two weeks before his father was assassinated, his father gave him a book, Camus – the Plague. Life Purpose matters. Camelot, the Kennedy’s the Dream of Camelot.

Circling Around
The information we need all circles & comes around – many people paying attention, finding information from all different sections of humanity, the truth coming through. 
Biden, prez of the American corporate entity that went bankrupt. His Ex Orders apply to the Corporation. Not the real Republic. Pope should fire B & P, as they are sub-contractors. 

New Office 
If prez T can declare his birthright political status as American National, as a Fed. Officer, he can retain US citizenship at territorial level, can actually have dual citizenship. Then he can enter as prez of Republic, which we voted on & power over all branches of government. As long as he is not an attorney. Then British & Pope are under him as he becomes Executive Power & tell them to vacate their positions. Maybe he’s working on this in his new office in Florida. He would become a Floridian. 

Bodhi Sattva Vows & prayers. 
We do the wholesome, benefitting all beings. We pray that all have happiness, all free from sorrow, never separated from sacred happiness, living in equanimity w/out too much attachment or aversion, living in equality of all that lives. Creations are numberless, we free them. Delusions we transform. Reality we perceive. The awakened Way, we embody. We are a guard for those needing protection, guide on the path, boat raft bridge for those who wish to cross the flood, a healing medicine, a vase of plenty, a tree of miracles. For all we bring sustenance & awakening, enduring like the earth & sky till all are freed from sorrow & all awakened. 

The Great Invocation  
– Mantram of Direction for the World.
Standing with Christ & Hierarchy. Our prayer flows thru triangles of Goodwill to all of humanity. Calling humanity to recite these invocations with us. The prayer flow through Darjeeling, NYC, London, Geneva, Tokyo & Darjeeling. As we recite this prayer we all meet in a spirit of cooperation. Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones, as we all do our part together.  

Great Invocation addition
“O Lord of Light & Love 
Come forth & rule the world.
May the Prince of Peace appear 
& end the warring of the nations, countries, peoples. 
May the reign of Light, Love & Justice be begun.
Let there be Love & Light (intelligence) & Peace on Earth.
And let it begin with me/us.” (Ext. Hierarchy, p. 174)

Lots of work together today & every day. We work together in the Ashram, our place of learning, study, our refuge. Furthering the Light of Aquarius in the world. Always, all of us learning & working together, invoking the aid of the Great Ones to assist us. Great Ones here on Earth & in the heavens. We stand with them. Love, Risa

January 26, 2021- 1pm


~Calling all Disciples. Calling the Soul of the Nations.

A heart-felt hello to everyone. (a meditation today) (sharing a group gathering today)                      
In our daily lives these days.
New conditions occurring, a new forging ahead.
In the conflicts & chaos, in the tears & tatters of our old way of living….
A new light is attempting to come forth.
The light of Aquarius – 
“The light that shines on Earth & across the seas, cleansing with its healing rays, all that must be purified, until the darkness is gone.” 
We are all on a journey of our lifetime. 

Today is Tuesday, Mars day. We stand together in dedication, intention. Dedicated to the Soul of our Nation. To the Plan & Purpose of God coming forth from our nation & our peoples. 

(From a Group Gathering)
Under the Aquarius light, the dispenser of the fresh mental waters of life. Opening us into the higher worlds, so we can see archetypal design of the future, the new vision. Turning our attention upwards to our national Soul. All that we do is meditative. All that we do is contemplative. It’s a journey we are taking together. We gather all our tools, equipment, gifts, abilities. We meet together under the Light of Aquarius & in the shadow of Leo.
Come everyone, to rest in this place of inner work, inner spirit. At the center of the heart of our Group. We consciously stand in the flow of love streaming thru us from Ray 2, Aquarius & Jupiter. We stand in this beautiful clear energy together in our Ashram. 
We stand together in opportunity. We receive & distribute the energy of love & light, dedicating ourselves to awaking the souls of our people & all nations. We elevate ourselves to a pinnacle so we can see our nation & all nations. On the pinnace we meet together, with those we now & don’t know (yet). Allowing all our energies to blend & fuse into one single unit of Light. 

We connect the energetic field of our nations & stand as a blessing over all the Earth. We lift our eyes to all national groups, each within their own vibrational outpost. We wave flags, lines of flags, the spirit of our people, all of us silent watchers. Our flags wave from pinnacle to pinnacle, creating a unified field of high vibration. 
We call upon the Silent Watchers & the Hierarchy to stand with us, in beauty rare, in conflicts & chaos, here & there. Our faces turn towards the Light. Here we stand. From our minds, this pure light streams forth into the world. Within our hearts we rest. We run not here or there. We stand in peace & rest together. 

When the heart is at rest a beam of force projects out blending with a shining light. We become the Eye of Vision, Right Direction of the needed forces. Throughout the Eye of Beauty, the power drives away invading dark forces. We stand, we rest. Such are our lives & such is the Service we bring to the Souls of humanity. We hold this high field now & all day & every day. Om. 

Beyond the reach of our usual feelings & thoughts.
We stand together & experience ourselves as the Soul. Allowing ourselves to feel what it’s like within the light of the Soul. A FELT SENSE of the Soul. Then we attune to our Group. Choosing a Group & feeling/sensing the Group Soul. Using our FEELING/SENSE. What part of us feels/senses? What part of our equipment do we employ? Our antenna into the subtle world. Our means of contact. How do we attune to the heart of our nation? Archetypal patterns are contacted on the Buddhic plane. 

Let’s recall what the Buddhi plane is. Buddhic = from Bud…Sanskrit. It is higher than mental thinking. It is intuition. Buddhic plane is one vibration higher than mental plane. We as a species are to move from intellect on the mental plane to intuition on the Buddhic plane. This latter is the frontier of our evolution. For our work with the Soul of Nations, this stretch into the Buddhic plane is  necessary. Let us stretch into the Buddhic plane now. We bring our mind into highest vibration we can reach at this moment. We hold ourselves steady in the Aquarian Light. Then we bring our heart up to the high vibration. 

Deepening ourselves into this buddhic light. We imagine/sense a state of consciousness where our heart & mind resonate in unison & become one. Buddhi, heart, mind are One. We hold this state within the Buddhic plane as we do our work together. 

Qualities of Buddhi – pure reason, pure love, intuition, all pervading love, spacious awareness of the whole, discernment of archetypal design. Here are the Masters of Higher Wisdom & the higher devas. We begin to work with these higher co-workers, creating a communion with the Soul of our Nation, each of us working on our pinnacle with the Soul of our nation, Soul to Soul, heart to heart, united in intention to Serve our Nations, all the Nations of the World. We attune our minds towards plane of Buddhi & our hearts resonate here. 

Our heart & minds become One. Our field of perception is filled with the Buddhic Light. Immersed in the light, all knowing, all encompassing Love. The Rays from the Big Dipper, immense solar vitality, all healing power pervading everything. Pervading our nations. An electric force field of immeasurable inspiration. Standing in the atmosphere of Ashramic Work. Sensing presence of higher devas. 

We hold this in our awareness today & every day. For our nation & our people. Wherever we are. Which is everywhere. A vast field or relationships, subtle, we orient our receptivity to the Group of Beings who work with the Soul of our nation, Human & Deva. We sense a sacred silent space held for us, in which we can open ourselves to the Soul of our Nation. We stand within that Soul, in silent reverence, entering into communion with the Soul of our Nation. Gradually we precipitate our energies, & gradually collect our consciousness back to our day to day lives. Gradually, carefully. 

Standing in the midway point between the heavens & our nation below.  Our Soul energy pours forth love into our nation, lifting lighting the world of our nation’s citizens. So the Forces of Light can illuminate them. Clarifying orienting inspiring the people. Light pouring into the physical world, to the cities, forests, waters, soil, nature & the subtle beings of the Earth. A renewal takes place in our nation. Waters of life replenishing all plains, all planes, all kingdoms. 

We hear the Soul of our nation sounding forth in a creative expression of the spiritual of the people, & the spiritual task of the nation, sounding in harmony with the Souls of all nations. Our planet of Earth emerging, unified in truth & freedom for all the peoples of the Earth. On the wings of three Oms, we sound the new light filled energy out – OM OM OM 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021. Mars guides us today.
Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn in Aquarius.
The light of Aquarius shining through.
Cancer moon – day of nourishment & nurturing.

Mars in Taurus – stabilizing us. A trajectory forward today. Preparing for Thursday’s full moon festival & for Mercury turning retrograde. Disciples, knowing the stars & planets’ daily movements, can plan for these things. Disciples are prepared.
Standing in Aspiration today. Aspiration holds our emotional field in right preparation.
Sun square Uranus – calling humanity to step upon a higher path of learning & knowing. We are challenged to do this. We CAN do it.

Group chart 
Note: T Jupiter conjunct (joins) Natal Uranus (3rdhouse) today, both rulers of Aquarius (Aquarius rules our 11thhouse where our Sun/Venus are), squaring Mercury (challenging us to move forward in a new direction). 

New Platform (we are on)
We are on 107daily now, a new platform. We will set up a group there in case regular emails go down. Join us there, everyone. Risagoodwill. 

Our work together today & every day. Love, Risa 

January 25, 2021- 8am

Going back to basics at the beginning of the week.
Monday, a new week. What will happen this week?
Today, Monday, January 25th. Sun & Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn are in Aquarius. Moon is in Cancer, after a morning v/c. 
Sun sextiles Chiron today. A harmonizing healing energy today.
Cancer moon means nurturing warming foods today.
A red lentil soup (recipe follows) would be good with homemade bread.

Upcoming – 
Thursday is the full moon which tells us it’s a solar festival.
Full moon times are focused upon the sign the Sun is distributing.
As the moon is in Leo, that means the Sun is in Aquarius. Rays 5 & 7.
So it’s the solar festival of Aquarius. 
Aquarius, 9 degrees. Where is that degrees & sign in everyone’s chart? 
The United States has Aquarius Moon, 18 degrees.

We begin preparations for Thursday’s solar festival today.
We stand in Confidence. It holds our physical bodies in Right Preparation.
Tomorrow we stand in Aspiration. And Wednesday in Dedication.

All that is around us is God. The key of wisdom is seven-fold, 3 reverse directions, seven times. The nature “keys” humanity, one way, then another way. All wisdom practices leads us through all seven planes. Disciples have Good Vision. The wheel of astrology is also God. Fauna & flora, the heavens too, are all God. The entire wheel is the wheel of Light. Establishing the link with all forms, all Light. All is God. Man is center, space is circumference, ring of the horizon rotates. Pi. Om. 

Next Saturday, the first Mercury retrograde of 2021 begins.
The Mercury retrogrades during 2021 are all in air signs – Aquarius, Gemini & Libra – our thinking recollects itself, we return to previous times, tending & caring for what we felt we lost. 
The Mercury retrograde begins at 26 degrees Aquarius, moving back to 11 Aquarius on Feb. 20th. Mercury retrograde shadows occur before & afterwards.
The Mercury retrograde sails through Candlemas Day (Feb. 2) & Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th).  And the Chinese New Year of the Ox – (Feb. 12 – 27thFull Moon Lantern Festival). 
So many festivals to look forward to. 
Life in the Kingdom is happy, entertaining and colorful. 
We make it so. 

Red Lentil Soup
1 tablespoon avocado oil
1 large carrot, diced
2 large stalks celery, diced
1 yellow onion, diced
Parsley, chopped
1 cup kale chopped
1 cup bok choy (optional) 
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more as needed
1 cup dried red lentils
4 cups water or chicken or veggie broth
1 whole bay leaf
Parsley, chopped to sprinkle on top.
2 tablespoons  freshly squeezed lemon juice (from 1/2 large lemon)
For serving: Olive oil, yogurt (optional)

1. Heat oil in a medium (2- to 3-quart) saucepan or Dutch oven over medium heat, add veggies and salt & bay leaf; stir to combine.

2. Cover and let vegetables soften, stirring occasionally, until the onions are soft and translucent, about 5 minutes.

3. Add lentils, water or broth and bring up to a boil. Reduce heat to low and let simmer, covered, until the lentils begin to fall apart, about 20 minutes.

4. Turn off the heat and stir in the lemon juice. Add parsley (or cilantro is adding curry). Taste and season with salt as needed. Ladle into bowls and serve over rice.  

Storage: Leftovers will keep refrigerated for 5 days.
More topping options: Just before serving, top it with a drizzle of peppery olive oil, plain yogurt, a sprinkle of sumac, or a spoonful of gremolata.
Recipe variations: This recipe is pared down to the basics — you can add a teaspoon of curry or garam masala, Italian herbs, or any other seasoning blend. Just add the spices to the saute at the beginning so they can bloom. Curry is good with red lentils. One can also add, with the curry, a can of organic coconut milk & cilantro. 
Alternative – ingredients for red lentil dahl w/ tomatoes & spices.
·      Red Lentils
·      Onion – 1 – 2
·      Garlic
·      Ginger
·      Tomatoes – fresh tomatoes or canned 
·      Turmeric
·      Cumin
·      Coriander
·      Cayenne
·      Cinnamon
·      Salt
·       Veg broth or water
Recipe for Dahl

·      1 cup red lentils (if using green/brown, see notes)
·      4 cups water or vegetable broth
·      1 tablespoon olive oil or ¼ cup water
·      2 medium yellow onions, diced
·      2 – 3 cloves garlic, minced
·      1 ½ inch knob ginger (about 2 tablespoons), minced
·      4 medium tomatoes, diced or 1 can (14oz) diced tomatoes, with juices
·      1 heaping teaspoon EACH cumin, coriander + turmeric
·      ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
·      ¼ – ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
·      salt, to taste

What will you make today? Love, Risa  

January 24, 2021- 9am


 From Risa 
Reflecting on Gardens today. And seeds to be planted.
Sunday, our day of reflection, musing, pause & rest.               
Gemini moon today, discovering new things, mental reflections. 
Aquarius Sun Mercury Jupiter Saturn, twinklings of the new era shining down on us. “Whispers from Eternity.” 

Cicero said – “One who has a garden & a library wants for nothing.” 
We add music, art & astrology to this list, too (Risa)

There is a need to turn back to our inner personal day to day lives now. Allowing the outer world battle to progress forward as it will. 
As we stand firmly with the Forces of Light, supporting their work battling the ongoing Forces of Darkness, we as humans & disciples turn toward the season & our gardens. 

It’s time to think about seeds now. About gardens, & what we will want to plant. 

Here is an interesting video about gardens. Books on gardens, too. 
One in particular – Rachel (Bunny) Mellon’s gardens. 
Mellon designed the rose garden at the White House for Jackie Kennedy.

This video is quiet, beautiful, thoughtful, reflective, artistic, imaginative. Listen to the narrator’s calm voice, look at his library, & the lovely vase on the piano. 
We need inspiration during these times, & hope. 
Planning for, choosing, planting seeds now gives us a living hope. 

