Friday, October 15, 2021- 8am

Holding the Five Pointed Star Before Us.
The Christ Holds a Five-Pointed Star Before Us.
Friday is Venus’s Day, Ray 5 Day, Five Pointed Star Day.
Emerging from the 6 Pointed Star (Virgo, sign of the Soul within form & matter).
Holding the Five Pointed Star Before us.

The Christ Holds a Five-Pointed Star Before Us.
In holding His five-pointed star before us we pass successful through all present & future crisis.
The NGWS takes its stand with this understanding clear within the present crisis. Having an innate recognition of Christ’s presence with us at all times. He holds the 5-pointed star before us.
In holding HIS five-pointed star before us, we are using HIS power to forge our way, swords held high, with the Forces of Light on the Path.
It is written in the teachings that at Initiation the 5-pointed star is seen.
At the 1st & 2nd, this star is the Christ, the Initiator. The star has potency & power. NGWS can call upon that power & potency to help us with our work.

We sense the energies of the heavens passing thru us & the planet. It is part of our learning together to know & sense this. It is our task to know, find, discover & to work with those energies.
The entire heavens helping to bring about the new era.

We hold His five-pointed star before us.
Friday is always Venus’s day, Ray 5, the 5 pointed star, that in the heavens and over time as Venus retrogrades creates a rose pattern in the sky. Each point of the tip of the petals of the rose is in complete alignment mathematically to the other points. Venus is the 5 points star, having emerged from the six-pointed star of Virgo (Soul triangle above, blend with the personality triangle below). From the six pointed star, the five pointed star comes forth. This is esoteric.

Friday’s are Venus’s day, Ray 5 of concrete & scientific knowledge, true knowledge that leads to love of life that leads to wisdom in life. Steps, one by one of awareness.

Symbols – we live within them.
To the Kabalist and Hermetic philosopher, everything in nature appears under a triune aspect; everything is a multiplicity and trinity in unity, and is represented by him so symbolically in various geometrical figures. “God geometrizes,” says Plato.

Man is the five pointed star (Da Vinci). Five refulgent rays of light proceed from each of the seven Aeons, five of these shooting through the head, the two extended hands, and the two feet of Man represented in the five-pointed star, one enveloping him as with a mist and the seventh settling like a bright star over his head. What wonder, that electricity or magnetism passing most powerfully from the five cardinal limbs of man (unknown to most) & into the world! So unknown is the mysterious relation which exists between numbers, figures, and ideas, which represent “the five cardinal limbs of man”—the head, the two arms and the two legs—the five points of the pentagram.

In holding His five-pointed star before us we will pass successful through all crisis.
We hold His five-pointed star before us.

Thursday, October 14, 2021- 9am

Reciting the Great Invocation for humanity.
Mantram of Direction for Humanity –
Today – Thursday…Jupiter’s day. October 14, 2021.
Choosing Joy (evolutionary path).
And not what we don’t have or didn’t do (involutionary path).
One is golden, the other in shadows.

As always, Libra tells us – which path do we choose?
The choice is to be made each moment.

Reappearance Meditation today.
Night Light News is updated –

It’s all about Jupiter direct this Sunday –
Jupiter stationary direct at 22.20 degrees Aquarius.
Late Sunday night.

Libra Sun, Mercury, Mars – Right Human Relations.
Aquarius Moon today. Aquarius is the new era.
Calling humanity to be sovereign, to be free, to build the new era together beginning in our neighborhood. One town, one village, on city at a time. Who understands this? Who is taking action? What action is being taken.


Creative Visualization – task of the NGWS
The action in our Esoteric Group is our daily meditation.
Creating the thought form of solutions for humanity as we recite for humanity the Mantram of Direction – the Great Invocation.
We use our creative imaginations together as a group.
Visualizing written across the minds & hearts of humanity.
Across each nation, country, state.
Written in the halls of all governments.
Written across our country & all countries.
The words of the Great Invocation.
We we do this with our creative visualization, with the words of the Great Invocation spoken out loud – we thus help “create the thought form of solution for humanity’s present crisis.”
All are called. Only some respond.

Our Reappearance Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…preparing with Him for His Reappearance as the Aquarian World Teacher – 2025 begins this process. We recite together –

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare men’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Doctrine of the Coming One
“Whenever withering of law, uprising of lawlessness, on all sides.
I Manifest myself
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law.
I come that humanity may have life.
I come with a sword.”

Bhagavad Gita Book 4 Sutra 7,8

“Fiat of the Lord has gone forth:
Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity.
That demand is rising & mounting every day
And in such an hour, as you think not,
He will come.”

We stand with the Christ & Archangel Michael, our swords of fire held high. We stand with the Forces of Light. We know of the darkness & the evil in our present world. We know of these things as Disciples. However, our focus is on building the new era, the new Aquarian Age, under the New Aquarian Laws & Principles. We are Disciples. We stand under the noontime Sun.

Time Speeding Up
Time is speeding up, accelerating each day. We can hardly go any faster. It’s the Aquarian energy. Aquarius is air, ruled by Uranus, sign of lightning speed, of revelations, of revolution. Aquarius & Uranus bringing in the new era, unfolding the energy of freedom for humanity. Many of us are working from early morning to late at night. At times this can be overwhelming. We need to organize more, adapting to the new energy (from Pisces/Neptune/water) to Aquarius/Uranus/air). We need to adapt to the new order of things – so we bring the new order into our lives. Creating order stabilizes the mind. Quiet music helps, being in nature more & more too. Nature is the most harmonious kingdom. Risa 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021- 11am

So the question is often,
“Do you believe in astrology?”
And the answer is
“It’s not a case of believing. But of knowing what astrology is & isn’t.” Notice who asks that question. The ones who have never studied this art & science of the heavens.
And another question – “do you believe in fairies, in devas?”
and the answer is -“It’s not about belief. For I have seen them.”

So…today is Mercury’s day, the messenger.
Mercury continues to be retrograde in Libra till next Monday.
Mercury stationary direct 10.23 Libra.
Jupiter begins its stationary direct movement too, early Monday morning. 7 degrees Aquarius.
All these degrees are important to note in our charts.


Today –
October 18, 2021 – today is v/c till 1:47pm west coast time.
Then the moon enters Aquarius.
Today Venus (5) sextiles Saturn (3) & Sun inconjuncts Neptune (6). We harmonize our resources & we part any veils between ourselves & the other kingdoms.

A Garden Story
It’s October & the days are getting colder. The trees have lost most of their leaves & the winter garden hasn’t been planted yet. However, one garden is blooming as if it’s spring & summer. Each morning the squash plant produces 5-6 yellow blossoms, the cucumbers vines are covered with yellow flowers, the tomatoes too have yellow flowers blooming on each branch, the peppers (green red) hanging like christmas ornaments, they keep blooming, too – the basil hasn’t blossomed yet, it just keeps growing higher, the calendula have burst into bloom – gold & orange flowers. It’s like magic. Each morning & evening there is a talk with the devas – acknowledging them, praising them, talking to them of their beauty & their ceaseless work – & telling them to keep growing. And so they are doing so. The rain falls, the days become colder, the nights filled with stars, & the garden devas just keep up their creative work in the garden. It’s magic, actually. Heaven & earth, humanity & the kingdoms all working together. Rainbow colors manifest.Growing under the Sun & the moon. In the garden is the body of creation. All petals unfolding. The world never sleeps. Risa

Tuesday, October 12, 2021- 11am

Freeing ourselves in order to free humanity.
Educating ourselves in order to educate humanity.
Tuesday, October 12, 2021.
Mars rules, guards & guides our day today.
Mars asks us what will we do today? Why?
I posted a new study on Night Light News last night. I will continue to post information on this new study as I learn & as our group learns. To be free we have to change our status. We have to understand what it means to live in slavery (which is the way we are living). We have to understand how this began and how, in creating the new era, not recreate the past.

We have to re-identify ourselves, come to our true real identity. We do this by understand our true history & by understand the use of words, the words we use in our present society are words of enslavement. But we don’t know this yet. As the Aquarian Age unfolds, humanity is called to freedom. Aquarius is the sign of humanity & the sign of Freedom. True freedom, its attainment, is the task of humanity under the sign of Aquarius. Capricorn moon calls us to be practical.

Removing ourselves from under our enslavement/matrix is practical. Libra Sun Mercury Mars – in the interim time between the Ages, Libra comes in to assist humanity.
Libra’s rulers are Venus (sex), Uranus (money), Satur (rule of law). Notice these are all in the news these days. They all need reorienting, from their dark unskillful use by humanity to their high virtuous use by humanity. This is the reorientation occurring now. From dark to light.

Humanity must move from the Involutionary Arc (movement into deeper matter, ultimately to death) to the Evolutionary Arc (this is the Path of Spirit – & the Path of Resurrection). Libra calls humanity to see the truth of our times & to choose which path we will follow. Before we choose though we need knowledge which helps direct us to Right Choice.

When we educate ourselves to the truth, we can then educate humanity – the task of the New Group of World Servers.
When we free ourselves, we can then begin to free humanity.

lead us O lord
from darkness to light
from the unreal to the real
from death to immortality
from ignorance to knowingness
from chaos to beauty. Om.

For today’s studies – freeing ourselves.
Step by step –
1. Big Picture – trying to get the information out to the
masses. Why are we freeing ourselves from?

Jordan Maxwell interview May 2021: start at 25 minute mark – you don’t have to listen to it all. Talks about the
civil war & allodial title etc.

2. Get this book first….You Know Something is Wrong When….by AVR.

Learning together, day by day, step by step. Risa

Monday, October 11, 2021- 3pm
Post #3 for Monday.
From Risa 
Dear Readers –  
Here are the 2 resources to begin our new study.
The first is a beginning, like a 101 of Common Law.
How to begin to understand the slavery we have been living under. 
When we have knowledge, we then know what to remove ourselves from. When we have knowledge of the dark, we then know how to not recreate it. When we have knowledge, we have power. 
The other is Anna Van Reitz’s book – a resource to have on hand.
1. Jordan Maxwell:
2. Resource Handbook = jural assembly handbook.pdf
Monday, October 11, 2021- 9am

Dear Readers, there are 2 posts today.
1. Christopher Columbus & Count St. Germain.
2. Comments on the state of our world & the beginning study of Natural Law/common law.
I will begin to post what we are studying. Keep up everyone.
Don’t be left behind. Risa

Columbus Day, October 11, 2021.
Note: always read my comments below. Beginning a new study.
This will take perseverance & focus & intention & discipline.
Keep up everyone. Don’t be left behind.

Columbus – led to discovering new lands.
For the purpose of Freedom & Rule by the People.
Who was Columbus & what did her really do concerning the Americas? What was his purpose? Who guided him?
A study.

The Astrology Today
Sun Mercury Mars in Libra – Ray 3. Intelligence of the real brings harmony & balance to our lives.
Capricorn Moon later today – sign of the Initiate.
Mercury/Uranus (Libra/Taurus).
True intelligence stabilizes us.
When we have the true history of things & their spiritual emphasis.
Standing within the lens of Spiritual Approach.
We approach Columbus day within the lens of its spiritual purpose.
Who was Columbus?
Columbus was an explorer guided by the American Master, Master Count St. Germaine (CSG)– Ray 7 Master, the color is violet.
Columbus’s route from Europe to the Americas (N & S) is about expansion, discovery & freedom. And the establishment of new lands that would stand for Freedom.

Master St. Germain, then & today, protects America’s freedom.
I am writing this information to my real readers.
To my usual readers & to those with open minds.

Columbus Day – a legal holiday commemorating the discovery (for Europe) of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492. It is observed by most states on the second Monday of October.

Esoteric History – a counter balance to the present day wokeness/redoing/tearing down of statues/history, political correctness.
We do not judge past history by the rules & awareness we have today. Doing that is called political correctness, which is a hindrance & an appropriation of reality which hides our real history. We do not appropriate things to fit into the molds demanded of us today.
Disciples are not policially correct.
That is part of the agenda of the F/Darkness crushing people’s creativity & humanity’s history.

Everything is a developmental stage of learning.
Wherever Britain and America went in terms of other lands,
they brought with them new learnings & attempted to teach the people, to stimulate & thus open their minds, to open up their thinking mechanism.

The word Aryan means “the thinkers, to think.” Schools & churches were created to educate the people, so they could move from the emotional plane to the mental plane – a vital developmental stage for humanity. That is the big (Jupiter’s) picture. And there was learning on both sides along the way. Everything is a developmental stage.

Spiritual Work in the American Continent
Due to the pioneering work of the great disciple, Columbus, two new continents were discovered which furthered the intelligence of the European people, a country ruled by Kings. The Americas, discovered by Columbus, has a future purpose – to no longer be countries ruled by kings. But countries to be ruled by the people.

Columbus was a disciple of Master Jesus and Master Count St. Germain. He was very devotional and was guided by St. Germain to discover new lands, the new world.

It is Count St. Germain’s work that enabled the discovery of the American continent. The two continents, North and South America, are ancient -most lands. They are connected in the west to the f Lemurian civilization and to the east the early period of Atlantean civilization.

Lemuria was the Land of the Gods, when the Sons of Will & Fire descended from higher circles, 18 million years ago, to place the seeds of mind into early humanity.
The west coast of America & the west coast of south America are the ancient lands of Lemuria. The America lands was to be the “new” land, the new Jerusalem (city of peace), where all cultures came together in freedom.

Master Count St. Germain (CSG), along with other great Masters & beings, work in & for the American continent. CSG protects this land of the Americas as a wise teacher.

There are many devas and intelligences, who protect the planet and the continents, and among the teachers, CSG was entrusted with the two continents (N & S America) and their development. He chose to be in America, ever since the 17th century, He has come to contribute to the growth, liberty and freedoms of humanity during this present cycle.

It is CSG’s disciples who brought freedom to many nations in North and South America. Initially, when the Master worked, he opened many temples known to be masonic temples. Masonry means an activity of building. Building oneself into a temple is masonry. The disciples of the Master are masons of esoteric orders. They carried the energy of freedom and liberation worked to gradually eliminte imperialism.

This land of America was won for the people through masonry. And it is the first country built on the ideal & idea of freedom.
The signers of the Declaration of Independence were directed by the Hierarchy to create the United States of America to be free, for its people to be free, for all to have liberty.
(note: all of which is being presently destroyed but the retrogressive Forces of darkness)

Examples of Disciples under CSG –
St. Martin was a great mason who brought freedom to Argentina. Don Pedro, another mason, brought freedom to Brazil.
And to the entire northern part of South America, freedom was brought through the leadership of Simon Bolivar. He was also a great mason.
George Washington was a mason of 33 degrees.
Abraham Lincoln was also a mason and a disciple of the Master.
All the above were Disciples of the Master of Freedom.

Master CSG has been playing a very significant role in the American continents to inaugurate freedom from authority, and freedom from power and rule. It is not by accident that the Statue of Liberty was built. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of United States today. The noble objective of liberty was set through the disciples of Master St. Germain.

Master Count St. Germain – Master of the 7th Ray – anchoring the new archetypes.
Master CST represents the 7th Ray of new archetypes, of White Magic (MAGA), of Right Rhythm & Ceremonial Order, the new patterns of things, the new era of Aquarius, the new Laws & Principles, & Uranus. CSG offers knowledge to those who take the oath & path of Freedom. It cannot be given to people who adopt anarchism. As the new era unfolds, the dark ones are left behind.

The first time the concept of human spiritual intellectual freedom existed on the earth was when our country was founded – saying we are sovereign & we own our bodies. We are free. Under no kings. We thus have the right to be ourselves. Columbus founded the Americas for the later founding of the United States, with its Constitution, Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights.

This is our school, college, institute. This is the new learning for humanity. For those who are seekers, for those listening…this is the New School for the New Aquarian Age.

We need to establish the true understanding of words.
Place an “s” in front of “words”. It becomes “swords.”
There is an entire world of occultism (hidden inner reality) with the use of words. We need to learn all the definitions of each word.
We also need to learn two Laws – the Law of the Land (culture that lives on a particular land) & the Law of the High Seas (Law of Water – Law of Money – this “law” rules the world. This began with the Canaanites, the Pheonicians, merchant bankers, merchant – mer, sea, water = merchant bankers). Law of Water is the Law of money. And this must change). Risa

Post #2 – News & Notes & Comments
The information presented here daily & on my website is the curriculum of the new esoteric schools, information needed for humanity new education to illumine humanity’s minds to then be able to identify truth & stand in pure reason. When we have the truth, a light shines in the world. We become that light, a lamp lifted up in the darkness. To be a lighted lamp is to be an aspiring magician. The soul within each of us is seeking to generate new realities, comfort, healing, loving and creative thoughts that have the power to educate, direcct, guide & uplift humanity. As this inner light begins to blaze & radiate forth, it indicates that the soul now has a sanctuary (within the head) to use to express itself. And it creates a refuge & sanctuary for humanity. This is the soul’s creative process—as it seeks to radiate through this lighted lamp within. Risa

Standing up, Taking a Stand
Praise for, taking a position – the walk outs in the airline industry, saying no to authoritarianism. Taking a deeper look at the supply chain – ships held at bay to create food/supply crisis (corporate fraud, scam, etc.) – think about how does this relate to Admiralty Law, what are the power struggles occurring behind the scenes. Remember, the is the Law of the Land & the Law of the Sea. All those ships docked, waiting in line, no one to unload the products, no truckers. Forces of Darkness who control Admiralty Law are holding up the supply chain. It is important to begin to study Common Law, Law of Land, Law of the Waters. Supply chain issues, what are the real issues besides trying to starve the people? We need to look behind the scenes, look at the situation under the two laws humanity is living under. We each need the big picture around Common Law – what is it? Risa

Learning Together – a new study
Making corrections, discovering layers of fraud we have been under, when we learn about the fraud, we then go about correcting that fraud & freeing ourselves. At first, it’s complicated. We have not been taught about Natural Law & the two Laws (land/water). Our freedoms were usurped long ago. We think we aren’t working for the king, who benefits from our labor. But the king is in charge of the waters (Law of Water, trade, international trade, etc.), the king is still in charge. This is the beginning of one of the problems, at the beginning, America was to be under the Law of the Land. That is what we have to establish now, as free people. Read more from Anna van Reitz.
The Forces of Materialism figured out ways to use the Law of the Water against humanity in America. We need to know our true history. Revolutionary War & Civil war shipped away our freedoms, that we need to restore. We learn by understanding the language/words we are using. Central bankers, bar association, globalists benefitting from our labor (life force) – we tried to get free in 1700s, the same families are still in charge (nobility, kings), figured out how to keep the American people captive.
They set up new currency, crashed Depression in 1929….met at Jekyll island to create the federal reserve, who was there on that island…? Words, names, capital & lower-case letters have meaning. We need to learn about this. Fraud, lies, how we remain capital. Like a magic trick used against us. We live in so much ignorance that needs illumination. love, Risa

It has taken till now to figure out how to really make corrections to our real identities. Read Anna van Reitz – she gathered up the smart ones to create a movement to make corrections – to repopulate the actual government & to be free from the scams. Anna & husband deal in international realms. Anna is a judge, raised in Common Law, doesn’t have to unlearn the fraud. She had these conversations around the dinner table. She understand international law. touching upon time points – we are in a crisis point – 1929 – 2021 – 90 years. Now they are setting up a new system of fraud (cyber money, IRS, genetically modified bodies, the globalists can then OWN – nothing to do with health, tracked like cattle, turning humanity to cattle – etc.) They have till 2023 to bring this “new” forth. Risa

Language/Words We Use
It’s all in the language – This is happening all over the world. Correcting our status.
An ancient struggle. The American State Assembly website. Anna van Reitz speaks every Monday nights. 6pm pacific time, each week. Listening, picking up parts & pieces to understand. Useful to hear the language, listening to those we remember Uranus reveals (Aquarius) all that has been hidden. We are moving dark to light, in between is Libra, transition time – rules Venus, Uranus, Saturn (sex, money & the law). Uranus is in Taurus which rules humanity. Aquarius has to do with the Earth – the veils are being pulled back so the system we have been living under is awakening humanity, awakening us to the centuries old embedded fraud (small picture). Uranus is awakening us to all we need to know to build the new era. When we learn we then become teachers of humanity. Risa

Schools – Creative Approach Needed
What to do about our public schools? Parents creating private membership association & private ministries to bypass regular schools & school mandates…people trying to buy land together, forming communities….
we learn from them. Risa

Sunday, October 10, 2021- 9am
Sunday, October 10, 2021.
Sagittarius moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars in Libra.
Yesterday was Nicholas Roerich’s 147th birthday.
Roerich had multiple planets in Libra – thus the harmony, balance & beauty of his paintings.
Roerich was born in St. Petersburg, Russia.
He died Dec. 13, 1947, in Naggar, India (north of New Delhi, east of Lahore, India). Naggar is an ancient town in Kullu mountain district of Himachal Pradesh, India.
About Nicholas Roerich –
In our school we would spend several weeks to months studying Roerich’s international work (Peace Pact), his journeys (books) in search of Shamballa & his illuminated paintings. We can all begin here. love, Risa
Saturday, October 9, 2021- 9am

01 ䷀ (乾 qián) 乾 THE CREATIVE:
The Creative works sublime success,
Furthering through perseverance.
Choosing, then standing with neutrality.
Right Choice is made when we align with the Will to Good.

In Libra we are told we must make a choice.
Between the dark & Light.
We are Arjuna, being told by our Teacher, Krishna, to choose.
Which side will you choose Arjuna, Krishna said.
At first Arjuna said he was a pacifist & would not choose a side.
Krisha told his student….Arjuna, you must choose. This is a test. You must decern the right & the wrong, the light & the dark. You must then choose one or the other. And then you must lift up your sword & fight for what you know to be Right, Just, & Good.”

Libra tells humanity (this month) & during this Kali Yuga time & in this in between time between Pisces & Aquarius – We must choose which side we stand upon, which side we will fight for.

And so the quote
“We must take sides. Neutrality (passivity) helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” ~ Elie Wiesel

Note: Neutrality is not passivity. It is passivity (choosing NOT to choose) that is the evil. Neutrality must exist even when we make our choice. After making our choice, we then are neutral, meaning we make no new karma, we create no new dualities or polarities. We are peaceful in our choice, knowing it to be true to our values. Always we are neutral. Never are we just passive

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

What/who are they “coming for” now?
In our present dark times?

Today –
Mercury retro in Libra (3 & 7)
Sag moon –
Sun, Mercury R & Mars in Libra. – all conjunct today.

Tomorrow, Saturn (3) stations direct 7 degrees Aquarius (5 & 7).
Locate where 7 degrees Aquarius is in your chart.
Saturn direct – old structures revealed, new structures coming forth for the new era.

Superior Position – I Ching.
When we have knowledge & truth we are in a Suprior Position.
We are not above people, we are simply standing with the truth And this gives one a superior position.

The movement of heaven is full of power.
Thus the superior man (one with truth & knowledge) makes himself strong and untiring. Risa

Friday, October 8, 2021- 11am

Friday is Venus’s day.
Today, Friday, is October 8, 2021.
Note: Read my comment below, too (in Comments).
Venus (Ray 5) is our values, what we value, what we love. Venus is our resources. Ray 5 is concrete knowledge & science.
There is real knowledge & false knowledge.
There is real science & there is false science.

Venus calls us to unveil & recognize the real concrete truthful knowledge & science. To discern reality. That is our task.

So it is appropriate that we talk about Cash Friday (from Catherine Austin Fitts).

Why is there a call for Cash Friday?
It is so digital currency doesn’t take hold of our paper currency.
DIgital currency means the globalists have taken complete control of humanity. Which is what the Central Bankers intend to do.
Read more here from Catherine & create an action plan –

Read & listen.

Moon is silver, in us moon beams shine. Moon is mind says the Veda like the lake of ripples. When moon reflects on the lake, it is like the aspirant contemplating on thoughts, moonlight of thoughts, a silver light. contemplation of these things, a still lake of moonlight, a sheet of silver, a silver mind, shinging forth refleting silver rays. Silver transmits light. Silver mind transmits rays of moonbeams, moonlight. Moonlight is the reflection of Sunlight. Silver mind seals the Sun and the light of the Soul.
The mind of contemplation reflects the Soul’s light.
It silences the agitated mind. Elimination of ripples of agitation. Fully healed mind. Stilled mind with slver light. Moonbeams radiate from the mind. Experiencing the Sun & Soul emitting = silver & gold light. This is a meditation leading us to the 7th subplane of the Buddhic plane & to the Diamind Light Body.
Lake is moonlight, We are silver. Moonbeams awake. In disciples the Sun is sealed. Om

The Astrology Today
Scorpio moon. Sun, Mercury, Mars in Libra.
Balancing, harmonizing.
“Let choice be made.”
“We choose the Way that leads between the two great lives of force.” We stand at the apex of the triangle.
We also stand within the Law of Spiritual Approach.
From now till Oct. 20th.

How do we make Right Choice?
Right Choice is made when we align with the Will to Good, the Will to Love. Risa

News & notes –
What is happening in our world & why? We are in a time of transition, from Pisces to Aquarius, a new era emerging. A change of the Rays along with the new Aquarian Laws & Principles. 

All coming forth as the rule of law has been abolished. We are also in the Kali Yuga, when the darkness is allowed to be seen so humanity can make a choice between the light & the dark. We know how to make Right Choice – by aligning with the Will to Good. And so all around us we see this….

All political and economical systems are in various stages of transition , entropy, we are witnessing the breakdown of those political systems which no longer can serve the needs of Humanity accelerating , and its expanding awareness is something to take note of and will begins the task of rebuilding the world of human endeavor along more sane lines of development . Sharing in a world of plenty must be seen as the over-riding priority. There is no reason for millions to starve in a world of plenty. The coming American Up-rising will ring true for many who have a somewhat developed intuition.

With the expansion and dissemination of social networking, followed by the heightened awareness of Humanity coming of age,- it is obvious that the present Human Civilization is reaching a very dangerous level of transition, on a global scale, like nothing ever seen before. 

A great awakening is stirring in the hearts and minds of countless millions all over the world calling for justice, unity , clean sane methods of living, the sharing of the world’s resources, peace, trust, and an ever expanding awareness of who we are as Human beings , and our ever becoming as Divine Beings “engaged in a long evolutionary journey towards the heights of ultimate Self-Realization“.

It is obviously clear that our man-bearing planet is passing through , and experiencing violent shifts , drastic changes within every avenue of human endeavour on the physical, astral-emotional, and upon the mental planes as humanity struggles to keep up and grapple with the tremendous quickening that is surging us forward into a time of uncertain crisis, forcing us to evaluate and ponder upon the real values , that if adopted , will usher in a time of joy , world cooperation, sharing, trust, brotherhood, -and at last the precipitation of a wonderful glorious Human Civilization (Golden Age, Aquarius) that will ensure our passage through the Gates of Initiation (Capricorn) and the eternal unfoldment of our Divine Potential as Sons & Daughters of God. Theosophical & Esoteric World View – Risa

Thursday, October 7, 2021- 7am

Calling Humanity.
Humanity becoming its own Savior.
Standing with our brothers & sisters who are awakened.
Humanity rising, fighting back. Appropriate headline today on the Reappearance Meditation Day – preparing for the Aquarian World Teacher. Humanity becoming its own Teacher, its own Savior.
Thursday, Jupiter’s day. Scorpio Moon, Libra Sun. Venus enters Sagittarius, sign of justice.

Removing the veils (unmasking the eyes) from the eyes of Lady Justice.

Understanding Freedom via Aquarius & the Rays
Aquarius is the sign of humanity & also pre-eminently, the sign of freedom.
Aquarius (5 & 7) is ruled by (flows through) Saturn (3), Uranus (7) & Jupiter (2).

Saturn is also (on the spiritual level) ruled by the Moon (4) (masses of humanity) veils Uranus (4).

Which means, when the masses of humanity are unveiled (awakened from the thralls of materialism & our from under the rule of the dark forces), Uranus is unveiled, which means humanity can work with the radical & revolutionary & revelatory energies of Uranus – anchoring on Earth once again the freedom & liberties & re-establishing the Rule of Law for humanity’s life & well being.

Saturn )3) is the structures & rules needed for humanity to live well.

Uranus (7, anchoring the freedoms of the new era)) is a revolution that comes if humanity understands their freedoms are being destroyed. Rules & mandates given to humanity that make them less human.

Jupiter (2) is the love & wisdom at the heart of humanity.

Moon (4) veils Uranus (7)
Moon (4), the masses of humanity. Ray 4 is harmony emerging from conflicts & chaos. This is how humanity learns. When the moon (the past revealed) is removed, then Uranus (7) (revelation) shines forth for humanity. And humanity has access to all of the gifts Uranus holds. What in mythology did Uranus do? Who knows?

Tools for the Resistance
Knowledge, Strength, Will, Love & Wisdom
Tools for the resistance.
When the Forces of Darkness take over the lives of humanity, & when humanity becomes aware (knowledgeable) of this through extreme suffering, there is strength (Saturn) & Will (Uranus is, Will is also there) & the love & wisdom within humanity to resist & to fight back to maintain humanity’s freedoms & integrity.

And so….
Humanity’s voices fighting back (see today’s headlines below)
Fighting back against sorcerer’s false hypocritical destrutive government mandates. Everything now is inside out. The innocent jailed, convicts & perpetrators of crimes allowed to be free.

Kali Yuga
3/4 darkness. 1/4 light.
We are in the darkness of the Kali Yuga. Farthest away from our Spiritual home. In the darkness, seeking the Light. And so the Brothers of the Shadows present humanity with a false light. And many are deceived.

Humanity, the World Disciple (realizing this & when able to discern the truth & awakened) becomes its own Savior.
Humanity Rising!

Humanity becomes its own Savior. Holding its flaming swords up high. And we know the Lord said these words….

“Whenever withering of law, uprising of lawlessness, on all sides.
I Manifest myself
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil,
for the firm establishing of the Law. I come that humanity may have life. I come with a sword.”

Bhagavad Gita Book 4 Sutra 7,8

“Fiat of the Lord has gone forth:
Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity.
That demand is rising & mounting every day
And in such an hour, as you think not,
He will come.”

Reappearance of the Christ, Vol 1.
Doctrine of Coming One.
For decades anticipated by the faithful.
The return of Krishna, of Christ (world Teachers).
In Esoteric studies, the Christ principle is an office within the Hierarchy.
The Christ is a Great Being from Sirius, Ray 2.
Lord Maitreya is His other name.
The name of His Reappearance, beginning in 2025.

Maitreya, the Christ, the Aquarian World Teacher, is assisted by the Hierarchy – the Ascended Masters of Wisdom.

When men feel exhausted seeking resources & the innate possibilities & problems are beyond handling, they look for a Divine Intermediary, pleading their cause to God to be their Savior.

Christ is the Mediator. The Savior.
He said long ago, & now, too….
“I have come that they may have life.”

Spiritual revelation based on the interdependence of God to all kingdoms. The appropriate mechanism is always found through which Divinity reaches & communicates with humanity.

Someone is expected, anticipated.
When time is right, when faith is keen enough….
“Always He has come.”

Today, there is no exception to this universal Law.
There is no doubt of the spiritual awakening everywhere leading to the New Era of Brotherhood – keynote of Aquarius.
This is occurring now.
Inner & outer forces creating great changes within humanity.
The reorganizing of the world’s social structures that no longer meet humanity’s needs.
Bringing forth the new plans & agendas for the new Aquarian Era.
Under the Aquarian Laws & Principles.

Our prayers today with the NGWS & the Christ.

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare men’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Our work together today & every day. love, Risa

Wednesday, October 6, 2021- 8am

Aligning with the Will to Good.
Strengthening the hands, hearts & endeavors of the New Group of World Servers.
New Moon festival today. Join us everyone.
October 6, 2021 – 
A study on the new moon below.
This new moon connects with the US chart.
See notes below.

Today – 
Consciously aligning with the heavenly rhythms & patterns, our lives come into balance – Libra.
A Time for reorientation & a time of choosing.

A new moon today, Libra new moon.
October 6, 2021 – Wednesday – Mercury’s day. 

The Astrology
Sun & Moon in Libra.
Sun & Mars in Libra inconjunct Uranus.
Pluto direct.
The moon making contact with all the planets today.
Making contact – love is released.

Complex Day Today
A complex day today with many transits (planetary inter connections).
New Moon – 13 degrees Libra.
Pluto stationary direct 25 degrees Capricorn.
There is one planet that rules both Libra & Capricorn.
Who knows what it is.

New Moon in Libra – Keynotes
“Let choice be made” the task for humanity at this time.
How do we make Right Choices?
Right Choice can only be made when we align with the Will to Good. 

Soul’s keynote:
“We choose the Way which leads between the two great lines of force.” And again, the potent directive & direction – 
Right Choice is made when we align with the Will to Good.

Readers will resonate with Libra if they have the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Libra or e any of these in close aspect to Venus. 
We will also be influenced by Libra if we have several planets in the seventh house, or if we were born with the Venus in the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house.

The Soul’s Task in Libra: The Use of Energy to Obtain Balance, Justice, and Right -Relationship

Labours of Hercules
In this labor, Hercules is told to capture the wild boar, which is a symbol of the desire nature. He is instructed to take the time to eat and rest on the way , and this is an important aspect of a balanced life. But, as Hercules connects with friends, they eat and drink to excess, and conflict arises. Chaos ensues resulting in the death of his friends who symbolize physical strength and wise thought. He ultimately goes on to capture the boar at the top of the mountain and brings him to Eurystheus.

US Chart & the New Moon (see chart below) 
New moon (13 Mars) is conjunct Mars of the US Saturn at 14 Libra. Dweller of US impacted by new moon in Libra.
Square the US Sun 12 Cancer.
Saturn is the Dweller on the Threshold.

Transiting Neptune is square US Mars. Neptune/Mars rules the emotional plane.

Transiting Saturn on the US south node (past coming to the present, the darkness being seen so reorientation can occur).
Reorienting the past to the present future. 

Neutralizing our past, our karma.
Libra has to do with sex (Venus), money (Uranus), the Law (Saturn). All three of these are in the news (pedophilia, the economy & the breakdown of the Rule of Law).
Mars brings the tests & the ultimate reorientation for humanity. 
Reorientation of the Dweller so humanity can finally see the Angel of the Presence. 

About new moon times – a study.
Why we have festivals at new & full moon times. What our meditation is – creative visualization. Why? 

Meditation at the New Moon, a study.

DINA II (page 202)

“The point which I seek to emphasize, and which I hope will remain in your minds, is that this (creative imagination, creative visualization) technique of meditation (Raja Yoga meditation) is the outstanding creative agent on our planet. 

When we are endeavoring to `build the new man (man means thinkers, building the levels of the mind reaching up to the Soul/Christ on the mental plane) in Christ’ we then express our true spiritual self. Meditation is our tool, our best agent. Our meditation process must be accompanied by creative work (using our imagination, creative visualization) or else it is purely mystical, and though not futile, is not useful in projecting the new era in the world. 

Special work has been undertaken each month during the new moon period, as has been done for so long at the time of the full moon. During both the full and new moon periods there is a similar emphasis on the work of energy distribution in meditation. Just as there is a higher and a lower interlude in the annual cycle, so in the monthly cycle, the full moon occurs at the higher interlude and the new moon at the lower interlude.

Strengthening the New Group of World Servers
At the new moon, we concentrate on how to be of service, how to support the Plan of God in bringing all that is in form & mater to the Light. 

We realize as we do this work together – we assist in bringing the “power of the one Life” and the “love of the one soul” into the world. We assist in creating thought forms of solutions to world problems.

The emphasis at the new moon is to express and extend the energy and inspiration received at the time of the full moon through recognition of the service work of individuals and groups engaged in meeting world need, serving actively in one or other of the many fields of human life, and devoted to lifting and enriching the quality of human life on earth.

The theme of meditation at the new moon is this….

Strengthening the Hands of the New Group of World Servers. 

Composed of all men and women who work for equality of opportunity, justice, inclusiveness and right relationships, the new group of world servers functions in every field of human endeavor and in all parts of the world. For the most part they work, unrecognized, to meet not only human need, but the welfare of all living things, through an understanding of our planetary interrelationship and of the power of goodwill to bring about constructive change.

As we consciously align with the rhythmic pattern of energy flow each month, we become a part of a planetary meditative process carried forward at all levels of consciousness and with great creative potential for anchoring the seeds of the coming civilization and the germ of the new culture.

Right Choice is made when we align with the Will to Good.

Our meditation today. 
Remain poised, observing as everything comes tumbling out in this Red October. Increased information – Saturn going direct on Sunday, with its final square with Uranus – exact Christmas eve. Saturn/Uranus rule both Libra & Aquarius – in the new era, everything accelerates. In Libra tensions rise. So much to learn together! love, Risa 

Note. Question.
Are people gathering together in neighborhoods, etc. to talk about what to do if (when) chaos ensues (& internment camps [shielding facilities!!!!!????] are created? Washington state already recruiting for these “camps”. ). Time for talk, dialogue then action. New moon time is a time for a new conversation.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021- 9am

Tuesday…what letter in the alphabet did we stop at.
Which letter (alphabet) is next? Who knows?
Today, October 5, 2021 – Libra moon today with Libra Sun.
That means a new moon – tomorrow morning, 4:05am west coast time. New Libra moon 13.25 degrees Libra.
Then just before noon (west coast time), Pluto is station direct (24 Capricorn).
As we follow the influences of the heavens, we turn to our astrology charts – where is 13 Libra & where is 24 Capricorn.
Wherever these are in our chart, that area of life is affected.