About books. I often go to old used book stores in new towns & cities. And look in the gardening, children’s & cook book sections. There’s always something surprising there. It’s an ongoing & unexpected discovery of history, other times & beauty. Here is today’s reflections. Love, Risa

Video Link:

A quote from Paramahansa Yogananda.
God is revealed in the quietness of the soul, in the intensity of the inner effort of the mind to commune with Him. It is there that we find truth.
Outside delusion is very strong; very few people can get away from the influences of outer environment. 
The world goes on with its complexities and diverse experiences. 
Each life is new and each life has to be lived differently. 
Yet underlying each life is the silent voice of God; ever calling to us through flowers, through scriptures, and through our conscience – through all things that are beautiful and that make life worth living.
-Paramahansa Yogananda, Man’s Eternal Quest, p 133; Affirmation, Whispers from Eternity 1959, p 83.

January 23, 2021- 11am

January 23, 2021. Saturday, Saturn’s day, Ray 3.

Divine Intelligence leading to Right Thinking & Right Action.

Aquarius (Ray 5 & 7), adding new layers of understanding about land & sea – “Aquarius, the light that shines across the earth & seas” – something comes together at this time in our studies. We will begin to hear about common law & it’s the right timing for that for us to know, the restoration of what was ours as a Republic originally & its restoration for humanity. 

Our country shifting from a Corporation back to its original identity as a Republic.

Thank you, Mr. President (T).  

The story (our true history).

Our country was founded in 1776, under the direction of Hierarchy to be a Republic. What is a Republic? A country where the people have freedom, liberty, justice & a voice in the what occurs in the government. Where the people freely elect their representative & leaders. That is a Republic. We, the United States, are a Republic.

In 1871, our country became bankrupt. We asked for help from the Vatican & from London. The bankers stepped in and changed our statues from a Republic to a Corporation. We were no longer a free people, but vassals, in service to the Crown & to London & responsible for the debt. That debt was never paid off. The Bankers, the Vatican & The Bank of London receive all the money were gave (to pay off the debt) but the debt kept getting bigger & bigger. Something had to be done to free the people (us) from this control.

There were three in control – & I posted them several days ago. The Vatican, London & Washington DC. Each had a role to play. 

Enter Donald Trump. In his four years as president, he set about destroying the Corporation & returning us to a Republic. And he did just that. Remember when he want to visit Pope Francis? Remember when he visited the Queen? We watched it all. He had dossiers on them consisting on the crimes they committed as part of the Corporation. He told them, either free our country (the USA) & our people from the Corporation or I will tell the world about your crimes. They both stepped back & out. The prez dissolved the Corporation (DC, Vatican, Bank of London). He also placed the Fed. Reserve under the Treasury. He returned us to being a Republic.

So we are no longer a Corporation. But know that B is now the prez of the (broken, disappearing) Corporation (which is why the Inauguration was so ghostly). The real prez of the Republic left DC (foreign Corporation land) before the “inauguration” occurring, is alive & well & no longer on the land of the Corporation. Everything a symbol. Every move, word, action has purpose. 

The battle in our country  – from the larger perspective – the battle between the dark (Corporation & all who adhere to the Corp) & Light – the new era coming forth, the era of humanity’s Freedom & Liberty. The stars support the new era.


Aquarius flows thru Ray 5 (new education, new technology, new information, new science, etc.) & Ray 7 (anchoring on earth the new archetypes, the new rules, the new rhythms). Prez T has Aquarius on his 7thhouse cusp – the cusp of the “others.”

The Seventh Ray is the synthesizer – it is known by two designations: the Ray of Ceremonial Order and the Ray of Synthesis.  It is also the Ray that operates through the planet Uranus, the exoteric ruler of Aquarius. All things new come forth via Aquarius. We are here now. 


News & Notes: From Risa 

Overview, timeline of how we got here, noticing the true history of 1776 (Republic formed), 1871 (end of Republic, beginning of US as a Corporation, enslaving the people to a great debt that never ends), 1933 bankers found the Fed Res. , etc. In JOS’s book he talks about the Titanic, the ship was switched at the last minute w/ a similar vessel, weakened ship previously used. The ship was called the Olympic. He mentions this in “The Perfect Day”, one of his videos. The people who were killed on that boat were not the central bankers (who created the Fed Reserve), but the ones who did NOT support the central bankers & the Fed. Reserve. So they were eliminated. 

It was a tragic situation brought about by the Forces of Materialism & the Forces of Darkness, the same forces attempting at this time to destroy our country.  

There is a reality of multiple dimensions occurring now – where people in 5thdimension (enlightened) are living with those in 3rddimension (unawakened, in the Matrix) consciousness. And the language between the two are different. 3 doesn’t understand 5. 

We are in a time of choice. We are at a state of the Fulcrum. We are in the 4thcycle. The time is now where we must make a choice. The choice, each of us individually must make a choice. The choice is to awaken & step upon the Arc of Return? Or remain here where we will enter into a great pralaya for eons & eons of sleep until the next 4thcycle comes about. 

The choice – 

Jupiter & Saturn now in Aquarius. The new era coming forth.

Lifting from the Base Center – 4 petals – 

Dattatreya, Ganesh, Hanuman, Kapila. They work simultaneously with head center & ajna to lift us from the depth of matter to the highest plains. We need to be lifted up in order to make the reoriented choice, lifting us from darkness to light, the kundalini rising into the Buddhic plane into the Kingdom of Beauty. 

Aquarius – the 3rdDivine Aspect of the Holy Spirit helping to lift us up. The base center governed by the 7thRay. Ray 1 (Plan & Purpose) anchored into the heart of humanity & the Earth.  (EA, p. 200 – coming process of Planetary Service via the Divine Center, when Aquarius rules & our Sun is passing thru Aquarius). 

From Risa – I am considering setting up a group of 5th Soul consciousness. People in the 5thdimension are surrounded by 3rddimension people who support Biden & the vaccines, who may wear masks & ask people to also wear masks, people (3rddim.) who don’t perceive things the same way they (5thdimension people – the sovereigns) do.

There is lots of sadness, guilt, grief, etc. with 5thdimension disciples who are isolated. Offer them a place to speak about these things. Many are not in households who perceive reality as they (5thdimension) do. Many don’t have that benefit. It can be stressful to live around those who don’t see the world as we do. How can we help? There is a deep psycholical impact it has on those who are alone. 

There will only be a few who will be able to break thru the veil to higher consciousness. Disciples who are 5thdimension live in 3rddimension & can feel sadness & loss living with people who cannot see what we see. For those who need a place to talk we will be creating a place for people to talk together. For those who have no one to talk with. Creating a group for people to communicate together. Supporting those who can’t express themselves, those who are isolated, living in “islands” where no one understands them. 

 Write me via my email your thoughts on this.

And if you would like to participate. Love to everyone, Risa 

January 22, 2021- 9am

Reality Rap today – 
Under Aquarius – the “waters of Life for thirsty humanity.” 
Hercules (our modern day Hercules – cleansing the “stables” until the dark is gone. Everything a symbol. Everything in code.
Our new posting sites. 
Night Light News. Freedom Watchers. Gab.

Today, Friday, January 22, 2021. Venus’s day. 
Ray 5 of Concrete Knowledge needed for the truth to be recognized. 

The Astrology – 
Aquarius Sun & Mercury. Reflecting the New Era. 
Taurus moon in the morning. Taurus is the “illuminating the mind” light. 
Afternoon & evening & into the night – we have a v/c moon.
Later around midnight, Gemini moon begins. 

Posting a Reality Rap today. And Esoteric Explanation (See below). 

Feelings Today
Wanting to go back to easier times. When the country
was calmer. However, we’ve entered the time of transiting
from one Age to the next Age. And all things become topsy turvy
in the process. In the meantime, the “stables” (Augean stables not cleaned for decades) are being cleansed by our modern day Hercules. 

“Aquarius is the Light that shines over the land & across the seas. Cleansing with its healing rays until the darkness is gone.” 

Disciples, the one’s supporting the Forces of Light, recognize & stand with our modern day Hercules – they know who he is.  
Reciting together the keynote of Aquarius – 
“Waters of Life (is Aquarius, are we), poured forth for thirsty humanity.” Risa

The Rap – who will recognize all the esoteric symbology? 

Reality Rap/The Trump Way
Let’s get real, let’s get Sirius
Somethin’s happen’en – Humanity delirious
I heard a rumor ‘bout Russian Collusion 
Ya all know – it’s Humanity’s crazy Illusion
Humanity, Humanity what’s the goal?
Wake up, Wake up, What’s in your Soul?
Get up, get down, got to get ready,
Got to hold the line, Got to hold steady
We have the power – We have the Will
Let’s step up & take the red pill
We have the love – We have the heart
Come on now, let’s do our part
Storm’s a risen – I’ve been waitin’ so long,
That’s why I’m singin’ this freedom song
It’s all about the heart, the Lion’s heart
Full of love & wisdom – your gift, your part
Leo – Leo, the lion’s mane
It’s that spark that lights the flame
Leo – Leo, de-control 
Search for the keyhole to the Soul 
Pump it! Pump it! Full of Love
Spread it! Radiate it! Feel the Dove 
Leo – Leo, Lion of dreams  
 everything in the world ain’t what it seems
Dream of truth – Dream of a better land
Let’s stand up & make our demands
People – People, what’s in your Soul
Create it, Voice it, Take Control
“I’m thinking of you & rappin’ all day
Spread the love – ‘cuz that’s the Trump Way.”
 “I’m thinking of you & rappin’ all day
Spread the love – the MAGA Way.”
(by a Disciple & Patriot) 


Explanation of the Rap – (See Leo Constellation)
Magha or Magus is the most renowned of the constellations and is situated in Leo.
Maga what is it? Make America Great Again?
MAGA = MAGHA = REGULUS(the heart of the Lion)
MAGUS = Magic
~What is Magic?
The conscious building of a thought for manifestation.
White magic=thought built on Goodwill & is concerned with unfoldment of the Soul. (evolutionary arc)
Black magic= thought built on selfish & evil intentions.(involutionary arc)
Dark to Light
White magic is the magic of light that transforms people who otherwise are in darkness. Darkness stands for ignorance; light is another name for knowledge. The Awakening!
The work of white magic is to change ourselves so goodwill flows through us.
How do we change ourselves? 
Aligning with Will-to-Good creates Goodwill & Right Relationship.
We build the Antahkarana (the Rainbow Bridge) – the Bridge of Light that brings Heaven to Earth.
And the Bridge is built through: meditation (creative visualization), study (cultivates discrimination & pierces the veil of illusion), service (the scientific mode of expressing Love/Wisdom).

Trumps Ascendent = 29 Leo = Regulus (hindu/Magha) = heart of the Lion = EA.(page 300) The influences of Sirius, three in number, are focused in Regulus, which is, as you know, a star of the first magnitude and which is frequently called “the heart of the Lion.” Risa

January 21, 2021- 11am

News & notes: Thursday, Jan. 21st.
“Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.”
Continue with the popcorn everyone.

January 21, 2021 – Reappearance of the Christ meditation day.
Inauguration, everyone involved, looked lost. No life in their lives.
It looked like a Funeral. It was a Death ritual. They knew what was occurring. They looked frightened. Farewell speech, gold trimmed flags, transfer from DC (Corporation), considered hostile between state of occupied territory & occupied power (military troops). EX Or 2018 – seizing assets. DC fenced in now, regarded as foreign territory, for assets they caused for interference in the election. So now all can be seized as the election was fraudulent. The military is now in control by Insurrection Act. Biden inauguration in for entities. Tribunals now will occur in capital. Tents as makeshift prisons.

Trump 19th prez of 1776 Constitution.
March 4th, original inauguration.

Intel given minute by minute. Remain calm. Everything is coming. Military in control now. Christopher Miller, acting Def Sec. in charge of all military actions now & Pete Gaynor, Infantry Expert with Marine Forces, now head of Fema. They rule in absence of a real functioning government & a real acting president.

Big wake-up call with this new information.
Flynn, may be traveling across world for Gesara (new financial system). Pompeo may be offered position of VP under 19th Republic President.

Know this we haven’t even begun with the Real Storm. There’s much to come yet.

DC isn’t part of the US of A. It’s been used by foreign nations.
Flags were wrinkled in the inauguration speech.
Wrinkled flags mean something. That something’s not right, not real. That something bad is happening.
It’s all optics, remember.

Warfare based on deception, Classic Art of War.
Need to make enemy believe one is far away.
Art of War, wait for extraordinary moment. It hasn’t come yet.
Art of War, Trumps favorite book.
It’s all optics….
Let them believe they’ve won.
Need to do this also for the people….
Don’t be disappointed by the optics.
The appearance of things, is not the essence of things.

We have to believe in the president based upon knowledge.
Those who feel betrayed….they aren’t developed fully within the lens of knowledge.
The people who turn away are not the ones we want in the trenches during a war.
People forget what has been told.
Fence around DC has locks on the outside. DC not part of the states.
America right now is under military rule.
In Constitution can’t elect prez when country is under military rule.
Everything we saw yesterday was scripted out.
17 Executive Orders? That’s code.

Knowledge (Ray 5, Aquarius)
The knowledge of our Republic is now being given here.

Cue was a source of education for the people for the past 4 years.
Biden, prez of a non-existent country.
6.500 National Guards in DC now. 6.500 will remain after 30 days.
When Prez Trump was speaking at the airport, there were how many flags behind him? Did you count? 17 in all. Everything in code.
Fort Knox, empty when T first took office. It’s full now.
Many “deals” happened under prez Trump. He is a businessman.
He knows money. He made “deals” with countries so that he could help them “save face.” He has compassion & understanding. Trump is a genius with money & business.
China “bought out” many of the countries, 80% of our government officials.
Trump put an end to this with China.

It’s been a long clawing battle to get our Sovereign dignity back – the Sovereignty (independence, freedom, liberty) back for the people (us) of the Republic of America.

Note, ALL words have meaning. We need to learn them now. Their definitions, etymology, origins, real meanings.

Keep up everyone. You can do it.
I’m keeping up as fast as I can, sharing all that I know/learn with you.
We’re in the Aquarian times now….
The cleansing of the Augean stables are occurring now. the Aquarian Task of Hercules (Trump is the modern-day Hercules).
Aquarius is the Light that shines on earth across the seas. The

Things happen on God’s time. Trump is guided by God, as Hercules was guided by the Teacher. Melania on Telegram actually wrote to the Patriots – “There’s been a delay.”
Telegram – messages (hints) sent out from the prez via Melania, Ivanka, General H.

Deep state is so deeply embedded with millions of tentacles. The cleansing of the Augean stables takes time. We are to have patience. It’s not all over now. The first phase is just culminating. The 2nd phase is beginning. Just enjoy the show everyone. In the Art of War we don’t now the big plans. We are to be comforted by understanding all the symbols we are seeing. What took place at the Inauguration was a play. Theatre. Kabuki.

Patriots standing steady. Composed, poised. Understanding what is occurring.
Being the “waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity.” (TBC, when more comes out). X22 says something may not happen till the 27th. But don’t cling to this date. Everything changes in the Art of War.

When change from old to new system, values of what we own & who owns it will change. Gates will be exposed along with all the Deep Staters, & what they have been up to. When all’s in place…we won’t move onto quantum financial system till the swamp is empty. He wants nothing evil within the new system. Think of Trump with Charlie Rose 30 years ago. When he lost his money he realized who his friends were. He learned then & he learned now, those around him – who were true, who were DS. Imagine being in prez T’s shoes these last four years.

Everyone from all segments of humanity in our country are coming together to understand. Every segment of the population has a “leader.” This is a significator of the Aquarian Age, different segments of humanity talking together, sharing knowledge.

The one thing with Trump – he has a team behind him of 8K people. We have confidence in what is occurring and that all that is happening is for the people of the new Republic. Not for the banks or bankers or the Vatican or UK or the corporation. But for the people. Accounts have been set up on the quantum system to protect the money of the people. Anything illicit with illicit money will be destroyed. The new system of finances will protect the people. Nothing is being financed from the old system. All contaminated money will be gathered to refinance the world. All the Deep State family money will be seized & used to care for humanity in the world.

Returning US to Constitutional Rule.
Difficult in the future for Britain is under Maritime rule.

Battles are won with methods. The Art of War.
Move in chess, Castlerock….pull enemy in, boom, get them.
Last move. Checkmate. Castlerock if Trump.
Standing in one place, everyone charges at you, then you step aside.
Strong defensive move in chess.

More to come, more to understand yet in the future. A Rap (Esoteric) tomorrow.
Love, Risa

January 20, 2021- 7am


“Fairness is Coming.” See Videos Today.

Aquarius: The Light on land & sea, purifying until the dark is gond.
Hi, Everyone. We are watching the strange “news” today.
Wednesday, Mercury’s day, January 20, 2021.
Our hearts sent out to our president & the First Lady.
It’s all in the Optics.
INITIATION & an Inauguration.
Two events today.

Today is a Special Posting.
Recognizing INITIATION Day for the president. INITIATION.
While it is also Inauguration Day for Biden. Note the two words.
INITIATION. Inauguration. Both are #9.
It’s all in the optics. So many masked.
The church, St. Matthews, where B & family attended was the same church President Kennedy’s funeral Mass. On the steps his 3 year old boy, JFK, Jr. saluted his father’s casket.

The videos below are special – beautiful. Honoring our president.
His “Initiation.”

Initiation Day Videos:
1.) Trump video: Trump Knows The Truth of “if”

2.) Trump: I Did It My Way

The Astrology today – 
Mars Uranus today – things unexpected may occur.

Aquarius Sun -“The Light that shines across the land & sea. The light that purifies with its healing rays, all that needs purifying until the dark is gone.”

Taurus moon – illuminating the minds of humanity.
“Fairness is coming,” President Trump.

Ships on both U.S. coasts. No crowds in DC. No parade. Instead…. 200K flags  representing the people in Washington along with 30K National Guard. Mobilization. It’s all in the optics. A day like no other for future history books. Sense into it, everyone. Then you’ll know what’s real.

Fairness is coming,” said President Trump.
Everything is symbolism. Washington DC is Solomon’s Temple – the Celestial Liberty & Arc of an American Covenant. What we feel is what we’re seeing today is a ritual of the Dark Forces. Four  years ago, it was a ritual of the Divine Feminine. The Forces of Light. DC recreation of Solomon’s Temple. What we are seeing today in DC is not of the Light.  Lady Gaga in red& black singing The National Anthem. She was Queen Mother Vampire in American Horror Story.
Listening, our hearts are trembling in sadness. The Light has left Washington.
It’s all symbolism. We need to decode it all. Esotericists are trained in decoding the symbols.
“America, God shared His Grace on Thee. And crowned They Good with Brotherhood, from sea to shining sea. This land was made for you & me.”
Love, Risa

January 18, 2021- 10am

 “I have been to the mountaintop & seen the promised land. I may not go there with you. But you will.”

 Capricorn Disciple in the Morning Sun – our last full day of Capricorn. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
Monday, January 18, 2021.
The time/week feels surreal.
How Washington looks – with 25K guards there.
The fences….occupied land.
Each day poignant….
Can feel the tension….deep tension.
Tension creates attention.
System corrupted – the legal system, Justice Dept., FBI & CIA & State Dept.
So we have so much corruption w/ the government, things can’t move as they should in regards to the Constitution.
Thru different legal acts, military can come in in cases of treason, military tribunals.
We are at that stage, military operation (DC occupied).
DC is its own entity, like the Vatican. Corporately owned.
Something will happen at the Inauguration (Wed.) with the Mars/Uranus.
Sudden change.
However things will get worse before they get better.

Crisis in our country. We’re in a coup.
There is lawlessness, no Rule of Law apply.
What occurs then when the government can’t bring forth the Rule of Law.
Our government, except for the prez, has not been working for years now.
The people have power but they are not awakened yet.
The system of Rule of Law has been infiltrated.
Avenues in the legal system has been exhausted.
When this occurs, the military has to take over.
Only certain conditions can the military come in.
So many questions. No answers.
We need to know the Constitution.
The prez did everything under the Constitution.
So many voices. All different.
We don’t know enough to understand what’s next.
If the people were awakened….I wonder what we would do together.
As recognized & identified World Disciples.

Prez won’t attend Inauguration.
Supposedly the prez will go off on Air Force One.
Like all presidents do at the “end” of their terms.
He has to keep optics up.
Peaceful for the people & Patriots.
Similar messages are going out from different sources.

Feels like we’re on the very razor’s edge of a precipice.
The situation won’t end this week. It will progress well into
The Three Spring Festivals (full moon times, Aries, Taurus, Gemini).
Waiting….in the Ashram….in observation, contemplation & prayer.

Monday, Jan 18, US Republic restored to original Constitution, returning power to people. To make this happen, all media dark, with EBS activated w/ messages from the prez. On Sunday….intel sent. To inform the people of what is occurring. The Storm is Upon Us – message from the prez. Global marshal law. Via EBS – 8-hour video played for 10 days exposing crimes against humanity at military tribunals. 500K+ people take down worldwide. People we trusted will be taken down. At this moment – full rewiring of planet earth. This is not a transition from T to B. It is that prez & military restoring things back to We the People.
(however, we don’t know if this is dis information).

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
Aries Moon, Last days of Capricorn Sun.
Tomorrow, Tuesday after noon, Sun enters Aquarius.
Ruled by Uranus, moving forward now.

Wednesday is Inauguration Day.
A day that will be written about in history books.

The choice for our country for the future.
Nationalism or (over) Globalism.
Freedom & Civilization or (over) Anarchy.


“I have a dream…I have been to the mountaintop.”
The Capricorn disciple & Initiate. His words, always.
Nationalism vs Globalism, Freedom & Civilization over Anarchy.

Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration day.
Monday, January 18, 2021 – the moon’s day, humanity’s day.
Bringing the past into the present for the future. Our dreams, too.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed today. King was born with a Capricorn Sun.” I have been to the mountaintop”, he said.
“I have a dream” King said, calling for racial equality and the end of discrimination. He had Mercury & Pallas Athena in Aquarius, the sign of freedom.
King was a fighter (Vulcan, soul ruler of his Taurus rising) for civil rights (south node Scorpio, Saturn in Sag, Mars in Gemini). Like Christ, King “came with a sword”. He was a peacemaker who fought for freedom. King is most likely, like Lincoln, an “Avatar”, one who brings forth (fulfills) the spiritual hopes, wishes and needs of the people (Pluto in Cancer). Both Lincoln and King sought freedom for humanity.
King was jailed, his home destroyed. However, through extreme suffering and travails he won the rights for black people everywhere. Like Gandhi, he fought non-violently and was the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. King was assassinated at 6:01 pm on the 2nd story balcony of the Lorraine Motel (450 Mulberry St.) on April 4, 1968 (in the sign Aries), in Memphis, Tennessee. The hotel is now a Civil Rights Museum. King was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.
Martin Luther King, Jr. – a Disciple & an Initiate under the Light of Capricorn.
I have a dream speech – August, 1963

Capricorn – under the Midnight Sun, Light Supernal
Disciples rest awhile on this Capricorn mountain after a long journey from Aries to Capricorn. An opportunity is given to Disciples (Scorpio & Sag tasks) to become Initiates (opportunity in Capricorn). As we stand in the Light Supernal, a most magnificent cosmic Light, in the background the cries of humanity are heard – cries rising up from the cities, towns and valleys of the Earth. There is a realization that humanity is suffering and in need. And so, the Soul’s keynote….

“Lost are we in Light Supernal, yet on that Light we turn our backs.”
Returning to humanity in the valleys of the Earth – serving in Aquarius.
Saving in Pisces.

The Great Bear (7 Rays), Sirius & Pleiades guide us

January 16, 2021- 9am

Saturday January 16, 2021 – Saturn’s day. Rule of Law.
Citizen Journalism providing a context for our day today & each day. 

Astrology Now & Following Days

Pisces moon today – the saving grace needed to move forward.
Jupiter/Uranus tomorrow – Big changes & challenges tomorrow. Don’t get “caught” & don’t be tricked. 

Monday – “I have been to the mountaintop & have seen the promised land.”MLK, Jr. Day.
Tuesday – Sun enters Aquarius – Uranus (change maker) moves forward now, supporting the appearance of the new era. We begin to be guided by the New Aquarian Laws & Principles.

Wednesday – Inauguration day. Taurus Moon. 
Mars/Uranus in Taurus – Two paths converge – the path of light & the path of darkness. Mars/Uranus – volatile & unstable, erratice activity, sudden explosive conditions, revolutonary. Who will be the “leader of the Pack?”Will an inauguration occur? 

A mantram, when rightly sounded forth, creates a vacuum in matter, resembling a funnel. This funnel is formed betwixt the one who sounds it forth and the one who is reached by the sound. There is then formed a direct channel of communication.  (Letters on Occult Meditation, p. 164)
I know the Law, & towards the goal I strive.
Naught shall arrest my progress on the way.
Each tiny life within my form responds.
My soul has sounded forth that call, & clearer day by day it sounds.
The glamour holds me not. The path of light streams clear ahead.

Uranus – sign of our changing times.
Humanity responds to the influences of the stars and planets. Before Neptune & Uranus & Pluto were “discovered” humanity was unable to respond to higher spiritual energies. As Uranus (1871), Neptune (1846) & Pluto (1930), & asteroid Chiron (1977) were “seen” in the sky, each one of these “discoveries” informed humanity new realities would present themselves, new experiences, expansions of awareness and consciousness, evolutionary expansions. 
Uranus is the planet that distributes Aquarian (Ray 5 & 7) energy. 7thRay, the color is violet. Calling the violet angels to assist humanity at this time. To help bring forth the new era, the new culture & civilization, under the Aquarian new Laws & Principles.

Daily Updates
Humanity has been burdened, with false narratives for decades. Unable to reach the Soul or be creative or free. Soon, this will all fall away. 
A grief process will occur for humanity when they realize the extent of lies, manipulation over the decades. Our inheritance stolen, our identity as Americans & what our purpose is here in this country. Part of the process of “the reveal” will be this grief. The NGWS has the training to assist humanity when this begins. The NGWS are to educate the intellectuals who then educate the people. The esoteric training gives the NGWS a foundation from which to teach the truths. We are grateful to the Tibetan for his stupendous work thru Alice. The Teachings are for these times now. 

JFK- The present situation in our country at this time stems from the killing of JFK, 1963. 200 generals behind the prez, directly connected back to the time of JFK. US military behind prez because the prez represents Constitution & Republic. Much is covert & behind the scenes. There’s much more to come. 

Marshall Law, etc.
Marshall Law & Emergency Broadcasting System may be activated  – dependent upon what Main Street Medium (MSM) & social media do. They work for the globalists, hand in hand. 

From Charlie Ward last night…he said there might be Marshall Law. Basically MLaw for the entire world (US military gathering treasonous US citizens in foreign countries, indictments out for them). 
The situation isn’t just a US problem. 
Also, it could be dark for 10 days. Information sent via Emergency Alert system, showing people what’s occurring. Media brought down. These are possibilities only. X22 – everything seems like it’s going to happen any day. No one knows the timing. People we know, preparers…say, “be ready.” 

The psychology of the reveal – this will be difficult for people, for the entrained. 

The globalists have left the people behind. But the Republic is for & about the people.

Those who stand with the Forces of Light are protected. Disciples stand poised, with the Forces of Light. Divine Providence is behind the president. 

Prez said, one day we’ll see the virus (Covid) disappearing. It’s disappearing. It was used against the people. Now that B is in….we don’t need the virus anymore. People have been silenced, masked, a death spiral happened with businesses. It was a deadly game.

NCSWIH – Nothing Can Stop What is Happening. More Coming.
Walking in the darkness, before we see the light.
Breaking the crystallizations of Capricorn – so a glimmer of Light can shine through.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is the 17th. Patriots know what this number means.
There is a “call” to gather tomorrow, Sunday. DON’T HEED THE CALL.
Remain at home.

Note: false flag (a planned disaster event, to confuse humanity as to its purpose & cause) may occur. Don’t go out. Don’t protest. Hold the line. Their plan is to go after the people, especially those who have weapons. They silenced the people. Now they will take away people’s arms. They need a crisis to do this. Stay home. Don’t go out. Protect yourselves. Know your surroundings. During Nat. Emergency, prez has control to mobilize National Guard, coordinating with Marines. All to work together under prez & to protect the people from false flags. 
Removing criminal elements from government.  
No place to hide. Tik Tok.

Keep up, stay tuned, study the information, be informed. Patriots are Disciples & are informed.
No one is asleep now. The changes are happening moment by moment.

Shift From One Age to the Next Age
The times we are in – the shift from one age to the next, from Pisces to Aquarius – in the interim time. Remember when we were attempting to leave Egypt? The Pharaoh place such hindrances in our way. Terrible hindrances. This is occurring now, as we attempt to leave Pisces. The F/Darkness placing terrible hindrances in front of us, attempting to keep us from entering the new era, the Aquarian Age. However, the stars impel the Earth & its kingdoms to move forward. That which is of the old must pass away. But not without a fight, a battle between F/Light & F/Dark.  
We know the F/Light in the end do overcome the F/Darkness. 

Mantrams/Identity as Disciples
“I am a messenger of Light. I am a pilgrim on the way of love. I
do not walk alone, but know myself as one with all great souls, and
one with them in service. Their strength is mine. This strength I
claim. My strength is theirs and this I freely give. A soul, I walk on
earth. I represent the ONE.” (from Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p.

“I know the Law, and towards the goal I strive. Naught shall
arrest my progress on the Way. Each tiny life within my form responds.
My soul has sounded forth that call, and clearer day by day it sounds.
The glamour holds me not. The Path of Light streams clear ahead. My
plea goes forth to reach the hearts of men. I seek, I try to serve
your need. Give me your hand and tread the Path with me.” (from Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 265)

Stay safe everyone. Love, Risa 

January 15, 2021- 6pm

There is a silence all around us. Everywhere. Something’s being played out but we don’t know the details. But we can feel it. Hold steady everyone. Things are coming down. 

When in war it’s hard to know the master plan. And things change moment by moment. Something’s coming. Information that’s been hidden from us, the truth is being de-classified. The Truth coming out. All documents will be released. The silence we sense & hear is that we are in a perilous time.

We are in the eye of the storm. From now thru next week. The astrology confirms it. Sun/Pluto, Mars/Uranus, Jupiter/Uranus.                       

Powerful time of transformations (Pluto), reorientation, change (Uranus) that is inevitable & constant. Rule of Law called forth.