Knowing the astrology allows us to understand how the heavens influence our lives. Change only occurs when a planet or star in the sky “touched” one of our natal (birth) planets. That is how change happens. Who really understand this phenomena?

Mercury inconjunct Neptune today (Libra/Pisces).
Libra – Rays 3 & 7. Pisces – Rays 2 & 6.
What would the interaction of these odd & even rays mean for us? Who will respond?

Life is a pinpoint of the eternal truth.
A fragment of light. Many in one. One in many.
We look into our lives & life is limited.
If we look at Life in general, the great reality, the history, the cosmos, then our life expands. We are no longer circumscribed. We then move in Joy, in a unity of Life.

Disciples comprehend this. Disciples do not live fragmented. Disciples are dedicated to observation of untiy leading to neutrality which means poise leading to truth eternal. When we cannot stand in neutrality we are a victim of polarity – fragments of truth appear only. Viewpoints, opinions all contrary. Then separation happens because these are only fragments of truth.

The Vedas – through neutrality & observation, one eventually sees the truth.
Life is a pinpoint of Truth. Stand in the equation between (Libra) the general & the particular & the whole of Life appears. Joy & unity, too. Then we are a lamp in the darkness, a vase of plenty, tree of miracles, bringing sustenance & awakening to humanity. Then sorrow ends & all are awakened.

Mantram of Unification
(source of strength for humanity)

The souls of all (sons of men/thinkers) are One
And I am one with them.

I seek to love, not hate;
I seek to serve and not exact due service;
I seek to heal, not hurt.

Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
Let the soul control the outer form, and life and all events
And bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight.
Let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
Let love prevail. Let all & everyone love.

The Mantram of Unification declares two realities. First, that the user is one with all humanity and second, that humanity as a whole responds to the divine Plan. Five aspects of this Plan are dealt with:

The reward of human suffering.
The control of human life by the soul.
Precipitation of the vision, revealing the future.
The demonstration of the inner unity of all humanity.
Humanity dominated by love.
Here we have a marvelous summation of the divine Plan for man. To whatever extent we, as individuals, understand it and live by it, we aid the whole of humanity. It brings meaning and purpose to our lives.

This mantram is a source of strength for all disciples active in spiritual work. love, Risa

Blackouts necessary (FB down yesterday) to hide things.
Media controlled. Setting up narrative day after “whistleblower” (not real) that FB goes dark. Cognitive dissonance to have W on CBS – false media. Who knows what is real? W said “I think FB intentions are good.” FB is CIA (know this). It’s all cognitive dissonance. In the meantime, continue to prepare. All could go dark anytime.
How can we prepare ourselves emotionally for the eventual illness or “die off” of humanity who took the Vx? A terrible thought, indeed! In Mercury retro in Libra, we think about “others.” It is important to prepare ourselves should something occur in terms of humanity’s possible illness due to the Vx. A friend we saw yesterday said she has planted holy basil in her garden to use for those who are ill. 

Listening to music a lot….helps lift us up during this time of darkness. Remembering Let the Forces of Light, Love, Power & Death do its work in our world. We are all going to experience the “death” in some way. Mercury in Libra, about relationships with others. 

Megan Trainor’s song – “I’m gonna love you as if I’m gonna lose you”. What if we took this statement literally – interacting with all others as if we are going to lose them any moment, any time. The result is being more loving, more present, more aware of Livingness all around us. Risa Music/lyrics –…/likeimgoingtoloseyou.html

Dr. Young on the Vx….

Monday, October 4, 2021- 8am

The Law of Spiritual Approach.
Neptune/Mars & the US Chart.
Building neighborhood communities.
Preparing for possible futures together.
A quote from Dante’s Divine comedy.
News & Notes.

Today is actually the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi.
Monday, October 4, 2021. Libra Sun, Virgo Moon.
That means a new moon is soon (Wednesday).
St. Francisco of Assisi Feast day.
We can celebrate this holy man for two days.
He deserves it, al lhis singing to the larks & the wolves, to the sun and moon.

Today is Virgo (2/6) moon day.
Virgo is the sign of serving the animal kingdom.
So St. Francis’s feast day today is appropriate.
Virgo moon also means human & animal digestions may be affected. We are seeing this here in all of our animals.
Elders, babies, animals experience the planetary energies more than most.

A few upcoming things to note for planning in this Mercury retrograde in Libra, being careful of all communication & agendas with others.
~Wednesday is the new moon, 13.25 Libra.
It’s also Pluto direct at 24 degrees Capricorn.
Pluto direct – more that’s been hidden comes to light in the Red October time.
Planetary energies when stationary direct or retrograde are most potent. These are days of observation.

Venus enters Sagittarius Thursday, our Reappearance Day.
Venus is Ray 5 & Sag is Rays 4, 5, 6. So Venus works well in Sagittarius. We need concrete knowledge for Sag’s journeys over hill & dale to reach the foothills of Capricorn.

Saturn turns direct next Sunday, 7 degrees Aquarius.
More on planets turning direct on our next NLNews.


News & Notes
Food supply chain is slowing down. Ships are sitting at ports.
No one to take the supplies off the ships onto the decks. There is a lack of truck drivers. Important to take money out of banks, have cash on hand, gas in cars, & build up food & meds supplies & all things needed to sustain daily life. It’s best to purchase holiday gifts now.

Know your neighbors. Which are safe, which are not.
Call meetings, create dialogues, etc.
Build neighborhood communities.
Have meetings about possibile futures – what if the power goes out, what is we have a lack of food supplies? Who has talents & gifts to share.
The call now of Aquarius, the sign of humanity, is to form communities wherever one finds oneself. who will be leaders in this endeavor? It takes courage to move from private individual realities to cooperative community realities. But it’s the keynote of Aquarius. A good template for the meetings is to following the Laws & Principles of the Aquarian Age. These are the directives for the new era.

Astrology & the United States chart –

T. Neptune Squares US Mars (16, 17th October)

See chart of the US below –
Inner wheel is the US chart.
Outer wheel, planets in the sky today, this month.

Find…look for….
Neptune retro in Pisces, 21 degrees (outer wheel, 11th house).
Mars in Gemini, 20 degrees (inner wheel 1st house).
The United States, mid October, will have transiting (in the sky) Studying this transit….


Neptune (god of the waters) square natal Mars (desire, aspiration, action!).

Mars/Neptune – we have less energy than usual. Neptune dissolves things that are not useful. It also drops a veil over things so there can be confusion.

Neptune is oil & water, poisons, drugs, deceit, intrigues, lies (what we see presently in our government & our country). There can be an influx of drugs into our country, flooding, too.

Neptune in Pisces square Mars in Gemini – information given to us could be veiled, confused, manipulated. Neptune/Mars – there can be shortages of things we are used to, things we need (Neptune dissolving things).

Neptune/Mars – everything & anything can become a drug. Going after (Mars) things can be quite challenging. Think courage in the face of confusion, strength in the face of everything dissolving away.

Our Response:
First observation.
We integrate the tensions of the square, and resolve to move in a new direction, anchoring that new direction with grace. We can have great creative power, aspirations & chivalry when we harness the Mars/Neptune energy, working with it.

We are to seek inner understandings (Neptune) before we take action (Mars).

Laws & Principles of the Aquarian Age.
We remember these are the months under which we contemplate the Law of Spiritual Approach – from Aug 21 – Oct. 20 –
Seeing the world through the lens that everything is holy, good, magical, divine.

Approaching everything with an attitude of holiness – thus Spiritual Approach

Walking the Path of Spiritual Approach, seeing all as Holy, creates a journey of discovery, beauty, revelation & joy.
It creates a gradual and subtle transformation in our lives.

We acquire a certain wisdom through the experiences of love in daily living. This developing wisdom brings us closer to our inner spiritual source and the essence within all living beings (which is Spirit, God itself).

Dante (Beatrice’s words) – Divine Comedy
“I want you to be awake, aware, alive & to evolve, so you no longer live & speak as if in a dreamworld.” Risa

Sunday, October 3, 2021- 7am

St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day today.
Sunday, October 3, 2021. Virgo Moon today. Virgo is
the sign of the care & tending of the animal kingdom
Sun/Chiron (Libra/Aries). – healing wounds, giving refuge to those who are lost.

Mercury trine Jupiter (Libra/Aquarius). Speaking of good things today in a spirit of joy & harmony.

St. Francis of Assisi.
The saint who resides in gardens & forests among the birds, the larks & the wolves in the wild, talking with them & tending to them. He is their companion.

St. Francis of Assissi (Oct. 3, 1226), Italian poet, literary writer, and founder of the Franciscan (men) and Holy Clare’s (women) Orders. St. Francis is the patron saint of animals, the environment and of Italy. Each October 3rd Catholic & Anglican churches hold ceremonies blessing the animal kingdom.

Francis preached the teachings of the Catholic Church which is that the world was created good and beautiful by God but suffers a need for redemption due to ignorance.

Francis informed both people and animals that the ability and duty of all creatures was to praise God (Psalm’s theme) and taught that the duty of humanity was to protect and enjoy nature as stewards of God’s creation.

There is a legend that St. Francis, on his deathbed, thanked his donkey for carrying and helping him throughout his life, and his donkey wept.

When St. Francis died he was singing Psalm 141
1 I call to You, O Lord; Hear my voice.
2 May my prayers be like incense, my hands lifted up be the evening sacrifice.
3 Set a guard over my mouth, keep watch over my lips.
4 Let not my heart be drawn to evil, let me not eat of their delicacies.
5.My eyes are fixed upon the LORD where I take refuge—

St. Francis loved the larks flying about his hilltop town.

Francis wrote a Canticle of the Creatures, an ode to all the kingdoms of nature – to God’s living things.
“All praise to you, Oh Lord. For all these brother and sister creatures.”

Francis wrote of healing wounds, being united, helping those in need.
“We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way.”

The ways of St. Francis are the Ways of Love. He tamed the fiercest of wolves by his love for them, for all the creatures of the woods & forests. He is the saint of forests, woodlands, gardens, birds & the animal kingdom. Risa

Saturday , October 2, 2021- 9am

Saturday is always Saturn’s day.
Saturday, October 2, 2021 –
Always read my comments below.
There are 3 News/Notes Comments below. All important for our times now.
The New World, New Structures.
As our world changes.
What is the structure (Saturn) of the new, asks Saturn?
Using our creative intelligences to create the new reality.
We build that structure together.

Saturn is Ray 3 of Divine Intelligence.
Saturn is exalted in Libra. That means Saturn works well with Libra. Both are Ray 3 – Divine Ideas offered to humanity.

Divine ideas unfold into the world into nature, consciousness, creating force & time.
Nature – three qualities & eight planes.
Divine & human connected through the Rainbow Bridge.
Three ethers – three Leo fires – cosmic solar planetary.
And 5 elements.
All details are created so humanity can evolve.

When humanity unfolds these details the Soul gains joy & this joy grows & grows.. It is unconditional, emerging from the heart. Experiencing joy, the Soul unfolds itself & the personality.
All Souls are guided from inside. It is the guiding star, painting & shaping the personality. The Soul then realizes one is Brahmin. Creating is a compassionate impuls from the divine. We are clued to join the divine. We are painted & shaped by our Rays. Om

Saturn in Libra – Soul centered exaltation – Saturn exalted in Libra. Saturn in Libra is the “Mind of Solomon.” Ray 3 is the ray that externalizes the Laws of Manifestation in the world of form.
Solomon’s mind is a mind of truth, justice & attunement to what is Right & Good & Fair & Just. Libra is the sign of choice. One make Right Choices when one attuned with the Will to Good. This too is a law. Risa

Comments – News & Notes
The Vx – Personal belief exemption is allowed for the Ca new “rule” that all children need to be Vxed. Gov will collect the personal belief exemptions, then say No to them. Taking away the exemptions (lobbied in the legislature, which they had already taken away religions exemptions). Prepare for there to be no way around Vx children by July 2023. They make medical exemptions impossible now too. It’s gotten so bad, we no longer flinch at the disasters occurring, marching along into the darkness. School staff – must be allowed religions exemption. But not for the children. Sterilization campaign in full throttle. Know the exemptions are data to put people in “isolation & shielding” camps (internment camps). When the Vxed begin to die, the UnVx will be blamed under the “Shielding Plan.” Be aware everyone. And begin to plant gardens. When Saturn goes direct the squeeze may be on – as Saturn is moving into a square with Uranus/Taurus (24th, Christmas eve it’s exact). This is the “squeeze” time, things becoming more & more difficult. Also, Mercury will return to US Saturn (Dweller) – at 14 Libra. Saturn rules libra. Saturn is discipline & structure. Mercury retrograding over US Saturn in Libra, then over it again when Mercury turns direct. Mercury on the US Saturn is when 9/11 occurred. Note this last sentence. Mercury retro will also square (challenges) the US Sun. From October through January, the battle is intensified, between the old & the new, between the dark forces & the forces of Light. 10th/11th, 25th/26th October. Mercury on the US Sun in Libra. End of October, a high spike of emotional energies, when things will change & change forever, & it will be long lasting. We don’t know what this emotional spike may be that changes our lives…it could be the economy. It could also be an enormous startling “reveal”, we don’t know. Mercury/Saturn, note the dates. Observe with intelligence. Risa

#2 News/Notes
Many people now in the position of making a choice between taking the Vx or keeping their jobs. American Airlines has government contracts & now everyone must have the Vx. All employees required. The noose getting tighter & tighter. The word Joy needs to enters the mind & heart – Joy & truth & Justice – we call upon these Graces to protect us in this terrible & scary war. What does one do to achieve Joy. So many overwhelmed with fear at what we are seeing in our world. So many feeling depressed & concerned about bad it’s going to get. As events become more & more difficult the question is how to remain balanced, as we see the outer structures we are used to being destroyed. How do we remain stable emotionally? We focus upon what we each want to build for our future. We focus on the future. We have to bring in the new rhythms, archetypes to help stabilize society as the old is collapsing all around us. There is no longer a Rule of Law. So we need to create maintain our values & virtues, our ethics while creating the new rules, the new laws which we are given by the New Laws & Principles of the Aquarian Age. The pressures upon us now, they create the process of uncertainty & within that uncertainty, as things change moment by moment, these pressures are what let us know we are holding on by the old ways & at some point we will have to let go of the old systems (let go of the shore). And begin to swim in the direction of the future, by slowly making new plans. Creating the new reality which the old reality falls apart. People are creating their own schools, learning how to exist in new ways. This is the “breakaway society”, rebuilding all the things we need in daily life, in private. No licenses demanded or needed. Like coming to a new land, getting on a ship to a new land. There is a psychological battle that is occurring. All that we are used to, freedom, liberty, etc. taken away. Then we see other suffering. There is a gift in that. Reality comes forth, grief too. What an immense crucible we are in, alchemically changed in this pressure system. We are the ones who have the training & the stability to be the pioneers. Like no other time. However we can be of service. The grief allows us to identify what is most important. Joy can be stolen. That is part of the war. The dark forces stealing our Joy. Being around others like minded helps us. Creating new circles of people. This new only comes out under the deep pressures. We are now the underground society, living outside the accepted societal rules. Needing to create the new communities now. It is a shift in thinking from traditional to outside the guidelines. In Common Law we don’t need licenses. In the licensing structure set up by states is to serve Federal citizens. Risa

#3. News/Notes
What is the American Nationals in your state? Email them. Begin to make connections in your state. Be on calls, meet in person, study, learn in your state. Begin the new process of the new identity. There can be great hope in this path. One of the ways through this situation. It is the “new” yet based on the original foundations of our original government. Populating again our original government. There will be the need for the new. We need to be the pioneers in this process. Rethinking our world. Returning to the original articles & purpose of our nation. Risa

#4 – Voice for Choice

Voice for Choice Advocacy – Hildebrand – for exemptions. Study & learn about this…..under Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Yes, unifying ideals to work within.

Friday, October 1, 2021- 7am

Class in Session.
Studying a part of our Esoteric History.
Those who came before us in the Wisdom Teachings.
Learning about, studying & knowing some of our esoteric history.
Today, Friday, October 1, 2021 – the first day of October.

Our work as Esotericists, is the 2nd level of Teachings given to the western world by the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul (Dwa-Kool).
The First level of the Wisdom Teachings given to the West was Theosophy, via Helena Blavatsky. Annie Besant assumed leadership of the Theosophical Society after Helena’s death.

Today…we celebrate & get to know Annie Besant.
Annie Besant’s birthday celebration today.
Annie assumed leadership of the Theosophical Society (1907) after Helena Blavatsky’s death.

Annie was the one who bought the land in Ojai for the establishment of Ojai Krotona. The Theosophists then moved from the Hollywood Hills to Ojai (1922). Krotona Ojai still stands today, an important spiritual landmark in Ojai. Annie & Krishnamurti were great friends. Krishnamurti, brought to Ojai by Annie, lived in Ojai till his death.

Who was Annie Besant?
Annie Besant was a British theosophist, women’s rights activist, writer, orator, educator & philanthropist. A champion of human freedom, ardent supporter of both Irish and (East) Indian self-rule, a prolific author with over three hundred books and pamphlets to her credit. From Wikipedia

Read more about Annie –

Astrology & Annie Besant,_Annie

List of Annie Besant books.


2. A comprehensive list of Theosophical books & authors w/ overviews.

Venus – Five Pointed Star.
Venus (Ray 5) guards & guides Fridays.
Ray 5 – concrete science & knowledge.

Today, Friday, October 1, 2021.
A complex day today.
Sun Mercury Mars in Libra (3). Venus in Scorpio (4).
Leo (2 & 5) Moon today.

Mercury (4) retrograde in Libra (3).
We are careful & observant of thoughts about & communication
with others (Libra)

Mars opposite Chiron (Libra/Aries). This is an interesting transit.
Mars rules Aries, Libra is the shadow of Aries.
What wounds to our self identity may appear today?
Bringing us to a state of attentiveness, to wholeness?
We observe these subtle shifts.

Mercury R square Pluto R (Libra/Capricorn) today.
Challenging & very in depth thoughts & communication perhaps.

Annie chart
In Annie’s chart below – notice the many planets in Libra.
Aries rising – a pioneer in thinking & action.

Note: in our school (in person learning, real building, etc.) we would study Annie’s chart in the context of the times she lives in & also in relation to Helena Blavatsky’s chart & the chart of the Theosophical society.
Each student would be asked to choose a book of Besant’s & give a book report. Annie was also great friends with Leadbetter, another Theosophical writer. Note his books in the Theosophical book list. Risa

Thursday, September 30, 2021- 8am
Reappearance Meditation today. Lost Objects. What to do?
Void of course moon today.
Reappearance Prayers. Creating a new rhythm on Earth with our weekly Reappearnance meditations.
When there is lawless on the Earth & the Rule of Law has been breached, when humanity seeks an intermediary
“I always appear to restore order & I come with a Sword.”Today is v/c till around dinner time (5:53pm west cost time).
Moon then enters Leo = the three fires of the Burning Ground.
We are deeply sensitive. We cultivate our gifts. & talents.
We are creative (Leo)
And wait to be called to serve (Aquarius)Venus squares Jupiter just before the v/c is over.
Venus (5) & Jup;iter (2). When we have concrete truthful scientific knowledge (5), then the heart opens and love happens & wisdom too, Ray 2. Truth shatters any hindrances. Love does too. It takes wisdom to understand & to live within these Ray energies.Each of these days of posting are like gems, sacred stones. Each day a different stone, a different gem. Glittering in the Sun, the Soul light of our group.In our Mercury retrograde time (till Oct. 18th) we remember we are reharmonizing, rebalancing, tending to all tasks with beauty, organization & grace.
Lost Objects –
When we have lost something.
We pray to St. Anthony – patron saint of lost objects.
I have lost my driver’s license. I cannot find it anywhere.
If anyone has an intuition where it might be, please share with me. Here in our Ashram, we help each other.Saint Anthony is known as the “Patron Saint of Lost Things.”
There is a story from his life – A novice stole a book of Psalms he had. When St. Anthony prayed to God for it to be recovered, the novice returned it to him.”Dear St. Anthony, something is lost in my life (name the object), and it cannot be found. Please help it be found easily & quickly. Thank you, St. Anthony.”
Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Joining the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis…Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare men’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great onesMay we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.***
Under the Sun & with the Christ….
…we stand with our hearts wide open.
The 12 petals of the heart unfolding.
We stand with the Christ in the Ashram.
Unfolding in time & space, we become the Lotus.
Everything occurs through time in nature.
We live in the Lotus of time. Unfolding.
Om. Risa
Wednesday, September 29, 2021- 8am

Class in Session –
Wednesday, Mercury’s day, Sept. 29th, 2021.
1. Michaelmas Festival Today.
St. Michael the Archangel, sword in hand, protecting the Earth during Autumn.
2. A study on Angels.
3. Rules in the 1st Grade Classroom (revisited in the mercury retrograde in Libra).
4. Preparation/Protection

Offering our gratitude to the many angels that tend & care for the Earth and her kingdoms – mineral, plant, animal & human kingdoms.

Today is Michaelmas – it’s the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel who protects & guides the Earth during the Autumn season. It’s also the day we recognize the other seasonal angels too.
Raphael, Gabriel & Uriel. Archangels & Angels are messengers and protectors. On October 2 we recognize our personal Guardian Angels who watch over each of us.

Angels in the Bible
In the Bible – mentioned by name
Raphael, Tobit 12:15
Michael, Daniel 10:13
Revelation, 12:7
Gabriel, Daniel 8:16
Luke 1:19

Old Testament
There were angels (Cherubim) at the entrance to the Garden of Eden. Genesis 3:24.

Angels all through Genesis
Appear to Abraham, Genesis 18:1-33
Saved Lot and his family, Genesis 19:1-22
Intervened with Isaac, Genesis 22:11-18
Heavenly vision of Jacob’s Ladder, Genesis 28:12

In the Desert
And angel (the Race Spirit Angel) that accompanied the Hebrews through their 40 years in the desert between Egypt & Canaan. Exodus 23:20 And Numbers 20:16

Angels that aided the prophets –
Aided the prophets
Isaiah 6:2-7
Ezekiel 1:4-28
Daniel 7:9-10
Zechariah 1:9-19

New Testament
Angels at the birth of the Holy Child.
Matthew 1:20
Luke 1:26-38

“Michael” the Archangel was “the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people (Israel)” (Daniel 12:1).

And more…
Angels are messengers, like Mercury. They bring messages to humanity. They appear in the bible…Michael sent by the Father to assist the Christ in his great decision at Gethsemane. Gabriel sent to Mary to inform her it was time for her to bear the holy child, Jesus.

Each of these archangels performs a different mission in Scripture: Michael protects; Gabriel announces; Raphael guides. Uriel teaches in the meadows in the summertime.

Humanity, Nature & the Angels
The physical body and its needs are geared to the rhythms of each day, sunrise & sunset and all the hours of light & dark in between.

The Soul body replenishes its forces in harmony with the season rhythms of the year – each season a different light & purpose.
The Spirit nourishes its being in accordance with the rhythmic sweep of the reincarnational cycles.

All of these are guarded & guided by the Angelic presences in our lives.

Each nation, country, city, town & village has a Devic Being, Guardian Angel overseeing it.

There are 5 sacred inlets/outlets on the globe. New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling, Tokyo.
They form 2 triangles with New York connecting them. Each has a Great Deva overseeing the inflow & outflow of energies & forces.

As we recite the Great Invocation, we visualize the words of this great Mantram of Direction for Humanity being received by these Devas, and their dispersing of the Great Invocation to all parts of the world & to the Kingdoms. Especially to humanity.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael is the great Protector of the Christ & His Work on Earth. It is especially interesting that Archangel Michael’s day is occurring on a Thursday, the Reappearance day.

During Archangel Michael’s Day we also celebrate the work of the planet Saturn, the hierarchical (spiritual) ruler of Libra (Sun in Libra this month). Saturn is also the planet in exaltation in Libra. On this day we appreciate the relation of the human kingdom to the deva (angelic) kingdom–about which we will learn a great deal during the Age of Aquarius.

News & Notes
Wednesday, September 29, 2021. Mercury’s day, Ray 4 day of Harmony emerging through conflict & chaos.

Note: We are to bring that harmony forth. Especially as we assess our present & past situation in the Mercury (Ray 4) retrograde in Libra (rebalancing & reharmonizing)

Notes in a classroom in New Hampshire, 1st grade.
It seems we all need to revisit these 1st grade values.
These create Goodwill & Right Human Relations which then creates peace & harmony.

Rules in our 1st Grade Classroom
Invite & allow others to speak
Consider all viewpoints & ideas.
Discuss ideas (not opinions).
Remain on point. Stick to the point under discussion
Make notes about ideas to discuss later.

Preparation & Protection
Consider what it means that people from other countries & nations crossing our border & being dispersed into our country are doing so w/out health checkups.
What would that mean?
B (present prez) flooding American w/ nano particles in the air via human vectors (unchecked for status of their health- people from other countries).
Hundreds of thousands of people, unchecked, now in America –
Also hundreds & hundreds of Haitians ran away from under the bridge in San Diego.
Disappeared into the country.
Where mass migration is occurring – increase in the virus.
Dispersing the v-r-s.
Why? To create a vRS attack/bomb.
Along with the present financial upheaval, havoc & chaos will increase.
What to do.
Remain at home as much as possible.
Keep the children at home.
For months we have been told to prepare for this.
To set food by, doing what is needed to maintain security & safety.
Especially health & food safety.

Our work today – Risa

Tuesday, September 28, 2021- 8am

Re-Harmonizing & Spiritual Approach –
The Arrow Encompassed by the Target.
“Let us not destroy, but let us bring forth the warmth of the heart.”— Leaves of Morya’s Garden
Virtue, intelligence, depth, love, dedication – our positions.

Disciples always re-harmonize.
Rebalancing & reharmonizing all situations, all relationships.
Reharmonizing the self & everything all around.
All-round harmony.
Casting, radiating, affirming the Light that balances & saves.

Disciples focus on the needs of the world.
On aspirations to serve.
Then place Good all around it.
The arrow encompassed by the target.
The aspiration & needs with Good placed all around.
We think on that. We visualize that.
We do that.
Because I AM, We Are, That.
And That I AM.

Today – Tuesday, September 28, 2021.
Cancer moon began this morning – nurturing & nourishing ourselves & others via the Soul (Neptune, Cancer’s Soul ruler).
Sun & Mercury & Mars in Libra – reharmonizing all difficult situation with the Will to Good which becomes Goodwill which becomes Right Relations, which become the Peace humanity seeks. Peace is not an end product but an ongoing process of reharmonization.

Venus in Scorpio – relationships may be tested.
Saturn in Aquarius – restructuring humanity for the new era.
Under the new Aquarian Laws & Principles.
These are the foundations (rules, guideposts) for the New Civilization.

Laws & Principles
Each one of the Laws & Principles is contemplated for 2 months at at time. 3 Laws & 3 Principles = 6 in all divided by 12 = 2 months each.

What are we contemplating now?
Spiritual Approach – from Aug 21 – Oct. 20 –
Having the attitude of looking at & approaching everything with an attitude of holiness – thus Spiritual Approach
Walk the Path of Spiritual Approach, seeing all as Holy, creates for us a journey of discovery and revelation & joy – that we each can find ourselves on.
It creates a gradual and subtle transformational process.
We acquire wisdom through the experiences of daily living.
This developing wisdom brings us closer to our inner spiritual source and that of all beings. Risa

Monday, September 27, 2021- Noon









Mercury retrograde in Libra.
Locate the Mercury retrograde in the chart below.
Today, September 27, 2021 –
Mercury retrogrades in Libra from now till Oct. 18th,
And in its retrograde shadow will Nov. 4th.
Mercury retrograde in Libra –
25 degrees Libra to 10 degrees Libra.
Applying daily the astrology to our daily lives.
Questions for study:
Where are those degrees & in what house?
And do any natal planet intersect (join, connect) with 25 to 10 degrees anywhere in the natal chart.
Looking at our charts today, observing for the next month, the effects of Mercury retrograde in our lives & in the world around us.
Tonight Sukkot ends.
We take down our temporary shelters.
Resume our every day lives.
The Astrology Today Gemini (2) Moon today.
Sun & Mercury (4) retro in Libra (3 & 7).
Libra is the sign of choice.
Moving here & there, up & down until a choice is made.
Shall we return to Virgo or venture forth into Scorpio.
The battle lines are set. Which do we choose?
Pisces or Aquarius?
It’s time to choose, said Krishna to Arjuna.
We are Arjuna. Risa


Sunday, September 26, 2021- 7am

To the Young Ones today.
Beginning of the new humanity.
End of the Death cult.
Criminals all in power now.
Typical Marxist patterns. Everything politicized.
A peddling of dangerous nonsense in plain sight.
All these “characters” (Obama, Clinton campaign sitting in
the B administration). Trying to shut Durham down.
He is looking from the top of the FBI down.
Everyone unqualified – thus the death of those in Afghanistan.
With the media as their mouthpiece.
Obfuscation, phony drone attacks.
People are killed when wrong people are in power.
And China is attempting to take over the world economy.
B’s administration is weak. He looks to China for direction.
17K migrants under the texas bridge has been released into our country.
When will this end? When will there be consequences?
So many bills passed in the dark days of summer.
This happened in 2009 – Obama passing stimulus. Money used to bribe senators. Now it’s happening again. Money/bribes on steroids. 5 trillion dollars new bill to be passed. Politically reckless. Our government, filled with criminals, now out of control.
Doubling also now the IRS & agents – plan forcing banks to produce banking records of every American, to pay more taxes.
Surveillance now everywhere.
The darkness just continues. Disasters piling up.
This Thursday, our government runs out of money.
Economic surrender to China. Killing jobs, devastating small businesses, low income middle class tax increases. Farms & farmers will suffer. Target is farms & farmers.
Tax breaks only to the wealthy.
Oh, well. Everyone’s asleep. Soon we will have no country. Unless humanity awakens.

So….what’s next (any day, any time).

Out of the suffering…..
Beginning of the new humanity.
The young ones of today will be the next great generation
to save our world. Any moment now.
“Let light, love, power, suffering & death do its work.”

Watching this video today –
It is illuminating & hopeful.
Beginning of the new humanity. The young ones to be
the next great generation. Saving our country, our world.
Any time now.


Saturday, September 25, 2021- 6am

What did I hear today?
A bunch of gangsters have taken hold of our country, our world. For years & years they worked behind the scenes & now have taken hold of just about everything. We didn’t know it. Not till now. The results are disastrous, destructive, catastrophic. Binding the people into a slave captivity, leaving humanity to function in the dark. Casting a spell upon humanity. The Brothers of the Dark Shadows now reign. 

The only counter to this evil sorcery is humanity awakening. 

The definition of sorcery is the mis-use of power over, power gained from the control or authority of evil spirits or demons that are used to inflict harm, to deceive others, & to destroy.

Sorcery in the Bible
God does not go lightly on those who practice sorcery & it says in Malachi 3:5 
“Then I will draw near to you for judgment. I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers.”

Revelation 21:8 tells the ultimate fate of all evil doers who act like sorcerers 
“But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

In the coming New Jerusalem, “Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood” (Rev 22:15).

Those who practice the things of darkness “will not inherit the kingdom of God. (Gal.5:21b)

Humanity is like Snow White. Needing a homeopathic kiss from the Prince to awaken her.

The NGWS reciting this prayer daily, swords held high….seeking assistance in the awakening & the breaking of the spell.

The Great Invocation (1940)

Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth.
Let them bring succour to the sons of men.
Let the Rider from the Secret Place come forth,
And coming, save.
Come forth, O Mighty One.

Let the souls of men awaken to the light.
And may they stand with massed intent.
Let the fiat of the Lord go forth:
The end of woe has come!
Come forth, O Mighty One.

The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived.
Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One.
Let Light and Love and Power and Death
Fulfill the purpose of the Coming One.

The WILL to save is here.
The LOVE to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad.
The ACTIVE AID of all who know the truth is also here.

Come forth, O Mighty One, and blend these three.
Construct a great defending wall.
The rule of evil NOW must end.

Sword of Albion. The sword is a powerful tool. Around it spirits gather. Angels too.

Friday, September 24, 2021- 8am

Our prayers & vows today (& everyday).
We reflect upon these words & identify with them.
We are Bodhisattvas.
Today is Friday, Venus’s day – Ray 5 day.
The color is golden orange.
Libra Sun – “Let choice be made.”
“I choose the Way between two great lines of force.”
In Libra a choice is made as to our identity.
When we choose to be Disciples, these are our Vows.


We vow to:
• Abstain from the Unwholesome
• To do the wholesome
• We vow to benefit All beings

Prayer of the Four Immeasurables
• We Pray that All Beings have Happiness and the Causes of Happiness
• May All be free from Sorrow and the Causes of Sorrow
• May All be never separated from the Sacred Happiness which is Sorrow ]less
• And may All live in Equanimity without too much Attachment or too much Aversion and Live – Believing in the Equality of All that Lives

We Remember:
• Creations are numberless. We Vow to Free Them.
• Delusions are Inexhaustible. We Vow to Transform Them.
• Reality is Boundless. We Vow to Perceive It.
• The Awakened Way is Unsurpassable. We Vow to Embody It.

Shanti-deva’s Prayer – 700 AD – Bodhisattva Prayer

May we be a Guard for those who need protection
A Guide for those on the Path
A Boat, a Raft, a Bridge for those who wish to Cross the Flood.

May we be a Lamp in the Darkness
A Resting Place for the weary
A Healing Medicine for All who are Ill
A vase of Plenty, a Tree of miracles.

And for the Boundless Multitude of Living Beings
May we bring Sustenance and Awakening
Enduring like the Earth and Sky
Until All Beings are freed from Sorrow
And All are Awakened.

We recite our vows daily together in the Ashram. love, Risa

Thursday, September 23, 2021- 8am

Equal LIght & Dark Today.
Equinox prayer:
Equator equal Male-Female
Equal Spirit and Matter
Equal Right and Left
Equal Day and Night
Equal Obverse and Reverse
Equal Opposite angles are equal
May the ardent aspirants receive Golden and Diamantine hue.
As much as is one aspires.
May equilibrium prevail. May freedom, liberty, justice prevail.

Sun at the equinox. Equal light above & below.
Autumn Equinox today – 12:21pm (west coast). 2:21pm (central time). 4:22pm (east coast time)
The Sun’s light (like a mace – spiritual tool) illuminating our Shushumna – from above to below, below to above. Our head filled with the Light of the Sun.

Today Autumn begins. It is Autumn equinox, an important day in the year, as it is divided up into four segments. The Sun shifting from Virgo (Rays 2 & 6) to Libra (Rays 3 & 7). An axis formed between Aries (mental permanent atom) & Libra (mental unit). These are the upper & lower ends of the Antakarana. Aries, father/spirit; Libra, mother/matter. Constitution of man chart, linking matter with spirit. The atom & the units. See chart below. Locate the mental unit & the mental permanent atom. On this chart planes are devas, horizontal. And the Seven rays enter into the Rays, in vertical fashion. The Rays entering into the devas, the planes of substance.


Fourfold-ness of everything – In White Magic, the Tibetans tells us we must know the four-ness of everything. The four Gospels, the – the four fold all related to time….the vertical rotates, time & space formed together.

Let us contemplate today on the four-fold ness of things. What are they – the four-foldness? Four fold-ness has to do with creation. Time in relationship to creativity – one must have freedom in time in order to create. Any restrictions will hinder creativity. In our present times, the Materialists want to limit humanity’s freedom, which will hinder humanity’s freedom. Everything, everyone must be free to create.

Durga is the feminine aspect of Libra – she stands at the threshold, standing between the Truth & the Illusion (so pertinent to now). Asking Durga for the Truth to be known, for the Illusions to dissipate. All the symbology we see in our world. The Truth shrouded by the false light of illusion (untruths).

Equinox – Visualization
The solar principle in man is the principle of liberation and it is located in the head-centre. It permeates vertically from Sahasrara to Muladhara as a brilliant, diamantine white ray.

On an Equinox day the solar ray passes across the equator.
Since man is a vertical being on Earth, the ray passes over his head from East to West, if one stands on the equator.
In man from head to tail, from Sahasrara to Muladhara the Sun ray passes dividing the left and right in him.

This is true when one imagines the self to be standing on the equator on Equinox day.
On the Equinox day the vertical white light (Sun ray) can be visualized and experienced in the vertical column (Sushumna).
Such visualization and experience enables a student to
synthesize spirit and matter. This is possible
because of the Sun ray passing over Equinox.

From Muladhara (base center) to Sahasrara (head center) and from Sahasrara to Muladhara the diamantine solar ray be visualized uttering forth the mantra “Equator Equal”.

Such visualization is easier on Equinox days. The inner
self, the Soul exists in the column of Sushumna from head to base center, the cerebra-spinal energy in the form of a mace.

The Sushumna itself is brilliant and the solar ray is meditated upon on the Equinox day reinforces the brilliance.

Understand that Sushumna is the inner most abode of man as the Soul, surrounded by ‘brilliant bluish white ray’ and further surrounded by ‘the golden hue’. This visualization is recommended specially on Equinox as it happens as an initiation to Earth itself.