What to do: Remain at home. Don’t protest. Don’t go out into towns or cities.  Don’t protest. It’s a trick (the 17th). All Patriots are to remain calm. 

There’s a call on Sunday, the 17thto gather in protest.

IT’S A TRICK. Don’t participate.  

Stay close to family, friends, loved ones.

If there is a lockdown, & the systems of communications go dark, the Emergency Broadcast System will be implemented.

It’s prepared in all languages in the world.

All Political debate is over.

Times are too grave, challenges too urgent to fall into passions of political debate. 

The White House is being cleansed, “looted of evil. There is a looting the world of evil.” Looting the WH of all that’s evil. 

All royal houses in all the nations.

Not a fragment of darkness will be allowed. The swamp (Augean stables) will be cleansed.

If we have days of darkness, the Emergency Broadcast System will show on TV what is occurring & the president will speak

If Marshal Law occurs, the military will be in the big cities to protect the people. Marshal Law is implemented in order to get to the dark forces & surround them. Gather them, & put them away. Look up Marshall Law. Look up Insurrection Act.

Research & study on your own so the information is discovered & integrated. 

 If there is any foreign interference in the election results….the votes are invalid. The Constitution. The dominion servers activated all over the world. UK, Italy, S. America, Germany, Spain, Canada, etc. All interfered in our election. When foreign interreference occurs in an election, those interfering are committing an act of treason.

We each have a moral compass within ourselves.

It tells us what is right, what is wrong. If we are true to ourselves, then that moral compass is working. 

Then Right Decisions are made based on Truth.

All is being played out in perfection.

Disciples are to light candles & guide humanity to a safe & sane future.

More tomorrow. Love, Risa 


January 14, 2021- 11am

 The Whirling Forces  – Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021. 
Amidst the whirling forces, may the Soul of America prevail.
The Soul of the people. May the flag fly freely. In our new America, our New Republic.

Here is the prez speech/video from yesterday.
It’s powerful & hopeful. Watch it.

Where we are now as a country, a time, a period, a world under the heavens.
January 14, 2021 – Uranus stationing in the sky.

“Amidst the whirling forces, I stand confused. 
I know them not. 
For, during all my past, they swept me up and down the land 
wherein I moved, blinded and unaware. 

From place to place and point to point, 
they drove me up and down the land 
and nowhere was there rest. 

I know them now and here I stand and will not move 
until I know the Law which governs all this movement up and down the land. 

I may revolve and turning face the many different ways; 
I face some wide horizons and yet today I stand.

I will determine for myself the way to go. 
Then onward I will move. 
I will not travel up and down the land nor turn in space. 
But onward I will move.”

From the Old Commentary, Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey

- How is everyone doing?
Life seems dangerous at times. Disciples live it anyway & fully.
Anxiety, fear, despair, lost? 
Many are at this time. A great silence has settled over America.
We don’t know what’s coming next.
As Uranus is completely stopped in the sky, that is as it should be.
Nothing moving, dancing in place.

For those with fear, trepidation, despair, loss of hope, anxiety.
Just what the Dark Forces want us to drop into.
Don’t just keep going thinking you are fine. Turn inward. 
How is everyone doing?
Sometimes the dark is all just too much. Sometimes the anxiety, the unknown are all too much. It’s good to step away from what’s occurring in our country. Let the Forces of Light do its work as it should. Standing with the F/Light, supporting them. But letting them do the work they are made to do. We know in the end…”The Forces of Light do overcome the Forces of Darkness.”

Astrology Notes
See NLN column for notes on Uranus. 

Transits (planets in the sky now) 
 – Uranus station direct – can produce anxiety, heart palpitations, a sense of confusion, as all things changing begin to accelerate. Uranus has to do with the Vegas, cranial nerve, co ruling nervous system. With the outer events happening in our world, it’s most important to nurture the nervous system w/ B vitamins. The entire complex of Bs.

Transiting Mars will join transiting Uranus (inauguration day). So each day approaching this, we can be over stimulated, anxious, fearful. It would do this normally w/out outer events occurring. It’s good to be in nature, in garden, in the sun, stand on the earth, eat foods filled with vitamin b. B, things to nurture the nervous system. 

Out last days of Capricorn (Aquarius Sun next Tuesday) – yesterday’s Capricorn new moon on the mountaintop. All the mountain tops connected & communicating together. Some of the Masters live in the mountains in small villages together. On mountaintops too. Reorientation is occurring from the base center upward in this Kali Yuga time of ¾ darkness, ¼ light. Holding the Light. Seeing the glimmers of the future of the new age ahead. We cannot be attached to knowing results in certain timing. We don’t know. We each must find what comforts, nurtures & nourishes us. 

The Dark Forces 
We have often been forewarned about attacks of the dark forces. Such forewarning is needed everywhere. It should not be thought that the dark ones will cease their destructive attacks. Decay & destruction & death are their nourishment, murder their profession. Encroachment upon the spirit and body of humanity is their joy. 
They try to penetrate behind even the most protected boundaries. They would rather perish than abandon their demoralizing work of corruption.
Some people think that a mechanical utterance of the Highest Names will protect them immediately from dark assaults. However, it is not a mechanical repetition but the pure fire of the heart that creates a firm shield of protection.
The cunning & clever ways of the dark ones are multiform. In addition to their crudest attempts, there may be subtle approaches that influence one’s weaker side. Creating doubt & fear is one of the favorite methods used by the dark ones, and he who doubts is already defenseless. 
One would think that this is sufficiently known, but it is not. Doubt, whispers of doubt & fear are like a poison. The reality of the attacks of the dark ones upon humanity must be remembered. When remembered & known stand with the Inner Life of the Brotherhood.
We are always on guard. Not an hour passes without the need to stop somewhere the vicious attacks of the dark ones. Do not think that they attack only spiritual followers. They try to destroy all of humanity, all constructive work, and because of the law of vibrations, they are able to find the seed of good, hated by them, & destroys them. One should not ascribe omniscience to them, but they do sense their opposites and they are clever & evil. 
Our Work is needed to counter the attacks of the dark ones. They know that ultimately, they cannot overcome Us. We do not send any energy to them, not love or light. Why? Because they absorb the energy that is sent into space & use the energy to destroy humanity. 
We call forth help from the Great Ones. Asking for unity and trust, and a speedy victory.
Many signs are flying to Us. No one can imagine how much confusion there is in this world! People have forgotten that each country contains many hearts. Their pain is Our pain!  Agni Yoga, Supermundane #26

Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 114. 
To be prepared, to be joyful, to be poised, to be jubilant, to be the bringing and the bestowing one, and to be in this life taught by the light of the sun, is to be as We wish to see you; and as such We are dispatching you. Thus has your spirit accepted the mission.

America may go through a near death experience. See what it’s like, so we can choose life itself. Life can seem dangerous at times. Disciples live it anyway & more and mor fully. Together. From the Ashram…love, Risa 

January 13, 2021- 9am

Wednesday – Jan. 13, 2021 – Liminal time. Amidst the Whirling Forces.

Eagle in flight (read my post today on Freedom Waters). Dear Everyone, New moon occurred around midnight last night. Capricorn 23 degrees new moon.

Standing on the mountaintop in the Light Supernal, gathering the Light to serve humanity with. Now, beginning 8:44am (west coast) moon in Aquarius – the new era’s moon, under the New Laws & Principles. My state of mind today. Too much happening every day. More & more censorship. When it’s censored, we know it’s the truth. Only the lies are allowed to be printed now. Do they think humanity doesn’t see this?

Humanity is smart. Humanity is at its core good. Humanity’s Soul is made of angelic substance.

Everything seems scattered these day.. A LIMINTAL TIME. The Future twinkling in the ethers. . Trying to center & stabilize….

Posting on the both sites on Freedom Watchers.

Night Light News (website down) needs to be reworked, redone. I don’t know when it will be completed. GAB is either down or too slow now.

CloutHub down. Parker down.

I don’t know what’s happening in our country today.

Heard the impeachment is happening.

Needing to rest a bit today. Risa –

2 sites on Freedom Watchers…/astrology…/


A mantram, when rightly sounded forth, creates a vacuum in matter, resembling a funnel. This funnel is formed betwixt the one who sounds it forth and the one who is reached by the sound. There is then formed a direct channel of communication.  (Letters on Occult Meditation, p. 164)

I know the Law, & towards the goal I strive.
Naught shall arrest my progress on the way.
Each tiny life within my form responds.
My soul has sounded forth that call, & clearer day by day it sounds.
The glamour holds me not. The path of light streams clear ahead.

 News & Notes – Eagle is in flight.

Wednesday – Mars/Saturn – Venus trine Uranus. Structures moving forward. Right values put in place. Moving forward. “The eagle is in flight.”

People have been given authority to speak for Cue. The information from Cue is accurate. Giving us clues as to what is occurring. Everything’s in code on purpose. The prez & Cue connections – prez cannot afford to be directly connected to Cue. For protection. Cue – the entire situation is a stand-alone organic free-thinking element of information engaging with people giving them direction as to what is on the forefront & in the future.

The entire situation in our country at this time stems from the killing of JFK, 1963. 200 generals behind the prez, directly connected back to the time of JFK. US military behind prez because the prez represents Constitution & Republic. Much is covert & behind the scenes. There’s much more to come.

Marshall Law & Emergency Broadcasting System dependent upon what Main Street Medium (MSM) does. Yesterday they cut the prez talk, cutting to FBI. If MSM refuses to carry prez message, then the prez will close down MSM.  How awful our prez is pushed into a corner. It is all betrayal. Final result will be the prez talking to the people directly via Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS).

Carrier fleets (good guys) off west & east coast because those are certain significant cities & areas. Troops (good guys) will be placed where there is the need to protect the people. They won’t be in all parts of the US.

Lin Wood – he speaks the truth without hiding behind veils. He’s accurate. What he reveals is horrendous. Humanity will be shocked about the pedo satanic information. More later. S. Powell, a military lawyer, held in reserve, so when the time comes she will take lead in court marshalling.

The globalists have left the people behind. But the Republic is for & about the people.

Those who stand with the Forces of Light are protected. Disciples stand poised, with the Forces of Light. Divine Providence is behind the president.

The mayhem at the Capital was due to BLM/Antifa. Not peaceful protestors. But DS used the event to blame the prez & those who stand with the prez.


Most Politicians & all MSM corrupt.

Military will make sure right prez comes into the White House.

Only 2 good people in SCOTUS. One recently appointed. Others blackmailed.


Everything is turned upside down, inside out.

The VPrez Pence did what he was supposed to do.

Everyone is playing a part. Know this. It’s a show.

The test is people’s discernment as to what is really occurring.

It’s humanity’s greatest test since the last Appearance of the Christ.


The Insurrection Act signed but put back in prez desk drawer & at 9am taken out, acted on. Signed 2 days ago but not given to a staff member. The words were given “The eagle is in flight.”

So…It’s not a drill. What it means, the preplanned operation begins to roll out.

About leaders who die.

Whenever we see an important person in a coffin, we look at the flag on the coffin. If it’s a good person who died, flag is neatly pressed. When the person is not good, the flag is wrinkled. Interesting piece of information.  Risa (on night & day watch) (thanks K).


January 12, 2021- 11am

News & Notes. Tuesday….Mars day.
Holding the Line. Gathering information.
At the end of today we have a new moon, Capricorn, 23 degrees.
Tomorrow Mars square Saturn – difficult & challenging.
Thursday Uranus stations direct – 7 degrees Taurus.
11.3 – 11.4 – 13th & 14th 1/13 & 1/14. Possibilities.
Playing with numbers.
However, 1/13 new moon, Mars/Saturn.
1/14 – Uranus (revoluton, revelation) direct.
Everything’s astrology. Everything’s timing.
Abiding by the Rule of Law.
Only way forward is with the Military Tribunal for Treason.
Military to protect the people.
Patriots Holding the Line. Poised. Observing. United.
Plan is in Place. Clock ticking. Getting closer & closer.
Soon more will happen.

News & Notes today – Updates.
Watch, listen – Everything’s moment by moment.
Everything’s’ speculation.
EVERYTHING URANIAN – things come & go.
What is presented here is everything. In case it’s all true.
Here we go….

Military will be moving in where there is danger of riots (by the DS/Antifa).
Don’t be frightened. Be aware. They have been called in to protect the people.
There is a gathering of the Deep States in certain cities & there is an expectation that the DS will retaliate. The military forces are deployed to protect the people. Don’t protest. Stay at home. Just watch. Be aware. Knowledge protects us.

Days ahead will be days of gathering the DS. In that “gathering” of the treasonous & betrayers….the people need to be protected.

About Cue
There is a real Cue, real QAnons….digital warriors. What is Cue? They were 4 w/ a quantum computer. It was military. Quantum computer operates on speed of light, see into future, predict. 2016 information came forth that is playing out now. With different time lines. They wanted the people to know this inf. Teams were created to send inf. out to the people. Group decided to continue maintaining the data base. Anon movement is unfunded, unpaid, volunteers. There is someone of oversees. QM Cue released the “drops.” Vast majority of Cue teams don’t know who the leader is. As it should be. Person he spoke with was “chosen” by the admin to be the front facing person. Simon spoke with him. Person fronting Cue, responsible for maintaining the network communicates with others in the world. They have accurate intel, embedded w/ the prez’s team. Dissemination of inf. is done by teams. The one in charge maintains the focus of Cue & is in touch with the prez. Will come a time when much of this will be made public. The Cue (all the warriors) we understand as Cue will never be presented to the public. But there is one, & that person may be presented to the world. The “one” is the “go between” between prez & the people. The prez is the “boss.”

You tube took the video & text down.
Modern phones updated Apple phones can get the inf. But old phones can get screen shots.
Italian gov. (private company in Italy) complicit in voting fraud. Leonardi satellite (how they were able to change the votes from T to B).
Congress was presented with an Affidavit from someone (Italian gov.) who was complicit in the fraud. It was deliberately delivered just before Congress ratified Biden’s election (win) on Jan. 6th. They (Congress) were aware that there was international interference in elections. That brings in Ex Order about foreign interference in elections.
YET, Congress went ahead & voted for Biden as prez & thus those who voted to certify the election committed treason. Congress accepted B win & they didn’t check out the affidavit. They knew it was a bombshell, they buried it, & put Biden in. Lots of Republicans turn out to be corrupt along with all the Dems. A sad situation. Betrayers they turned out to be.

Prez T when he came in in 2016 said we can clear this (darkness in gov.) up. But 70% of US gov. would have to have been arrested. It’s a lot higher now. The American gov. would grind to a halt in 2017. What they have been doing for past 4 years is preparing, getting people in line & ready. If 85% of Senate & Congress charges, there are others lined up in emergency to take over running of houses. A fallback position so when treasonous are taken out, we can still have a running government. Italian gov (members) worked with Vatican, not just to move money around, but to change votes via satellite. Send votes to space, send back to earth, to China, Frankfurt, etc. etc. Votes travelled by satellite. Italy is a NATO country, member of UN, all trying to overthrow the United States. Very difficult political situation. Italian gov. said to T admin….run story the satellite were hacked (w/out Ital. gov. knowing). T said, yes OK, but we need arrests. Prez & PM arrested. Italian gov determined to save itself & not face accusations that they conspired to remove head of the US. Why is Vatican involved? Shows key people (prev. presidents we know) & how much money stored away at Vatican. 10 of famous people we know from US have staggering amts of money at the Vatican bank. Vatican is powerful with money. In dying days of Obama, 400 billion $ moved into that area as a fighting fund to attack the president. Situation in Italy, they now know the situation & are desperate to extricate themselves. Proof? You Tube took all this inf. down. Being taken down is now a badge of honor. What’s taken down is the truth.