The solar ray divides the Northern and Southern hemispheres equally and humanity, being vertical beings…the ray passes from the top of the head to the tip of the vertebra. It causes equalization of forces and the related equilibrium in man.

The day of Equinox is the day of Yoga, spiritually speaking. A three day preparation with contemplations and meditations is recommended.

Equinox prayer:
Equator equal
Male-Female equal
Spirit and Matter equal
Right and Left equal
Day and Night equal
Obverse and Reverse equal
Opposite angles are equal
May the ardent aspirants gain as much Golden and Diamantine hue as is aspired. May equilibrium prevail. May justice prevail.
When there is equality, there is justice. Justice keeps the balance. Where Justice is not, there is no balance. We have been under the illusion that there has been Justice. With Uranus bring what’s hidden to light, humanity wlll achieve Justice.

With our work with the equinoxes & solstices, the new & full moon (gathering of Sun & moon seeds within our bodies, electrifying our bodies, becomes Temples of Light), justice, freedom & liberty will prevail.

Libra – sign of balance, beauty, Right Relations, Right Choice, Right Understanding. love, Risa

Post 2 – Thursday.
Neptune – first sighted on this day 1846.
“The fish goddesses who have leapt from Earth (Virgo) to water (Pisces) unitedly give birth to the Fish God (holy child, Jesus, Christ, the Soul – all are One) who introduces the waters of life (intelligence & love) into the ocean of substance (matter) & thus brings light to the world. Thus does Neptune work.” AAB, Esoteric Astrology

Our first full day of Autumn, 2021.
Thursday, September 23, 2021, Jupiter’s day, Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom. Love of the Christ, the Wisdom of the Buddha, the two Brothers working together under Ray 2 & Jupiter.
Reappearance Meditation today.
Night Light News is updated –

Taurus moon today, with our first full day of Libra Sun.
Sun & Mercury & Mars in Libra. Venus in Scorpio.
Today in the heavens – on Sept. 23, 1846, Neptune was first sighted in the heavens.
Astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle became the first person ever to observe the planet Neptune, the existence of which had been mathematically predicted by Urbain-Jean-Joseph Le Verrier and John Couch Adams.

Heavenly Sightings 
The sighting of “new” objects in the heavens, alerts those of us living on earth that new realities begin to be seen & recognized on earth. Our earth is a reflection of the heavens. (thus the serious study of astrology in all its aspects). And so, as scholars here in our college I put forth this question to all readers – what occurred on our Earth during that time that was different, unusual & new? I will look for your answers. This is how we work with the art & science of astrology.

We have a Venus opposite Uranus today. Anything is possible.

Neptune has many surprising features. Perhaps the most interesting feature is a layer of cirrus like clouds about 50 kilometers above the main cloud deck. The clouds are most likely frozen methane. Voyager revealed that the blue planet also has a delicate ring system. Neptune has 13 known moons. Triton, Neptune’s largest moon, is nearly the size of Earth’s moon. Triton is the only large moon in the solar system to exhibit retrograde motion. This motion indicates that Triton formed independently of Neptune and was gravitationally captured. Triton.

Upcoming – Sunday, Mercury in Libra retrogrades at 25.28 degrees Libra. Mercury retrogrades back to 10.23 degrees Libra, stationary direct October 18th. We note these degrees in Libra in our astrology charts. And plan accordingly. love, Risa

Tuesday, September 21, 2021- 8am

Sukkoth – festival of ingathering, a harvest festival –
Days of Last Judgment.
Today, Tuesday, Mars Day, Ray 6 day, September 21, 2021.
Today is the International Day of Peace.
It’s our last complete day of Virgo – Rays 2 & 6.
Tomorrow, Autumn begins. Sun enters Libra at 12:21pm (west coast time). Today is our last day of summer in the northern hemisphere.

Sukkoth, Sukkah, Sukkot – the Pilgrimage Festival
Tonight is the first night of Sukkoth – Festival of Tabernacles.
Creating little huts, temporary homes, in remembrance of the 40 years of walking (wandering) (their pilgrimage) in the desert – the 40 years after leaving Egypt (the Taurus Age) & the 40 years preparing (purifying the people) for entering the Aries Age (Canaan, land of milk & honey). 40 years of living in temporary huts, tents, while walking through the desert – eating manna each morning, the gift of food from God & the Devas.

We are at present like the ancient Hebrew people, traversing a time from one Age (Pisces) to the new Age (Aquarius). The Rays change, the planetary rulers change, new Laws are given. Between the Ages, there is great turmoil, chaos, a tearing away of that which is old & no longer useful. As well as a gathering of all that is precious & useful from the ending Age to be used as the foundation of the New Age. We are like the ancient Hebrew people – walking from one Age to the next.

It rained last night – a streaming down of water.
And so….
There was a pouring down of water during the first night of the Sukkoth festival.

Words about water from the Torah –
“Pour water before Me on the Festival, so that you may be blessed with good rainfall during the year.”
We remember that the long 40 year walk was a walk through the Sinai desert, a place in need of water.

Sukkoth is also the time of Final Judgment. Should we not have asked & given forgiveness from Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)& Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), we are given a final time to do so. Offer & ask for forgiveness.


“For it is then that judgment is finalized for each person, & this concerns water, for water is life eternal. Judgment of human beings is symbolized by water, as water represents eternal life.
We know these waters as the “waters of life.” (Aquarius, humanity in community in love & intelligence & wisdom).

“On the Festival of Weeks, for the fruits of trees,” has been explained as a reference to human beings as symbolized by the tree. “For the human being is the tree of the field…” (Deut. 20:19). M’On the Festival of Weeks [judgment is passed] on the fruits of the trees'” (Megillah 31b).

Rejoicing (Joy)
Sukkot is the “season of our rejoicing,” just as Passover is the “season of our liberation” and Shavuot, the “season of receiving the Torah.” “And you shall rejoice before the Lord your G-d seven days” (Lev. 23:40).

When the people turn away from God….
The world stands still, no rain falls and nothing grows because the prayers of human beings are being forgotten. Their prayers alone are the key to setting the world back in order.

Thus it was at creation, and thus it is at the Festival of Ingathering, when everything is finally brought together.
The requirement for water (rainfall) calls humanity to achievement (prayer). The final Judgment is for water for rain is an expression of the humanity’s heights achieved in prayer.

Prayer, causing an outburst of Joy.

News/Notes – Preparation
Remember to have cash on hand, remember to have foods, meds, etc. on hand. Shut down date concerning our debt for the US is Sept. 30th – La Palma is connected to financial debt…weather wars are too. We may be “hit” in October with many revealings – most important for each of us is to remain posed no matter what occurs, remain balanced, not in despair. In the meantime, gas tanks filled, stock up as if we will go into an emergency, & have cash on hand. Preparing keeps us focused. Also, those living in blue states, consider a move to a red state, a freer state. 
Chaos erupts easily in times of transition, especially in cities. We have been told this for a long time. Red October is coming. We know all this information mentally, intellectually. However, when things happen that are unusual, when the darkness & events are revealed, when more difficulties occur, we could go into shock. So we need to be emotionally prepared, too. Rescue Remedy, Aconite, Ignatia Amara, Bach Flower remedies, etc. all useful in transition times, & times of shock & grief. When we are prepared, poised & neutral we can help others. Risa

Monday, September 20, 2021- 7am

Harvest Moon rising tonight.
Virgo solar festival day today. Sukkoth (little huts) tonight.
I am the Mother, the Child & God – all in One.
Today, Monday, September 20, 2021.
Virgo Solar festival later this afternoon, evening.
Which means it’s a full moon day.
Virgo solar festival 28 degrees Virgo.
Under the mantle of the Mother of the World.
Indigo blue (Ray 2) & sky blue (Ray 6).

The Mother is matter, the materia mediCA that we live on.
The Mother/matter is filled with the Spirit, the Father (1).
And with the Soul (2) (holy child).
In the last solar system, the Pleiades, matter was imbued with intelligence (Ray 3).
Notice the three Rays – 1, 2, 3.
Thus we can understand the keynote of Virgo –
I am the Mother (3), I am (pregnant with) the Child (2).
I (am at the core the fiery spark of) God (1), I (am) Matter (3), AM.
I am all three. Matter is all three.
Matter here on Earth is our Mother. She is Virgo.
When we recognize & see this spiritual reality concerning the matter of things/people all around us, then the matter all around us “quickens” & if filled with Light.

This is our meditation in Virgo.
Virgo nurtures the Soul, she hides the Soul.
Virgo explores, hides, then reveals this mystery.
Virgo produces the form of light within the form of matter.
All of this takes place in depth & darkness, a quiet secret growth within.
Virgo shields & then reveals when the holy child (the new light) is birthed at Winter Solstice.
Each of us discovers the Soul when we are ready.
The Soul is a fractal of the cosmic magnet of love & live & intelligence. The Cosmic Magnet is the Source of Life itself.
It is dual – male & female. When the two come together, a spark of Light occurs, this is the formation of the Soul (like a child in conception). Between the two, life is produced.

The Mother of the world is often veiled.
It is said that when she lifts her veil, it will be a time of dawning.
Legend & prophecy tell us that the moment she lifts her veils, the feminine will stand equally with the masculine. And her generative power will be shown to the world. And that time, in Aquarius, begins now.
Virgo explores & ultimately reveals this mystery.
The mystery of matter hiding the Soul, the generative power of the feminine, the sacrifice when the mother left the heavens & became matter. Thus all of matter is sacred. It is the Mother. And for now she is veiled.

Teachings of Virgo – from the Tibetan
There exists a deep relation between Capricorn and Virgo; for interestingly at the day of the winter solstice at midnight, when the sun enters into Capricorn, the sign Virgo rises at the horizon (ascendant). If you count from Virgo to Capricorn it is the fifth sign; the fifth house of the zodiac announces the birth of a child. Thus always at the winter solstice in Capricorn the birth of the Son of the Virgin is celebrated. For the journey northwards of the sun now beginning brings to earth the renewed increase of the light and of its live-giving rays.

Symbolical Meanings
The symbols of the zodiac point to fundamental spiritual realities and creative processes. With images and figures truths are illustrated in order to make them vividly clear. From the spiritual point of view the terms father and mother, son and daughter also have a symbolical character and must not be equated with the biological relatives: The Mother embodies Nature and the Light of Creation rising out of the dark. The Father is its background holding all created things in existence. The Son stands for the soul, the fruit of the union of the Father-Spirit with the Mother-Matter. The Daughter represents the light or soul body, which is developed through right relations with the form and love aspect of Nature. In the spiritual context the female form in creation is a special symbol of the Mother, and we should not cause grief through a wrong behavior towards women.

The word matter comes from the Latin word for mother (mater), and the letter M as well as its inversion W trace the wave-movement of the water. The sign of Virgo,

, also symbolizes the wave (m), the crossed line indicates the womb of the Mother. In the Womb of Time, surrounded by the Waters of Space, things grow up until the right time. In most theologies we can find this water, the original or virgin matter. This virginity stands for the state of matter before the emergence of form, impregnated in purity through the potency of the Spirit. Another name for this water is ether. It is the field or the matrix (lit.: uterus) of all manifestations, the space pregnant of possibilities, also called „Mother of the World”.

The Rainbow Fabric
It says that the Father spreads out through the eyes of the Mother: The Spirit streams down in seven planes, seven colors, seven scales of musical sounds etc. In the Bible the time periods of Creation are described as seven days. Many old religions represent the World Mother surrounded with a seven-colored aura of the rainbow, and therefore the color of Virgo is rainbow-colored. The rainbow also symbolizes the bridge between the world of form and the formless.

The world of form is in a continuous movement of changing qualities. We should look upon these qualities as garments: a red, a blue, a green garment. It is as if we put on dresses woven with different colors. Besides these three garments there exists the white robe to which the initiates refer to: the glorious white robe. It is the Light of the Soul, and each one of us is a soul with this Light.

We exist with and without dress. But for the most part we only see the cloth or the pattern and forget the threads out of which the fabric is woven. An initiate is fully aware of the existence beyond the qualities. Therefore he is considered to be a man without clothes. Let us connect in regular exercise with that which we are in the inner, beyond the forms and qualities – with the pure existence and its Light as awareness – then the qualities come and go according to their periodicity, but we continue to exist.

Light in the Darkness – the Soul for humanity
The Virgin in the Virgo sign is depicted as having an ear of corn in one hand and a lamp in the other. The ear of corn represents the fruit growing up in her womb, her Son, the spiritual food of mankind. The lamp is the symbol of spiritual light in the darkness.

Sukkot begins tonight. The building of little houses, little huts…remember our walk (remember?) from Taurus to Aries, from Egypt to Canaan – a walk of purification for 40 years. We were all there. More on Sukkot later….love, Risa

Sunday, September 19, 2021- 11am

Calling upon Pallas Athena.
Warrior Goddess of Wisdom & of War, calling forth Athena for assistance.
Today – Sunday – August 19, 2021.
Pisces (saving humanity) moon today.
What will it take to save humanity?
Who is to save humanity? How does humanity save itself?
Always with help from the Higher Beings. Who wait for the call from humanity.

Pallas Athena (warrior goddess) is presently in Pisces (sign of the Savior). At 17 degrees Pisces, retrograde.
Athena is actually near the moon in the sky tonight.

More on the sky today –
Virgo Sun (holding the Soul of humanity).
The Soul is the comforter, the healer.
We have, Mercury (strategizer)& Mars (god of war) in Libra (assessing the strategies of war).
Venus (another goddess of war) in the sign of the warrior, Scorpio.
All of these assist Athena when humanity is in crisis.
As we are now.

Athena is the Warrior Goddess & Goddess of Wisdom.
She helps humanity make wise choices, especially in times of war. She holds her sword up high, her standard is the Rule of Law.

When humanity is attacked by the dark forces attempting to capture the minds & very lives of humanity, what does humanity do?
We assess who we are, our true identity.
We accept that we are Divine. We are Disciples.
We are the World Saviors.
Humanity, together, has to save itself now.
We have all the tools we need.

We assess what freedom & liberty means.
We assess if we are free to live free & liberated?
We assess what has been taken away.
We assess what we need & want.
We assess the reality we live in, our beliefs, our surroundings.
We gather the Truth.
Then we make choices.
We are not to be captured. We are not to be slaves.
We are to be free. Freedom allows us to be creative.
Without creativity & freedom humanity dies.
We call upon Athena to assist us. Athena, the Warrior Goddess, who asssist humanity in making wise choice. She is the Goddess of Wisdom. Athena sprang fully grown from the head of her father Jupiter (or Zeus). Thus she had the knowledge & love of her father Jupiter & this combined created her wisdom.

Athena assisted many of the Greek heroes in their great quests – Perseus, Hercules, Odysseus and Jason. Athena is rational, intelligence, a great architect, a strategist, an arbiter & she is the Goddess of Purity. Her Temple is the Greek Parthenon – which means temple of the virgin in Greek. She is the daughter also of the Sea God, Poiseidon. Her brothers & sisters are Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Hephaestus, Hermes, Persephone, the Fates, the Greaces, the Muses. All of these come to her aid & the aid of humanity when we call upon them.

She protect harbors, fortresses, & the Rule of Law. She taught architecture to Prometheus, along with astrology, mathematics, medicine & navigation. She is a powerful goddess for humanity to call upon during this time of darkness & crisis.

Assessing our situation, drawing our swords, standing at attention, standing tall with Athena. Risa

Locating Pallas Athens in the astrology chart below –
Pallas Athena is in the 12th house, diamond shape on top of a cross, in between Moon & Neptune.


Saturday, September 18, 2021- 9am

Night, Day, Twilight.
Knowing Astrolgy & not knowing Astrology.
Working with the energies or controlled by the energies.
Standing with Confident today.
Preparing for Monday’s full moon, VIrgo solar festival, 28 degrees Virgo. Pisces moon begins after a v/c today. Pisces moon begins at 1:22 west coast time, 2:22 midwest, 3:22 east coast time.

Night is our mother, the day is our father, twilight is our Teacher.
The Mother/Virgo is protective, veiled. Mother/matter veils the light 7 times. The light is beyond the veils. Unveiling is the work of the disciples. Teachers help us understand the veils, help us learn how & why to unveil (the light).

The darkness then appears as day, as Father. This is an esoteric mystery. Without the veils of the Mother, there is no creational play. Nothing relates to anything else. All is a dream, with no evolution – nothing relating to each other & not able to create to Creation. With the veils of the mother, we learn, we experience, we learn about the beauty of creation.

In the meantime, we can become captured within the veils & within matter. When we recognize the existence of the mother we realize the veils. Within the veils there is illusion (purposeful). Seeing the impermanent as permanent. Not seeing what is permanent.

Disciples are taught by teachers the duality of existence. The Teacher tells the student not to reject the Mother/matter (dark) or the veils. The Teacher teaches the student about the light & the dark. Teaching the student not to be reactive, not to reject, but to understand & how to be like a dewdrop.

The Teacher teaching the student how to play in the field of the Lord, in tune with the Laws of the World, then to leave the world.


The Teacher is Twilight. Twilight is both dark & light. The knowledge of the two, light & dark are but One.

Father is the Light. Mother is the veil. Teacher is the Twilight.
Life is a friend, our real friend. Without life on Earth there is no experience, no knowledge. We pray that life stays with us until we are fulfilled. Then the Soul departs from the body.

One dies 3 times before living as a Knower. One is born, one dies, then we return. Death is an interval only.

Night is the Mother, Day is the Father. Twilight is the Teacher.
Life is our Friend. We are friends with everyone. Om.

There is a real change in the air. A shifting, an ending.
We are in our last days of Virgo.
Autumn is soon (next Wednesday). Sun enters Libra.
The Rays shift from 2 & 6 to Ray 3.
The veils shift. Disciples sense the changes.

Knowing Astrology
When we know astrology we work with the energies.
We we don’t know astrology we are controlled by the energies.
When we know astrology we are able to work with the heavenly energies. Now we understand. love, Risa

Health News & Notes
·      People will need to learn the hard way, the outcome of taking the Vx. To neutralize spike damages of the Vx – Arginine, NAC, Serrapeptase, Lecithin, Glutathione – all these help with the spike proteins. Everyone needs to jump online & take NAC – find it before it’s taken off the market. As for jobs & travel – don’t take the Vx. Have courage to do the right thing – leave your job & don’t travel. Anyone who has had the shot needs to do certain things right away. Also, those who are not VXed, also need to protect from the Vxed. There is a study, done UCSC, Salk Institute – how to recover from spike protein. Tracing how spike damages, goes to mitochondria, glucose mechanisms, epithelial cells, etc. When more information comes in I’ll post it. 
News & Notes – 72-hour water fast for 3 days – helps turn things off in the body – for people who got the Vx. To help alleviate the spike proteins. More research needs to be done for mothers who got the Vx who are breastfeeding. If we find a link we will post it. Reminding people – if take NAC, 600 mg, need to supplement with 1000 mg Vit C & take more zinc (60mg). If already taking zinc…double it if taking NAC. Remember this when taking NAC. Zelenko Protocol, doctor in NY. First doctor successful with high risk patients with C_v_d. Also, don’t take 2nd shot if took 1st. Don’t think you are saving anyone in taking the Vx. SAVE YOURSELF by not taking it. Find the tiny opening in people’s mind. Don’t let family be the sacrifice for Big Pharma, globalists, false government, CDC, etc. Vx goes to brain, testes, ovaries, mitochondria, receptor sites, reproductive organs. The gov. is practicing sorcery on the people. VAERS report – Vx awareness report – Look up VVAERS report to see research done on the Vx. This is the first step to being one’s own doctor. Parents have responsibility, not the doctors to tend & care for their children. Green Med Info – collects scientific articles – can research here too, search for various reactions to the Vx. 
 Don’t be pressured or bullied. Don’t sacrifice the children.
Zelenko Protocol -…/zelenko/index.html

Make sure all households are stocked up on the protocols. Build your pharmacopeia. We have to be our own doctors, MUST stay out of the hospital. Replace what is used. Also take aspirin if Vxed. 3.25 for adults. Supply chain getting worse. Be prepared, stock up on all things that support the immune system. Risa 

Friday, September 17, 2021- 8am

The Body Trembles, Mourning & Creating the New Republic
I Mourn for our Country & our people.
Friday, September 17, 2021 – Ray 5 day. Concrete Knowledge/Science. Calling the Ray 5 Lords.
“Let the Forces of Light Bring Illumination to the Minds of Men.”

My Thoughts/Feelings
Every day a new outrage. I feel there’s something else that has to be done. Because it seems nothing is being done. If 80% are Deep State in our government, what can be done? I feel so many in a state of being passive. “Oh, well,” we hear, “it’s going to get worse. We have to wait till everyone awakens.” (Question – what if they don’t?).

All the Dark Ones, found to be treasonous in our government are prospering. Like Milley. All the dark ones are useful to the “regime.” Then we have 2 million coming over the southern border (this month!). Living under bridges.. And Afghans coming in on airplanes. Where are they being sent to live? And a mask & Vx mandate imprisoning our people.

People masked, silenced, smothered. It’s a desecration of humanity & a destruction.
I am mourning. And I also feel something else has to happen. Has to begin.
Soft death is what it feels like. The ongoing soft death of our country, our freedoms, liberty, our people & our children.

I sense/ feel there is something else we can do.Something else has to occur. Some sort of collective action. What is it I am asking?

I am grieving what is occurring in our country. I wonder what people are doing about this. What is possible to do? Risa

Agni Yoga – In the Storm, Sun not Visible Yet
Outer critical events have accumulated, so much that the body of those who are sensitive, trembles. The nervous tremble is due to human, planetetary & cosmic disruptions. Nothing should be exposed during a storm, but afterwards, the sun is especially radiant.

10. Events have become so critical that the organisms of sensitive people are in tremor. One must ascribe the tremor of nerves to great Cosmic disturbances. Nothing should be exposed under a shower, but afterwards the sun is especially radiant.
Morya II Garden Leaves 1924. p. 11 – Agni Yoga Series

From Jeremiah, the prophet
“Prepare against her the nations with the kings of the Medes (Iran), the captains thereof, and all the rulers thereof, and all the land of his DOMINION. And the land shall tremble and sorrow: for every purpose of the Lord shall be performed against Babylon (US), to make the land of Babylon a desolation. The mighty men of Babylon have foreborn to fight, they have remained in their holds: their might hath failed; they became as women: they have burned her dwelling places; her bars are broken.” Jeremiah 51:28-30

I had a dream. That everyone who “saw” thru this assault on our country, freedoms, liberties & people, gathered together in every state. We realized the craziness of the present “regime”. We realized their sorcery that has captivated so many. We speak together, devise a plan together. We bid them farewell, letting them continue their diabolical plans. They are not our plans. We have different plans for our lives.

We gather our courage. We gather together. And we begin to talk, share, plan & create together another country, one outside their dark loveless controlling regime. We do this quietly, by word of mouth. We begin to create the new world, the new era. The new “lands” of freedom & liberty. The new “republic”. Who & when will we be ready to do this? What would it take to do this? Risa

Jeremiah 31:3 – I will turn their mourning into Joy, give them consolation, & bring happiness our of grief.”

Yes, but we have to do our parts, too. And so we turn to the Great Ones –

“We know O Lords of Love & Life about the needs of humanity. Touch our hearts anew with love, our minds anew with knowledge, so we may love & give & do our part in the world.” Risa

Thursday, September 16, 2021- 8am

Sealed in the Book of Life.
Our heavens, our universe is a ‘Book of Life’, i.e., presenting humanity with a cosmic code that humanity must begin to decode & then rightly interpret in order to be able to approach the Mystery, consciously collaborating with the general evolution.

Thursday, Day of Forgiveness.
Our name – “sealed” in the Book of Life.
Our candles lit today & through the evenings

September 16, 2021 – Jupiter’s day, Ray 2 day.
Reappearance Meditation today.
And Night Light News is updated –

We continue our intentions of Atonement – At One Ment.
Neutralizing karma, creating no new karma.
Today – we have intentions & thoughts of forgiving & being forgiven.
We think of all those we may have hurt in our lives & ask forgiveness. We think of all those who may have hurt us.
We forgive them. God hears these thoughts. The Masters of Wisdom see our light of intention. And tonight, should we do these things – our name is sealed once again in the Book of Life.

Today, August 16 –
Aquarius moon begins at 8:23am (west coast).
Sun in Virgo (2 & 6), Mercury (4) & Mars (6) in Libra (3).
Venus (5) in Scorpio (4). Jupiter (2) in Aquarius (5 & 7).
Sun trine Pluto (1) tonight. Moon joins Saturn (3) tonight.
Note the myriad of rays falling to Earth from the Big Dipper.

This evening, as the first star appeared at sunset, the Jewish Festival of Yom Kippur ends. Jewish festivals always begin at sunset. The holiest day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur is a Day of Atonement, repentance, fasting, forgiveness & prayer.

We continue to ask forgiveness from everyone, including God during these sacred hours also called the Days of Awe.
Our seeking forgiveness has led up to this cultural religious festival, on Yom Kippur when God, observing our actions, our asking for forgiveness, our offering forgiveness, inscribes our fate for the coming year in the Book of Life.

May we all be inscribed, our names highlighted in gold, in the Book of Life. Risa

Wednesday, September 15, 2021- 9am
Yom Kippur begins tonight.
Yom Kippur means Day of Atonement.
Asking forgiveness, offering forgiveness – then being forgiven.
From the first star tonight to the first star tomorrow evening.
We light our candles. Each moment we offer forgiveness.
And are forgiven…neutralizing karma, purifying.
Then a new year begins.
Today, Mercury’s Day – Wednesday, September 15, 2021.
Capricorn moon – practical sign – forgiveness is practical. When we forgive, when we are forgiven, the result is freedom.
Firgiveness frees us. That is our true freedom.
Outcome of California vote – not surprised. Either most are still asleep or the vote was changed. Listened to Newsome afterward – he said this validates mask mandate. Crazy talk. Sad for California.
Need to place the fiery triangle of the Will to Good around the blue state of California. So that the hearts & minds of humanity can awaken. Stand with discernment & understand the Will to Good which becomes Goodwill which become Right Relations which become the vivifying peace beauty harmony that humanity seeks. love, Risa
Tuesday, September 14, 2021- 8am

When there is a Withering of the Law –
Disciples are in Training, called forth at this Kali Yuga time.
Our prayers, mantras, intentions & dedications sustain us.
Mobilization of All Disciples Demanded at this Time.
And from Now Onward.
Making a New Beginning Each Day.
Tuesday – Mars guiding us today. September 14, 2021.
A practical moon today – Capricorn (1, 3, 7) moon.
Capricorn is the sign of Initiation.

Today the vote is counted for the California governorship.

Sun opposite Neptune (Virgo/Pisces) – we hope the true vote today isn’t shrouded in f_a_d. Like the previous prez vote which has been bringing the US to a state of destruction.
Today in California the vote for governor is counted.
We hope it is not another f_a_d_lent vote.

Mars (6) enters Libra t(3) onight – sign of the economy (Ray 3), of Goodwill & Right Relations. Note: have cash on hand.

Our Shifting Times
– identification & direction for Disciples
During these times of the shifting & changing of the ages, as the Kali Yuga darkness prevails, as there is an unsettling of all structures in all endeavors o four lives….disciples are to stand poised & stabilized in order to bring hope to humanity (the masses who do not have the astrological or esoteric information).

The Tibetan gives instructions for times such as these in Part IX, Discipleship in the New Age, Volume I, Talks to Disciples, pages 98-99. When reading take note that the Hierarchy is with humanity, with the New Group of World Servers. In this we, disciples can be stabilized, along with the recitation & identification with the Soul & the Great Invocation – Mantra of Direction for humanity.

The Tibetan Teacher tells his disciples that he has watched over them, noted their progress and delays, as they succeeded and failed; he did so by noting the pulsation of their light as they are within his group aura, within his Ashram.

When the fluctuations of contact are ended and the pupil is stabilized and becomes a “steadily approaching point of energy,” then he becomes an accepted disciple. Some in the group, he tells them, are stabilizing while some are retreating (he watches with interest the waxing and the waning of their light).

The mobilization of every disciple is demanded at this time; it involves the focusing of the disciple’s energies, one’s time and resources on behalf of humanity.

It requires a new dedication to service, a consecration of the thought-life and a forgetfulness of the personality self (ruling out all moods and feelings, all personality desires, resentments, grievances and all pettiness in your relationships).

On the physical plane, it means the conditioning of all active, outer living so that the whole life becomes focused, active service.

The Tibetan urges his disciples to make a new beginning—not for your own sake, but for helping a needy world.

There is much pressure on the Hierarchy and Masters such as the Tibetan to prevent a complete collapse of the structure of human civilization as it exists at this time. The sound foundations of part of the structure (of the previous age, of freedom & liberty, of values & morals & ethics) must be saved; all else may have to go.

One of the first lessons disciples in training for initiation have to master is that difficult dual attitude (personality & Soul functioning simultaneously) which permits right personality activity and yet at the same time permits nothing personal to interfere with the subjective spiritual life (Soul), with service and with the training, given in preparation for initiation.

Kali Yuga Prayer
Lead us O Lord from darkness to Light.
From the unreal to the Real.
From death to Immortality.
From the untruth to the Truth.
From chaos to Beauty.

The Gayatri is the prayer for the blessing of all creatures by our radiant Father in Heaven, the Sun
Theosophist – Vol 7, p. 218

The Gayatri is a noble and most ancient invocations by humanity through the ages where the people invoke the Sun of Righteousness (Solar Logos) in the words:

“Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual Sun, hidden by a disk of golden light, that we may know the truth and do our whole duty, as we journey to Thy sacred Feet.”


A spiritual statement of hope spoken by Lord Krishna, is in the Lord’s Song, the Bhagavad Gita.
It was an announcement, preparatory to the coming of the Christ. In the Lord’s Song Krishna (early reincarnation of Jesus) says:

“Whenever there is a withering of the Law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law, I come to birth in age after age.”

Monday, September 13, 2021- 8am

What alphabet are we on this week?
Is it the letter J?
J is for Joy. J is for Jesus save. J is for Jupiter.
Is there a Hebrew letter J in the 22 Hebrew letters? No.
The letter Y & I were used, but no J.
The name “Jesus” is a combination of the Greek “Iesous” and the Latin version employing the letter J. J came into being in the 15th century. The letter J was to differentiate from I & Y. The early history of the letter “J” is the same as the history of the letter “1.” “1” is a descendant of the ancient Phoenician and Hebrew letter “yod” and the Greek letter “iota.”

J is the 10th letter in the western alphabet.

Today is September 13, Monday.
Sagittarius (4, 5, 6) moon today, Sun & Mars in Virgo (2 & 6).

Wednesday evening to Thursday evening is Yom Kippur. Day of Forgiveness & being written (or not) in the Book of Life. Which shall we choose?

Next Monday – Sept. 20, full moon, Virgo solar festival, 28 Virgo.
Monday night – Sukkot begins, we build our little temporary hut & made of the plant kingdom.

Wednesday Sept. 22, Autumn begins, Sun enters Libra.

Sunday, Sept. 26, Mercury retrogrades at 25 Libra.

Our J words to study & research, using our esoteric glossaries.

John the Baptist

J.—The tenth letter in the English alphabet, in the latter of which it is equivalent to y, and i, and is numerically number 10, the perfect number (See Jodh and Yodh), or one.

Some of the biblical names may not be in the esoteric glossaries. One must look into biblical glossaries. Who will do this research work & post the definitions? This is our College, we study & learn together. We build the lower mind so that we can reach the Soul, on the 5th sub plane of the mental. We are not part of the “mindless.” We are intelligent, thoughtful thinkers & researchers, learning together. love, Risa

Sunday, September 12, 2021- 10am

Sunday, the Sun’s Day.
September 12, 2021.
To the early people, the Sun was their God.
To us now, the Sun is the Solar Logos, what give us life each day & night, in its perfect rhythm. Here are the words of our God – Sanat Kumara, the Lord from Venus. We pray to God for the people to know they are, we are, in our essence, made in the likeness of God with all of God’s Aspects & Attributes. The Seven Rays flow through us, as do the stars & planets. We are the World Disciples & we are to be Bodhisattvas, the Light of the World. Calling humanity to awaken. Risa

Art: Corita, 1967. I am the People.

Saturday, September 11, 2021- 7am

Flowers grow out of dark moments.
Hope, courage, willingness, nobility, action, balance & harmony can grow from difficult times.
On this day of September 11.
Remembering. And so reciting the Great Invocations.

2nd Great Invocation
The Great Invocation (1940)
Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth.
Let them bring succour to the sons of men.
Let the Rider from the Secret Place come forth,
And coming, save. Come forth, O Mighty One.

Let the souls of men awaken to the light.
And may they stand with massed intent.
Let the fiat of the Lord go forth: The end of woe has come!

Come forth, O Mighty One.
The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived.
Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One.
Let Light and Love and Power and Death
Fulfill the purpose of the Coming One.

The WILL to save is here.
The LOVE to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad.
The ACTIVE AID of all who know the truth is also here.

Come forth, O Mighty One, and blend these three.
Construct a great defending wall.
The rule of evil NOW must end.

The 3rd Great Invocation, given by the Christ in 1945
is below.

And words from a brother (esotericist)….
Humanity is currently under great stress and to use the indication given us by the Tibetan DK, is very confused indeed and I would say currently in trauma. It is clear that the guidance that he and AAB gave humanity has been largely either not understood or ignored. The old ways of doing business are adhered to and the new spiritual outlook is yet to be seen. The great stress of the world population expands to asphyxiating levels and there are clear indications that humanity cannot breathe freely.

The American people are good and sound people and contend with much indeed not least the black point of the triangle created by the Zionist Jews as the Tibetan and Alice Bailey forwarned. Humanity has made many errors in the pursuit and love of money and currently, all that it has held dear is in process of crumbling away and proving superficial indeed. The old methods of politics and partisanship lack any real foundations and repeatedly fall short of fulfilling the needs of humanity.

Let us look to the future and a time when we can adhere more fully to the illiminating guidelines given us by Hierarchy and to the time when the true nature of brotherhood can stand before us fully revealed.

God bless Humanity,
God Bless America. JPC.

And we say today, as part of the New Group of World Servers, as part of the Seed Groups – “We know O Lords of Love & Life about the needs within humanity, especially the children. Touch our hearts & minds anew with Love, Intelligence, Understanding, Clear Perception, Will & Willingness. Touch our lives with the Resources needed to that we may love & give & do our parts in the world to assist humanity in all ways

1st of the Three Great Invocations

The Great Invocation (1936)

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.
Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.
Let men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.
May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote of this time.
Let power attend the effort of the Great Ones.
So let it be, and help us to do our part.

And so let it be.
And help us to know & do our part in the world.

Friday, September 10, 2021- 11am

Creating an Atrium – like a Temple. Like a center for retreat. Like an Ashram. Like a place of refuge.
Today, Friday, Venus’s day. Ray 5 day. 
September 10, 2021. The color is golden orangel.
Atrium –
Atrium is a beautiful & ordered & purposeful & specially prepared environment) – usually it’s filled with plants, trees & flowers.

There are other definitions of Atrium.
It is an “environment” set aside for something special.
Our work here is being done in our “Atrium.”
Atrium is an “environment, an architecture & an atmosphere.”

The environment is one of the important elements when one is a disciple & Initiate. An Atrium (prepared environment) is like nature – the most balanced on environment – it helps develop & establish & cultivate the relationship between God and human, between especially God & the child & it helps, with beauty, fragrance, order & organization, that relationship to flourish. 
There are many spiritual themes to an Atrium.


Atrium for the Child to teach spiritual principles & rituals.
Good Shepherd Catechesis (teachings of the Catholic rituals) using the Montessori method.


For the child in a Montessori classroom, a very specific prepared environment is created to help the child relate to God, Mary, the Angels, etc. (this teaching is called the Good Shepherd Catechesis teachings – Catholic teachings, history, prayers, mass, rituals, etc.).

As in the Montessori classroom, after a subject and/or theme has been presented, the child is free to choose an activity that repeats or follows up on that activity & this repetition & focus makes possible an inner dialogue being developed with the “Interior Teacher.” The Soul & Spirit of the child.

How does the atrium help to nourish this interior relationship? ~ The atrium environment & materials can be compared to a retreat house facilitating study, contemplation, recollection and silence.

~ The atrium is a place for a focus on one’s spiritual/religious life, for community, for gatherings, for ritual & worship

~ It can also be a specific classroom for instruction.

~ The atrium is a place of meaningful work through which the student, seeker, the child can have a conversation with God. ~

The atrium was the place in the early church where the catechumens (in the caves, where the Essenes lived, seekers were taught the mysteries, the wisdom teachings, etc.) were prepared.

For the child, the atrium is a place of preparation for involvement in the larger community of humanity. The home becomes the Atrium for the Child. As does the Wisdom School become the Atrium for seekers.


In our Days of Awe.
Casting away all things unskillful in our lives.
Taslich – Hebrew word for “casting away.”
We consider all that we have done in the past year that may have been unskillful. We gather it in our minds. 
We then see ourselves “casting away” these unskillfulnesses into a flowing body of water. They dissolve & disappear. We are purified once again. And in that casting away, we also forgive – self & others.

Today is Friday.
We are building an Atrium here in our Ashram.
Appropriately, the moon is in Scorpio & Venus enters Scorpio this afternoon. Atriums & Ashrams are protected. Mercury in Libra. Sun & Mars in Virgo – time of purification. Our Ashram Atrium facilitates this purification. love, Risa

More on Atrium
What is the atrium?
The use of an atrium for catechesis is not a new idea. Atriums were used in the early Church.
Dr. Maria Montessori describes the child’s atrium in great detail. She also gives this brief description:

“I would keep an area or room (atrium) separate.
I would have a separate room dedicated to the spiritual, the super-natural. Everything in this room would have a bearing on the spiritual life, and the general effect would be that here the soul of the child and all his activities would be centered in the life and personality of our Lord.
The work in this room would of course include: Bible History, Church History, the Lives of the Saints, and the Liturgy.” (an altar, too.)

“The atrium is a place of prayer, in which work and study spontaneously become meditation, contemplation, and prayer. The atrium is a place in which the only Teacher is Christ;
~both children and adults place themselves in a listening stance band seek to penetrate the mystery of the liturgical celebration (holy rituals).”

~Our Ashram is an “Atrium.”

Thursday, September 9, 2021- 5pm

Post #2 – News/Notes for the day.
Horrendous & unbelievable false prez B talk today.
His Pandemic Plan – some today & the rest next month.
Plan for depopulation.
He said he’s losing his patience.
He says unVxed are killing the Vx.
His tone was bullying.
Said….Using his powers to get UnVx Vxed.
Legal action against states by prez.
Increased testing & masking.
Defense production act.
Walmart Amazon Krogers….selling at home rapid test kits.
10 million centers for active testing.

Question – Who trusts these?

He says “we know masking helps reduce C.
TSA doubling fines on traveling refusing to mask.

“Show respect,” he said..
B does not respect the people.
All federal worked, all teachers, etc. to be Vxed.

Cannot let UnVx to destroy our economy.

Surge response teams/experts from CDC, FEMA to go to areas in country to stem spread of C.
Distribute meds (not conspiracy meds) free.
Communities of color (they don’t believe his either) will be reached.

He says he is protecting every American – w/ Vx & boosters (offering humanity poison).
And that’s just the beginning.
Execute this plan everywhere.
He have tools, he said. Let’s finish the job.
(of depopulation & poisoning the people).

He’s a bitter man, humiliated & humiliating.
Taking anger out on UnVxed, targeting 80 million who don’t trust him. We don’t trust media or government.
He’s dividing country against self for political exploitation.
Fed. gov. mandates to be Vxed.
He will fire 1/2 million gov. employees for not getting V.
There is already a labor shortage.
He was speaking to those who have gotten 2 shots waiting for the boosters, afraid to go out. He says I’m on your side.
Then he blames the UnVxed.

B is coming for us.
This is a power grab, blood thirsty.

He said many are frustrated w/ 80 million not Vxed.

He says all those vxed are angry at
Unvexed are new “t-err-r – ists.
He treats the Taiban better than his own people.
This guy said at the beginning “don’t trust the Vx.” (when the true prez/T was in power).

Now he’s saying people UnVxed are blocking public health.

He found an easy target. The media loves that target.
It’s the people who are UnVxed that are the target.
He created unlimited power over everyone.
A monster controlled by the dark sorcerers behind him.

Said a business of 100 employees will have to have all their people Vxed. He said “THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOUR FREEDOM.”

He keeps supporting the accelerating anger against the people. Supporting, arousing, supporting, ginning up anger & separateness.

He said there will be a new pandemic.
What is that do you suppose?
Are internment camps next?
Will someone be coming for those who are UnVxed?

Pfizer said those who took the shot should take blood thinners for 30 days for the shot is affecting the heart muscles.

Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.
What terrible timing. It’s almost 9/11.
He burned the house down with his talk today.

Who voted for this man?
It was the worst choice anyone could have made.

Worst foreign policy seen in history w/ Afghanistan.
Worst medical policies mandated for the people of the United States. The deception, the darkness continues.

Be alert. Stay ready together. Swords in hand.

Thursday, September 9, 2021- 9am

Everything is relationship.
Libra is all about relationships.
The focus with astrology is relationship.
Heaven & earth, personality & soul, relationships with each other.
A cross of intention, always.

Thursday, September 9, 2021. Virgo Sun & Mars.
Libra moon, Mercury & Venus in Libra.
We learn, grow, accomplish things in relationships.
Everything is relationship.
Sun enters Libra on the 22nd – when autumn beings.

Tonight Moon enters Scorpio & tomorrow Venus enters Scorpio.
From Libra – sign of choice. To Scorpio, sign of discipleship.
In Libra we are given a choice – moving forward or moving backward.
That is the choice given also in between the Ages.
Like now.

The Sun is moving towards an opposition with Neptune (next Tuesday).
Sun opposite Neptune – at first we see an illusion, a shadowy figure, idea.
Then the false light around the illusion fades away.
Till finally we see the essence within/behind the illusion.
We are building towards Sun opposite Neptune – the choice of illusion or truth next Tuesday. It’s subtle. And then not so subtle.

Reappearance meditation –
Today – our Thursday rhythms. Joyful rhythms. Jupiter rhythms.
Thought is gold, in our work we daily build the Temple of Gold.
And we recite the Reappearance Mantram with the Christ.

Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Joining the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis.

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare men’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Under the Sun & with the Christ, we stand with our hearts wide open. The 12 petals of the heart unfolding. We stand with the Christ in the Ashram. Unfolding in time & space, we become the Lotus.
Everything occurs through time in nature. We live in the Lotus of time. Unfolding.

Regarding the Reappearance of the Christ
(precipitation begins 2025)
“Whenever withering of law, uprising of lawlessness, on all sides.
I Manifest myself
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil,
for the firm establishing of the Law. I come that humanity may have life. I come with a sword.”

Bhagavad Gita Book 4 Sutra 7,8
“The Fiat of the Lord has gone forth:
Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity.
That demand is rising & mounting every day
And in such an hour, as you think not,
He will come.”

Reappearance of the Christ, Vol 1. – Doctrine of Coming One.
For decades anticipated by the faithful.
The return of Krishna, of Christ (world Teachers).
In Esoteric studies, the Christ principle is an office within the Hierarchy.
The Christ is a Great Being from Sirius, Ray 2.
Lord Maitreya is His other name.
The name of His Reappearance, beginning in 2025.

Maitreya, the Christ, is assisted by the Hierarchy – the Ascended Masters of Wisdom
When men feel exhausted seeking resources & the innate possibilities & problems are beyond handling, they look for a Divine Intermediary, pleading their cause to God to be their Savior.

Christ is the Mediator. The Savior.
He said long ago, & now, too….
“I have come that they may have life.”

Spiritual revelation based on the interdependence of God to all kingdoms.
The appropriate mechanism is always found through which Divinity reaches & communicates with humanity.

Someone is expected, anticipated.
When time is right, when faith is keen enough….
“Always He has come.” Om

Disciples have correct thinking (golden light), purity, intention, generosity, love, creativity & goodwill. 
We build the bridge from earth to heaven & with everyone, side to side. 
We identify each day as creators together, building the new communities for humanity’s refuge. Risa


Wedneday, September 8, 2021- 9am

Patroness of Humanity, Mary, the World Mother.
Mary, an Essene, born in 18 BC, one of the Masters in the Hierarchy, became the mother of Jesus of Galilea.
Mary later was given authority over the Disciples after the Ascension of the Christ. Mary, a Virgo.

Her birthday is today & thus it is her feast day in the Catholic Church. Within Mary, the Love Ray of Leo merges with the Wisdom Ray of Virgo. This blending brings the ripening fruits & grains in nature & produces in humanity an exaltation of awareness (of awakened) within humanity.

Mary of Bethlehem is the perfect pattern of motherhood for the new era. She is the Initiate-Mother of the greatest of all Messengers, the Christed Jesus.

This mystery of Virgo, the Mother, is indiscernible to the unawakened, discernible to the awakened few & they serve to indicate to seekers the Path of spiritual unfoldment.

Initiatiatory Degree of Purity
Cultivation of Purity – a Virgo Task.
“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.”
Initiates in the ancient Mystery Schools were given a long probationary period in which to cultivate purity of body, emotions, mind – purity of every thought, word & deed.
And the nourishing of the body from the pure vivifying “fruits” of the earth. A step in this process of Purity is increasing power to overcome negative & destructive thoughts, emotions & actions.

One is CENTERED ON THE GOOD, always acting within Goodwill. When one is pure in these things, higher centers within the self unfold, one begins to have a relationship with celestial realms, with the heavens, with the devas & angels. Mary was/is called the Queen of Angels & of men.

With Mary we are gold. We build the Temples of our body.
Life is gold. Sun is gold. Sun is life. We are pure in thought, word, deed. We have Buddhic consciousness aware of all planes of existence. We are thinkers. We experience Light Love & Bliss. Thus I AM, the disciple says. This I Am, unchangeable, uncuttable. We fill the Golden Temple with etheric light.
Light, of gold. We raise ourselves to Buddhic consciousness. We are healed within. We become a Sun with light flowing all around. Illness is no more. We experience the perfect existance hidden within the imperfect. We exist in the Kingdom of God on earth. Perfection veiled by imperfection. We rise like the Sun, transmitting golden light. We rise in the East, the Ajna Center, the I AM, the golden light, life. The Golden Temple. Look to the East to the Sun. Build the body temple with the Sun. I am gold. Life is gold. I am healed. Sun is gold. Om

Mary is the mother-Goddess heading the Hierarchy of Virgo, the Lords of Wisdom – she is a great illustrous Being. All Initiate Mothers have their training under Mary. Mary is a great spiritual Teacher.

Students are told by Teachers (including Rudolf Steiner who said it has a curative effect upon the beholder & is a media for spiritual healing) to contemplate upon the Sistine Madonna painting by Raphael (emissary of the Mystic Brotherhood, he painting Mary based on what he saw in the Akashic Records).

Mary holds the holy child – this is a Mystery little known outside of esoteric circles. Mary, holding the Holy Child, represents the release of the Soul for humanity. Mary, pregnant with the Holy Child, then giving birth to the Holy child & holding that Holy Child represents the offering of the Soul, the recognition & reality of the Soul, an eternal principle, a key to the unlocking of all Spiritual Principles for all of humanity.

Maria Sophia (Mother of Wisdom [Virgo]) in her Ray 2 & 6 (Virgo’s Rays) mantel/veils of indigo & sky blue. Mary of Bethlehem is one of the most illustrious Master teachers who continues to guard & guide humanity through the Ages.

Mary can be called upon now to direct & guide humanity nor in these critical times of change & through what is coming.
“People don’t know what is coming.” Both a statement & a short film – please watch. Knowledge prepares us first, then we act. Are all neighborhoods gathering & creating their greenhouses yet?

We work on multiple levels each day.
Amidst the turmoil of our present kali yuga times, of which we are aware, we also incorporate all other levels of reality.
With Mary we benefit all beings with our vows of freedom, transformation, the boundlessness of perception. We offer humanity the awakened way. We are a guide for those who need protection, A guide for those on the path, a boat, raft, bridge for those crossing the flood. A lamp in the darkness, a vase of plenty, a tree of miracles. We bring with Mary sustenance & awakening until all beings are free from sorrow & all awakened. Om


Studying Today – Madonna Laboris (painting by Roerich).
This is our College of Arts & Sciences.
Well, here we are in a new week, a magical week ahead, yet unformed.
We look ahead to what will unfold.
Today is Monday, February 17th. The Moon’s day.
Humanity tended to by the NGWS.
It’s President’s Day today too – honoring all presidents, Washington, Lincoln, etc. & our present president.

Presidents are given an opportunity to serve humanity. Presidents are “called” to the job. It is a job description.
They learn along the way. The job of a president is to lead the country & its people towards states of well-being, identity (sovereignty), goodness, prosperity, liberty & freedom.
Each president is challenged in this very difficult meaningful initiatory task. It is an Initiation. We pray for all presidents, past, present & future.

Today is Monday and it is our last full day of Aquarius Sun.
Tomorrow night – 8:57pm west coast time, the Sun enters Pisces. It seems like Aquarius went by swiftly this year. All of a sudden Aquarius is almost gone. It must be due to Uranus, Aquarius’s personality & spiritual ruler. Uranus is quick like lightning.

There are no transits today in the sky. All is calm today.
Calling humanity to a calm & poised & quiet state of mind.

The graphic today is a painting called Madonna Laboris (the Madonna Laboring, 1931) by Nicholas Roerich. Let us study this today. Identifying with the Madonna – as the New Group of World Servers everywhere labor for & with humanity.

Madonna Laboris (title of the painting).
The Compassionate Heart of the Divine Mother
is a luminous life-line on the path of return

The Mother of the World is a divine manifestation of the Feminine Principle. She is Madonna Laboris, laboring, day and night, saving lost souls from the thralldom of the lower worlds of materialism.

She is the Holy Comforter, calling, guiding, saving lost Souls, bringing solace and peace in the soft embrace of Her pure Love.

As the Soul is released from the grip of the lower worlds of materialism, a luminous bridge is made visible extending to the higher worlds of Spirit.

With compassion, clarity and power of direction, she reveals the path to follow. The Madonna, the Mother of the World is a Saving Force in the Heart of Humanity.

Every beating heart, in the process of unfoldment, comes to know the beating Heart of the Sun – the Divine Love of God. We are Children of the Universe. Our inheritance is Divine. Hosanna in the Highest!

‘Madonna Laboris’ depicts the story from an apocryphal (ancient books thought to have been written sometime between 200 BCE and 400 CE) gospel. In the transcendental heights above earth is Heaven, at the gate stands the Apostle Peter, the gate of Paradise.

Peter was disturbed and said to the Lord God: “All day long I watch the gates of Paradise; I do not let anyone in, yet in the morning there are newcomers in Paradise.”

And the Lord said: “Let us make the rounds at night, Peter.”
So they went in the night and they saw the Holy Virgin, the Mother in the middle of the night & in the shadows lowering along the wall her mantle, her snow-white luminous scarf, up which souls were climbing & enter heaven.

Peter was upset and wanted to interfere, but the Lord God whispered: “Shh… let Her be, Peter …”
(Nicholas Roerich, Realm of Light, To Womanhood, 1931).

This is the thread, which from ancient times takes the Mother to the lowers layers of the world, in order to help the Souls of the men, so they make have help and reach the Sphere of Light.’

Virgin Mary is shown throwing her scarf to help poor souls reach Heaven

Nicholas Roerich was influenced by Christian Mediæval iconography and its representations of heaven and hell, angels and demons. Madonna Laboris is divided into two parts both in its composition and palette. At the bottom of the picture we see hell, where the sinners are punished for their sins and misdeeds by burning in fire in the dark rocks in the foreground which exude fiery flames. To the left, there is the clearly defined figure of a demon, reminiscent of those painted in Mediæval icons (see the icon of The Ladder of Divine Ascent, Sinai, 12th century).

The wall of the heavenly city, behind which the Madonna is standing, dominates the picture, protruding towards the viewer. Its importance is highlighted by the precipice between the rocks of hell and the wall of heaven, which disappears from view through a light haze, thus dividing heaven and hell. The Madonna stretches a silver thread all the way to the rocks, providing salvation to two lost souls.

‘This is the thread, which from ancient times takes the Mother to the lowers layers of the world, in order to help the souls of the men, if only they could take the advantage of this help and reach the Sphere of Light.’ (N. Kochergina, Rise Magazine, No. 2 (166), February, 2008). The depiction of the thread reflects the importance of angels and demons in Eastern Orthodox spirituality, a motif from the very earliest Christian images.

This painting reflects Roerich’s thoughts on salvation, and also his skill as an artist. He conveys the divine silver glow of the heavenly temple and the shimmer of the halo of the Madonna, contrasting with the reds and the dark hopeless colours of Hell. Roerich’s infuses the painting with the idea that the path to Heaven is difficult but possible through beauty, illumination, culture and inner spiritual growth.

Painted by Nicholas Roerich in Kulu, India, Madonna Laboris arrived in New York in November 1931.

Our studies today. This is our College of the arts, astrology, Ageless Wisdom, science, literature & all endeavors of humanity – the knowledge of which allows humanity to reach higher realms like an eagle moving in farther skies. The Path of Knowledge leads us to states of illumined Buddhic Light – a mantle of Light surrounding us. Brahman, Atman, Truth. Light.

The Realized Ones come back to humanity out of compassion, service & alignment with God, the Father.
love, Risa

On the History channel (TV), a series on President George Washington. Part 2 is tonight. Part 3 tomorrow night. Last night, when George was a young man & his father died when he was 12 years old. George felt a great responsibility at an early age. And thought of acquiring land & having dominion over one’s own property as being a way to gain influence & stability. He worked on his uncle’s land & he surveyed land during his early teens. England wanted to tax people to pay for wars & taxes were levied on their properties. British wanted to tax the early Americans on everything. Last night’s series ended at the 2nd Continental Congress. The series shows George Washington as a man. He loved Martha. His love letters were read. They said he could have been king but he chose to be president. Real history filled in. No longer just a dry picture. Learning hopes, dreams, motivations, aspirations. He was a leader from the beginning. When he went to the first Continental Congress (during French & Indian war he made suggestions on how to build a road to get their equipment – but the British fought in open fields, which was different in America – all woodland – Indians were different than the European armies – GW warned the commander, we are going to be ambushed, but the commanding officer didn’t listen – many were killed. Multiple bullet holes in his coat, his 4 horses shot – but George remained safe – George believed in Providence (the protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power), believed that he would take the role of president – Instead of dressing in regular clothes at the congress he dressed in his military uniform – he came as a soldier. It showed how he took his task as commander of the colonies seriously. George Washington was a Pisces, Feb. 22. Pisces is leaders. Pluto rules Pisces – Soul & Spiritual level.

At the Daytona 500, wearing his red tie, the president (Grand Marshall of Daytona) & the 1st lady flew in & drove the Daytona in the president’s black car (bomb proof, bullet proof, a line of black cars to protect the president.

This is a great youtube: It’s a battle for the minds
of humanity.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021- 8am

Rosh Hashanah – Hebrew Festival of Creation.
Tuesday, September 7, 2021, Mars guides our day today.
Last night was the first night, today the first day of Rosh Hashanah. We light our candles, joining our Jewish brothers & sisters in the celebration.

Rosh HaShanah begins “Ten Days of Awe,” a time of reflection on the year before, repentance for those things we ought not to have done, expectation of the forgiveness of God, and hope to be written in “the Book of Life.”

It is also hope for a prosperous and holy new year. It leads up to Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year in the Jewish calendar. It begins with the blast of a shofar, and is intended to celebrate creation, judgment, and the kingship of God.

Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew of “head of the year” – רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה) commemorates the new year & also the creation of the world.

It also marks the beginning of the Days of Awe, a 10-day period of introspection and repentance that culminates in the Yom Kippur holiday, also known as the Day of Atonement. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the two “High Holy Days” in the Jewish religion.

It is Rosh Hashanah when God is said to have created the world (not just the Hebrew people – but the entire world).
For this reason, Rosh Hashanah can be seen as the birthday of the world

According to tradition, God looks upon all of His creatures during the 10 Days of Awe (days between between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur). Jewish law teaches that God inscribes the names of the righteous in the “Book of Life” and judges the wicked on Rosh Hashanah; people who fall between the two categories (good/evil) have until Yom Kippur to perform “teshuvah,” or repentance. As a result, observant Jews consider Rosh Hashanah and the days surrounding it a time for prayer, good deeds, reflecting on past mistakes and making amends with others.

Call of the Shofar – a trumpet made of ram’s horn.
The ancient instrument’s plaintive cry serves as a call to repentance and a reminder to Jews that G-d is their King.

Shofar – Calling humanity
Tradition requires the shofar blower play four sets of notes on Rosh Hashanah:
1. Tekiah, a long blast (the summons);
2. Shevarim, three short blasts (to break, fracture, like weeping).
3. Teruah, nine staccato blasts; and
4. Tekiah gedolah, a very long blast (arousing us from spiritual slumber).
Rosh Hashanah, the holiday is also known as Yom Teruah—the day of the sounding of the shofar.

After religious services are over, there is a return to home for a festive meal steeped in symbolism and tradition. Some choose to wear new or special clothing and to adorn their tables with fine linens and place settings in recognition of Rosh Hashanah’s significance.

The meal begins with the ceremonial lighting of two candles and features foods that represent positive wishes for the new year.

Apples and honey: One of the most popular Rosh Hashanah customs involves eating apple slices dipped in honey, sometimes after saying a special prayer. Ancient Jews believed apples had healing properties, and the honey signifies the hope that the new year will be sweet. Rosh Hashanah meals usually include an assortment of sweet treats for the same reason. (more tomorrow)

Lighting the candles.
Joining with our history, our brothers & sisters everywhere.
Entering into the 10 Days of Awe, the High Holy Days, days of reflection, rependance, forgiveness & forgiving.

Eating apples & challah dipped in honey. Saying to each other – L’Shana Tova – May we each & all have a Sweet New Year. love,

Actually the holy day declared in Scripture in Leviticus 23:24 is Yom Teruah, for the blowing of the shofar (ram’s horn trumpet) the calling of the people to gather together.

The Astrology Today
Virgo Sun & Moon & Mars today. Unity of matter, spirit, soul in in form. The Mother. Order, organization, service & care.
We have a moon v/c from 12:24pm till 8:20pm (west coast time).
Then the moon enters Libra – Right Human Relations, Balance, Harmony, Equanimity.

Every day a new day….La Shana Tova, everyone!

I made an apple cake last night. When baking I use Einkorn flour, always less (usual almost 1/2 less) sugar than a recipes call for (raw sugar, coconut sugar). I made 1/2 this recipe. Shaye Elliot is a great home family cook.…/apple-cake-with-maple.

Monday, September 6, 2021- 3pm

Dear Readers,

This is one of the most important posts I have posted.
It is a statement of freedom & liberty. 

Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity
This declaration was announced & released
today on the Virgo New Moon trine Uranus (freedom)
in Taurus. Please read.

Simon Parkes gave a brief introduction to
its release.

Where are the warriors I have asked. Well, here we are.
And these are our words! Our declarations.
Read the post. Print it out. Share it. Do it.
Gather in groups, read it aloud, discuss it, identify with it.
Follow the suggestions.

Where are the warriors I asked?
Here are the warriors & these are our words!
Shout the words from rooftops, from mountain tops!
Read it, share it, do it.

Posting this on this new moon day of Virgo.
Ruled by Mercury, the messenger bring us words
declaring our freedom.
Virgo flowing thru the Moon (humanity) /veiling Vulcan – the labor toward freedom. On this Labour day.
Virgo flows through Jupiter – Ray 2, the heart of Aquarius, the new era of humanity.

Statement of freedom & liberty by humanity, sons & daughters of God, on the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. That we proceed forward into a new year with the prosperity & wealth that comes from freedom & liberty – that all minds (men/thinkers) everywhere are created equal.

Read it. Share it. Do it. Now! Risa

Monday, September 6, 2021- 7am

New Moon, Labour Day. Rosh Hashahah.
Monday, September 6, 2021.
Virgo Meditation is below.
Also – Read Night Light News – it’s all about Rosh Hashanah.
Today is a festival day. A complex day too.
New Virgo Moon day. Virgo new moon festival. 14.38 degrees Virgo. Where is that in everyone’s chart?
New & full moons are festival for the Aquarian Age.

Labour Day today.
Our gratitude & love to all who serve us each day.
Labour, done with love, creates a state of grace.

Rosh Hashanah begins tonight. A Jewish festival.
At the first stay tonight at sunset, Rosh Hashanah begins.
In our school we study & participate in all religious festivals throughout the year.

The Astrology today.
Mars trine Pluto (Virgo/Capricorn). Harmony between our actions & our responsibilities. We are useful today.

Venus trine Jupiter (Libra/Aquarius). A beneficial day today. Venus & Jupiter – Venus brings together all that is separated with great intelligence. Jupiter adds love & wisdom to the mix. An auspicious transits indeed.

Sun & moon join together – which means it’s a new moon.
New Moon in Virgo – “I am the Mother & I am (hold) the holy child within. I am God, I am Matter, all of these things I AM.”
Virgo is matter, the Mother, holding within herself the Spirit of the Father & in their “marriage” the Holy Child (the Soul) is conceived. Matter holds everything. It is nature, the most blessed & the most harmonious kingdom.

Sun trine Uranus (Virgo/Taurus). The Sun in its rays streams to earth & anchors on earth, the new revelations, new archetypes to bring forth the new era. Those whose mind & hearts are open, those directed by the Soul receive the impressions.

Mars inconjunct Jupiter (Virgo/Aquarius). A late night transit tonight. When there is an in conjunct, the elements have difficulty working together. We then go to the Rays to see how to combine these energies harmoniously. What would we find? Who will answer that question?

New Moon in Virgo Meditation
Gathering Together
Let us gather together in the Ashram (which is wherever we are), visualizing we are all in the Ashram Garden, our community, village, mountain retreat, Ashram garden – while also standing together, hand in hand, heart to heart, around the Earth as part of the New Group of World Servers & Seed Groups.

The Meditation

Mantram, reciting this together.

I am one with my group brothers and all that I have is theirs.
May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them.
May the strength which is in me lift and aid them.
May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them.

We align & recognize our place, as a Group, within the heart centre of the NGWS (new group of World Servers).

We connect with & mentally extend a line of lighted energy towards….
the Spiritual Hierarchy, the planetary heart centre;
to the Christ, the “heart of love” within the Hierarchy;
towards Shamballa, “where the Will of God is known”.

We ponder upon the role of the New Group of World Servers – we stand mediating between Hierarchy and humanity,
we respond to Hierarchical impression.

We stand together aligning Humanity, Hierarchy, Shamballa. We thus help to bring the Plan of God into existence.

We reflect & ponder upon on the seed thought:
(Virgo this month).
Through the impression and expression of certain great ideas, (via the NGWS) humanity is brought to the understanding of the fundamental ideals which will govern the new era, the new Aquarian Age. This is the major task of the NGWS. When humanity receives these new ideas, they become ideals within the hearts & minds of humanity.

VIrgo’s seed thought..
Virgo is the pregnant Madonna, hiding within her the Light of the Soul. This means…. within matter (mater, the mother), the Spirit of Life is hidden. When humanity begins to awaken this realization of Life, Father, Spirit, Fire appears and the personality (made of matter) begins to be aligned with the direction of the Soul. Virgo hides this reality until each of us is ready to understand it. And so, the keynote of Virgo on the Soul level, matter speaking….the Mother speaking…

“I am the Mother, I am (hide) the Holy Child (the Soul),
I am (hide) the Father (fiery Spirit of God, the Father, the Life Principle) as well – we are aligned & we are One.”

“I am the Mother & the Child, I God, I Mother, Am.”

Using our creative imagination – our creative minds….
We visualize the Light of the Soul streaming into humanity.
We visualize the precipitation of the Will-to-Good,
& Essential Love, streaming throughout the planet –
~from Rays 2 & 6 into Virgo
~into the heart of the Sun of Love/Wisdom
~into Mercury (4), Moon (4) veiling Vulcan (1) & Jupiter (2).
~into & from Shamballa,
~through the Hierarchy (planetary heart)
~through the Christ,
~through the NGWS where we stand
~through all men and women of Goodwill everywhere in the world, and finally….
~through the hearts and minds of the whole human family.
~ & into all the kingdoms of earth.

We consider & ponder upon & see the many ways in which the “One Life” and the “Love of the One Soul” are working out in the world through the NGWS. And realize that as we do our work, under the impression of the Hierarchy & the Christ, we together, are building the “thoughtform of solution” to world problems.

We align Humanity with the NGWS, with the Hierarchy with

We align the personality with the Soul with the Monad (Spirit).
All is aligned in our universe. All is in harmony.

We recite the Great Invocation together.
We see the words of the Great Invocation (the Mantram of Direction for Humanity, flowing into New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling, Tokyo & New York (a five pointed star) – & distributed from these inlets into all of the Earth & her Kingdoms.

We visualize the hearts & minds of humanity, the kingdoms of the Earth irradiated with Light & Love & Wisdom & Intelligence & Power & the Will to Good which become Goodwill everywhere. We do this work together. Om Om Om

Sunday, September 5, 2021- 10am

Sunbeams, sunlight streams the Forces of the Archangels. Sunday, the Sun’s Day.

And Neighborhood Greenhouses.
Sunday, September 5, 2021. Sun in Virgo. 
Tomorrow, Monday is the new moon in Virgo.
We have a v/c day today with the moon resting.
We rest too today. 
The moon enters Virgo at 4:06 pm (west coast time).

Tonight Venus squares Pluto (Libra/Capricorn). Careful with relationships & resources tonight. Tend to everything with care.

The Sun (quote from R. Steiner)
In every sunbeam there streams down on all the inhabitants of the earth the force of those higher beings who live on the sun, and in the light of the sun there descends the force of love, which here on earth streams from man to man, from heart to heart.

The sun can never send mere physical light to earth; the warmest, most ardent, feeling of love is invisibly present in the sunlight.

With the sunlight there streams to earth the forces of the Archangels – the Thrones, the Cherubim, the Seraphim, and the whole hierarchy of higher beings who inhabit the sun and have no need of anything other than the light. They are Light Bearers.

But since all this that is present in the sun today was at that time still united with the earth, those higher beings themselves were also united with the earth. Even today they are connected with earth- Rudolf Steiner

The Sun & it’s Light Bearers – bringing ever evolving light to humanity. Their gift. For the evolution (return to heaven, restoring the mysteries on Earth, redeeming Earth, etc.) of humanity & all Earth’s kingdoms. Risa

Neighborhood greenhouses.
For years I have written about neighborhoods gathering together, to create a sustainable food system – neighborhood greenhouses for collective sources of food. If you have listened to the real news, you know the weather has been manipulated to destroy the farm crops west, midwest & east coast (weather manipulated in order to pass the climate change will (but there is NO climate change – there is only weather manipulation). However, the Dark Forces are accelerating forward to destroy the food systems in the US. Simultaneously, food is being priced so exorbitantly (gas, food, rents, houses for sale, used cars, etc, etc.) that many are unable to afford nutritious foods. Here is a quote by Joel Salatin.

“The most accountable food system occurs when neighbors contract with neighbors. Friendship commerce, or what I call relationship marketing, is certainly higher moral ground than barcoded transactions between distrusting consumers and conglomerates carrying liability insurance war chests.” ~ Joel Salatin, Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal

Salatin Family of Polyface Farms, Santa Barbara.

Art below – Artist Ninetta Sombart

Saturday, September 4, 2021- 7am

Our Wisdom School
Lifting the heavy karma of the world into the light.
Those who have light within, may sit in the center of light. And enjoy a bright day.” (Milton)

Standing in the “centre of immensities and the confluence & conflux of eternities”. (Carlyle), yet standing poised within the clear Light of Day.

In the center of this light is Wonder.
This is the purpose of our work here each day.
Our School of Wisdom (here).

In the meantime – today is Saturday, Saturn’s day, Ray 3 day of Divine Intelligence, Right Speech, Right Choice, Right Economy, Right Action.

Ray 3 flows through Cancer, Libra, Capricorn & Saturn.

Saturn offers us a task each day. The aim of all studies in a true School of Wisdom is not the perfection of the individual as such, but that the individual may use every faculty within towards “lifting a little of the heavy Karma of the world”. Into the Light.

Today, Saturday, Leo moon, Virgo Sun & Mars. Telling us a new moon is soon (Monday evening).

This evening, Mercury trine Saturn (Libra/Aquarius). Trines are harmonious. Their elements work together in harmony, lifting humanity to the heavens.

Monday is Virgo New moon (14.38 degrees Virgo).
It’s Labour Day here in the US & in Canada too.
And at the sighting of the first star at sunset, Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah begins.

For those who would want to read more on our Wisdom School.

When we study astrology & the history of humanity’s Avatars & World Teachers, we see that there is an eternal emergence of energies, a flow of energy, an emergence and a disappearance which keeps happening upon the background of the Absolute.

It is an eternal principle of descent and ascent in tune with the cycles of time and also in tune with a metrical order. The Second Logos who conducts this work is supported by the First and the Third Logos.

Allow everything I write to be a question, a place where one begins to think to question, to research, to learn. Allow the wisdom teachings to penetrate the heart that reflects on the nature of wisdom & the path towards wisdom. The Wisdom teachings are an atmosphere from which each student then recognizes their own inner resources, which gives meaning & purpose to one’s life.

“Niels Böhr, when beginning his lectures, said to his students, ‘Every sentence that I utter should be regarded by you not as an assertion, but as question.’ For the spiritual aspirant too this is the way to proceed.”

Let everything written here be a quesiton for further research & study.

Knowledge to Wisdom
Jupiter to Pallas Athena to Buddhi/Imagination/RainCloud.
We must understand the distinction between Wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom embraces every form of knowledge; but all knowledge in its entirety does not constitute Wisdom. Wherein lies the difference?

Knowledge gathered in every department of the knowable maps out the form-aspects of evolutionary processes and of being/experiences living in form & matter.

It is the function of the Wisdom-aspect in an individual to be in intimate touch with the form-side of everything; yet the universe in its aspect of form cannot be understood merely by mental processes, however high they are.

So often (as we see now), intelligence, when it attempts to understand the manifestations (forms) of life, often gets stuck & goes astray, wobbling around in the abstract (which is not Wisdom). Why is this? The intelligence aspects tends to treat all things as if they were made of lifeless matter.

Wisdom needs a faculty higher than the lower mind (gathering of facts) or abstract mind (ideas only). This faculty, higher than the lower & abstract mind, is Buddhi or Intuition, or RainCloud of Knowable Things – in between the lower mind & abstract mind we also find the Soul (awareness, consciousness of these things).

Wisdom takes an airplane view of all things, constantly flying over the field of facts on the plane of the lower & abstractmind, as if it were photographing them till no fact is omitted from its survey.

Wisdom may thus be described as the gathering of the facts & penetrating into the living essence of facts, seeing them surcharged with the Spirit of Life.

Knowledge studies “things” (form, appearance).
Wisdom gathers the knowledge of these “things”, unites them & sees all as (whole) “Life.” Life as it is behind the appearance of “things” its spiritual essence, sensing the innermost reality (essence). We cannot “know” via mental study only.

Plato & his followers in the wisdom schools taught students to see form as reflecting a Great Idea or an Archetype. Seeking to find through the objects of study the inner pure Principle of Virtue, which once seen evokes at once in the beholder the profoundest love.

While one might be a great knower of many things, we become truly wise only when our imagination and aspiration led us to seek & then sense the Archetypal World (essence behind/within form).

It was this way of seeking which is fully described by the word coined by Pythagoras, “philosophos,” the lover of Wisdom.

The Greeks knew this conception of loving the wisdom was the from Pythagoras.

Wisdom, therefore, is not a matter of accumulating all the facts. Wisdom understands the innermost meaning underlying form & its appearance (a reflection of a greater reality).

We each have a faculty within ourselves greater than the lower mind (that collects facts & information) that assist us in our realization & search for Wisdom.

This is both the Soul (on the higher mental plane & above it is the intuition (on the Constitution of Man), which is called Buddhi.

This faculty of Buddhi has as its instrument the koshaor vehicle which is called in the Hindu system Anandamaya -kosha, “the sheath composed of Bliss”. Bliss is the Indian equivalent of the love that accompanies Wisdom, which manifests through Buddhi, the Intuition. It is also called the RainCloud of Knowable Things.

Thus into the circumference (circle of our lives) must be brought all knowledge that is then placed at the center of light so we may perceive the essence of this knowledge which leads to the realization of Life itself (spiritual essence within all form). All knowledge must be brought into this circle (of self). The true history of humanity, the developmental stages (the life waves of humanity over eons of time), along with the study of all cultures –

“Culture” (the word) covers all endeavors of humanity, past present future – religion, philosophy, every form of art- creation, such as poetry, song, music, architecture, drama, sculpture, painting, dance, etc.; all achievements of mankind in organizing human life to express itself more fully through ways of development and expansion including political growth; economic schemes for betterment; educational methods and ideals – all (of humanity’s livingness) have to be brought into the circumference. And studies.

Thus the Teachers say to students – you must have all round development. All round development.

In our work here & our daily studies, the purpose is for students to become, each according to her/his temperament and aptitude, philosophers, scientists, ethical teachers, artists, givers of economic law, statesmen, educators, town planners and every other possible type of server of humanity.

Someday each student may start a School of the Wisdom of their own based on temperament, wisdom & need of humanity itself.
Developing Intuition, that faculty which is “the unperceived fore-known,” (Lawrence of Arabia describing wisdom)

Wisdom may thus be described as the essence of facts, surcharged with the spirit of Life.”