Troop movements in Texas.

President is upbeat. He has maintained the original intent of 1963 200 generals (after JFK’s death). He was murdered because he was going to put the US back onto the gold standard. Can’t be in positions of power in the US without knowing this. Prez completing JFK’s work (he was days away from completing his work & eliminating CIA & returning to gold standard. For this he was killed). Banks are included in the betrayal, what they do with our money = use it for blood diamonds, war, bombs, etc. etc. The situation now is about saving humanity. Moving things forward. Creating the revolution that makes our republic safe for the future. French Revolution – they ran out of money…so the people they arrested, they set them free. So there was no change. Liberty didn’t happen. What people learned from murder of JFK – must set in place a system that CHANGED THE WORLD, NOT JUST AMERICA.

We are all playing our role. Many are unsung heroes.

Day of the 6th, when action took place at the Capital, prez & his team watched everything play out. He has a safe inner circle now. He put people in position before so they could play out their “script” (betrayal) & then they left their position.

How We Will Get Thru This – Know this:
Common Law is how we will get thru this.
WE the people are the government.
That’s the clue to this situation.
What underlies all of what we are seeing is the legal aspect of our people & country.
We are no longer a corporation.
The entire structure of our minds has been constructed around slavery (we have been slaves). It’s a process to deconstruct & reorient our minds into a new state of identity.
We need new information now of who we are & how to proceed.
It’s a whole “class.” It goes to the Pope & the Queen, who are supposed to be working for us. Washington DC, City of London, Vatican – a trinity.

From Italian government. About Leonardi satellites.
They ratified the victory for Biden. They then entered into a state of treason.

Might not get to the Promised Land with you, but we’ll all get there someday.
MLKing, Jr.

Capricorn – concretizing energy, earth sign. How our thoughts have been concretized around an illusion. All the different energies of Capricorn – concretizing constructs – our institutions, individual thoughts, etc. In these times….all of these (revelations of Uranus in Taurus) will be shattered, to make room for new thinking. Old thought forms shattered. Splintering into millions of crystals. Then the light will shine through, glimmers of Soul light.

Uranus retro column for NLN
Humanity responds to the influences of the stars and planets. Before Neptune & Uranus & Pluto were “discovered” humanity was unable to respond to higher spiritual energies. As Uranus (1871), Neptune (1846) & Pluto (1930), & asteroid Chiron (1977) were “seen” in the sky, each one of these “discoveries” informed humanity new realities would present themselves, new experiences, expansions of awareness and consciousness, evolutionary expansions.

Daily Updates
Humanity has been burdened, with false narratives for decades. Unable to reach the Soul or be creative or free. Soon, this will all fall away.
A grief process will occur for humanity when they realize the extent of lies, manipulation over the decades. Our inheritance stole, our identity as Americans & what our purpose is here in this country. Part of the process of “the reveal” will be this grief. The NGWS has the training to assist humanity when this begins. The NGWS are to educate the intellectuals who then educate the people. The esoteric training gives the NGWS a foundation from which to teach the truths. We are grateful to the Tibetan for his stupendous work thru Alice. The Teachings are for these times now.

Yesterday on GAB, Team Trump News (see GAB). Dear Patriots, when N Pelosi asked nuclear codes be kept form me, she committed sedition. Also, see Simon Parkes site – Simon See Trump to address the nations today. Live today. Also, post from GAB, a post from the Trump team. Different sites to look at. At Team Trump news….Note: I am just giving information that I have found. I don’t know if it’s real or not. We don’t know what’s real these days. But for me the best is giving to everyone ALL the news.

Don’t be surprised if no inauguration on the 20th. Has to do with different layers of our government. Land. Air. Sea. Basically in the original set up for our country, Confederation of Space is different than Configuration. EVERY LETTER, EVERY WORD MATTERS. In original government we are trying to get back to, March 4th was the original inauguration date. Know this, we may have to wait. We may not have resolution this week or by the 20th. Anna von Reis (Alaska) – she is a good resource for understanding our country, republic & our original government & how it’s supposed to work.

Things may happen between now & 20th. We don’t know what or how. Biden may be inaugurated by 20th. Biden may not be inaugurated by the 20th. Insurrection Act& martial law may be enacted by then. Everything’s speculation at this point.

Haven’t been able to get on GAB. Either taken down or so many are trying it’s overloaded.

This situation/story has been occurring since Prez Kennedy’s death. We can be patient like they have been. There is wisdom in patience.

Everything will soon come out. Reaching the precipice of destruction, dictatorship, censorship, destroying people’s lives if we don’t fall in line. One side in power, the other side silenced. DS silencing one side. Tried to get weapons away from the people. Here we are now….we can see things clearly. Poem – They Came For Me. Get the Trump Supporters. But the Dark Forces will come after each other eventually. It’s gone along so long so the people could see the precipice of destruction. They are moving to disbar Giuliani (because he doesn’t agree with the vote. Because he stood by the prez. They are stripping people of their rights if they stand by the prez.)

Listen to X22….much to day today. Learning about the DS plan. Understanding the moves by the prez. DS is moving to their next false flag.

Parler suing Amazon. Censorship everywhere now. 9/11 moment of social media, implementing control & controlled speech on internet. What does this mean? Go back in tiem to Nazi Germany. This is how it begins. G hired 14 execs from Tech Teams (Apple Google, FB, Twitter) – corporations dictate how people speak. This is Fascism first hand. Fascism. Political regime, autocratic, centralization, regimenting all levels of humanity. Biden working with these big tech guys. This is now his administration. Does everyone understand this?

Prez said, one day we’ll see the virus (Covid) disappearing. It’s disappearing. It was used against the people. Now that B is in….we don’t need the virus anymore. People have been silenced, mased, a death spiral happened with businesses. It was a deadly game.

NCSWIH – Nothing Can Stop What is Happening. More Coming.
Walking in the darkness, before we see the light.
Breaking the crystallizations of Capricorn – so a glimmer of Light can shine through.

Things heating up – 13, 14, 15th.
New moon, Mars Saturn, Uranus turning direct.
Everything’s astrological.
Information warfare happening. Keep up everyone. Timing is everything.

Note: false flag may happen. Don’t go out. Don’t protest. Hold the line. Their plan is to go after the people, especially those who have weapons. They silenced the people. Now they will take away people’s arms. They need a crisis to do this. Stay home. Don’t go out. Protect yourselves. Know your surroundings. During Nat. Emergency, prez has control to mobilize National Guard, coordinating with Marines. All to work together under prez & to protect the people from false flags.

Removing criminal elements from government over time.

No place to hide. Tik Tok….
Maybe more later. Risa


January 12, 2021- 9am

Road sign in Albuquerque, NM, Rainbow Road runs parallel with Universe Blvd.
From Risa – Rainbows appear in the violet colored skies after afternoon rainfalls most days in NM. A beautiful enchanted land. The Rainbow Bridge is the pathway to the Soul. Risa

January 11, 2021- 3pm

Update Monday night:

President Trump’s Social Media address
Update – Simon Parkes

January 11, 2021- 12pm

Latest Information as of noon Monday.

Simon Parkes video

January 11, 2021- 10am

Today, Monday, a magical new week in the kingdom.
Tomorrow night, first new moon of the new year. 23 degrees Capricorn.

Today – January 11, 2021 – the moon’s day, tending & caring for humanity. Moon veils Uranus as the spiritual ruler of Aquarius.
The new era coming forth.
Disciples, knowledgeable, steady, safe, poised, ready to work when called.

“We know, O Lord of Life and Love, about the need; Touch our hearts
anew with love, that we too may love and give.” (The Externalization
of the Hierarchy, p. 154)
So…today’s information. Disciples know about the world situation.
Standing with the Forces & Lords of Light.
Corrupt diseased swamp system being taken down.
It’s going to be biblical. Things will heat up this week. Everything falling into place. Stay safe everyone. Stay home. Don’t watch MSmedia. Lay low.

Date: New moon the 13th.
Uranus, the 14th.
It’s all astrological. It’s perfect timing.

Insurrection Act signed by president.
What is this? In a time of war. The war is about good vs. evil, the future of our country. Will we keep what our founders created (directed by the Hierarchy) or will we be handed over to China? Good vs. evil, light vs. dark. The upcoming week will be eye opening. New Moon, Uranus direct, Mars/Saturn, all at play this week.
Prez is commander in chief of military. He can call in military to protect the citizenry & bring peace & order back to the country.

We are told not to approach the military. Know what their purpose is.
We are at war. Know this.
The military is to bring peace & order to the country.
If you approach these, you will be placed in jail.

War is not out in the public. In plain sight.
It makes no sense what Pelosi is doing.
Nuclear codes & Pelosi makes no sense.
The DS will then unleash chaos & damage to the people.
This is a typical pattern in the color revolutions.
They want the prez to call out military.
They then kill people (the DS, Antifa, etc0 kill people.
And blame the prez.

They are putting out this message thru many areas.
All segments of humanity need to hear this information.

Entrainment has been going on, not allowing the people to develop into kindness. Instead, people are entrained to react.
Instability & chaos are further entraining the people with frequencies of lies.

SCruz Dem party supported impeachment of Prez.
What do we call people who are empty of real knowledge, yet righteous with their ignorance & moving into the support of violence?

The evidence of treason & pedos will be shown slowly to the public. Keep watching JOSavin’s film. The Pilgrimage. We are all on a pilgrimage together here….from dark to light.

Killing of JFK – different players involved in that event – big meeting with big players night before – either they kill Castro via cancer (worked on biological material, thinking they would save America from Communism), infiltrate into Cuba, or they would kill JFK – something shifted, they decided not to kill Castro – they killed JFK instead (who was after the Deep State)….(watch for the storm drains in the film on the right before the overpass – they say it was teenagers (controlled by MK ultra – all trained snipers missed him, they had backup) who shot the president from the gutters on the side of the road. (Oswald’s girlfriend said this – book, Me & Lee. She is in hiding. Has photographic memory, with details. Oswald & Ruby were both agents of the gov. Both were killed). The film is filled with so many hidden meanings.

Favorite parts of film – recordings of him leaving messages to his friends as he drives across the country. He has all these clues as he leaves messages in his ½ of a ½ of a conversation. Hint after hint. The catch-up.

Parler’s gone dark.

Borders being closed. Air Force watching the skies. Waters being watched too.

Dear Patriots – some may know my name. I work with the prez. I’m disclosing something important before inauguration, Jan 20th. Cue is silent now till inauguration. Once we wind down Cue will come forth again. WE ARE IN THE MOST CRITICAL JUDCTURE OF OUR HISTORY. POTUS KNOWS THIS. WE HAVE PREPARED FOR THIS MOMENT. Cue used logic reason, etc. Stay in your homes. DO NOT INTERFERE WITH OPERATIONS /MILITARY. You will see things you would think is impossible. Our plan is complete. The DS has lost. ALL you see on MSM & Twitter is a last-ditch attempt. YOUR role is crucial to help population deal with what is being revealed. Patriots understand this. Remember it’s dark before dawn. DO NOT BEIEVE MSM. Give them no credence. Later a mop up job is begin done. Now is our time. Hold the line. No further messages will be forthcoming until operation is over. Then the entire world will know. Pray for us & the US of A. We are in the most dangerous phase & stakes could not be higher. WWG1WGA. Steady now. Remain at home. Don’t be out & about. The best is yet to come.

Armed vehicles may come into towns where the DS is.
Some armed vehicles now in New Jersey. Nat. Guard on standby. Military landing at airports. All military on standby. At ready. Troop movements in CA. The “storm” (cleansing of the DS/traitorous, swamp, etc.) has begun & it will intensify thru the 20th.

The explanation of what is occurring will be sent out tomorrow. Risa

News/Notes from Sunday night

Insurrection Act (signed by prez)– research this to know what it means. What does it mean? Puts control of country in military hands. Prez is commander in chief of military. Things had to move this way. They trying to impeach him again as hammer is to fall on their heads. Get ready we were told so long ago. And now it’s here. It dropped last night.
He showed his hand finally. Flynn, good VP for prez. The hidden shadow coming back in, later, when it’s completely safe or they would REALLY go after him. Some have been arrested (treasonous corrupted betrayer ones). Will see that soon. Emergency Broadcast will reveal (maybe). People will be taken out. Much has been revealed. Antifa infiltrated the patriot’s group at Capital. Laptop confiscated. Read it, learn about extent of Chinese involvement. Things will pop fast, coming at us hot & heavy. (note; We’re ready w/ lots of popcorn, seasonings, pizza, hot wings, etc.) Vatican dark. Pakistan dark. Berlin (where the voting machines were) dark. They were selling out America to the Chinese. Italy, government taken down. Happening fast. Stay tuned. Stay in love vibration. Quantum level. Dark level is collapsing. Don’t be connected to it. Let it be. Stay in love….Jaco (Sunday nite)

January 10, 2021- 11am

Citizen Journalism – Sunday – Capricorn Sun & Venus – Sagittarius Moon.
Flying the 1776 flag.
Insurrection Act signed last night by president.
Treasonous to be arrested & jailed. Soon.
Sagittarius – High ideals, goals, justice on our minds today.
Disciples (we) are a candle moving thru the darkness.

“The times are too grave, our challenge too urgent, to permit customary passions of political debate. We are not there to curse the darkness. But to light the candle guiding us thru darkness to safe & sane future.”

Everyone I will be posting lots & lots of information. Today & the days to follow.
Keep up, stay tuned, study the information, be informed. Patriots are Disciples & are informed.
No one is asleep now. The changes are happening moment by moment.
Don’t be left behind.

About to happen –
Treasonous people now will be arrested.
Sagittarius is the sign of Truth. There is only Truth here.
Social media sites going down.
Parler down.

With social media sites down….
OANN , RSBN , NewsMax.
More on this later. A full list forthcoming.

Listen: Simon Parkes

At end of this post – A Study Offered
At the end of this post – a study = a historical overview of the corruption we are witnessing is included in today’s post. For everyone to download & to study. To be informed. No longer in the dark.

Today’s News & Notes:
Note: our ability to communicate via social media may be shut down.
Read all below & listen before this occurs.

Citizen Journalism providing a context for our day today & each day.
We need to know what is occurring in our country day by day. I will post that information. However, know that the Forces of Light are working to battle the darkness. This is the time of darkness, the Kali Yuga time when darkness is allowed to be seen. It’s being brought out of the darkness into the light, so it can dissolve into the light. The light is greater than the darkness. Disciples stand in the light, observe what is occurring, & know that all we are seeing is a drama, a play, everyone doing their parts. Has everyone watched the film I posted? It’s a beautiful film. We will get thru this, get to the other side of the darkness where the light is. Then we will begin again, into the new era of humanity. Astrology is our roadmap. We’re moving up from the darkness (below the equator) into the Light, (above the equator). We are on this light filled journey together.