Friday, September 3, 2021- 9am

We are a School of Wisdom – 
Today, Friday, September 3, Venus’s day, Ray 5 day. Sun in Virgo, Mars in Virgo – how to use this information? 
With Virgo we are to be aware & careful not to be critical of self or others, not to be judgmental or attacking others based upon one’s expectations. It is a false personality perception (expectations which no one can satisfy) & only leads to loneliness & self-betrayal. Careful of not being unskillful with Virgo’s energies. Observe.  
Leo moon today (after 9am west coast time, 11am central time, 12pm east coast time). Recognizing the self as a creative being, identifying & cultivating our creativity, knowing we are “good.” 
We are a Wisdom School – an Esoteric School of Wisdom, an Astrological Esoteric School of Wisdom, an Esoteric Ashram, a school based on the ancient Mystery Schools, a school & college of  the arts, science, literature, religions, history, geography, reading, writing & arithmetic – in other words, all human endeavors (past, present & future) are studied, thus helping to create the 10 Service Seed Groups & the New Group of World Servers. 
Often there is a question about what a wisdom school is or does. The below is a beginning understanding of Wisdom Schools. What is written below is what our FB page is, my website (Night Light News, named after Sirius B), & everything we do together here. We are an Esoteric & Astrological College Ashram & Wisdom School. 
From a Theosophical Text 
The Purpose of the School of the Wisdom 1 C. Jinarajadasa,
The aim of the School of the Wisdom is to enable the individual to cease from being one who gives intellectual adherence to a particular school of philosophy, and become one who learns to survey the problem of life directly by himself or herself. The essential search is to discover life as it is, life being inseparable from consciousness. 
The School of the Wisdom aims at bringing each student to survey things “from the centre” which is intuitive awareness. An intense sense of Life must always accompany every true student. There can be no Wisdom without an ever-increasing sense of Wonder. 
The aim of all studies in the School of the Wisdom is not the perfection of the individual but to enable the individual to use every faculty of his or her being for “lifting a little of the heavy Karma of the world”. 
Essential in the progress towards Wisdom is a growing intimacy with all aspects of Nature. The message which each tree, flower, animal, meadow, sea, sky and cloud has, must be listened to and understood. The student needs to learn to study the Book of Nature. 
1 From the Inaugural Address of the School of the Wisdom by C. Jinarajadasa, 17 November 1949. 
Someday we will have (once again) a building for our college, many buildings (biologic architecture, sacred geometry architecture, schools, land, gardens, a temple, cottages, library, etc. – everything that comprises an esoteric community village, Ashram, monastery, center of Learning. We will all build it together. With Right Timing & Right Direction given. All being given….Love, Risa 

Community is the New Art of Living. Community is the Aquarian model of livingness….we are building community here first. Then it will manifest in form & matter. Risa


The Temple (our Esoteric Wisdom School) is starlit & sun filled. A lotus of light of the days & nights flows into our Temple, our Wisdom School. Planets & stars & Sun flows into our Temple. The Anja center is like a Sun for our bodies. the moon brings messages from the sun on new moon & full moon days. Messages from the Sun through the moon. Days & nights are offerings for students in the Temple. The Arc is starlit, the sun is the image of God. The moon goes to the temple with messages, a singing of 16 letters. In this Temple, we live, offering the lotus of our days & nights. Om. Risa

Oh Future – morning & evening prayers – Roerich

Homeopathy – studying quantum physics.
Homeopathic book to read….underlying causes that maintain illness – Collin Griffith (British homeopath) Companions Guide to Homeopathy. Case Studies for those interested. Learning the layers of disease & process of healing. The body has its own intelligence, trying to find safest route to healing. Body finding pathways out, the patterns of natural healing. Throwing off diseases.…/The-Comprehensive…

Learning how to be a patient. Learning patience, too with homeopathy.
We are not taught this medicine, yet it is the most ancient of true medicine, going to the cause of deep issues of illness. Many cannot stick with homeopathy. Because people are impatient. Or they don’t understand homeopathy. One must be motivated to heal in ways that allows the body to heal itself – on all levels. Everything drains into the body. The body can only take so much drainage. Early signals are felt. Often ignored. Homeopathy offers deep constitutional work.

Thursday, September 2, 2021- 8am

State of our country. It’s not climate change.
Fires in the west, flooding in the east & southeast U.S.
Betrayal in the highest level of our government.
The destruciton on all levels in our country continues.
And now into the physical.
Destruction kept getting worse as the helicopters flew south in Louisiana. Flooding everywhere. Tornadoes.
Surreal scope of the disaster.
Water rescues underway in NY, NJ, Penn. Maryland, etc. Historic rain & flooding, now rivers overrun, sewage systems overwhelmed with flooding then standing water. Unsafe.
Subways flooded & shut down in NYC. Cars submerged & swept away. Worse than Sandy. NY Airport (planes stuck on tarmac), hospitals, homes flooded. 6 ft. of water in some locations. Rivers yet to crest in next few days. Power outages across the country. Bridges down. Cars abandoned on streets of NYC & NJ. Over a 30 mile area, cars abandoned. Searching for survivors. Multiple deaths.

It’s all geo engineered. It’s not climate change. Don’t be fooled.
Brothers of the Shadow only have one reality – destruction, devastation, death.
Taking our thoughts off the vote (still to be determined), Afghanistan (betrayal, botched exit, many Americans & refugees & translators left behind, journalists, Afghan allies, including the translator who helped rescue Biden – all left behind) – so burn & flood the country. Create new distractions, devastations. Keep humanity exhausted & on the edge.

What does this project to the world? False narrative given to humanity. Evil running our country in this Kali Yuga era.

When the dark is allowed to be seen so humanity can choose – the Forces of Light or the Brothers of the Shadow.

Humanity must call forth its self determination, its freedom & liberty. Humanity must awaken, be informed with the truth so Right Decision is made. Utilizing the thinking mind (Gemini North Node), the discerning mind so humanity has illumination (North Node in Taurus, beginning January 2022). Building the Antakarana, bridge to the Soul, one can see the propaganda in the media (Dem gov. saying see climate change, we have to get this climate change bill passes, oh! here’s the prez (false one) on the phone – it’s ALL illusion). Humanity instead must awaken, discern, understand & awaken the Divine Values (Taurus North Node next year, & tested with Scorpio South Node). After Gemini north node, a capacity responds to tests, sense true vision & use the power of individuality to make responsible choices. With North Node in Gemini the NGWS are all called to teach & educate. Humanity is continuing to be in a state of suffering, which sill accelerate. The floods & farms have devoted the farms & crops both west & east & previously in the center of the country. Don’t be fooled by what one sees & hears in the media.

Thursday, September 2, 2021. Jupiter’s day.
Reappearance meditation day.
Mars Neptune – project an illusion, a false narrative to the American people. Who has the discernment to see what is truth, what is untruth?

Cancer moon – who is tending to the care & well being of humanity? Humanity was one of the words to define esoterically this week. What is the Ray of humanity? What does that mean?

Today is the Reappearance meditation day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Joining the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis…

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare men’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

“Whenever withering of law, uprising of lawlessness, on all sides.
I Manifest myself
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law. I come that humanity may have life. I come with a sword.” We stand with the Christ, our swords by our sides.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Our work today….
Note: Monday is New Moon day 14.38 Virgo.
Labor Day in the United States.
And at the sighting of the first evening star – Rosh Hashanah – Jewish new year. Telling us Autumn is near! love, Risa

Art – Awaiting His Reappearance, preparing for it & talking with the Christ about our beloved country – Roerich

Seven constellations are predominantly brought into a close combination at the present moment of crisis and are responsible for world affairs as they are found today:

• Cancer – Capricorn:
The Cardinal Cross. “Both Gates stand wide.”
• Taurus – Leo – Scorpio:
The Fixed Cross. “The Disciples dominate the world.”
• Gemini – Pisces:
The Mutable Cross. “World salvation is possible today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021- 8am

Alice Bailey/the Tibetan’s teachings. A study.
Class is in session.
Why we study the blue books, the foundation of our work here in this College Ashram.
Today is Wednesday, Mercury’s day, day of offering information for study. It is the first day of September.
Cancer moon today with Virgo Sun & Mars.
Virgo orders & organizes our words & our thinking.
Creating a pure mind.
Mercury & Venus in Libra – bringing balance to our thinking, poise & harmony.

Alice Bailey (a Gemini – writer) – why we study the blue books
There has been at times questions about the Alice Bailey teachings in the blue books. Those you have not read them, or those who do not comprehend them have cast them as evil. This is a distortion. Even on my FB page recently a long-time student to my surprise began to tell others that the Bailey/Tibetan’s teachings were evil. It was deeply troubling to me. However, I thought it a good time therefore to write about the Bailey teachings & offer an overview of their deep importance. An esoteric friend (J. Dewey) compiled the follow & I added to it.

The principles taught by Alice A. Bailey (amanuensis, recorder for the Tibetan Djwhal Khul’s teachings, a Tibetan Teacher of a Tibetan monastery, the same Teacher behind Helena Blavatsky, working with Koot Humi & Master Morya) are supported, or recognized as Truth by an inner soul confirmation and as such those who recognize this know that the truth & power behind the writings will not pass away, for many of the words are eternal words, and such eternal words which teach true principles cannot be destroyed, but will only grow as good seeds in the minds of humanity.

The teachings of the Tibetan Djwhal Khul via Alice A. Bailey (in the blue books) will not pass away or be overthrown, but a thousand years hence will be accepted by a large percentage as the greatest light revealed to humanity in the twentieth century.

Many are quick to call that which is not understood or different as evil only to later discover their folly. (Note from Risa – some in the present media have mistakenly taught that the Bailey teachings are evil. They have not read the blue books. Some readers here know whom I am referring to in the media.)

Having been a student of the Bailey writings since the mid 1970s here presented are several important teachings which we can consider to be on the side of the “good.”

(1) The writings teach that we should trust the inner voice of the soul, or Spirit, rather than the outer voices of orthodox authority.

(2) The true principle of Service. To serve humanity as a whole through the realization that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the individual self, but true service will also bring the greatest individual satisfaction, happiness & joy in the end.

(3) Light and understanding. The writings are of the good because they enlighten the/my mind and increase my understanding of spiritual principles, the laws of the universe, the help & the love of God and they increase the understanding of myself, the world, also the purpose of our lives here, & my purpose in general. They reveal a tremendous amount of new knowledge that was hitherto unknown & hidden (occulted).

(4) The Teaching of Principles. The real test of an inspired work is that principles will be revealed and expanded rather than merely giving out data that may or may not be true. A principle can be recognized by the soul whereas data (simple information) is difficult to prove or disprove.

(5) The Principle of Harmlessness (ahimsa). Most religions teach a degree of harmlessness and even the critics of Alice A. Bailey believe it to a degree, but the writings give a new depth of meaning to the principle. If we are harmless in word and deed then the negative effects (karma) we produce are negligible (& diffused) and we can thus become an agent for the Good, the Beautiful and the True and become a master (mastering the principles of livingness) in the world of causes.

(6) The Law of Correspondences. “As above, so below, as below so above.” (but with subtle differences). This is the Law of Astrology too. Learning more about this has led to many new avenues of discovery & of truth. The Bailey writings prove themselves again and again by inviting the reader to test them with this law. (Note from Risa – in our school we begin ALL teachings & studies with the study of one’s astrology)

(7) The Revelation of the Seven Rays (7 stars in the Big Dipper, the Big Bear constellation). The Bailey writings give a wealth of information on the seven creative rays, corresponding to the “Seven Spirits before the throne of God.” Their meaning and the various levels of correspondences are explored.

(8) Initiations. The Revelation of the Nine Initiations. When a disciple has achieved a certain level of accomplishment s/he receives a recognition by the Spiritual Watchers. This recognition of achievement of spiritual development is called an Initiation. The seeker through many & various struggles & conflicts & tests has achieved a new plateau in consciousness, a wider area of understanding & compassion, control over the lower nature (personality, and the love & intelligence & willingness & power to serve the world.

(9) The Revelation of the Masters of Wisdom (Hierarchy) and the existence of the Kingdom of God (the Soul). The Masters are individuals of high accomplishment who have overcome death (from our point of view) and work directly with Christ who is their teacher and Master. These are called “holy men that ye know not of” in the Mormon scriptures and have achieved a “better resurrection” as taught in the Bible.

(10) The Doctrine of Eternal Progression. Past teachers have merely scratched the surface on this teaching but the Bailey writings explore the future of our progress as well as our past in more depth than any other writing in existence.

(11) The Ages – that every 2,500 years (we are in this transition now) a New Age (a time) appears, & is governed by one or more of the Rays, one of the zodiacal signs & its planets. Presently our Earth is entering the realm of Aquarius (with its accompanying Rays [5 & 7] & it’s accompanying planets (Saturn/Uranus, Jupiter, Moon veiling Uranus). As one Age passes away (its unskillful energies withdrawn) the New Age builds upon the previous Age, & new energies & rhythms fall to earth that influence humanity & the kingdoms. In the transition between the Ages, the Lords of Libra come in to assist humanity & disciples in bringing balance & harmony, Goodwill & Right Human relations to what is felt as a time of crisis. The tension of the change of ages is brought to our attention, in order to remain poised & calm in the interim. Risa

Alice A. Bailey is one of the few teachers in our history that critics have failed to find much fault with. She lived an exemplary life of service with no apparent motive for power or wealth.

Those who are attracted to the blue books/Alice’s writings are intelligent, loving people with a desire to learn & understand themselves & the world & to be of selfless service to humanity.

The Bailey writings have a much more powerful influence for good than many suspect.

At this point in history they are mainly intended to be understood by the few who will teach the many. The Bailey teachings are for the Teachers of humanity.

For example, the initiate Napoleon Hill was a student of the Ancient Wisdom and was directly contacted by the Masters. During the depression he gave advice periodically to President Roosevelt and on one occasion he told him a Bailey teaching that struck a chord with him:

“There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

Roosevelt related this statement to the nation thus turning the tide of the Great Depression. (JD)

Our study today, together. For greater understanding.
love, Risa

Tuesday, August 31, 2021- 9am

Dugpa – “to bind, imprison.”
Class is in session.
A study, a reading today – of dark & light.
Gemini moon today – the two brothers –
Virgo Sun & Mars. Mercury & Venus in Libra.
Gemini & Virgo – a study of words & ideas.
Libra – knowledge of the truth brings choice & harmony & balance.

Dugpa – Tibetan word – “to bind”.
As binding people into a captivity of untruths & leaving humanity in darkness.

Here are the words of our Brothers of the Shadow to humanity in this Kali Yuga age when the dark is allowed to be seen so humanity can choose the path of darkness or the Path of Light.
The Dark Brothers capture the unwary, the unawakened ones with dreadful consequences. They impose rigid laws upon the people, living as they do within works of sorcery, immorality, cruelty, black magic & all things destructive & vile. They are “devil-dancers,” and fetish worshippers, whose dreadful and mysterious rites are utterly unknown to the greater part of humanity.” They are the ‘old sorcery’, the Black Lodge.

Voices of the Brothers of the Shadow –

Through us you enter the sorrowful city,
Through us you enter eternal grief,
Through us you enter among lost souls. Dante

Our last day of August, 2021.
Tuesday, August 31st –
Tuesday is Mars day. Mars is Ray 6 – religion, desire, aspiration, vision, the unskillful level of Ray 6 is fanantical religions beliefs that lead to destruction. We study this today.

Mars (6) in Virgo (2 & 6) – our trajectory towards order & organization, towards service to self, then to others (tending to the self is always important), to purity, to caring for the Soul of self & others, to communication with the devas. Virgo is Ceres, mother of Persephone. Virgo clarifies words.

Gemini (2) gives us words. Virgo defines them for us.

Has anyone defined any of the words from yesterday yet, looking the words up in the glossaries? If so, please post in comments.

Kali Yuga
The darkness of the Kali Yuga is progressing forward & accelerating in all parts of our world & in the minds & hearts of unawakened humanity.

Where there is dark there is also light. However, in the Kali Yuga, only ¼ of the light is available. Light is how one is able to see & decipher reality. With only ¼ light available, much is in shadow, must that we see is veiled in darkness covered by an illusory light.

It is important to know the following….
Those who have not yet offered their personality to the Soul, those not yet directed & guided by the Soul, are the ones who cannot decipher the difference between light & dark. The Brothers of the Shadow are the ones who have created the Matrix that has entrained so many to believe the many lies promulgated by the media in our present times.

The Brothers of the Left Face, Brothers of the Shadows, have, over many decades cast a shadow upon all of humanity’s endeavors, kept humanity from the truth, hid the true science, destroyed the food water & soil, taken over the government, the resources & all that helps humanity thrive.

They created the C virus for the purpose of inoculating humanity with a poison for the purpose of population control. Their methods are the methods of demons, of black sorcerers. Their culminating action with humanity is death itself, especially of the elders who remember what it’s like to live in freedom.

In times such as these, the polarities of dark and light are clearly shown to humanity. The purpose is for humanity to choose which path they will take in the future.

Turning Point – Two Paths Appear
We are at a turning point, a separation of the two paths (dark & light). Each individual is being given a choice as to what path they will follow. That of the “shadows” or that of the Light.

A Study
The Harry Potter books & John Algeo’s text offered definitions of the two (bodhisattva & dugpa) and clearly delineates the two sides helping us see our world within the lens of this polarity. Helping us to understand the gravity of the situation in our kali yuga world & the gravity of our choice.

It is good to clarify the two polarities of Bodhisattvas vs the Brothers of the Dark Shadows & those overshadowed & controlled by the dark forces. The Harry Potter books make this polarity clear. I came across an excellent article by Theosophist John Algeo who loved the Potter books & often wrote about them.

In his article below, Algeo clearly defined how the two forces of light & dark play out. He defines the Light & the dark, the bodhisattva & the Dugpa (a Tibetan word meaning Black Magician, sorcerer, Drukpas, etc.). The term “dugpa” also derives from the Tibetan word dukpa (གདུག་པ, gdug pa), which refers to that which is injurious, hurtful, great harm done.” It also means cruel, destructive, damaging & dangerous forces.”

Harry Potter & Dugpa, John Algeo

Class is in Session Each Day.
What happens in our college Ashram here?
Who are we, what are we? What are we doing together here?
What are we creating? How are we learning together?

We are fellow students & we are to work like the fingers of one hand, like the strings of a harp finely tuned together, creating mutual understanding, Goodwill & harmony.

This mutual harmony is a means to discover conjointly more than what each can discover individually. When a group of students (such as ourselves, in this our college Ashram, are attuned to each other, the mind of each one widens itself, and the unified mind of the group becomes a purer channel for truth than the individual mind would be able to hold.

Aspirants of the Truth
We are Aspirants of the Truth & the Wisdom Teachings. We consciously endeavor to preserve harmony with each other and with our surroundings. We also share with one another our thoughts, impressions, understandings. Also our questions, comments, reflections.

Each day class is in session here. Each of us a student among other students. Together we comprise an Esoteric Astrological Group of Learners under the direction of Hierarchy & the Christ. Love, Risa

Art – note the masks, the animal faces.
The masking of humanity at this time is purposeful.
We begin to look like animals. A regressive act for humanity.
The silencing of humanity.
Creating a lack of oxygen for humanity, especially the children.
Weakening an already frightened & submissive humanity.
Where will this lead us?

Further studies – Virgo is the sign of analysis and discernment & discrimination, who in searching for knowledge in its discrete parts and lose the sight of the whole. The opposing sign Pisces stands for inclusivity, synthesis, the artist who cares more for the unity of things & not just their discrete parts. Virgo is the sixth sign related to the sixth house of the horoscope, the sign of purity, of health, of service – it also presides over limitations, lack of comprehension and misunderstandings. Mercury rules on the lower mind planes and often advances faultfinding and narrow-minded thinking. Our wrong conception and dislike of things and situations prevents us from realizing their meaning and purpose. We should not hate any form or any quality, because everything in creation has its fitness and role to play. Undesirable qualities in us only grow stronger by hating and by admonition, we should work intelligently to overcome them. If we negate, we are negated. If we neglect money, money neglects us. If we neglect health, health neglects us. The Path to Truth is the way of inclusion by assimilation and not a way of confrontation. “The old world rejected the Mother of the World, but the New World begins to perceive Her lustrous veil.” (Agni Yoga, § 55). Risa

Additional Notes:

Risa D’Angeles
Astrology is the Science of Symbols – The science of symbolism shows that all which appears, points to an underlying hidden truth. Everything visible is a manifestation of the invisible. Each form is a symbol and the entire creation a composition of symbols. There are man-made, but also universal symbols. Man-made symbols like the characters of a language are never universal, they confine to a group of people having a common understanding. The universal symbols are not invented by man, but they were received by him. They form the language of the gods to be deciphered by man. They are the original alphabet and include number, shape, sound, colour, smell, taste, touch and the thought. They exist as creative intelligences (Devas) and are first concealed properties. However they can be revealed by us. Matter is symbolized by the “veil of the mother, the veil of Isis. A fabric of the Mother of the world, a fiery world.” Risa

Risa D’Angeles
It is good, when we define the words to be sure to begin with simple definitions so everyone can understand….from new seekers to Initiates. It is important to consider all levels. Too complex a definition, young ones turn away….DINA II (page 137)
“Hierarchy is a group of disciples, an inner spiritual government, it is the world of souls – Disciples, Initiates & Teachers consciously aware of the Plan, sensitive to the purpose of God, creatively and constantly impressing humanity with the aim in view of expanding the human consciousness. Of this (the Hierarchy) our Soul – in its pure nature – is a part. We are to therefore think of the Hierarchy as our Teachers; we are to attempt to vision its work, and endeavor to relate ourselves to my (the Tibetan’s) Ashram by an act of faith and will which is, the sublimation of the personal(ity) self-will; we are also to take our position as a conscious, integral part of my Ashram, and consequently as part of the Hierarchy. Such is the duty of all disciples. You have had much instruction as to the Ashram and I need not further enlarge.” Risa

Risa D’Angeles
Virgo health & purity. We see how F Materialism interfere on all levels, through food on physical, fear on the emotional & mental. How the F/D are constantly attacking the purity, Virgo, the Mother so our Divine Identity (the Soul cannot be birthed. There are many facets of this destruction of humanity. The Esoteric Significance of Virgo, that matter is Divine….is being destroyed by the F/Darkness. Humanity needs education about these things, education that is simple, practical so the masses can understand. Community Living can help educate humanity in pure true livingness. If we don’t nurture our physical, emotional, mental with pure living, then the Rainbow Bridge, the Antakarana Bridge to the Soul (the Divine Part of ourselves) cannot be built. All the hindrances introduced in the life of humanity have become overwhelming & confusing for humanity. Humanity needs education. Risa

Monday, August 30, 2021- 8am

H is for Heart, Happiness, Human, Hierarchy, heaven, heart.
– continuing our esoteric glossary of words.
Defining our words.
F is for Friend.
We cultivate friendships. We are friendly with others.
Christ is our Friend. We are His Friend.
We are friends with everyone. We cultivate friendship with everyone, with all kingdoms.
Disciples know the Soul is our Friend.
Friendship is a pulsation in the heart of everyone.
It guides us to the Truth.

And so…
Monday, a new magical week begins.
Today – August 30, 2021 –
Under Virgo (2 & 6) Sun & Mars, Libra (3) Mercury & Venus, Gemini (2) moon.
So interesting, writing all those words out that signify energies & rays falling to earth.
Next Monday is Rosh Hashanah – always signifying that autumn is near, the first religious festival nearing the autumn season.

H words – we look in the esoteric glossaries to define the following words. We then post the definitions.

1. Hall of Wisdom
2. Hall of Learning
3. Happiness
4. Hatha Yoga
5. Heart
6. Heaven
7.. Helena Blavatsky
8. Hierarchy
9. Humanity
10. Hierophont
11. Himalayas
12. Hermes
13. Hamsa
14. Humble, humility

What we research & share with others then everyone learns together in our Ashram college. love, Risa

Sunday, August 29, 2021- 9am

Temple of Light – Chapel of Joy & Contemplation.
An artist’s creation.
Day of Rest & Contemplation.
Sunday, August 29, 2021.
A v/c day today – resting today.
Later tonight Moon enters Gemini.
Mercury leaves Virgo, enters Libra.
The focus is on Goodwill & Right Human Relations
with Mercury in Libra.
Contemplation is the root of right action.
Stillness, quiet, reflection, resting…
we then see the changes ripple through the rest of our day!
Eacy day.
Temple of Light/Sacred Space: Inside Ellsworth Kelly’s Last Work at the Blanton Museum, Univ. of Texas, Austin.
In 2015, renowned artist Ellsworth Kelly gifted his most monumental work to the Blanton Museum of Art.
The building is a chapel of joy and contemplation

Saturday, August 28, 2021- 7am

Trees of Green, Red Roses, too.
And we think to ourselves – What a Wonderful World!
– More music today.

Saturday, August 28, 2021. Saturn’s day. Ray 3 day.
Taurus (4) Moon, Sun, Mercury & Mars in Virgo (2 & 6).
Venus in Libra (3). 
Tomorrow night Mercury enters Libra.
Thinking & communication shift from words of purification to words of harmony. Disciples note the shift.

More music today.
Jon Batiste on piano (a genius musician)
Music soothes & gives us hope & beauty in these dark challenging on the edge critical times of change.
The world itself is wonderful.
This reminds us.


Friday, August 27, 2021- 10am

Freedom – music. 
F is for Freedom, freedom from fear & fantasy & fostering untruths. 
Freedom to dance & sing & be creative geniuses.

Freedom words, freedom movements, freedom as a choice. Today & everyday. Freedom!
Friday – Venus’s day, Ray 5 day, thinking & knowing the true science day, of not being fooled day, of following the truth day.

August 27, 2021 – Under Virgo Sun, Mercury, Mars.
Virgo, the World Mother –
Virgo – sign of purity – pure food, drink, environments, thinking, talk & actions. Purity. See below in comments informatin about the Cvd Vx. Freedom emanates from the truth of the matter, the truth mattering to us. Truth leads to freedom, Purity of thought follows.

Let’s dance!
Freedom – Music, Jon Baptiste.

When I move my body just like this
I don’t know why but I feel like freedom (yeah)
I hear a song that takes me back (I know)
And I let go with so much freedom (hey)
Free to live (how I wanna live)
I’m gon’ get (what I’m gonna get)
‘Cause it’s my freedom
I love how you talk
You speaking my language
The way that you walk
You can’t contain it
Is it the shoes?
Jumped up, kangaroo
We’re overdue for a little more prancing
Now it’s your time (it’s your right)
You can shine (it’s alright)
If you do, I’ma do too
When I move my body just like this
I don’t know why but I feel like freedom (yeah)
I hear a song that takes me back
And I let go with so much freedom (oowee)
Free to live (how I wanna live)
I’m gon’ get (what I’m gonna get)
‘Cause it’s my freedom
The reason we get down, is to get back up
If someone’s around, go on let them look
You can’t stand still
This ain’t no drill
More than cheap thrills
Feels like money, money, money, money, money, money
Now it’s your time (it’s your right)
You can shine (it’s alright)
If you do, I’ma do too
‘Cause when I look up to the stars (stars)
I know exactly who we are (ohh)
‘Cause then I see you shinin’
You shinin’, you shinin’, oh
Free to be (everybody come on)
(Everybody come ’round)
(Everybody come on) come on now
(Everybody hit the floor)
I’m stuck to the dancefloor
With the, with the whole tape
With the, with the, with the whole tape (let me see you wobble)
I’m stuck to the dancefloor
With the, with the whole tape
With the, with the, with the whole tape (let me see you shake)
Give you just what you ask for, givin’ you the whole shake
I’ma give you the whole shake (let me see you wobble)
I’m stuck to the dancefloor
With the, with the whole tape
With the, with the, with the whole tape (can you make it break?)
I say yeah (yeah)
Oh yeah (oh yeah)
(Let me see you wobble)
‘Cause, you do, I’ma do too
When I move my body just like this
I don’t know why but I feel like freedom (freedom)
I hear a song that takes me back
And I let go with so much freedom
Free to live (how I wanna live)
I’m gon’ get (what I’m gonna get)
‘Cause it’s my freedom
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Autumn Rowe / Jonathan Batiste / Tierce A Person
Freedom lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Thursday, August 26, 2021- 9am

A new baby was born last night to one of our students in the Ashram – little Athena – 1 degree Aries rising with Aries moon & three planets (Sun, Mercury, Mars in Virgo).
Sun in Virgo, Mars in Virgo & Mercury in Virgo!
A little Montessori child! 
(Montessori was a Virgo & her educational method is Virgo – orderly & organized which creates beauty).
The birth of this little Virgo child signifies in our Group, new things to come, new energies, new revelations, new roads to travel, new identity, new creativity.
We welcome the new little one into our Ashram.
We welcome Athena Alisa into our Ashram.
Athena is the daughter of Jupiter. She is Pallas Athena.
The goddess of wisdom & the warrior goddess.
Over the years, the past 25 years, many little ones have been born in our group – Their mothers carried them like the Virgo madonna – pregnant with new life, while being students in our wisdom school & then the babies were born & the mothers brought the babies to our classes & then the babies became children, then teens & many of them are now beginning college. So these little ones heard the teachings, the astrology & the mantrans since their conception. Some of them now carry the Great Invocation with them as they are beginning college. And so now, we have a new one, born last night (Wednesday night).
Today, Thursday, Jupiter’s day, Ray 2 day. Love/wisdom day.
Sun, Mercury, Mars in Virgo – we order & organize our days, our thoughts, our actions. Kindness is our intention (not criticism).
Venus opposite Chiron (Libra/Aries). Venus brings together what has been separated, heals the wounds of separation.
Mercury trine Pluto (Virgo/Capricorn). Trines are harmonious, they lift us up, we construct a triangle, a pyramid of light with trines & place it around ourselves, our friends, families, our schools, our towns, villages, cities, & nations. Around our Earth.
This afternoon we have a v/c – 2:14pm (west coast).
Till 9:27pm – then the moon enters comforting Taurus.
We are making a quilt (art piece, wall hanging) for Athena. Everyone in our group sent something special (milagros, feather, buttons, cloths, crystals, etc. etc.) to our quilt maker (Laura). She is constructing a quilt for Athena with her friend Daleth. Below is Laura’s studio with Daleth laying out the quilt pieces. Laura is behind the camera.
This is our Ashram where we learn & share & offer our gifts.
This is where everything is created for the new culture & civilization. We work together. love, Risa

Wednesday, August 25, 2021- 7am

Some days appear like a poem.
In a strange lost unknown language
Quite like hieroglyphics.
Gradually we perceive its meaning.
And apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today!

Today, Wednesday, Mercury’s day, August 25, 2021.
Aries moon & Chiron in Aries. We are careful not to wound.
Sun & Mercury & Mars in Virgo – we set about ordering & organizing our days. Careful not to criticize (an unskillful Virgo trait). Careful to recognize, applaud & praise more.

We are in a moment of crisis – which is an Initiation for humanity.
There is a tremendous pull between opposites.
Disciples stand at the midway point. Vibrating with choice.
The Master stands with Disciples, functioning in the Soul body.
Humanity stands here at the center, too.
Between this & that, betwee dark & light.
What will humanity choose?
We are at the 2-minute mark (as in football).
We are coming up on the triangle of Virgo, Libra, Scorpio.
In the wisdom teachings, during Libra there is a choice given to humanity.
One can move forward into Scorpio & enter the 9 tests.
Or fall back into materialism (signified by Virgo, the sign of form & matter).

We expect the kali darkness of events, experiences, suffering to increase, for the purpose of humanity awakening & humanity’s need to be confronted with choice.
Will humanity step into the battle & stand with the Forces of Light, or step back into the darkness & further materiality?

We stand with the Forces of Light.
The NGWS – the teachers of humanity.
We serve with a soul infused directed personality (the Soul’s vehicle).
A real teacher helps the student to not get lost in the weeds.
Bringing different sides of everything to the student 0 combining everything into One.

Tasks –
Build an Esoteric Library
The blue books, the Theosophical books, At Feet of Master, Voice of Silence, Idyll of White Lotus, Initiation Human & Solar, Rays & Initiations, etc. Collect create an esoteric library. One will find the books find them.

Begin to dream. Dream big.
Begin to daydream. Our life becomes what it’s meant to be when we commit to following our dreams. Then we are shown the how, the when & the where to go. We are shown the path & the journey. What are you secret dreams? love, Risa

Tuesday, August 24, 2021- 10am

Our study of astrology.
Looking to the stars. Understanding who we are.
Tuesday, August 24, 2021. Mars guides us today. Ray 6, vision, dreams, desires, aspirations, actions moving forward.
The Astrology today & tomorrow.
Virgo Sun & Mercury & Mars – with a v/c moon.
At 12 noon (west coast time) the moon enters Aries.
Helping us identify who we are.
Venus in Libra – attempting to unify what is separated.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron & Pallas Athena retrograde.
Pluto sextile Neptune – things both dissolving away as they also transform.
Capricorn & Pisces – government & religion, the old ways making way for the new.
There is much suffering – Chiron.
The situation is immense & everywhere – Jupiter in Aquarius, affecting all of humanity.
New structures (Saturn) are being considered (retrograde).
But they haven’t appeared yet.
Uranus in Taurus – Uranus, the awakener, the mover & shaker, the revolution needed, rousing & stirring the people to awareness.
North Node in Gemini – offering people the information needed to dispel untruths.
Venus Retrogrades this year.
We have an important Venus retrograde in December & into January, 2022.
I will write about it this Friday, Venus’s day.
Values, resources, supply chain may be interrupted.
Mars is in Virgo – the Tibetan tells us when Mars is in Virgo, the quickening happens. We observe this “quickening” all around us, within ourselves, too. Observing these things.
We look to the stars to direct us, in timing & to know who we are.
We realize & know we are the Will to Good
Astrology Study
Our study of astrology is Like a tree with deep roots – it holds us together, give us understanding about our form, it gives us visibility, credibility, our history & truth.
We can then make the difference, doing the work of the future.
This is Aquarius & the tool & language of Aquarius is Astrology.
First, we look up, then we remember, then we are Called.
And so the wheel revolves
We use our five senses to interact with the magic of form.
Virgo symbolizes the form, the matter we live in on Earth.
Five elements make up the form. At first, we only see darkness.
A world of reflection is only what we see.
Then we perceive a light in the darkness.
And we remember our origins. We remember we are spirits living in darkness and there is an inner spectrum of light. It moves with the lyre of Apollo.
We collect ourselves from the senses, place ourselves in the core of the heart.
And then we see color – orange yellow golden yellow honey yellow aquamarine, sky blue to deep blue. The path is at first in darkness. We hear the music of the seven stringed lyre of Apollo. The Light appears.
Mars – action – we are committed to the vision of the new era, the new communities.
We will need the structure of the law, have rule of Law.
Learning Natural Law – entering the stream of the new ways.
Unlearning the old ways – old banking system, Fed. Reserve, credit cards, etc.
Learning the new ways, as the old ways fall away during this time of transition.
“Correcting our status.”
Pressure upon us now is creating the new in the battleground of the war. The new will emerge, spring from the ashes of the fall of the empire (evil clown show).
We are the pioneers.
Forming groups & creating the new. “Correcting our status.”
Getting the V. = becoming genetically modified, trans human & “they” then own us.
One side of the situation (horror show).
Those who die from the shot, “they” make money on us.
“They” get insurance money from those who die.
Question: who is funding the fraud?
We are.
This sounds like crazy talk.
But we have to go back to the colonial era, when the Dutch East Indies began.
Ships, cargo, all made up.
Make up manifests, lists (made up, non-existent) of ships (nonexistent), take out insurance, then the ships “sink”
It’s all a magic trick. And it’s continuing today.
We are the pioneers. Aquarius & Uranus directing us.

Monday, August 23, 2021- 10am

Disciples are Midwives for Humanity.
Everything now , in this time of Kali, time of darkness, is seeking the Light & seeking freedom, especially as we enter the Aquarian Age. Disciples are to be the midwives of this Light – as the Light of the World.
See how we are moving from Pisces to Aquarius –
A sine wave….(graphics below).

Moving from below the equator (Pisces) to above the equator, to Aquarius.
We will be discovering, learning everything that has beeen hidden from us for thousands of youears. All the secrets coming to light.
All coming to light. Secrets revealed. Part of the purification process, before the new era can manifest.

From dark to Light.
An individual process, a group process, a world process.
From dark to light.

For now our world is falling down.
To make way for the new.
Someday we will be in Recovery

Recovery (a poem)
Invisible Wounds…
Are the Hardest to Heal;
For their closure…
Depends on the Love of Others;
On Patience, Understanding…
And the Tender Gift of Time.
Jenny Lee: Call the Midwife

Disciples inspire people to want to do & be their best.
Disciples have ethics, competency, morals, virtues, purity & truth. Then people trust Disciples, wanting to be Disciples, too.