Now to the daily facts. And then research we have done on the past & how we got to where we are now in our country. We need to know our real history to know our present. Then we can move into present future, the new era, Aquarius.

Communist tactics, eliminating free speech. Collusion by top social media firms. Who will stop this? Devastating blow to free speech – all banned Parlor from App stores. Parler was #1 – with 1 ½ million downloads. John Matze – CEO of Parler –
Question: Who are these people (A FB A G T, etc.) to this assault?
How did they get to this position?
All working together now censoring the people.
Every vendor on Parler – down.
Big Tech caiming they were responsible for events on the 6th.
Coordinated efforts also banned Prez.
What is this?
This only happens in Communist countries.

We have to stop asking why. We all know why.
Big Tech, China behind them controlling the world now.
Don’t try to get back on.
Create a new platforms.
Situation now is this – if Apple or Google doesn’t approve they will take everyone down. Movement to shut down servers.
Amazon is largest cloud storage in the world – hundreds of servers.
Amazon told P to find new servers immediately.
Amazon part of this take over.
Making it impossible for people to communicate now.

Google created algorithms that censors all free speech.

Companies are too powerful. Now they have to be taken down.
To protect the people. To maintain our Republic.

Nunez (CA. R.) has been battling big tech for years.
Countdown to Socialism – his book
He said the above situation is far worse than we know.
There is no longer an open free site for people to communicate & share information.
Amazon Apple Google, etc. – destroyed the people’s ability to speak freely.
They are regulated by the left, creating shadow banning.
They now decide what’s real. They decide what’s violent o rnot.

Question. Where are the FBI & DOJ?
Violation of antitrust. This is racketeering.
It’s an attack on all of humanity.
Note: Apple has not removed Tik Tok (lots of things about TT that are questionable). They haven’t removed hate speech or pornogracy or violence.
Their moves are like Communist China.
Trending on Twitter sewer is pornography and violent language.
None of this is removed.

CEO – we now need to be prosecuting criminally.
Senators looking for legal options, Supreme Court has to step in.

Big Tech now works for Dem Socialist party & for China.
They are state-run media now.
This is how communist countries.
They donate to D party.
They now work for B admin.
½ billion FB put into counties of swing states that swing election to Dems.

DNI – letter sent to China.
China is rising now threatening g the Democracy of America.
Investigation into Covid & Wuhan Lab.
IC has information the American people need to see.
Chinese holding hands with Big Tech & Dem party.

Stop using Amazon, FB or Twitter.
Rumble may be next.
Cancelling all servers.

Dark Forces at Play
25th Amendment to Impeach Pres introduced Monday.
Now Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment threat.
It won’t go to trial.
Impeaching by majority of vote in House.
Senate has rules, won’t allow this to go to trial until 1pm
Jan 20th, hour after inauguration.
Prez to be removed upon impeachment.
Congress has no power to impeach a private citizen.
Jurisdiction limited to a seating prez.

Impacting the 1st Amendment.
Advocacy & Incitement – there is a difference.
What prez T said on Wed. is protected by 1st Amendment.
To impeach prez when excercising the 1st Amendment rights is unlawful.
That’s now 25th is meant to be.
It’s like the Dem party have gone awry, crazy.
They are attempting to destroy the Constitution by overzealous advocates, out of control.
They are weaponizing the Constitution.
Dershowitz fighting against this – for what’s right.

Jim Jordon House Judicial Cmte.
Article of Impeachment – how will it play out.
Wednesday, Jan 6 was a planned paid-for scenario.
What everyone says happened by whom is false.
It was a “paid for” event.
Now Dems, using excuse of Jan. 6th, removing prez from office right before Inauguration.
B aked to say “Let’s not pursue this impeachment.”
What happens if prez is impeached again?
What is the point?
It’s unconstitutional.
Impeachment is for a sitting prez & trial can’t happen till after he leaves office.
Very concerning about where our country is right now.

People are responsible for their actions.
Be consistent.
Dems said cause of destruction justified their violent actions (summer, cities destroyed by A_T_fa.
Dems got perpretators out of jail & defunded the police.
We all watched this summer’s destruction.
The Dems called it peaceful.

Chinese state media mocked Jan 6 calling it a beautiful sight. Chinese Communist China wants America. To control America. They are working with Big Tech & Dems in order to take over America.
The Jan 6 event was a set up – paid for. Actors.

From Lin Wood – Sunday morning.
Issues: Theft of the Election, Pedo inf., sex trafficking & America’s financial state. He put 1776 flag up. This is America’s 2nd Revolution.
Freedom, liberty, unity, knowledge. Needed now for everyone.
Vatican blackout. Arrests for child trafficking.
Over next 14 days, shocking info coming out – pedo, sex trafficking. Revelations about many government officials & world leaders.
This IS not political – it’s a battle between good & evil.
Laws prohibit from posting evidence on line. It has to go thru the courts.
Election f_a_d too & the betrayal of our country.
Debtor state status – our finances are a paper fraud.
Good time to own gold, silver, land, real assets.
It’s 1776 again.
Know this – the Dark Forces are attempting to bring the country down so the pedo/sex trafficking isn’t revealed. That’s the deep dark secret.
Flynn (pardoned) will play important upcoming role. Has all top-secret clearances.
May be put forward as new VP under prez. Or a big role in the government.
MSMedia will black everything out.
Important that we don’t watch MS news. It won’t make sense.
Go to Patriot sites & listen there only.
Freedom Watchers is a site.
If tech takes them down. EBS will come forth on cell phones. That will be the last resort.

With social media sites down….
OANN , RSBN , NewsMax.
More on this later. A full list forthcoming.

Everything’s unfolding according to Plan.
This will go on up to 19th of January.
Thereafter, all middle rankers, deeply dug in “assets” will be dealt with.
The “big guys” will be arrested & dealt with in the public so humanity can see the truth. People may be shocked with the truth. At the depth of the darkness permeating our government. The task here is to alert everyone. Be prepared.

The prez & his family are being protected at this time.

Walked Away
Vernon Jones (GA State Rep) left Dems (walked away) & joined Reps.
Especially when the Dems defunded the police.
Jeff Van Drew (House Homeland Security, R.) “walked away” too. Joined Reps.
Because Dems said to him our country isn’t worth it.
His Dem colleagues hate America. Trying to destroy it.
So these two “walked away.”
“It’s unbelievable what the Dems are doing. Philosophy of new Dems is very left, creating divisions. In the pockets of China.

What is our task here?
To stabilize humanity. To be reassured that there is a Plan.
This is the darkness of the Kali Yuga.
Where all the darkness is allowed to be seen.
So humanity can make a choice.

“The times are too grave, our challenge too urgent, to permit customary passions of political debate. We are not there to curse the darkness. But to light the candle guiding us thru darkness to safe & sane future.”

What this means is don’t lose hope, stay steady, support, remain on the Path of Light. It leads us out of the darkness to the Light. Educate yourselves so you can help others who are confused, fearful.

Dear Readers.
For Educators, leaders, etc.
I will be posting research that has been gathered over the years concerning the present critical situation in our country. Because we might “go dark” (internet, etc.) we are posting this for those people who want to understand the crisis in our country. A friend of mine sent this to her friends & family. To those she thought would actually read the information. It is the big picture of what is occurring, Read it through, use it if it’s helpful.

If you have a group, a study group, a classroom, use this information to help people understand the depth & width of the crisis we are experiencing in our country.

One cannot integrate all of it in a moment’s time or in one sitting. As events unfold in our country, use these documents as reference points. When you are ready.

There are things in the texts that are dark & heavy. Some may be shocked by the reality of what is occurring. Many will not be able to read this information. This is for educators to use as an outline for further research.

January 9, 2021- 3pm

Dear Everyone –
There are Ten days left between now & 20th. Be prudent, be ready for anything. Internet going down, no use of credit cards, stores closing, etc. All is possible.
We have had 3 alerts that the storm’s begun.
Have cash, food, gas in car, meds, etc.
Things of comfort. Popcorn, chocolate, milk bread, etc.
Stay safe everyone. The 10 days of dark may have begun.

Stay steady. The best is yet to come.
More later, Risa

January 9, 2021- 9am

It seems nothing can’t happen today, & many days hereafter. Standing together everyone in the Ashram. With Archangel Michael. Love, Risa


January 9, 2021

Saturday – The travails of entering a new era, the Aquarian Age.
Today, Saturday – Jan. 9, 2021. Saturn’s day.
Saturn disciplining us, focusing us, so we can bring forth the new Aquarian era together.
We are all in this together.
Uranus, planet of revolution & revelation, sudden changes leading us forward.
Film today. Complex day today.
Know this….we are in very Uranian times. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius,
brings us unexpected surprises, changes moment by moment.
Take heart everyone, stay tuned, we are in the storm now.
Stay close, heart to heart, Soul to Soul. This is what it takes to enter a new era.

Film showing today. The Call: making for a Perfect Day.

Complex day today in the heavens as the battle continues. Sag moon touching upon every planet in the sky.
Capricorn Sun & Venus. Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn – both ruled by Saturn.
Serious times we are in. In the storm now.
Battle in the heavens between F/Light & F/Dark. And it’s now reached earth.
Time for humanity to make its choice.

The Film….
The Called: Making for a Perfect Day.
Riding Shotgun w/ Juan O Savin.
The Prez needs a friend.
Let’s go.

All words below are from the film. It’ all encoded. Who will decode it?
Who will be valiant for justice sake? Blocked from identifying those who killed him.They stole America, cut holes into banks, stole our wealth. One murder, from that location, dark angels went out unrestrained.
Not allow our world to do its destiny.
They protected their own interests. All for their own gain.
No thought for others.
Who will break this curse?
Those who act now….stand occupy not give up.
Know that justice hasn’t yet been done.
Ride with us. Ride shotgun.
Who will be valiant for justice sake?
We do things when they are hard.
It’s a challenge.
He’s going to bring them down.
We’re all going to bring them down.
We’re ready to serve. Together.
It’s too late to apologize.

Criminal, cartelization.
Social Media they are elites, lawless wanting total dominion.
Like the voter machines.
Be Lot, not Lot’s wife who turned to stone.

National emergency happening.
Gloria –
Corp technocracy intends to rule the world.
One group over the other.
Slavery – not just chains, but statues, rules, licensing.
Everything in detail controlled.
People believe it’s about not catching the virus.
They wear the masks.
But it’s not about that.
It’s about dividing people, like creating a race war.
A Covid war.

Genesis 3, 19-20
They said let’s kill him –  the Teacher.

We have to climb a mountain & enjoy the dream together.
Difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t matter anymore cuz I’ve been to the mountaintop & like everyone I want to live a long life. I looked over & saw the promised land. I won’t get there with you. But we as a people will get there. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. I am not afraid. MLK, Jr. Memphis

Walking thru America. To all the sites of sacrifice.

The entire country going to DC to take the country back.
We’re not going to allow them to steal our country.
We’ll hunt down the bad guy. Rope them off.
Taking our country back. All of us showing up.

Clinton Library – double meaning to Li(e)-brary.
C was a Rockefeller.
They got away with it for an amount of time.
But not for long.

Justice coming truth bells ringing victory around the corner.
Jesus for Trump.
Virginia for Trump
The people for Trump.

Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, from sea to shiny sea
Detroit to Houston. NY to LA
Pride in every American heart.
Time to stand & say
Proud to be an American.
Where we are free.
Won’t forget the men who dies who gave that right to me.

He was in Washington on Jan. 6th.
He stayed at the Trump Post Office Hotel in DC.

You have to pick a lane.
When trains came by, loaded w/ people , what did the people watching do?
They sang louder so they wouldn’t hear the train.

Those who are called, find your way, stand with real Patriots.
Get on the right side of history.

You can call my name.
And you know wherever I am.
I’ll come runnin’ to see you again.
Don’t let them take your Soul.
You’ve got a friend.

You’ll love the pres.
He’s the greatest president of our lifetime.

The Called.
Are you?
Let’s go….
WWG1WGA – Godspeed.

One day I want to find out whose loyal & who is not loyal?

Prez banned indefinitely on FB & forever on Twitter.
Antifa (paid actors) staged events…along with prez supporters doing the evil deeds. They will be seen & discovered in time.

He always rode a bike….
Riding his bike thru the crowds…
As they come to Washing DC.
Who will be Valiant for Justice Sake?
We need encouragement now.
Release power of encouragement. Come Come Come (song) by Don Potter.
Be encouraged. Have faith.
The times we’re in seem like there’s no going back.
Things we’re hearing about, the Lord spoke of.
There’s no surprises, we were made for this hour.
To stand strong, we were made for this time.
Made to sing, to fight. Made of glory.
For this time. Made for this time.
Calling the founders, the fathers, you know war, recalling it.
Calling you to the young ones, spirit of life.
Spirit or Elijah means John the Bap is here again
Calling us in the wilderness.
Time to call everyone in.
Come, all who are weary to the table of the Lord.
Come now, don’t delay any longer.
The dark & light have never been so near.
Throw off your fear.
Ride with God. You can be shotgun.
Calling east, west, the north & the south.
All  the downtrodden.
Praying to someone, call out their name.
Out loud.
They can come with us. There’s mercy for all of us.
There’s a spirit of salvation this day.
Calling the lawyers, take your place in the house of the Lord.
Calling the innocents. Time to take a stand.
He’s coming back.

Afterwards, more twists & turns than an anaconda.
America will be the refuge as we take our country back on track.
I see people awakening.
End of one thing, beginning of another.
Jubilee, refresh.
Home soon, rest up. For the days ahead.

We feel the earth move under our feet.
The sky falling down.

Everything’s symbolic.

January 8, 2021 – 10am

This is a Spiritual War not a political war.
It’s a Revolution of the Spirit. Out country’s 2nd Revolutionary War. It’s playing out politically (Ray 1) but it is not political.

It’s important to understand this. Or we miss the purpose of the “show” we are watching. Watch, listen to X22. He’s calm & encouraging.

Nothing is as it seems. And a larger conflict seems immanent. Don’t worry. All’s well. We were born for these times. The “house” is empty. NORAD activated. There IS a Plan. It changed moment to moment. Planetary protection summoned.

We will all be called to reassure those who are afraid, confused. There are and will be many. Those of us here know the truth, stand together with hope & faith & we are to help & assist those who are just coming out of being asleep for eons of days & nights.

The plans change moment to moment. Responding to the moment’s need. It’s phenomenological, which those who have studied with me understand. What is happening in the moment is what we are responding to. Not reacting. Responding to. They are different. One signs, the other can’t. One is Soul oriented, the other emotional. One is clear, one isn’t.

So…He is a builder. A builder knows how to destroy a building, and also knows how to destroy a building, too. Step by step. He knows how to destroy the dark & build into the light, build anew. Our part? It’s way out of our sphere of abilities at this point.

Our task – to support him. He is banned now from FB. We need to move into safer areas to post information now. Everyone following this thread? Good.

It’s not over. We’ve just begun. Don’t give up. Don’t lie down. Stay awake, armed with hope. Stand consciously with the Forces of Light.

So, today – Friday, January 8, 2021.

Time to make bread, to tend to our daily lives, to find our groups, to unify wherever we are, to not be afraid, to sort our priorities, values, to share with each other, to find our way thru this Kali Yuga time (when the Dark Forces are out & about & in plain sight & we are to recognize them for what they are).

Today, January 8, Friday, Venus’s day.

Time to make challah for Shabbos tomorrow. A good thing to make bread in these times. His work was to face the darkness & point it out to everyone. Some see it, some don’t. The two paths separate at this point.

From Eileen Caddy/Findhorn – These are very critical times for all concerned. The world situation is very critical, this country’s situation is critical (& this group too – Findhorn went through a critical shift & a deep sorting out in the 1970s). (As our country is facing too, but on a larger scale). Face up to the situation and do not be satisfied until there is real unity and understanding between all of you (whatever group we belong to, including family, friends, etc. groups).

If this causes deep sharing and sorting out, spend time doing this because what is done now is vitally important. I tell you yet again there must be complete harmony and unity within the group so those outside can batter hard at the ramparts but they will find no weak chink in which to enter and cause havoc.

Two Paths Appearing Clearly

There are two paths taken now. The path of denial of the real Dark Forces & the path of recognizing the real Dark Forces & knowing who exactly they are. The situation is beyond politics. Anyone focusing on politics alone is on the wrong path. This is a Spiritual war between the Forces of Light & the Forces of Darkness. It is the most ancient of wars. Because we are in the Kali Yuga, the farthest away from our origins (Divinity), we are living in a world filled with 3/4 darkness & only 1/4 light. That is why we are able to “see” (perceive” the darkness. The Kali Yuga began when Krishna died. The Yugas are very very long spans of time….thousands & thousands of years. We are at the darkest of time, where the dark forces can be seen. And humanity is to choose, which side they stand upon. Some cannot perceive which side is darkness & which side is Light. The Dark Forces clothe themselves in a false light. Humanity, as a test, must be able to discern which is which, & choose. He was chosen to acknowledge the dark forces, point them out & fight against them. Those who discern who the true dark forces are stand with him & support him in this battle. He is Hercules facing all the 12 tests.

The Astrology

Mercury, the messenger for humanity, enters Aquarius today, Friday, Jan. 8th What message will Hermes be bringing humanity? Mercury is Ray 4 – with truth & knowledge, confusion & conflict & chaos turn into harmony, if harmony is the intention.

Venus enters Capricorn today, as well. Venus, Ray 5, concrete knowledge & science, & the spiritual ruler of Capricorn.
Venus unifies that which is separated & ready to unify.

Venus is where our God (Sanat Kumara, in the bible, the Ancient of Days) comes from. He brought bees with Him when he entered the Earth 18 million years ago, to show humanity how to live in community and in peace and harmony – the signatures of the Aquarian Age.

Next week will be interesting & unusual. Stay tunes.
Next Tuesday is the first new moon of the new year, 23 degrees Capricorn. Mercury Uranus at the new moon too.

The transformations (Pluto in Capricorn) continue. Till all of humanity is “free to be you & to be me.”

Next Thursday Uranus (the tilted, on its side Aquarian planet) stations direct. The changes, all things unexpected & surprising begin its accelerated pace. Be prepared for anything to happen.

The Kingdom is interesting & full of surprises.
It’s colorful too. Let’s not miss a moment of it.
Assume this state of mind. Then we can ‘enjoy the show.’
Together…love, Risa


January 7, 2021 – 11pm

To everyone. I’ll be shifting off FB soon. Setting up my website for daily writings. Will be posting on GAB too (Gab NLN @RisaGoodwill)…but if we go dark….go to my website. – I still need to put a name to the new page.
For now – FCC on alert for Emergency Alert System to be on deck. Should we go dark….Twitter locked the prez account. They told the prez – future violations of Twitter policy will result in permanent suspension. They said that to the president? They took down his Tweets about peace. This is deeply serious. Looks like something’s being prepared. Possibly a communications blackout. When things begin, everyone will tweet, trying to make contact, trying to communicate. They will stop communication among everyone. Everything will go dark. Be prepared everyone for this to possibly occur.

“My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us.” That will most likely be the prez last tweet. Be awake, aware, alert & prepared. Stay tuned everyone. Risa


January 7, 2021 – 11am

Grab the popcorn. For the next two weeks. Watch the show.
The day after last night – today, Jupiter’s day. A good day.
January 7, 2021 –
Read everything I write everyone. Every day.
Keep up. You can do it!
Know this….
The energies, chaos, instability in the days ahead may intensify.
Especially the next two weeks. Turn off MMedia. Be creative.
Pray together for the prez & our country & the Patriots. Identify as a Patriot.
From Lin Wood: 8 hours ago. Our country is in the middle of a planned court. PP & MC – ring leaders, part of CCP color revolution. What to do? Ignore lies, stay strong (80 million). We have one prez at a time. It’s DJT. When he speaks listen carefully. “So while congress is committing treason surrounding by military, T is at Texas watching. Military has his back. The best is yet to come.
About DC yesterday.
Traitors staged the entire event. Blood on their hands. Firing squads are ready. Stand tall, be strong. Ignore the traitors. Listen to the prez. Graham & so many are traitors. Many have been taken off Twitter.
7 hours ago – many Patriots have a vast range of emotions. Hold steady, be patient. Every lie will be revealed. The Constitutional process will play out to the end. You will love how this movie ends.” So many we thought were for the prez never were.
The deadwood (betrayers) are being flushed out. All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Another country is involved is attempting to remove the prez. It’s not Russia either. A country in the EU, a member of NATO. Massive diplomatic situation.
We will see many interesting developments in the next 2 weeks. A showed the situation cannot be repaired via courts or democracy. It needs a big brush to sweep all the “stables” out. The alternative is the end of America in the history books.
Many didn’t allow themselves to be corrupted. They realize the importance of the next 15 days, understanding what’s at stake.
While DC was the focus, other actives were taking place elsewhere. Alternative media will show some bits of this information & there will be more understanding about what was gained yesterday & in the GA runoff.
Not a time of panic.
We could have 10 days of darkness, where it looks like bad guys have won. Don’t believe it. Keep praying for the truth, for the Republic, for Democracy, for the good that one believes in. It’s a wonderful life. Think about that. It’s not unlike our situation here in the US. Remember he’s standing on the bridge, contemplating jumping. There were so many good people in the town. They weren’t corrupted. They supported the good side. Just wait & see. Pray. Revelations will come forth soon. Have a stash of popcorn nearby. Enjoy the show.


January 6, 2021 – 10pm

It wasn’t the peaceful gathering of T supporters who created the violence today at the Capital. Everyone knows who did that. If not, then think about it….Risa


January 6, 2021 – 9pm

9pm Washington DC.
The unbelievable continues – Prez cabinet thinking of invoking 25th. Worst thing to remove a prez with two weeks left in his presidency. Listen to x22 everyone. Know things are under control. Congress has reconvened. Patriots knew the playbook, taking back country not easy. Buckle up everyone! Prez & patriots moving forward w/ their plan. Did we think DS would give in? Give us the country back? They play dirty. Who’s the prez? The Prez is the prez. He saw the board clearly. Why did he ask the people to come to DC? This is about taking back the country. It’s about taking back the country & the DS won’t be letting it go easily. We won’t go back to normal for a while. yes, we will get there but the DS & Central Bank won’t make it easy. From this point on, it’s going to get very rough. We saw the beginning stages today. GA – Senate runoff – seems same cheating Nov.5th happened in GA yesterday. Showed votes decreased for Perdue. Same thing happened with prez. Stopped counting votes last night in plain sight. Prez collecting all this info. It was a GA r-gg_d election again. Anon shows photo – Perdue in lead, then…..around 11pm boom the “other” candidate’s votes shot right up to beyond Perdue. Prez taking all these events & building them up. In next couple of weeks, lots of information revealed. Today, Jan. 6th, Senate House counting votes, Pense to make a decision….& something happened. Crowd outside, from all over thousands upon thousands. Certain Senators are not standing w/ T. Orasso, Tumi, Thum, Scott, Shelby, Sassi, etc. The prez can see who they are. This is the only way to see who the swamp is. When they thing all is said & done, they let their guard down, showing him their true colors. Who is with him, who is with the swamp. Electoral count delayed. Prez said something will happen. He told A_T_F_ to stay out of DC. They are monitoring all of them. Propane tanks in cages on streets, with 2/4 & 2/6’s next to them. IN the Matrix….this is relevant. Nov. 4 from A – they wrote…don’t forget to disguise self as P & T supporters, wear MAGA hats, hold flags. Perry writes, one busload of A thugs infiltrated MAGA Protestors. A came to DC. Dressed in black, spray tear gas, run back into crowd. Their strategy. They broke into the Capital bldg. They pushed their agenda, getting others involved, pretending they are T supporters. Hoping all will follow. Thousands didn’t follow. Only a very small handful did this. Two pipe bombs found in R & C headquarters. Why would T supporters plants bombs? No sense. The prez knew the playbook. Delay in the votes now. Who called in the Nat. Guard? Prez directed the NG to come to DC. Pence, Pelosi, etc. removed from Chamber. Cue asked a while ago this question…. where is Pence & Pelosi? On Rig Red. Prez wrote Pence didn’t have courage or backbone to support the prez & to certify the real prez. USA demands the truth. Why did he bring everyone to the capital? He knew A would be there. He knew A would start something, create violence. He wanted everyone to see what Pense would do. People need to see everything clearly. The swamp comes out at different times. The prez is still the prez. nothing has changed since yesterday. And so everything has begun not. Prez wants the people to follow the Constitution, to follow the Rule of Law, do the right thing. But most around him can’t. Prez telling people to stay peaceful. Be the law & order party, act with respect. Now go home, be peaceful, the prez said.
Why is this happening? Why did everyone come there, listen to speech, storm the capital? Patriots have many paths. Follow Rule of law. If this doesn’t work….another phase will emerge. Heading into a period of time – chaos. We will see things that make our heads spin. Schumer now talking about insurrection (those who stormed the Capital). Prez wants the subject of insurrection talked about. Insurrection – people who do this – they will be put down. Listen to this. Talking about insurrection – Act of 1807 & we are heading to this. It says before invoking powers under Act, requires prez to publish the words, telling people to disperse, go home. Prez did just that. Everyone began to walk away. Anne Zuckerberg just came out – Emergency – FB will take action. Now Twitter (under their integrity????) is saying they will restrict engagement with tweets due to risk of violence – labeled tweets will not be able to be responded to or retweeted. ” Due to safety?” Twitter restricting tweets. Twitter safety. Jan 6. 4:O9pm…What does this mean? We can’t reply, retweet, like to anything posted BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO COMMUNICATE – STOPPING COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PATRIOTS. FB will most likely do the same. Twitter is preparing for what is coming. When prez reveals information, Red 1 & 2 will occur, separate days. Like P & P taken away. When prez reveals inf. they will down his acct. That will be the blackout. Then we;ll see other parts – Castle Rock, WH locked down, military instructed by sec of def….4 10 20 – Fire & Fury. For God & country, sky fortress engaged. The Storm is Upon Us. 5/12 – the truth belongs to the people. Tell the people the truth. Truth belongs to the people. We are fighting for life, for good, we are at war. Have faith, Patriots. You’re chosen for a reason. Protect those around you WWG1WTA. Checkmate. Inauguration date is the 20th. From now till then, lots will happen. Public awakening. Red 1 says blackout. Twitters downing. (Make Social Media a public utility. Goodbye Jack). there are many paths, countermeasures, have to see what the DS will do. Then they counter….this may not have been what the prez wanted. But it looks like the military will have to come in because the DS fights dirty. Next couple of weeks – chaos. Be prepared. X22. a


January 6, 2021 – 4:20pm

Twitter from the President.
The president told everyone to go home now. We have to have peace now, law & order. Go home now. Not to play into the hands of the DS. Go home. I love you. You’re very special. You see what happens, the evil. See how they treat people. I know how you feel. We have to have peace now. Go home, go home in Peace, the President said.


January 6, 2021 – 4pm

4pm Washington DC.
Don’t watch/listen to mainstream media. It is false news. Listen to alternative news. Social Media just took Catherine’s posts down. When something is taken down by social media, one knows it was the truth. They say P was part of the coup, organizing the coup against the prez with the dS….we always had a question about him. Also, many times Powell & Woods said those closest to him are & will betray him. P is supposedly very religious. He betrayed his Christian faith & values.
Everyone at this time in our world, our history, being given a choice. There are two paths. One into the darkness, the other into the Light. The Dark Forces hope humanity chooses the dark path. Then they will destroy those who chose that path. That is why I keep writing writing writing, hoping to educate humanity as to the Truth. Two roads in front of us….


January 6, 2021 – 2:20pm

2:20pm Washington DC.
Pence said no. He will certify illegal votes.
Didn’t follow Prz dirctions. From Lin Wood. Traitor.
Remember Bush’s funeral, Pense got an “envelope.”
We wondered what was in the letter.
Now we know.
Now it’s up to the people. That’s why they are there at the capital. The prez said – big news today.
The Capital building is the “people’s house.”
Learning who’s for liberty & who is not.
The people broke the barriers. Outside US Capital building where the electoral vote count is happening. Now….protestors have made their way inside the actual building. OUtside Senate chamber. The people won’t allow the illegal vote to continue. Building now on lockdown. More to come.


January 6, 2021 – 1pm

1:00 Congress beginning to count electoral vote.