“Why are there so many health issues nowadays?
Our environment has changed so much that our bodies can no longer handle it.” – Light magnetism & water. What we need to remain healthy. Jason Bawden-Smith

Stars are camp fires, ancestors tending the fires, waiting to greet us when we come to the other side. (Maori)

“The essence of optimism is that it takes no account of the present, but it is a source of inspiration, of vitality and hope where others have resigned; it enables a man to hold his head high, to claim the future for himself and not to abandon it to his enemy.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

From the Tibetan…
….”tenseness and over-anxiety cause much of your physical disability. I feel the need of saying simply: Be joyful, for joy lets in the light, and where there is joy there is little room for glamor and misunderstanding. Be joyful always.” (from Risa – Joy is a choice)

Sunday, August 22, 2021- 7am

Day of Safeguarding the Sirian/Leo Light. –
Sunday, August 22, 2021.
Pisces Moon today. Sun enters Virgo at 2:35pm (west coast time).
From I am That & That Am I – Leo keynote.
“I am the Mother & the Child, I God, I Matter, Am.” Virgo Keynote.
Virgo – Mary, pregnant with the Light of the World, the Holy Child (symbolizing the Soul, the spark of Spirit, of the Father embedded within all of matter/mother/mater).
The Soul appears as a point of Light in a circle in Leo.
In Virgo, we see that Matter (the Mother) is filled with the Light of the Soul – she gestates this Soul light, till Winter Solstice.
Matter is the Mother. The Mother (matter) hides within itself the spark of Life (implanted by the Father). And the two – Mother & Father, Matter & Spirit, are One. From this union, the Holy Child (the Soul) is conceived. The Soul hidden in matter (in the Mother) is birthed at Winter Solstice, at the new light of Solstice.
Everything is a mystery, everything is magic.
The astrology & wisdom teachings have the key to this magic.
Yet the magic remains. Risa

Saturday, August 21, 2021- 8pm

In the early morning (tomorrow Sunday, 5:02am west coast time) we have the Leo solar festival, also called the Sirius festival.
Light flows into humanity from Sirius (star of Initiation) to Leo to Regulues, heart of the lion, to the three fires of the Sun to Shamballa to Christ to Hierarchy to NGWS to the men & women of Goodwill to the hearts & minds of humanity & into the kingdoms.

Leo is the sign of individuation, of recognizing our individual creative gifts. We recognize our gifts, cultivate them with patience for when Aquarius calls us (lions) to offer our gifts to humanity in need.

Leo is a most sensitive sign, always on the burning ground. Sirius & Leo, during this full moon time, assists humanity in preparing for the 1st Initiation – the birth Initiation ruled by Leo. The birth in Bethlehem, House of Bread (nourishment sustenance from the Soul). The 1st Initiation the personality of humanity first recognizes the Soul.

Sirius is the star of Initiation, of Freedom, of Masonry, of Karma, of love & wisdom (Ray 2) & of Manas. As the NGWS we gather the Light of Sirius, Leo & the Sun’s three fires & radiate these light to humanity, while reciting the Great Invocation, mantra of direction for humanity. Together we do these things. Helping one another along the road to the mountaintop. love, Risa 🎶💜

Saturday, August 21, 2021- 10am

Rise up Lions!
Born to be Free. – Rise up Lions!
Music for the Leo Sirius Festival tonight.
2nd full moon under Leo.
Leo & Sirius are the freedom stars.
On Regulus – the Magha star.
Van Morrison – his birthday Augutst 31st.
Aquarius at the midheaven.
He knows freedom.

Lyrics – Born to be Free
For our Leo solar festival, Sirius Festival full moon.

Well, well the birds in the the trees
Know something we can’t see
‘Cos they know, we were born, to be free

Don’t need the government cramping my style
Give them an inch, they take a mile
Take you in with a phony smile, wouldn’t you agree

The new normal is not normal
It’s no kind of normal at all
Everyone seems to have amnesia

Just trying to remember the Berlin Wall
Some kind of new old ideology
With new psychology

But it’s not for the benefit
Of you and me
No no no

The new normal is not normal
It’s no kind of normal at all
Everyone seems to have amnesia

Trying to remember the Berlin Wall
Some kind of new old ideology
With new psychology

But it’s not for the benefit
Of you and me
‘Cos they know, we were born, to be free
‘Cos they know, we were born, to be free
‘Cos they know, we were born, to be free
Source: Musixmatch

Friday, August 20, 2021- 10am

Order broken, virtue gone, sacred to profane, loss of the Garden.
Parsifal’s call to the Redeemer to intervene.
Friday, August 20, 2021, Venus (money, finances, resources, values) guarding & guiding us today.
Aquarius Moon, Leo Sun – full moon is soon (Sunday, the Sirius festival).
Violet orange golden yellow aqua blue deep blue.
The color elevator. We settle in the color orange today, Ray 5 color. Carrying our acts of Goodwill all day & every day.

Friday is Cash Day, using cash all day. No cards.
Why cash?
Using cash to continue the real (not digital) flow of money.
Because in order to have a full-digital monetary system with complete central
control, the circulation of paper currency has to end.

Cash Friday – read more from Catherine/

https://hoWhy cash? Because in order to have a fully digital monetary system with complete central control, the circulation of paper currency has to

From Catherine Austin Fitts – Cash Friday.
Using cash (no plastic, no cards, etc.) on Fridays.
Using cash to continue the real (not digital) flow of money.

Understanding more:
The central banks game plan under 3 minutes

Our Present Times – News & Notes
Title: Order broken, virtue lost, sacred to profane, Loss of the Garden.
Leading to conflicts, divisions, social schisms marking our
Present times. These times, transition from one age to the next,
Pisces (belief) to Aquarius (knowledge & truth) will be written up in future history books.


Question: Will the 25th Amendment be called upon?
Then who becomes our prez?
An empty vacant, hollow, angry, insincere, deceptive woman with no virtue.
It was all in their big Plan. Many of us saw this happening, step by step.
We were all warned, have been warned this would occur.
Many didn’t listen. They derided the 45th prez.
He didn’t look or sound like what they thought a prez would be.
But the Hierarchy knew who to choose.
To help lead American to safety.
But many in America didn’t heed the call.

And so, the 2020 false vote was put into place.
Two false empty sham leaders were put into place.
How did that happen?

And now? The false prez, unable to rule, a puppet to the darkness
Creates more chaos, a death sentence to many in Afghanistan.
His most recent actions?
It’s all in plain sight for those who can “see.”
Abandon Afghanistan & everyone in that country, including Americans
living there. Then offer Afghanistan to China.
Demean, devastate, tear down & destroy America & its people.
Subdue the American people with a virulent bio-weaponized illness & a
nano-particle poison.
Then offer the spoils, USA, the land & its people, to China.
Then what happens?

Who is standing up against this?

The evil forces are now in charge.
Notice – the F/Evil have no love, no compassion.
They have no capacity for morality or virtue.
Entrainment of the people leads to no morality, ethic or virtue.
Their ways of doing business is tempt, blind, capture, torture & destroy.
B & KH & 80% of our US government are their puppets.
Here & there are lone John the Baptists, warning the people.
Who is listening?

Those who blindly voted for them (B & KH), having no discernment,
discrimination or thinking things out, voting only out of reaction to
the 45th prez, are part of & helped create this chaos of destruction.

The C (v_r_s) & the Vx & the 2020 vote are also part of F/Evil destructive plans.
Bring on a false prez & VP – both empty of values & morals, both puppets for the darkness.
Talk about “sustainability” in 2030 UN Agenda.
Create fires to destroy lands & tell the people there is no water.
Then take over the lands & water.
Destroy farms, take over farmlands (lands of paradise, Lemurian lands).
Create a race war. Teach CRT. Destroy education.
Mask the children, mask the people
So they look like animals.

It’s in front of & all around us, in plain sight.

Make the people ill, give them poison, weaken them, kill them.
It’s all in their globalist Plan.

These “people” (globalists, F/Dark) are not people as we know them.
They are demons covered in a false light of propaganda hiding evil.

Who was listening all these past years to the 45th, to those of us
Who knew what was happening, the Patriots?
We were scoffed at, made fun of, lost our jobs, isolated, etc.
Now we see in plain sight the outcome of ignorance of the masses
& the inability to think things through with a focused open mind.
The outcome of the reaction to a prez that was
chosen to help us. He warned us, told us of their plans.
We scoffed at him, impeached him, laughed at him.

It is not going to get better.
We’ve passed the line of no return.
What is felt now is embarrassment for our country.
For all those who were/are entrained & helped create this debacle.
For all those still who cannot see the truth.
We will come to a point where we fall to our knees in supplication.
Asking God to intervene.

The same forces that created Hitler & those who believed him, the same evil that
Created the camps where the Jewish people were killed, the darkness that felled
Germany in WW2 are in full force now in our country.
They have captured our government, our shameful media whose purpose now is to
Be the mouthpiece of the dark lords.
So many voices warned us, are still warning us.
It is not over.
When a people are entrained, they are blinded to the dark & easily taken over.
What is our part in this? What do we do next?

The Steiner quote from yesterday.
Our Part to Play in our World – Unveiling Truth
Rudolf Steiner repeatedly explained that those who passed over, together with the higher Hierarchies, want to and must help the people on Earth, so that the development of the Earth and mankind can continue positively. In this “exchange” and this development, however, the people on the physical plane can and must participate actively and consciously by quite clearly seeing through and revealing the untruthfulness in today’s world. For our part we must become so calm inwardly that we can learn to understand the very subtle expressions of the those in the subtle worlds & the Hierarchy and think with and take up the thoughts (impressions) they send to us.

“Narrow is the path to truth. Let us widen it.” (CAF)

“The pandemic and accompanying lockdowns have been wildly successful, creating the right environment for total control of society, health, money, and food. Huge portions of the population, influenced by fear and mind control, are in complete submission. Every aspect of life and how it functions is now approaching Mr. Global’s grasp.” Solari

We ask Mary, Mother of the World, to intervene, to help her children in the world. To help those who are abandoned, filled with fear, suffering & sorrowful. Praying people be free from sorrow, living in peace & harmony. Risa

“We find rest in (what & in) those we love, and we provide a resting place in ourselves
for those who love us.” -St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Thursday, August 19, 2021- 2pm

Thursday, Jupiter’s day, August 19, 20201 Reappearance meditation today.

Uranus stations retrogrades this evening. 14.48 Taurus.
Night Light News is posted – it’s all about Uranus retrograde.

These are our last days of Leo, the burning ground, the three fires of the sun.
We are preparing for Virgo.
Sun enters Virgo Sunday (2:35pm west coast). 
After an early morning (5:02am) full moon which is the 2ndfull moon under Leo.
It is the Sirius festival, at the degree of Regulus, heart of the Leo, the royal star.
Regulus is Magha, Magic.
The chart of a  disciple we know will have his Mars at 26 degrees Leo, rising sign at 29 Leo illumined at this full moon, 2ndLeo Sirius Festival.
At the Sirius festival we are told it is good to make contact with Sirius and with the Hierarchy. 

Uranus when retrograde, there is more intensity of events.
Uranus is Ray 7, anchoring the Will of God.
Moving toward the Full moon – when earthquakes often happen.
In the last week multiple earthquakes 7 & above. More than usual.
Stationary Uranus activated our nervous system – we can feel unusually anxious.
Vit B & foods that support the nervous system.

When we think about free states & where to go, when planning where one wants to be (politically) one also needs to be aware of earth changes occurring also (so many just surviving the onslaught of the Forces of Materialism that we can forget about other things.
Don’t move someplace where other major issues are. See Dutch Sinse – hot spots showing up under the upper western US.

We connect with the Hierarchy….

A quote from Rudolph Steiner
Our Part to Play in our World – Unveiling Truth
Rudolf Steiner repeatedly explained that those who passed over, together with the higher Hierarchies, want to and must help the people on Earth, so that the development of the Earth and mankind can continue positively. In this “exchange” and this development, however, the people on the physical plane can and must participate actively and consciously by quite clearly seeing through and revealing the untruthfulness in today’s world. For our part we mustbecome so calm inwardly that we can learn to understand the very subtle expressions of the those in the subtle worlds & the Hierarchy and think with and take up the thoughts (impressions) they send to us. 
Fruit of Spiritual Scientific Studies
“The positive thing is that one really strives towards that state which, in certain moments of life, as a fruit of spiritual-scientific studies, gives that peace of mind – for it is peace of mind that matters -, it is the mood of peace of mind that matters – which makes it possible for these subtle, intimate manifestations, revelations, to come to us from the realm of the dead.” (p.192/193) 

The Reappearance 
“Maitreya (Christ, World Teacher) wishes to hasten all.
Maitreya wishes that all should be successfully accomplished.
Maitreya wishes you joy.
Wishes to grant humanity a gift through the fiery experience of Agni Yoga
Wishes to transform life on Earth in the radiance of the Mother of the World
Yes, the beauty of life is limitless.” Hierarchy 1931 (8), Agni Yoga

Reappearance of the Christ
Whenever withering of law, uprising of lawlessness, on all sides. 
I Manifest myself
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil, 
for the firm establishing of the Law. 
Bhagavad Gita Book 4 Sutra 7,8

“Fiat of the Lord has gone forth:
Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity.
That demand is rising & mounting every day
And in such an hour, as you think not,
He will come.”

Reappearance of the Christ, Vol 1.
The Doctrine of the “Coming One.”
Precipitation to begin in 2025.
The NGWS is to prepare for Christ’s externalization & that of the Hierarchy. 
The NGWS is the outpost of the Hierarchy. 

For decades anticipated by faithful, return of Krishna, Christ, etc.
In Esoteric studies, the Christ principle is an office in Hierarchy.
The Christ is a Great Being from Sirius.
Lord Maitreya is His other name.

He is assisted by Ascended Masters of Wisdom
When men feel exhausted seeking resources & the innate possibilities & problems beyond handling, they look for Divine Intermediary, pleading their cause to God, be their Savior.
Christ is Mediator. The Comforter. The Healer. 
“I have come that they may have life.
I also come with a sword.”

Two Arks –
Noah’s Ark (at end of Atlantean epoch) 
Ark of the Covenant – holding the 10 Commandments.
As the Hebrew people walked from Taurus to Aries, Age of the Law.
Ark of the Covenant protected by the Cherubim, guarding the Ark – 
God says to Moses, build Ark w/ two cherubim above.
Inside the Ark, the ten commandments.
Optic thalamus = ark of covenant
Limbic system mid brain, pineal gland – holy of holies.

The NGWS is the new Ark, refuge, sanctuary for humanity. Risa 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021- 10am

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to the minds of men.
May to door to evil now be closed!
Prayers for the people in Afghanistan & Haiti.
Today, Mercury (Ray 4 of Harmony emerging from conflictst & chaos) day.
August 18, 2021. Complex day today. Mercury Mars & Chiron interacting together.
Leo Sun, Capricorn moon – disciplining our emotions, our thinking, our communication. To remain in poise & harmony as perhaps impatience, anger & the wound appear.
Disciples, when knowing the astrological transits (our spiritual science, art & studies) remain poised, confident & within the RainCloud of Knowable Things.
Also in prayer.

We lift up our prayers today for God’s protection over the people of Afghanistan, for the troops and the leaders. We pray that God would transform the hearts of the Taliban, that they might see his love and glory, and choose peace. There is nothing more powerful or important that we can do right now as believers than to pray. Use these prayers as a starting point to lift up Afghanistan and all those affected by the takeover.

What each of us can do….

• Creating a Circle of Spiritual Demand around Afghanistan
• Calling upon the Solar Angel of Afghanistan
• Calling upon Christ – the Desire of All Nations
• Calling upon Mary, the Mother of the World, of all nations
to help the people, especially the women & children in Afghanistan

• Aligning with the Holy Spirit and the Forces of Light
• Radiating the Will to Good
• which creates Goodwill
• which creates RIGHT HUMAN RELATIONS,
• the result of which is ACTIVE PEACE to all peoples & nations of the world.

From the bible:
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. “All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish. Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them. Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all. (Isaiah 41:10-12)

If any of you lacks wisdom, ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. (James 1:5)

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who call upon him, and he delivers them. See that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Call upon the Lord, you his holy people, for those who call upon him lack nothing. (Psalm 34:7-9)

We also pray for the Haitian people, that all that is needed for their well-being & comfort be offered to them from all over the world. Amen Om.

A serpent sits in the lotus.
The universal consciousness – involutionary & evolutionary.
Narayana – moving of space waters.
Nara – unlimited space waters moving hither & thither…the lotus of creation takes birth – a seven-fold lotus. The seven chakras, the kundalini. Universal space waters sprouts lotuses, moving with the space waters. Individual drops of water within the lotus also move – the dance of life. Humanity is in the lotus, feeling the gentle moving of right, left, feeling the movement within. This becomes the movement of kundalini gaining poise& joy with ease.
This meditation is like listening to the lyre of Apollo, the flute of lord Krishna. The music of the spheres. We join with our instrument – the Soul. Lotus on ripples of life. Risa

Where is Afghanistan?
Where is Kabul?
Where is Haiti?
Disciples study learn & know geography.
Useful for our creative visualization used in prayer & meditation.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021- 1pm

Under Leo, sign of the Soul.
The point of light at the center of a circle.
Creating a point out of the diffused waters of Cancer.
Today, August 17, 2021 – Tuesday, Mars Day.
What is our agenda today? What are we doing? Why?
Sun in Leo. Moon in Sagittarius. Mercury & Mars in Virgo.
Uranus in Taurus (4). Retrogrades on Thursday.
At 15 degrees Taurus.
Right in the middle of Taurus.
Uranus (7) reveals all the mysteries.
Uranus reveals mysteries & is the mind-light during Aquarius. Energies coming in now, via Uranus in Taurus revealing all that’s hidden, distortions are revealed in the mind’s-light.
Teachers are Light-Givers. Uranus is their Teacher.
Leo, sign of Creativity.
Knowing the self by what we create.
All of our life is a creative act.
What disciples need is to recognize this.
And to do all things with care, tenderness & awareness.
A creative life is a happy, holy, expanded life.
It’s a joyful life and a much more interesting life.
Living in this manner
——- continually bringing forth
the jewels hidden within— is a fine art, in and of itself.
Creating the Art of Living.
– Yoga of Fire (Will & Purpose, Ray 1 – Will to Create, to Good, to Love.
Purifying Fire of the Heart
We call forth our Soul, the eternal spark of life, the divine, think and feel within,
Calling the soul to speak through us and act within us.
We ask our soul before externalizing a thought, a feeling, a word or a deed, to purify it beforehand through the fire of the heart.”
These teachings are the occult secret metaphysical tradition teachings down through the Age. It is a spiritual science.
The Disciple’s question.
What can we do to help the situation from your point of view?
love, Risa

Monday, August 16, 2021- 9am

Readers – always read all comments.
News & Notes:
Praying for our brothers & sisters in Haiti & Afghanistan.
Calling all Lions to awaken, arise, stand together now!
Calling all Lions! Sun in Leo, the lion-hearted, the brave & couragous leaders standing under/with the Will to Good.
Calling all Lions. Where is Leo is everyone’s chart?

Astrology today.
Monday, August 16, 2021.
Venus (5)entered Libra (3) early this morning.
Venus, planet that unites all that is separated is at home in Libra.
Libra, sign of harmony, beauty, Goodwill, Right Relationship.
Venus (5) & Libra (3) work well together.

Today – Monday, August 16, 2021 – a new week begins.
Moon in Sagittarius (4, 5, 6). Mercury later in the afternoon, early evening inconjuncts Saturn (Virgo/Aquarius).
What are the Rays distributed by this configuration?
How does one bring harmony to an inconjunct?
This is our college where we learn everything together.
Learning with & by & for each other.
In order to assist humanity.


Calling all Lions.

Praying for our brothers & sisters in Haiti & Afghanistan.

Wednesday Mercury joins Mars in Virgo – careful everyone.
No criticisms allowed.

“In the texts of ancient wisdom it is said that the time for the restoration of the Mysteries has come.

In the near future, and on a higher turn of the spiral of life, the Masters will visibly move among men; the Members of the spiritual Hierarchy, along with Maitreya, will return to lead and direct the affairs of humanity openly to the extent permitted by the innate freedom of man; Christ (Maitreya) will physically reappear.

“Under Divine Will, He had to reappear on Earth in visible Presence. He had to preside over the materialisation of the Kingdom of God on Earth, and He had to reinstitute the Mysteries of Initiation in such a form that they would prove the basis of the new world religion.

Above all, He had to reveal the nature of the Will of God.” (RC, 71)

The final result of the work of the Christ is to be found in our identification with the whole: individuality, initiation, and identification—these are the terms in which the message of the Christ can be summarised.

He said, when on Earth: “I and my Father are One,” and in these words epitomised His entire message. I, the individual, through initiation, am identified with Deity.” (EH, 413)

He also said, “I come with a sword.”

“From the wider point of view the terms initiation and individualisation are synonymous; they both express the idea of an expansion of consciousness, or of entrance into a new kingdom of nature. (…)

Individualization marks one stage of the process in the intensification of “fire by friction.” It has relation to the achievement of Brahma, and marks a point in the energizing of substance.

Initiation marks a stage in the intensification of “solar Fire.” It has relation to the achievement of Vishnu, and marks a point in the evolution of consciousness, through self-consciousness to group consciousness, or universal consciousness.
Identification with the aggregate of all groups might be the term used to express the final stages of the evolutionary process;
It involves a type of realization, incredible to man now but which is conceivable (though not yet practicable) to the Chohans of the Hierarchy now on Earth.

They work consciously carrying out the Will of the planetary Logos in the planet. They may get, and an idea of the general plan, but the details are as yet unrecognizable

Just as in the animal kingdom, the human mind was latent and instinctive, and just as in the human kingdom the buddhic (intuitional plane) aspect is latent and instinctive, so during the final cycle of human endeavor, the Atma, or highest aspect of the Monad, is also latent and instinctive.

This produces later stages of development.
There are no gaps in evolution, and no periods wherein there is total absence of any one aspect; all are ever present but they “show forth” at different times. Intelligenges govern all order of events. Love does too.

Only when the fires of matter are blazing brightly, and become radiatory, does it become possible for the fire of mind to show forth, even though ever inherently present.
Only when these two fires – of matter and of mind have reached a stage of energetic heat and light, can the electric fire of Spirit show forth in its glory.

When this is accomplished, the fire of pure Spirit (increased and intensified by the gaseous essence of the burned fire of matter, or “fire by friction,” and colored, and rendered radiatory by the fire of mind) blazes forth in perfected glory, so that naught is seen save one vibrant flame.

This idea can be extended away from Man to a Heavenly Man, and again to the Logos in His cosmic relationship.

“The evolutionary impulses may be regarded as three in number for a solar system, or for a Monad:

“The Will to Good/to Love, demonstrated at the third initiation when self-consciousness gives place to group consciousness.
This is the second stage of divine fulfilment. It connotes soul, quality. It is the expression of the second aspect.” (EA, 620)

It marks a point in the evolution of consciousness, through self-consciousness to group consciousness to universal consciousness.” (TCF, 731)

At the third initiation, the entire personality (lower self) is bathed in the radiance of the spirit, and is now a complete and willing servant on its behalf. Most important is the fact that the mind is now governed by the indwelling soul.

How to get thru these times?
Leo fires, the Burning Ground
And the answer is – Study, learn, pass through the Fires -through fires of the ethers…with all experiences on Earth.

“The spatial Fire of Cosmos is the best destiny for searching humanity. Fiery World III – Risa

On Health
from Westin Price –…/questioning-covid/…

All round development, ardent development, art development. Advent of Adept, Master. Man grows in all dimensions to fulfill all in the world, feel its limitless, learning to be practical. Not falling to money or power. Yoga allows one to understand heaven & earth. Self denial is ignorance. Raja Yoga respects free will of man, analyzing at all times, what one desires. There is no hurry. Then every petal of all 7 chakras unfold gently. Man needs to live all experiences so self realization can happen. We do not do away with the World. Students develop in an all around, ardent development, experiencing all aspects of life, mastering all experiences, becoming an artist. Acts, dresses, eats, speaks, teaches, serves, inspires wll. All wet development. The Art of Development on the path of progress learning to be a Master. Ardent. Advent of Master. Art of Living. Risa

Everyone is busy. Everyone working in their fields of endeavor. Disciples saying, “I’m willing, whatever this transition is, however hard it is, we are showing up.” Just keep moving forward, wherever are we to be, we will be called. We can barely understand what is occurring now. We have access to top researchers on the planet. They all say the same things. We have access to the Wisdom teachings & to astrology too. Many waiting for things to normalize. But we know it won’t return to normal. There’s sadness, grief. And it’s all part of it. Where do we stand up & say this is enough. Where/when do we continue fighting? When do we create boundaries? When do we remain silent? It’s all layered, multi dimensional. We are not devastated. It’s OK. Calling the Lions. Prepared to lead under Divine Will. Remember, the Christ came with a sword. Risa

Question – how do we get through this time? Being practical in daily life. Preparing for the future. Using our imaginations on creating the new era. Being present, yet also thinking about the opportunity to create the new era together. Each day holds its certain beauty & magic. Risa

Sunday, August 15, 2021- 4pm

Post #2 on Mary, World Mother.
I wrote about Mary today – feast day of Mary’s Assumption into Heaven.
Here is Catherine Austin Fitts on Mary’s Assumption, too.
Prayers to Mary for women’s fertility. A prescient subject in our time of crisis. love, Risa

Sunday, August 15, 2021- 7am

Assumption of Mary into heaven – holy day.
A study of Mary, Mother of the World on her Assumption into Heaven Day.
Sunday, August 15, 2021. Leo Sun, Venus & Mars in Virgo, Scorpio moon.
Venus leaves Virgo & enters Libra tonight.
Mother of the World – Virgo.
Maitreya wishes to transform life on Earth within/through the radiance of the Mother of the World. Mary, mother of Jesus, her heart pieces with seven swords, is the Mother of the World.

Mother of the World calling humanity.

Mary, the perfect template of purity & goodness. Mary symbolized in/as Virgo, sign of purity & service to the world.
August 15, 2021 – Ascension of Mary into Heaven.
n the Hermetic Writings of old are found references to “the Woman clothed with the Sun.” Ancient religions, inspired by Messengers of the Planetary Hierarchy, accorded great reverence to the Feminine Principle in Creation, the Mother aspect of Deity. Mother/matter, symbolized by Earth.
The highest manifestation of this Feminine Principle has been called by many names…
Mary, Mother of the Universe,
World Mother, Eve, Isis, Ishtar, Sophia.
To the Gnostic Christians She was known as the Holy Spirit (Ray 3), one of the Divine Triad (Trinity – Rays 1, 2, 3 – Father, Son, Mother – Spirit, Soul, Matter).
Note: ecclesiastical Christianity regarded the Holy Trinity as entirely masculine, thus depriving its adherents of a sublime and ennobling Concept of the feminine principle, of matter, of Mary.
The Teachings of Living Ethics—given by the Lord Maitreya—illumine the Image of Mary, a Master (there are feminine Masters), a Majestic Being, the Matriarch and Initiator of the Planetary Hierarchy, the spiritual Mother of all the Christs and Buddhas of human history—the spiritual Mother also of every child of Earth whose heart is attuned to Her’s.


Mary’s Assumption – a holy day. Day of ritual.
Our yearly cycle of rituals, all rituals, celebrations representing the heavenly realms, reflected here on earth. Mary is Virgo. She is Earth. She is matter. She (representing all of humanity, each of us) holds within herself, matter hold, gestates the Soul.
The Soul is birthed each year at Winter Solstice. Counting backwards from Virgo to Capricorn, we have nine months for the birth to occur.

In Leo we prepare for Virgo –
Leo/Virgo is the Mystery of the Sphinx. The mysteries contain messages, the energies of which stream down from stars & planets, sun & moon. They symbolize our journey, from here to there, from past to present, from involution to evolution, our journey here & then our return home again. For now, we are on our journey from Pisces to Aquarius, constructing each day of our transition time in the Kali Age, a new Noah’s Ark. We can only do this together now.

Leo is the Light of the Soul.
Virgo is the Virgin Matter (Mary symbolizes this, in the painting of Mary holding the Holy Child – none of the previous Madonnas held a child – not Eve & not Isis – Mary holding Jesus signifies that humanity has entered matter. Mary created the perfect template, the perfect etheric body for Jesus. This is Mary’s task. With her angels (Cherubim), Mary creates the perfect template of the etheric body for humanity. We call upon Mary when we are ill to restore the perfect etheric template, the aura of light & energy around our body. The physical body takes from the etheric field all the energy & healing needed to function properly.

And so….as we took on matter, form around the spark of our divinity, as the etheric field was formed, as we entered more & more into matter (Involutionary Arc – into matter)…humanity having taken on material form, in time there came to be the need for direction & guidance & the Soul was created – an interim vehicle between spirit (God, the Father & matter (Mary, the Mother) & this is the Soul. As spirits encased in form & matter, we lose our way, forget our origins, are lost.

We are in need of the Soul to guard & guide us during our journey & sojourn in form & matter on this planet of form called Earth, our school, a Mystery school.
Jesus, the Holy Child signifies the Soul. As does the Christ.
The birth of Jesus, over 2000 years ago, signified that humanity was ready for the Soul’s guidance. The story of Mary (Archangel Gabriel, Joseph as husband, Mary becoming pregnant with Jesus, the journey to Bethlehem, the birth in a stable signifying the holy child came for the people, holy child’s birth amidst the animals & plants, in a location between east & west – He came for all the people of the world, & born from Mary -symbolic of matter (Mary) holding within itself (herself, Virgo) the Soul – which is to guide & guard humanity.

And humanity needed to be taught about this Soul, lost as humanity was/is.
The birth of the Soul, humanity’s recognition of the Soul, is called the First Initiation, the Birth in Bethlehem, House of Bread (Soul as nurturing principle).

And so Mary gave birth to Jesus. And it was foretold, that Jesus would become a great teacher. And He was protected from those who would kill him. And Mary was told that 7 swords would pierce her heart as her Son fulfilled His Mission (Jesus is the Master of the world’s religions; Christ is the Anointed One, Archangel from Sirius, where Love originates.)

At age 30, Jesus went to the River Jordon, to be Baptized (2nd Initiation) & at that moment of baptism, Christ overshadowed Jesus & the Father said “Behold my Son in whom I am well pleased.”

The great Master, the Christ overshadowed Jesus for three years in His mission to teach humanity about the Soul. He was unable to fully accomplish His Mission as the Piscean Teacher. He will therefore be returning as the Aquarian Teacher. Humanity is more prepared to understand the Wisdom Teachings now. Especially in this time of deep crisis, when the darkness has taken hold. Through the Ages we have been told – when the rule of law has been destroyed.

Reappearance of the Christ
Whenever withering of law, uprising of lawlessness, on all sides.
I Manifest myself
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil,
for the firm establishing of the Law.
Bhagavad Gita Book 4 Sutra 7,8

“Fiat of the Lord has gone forth:
Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity.
That demand is rising & mounting every day
And in such an hour, as you think not,
He will come.”

Reappearance of the Christ, Vol 1.
The Doctrine of the “Coming One.”
Precipitation 2025.

For decades anticipated by faithful, return of Krishna, Christ, etc.
In Esoteric studies, the Christ principle is an office in Hierarchy.
The Christ is a Great Being from Sirius.
Lord Maitreya is His other name.

He is assisted by Ascended Masters of Wisdom
When men feel exhausted seeking resources & the innate possibilities & problems beyond handling, they look for Divine Intermediary, pleading their cause to God, be their Savior.
Christ is Mediator.
I have come that they may have life.

The Reappearance of the Christ, Aquarian World Teacher
“Maitreya (Christ, Aquarian World Teacher) wishes to hasten all.
Maitreya wishes that all should be successfully accomplished.
Maitreya wishes everyone joy.
Maitreya wishes…
….to grant humanity a gift through the fiery experience of Agni Yoga
….to transform life on Earth in the radiance of the Mother of the World
Yes, the beauty of life is limitless.” Hierarchy 1931 (8), Agni Yoga

Shamballa is given the number #24.
There are 24 days between Mary’s Assumption into heaven & her birthday (Sept 8th). These 24 days in between is a call to approach Shamballa, the Place Where the Will of God is Known, the place of the Father, Sanat Kumara from Venus. We will mark each of these days together. Love, Risa

Honoring Mary today.
Creating an Earth altar, a Mary altar.
Sharing our altars with everyone here.

Saturday, August 14, 2021- 9am

Saturday, August 14, 2020
Remember to read my News/Notes comments after each post. Especially yesterday’s if you haven’t already.
Today’s too. Everyday! That’s where the “news’ is.

Today is Saturday, Saturn’s day, Ray 3 Day. Intelligence day.
Choice & Right Action Day after intelligence has been stabilized. Intelligence is an aspect of God, the Ray 3 Aspect, reflecting Divine Intelligence. We are to be intelligent thinkers. That is our heritage as sons & daughters of God. 

Today is my mother, Edythe’s, birthday (Aug. 14, 1917).
Seeing her in heaven with my father. Sending her love & gratitude. One can never give enough praise & recognition to Leos. That is how they evolve. Through our praise & recognition.

Let us not humiliate ourselves.
Let us not humiliate ourselves as a humanity with emotional reactions & becoming adhering to & believing in the Woke culture which, to be alliterative is weak, wallowing, weepy, unwise & lacking in any level of wisdom. Instead….we are to build our minds with truth so we can enter the RainCloud of Knowable Things. Saturn helps us with this most important task during this Aryan (Sanskrit for the thinkers) life wave.

Night Light News is updated (after two days of being down due to a security challenge). Night Light News is all about humanity stepping into its identity of Servers & Saviors.

The Astrology Today
Scorpio moon – Leo Sun – water & fire – a steamy situation at times. However, when we work with the Rays we get another picture. What are the Rays influencing us today with the Sun & Moon? Who knows?

Venus/Jupiter today – Virgo/Aquarius – again, in conjuncts are uneasy. However, when we apply the Rays, a different opportunity, story, picture emerges. Again, what Rays influence us today w/ the Venus/Jupiter – Virgo/Aquarius in conjunct. Who can tell us?

We have another inconjunct tonight – Sun/Neptune – Leo/Pisces.
Again, what are the Rays that connect the two harmoniously?

Today Moon squares Saturn, sextiles Mars, inconjuncts Chiron, opposes Uranus. Many influences today. love, Risa

News & Notes – Prayers for our children (masked), for our young ones going to college (masked & with a V mandate), parents opposed to CRT which is an abusive education being fostered by unintelligent non thinking atheist adults. Study the 1st Amendment, what is it? Be sincere. That is the key word. Be sincere. Have a religious belief. Study spiritual texts. What religious beliefs tell you you cannot take the V, be masked, be tested. Explain this. “We are not to veil our face before God.” Don’t try to be scientific or logical. This is not heard. Focus on religious realities. Certain states can hire/fire for “whatever” reasons. Especially California. Aborted fetal cell lines used in the “shots.” Some don’t want to tell others what beliefs are. Will they be hunting “witches?” Reference the bible. Also reference the Vedas, Puranas. It’s all about purity & the breath. This incorporates the wisdom teachings, the foundation of the Bible. Can say I am Buddhist, Hindu & Christian – the roots of all religions. Understanding that one has a higher Teacher (Tibetan Master, Buddhist Master, etc.). All of this has to do with the purity of one’s life – physical (body), emotional, mental levels. All based on the purity of one’s life – physical, emotional, mental. “Body as temple, made in image of God.” Testing. Peggy Hall – The Healthy American (S. CA – a church) – says no masks, no tests, religious. Watch & listen to Peggy Hall. She helps people in all levels of the masking, the V, etc. Common Law people say get out of the system (that can be more difficult). Hold your ground. Don’t quit jobs. Fight. Take action to protect self & families. Two earthquakes today – 7.2 & 6.9. Haiti & Alaska. Thousands of casualties in Haiti. Prayers for Haiti’s people. During this changeover time, magnetic pull of Sirius, cycle of change we are in will see earthquakes & volcanoes. Magma underground as the changes continue. Arkansas – Tyson chicken state – with V mandate, the truckers walked out. Walmart, shelves empty in many stores. Warehouse people walked out – no deliveries. Is this real? Or is the supply chain being held up? More & more people need to refuse the masks & V. Stay strong warriors. Don’t be bullied. Taking away people rights. People against people. Take the steps to resist. It teaches us to be thinkers. A different interface with policy. Not being “told” what to do. Understanding why this bullying is occurring. Not letting the schools & colleges & teachers unions to bully humanity. Just say No. Learn this is an “offer.” Make counter offers. Don’t just Kow Tow….take a stand for freedom. This requires us to take Action – with the intent for maintaining our Freedoms & Liberties. The time has come to TAKE ACITON. We can’t wait to be told what to do anymore. Everything now is corrupt. We need action people to build the new. Stand up from the bullying. Instead stand up & create the new. Even if there’s chaos at the beginning. Go to Freedom rallies. Join with others who seek Freedom. Listen to new ideas. Don’t go to big box stores. Find farmers, find farms, Set up new markets for food. Be part of the impetus to have imagination & create something new & different. Be radical. Home school. Work together. Build your own groups locally. These are the foundations, the seeds of the new culture & civilization. People with resources, reach out to others. Help others. Everyone will become Servers in time. Begin now. Risa

Friday, August 13, 2021- 9am


Note: Read all comments below every day, everyone.


Ray 5 day. The color is golden orange.

Friday, August 13, 2021. Friday the 13th.

Ray 5 is Concrete science & knowledge day.

Venus is Ray 5. Friday is always Venus’s day.

Venus, the elder sister to the Earth, the place where our God, Sanat Kumara (Ancient of Days in the bible) came from 18 million years ago, when humanity was first given the seeds of the mind in Lemuria (lands in the Pacific Ocean & the west coast of the US

– Lemurian land which is why the west coast is so very different than the East coast which is Atlantean land.


Two different stages of development, events & purpose in the history of humanity. This is esoteric, the wisdom teachings, the true history of humanity).


Ray 5 fact. A mandate is not a law.

But many people think a mandate is a law.

What would that mean in terms of masking?

in terms of the V? Where is humanity’s thinking process, critical thinking? Where is humanity’s strength & courage? We have strength & courage when we have the truth. Which is not easily available today. Humanity has to search for the truth. Then discern what actions to take.

The fifth ray, Sannaddha, or concrete knowledge, helps us to apply our mind intensively to a problem in order to find solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems and thus help all of life.


The sages (wisdom teachers) put much emphasis upon experiencing the Truth. Gathering information is not yet knowledge. Activating the knowledge, using it in daily life, creates wisdom out of knowledge.


Humanity (each of us) has all Seven Rays within its/our bodies with which to discern truth & reality, hidden in the darkness of this Kali Yuga age.


Reality isn’t belief. Reality is based on facts.

Belief is not the same thing as factual truthful information.


When one is entrained (captured by an idea based on being controlled by another), one only is able to believe.

Hosever, when one is awake & aware & using the function of the brain/mind, one thinks, researches, seeks & finds the truth.


Belief is the old way (Pisces, Neptune).

Truth based on facts is the new way of livingness. Aquarius.


Belief is emotional.

Fact based truth, based on reality is mental.

The Soul resides on the Mental Plane.

When one has truth, one then can enter into the RainCloud of Knowable Things.

Then one can progress forward within the Light.

Without fact based truths one continues to “see through a glass darkly.” One perceives the dark as light (as the Dark Forces bathe themselves in a false light). This is the time of discernment, a time of choice. Some will progress forward. Some will not.


Agni Yoga

58-It’s easy to dig a grave, a ditch. It’s more difficult to build & erect a house. Hostile derisions & scoffings from the dark ones can fill the corners of life with dust. But with a feather of one’s wings (the Soul) we can sweep the dust. So do guard &

care for one’s “wings.”

Morya’s Garden Leaves I 1924, p. 8. Agni Yoga


The new, immortal man is on the way to God (Evolutionary Arc). The grade of a Christ is only an intermediate step on this infinite path.

“There is an Unutterable Divine Principle abiding in each human being, and in time the birth of Christ which is the human Soul appears on its path to perfection.” (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 22.07.1935)


53-How do good works develop? As sea waves have their own rhythm, in a rising & flowing….so good works grow: with measured increases and waiting for a progressive flow, under the stars. Begin to understand timing, a time of appeal, of asking. Be aware & very careful of the rhythms of life. Heed careful the rhythms of life, the morning, the day & the night.

In moments of silence, provide teaching based on experience.

How do we read the writings of the wisdon teachers?

In solitude, and applying what we read to our different moods.

We have different waves occurring within us, of identity….

Here I am a newborn babe.

Here I am a young woman.

Here I am, I am an old man.

Here I am, I am exiled.

Here I am, I am a ruler, a sovereign.

Here I am, I am a blind man.

Here I am, I am someone who has known many worlds.

And more.

We appply to every source, every experience, all the conceivable beauty of the 12 petalled Lotus.

Morya Garden Leaves I 1924, p. 7. Agni Yoga Series.



Today, Friday, Sun in Leo (recognizing our talents & creative gifts).

Mercury Venus & Mars are in Virgo – Ray 2 & 6.

Libra (3) moon in the morning & part of the afternoon.

A moon v/c occur today for 4 1/2 hours – from 1:40pm till 5pm (west coast time).

Then the moon enters Scorpio & mysteries begin.


Mars/Saturn – push/pull

This morning & all day Mars (6) inconjuncts Saturn (3) (Virgo/Aquarius). Earth & air.

Virgo is 2 & 6.

Aquarius is 5 & 7. Note the Rays. Receptive & radiator.


Inconjucts (planets 150 degrees apart) mean the elements do not easily work together.

Mars pushes us forward. Saturn disciplines to remain where we are. What do we do then? We use the Rays.

We love (2), we serve (6), we aspire & envision (6), we seek knowledge & truth (5) & then we integrate it, creating a new rhythm within (7). That’s how we use astrology the rays in our lives. It takes a thinking aspirting mind. Abilities which we all have within us, to call forth & apply.


Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. August 14, 1917.

Sunday in the night, Venus leaves Virgo & enters Libra.

love, Risa



News/Notes – BE aware….stage may be set for storm of false information (crazy article in People (feature story) about a father, 2 children death & Cue). The F/Darkness stop at nothing with false (which means crazy) information. Media trying to say people who believe in Cue are crazy & k_l_ children. 

False flag may be close. SF. just went to another level of imprisonment – mandates full C V for indoor activities. Residents & visitors required to have V to enter venues. Order requires businesses to require V. to enter retail establishments. Order by mayor. Is that a law? Will people understand? No. Newsome said teacher’s too must be V. Is SF gone? Yes. They will be accessing V card by cell phone. “In order to stay open & not be shut down.” 



Threat, reward, punishment. Don’t do it. Digital health passports – trojan horse for cashless society. = classes taught at some universities having to do with planning & helping to isolate & quarantine rural communities. 


Colleges teaching students how to prepare & help to isolate/quarantine people. Phone representative & sheriffs to see if that will happen in your area. Hopefully your reps & sheriff in your area will say….”it won’t happen here.” Hint – if it gets really bad about splitting off, what states may have to do….Remember the book where California & Oregon no one really knows what’s occurring. However, we awake, aware, ask questions & be prepared. 


These plans have been in the works for many years. Now they are being implemented before humanity awakened. Plans accelerating at lightning speed, with corrupt reps going along with it (paid to). 


Forces of D (globalists) want a civil war. Document everything. Policies changing moment by moment. No rule of law anymore. They are breaking laws each day. About mask/V exemptions. Workshop with Hildebrand today. Peggy Hall, to be familiar with language. Know how to get religious exemptions (tests, masks & V). Need to know – Criteria where they are accepted. Write a form or request one. Submit to highest ranking official who knows the law at work. They may not understand the law of follow it. Offer the mitigation – write it so you help them solve the problem of what is safe. It is literally coming to everyone in CA where V is mandated. Everyone is losing their minds in CA. It’s a key time to fight now. CHD (Children’s health defense) has a key lawsuit in terms of these issues in Ca. 


There’s a window now, most important right now. Stand up or it’s over in Ca. People are fighting schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Either stand up & fight or move. It all depends on one’s make up, abilities, energy & stress level. Entering the legal system, battling is stressful. Assess your health, abilities. 


Some have the make up to fight. Some it’s appropriate for them to back out, step out, leave. Just don’t get the V or Tests – it’s a life & death choice. If must take a test – do not send it in. Take a home test. Binex, home tests from CVS & Walgreen’s. Use your own Q-tip. Don’t send tests in. Don’t respond to first request. Continued….


Santa Barbara – elementary schools – staff/students higher risk who cannot safely distance will be providing accommodations – kids can be taken if whomever thinks the children are not be cared for “appropriately”. Need to contact sheriff to ask what this means. This sounds like the beginnings of internments. When C began, public health person said “we can take your children if you don’t have enough bathrooms to accommodate & provide distancing.” 


This now is in place in many areas. It IS about separating children from families. Contact sheriff, ask if they support this. If sheriff supports it, then a major choice will have to be made – to remain or to leave….this is not an exaggeration. Now is the time to think about this. Soon, everywhere these plans will be enacted. Red states have a bit more leeway. If prepared, can sit this out. If in battle zones, blue states, this becomes dangerous. And those who are aware have to remove themselves from the danger zones. Got to the heart of the dove. Risa 

Thursday, August 12, 2021- 10am


Under the tutelage of Sirius.
Understanding where we are now. Trying to get thru this darkness of Kali, holding love at all times, keeping the love intact. This love is Sirius. It will get us through the darkness to the Light. Here is where we are now – watch the video.

Sirius. Shining brighter than any other star in the sky is Sirius, a close neighbor to Earth. Sirius is visible in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter night sky. Sirians & the Lions have a strong bond between them.

Daniel (bible). “In this time, many will come to truth, many will remain in the path of darkness.” It is a time of choice.

Sirius continues to rise at dawn over our planet.
Thursday, Jupiter’s day, Ray 2-day, Love/Wisdom day. August 12, 2021. Reappearance Meditation Day today.
Standing close to the Christ.

“Disciples remember love brings all earthly karma to an end. Love induces that radiation which invokes (calls) and evokes (response) not only the heart of God but also the heart of humanity. Love is the cause of all creation and the sustaining factor in all livingness.” DNA-II, 540

“Love underlies all events & happenings of the times.”
“Make contact. Then love is released.”

Learning about Sirius – Sirius & its influences.
understanding one of the most important of the fixed stars, Sirius, the brightest star (other than our Sun) to be seen in the sky.

• Radiates the qualities of universal love and intuition;
• Functions as part of a vast cosmic heart center;
• Is linked with universal and cosmic principles, such as the Laws of Karma and Periodicity;
• Is the Great Star of Initiation, the origin of Hierarchy, and the home of the Masonic Tradition;
• Manifests as the Principle of Freedom;
• Reveals the distinction between good and evil through divine discriminating conscience;
• Enhances the server’s ability to cooperate with Hierarchy and the Plan;
• Acts through an intricate system of astrological intermediaries.

The information given on Sirius in the Tibetan & Alice’s blue books is esoteric & highly privileged material, extracts from the Ageless Wisdom Tradition as safeguarded by the Planetary Hierarchy, of which the Tibetan is a member. (…) From the perspective of this perennial (ageless) wisdom, the influence of the fixed stars demonstrates a very different nature from what is portrayed in mainstream astrological sources.

The Ageless Wisdom as transmitted by Djwhal Khul tells us that Sirius is a vast expression of divinity, (8) the great star of initiation,( 9) the parent of our solar system,( 10) and the point in cosmic consciousness from which issues the true symbol of the cross. Stars such as Sirius have a psychospiritual influence on humanity. However, the presence of Sirian influence depends upon the state of consciousness of the individual, whether one can integrate the influence, be aware of it or not.

It is consciousness (awareness, awakedness) that determines the ability of the stars to influence us. The Tibetan’s work is founded upon/focused upon the consciousness dynamics of individuals and groups, which indicates sensitivity to the psychospiritual influence of Sirius, a relatively high point of consciousness evolution, designated by him as the Third Initiation.

The Third Initiation (released from the limitations of Saturn) – one is released into the freedom (Sirius is the Star of Freedom) of the solar system and beyond. Third in a sequence of nine – at this 3rd initiation the individual has offered the personality to the Soul, has entirely submerged the personality, dedicated to the service of the whole, and has successfully learned to control and use (not suppress) the mind nature as a creative (imaginative, visualizing) agent for the wise direction of Soul energies.

The Tibetan also tells us that the Third Initiation is the point where the initiate can function intuitively at will (not my will but Thy Will). This 3rd Initiation (Transmutation Initiation, where one’s essential purity & spiritual essence is recognize, acknowledged) is the stage where the influence of Sirius is first consciously felt. The sensitivity to Sirian influence and the awakening of the intuition are parallel developments.

This is most important to know. For the Age of Aquarius is expected to bring a shift from intellect (mind) to intuition (buddhic plane), with the influence of Sirius becoming more and more evident, as greater numbers of humanity, through pain & sorrow, will open up to the intuition.

The Tibetan informs us that true intuition reveals the recognition of the Divine Plan unfolding down through the ages. From this recognition, a reality about & perception of the present (the reality of the present times, the needs of the present times, etc.) times, as it fits into the greater overall pattern of Life, allows the initiate to efficiently direct all efforts toward the advancement of evolution.

“We know O Lords of Love & Life about the needs of the times. Touch our hearts anew with Love, so we can Love & Give.”

Thus, the sensitivity to Sirian psycho-spiritual energy represents a quantum leap in consciousness— one that allows the individual to function from a perspective far greater than the limited one dominated by the constraints of time and the collapsed dimensions of narrow self-interest. This perspective goes way beyond the glamours of materiality, the promises of financial advantage for these to the Initiate are no longer of interest.

What is of importance the “restoration of the mysteries”, the illumination of humanity, the standing with the Forces of Light in order to aid humanity in the struggle of dark vs light, the most ancient of battles on Earth.

Those striving toward higher spiritual self-actualization, group awareness, and planetary service are able to sense Sirian influence in the subtle bodies, with the physical brain failing to note the stimulation. After the the Third or Transfiguration Initiation, there is a conscious seeking & then recognition of the qualities imparted Sirius. Senior members of a subjectively linked network of souls dedicated to the upliftment of the planet, the New Group of World Servers, also consciously register the influence of Sirius.

Masonry and Sirian influence are deeply entwined.
The Sirians are Knowledge Keepers.
We are to be too. Risa


Wednesday, August 11, 2021- 9am

The Path to Sirius (reading today).

August 11, 2021 – Mercury’s Day. Ray 4 day.

The Seven Paths.

No confusion of thought permitted by Disciples, Initiates or Adepts. 

In the Night Sky.

The Perseids are in the skies these nights. Everyone everywhere can see them.

Today is the day Sirius is helical – rising at dawn.

Today is also v/c till 1:08pm (west coast time).

Then the Moon enters Libra.


Sun in Leo – happy birthday to all Leos.

This afternoon Mercury (4) enters Virgo (2 & 6).

We all begin to talk in orderly organized careful loving fashion.

If we have gone beyond the judgments & criticisms of Virgo (unskillful level of Virgo). The Soul level of Virgo gestates the Soul. Within each of us is a Soul, a higher level always waiting to be birthed at Winter Solstice. 


The Seven Paths of the Disciple/Initiate

Sirius is One of those Paths


From Treatise on Cosmic Fire (Bailey & the Tibetan)

These seven Paths, when trodden, prepare a man to pass certain cosmic initiations, including those upon the Sun Sirius.  One hint may here be given.  Each of these Paths eventually leads to one or other of the six constellations which (with ours) form the seven centres in the body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID.  


Those adepts therefore who stay for a prescribed length of time upon our planet are a correspondence to those greater initiates who remain for many kalpas within the solar system, taking certain mysterious initiations concerned entirely with solar evolution.  Their work is concerned with the system as a centre in the body of that Existence Who vitalises the Logos of our own system.


It might be of value here to list the seven cosmic Paths as follows: 


Path I…..The Path of Earth Service.


Path II….The Path of Magnetic Work.


Path III…The Path of the Planetary Logos.


Path IV….The Path to Sirius.


Path V…..The Ray Path.


Path VI….The Path of the Solar Logos.


Path VII…The Path of Absolute Sonship.




It must be borne in mind and no confusion of thought must be permitted that these terms are the generic names given in the mystic parlance of the Lodge of Masters to the seven methods of work, of endeavour and of aspiration whereby the perfected sons of Earth’s humanity pass on to specific cosmic Paths or streams of energy, making in their totality one great cosmic WAY.


The seven paths at a certain stage which may not be defined become the four paths, owing to the fact that our solar system is one of the fourth order.  This merging is effected in the following way:


The initiates upon Path I “fight their way” on to path VI.


The initiates upon Path II “alchemise themselves” on to Path VII.


The initiates upon Path III through “piercing the veil” find themselves upon Path V.


This leaves Path IV to be accounted for.  Upon this Path pass all those who, through devotion and activity combined, achieve the goal but who lack as yet the full development of the manasic principle.  This being the solar system of love-wisdom, or of astral buddhic development, the fourth Path includes the larger number of the sons of men.  In the hierarchy of our planet the “Lords of Compassion” are numerically greater than the “Masters of the Wisdom.”  The former must therefore all pass to the sun Sirius there to undergo a tremendous manasic stimulation, for Sirius is the emanating source of manas.  There the mystic must go and become what is called “a spark of mahatic electricity.”


These seven Paths are not concerned with nature or the balancing of the pairs of opposites.  They are concerned only with unity, with that which utilises the pairs of opposites as factors in the production of LIGHT.  They deal [1244] with that unknown quantity which is responsible for the pairs of opposites; therefore they are primarily concerned with that which lies outside the manifested forms, with the true abstraction or the Absolute.  


Spirit and matter are never dissociated during manifestation; they are the duality lying back of all that is objective.  Yet some factor is responsible for them—that which is neither Spirit nor matter, that which will be regarded as nonexistent by anyone except the initiate.  At the third Initiation some glimmering light upon this Abstraction is sensed by the initiate, and by the time the fifth Initiation is reached enough is apprehended by him to enable him to set forth with ardour on the search for its secret.

Sirius Rising, the Dog Star.

Star of Liberation, Freedom, Karma, Freedom from Karma, Manas & the Love Principle. Risa



We want our personality to align with the soul so that we can function as a soul upon the earth. The Soul functions at planetary level, at solar level, at cosmic level, provided it has the related dimensions developed in the personality. It is the personality that requires to be repaired, redress, set to order. It is a difficult work. The Master by the help of the supreme brahman forms a triangle and released the energy on this planet to conduct all possible changes that bring about the personality adjustment to the Soul. Once the personality adjusts to the soul, the soul’s evolution is very fast because the personality is the vehicle of the soul. 


Be strategic, everyone. love, Risa 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021- 8am

Moon, Venus, Spica at twilight. Sirius rising in the morning.

Today…Tuesday, August 10, 2021. Mars guides us today. 

Virgo moon, Sun & Mercury in Leo, Venus in Virgo. 

Mercury opposite Jupiter tonight – a good night here, there, somewhere over there!


Twilight in the heavens tonight, when the devas are out & about.

Moon, Venus, Spica in the twilight night sky.

Looking West shortly after sunset. Look for the young moon to sweep past dazzling Venus and Spica, brightest star in Virgo will be nearby. Tonight & all this week.


Tonight (Tuesday night after sunset) especially.

The moon will set soon after the sun sets.

Allowing for a perfect night to watch the Perseid meteor showers.


The return of the young moon to the evening sky is good news for another reason. This waxing crescent will set soon behind the sun, leaving the sky dark for watching meteors. The peak mornings for the Perseids come in the next few days (August 11, 12 and 13). Here’s all you need to know. (from SkyNews) 


Franks Speech is today & tomorrow & the day after (Mike Lindell). On Youtume – FRANKSPEECH.COM


V news.

Causes heart damage in men. Crisis is we are being forced to do things that have life & death consequences. Also causes infertility. Doctors at Baylor, credentialed doctors, most accredited, put his career on the line, to tell the truth about V. Another doctor left Phizer, as a matter of conscience, because this experimental V is dangerous. It is against the law to mandate the V, it is criminally wrong & illegal (along with the right to say No), an unlawful order to mandate the V. Life is on the line with this V. 45K deaths in 3 days after given the V. Numbers are astronomical. What about injuries? There are multiple injuries. Real #s – 75% young males taking V have heart damage, which can’t be repaired. Forcing young men & women (military) to take the V. It seems there’s only a one sided argument allowed about the V. Why can’t we discuss some of this life/death information? Why is it suppressed? 


What is the agenda? If American is damaged in its military, its people, so we can’t produce anything, who benefits? Who then will take over our country, our businesses, our people? After taking this thing, radical increased risk of clotting Has to do with the way it attaches blood cells, the blood can’t move about. It also affects the brain. Variation of mad cow disease. Long term affects will appear later too. Who will care for those who are injured? How less efficient will the people become, weakened, unproductive. Who will then take over & control our country. That destruction, breaking point is the agenda. Enchainment, enslavement of the people by the government of America. 


We have a big week ahead. Tomorrow, helical rising of Sirius.


Addenda – News/Notes

Sirius, helical rising tomorrow, on the horizon. Sirius, important star to the F/Light & the dark. Sirius, home of Hierarchy, Lords of Karma. Sirius has to do with the principles of Freedom. It is where Love originates. With Helical Rising, Sirius above the horizon (look up at dawn to see if Sirius can be seen) – also make a plan. Events can be chaotic (more so) between now & spring – Transiting Saturn square Uranus – exact Dec. 24th. And in Dec. Venus retrogrades (Dec. 19th), remaining retro most of January ’22. Venus retro – money, values, relationships affected. Dec. 25th Christmas, Venus/Pluto – it should be an interesting Christmas this year. On another note – tomorrow a FEMA/SCC a nationwide emergency alert test. Also, video of Michael Jaco: Have a plan this time will be different:

(start at minute 4:30) Youtube video “Have a plan, this time will be different” he says. He sees things from a Navy Seal remote viewing perspective. Risa 

Monday, August 9, 2021- 7am

“To nurture until all are grown up.” 

G stands for Goodness. 

The Golden Bell of your name. 

G – Gimel – Hebrew alphabet. 

A new week begins. 

This is our College, place of study & spiritual nurturance.

As we participate we nurture our sense of self, our Soul, our spiritual selves in our group work here. 

Nurturing ourselves & each other until we are “grown up” enough to be of use to the Hierarchy, the Christ & humanity.


We study words beginning with “G” today, the 7th letter of the western alphabet.


“G” In Hebrew, corresponds to the letter ג (ghimel), the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The letter ג (ghimel) is cognate with גמל (gamol), which means “to nurture until it is grown up”.


Monday, August 9, 2021. New alphabet day today. 

The letter “G”.

Defining words esoterically for our Esoteric Glossary.

Today is Virgo moon. Sun and Mercury in Leo. 

Venus opposite Neptune. 

With Virgo moon we have Mercury as ruler. The better to define our words today & tomorrow under the Virgo/Mercury moon.


We remember words are Great Magical Forces.


1. G-d

2. Goodwill

3. Group (esoteric) life

4. Glamour

5. Grace

6. Great Invocation

7. Gratitude

8. Gematria

9. Gnosis

10. Globes (Theosophy)

11. Good & evil

12. Guna 


Here is another dictionary or glossary. The Basic Esoteric Dictionary by Laurence (esotericist).


Everyone interested in esoteric study should not have a handful of glossaries to research the words. 


As words contain magical properties, creative & destructive, as Mercury is in Leo, our language contains words of love, praise, recognition. These uplift, nurture & nourish those who hear our words. 


Who will define the words today?

Nurturing & being nurtured until we all grow up together.


Standing at the interface of dark & light.

Holding our lamps up high.

At the doorway of our mountain retreat, village, community, place of refuge & learning, are two almond trees in blossom. Risa

Sunday, August 8, 2021- 9am

Flowering of the Almond Tree – giving humanity hope.
Today, Sunday, (sabbath – Hebrew letters Shin (sun) & Beth (house). August 8, 2021. New Moon day.
Leo new moon festival, 16 degrees Leo.
The Hercules Labor, the 5th door, 5th sign.
In the 10 Commandments, the 5th Commandment is keyed to the love sign of Leo.
The 5th Commandment is Honor thy father & thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land that the Lord has given to thee – Exodus 20:12.
Honoring the sacred connection between the Creators & the Created. Father – spirit projected by will. Mother, matter receptive in love.
Leo Lords are the Lords of Flame
On the First Creative Day the Hosts of Leo radiated from themselves a stream of light-force which became the central nucleus of the future physical body of man. On the third Day this fiery nucleus became the beginning of his heart or love center, seat of the Christ (love) Principle.
From these Fiery Angels of Leo, the Lords of Flame, humanity received the nucleus of a future perfection.
The heart was the first organ to find its germinal seat in unfolding humanity. Since each new earth life recapitulates the past, in the embryo the heart is first to exhibit the presence of life as life’s primal center. It is the last organ to release its hold on life as breath leaves the body at death. The Psalmists sing: “The heart shall live forever.”
Four Principles, Four Recording Angels, four elements, the four fixed signs (Fixed Cross) – Leo/fire; Aquarius/air; Scorpio/water; Taurus/earth.
The Secret Doctrine refers to the precipitations of creative principles into manifested element – the involution (downward into matter, forming matter) as owing its initial impulse to the Lords of the Zodiac, who, by sacrificing their spiritual essences, imparted animation to the physical body of both the Earth & man.
The Fire of the First Day was pure essence of spirit. The Air of the 2nd day was a further radiation or descent of the spiritual fiery elements; hence, Air is termed the compliment of Fire. Water of the 3rd day was the feminine force of spirit form which the soul of man was fashioned. Earth of the 4th Day came into existence through the lowering of the Water principle. Thus Earth is precipitated holy waters.
The “waters of the firmament” refer to the visible universe. The “waters above the firmament” to invisible spiritual realms – “heaven.” These earthly elements of fire, air, water & earth are physical sheaths of the corresponding four cosmic forces underlying all creation.
Judah is the son of Jacob and represents Leo, sign of splendor, home of the heart. Transmutation takes pace through the power of the heart when it contains & radiates love. When we truly love, the essence of that which we love is shown to us.
From Judah came David & all the Kings of Israel. Ad from the line of Judah came Jesus, vehicle of the Christ, Savior of the World.
Judah represents the Leo, the heart & love principle which must be expressed as the motivating power on Earth by humanity before all separations are dissolved.
The Hosts of Leo await humanity’s readiness to flood the Earth with love that will manifest in rhythms of peace. Then war, disease & death will be no more.
And Jacob asks in the bible – “Who shall rouse them up?” When will humanity be ready to do this?
The awareness of peace will be the focus for this inflow of love, a Soul power. And then there will be the true gathering of the people (pioneers of the New Day shall appear).
In the bible “Shiloh” is the word used for the consciousness of peace.
It is in Aquarius where humanity as a life wave will be impelled in the direction of universal brotherhood (Aquarius), selfless love (Leo). Love and compassion are the liberators of humanity.
We are in a time when the Holy Land (of our time) lies ahead of us. And so for humanity two paths are presented to them (us). One is straight & narrow, the other very broad & wide open.
The first is the Way of Initiation (new lands of freedom).
The 2nd, the way of the unweakened masses.
The result of the 2nd is pralaya (sleep for eons of time).
Will, power, self-control, knowledge, purity right choice, right action are the qualities needed to gain entrance to the new lands (of freedom).
The Dweller on the Threshold, embodiment of all (our) unskillful, cruel, unkind past actions, stands before the gates of the new land. We must transmute these before we have full freedom. This is what is confronting humanity at this time in the Kali Yuga Age.
When the Israelites finally came to the borders of Canaan, they were turned back into the wilderness because they had not conquered the Dweller on the Threshold.
They were given further spiritual guidance from Jehovah, their spirit guide, to strengthen them so they can retrieve their past failures & enter finally into Canaan, the land of milk & honey. At first the Israelites were angry at Moses that they could not enter Canaan. They had been in the desert for forty years in order to purify & cleanse (from their slave mentality that was developed during their time in Egypt (Taurus Age). In the Aries Age, the Age of the Law, the Israelites needed to be pure to enter the new era of Aries, they had to leave their past ways behind. (This occurs at all the transitional times between the Ages, a transitional time we are presently in, from Pisces to Aquarius.
The Israelites were angry & there needed to be an intervention from the Lord to quell the people. The people needed hope. The Lord told Moses to lay his staff down on the ground in the wilderness (in the tabernacle of witness), & for it to remain there during the night. The next morning Moses found the staff “was budded & blossoming & yielding almonds.” It became Aaron’s staff then. And after a time, with the people learning strength within hope, Aaron led the people into the promised land.
We are once again at the borders of Canaan, once again in the wilderness, once again in Noah’s Ark. Between the Ages.
All that we are encountering is the Initiation of Leo & Aquarius.
We need, the people need hope. They need to see up ahead, the blossoming of an almond tree. Or of many almond trees. We will plant them for humanity. Planting almond trees for humanity at the doorway of our mountain retreat. At the entrance to & along the Path towards the new lands & new era. So that humanity has hope. We offer this as the NGWS on this new moon day of Leo. From the heart of the matter. Into the land of Aquarius.
Lords of Flame
Angels activity the community of humanity
Almond tree

Saturday, August 7, 2021- 7am

The Wings of the Spirit Grow in Silence.
Turn to the East. Behold the Dawn.
Christ as sunrise, at dawn, the morning sun rising.
And in the evening, at sunset. Blessing the world.
We join Him each day.
Today –
Leo Sun & Moon today, new moon festival tomorrow, Saturday at 16 degrees Leo. New moon festival in the morning.
Moon opposite Saturn (Leo/Aquarius) tonight with Mercury in conjunct Neptune (Leo/Pisces). Careful tonight everyone.
The graphic below – the Christ blessing the world as sunrise & sunset, then the devas are out & about. We stand with Him at those times, reciting the Great Invocation for humanity’s direction, care, awakening & well being. Our task as the NGWS.
Quote today (from Agni Yoga, Master Morya)
We (the Hierarchy, the Christ, Sanat Kumar, etc.) see everything..
You ask what tasks to perform & how you must gather.
Gather in prayer. It is good to be silent, without the clatter & sound of voices of objects… because the wings of the Spirit grow in stillness.
Consecrate one’s praying as communions, since for communion, brings what is better. The currents of communion create a mirable staircase to the the Soul, to the Divine
manifestations of the Creator – a ladder to the Spirit.
You can live in the chaos & crisis of the world and know when it’s time to invoke My Hand.
10. Why do you marvel? We do not guess—We see.
You will ask how you should gather. I will tell you to
gather in prayer. Better be silent, without the clatter of objects,
without the raising of voices, because the wings of spirit grow
in quiet. Dedicate in prayer the time of communion, communing with Ua…, because in & for the Communion We shall bring the very best. The current of Communion creates a wondrous ladder to the very highest manifestations of the Creator—the ladder of Spirit. In the conflicts, chaos & struggle in life, you will discern when is the hour to invoke My Hand.
Morya Garden Leaves I 1924. Agni Yoga. Master Morya.
When you are at the wall of crying, remember that joy is near!
I’m telling you! Turn to the East, and watch My Aurora! Gorgeous is the chrysm accumulated over time! Precious flower planted in My Hour! Do not spill the goblet of My Hour! The Miracle comes!
Accept your heritage, you who wait! The goblet of ancient times is back!
9. Remember Joy is coming.
When you will stand at the wailing wall (in crisis) remember that joy is coming!
To you I say…..Turn to the East, behold My Dawn!
Beauteous is the chrism (grace, light) stored up in time!
Precious is the flower planted in My Hour!
Do not spill (waste, ignore) the chalice of My Hour!
The Miracle comes!
Accept your life, the times, your heritage, waiting ones!
The vessel of ancient times has returned!
Morya Garden Leaves I 1924. Agni Yoga
Graphic: Alphonse Osbert

Friday, August 6, 2021- 7am

Safeguarding. Stay Safe. Creating our own movie. 

Quite stance, steady, poised. 

A long read today.

Friday, Venus’s day, Ray 5 day. Knowledge day. August 6, 2021.

Cancer Moon, Leo Sun – meaning a new moon is soon.

Sunday, new moon in Leo, 16 degrees.


Today a long read under Ray 5 & Venus. Knowledge gained creates wisdom, Right Choice, Right Action.

We are coming into a “dynamic” time. When the dark forces create more chaos. Disciples are to watch, observe, let it play out. not participate. 


Stop Everything. Be Quiet & Observe

Everyone should just be quiet. Stop everything. Don’t let the B admin affect us/anyone.

Just stop everything. Be silent, be quiet. Stop everything. Be a counter insurgency. This war will be won not by reactions, but by minds based on facts, not on illusions from the MSMedia.


Info wars will begin. For the purpose of escalating street action (violence).

Will escalate street action. Will create chaos in the streets. DON’T PARTICIPATE. 

DO NOTHING. Don’t enter the fray. Don’t “enter their party.” Don’t let it be a Jan. 6th event. 

Let them fight among themselves. Their approach to winning the war, away from theft of election….(US gold standard of free elections – found out to be fraud)….masses growing against Biden regime….socialism, Marxism.


Information coming out will rock the media. 


They will set up conditions that make it seem like Bastille Day.

Don’t participate in any part of August.

Let that change happen but don’t be involved.

In war, know capabilities, skills & know the enemy’s tactics.


Trump uses code words since 2012.

He was aware the Dominion machines were crooked.

Warp speed was code for Vx.

Vx – a death cult narrative. 


Know this.

Our time is not yet. We will be needed later on.


Manner of our death is key. We should never surrender how we will die. The Vx is a d__th shot. 


Centralization vs De-Centralization – who wins.

The dark forces, Forces of Materialism, the globalists – they are centralized (One World Government controlling the masses) by nature. Centralizing is enemy territory. Their’s is the cult of death.


But we are now entering a  De-centralized era (Aquarius, the sign of humanity, the sign of freedom & decentralization).

Cancer & Pisces were centralized – one the masses in the womb, the other within the fold of relibion, of hopes & wishes. 


Now we are in Aquarius – the freedom sign, the opposite of Leo, the creative sign. In Aquarius, decentralization rules!

Over time in Aquarius – Dictators will lose control, false power structure will fail, collapse. 


However….to get there we have to go thru this present dynamic scary time. 

Let this time flow around you. Watch it. Don’t react to it. 

Contribute to their loss by sharing information of truth to the people. 

Aquarius – the Rising of the era of decentralization (freedom for the people, locality rules). As Aquarius unfolds….We will move into a new era.


For Now

Be safe now during this D Day moment.

Just watch it. It’s like the 10 days progressing towards the then date of June 4th.

Soldiers moving around now. Setting things in place. 

So things can become dynamic.


Don’t participate in the chaos.

In chaos, there is danger for the unwary.

Get to your base secure your base, be quiet, be silent.

You have no part in this….


Sirius rising in August. 

Sirius rising affecting the US & the world.

Freedom Rising. 


From Risa: My writing here.

My writing is an ongoing process each day – an evolution. Sometimes I use long-form journalism derived from interdisciplinary reading, study, listening, discussion & research. Sometimes I use conversation. Sometimes a story. Sometimes there’s rigor, sometimes poetry, flair, art, astrology, music, wisdom teachings, quotes. Looking at societal events and challenges in our present day complicated kali yuga world. 


You & Me

We are having a conversation here together. All of us guests at a dinner party, a gallery, a museum, an art show, a salon. If you are responding, remain on topic & respond (non reactive) to the topic. Any comments that attack, disinform, misrepresent, provoke, distort, or otherwise are unkind & breach Goodwill standards are deleted & the person blocked. We all know the rules here. We’ve all been through this before.


Turn off, tune out, Get Well. 

Watch the nightmare unfolding from the comfort of your home.

Behind the nightmare is the new era unfolding.

Be part of that new era. Not the old.

Let the chaos play itself out. 

Test yourself to remain calm, poised, observing. 

Let the politicians (bad news bears, empty heartless & stuffed with hay) play out their old playbook. 


Governing Ourselves

Let us instead of playing their game, “govern” ourselves with poise, understanding & steadiness. 

Relax & just watch their disingenuous performance. 

It’s a heart-less dangerous game we are no longer participating in. 

We the people are not allowing the globalists czars, the CDC, China, Biden’s false administration, Fauci, WHO or anyone or anything else to define our lives.

We define our own lives.

So that our real dreams, freedoms, imagination, creativity, service & public ideals can come forth, unlimited & undeterred. 



For now, we are quiet, observing, prepared & watchful. 

It’s a struggle for our present & future (freedoms). 

Our (the wide awakes) duty is to foster it & to protect ourselves & our freedoms. 

Let the horror, the violence, the t_rr_r play itself out as if we are watching a movie. Let it just play out. 

We are to create our own new era narrative, movie, reality.

When we don’t play their game, we let them know the gig’s up. And that we are free & unobstructed. We then all become present day Ghandis. 


Be still my heart. 

Let not our hearts be troubled. 


Thursday, August 5, 2021- 7am

Freedom Music.

Marchin’ Up to Freedom Land.

Music – Aint Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Rround.

Music for the Wide Awakes & the Stay Awakes.

Under Leo (creativity) Sun & Mercury. Cancer Moon day.

(There must be a new moon soon!) 


Night Light News is updated. It’s about the Helical Rising of Sirius on the 11th.


Time is moving swiftly these new Aquarian days, the new era forming under the new Aquarian Laws & Principles.


Today is Thursday, Jupiter’s (Ray 2) day. 

I wrote of Joy this week, Ode to Joy (poem by Schiller, music by Beethoven) which was originally Ode to Freedom by Schiller. Did everyone watch the two videos? The young girl with the recorder in the square with the blind cellist? 


There is more music today. For the Stay-Awakes among us. 

Our meditation today.

We stand close to the Christ, at the heart of Hierarchy.

Our meditation becomes a healing for all those in need.

In the light of our Soul, we say with the Christ….

“People of goodwill can come together to make things better.”

These are good words from a Disciple.

The NGWS are aware of how Goodwill is created in humanity.

We align with the Will-to-Good (Ray1 into Ray 2).

And radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity.

And then the Will-to-Good becomes Goodwill in humanity.

Understanding this “precipitation” is the task of all Disciples.


Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.

Join the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis, under the light of our Group Soul, calling humanity.

Reciting the prayers with intention, dedication, love….(in that order)….


“Forgetting the things which lie behind, 

We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities. 

We dedicate ourselves anew 

To the service of the Coming One 

And will do all we can 

To prepare humanity’s minds and hearts 

For that event. 

We have no other life intention.”

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality to the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) & to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.


Music Today (lyrics)

Aint Gonna Let No body Turn Me ‘Round

Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me ‘round, Lord.

Turn me round, turn me ‘round.

Ain’t gonna let nobody, turn me ‘round.

I’m gonna keep on a walkin’, keep on a talkin’,

Walkin’ into freedom land.


Ain’t gonna let hatred (injustice, oppression, discrimination, intolerance, no body, no V, no C, etc.) turn me ’round.

Turn me ’round, turn me ’round.

I’m gonna Keep on walkin’, keep on a talkin’

Marchin’ up to Freedom land. 


Ain’t gonna let no war (segregation, separations) turn me ’round,

I’m gonna keep on a walkin’, keep on a talkin’.

Walkin’ into freedom land.

Don’t you let no body turn you round.