January 6, 2021 – 11:30am

Post #2 – Prez speaking. Explaining to the people what is happening, what will happen, what did happen. So people can understand. People need to hear the truth over & over. He is educating the people. 1:00 Congress beginning to count electoral vote. Will Pence stand up to the darkness? That the vote was a criminal enterprise.
1:00 Congress beginning to count electoral vote. Will Pence stand up to the darkness?
Epiphany – the Reveal. (The Day of Choice)
In Washington DC 12 noon.
The president standing behind a shield….the president on the podium to talk with his people. it’s cold & windy in Washington DC. This is a “moment” is US history. Flags blowing behind the prez as the backdrop. Reminding us about our Republic. He’s waiting till 12 noon to begin to talk. Everything’s a symbol.
Save America Rally….the prez asked reporters to show the people, but the reporters aren’t covering the crowds. The people came from all over the world. The media is a single big problem along with Big Tech….they rigged the election all of them. Last night too, in Ga. It’s an honor to have this crown – hundreds of thousands of American committed to our Republic. We don’t want to be our election victory stolen by bold fake new media or DS. We won’t concede. We don’t concede when F…is involved. To use a favorite term – “We will stop the S_E_L.” Today I will lay out information that we won the election. From 63 million to 75 million but they say we lost. We didn’t lose. Does anyone believe B has 80 million votes? Computer votes! Even 3rd world countries’ elections don’t have this.
Last night’s vote (GA) was r_gg_d too. Tens of thousands of people, military, police, Rudy, John, etc, thank you. Brilliant lawyers said how could this happen to our Constitution. And Mike Pense – all he has to do….has the right to protect & support our country & Constitution. States want to revote. they were defrauded. They want to rectify. All Pence has to do is to send it back to the state to rectify. I just spoke to Mike. What takes courage is to do nothing, stuck with a fa_se prez. Many traveled across the country to show their extraordinary love for this amazing country & movement (In the background, voices of the people – We love Trump).
The people (photo) – thousands & thousands….way back to the Washington Monument. We won’t take that name off. But with the B admin, really bad things could happen.
We signed a law – you hurt our memorials, statues, history – jail for 10 years. Rudy you’re needed back in NYC – a city that’s being destroyed. We are gathered here to save our democracy. Most candidates on election evening know the vote. But they used the pandemic to de-f_a_d the people. We have to go back & let’s get this right. We are not going to stand with destroying our country.
The DS tries to demean the people. But the people are not weak. The DS/betrayers are weak, enacting policies to weaken our country, putting America last. We have to fight as a people. We will let you know who the betrayers are. Using pretext of China virus & scam of ballots – they stole the vote – pure theft in America. We knew who the real prez was by 10pm. But then all of a sudden, these ballots were ‘dropped’ – & it changed the vote.
Our election was so corrupt. The world knows now we don’t have a free or fair press (suppressed thought, speech, the enemy of the people) or vote. No 3rd world countries would attempt to do what we caught them doing. We will hear who in a few moments. Republicans like boxer with hands tied behind their back. We try to be kind & respectful but now we have to fight. Pence has to come thru now….to uphold our Constitution. If he doesn’t it will be a sad day. An egregious assault on our country. I’ll be there with you. We will walk down to the Capital & will cheer on our brave senators & Congress men & women (some of them – some are weak & some are betrayers).
We demand that Congress do the right think, count lawful electors. Everyone will march to the Capital to make their voices heard. Today we will see if Rep stand strong for integrity & our country. Our country has been under siege for a long long time. Decades. Right To Try….that’s what the prez is doing. The prez is out & about fighting after the catastrophe of the election. PA, Wisc, Arizona, GA, Michigan, etc.
Today an important event to take place, history made, whether or not we have great courageous leaders or leaders who will do the wrong things….if they do we can’t forget. With only 3 of the 7 states in question we win the prez of the US. It’s much more important today than yesterday. Perdue, Leoffler – the GA vote was set up – we have no backline anymore, the only line of demarcation is the veto of the prez of the US. This is a far more imp election than days ago.
Thanking the House, 140 members studying in order to vote. Thanking 13 members of Senate – Cruz, johnson, Hawley, Leoffler (worked so hard in the rigged election where she “lost”, the same equipment), Blackburn, Danes, Taggerty, Kennedy. Lankford, etc. – Senators who stepped up. It takes courage not to step up. Look at your leadership – they have led you down the tubes. Giving the people $600 & not $2000. China destroyed these false leaders (paying them to align with China) who only want the people to have $600. The prez said give the people $2000 – let them live. How does this play out? It’s cheating the people.
Media asserts lies that there was no evidence of F-A-D in the elections. American people no longer believe the news media. Media suppresses truth. That’s what happens in a Communist country. Corrupt media, silent, dead to the truth. Go back 10 years, the media just told the facts.
We have no more fair media. Lost all credibility. We won’t be intimidated into accepting hoaxes & lies forces to believe. We’ve amassed overwhelming evidence about the f_ke election. GA election last night they cheated. Governor of GA….betrayed the people. S. Abrams – friend of Oprah. Also betrayer. Both disasters for the people. I’m not happy w/ Supreme Court, they voted against me. I picked three people. They didn’t care. They are going out of their way to hurt our country. Barr changed. Supreme Court ruled against me because media said they are puppets.
For sake of our country, Constitution, Children – let’s hear the truth.
For every swing state, they made illegal changes w/out approval of legislators which paved the way for F-a-D on a scale never seen before. In PA, made changes /wout approval of legislator. Illegally abolished signature requirements 11 days prior to election. No verifying of signatures. They had 205K votes which is more than voters in PA. A mathematical impossibility. So PA was de-f_a_ded. Also, dead people (thousands) voted & requested a ballot. 14K ballots cast by out of state votes. These numbers far surpass the voters. Thousands received after election day, changed the date to election date. This goes on & on & on…..logistically impossibilities. All this coming to light. Now states want to certify the votes.
The only way this can happen is if Pense agrees to send it back.
Many in Congress wants this too.
This is protecting the country, the people, the Republic & Constitution.
Some say “we have no choice.” This it the DS speaking. Supporting the s_am. If not sent back….will have an illegitimate president. Media won’t talk about this issues. Cameras went off. Radical left blackmails the people. Don’t go thru big tech anymore. They shadow ban me, shadow ban me. I’ve been telling Rep to get rid of 230. Why don’t they? That will be the end of the D party. Let the weak ones leave. This is the time for strength.
They indoctrinate children by teaching them false history, comprehensive assault on our country history & democracy.
Groups are forming all over the US – to support the truth.
Must get rid of weak Congress people. There are so many of them. This is a time for strength.


January 6, 2021 – 10am

Post #2 – Wednesday- Jan 6. Epiphany. all biblical, it’s a spiritual battle. Today is Epiphany.
When news is given to the world.
Mercury’s day – January 6, 2021 – Information day.
The year 2021 – the news is about the United States & the validity of the president, of voting & the Constitution.
All the world is watching & listening.
The prez speaking today – listen & watch –
The war is here. We are now in the middle of the storm.
The war?
Between F/Light & F/Dark, between the spiritual & materialism.
Beneath the surface of all we see there are deep significances. There is ritual. This is what we are seeing, using sacred dates to reveal things. For example, this is Epiphany, & the choice is being made today. Did the two Dems win Georgia? They say it’s just a show. A great tension, polarization has to occur for humanity to learn to make right choices. GA Dems won? We thought it was rigged from the beginning. Photos of actual Dominion machines hooked to the internet. That’s against the law. They stopped counting last night again. When the R were winning.
Vote was orchestrated by globalists, the betrayers. Military satellites were used to change the vote in the computers (hacking into the computers). This is “what happened.” This is the proof that was missing from documents sent to court.
They (globalists) thought they were shrewd. Panic set in. The person who uploaded the files resigned the day before the vote.
Affidavits of people who did this, their confession now on file. Evidence now of the crime.
All those who know the truth are now in danger. Security needed & grass roots army (us) needed too. The sleeping giant of DS/darkness has been awakened. The dark forces have lost but they don’t know it yet. Shocking detailed outlays of how the funding for this took place. Rock solid information. Previous administration involved. Money that was said to go to Iran was sent to other accounts (14 pallets of cash) to upend the president this past 4 years. Many many world leaders involved.
This information will be released later. Sec. Defense, Chris Miller given this information. People safeguarded in countries that assisted in this betrayal. Calling for prayers so all people can be safeguarded. This is unchartered territory, this type of betrayal & the solving of this shocking crime. Navigating thru deep dark waters of treason against the US. We expect retaliation by the dark forces.
God protect us & our country. News breaking moment by moment. Prayers by the people are helping the truth to be revealed & helping to protect the president. We are at war in the middle of the storm. Evidence needed about treason & betrayal has come forth.
Mark Meadows, prez chief of staff….can’t be trusted. He’s keeping Powell & Flynn away from the prez. State department has interfered in the truth. Difficult for the prez – the betrayal by so many around him. Made it difficult to solve problems. Many working against the prez & the truth. It’s shocking who & how many! Hopefully they will all be revealed. RINOs = Republican in name only. Astonishing attempts for a coup, astonishing acts of treason & crimes against humanity.
What will happen today? January 6th, Epiphany Day?
Momentous Day today on Epiphany.
VP Pence will accept or reject the electoral college votes.
Prez tweet this morning – (media is putting out false information about today). NY Times report about Pence is fake news.
VP & Prez are in agreement. He has power to act.
Nov. 3 election corrupt in contested states & not in accordance with Constitution (changes to rules were made, dictated by local judges & politicians, not legislators = thus illegal). Pence has options under Constitution….
1. He can decertify results & send them back to the states for change & certification…or
2. He can decertify the illegal & corrupt results & send them to the House of Representative for the one vote, for one state tabulation.
Pushing back the system that has changed the rules of the Constitution regarding voting.
The veil of illusion must be pierced so the truth can come forth. JackO – ex Seal – his perspective – over the next few months, I’ve been in wars & this is a difficult one as it’s our own country. Know it’s a war & we have states, town & cities actually “captured” by the globalists/enemy. Whether physically captured by lockdown but emotionally & intellectually too. We will win in the end, but these are the steps that must be taken for humanity to awaken. Interesting word – “captured.”
The Jewish people were captured into slavery in the Taurus Age (Egypt). After great travails, they had to be purified to leave their captivity & enter the new Age (Aries, Canaan). So as of this writing we don’t know what will occur with the “envelope.” So many hope Radcliffe will speak & release his report on international corruption. So when they vote, if the DNI reports international interference, then that brings in EX Order. Apple took down its map to Washington DC. Other maps were taken down to Wash. DC. (note: always have a paper map in their car, up to date maps). Exciting times.
Today Moon in Libra –
– seeking Right Relations, balance & Harmony.
Mars enters Taurus today – seeking stability & comfort.
Mars is thin the prez Ascendent (29 Aries).
Taurus is 29 Taurus, then becomes 0 Taurus.
Making a Three Kings cake today.
Reciting the Great Invocation w/ music today.
For our country & our people.
In the Kali Yuga Age, when betrayal & treason are allowed to be seen. So humanity can make their choices between the Light or the Dark.
More news as it happens.


January 5, 2021 – 6:57pm

News/Notes Citizen Journalism from Risa
– Tuesday night –
The storm is tomorrow, Epiphany. The Reveal!
Most likely the entire election will need to be redone.
GA vote, observers were kept outside a fence. Again.
Blue somethings (boards, placards?) were put up so people couldn’t see what was happening behind them.
Judge after a while said take them down?
Don’t know if the GA vote is real tonight.
Thousands showing up in Washington DC every hour now.
Big day tomorrow. What will Pence do? Say?
Will the election be delivered properly?
Rallying tonight for Perdue & Loeffler in Ga.
Interference indicated, shredded in GA’s counties.
Left behind bill of lading from China!
Narcissism coming out of the base of those playing politics in costume, playing a script to do anything they want to with humanity. Even to destroying humanity.
We defeated them in 2016. Now we are being tested again.
We have to defeat the darkness again.
The false duo (B & H) never got all those votes.
We will either go down the road of tyranny being imposed upon humanity or we demand a change in management.
What they gave us was Covid, suidice, depression, drug overdose, economic depression, 4x the level of cover deaths. Separation, distancing, closing ourselves off from each other, dehumanizing us in stages & progression. And human trafficking. The deep circle of darkness. That’s their (dark forces) policy. They crossed the line. Their message is fear & destruction.
If we are not afraid….then we must begin to fight.
They want to eliminate the truth & life itself. Washington Post & mainstream media – it’s not about political beliefs anymore. It’s about being human or not being human. It’s about slavery or freedom.
People are losing their way of life. For those who created this darkness, they will lose their power, their money. Being in Washington tomorrow on Epiphany, for many, is the beginning of something new for America. The dark may have to be put down by a military tribunal. Conclusive proof has to come out, names, video confessions….lots could be done to tell the truth. Watching the prez, everything he said he would do, he’s done. He communicated ahead of time what he will do. Then he does it. I think we’ll see something tomorrow we haven’t ever seen before.At Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC.
Gen. Flynn
Flynn spoke & said everyone knows who won the election on Nov. 3rd. We have to get this right. This is not about one man. It’s about the office of the prez, our country, our Republic & the Constitution. We are fighting, as American people for the truth. The digital soldiers everywhere, fighting for truth. In the background to Flynn…We love you. After all that he’s been through. He fought the DOJ going after him with false accusations. Powell standing with Flynn. Lin Wood standing with Powell. Where are the those big boys who created such damning activities? Slipping away into the darkness from whence they came? Pence being asked to delay certification of the electoral votes by 10 days. State lawmakers asking for more time to investigate voter F-A-D. Article 1, Section 2.
Who are the senators standing up for the prez. As the prez stands for the people of America.
This time will be written in history books. This is the most important time since the founding of our country. It is like the holocaust, what the dark forces have been doing for decades, under cover, & they, the F/Darkness have been reigning for thousands of years. One life for the Revolution! All lives for the Revolution!
It’s cold & drizzling in Washington DC tonight.
We are not so much D or R. We are Americans together. So much happening behind the scenes. P. Byrne said mainstream media will be eclipsed by the truth media.
Waiting for GA vote. As number trickle in, looks hopeful.
Terrible Situation
Terrible situation with Senator Hawley – wife & new baby home alone. A_ti_a shows up with bullhorns, pounding at the door, looking in the windows – terrorizing in the darkness, screaming & shouting at Senator’s wife. Neighbors called police. Thugs were there long before the police arrived. Protestors said it was a peaceful . They did it because Hawley is going to protect vote tomorrow. protest.
Under 12th Amendment, V Prez opens certificates, hands them over to people who counts the votes. This is on Congress who has to take a stand against the f_a_d_lent votes, major integrity issues with the vote.
At 10:15 Perdue & Loeffler leading. But the blue counties, especially Atlanta haven’t been counted. 35% haven’t been counted yet. Razor thin margins.
Prez Speaks Tomorrow
Prez will speak tomorrow at the Ellipse at 11am – East Coast time. Stay tuned! At the Save America March, Washington DC.
What is the Ellipse?
The Ellipse (sometimes referred to as President’s Park South) is a 52-acre (21 ha) park south of the White House fence and north of Constitution Avenue and the National Mall.Properly, the Ellipse is the name of the five-furlong (1.0 km) circumference street within the park. The entire park, which features various monuments, is open to the public and is part of President’s Park.
The Ellipse is basically the oval-shaped field between the Mall (Washington Monument) and the White House. You have to walk around it to get from the Mall to the White House. However, the best view of the White House is at the north end of the Ellipse.
We’ll be there in spirit & listening. Risa
From Sidney Powell – 40 minutes ago.
Congress meets tomorrow for a joint session to determine our future of our liberties.
On the 6th day, the Lord gave man dominion (note the word)! Genesis 1, 26. Let’s pray our legislators vote according to the Will of God! Stay tuned the GOP & DNC have sold out the American people. We, the American people are 100% fed up. Kevin McCarthy & other House leadership – have you make it clear to your caucus their careers are over if not voting at real D Trump of & after Jan 26th? Send to Scalese, Cheney, Palmer.
They have a chance to redeem themselves. If they don’t, we think they will be gone. From a Seal – talking about the fight.
Even once the prez is validated as the true prez, we have actual occupied cities & states, occupied by people bought off by globalists & CCP, having infiltrated all ways of American life. & now taken over whole cities & states. Like California, GA, etc. They make their own laws. Much of American minds are also “occupied.”
From the Prez – 26 minutes ago…
Looks like they are setting GA up again with the f_ke vote. Waiting to see how many votes they need for the Dem’s to win.
Tweet from the prez/
Tomorrow then everyone. Epiphany, celebrating a revelation.
The Magi visiting Washington DC….the new Bethlehem….
See you here/there! love, Risa
Three Kings on their way to DC.
To talk with the Angel of the City.
About the situation in our government.
Bearing gifts for humanity.
Truth freedom justice.

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