Don’t you let no body turn you round.

We’re just gonna keep on talking, keep on talkin.

Marching onto Freedom Land. 


Ain’t gonna let nobody, turn me ’round,

Turn me round, turn me ’round,

Ain’t gonna let nobody, turn me ’round,

I just keep on a-walkin’, keep on a-talkin’,

Marching on to freedom land.

We use keep on walkin’, keep on talkin’

Keep on singin’….Marching into Freedom’s Land. 

I’m gonna walk

I’m gonna talk

I’m gonna sing

I’m gonna sing

Keep listening. Talking. Singing with Mavis. 

More music tomorrow. Risa

Wednesday, August 4, 2021- 10am

Class in Session.

Sprinkle hope like rose petals. Walk with a steady tread.

Provide hope & refuge. Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to humanity. Let Power attend the efforts of the Great Ones. Let us Know & Do our Part in the world. Let the Souls of men awaken to the Light. The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived. Let light love power & death fulfill the purpose, the need. The active aid of all who know the Truth is here. Construct a great defending wall. THE RULE OF EVIL NOW MUST END!

Wednesday, Mercury’s (Ray 4) day. August 4, 2021.

“The essence of the Wisdom Teachings provides the disciple with intelligence, truths, happiness….the heart & Soul of the matter bestowing essential Joy so disciples walk with a firm  steady tread, poised & confident of the resurrection & restoration of hope within the hearts of humanity, based upon humanity’s innate Goodness. Let us in prayer thus control our destiny.

page 7 Morya Garden Leaves I 1924. Agni Yoga.


49-Deceptive voices try to raise dust, creating confusion within humanity. Disciples are calm, remembering irritation is worse than dust, so disciples avoid it. I (Master Moyra) teach you of Livingness. I send signs every day. I sprinkle thoughts, ideas, realities like rose petals, because the time is near. Think of the New World era; think of the procession of the peoples (walking from Pisces to Aquarius). Provide them shelter & refuge. 


7. Viscous voices, evil doers are trying to spread untruths, mistrust, devious words. But remember to teach hope, joy, love, livingness. Offer daily signs. Sprinkle them like rose petals for the time is near. Create the new era together. Provide refuge. 

Morya Garden Leaves I 1924. – Agni Yoga.


The Astrology today

Gemini moon at first. Then a 2 hour v/c. Then Cancer moon begins. Sun trine Chiron (Leo/Aries – fire signs). Giving us strength, offering healing. 


Transiting NNode on the US natal Uranus. Calling humanity. 


We are coming into times of great distress, stress, difficulty, challenges. Stay safe. Enter into NO challenges, no scuffles, no disagreements. HAVE RESTRAINT. F/Materialism now thru coming weeks may plan F. Flag, try to draw out anti V., create chaos, protest medical tyranny – it’s a trap. Don’t fall for it. Remain steady, quiet, poised. Knowing the astrology, with helical Sirius (see column this week) & transiting Node in Gemini on Uranus on the US – there will be chaos. Don’t be provoked. The international scene, especially Australia, is getting worse. YouTubes about the truth of the matter quickly taken off. Caution. Be aware of surroundings. This is a necessary battle of Light vs dark. Remain in the shadows. Create no protests, no disruptions. Recite the Great Invocation for poise & for humanity’s direction. Be David when confronting Goliath. Strategize. Not drawn into the darkness.Disciples know what to do. Standing in the light, holding our lamps up high. We are the hope for humanity’s health, well being & safety. Risa 


Tuesday, August 3, 2021- 12pm

Class in Session

AWAKE (not Woke) As the crushing Woke culture/idealogy, dogma, methods of destructive, heart breaking indoctrination continue to poison our minds, our narrative, our children, our people, our culture, our nation, Disciples choose to be AWAKE (not Woke). Which do you choose? Being AWAKE is restorative. 

Ode to Joy – (you will recognize it when you hear it)


Mars day, Tuesday’s day, ACTION day, Ray 6 day of intention & dedication. Mars (6) rules Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius. Aries – the Initiator. Scorpio – the Disciple. Sagittarius – Professor of the Law & Justice. 


Two more F words – German words.

Freude & Freiheit – Joy & Freedom. 

They are not in the esoteric glossaries as our glossaries are in English.  Two German words – one of Joy, the other Freedom.


A Story

When I heard this story I did research about it. I also realized how much I didn’t know. How our education for years & years here in the U.S has become (& its worse now) so limited. 

Remember when they eliminated all the arts? Now they have eliminated everything – math, literature, the real sciences & the real history, religion, english, writing, music, geography & all the arts. All gone. Only the Catholic & Christian schools, home schooling, Montessori & Waldorf are teaching the children anything that resembles true knowledge. The NGWS are called to present to the children the New Education for the New Aquarian Age. Combining all the above & adding the science of the Antakarana. 


Ode to Joy (a poem by F. Schiller, made into music by Beethoven, the end of his Ninth Symphony. The Ode to Joy was originally called Ode to Freedom. But the word, “freedom” in Schiller’s time was controversial (like now). Joy was not controversial. So the poem’s title was changed to “Ode to Joy”. When the Berlin Wall came down, Leonard Bernstein played Ode to Joy, and also restored the original words of the poem – 

“Ode to Freedom”. 


Freude & Freiheit – Joy & Freedom.

Needed now in our world. Who will restore them? 



Today’s study of Astrology – Class in Session.

The US chart & transits.

Remember things only change when transits occur.

That’s why everyone should study, know, understand & keep up with astrology each day.  


For the US – (see chart below) 

Change calling for choice is in the air.

T. Note North Node on natal Uranus. (Gemini) Exact transit. 

T. Uranus inconjunct natal Saturn. (Taurus/Libra)

T. Pluto coming up on natal Pluto. (Capricorn) 

T. Pluto retro is opposite natal Mercury. (Capricorn/Cancer)

T. Saturn will retrograde back to the US natal South Node (Aquarius) opposite natal North Node (Leo). 

T. Chiron square natal Sun of the US. (Aries/Cancer)



Careful where you go, who you are with. Careful of crowds, of gatherings. Be safe. 

About the Vaxxed.

The people now have become the weapons. 

The V people emitting spike proteins.

Who knows what they are & why they are dangerous?



Who will save us? That’s out task. Humanity’s task.

Things to get worse until humanity awakens.

Removes masks, refuses to say yes to the poison (V).

Controls itself, knows itself, defines itself as the World Disciple.

Then the Hierarchy can step in & intercede.

As humanity remains in a state of entrainment & inertia,

The situation worsens.


And so….our Invocative prayer each day. 


The Great Invocation (given in 1936)


Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.

Let men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.

May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote of this time.

Let power attend the effort of the Great Ones.

So let it be, and help us to know & todo our part in the world.

Om. Together. Risa 


Watch this – 

The cello player is blind.

Beethoven was deaf.

The little girl, playing the recorder must be a Waldorf educated child.


Monday, August 2, 2021- 10am

“F” is for Freedom, Fun, Free Will, Fohat & Food. 

A new week begins. Monday, August 2nd.

Defining our words – F words this week. Who will define the words esoterically? Where are the students in our college to define the esoteric words? Using the glossaries given? 

Who is in the inner circle of the Ashram & who is in the outer circle? 

1. Father

2. Fifth Kingdom

3. First Ray 

4. Fifth Ray 

5. First Initiation

6. First Petal

7. First, Second & Third Rays

8. Five Kingdoms in Nature

9. Focus 

10. Freedom 

11. Focused intent

12. Force Centers

13. Forces of Darkness

14. Forces of Light

15. Forces of Materialism 

16. Four elements

17. Fourth Ray 

18. Free Will 

19. Full Moon time/period 

20. Fifth Principle

21. Five Hindrances

22. Fohat 

23. Food


The Astrology Today

Heaven, the Stars & Planets our Friends

The planets, when contacted become our Friends.

Sun opposite Saturn (Leo/Aquarius) today – calling for structure & discipline needed for the creation of the new era. As the re-masking of humanity (ploy, distraction, control mechanism) continues, the new era people, disciples, turn away, creating the new culture and civilization working together. 


Gemini moon this afternoon – we talk together, sharing, planning, preparing. Looking up words, defining them, posting the definitions, origin of the words in comments. Who will do this? 


Mercury trine Chiron (Leo/Aries) – then we begin with our ideas, our communication, making contact which brings forth love, to be inspired, to be impressed from on high how to move forward in harmony with the new world. 


Venus trine Uranus (Virgo/Taurus) – anchoring the new values, resources with practicality. 


46-Work in the morning hours; be of good cheer in the evening. Calling everyone onto a new path!


4. Labor in the morning hours; in the evening rejoice with the devas. I bid you on a new way forward! (from Morya Garden Leaves I 1924, p. 6, Agni Yoga)



Corita’s Alphabet

The Table (a perfect place for the bread) by Laurie Z.

Sunday, August 1, 2021- 10am

Lammas – middle of the summer, beginning harvest.
Today – Sunday – Day of Rest.
First day of August – Sunday.
Lammas is today – a harvest festival, a bread baking day from the first ‘fruits’ of the summer.
Sun & Mercury in Leo. Gathering our creative gifts. Being creative today. Identifying ourselves as creative beings.
Venus in Virgo joining Chiron. Defining the wound. Seeking its healing.
Sun & Mercury opposite Saturn. Discipline & structure needed.
Take it easy today everyone.
Lammas –
Definition of ‘lammas’
1. (n.) Lammas
a former festival in England, held on August 1, in which bread made from the first harvest of corn was blessed. The bread is then blessed. It is also the blessing of the animals.
Etymology: (bef. 900; ME Lammesse, OE loaf (as in brea), mass.
Definition of ‘lammas’ Princeton’s WordNet
1. (noun) Lammas, Lammas Day, August 1
commemorates Saint Peter’s miraculous deliverance from prison; a quarter day in Scotland; a harvest festival in England.
Recognizing the need for community gardens, for harvesting & sharing.
Lammas Day, or Loaf Mass Day, is a Christian holiday celebrated in some English-speaking countries in the Northern Hemisphere on 1 August. The name originates from the word “loaf” in reference to bread and “Mass” in reference to the primary Christian liturgy celebrating Holy Communion
Baking bread today….love, Risa

Saturday, July 31, 2021- 2pm

Question: “Why does astrology retain a hold on intelligent people?” (asked Mitch Horowitz). 
Answer: “Well, because it’s pretty accurate.” (said Richard Smolley)
Today – Saturday, our last day of July. 
Tomorrow is the first day of August. SAturday is SAturn’s day – Ray 3 (Divine Intelligence) day. Saturn is our Teacher. Offering us the Teachings. Disciples follow the Teachings.
It’s Lammas, tomorrow, too – the cross quarter day between summer & autumn. 
Taurus moon today – a good day for defining & stabilizing our Work, which is part of the Art of Living.
What is our work here?
Our work here every day & together. 
The building of an Ashram, a college, a university, a place of refuge, a great center of learning. As part of the Divine Plan. Many don’t understand this yet. Yet, here we are.
Our Work
Study, learning together, astrology & the wisdom teachings, the foundation of the wisdom teachings is Astrology. Not the astrology everyone thinks as astrology. Not astrology that prophesizes. Not astrology as causative but astrology as Resonance.
“A revelation given out to the world. A mosaic of a thousand facets of Ancient Wisdom. A Kaleidoscope of the spectrum of Scriptures. – Albert Sassi
All written here is done as an Act of Goodwill for the purpose of meeting the needs of a seeking humanity. 
“We know O Lords about the needs of humanity. Touch out hearts & minds with love & wisdom, with all the resources needed, to we can Love, offer, radiate, educate & give. Help us to know & to do our parts for the world.”
Our Work in the Kali Yuga
In the Kali Yuga where darkness is seen all around. 
Our work here is a protective shield against the darkness. Together, in our daily life, we are training to be Teachers & Masters (ones who have “mastered” the Teachings). We begin with the teachings of Astrology which is the most authentic & truthful way one can come to know the self/Self = the task of Aries/Leo & of all Wisdom Mystery schools.
Exoteric (personality) & esoteric (Soul) astrology. 
Fixed stars, 7 stars of the Great Bear figure into esoteric astrology. Puranas allegories contain hidden instructions & a great ancient branch of astrology concerning the constellations. Each sign having profound meanings.
Teachings of the Light in the darkness. 
Astrology, parts of the body, psychology of the being thru the cycles of life & birth. Landmarks of the evolution of humanity. Wisdom of the signs helps us understand past & present times. Wisdom stories of the heavenly scriptures. Wisdom of solar & lunar lights touching the Earth. Moon phases (daily) & Sun phases (seasons).
When the Rishis (who understood/understand astrology) incarnate, the Lord also incarnates. We do not study astrology blindly nor as predictive. All is occult & with purpose. The study of astrology (learning about the true self) is meaningful at this time between the Ages….for as materialism falls away, & the new hasn’t been formed yet, we stand within the Light of Libra – learning about ourselves, coming to harmony & balance, becoming a light within the darkness of Kali. love, Risa


Friday, July 30, 2021- 7am

We took an early morning drive & found this butterfly came along with us. On this Friday. Venus day. Risa.


Thursday, July 29, 2021- 12pm

In the night sky….Orion’s belt.
It points to the Pleiades (our previous solar system, where intelligence comes from, Ray 3) on one side.
Then to Sirius (Ray 2 of Love & Wisdom) on the other side.
Sirius flows through Leo – offering humanity the principle of Freedom. Calling humanity to freedom, to be a law unto themselves. Calling humanity. Risa

Wednesday, July 28, 2021- 9am

Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth.
Let Them bring succor to the sons of men. (Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 266)
Who are the Lords of Liberation?
D is for Dear everyone….
Disciples, daisy, dedication,
E is for eye, esoteric, elephant.
“E” words today to define with our Esoteric Glossaries.
Today, July 28, 2021 – Mercury’s Day. Mercury entered Leo yesterday –
This is our College & place of study & learning.
Who is in attendance each day?
It is also our Ashram & community & place of refuge.
We prepare here each day with our focused minds, to answer the call of Hierarchy, to be Servers in the World & Saviors.
Wednesday, Mercury’s day. July 28, 2021.
Goodwill Way. Ray 4 day.
Aries moon today. Leo Sun & Mercury & Mars. Fiery days.
Gathering our abilities & gifts, recognizing them, cultivating them, preparing them for humanity.
Venus in Virgo – detailed study to organize the mind.
Jupiter re-enters Aquarius (the new era, the heart of Aquarius) today – important, the new era progressing, moving forward, things accelerate under Uranus.
Note where Mercury in Leo Venus in Virgo & Jupiter in Aquarius are in your charts.
The need for Dispassion.
What is Dispassion?
Defining Dispassion – ….the attainment of balance and neither pleasure nor pain dominates, for they are superseded by joy and bliss.
From Initiation Human & Solar – IHS p.73 (Dispassion definition)
Special emphasis should be laid, for all disciples, on the value of dispassion. Lack of discrimination is not so often a hindrance to disciples these days, owing to the development of the mind, but lack of dispassion frequently is. This means the attainment of that state of consciousness where balance is seen, and neither pleasure nor pain dominates, for they are superseded by joy and bliss. We may well ponder on this, for much striving after dispassion is necessary.
Topics today –
E words.
What is occurring in our world today?
There is so much to share these days. So much information & knowledge to gather! On so many levels.
I ask everyone to keep up with the postings, the readings & studies. Not to let one word pass by w/out reflection.
I am posting multiple levels of information.
Astrological, esoteric & exoteric information – multiple levels, etc. The inner & the outer. The above & the below.
We stand in the middle & absorb it all. Integrate, ponder, participate & take action. All of this is needed now.
I am posting the E words today –
The astrology today.
And the notes from yesterday about our present times.
Tomorrow….I will post part 2 of the Initiation Human & Solar text from the Tibetan which began yesterday, Tuesday.
It’s important to keep up, to read the posts & not just click Like.
The Tibetan informs us of what is occurring now in our world.
A continuation of WW2 with the same evil forces, this time centered in our United States.
Our true president informed us of what is happening.
He was preparing us for what is occurring now & will occur in the future. The worst is yet to come. And the best, too.
The Tibetan tells us what Disciples are asked to do, to be.
Not to have inertia. To be informed & knowledgeable. To have courage & strength. To listen to the inner voice of how to combat the evil & to stand with the Forces of Light.
Our study of esoteric words via the alphabet – Why?
It is the context for our esoteric studies.
I note who is doing the Work, who is helping to define the words for everyone. We are all to be teachers here. Response to the teachings, defining the words, keeping up each day with the posts helps all of us learn quicker & more, together.
E words – E is #5 in the western alphabet.
Define the following words, esoterically. The New Thought Glossary is an excellent resource to use. However, refer to all the glossaries posted as they have different word choices. I posted all the glossaries, 5 weeks ago on a Monday when I began this study.
When defining the words, also research the word origins. And why you chose the word(s) you have defined.
1. Earth
2. Eden
3. Ego & ego – (two words, two definitions, two levels – what are they?)
4. Elder Brother
5. Elemental
6. Energy
7. Esoteric
8. Etheric
9. Evocation
10. Evolution
11. Evolutionary Arc
12. Externalization
13. Eightfold Path
14. Egoic Lotus
15. Electricity – as in the electric universe
16. Education in the new age
17. Eve
18. Eagle
And from Vicktoryia….
19 – Epsilon – which she has already defined for us.
Epsilon (symbol)
The epsilon symbol was derived from the Phoenician letter Hē () that represents “window.” It was taken during the times when the ancient Greeks started adopting alphabetic writing. In archaic Greek writing, the epsilon symbol is still depicted as the Phoenician letter.
During the Classical era, the epsilon symbol was simplified to our current-day “E” due to the influence of cursive writing styles.
The Euro symbol (€) was also inspired by the lunate epsilon.
Who will define our E words?
love, Risa

Tuesday, July 27, 2021- 9am

Post #1 – Tuesday. Right Action – the what & how for Disciples.
A Reading today, continued all week. From the Tibetan.
Speaking to all Spiritual Warriors about these times.
To stand together with the Forces of Light & the World Mother.
Disciples are to safeguard & protect humanity.
Each day, forming protection for humanity.
Tuesday, Mars Day. Intention, dedication, Ray 6 day. July 27, 2021.
A reading & Study today.
Many levels to consider.
A study. Reaching out to Disciples to stand with the Forces of Light in this crisis time.
A reading about these times & what we are to do.
Why are we reading this now?
We are to be warriors for humanity. We are coming into the important rising of Sirius (Aug. 11th). All indications on alt media is we are beginning to enter the storm, the battlefield. We need to have this information clearly in our minds. It helps us stabilize. Look at US chart, Transiting NNode coming closer to US Uranus (revolutionary change) & the Sun in Leo will be on the US North Node of Leo. It is a very important time for our country & our people of the U.S. We need as the NGWS to be ready on all levels so we can work & stand with & support the Forces of Light for humanity.
from Externalization of the Hierarchy. (page 247)
…..the present world crisis is consistent with all that I have taught in the past and in line with the teaching of the [247] Hierarchy, and having made clear the basic dualism which underlies this conflict, and pointed out the lines of demarcation which are clearly emerging, I now call upon all of you to stand with the Forces of Light.
These are difficult and terrible days. Men and women are needed who have the courage and the insight to stand with steadfastness and to take the steps which are needed – no matter what they may be – to bring this war to an end. Vast sections of humanity can do no more than acquiesce in the unhappy fate which has overtaken them. They are unable to think or pray or even to summon faith to their aid.
They feel without hope. For them, you must think; for them, you must pray; for them, you must have faith and – above all else at this time – for them you must act. The work of reconstruction lies in the future. The demand today is for the building of a bulwark of defense around humanity; then – having fulfilled every physical plane requirement – to stand immovable.
But you must stand with faces turned towards the enemy of the souls of men, ready to do battle, literally and physically, ready to take every needed step to drive the enemy back, and ready to sacrifice to the uttermost so that he may advance no further.
Your work will, therefore, be of a threefold nature. Mental, emotional, physical.
On the levels of mental consciousness, your vision of the need and of the future will be clear, inspiring you and enabling you to be a source of strength to all around you; your faith will see behind the obvious to the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” as the initiate, Paul, expresses it; your thought will then be anchored in right action, soul directed.
On the emotional side of life, you will find no time for idle tears or for vague, sympathetic talk, because you will be completely identified with what is going on and all emotional energy will be directed to the pursuit of every available mode of practically alleviating the pain. The heart energy will be occupied with the task of giving understanding help so that there is no scope for the usual emotional solar plexus reactions.
On the physical plane you will not be occupied with the problem of what to do, [248] because every physical effort, time, and personality emphasis will be directed to the shouldering of your due share in arresting the forces of aggression from any further advance. (how today, 2021)
This might mean fighting in the ranks of the Allied Armies, or it might mean driving an ambulance under Red Cross auspices; raising funds to succor the refugees; speaking on public platforms or to groups upon the issues at stake, or participating in some form of national effort to bring aid and strength to the Allies.
Whatever it is, it will call for all that is in you and all that you are, integrated and directed to a sustained, substantial, one-pointed effort.
It will throw your will-to-good behind every attempt to frustrate the activities of the evil alliance which you may find in your environment; it will lead you to work with watchfulness for the good of your own country, whilst at the same time swelling the tide of the national effort to end war through the tangible victory of the Forces of Light. Ponder on these words.
The Goodwill effort of the world, which I sought earlier to inaugurate and to synthesize, has passed through a negative stage and through an interlude wherein it was not possible to work actively. The needs of the new group of world servers calls Goodwill now into a renewed positive activity.
The rediscovery and the immediate sustaining of the members of this group must be undertaken anew. In all lands they must be reached, if possible, and rehabilitated with wisdom, and re-established subjectively. They must be aided objectively and again inspired to work in order that they may form the nucleus of the Forces of Reconstruction when the Forces of Light have won the victory over the forces of aggression.
This is the first point which I would ask you to consider doing.
The second thing is to begin the dynamic use of another Stanza of the Great Invocation. That which you have hitherto used has now served its immediate purpose, though it can again be called into use after the war is over.
I give you now another set of phrases which can (if rightly used) invoke the Forces of the Divine Will on to the side of the [249] Forces of Light.
It is not easy to give an adequate translation or paraphrase of this power-mantram, nor is it easy to step it down sufficiently so that it can be safely used by all, yet at the same time preserve its challenging, dynamic quality. The following sentences will suffice, however, and if used by you with focused intention and with the attitude of a sacrificial personality (held silently dedicated in the light of the soul), much power may be generated.
Along the lines of power which you may thus succeed in setting up may come that which is needed to release humanity from the thralldom of evil, provided the nature of the sacrificial will is somewhat understood by you.
Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth.
Let Them bring succor to the sons of men.
Let the Rider from the secret Place come forth,
And coming, save.
Come forth, O Mighty One.
Let the souls of men awaken to the Light,
(we are trying to awaken humanity)
And may they stand with massed intent. (the 1st Initiation of the masses)
Let the fiat (Word, Law) of the Lord go forth:
The end of woe has come!
Come forth, O Mighty One.
The hour of service of the Saving Force has now arrived.
Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One.
Let Light and Love and Power and Death
(sacraficial death of the people, sacrifice of the personality to the Soul)
Fulfill the purpose of the Coming One.
The Will to save is here,
The Love to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad.
The Active Aid of all who know the truth is also here.
Come forth, O Mighty One and blend these three.
Construct a great defending wall.
The rule of evil now must end.
If, therefore, you will say these three stanzas with a focused affirmative will, a great potency may be released for [250] the salvaging of humanity and the immediate defeat of the forces of aggression.
But I would reiterate that the use of these words must be accompanied by the dedication of your personality life to the cause of humanity, and by the transmutation of your personal will into the sacrificial will of the soul. (for disciples, the 3rd Initiation, the “not my will but Thy, the Father’s Will.” After the 3rd Initiation, Saturn’s limitations no longer hold.)
Finally, I would ask you to get in touch as soon as you can with the headquarters of the Goodwill work and indicate also your willingness to cooperate to the fullest extent with the Forces of Light. This will serve practically to focus your effort.
Using the 1945 Great Invocation.
I would ask you also to make it possible to disseminate this article on the widest scale that is possible, so that the use of the new Invocation may be widespread. There are many to whom it could be sent, and it would arouse them anew to fresh activity and hopeful effort.
I would ask you to use this new Invocation with faith, for it blends into a magnetic unity the forces of the divine Will-to-Good, the Love which underlies the efforts of the Hierarchy, and the Intelligent Activity of humanity, thus creating a reservoir of power into which the energy of the three divine centers can pour and upon which the Forces of Light can draw.
The saying of this Invocation is not a substitute for the physical plane effort on your part; it is complementary to that, and the more you are serving upon the physical plane, the more effective will be your use of the new Invocation.
I said earlier that the war could have been averted from expression on the physical plane had the disciples and aspirants of the world measured up to their opportunity and responsibilities. The Great Invocation was rendered relatively powerless, from the angle of dynamic usefulness, because the majority of those who used it turned it into a peace prayer.
It is instead a great spiritually militant demand. Using it as a peace prayer must not happen with this Stanza of Invocation.
It is a demand; it is also an authoritative affirmation of existent fact; it sets in motion agencies and forces hitherto quiescent, and these can change the face of the world battlefield;
it invokes the Prince of Peace, but He [251] carries a sword, and the effects of His activity may prove surprising to those who see only the needs of the form aspect of humanity.
That strength and enlightenment may be yours and the power to stand and the ability to fight for the release of humanity is the prayer and the appeal of your brother, the Tibetan.
Why are we reading this now?
We are to be warriors for humanity. We are coming into the important rising of Sirius (Aug. 11th). All indications on alt media is we are beginning to enter the storm, the battlefield. We need to have this information clearly in our minds. It helps us stabilize.
Look at US chart.
Transiting NNode coming closer to US Uranus (revolutionary change) & the Sun in Leo will be on the US North Node of Leo. It is a very important time for our country & our people of the U.S. We need as the NGWS to be ready on all levels so we can work & stand with & support the Forces of Light for humanity. Love, Risa (continues tomorrow)

Monday, July 26, 2021- 9am

Dream (impression) last night. 

A great Sacrifice to take place.

The word Chthonic impressed over & over throughout the night.

Chthonic – underground deities & worlds.

Heavenly worlds & underground (chthonic – pronounced tonic – ch is silent) worlds.

I will post “E” words tomorrow. 


A story on this Monday – the moon’s day. Humanity’s day.

Ray 4 day – Harmony through conflict & chaos.

Disciples become Bodhisattvas.

Pisces moon today. Leo Sun & Mercury.

The creative art of the one who serves & saves. (Pisces, bodhisattvas).


A story

“In the Orient, there is a story about a gentle soul, who, departing from this world, came to the presence of the Judge of the Dead. As this soul was approaching the throne of judgement, a child ran up and handed her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. When the Judge asked, “Who defends this soul in her greatest need?—-“, all the little flowers began to speak. 


One flower spoke of kind words, another of charitable deeds, a third of self-sacrifice, and altogether these flowers were the actions & merits accumulated through the years by a very simple and gentle woman who worked in a rice field. 


When the Judge listened to the evidence of the flowers, he smiled in a kindly way and invited the soul to enter the Heavenly regions. The woman was grateful, but chose not to enter. She did not want to enter the realm of light until she could share the flowers of Goodness that had been given to her with all the souls who had not yet attained enlightenment. (from Risa – She became a Bodhisattva). (from p. 26- The Mystery of the Holy Spirit by Manly P Hall.)


Notes on Health

Morning beverages. 

Phyllantus. (instead of coffee).

Another is Cistus Icanus (rock rose). 

Keeping co infections down.

Dr. Judy talks about those succumbing to V are those w/ co infections of Babesia & borrelia (from Lyme’s disease).

See Linden botanicals.

Cured self of lymes disease using herbs

Study of the Phyto nutrients of plants.

Important anti-inflammatory – Cistus Incanus (Rock Rose), most anti-oxidant herb one can take.

Helps body safeguard from retro viruses.

From Rock Rose, European. Light & tangy.

Everyone can take this. Helps during cold & flu season. Cistus Incanus


See also Phyllanthus, herb from Peru.

Specific to break down buildup of oxalic acid which creates kidney stones. P breaks that down. Good for liver & kidneys.

It tastes good. A dark herb rooty herb tea. Not bitter. Get extract.

When want to move from caffeine, do this w/ chaga, cinnamon, honey, milk.

A hot drink.  

As we go into fall & winter months, all that we take into our bodies needs to support & nurture immune system. 


Chthonic – ancient Greek – subterranean – beings in subterranean worlds.

Reflecting heavenly worlds. Olympic world & Chthonic world.

Gods in heaven & deities underground. 

A dream last night. That something, a great sacrifice will occur in our world soon. For humanity to be prepared. The word Chthonic kept being impressed upon me. Chthonic – ritual sacrifice, a word used on ancient myths. Harmful sorcery. Underground realms not to be contacted by humanity. 



Freedom Festival in N. Arizona – Jackalope Freedom Festival.

August 1st.

Free. National Forest. Anarchy people, freedom people, off the grid people.

Interesting ideas.

Homestead Guru – website.


Sunday, July 25, 2021- 12pm

Where is my brother I ask again?
“It’s OK.” Music by Nightbirdie.
Wondering each day & night where my brother Bob is.
Ahimsa – doing no harm. Compassion.
Sunday today – Music, art & gardening day.
July 24, 2021 – present to the now & also the next step.
Mercury opposite Pluto today (Cancer/Capticorn).
Mercury at one Gate, Pluto at the other.
Aquarius moon most of the day.
v/c 4;14pm till 8:30pm (west coast time).
Then the moon enters Pisces.
In each family there is the one who is the black sheep.
There is the one who is good.
And there is the one who is the sacrifice.
Cherish each other, I tell all family members.
Until there is sorrow, people don’t understand what that means.
Cherish one another.
Events Today:
1. My website’s post from yesterday disappeared. We don’t know why.
2. Cleaned up the garden today. Planted today – tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squashes, basil, parsley. Found dormant oregano growing again, spreading its long stems, anchoring into the earth. I thought it was lemon thyme at first.
3. My brother whom I wrote about before, is once again placed in a home but all the 30+ family members aren’t being told where he is. I asked my other brother, Jim, do you know where Bob is? I asked my sister, too. No one knows. I wake up in the night wondering where Bob is, where he is located in time & space. I worry. I wonder, Is he afraid being in a new place? Is he comforted by the staff. What does he see & feel? He no longer sees the same things he has seen in his 50+ years.
Where is my brother I ask in the middle of the night? I send my heart to his heart, my Soul to his Soul. I ask our mother & father (in heaven) to care for him. I don’t know when our family will know where he is. Something feels terrible about this situation. Cruel to the family. Karma, the word rises up. Ahimsa, too – to not be cruel, to not hurt others. I try to make it OK. It isn’t.
I. I listen to some music – “It’s OK” by a brave & authentic young singer, Nightbirdie (her name). She said sometimes we can’t wait for all of life to be OK before we choose happiness. I want my brother to be OK, to be happy, even in his terrible illness that has dimmed him mind, taken it away somewhere.
I moved to California in the summer time
I changed my name thinking that it would change my mind
I thought that all my problems they would stay behind
I was a stick of dynamite and it was just a matter of time, yeah
All day, all night, now I can’t hide
Said I knew myself but I guess I lied
It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay,
it’s okay If you’re lost, we’re all a little lost and it’s alright It’s okay,
it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay
If you’re lost, we’re all a little lost and it’s alright
Ot’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright
I wrote a hundred pages but I burned them all
(Yeah, I burned them all)
I drove through yellow lights and don’t look back at all
I don’t look back at all
Yeah, you can call me reckless, I’m a cannonball (uh, I’m a cannonball)
Don’t know why I take the tightrope and cry when I fall
All day, all night, now I can’t hide
Said I knew what I wanted but I guess I lied
It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay If you’re lost,
we’re all a little lost and it’s alright It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay
If you’re lost, we’re all a little lost and it’s alright It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright
Oh-oh-oh-oh, it’s alright Oh-oh-oh-oh, it’s alright Oh-oh-oh-oh, it’s alright
Oh-oh-oh-oh, it’s alright
To be lost sometimes It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay If you’re lost, we’re all a little lost and it’s alright It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay If you’re lost, we’re all a little lost and it’s alright It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay If you’re lost, we’re all a little lost and it’s alright It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay If you’re lost, we’re all a little lost and it’s alright It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay If you’re lost, we’re all a little lost and it’s alright
Risa ❤🎶

Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Truth (heart) of the Matter
Imposing a New Rhythm on ourselves within the darkness all around us. Calling the Soul to assist us during these Kali Yuga times.
The Rule of Evil NOW must end. We will end it by our choices.
– News, Notes: Saturday, July 24, 2021. Saturn’s day.
Saturn – discipline, structure, Ray 3 of Intelligence.
How to live intelligently with freedom & liberty.
1. Ivermectin would help end the pandemic.
What doctors are telling humanity this?
1a. UnV people when breathing the air of those who are V – the unV absorb the V-ine from the V-ated. In many cases, ill health results. The V are super spreaders, whatever is in their bodies produces 2ndary ill health. Some people won’t let the V around them. Careful when going out into restaurants & stores.
2. The Media
The (untrue, corporate, wall to wall punishing) media needs to be taken down, off the air. Calling the unV to be segregated, tested daily. More GOP lawmakers embracing V but still won’t call out untruths. We have no more 2 party system. We just have an 80%
CNN’s resident health expert calls for forever masking & V mandates. Calling grocery stores to call for proof of V. Schools, too. V all children, mask them.
3. More & more governors called for V mandates in towns & cities. Even Fox….telling people just go out & get it.
(from Risa – don’t)
4. Protests in Italy, France (last week), Great Britain.
People flooding streets against mandates.
Italy – have to carry green pass saying they are V. For all over the age of 12. “No green pass” is heard on the streets. In Italy green passes mandatory for public places.
5. This isn’t about V. It’s about control of humanity. Fear being used to attack people, separate them, judge, criticize & destroy. Don’t be a part of it.
6. What to do?
Don’t get the V, no matter what.
Take stock of what’s needed for yourself & family & pets & who you live with. Go out into the stores & stock up. Create a refuge where you live. If that’s impossible consider what it is safe, where like minded people are. Make immediate & practical plans now. Don’t be distracted by nay sayers. Don’t think this is going to get better. Know this – we are at war. It’s in plain sight everywhere.
Now everyone must assess their safety on all levels.
Every level of humanity’s (our) lives is being affected. It’s time to be practical now. Esoteric words are good in peacetime. But in war, everything & everyone needs to be practical. Everyone has enough information now to take a stand.
7. More to know –
A “What if” Alert.
What if….
They turn off the economy?
The supply chain stops.
Energy (gas, electricity, becomes scarce.
Less & less food & necessities available.
Greater & greater inflation
Attacks on the grid.
Everything locked down.
Cyber pandemics.
We are being attacked on multiple front, full spectrum attack.
On certain military bases, officers being told to get houses in order for what is coming. For military personnel & families.
Get ready. Get all that you need now.
Get food, water, meds, etc. etc. supplies NOW.
On military installations, they have to continue to care of their people.
Tactical details stockpiled.
Repositioning vehicles.
Getting ready for the economy to go down.
It’s in plain sight now.
What else does anyone else need to know?
It’s in plain sight.
And it’s accelerating.
What is everyone’s very next step today, tomorrow?
For us here, we are assessing what resources we have, then we will add to our supplies. We feel many people will leave the cities & migrate to places of safety (& freedom = red states, but no longer to cities). We are preparing for that influx to occur.
Have courage everyone. We know in the end the Forces of Light do control the Forces of Darkness. But we, too have to play our part, stand with the Forces of Light, not wait for miracles. The miracle now is we have the time to choose what path is best for us & our families. Risa

Friday, July 23, 2021

Come Closer, says the Soul to the personality.
Come closer says Leo, in the three fires of the Sun.
Come closer, are the words on a gate at Findhorn.
Come Closer we say to seekers in the valley, walking from
Pisces to Aquarius.
Come Closer, we say to the stars in the heavens.
Come closer, says the personality to the Soul.
Then to the Solar Angel.
Full moon tonight under the Light of Leo –
Imagine all the people living in light & peace.
You can say we are dreamers, but we are not the only ones.
We hope someday you will join us.
Then the world will be One.
The Olympics begin today.
Imagine no hunger, a brotherhood of man.
Imagine all the people, sharing all the world.
You can say we are dreamers. But we aren’t the only ones.
We hope you will join us. And the world will live as One.
The Olympics begin today in Tokyo, one of the five world inlets.
Leo’s fire steaming through them.
Note: watching the Summer Olympics.
Outside in a colosseum. Everyone wearing masks. No audience.
A globalists presentation, a globalist show.
Because the globalists own & control all the sports teams.
And shame on our US soccer team.
“Woke” becomes a state of disrespect, it becomes a joke.
Full moon of Leo
Three Fires of Leo. Like stars in the firmament, sparks of Fire in the heavens, germinating and directive. They hold the history of the past, present and future.
The fires of Leo are the power of Heaven, which loves and gives freedom. Above & thus also below, in heaven & on Earth, in the heart of the Sun & in our hearts too.
They are of solitude, and they people the Heavens. The Lords of the stars & planets. We too are like the stars, giving life, love and intelligence to all the livingness around us.
On this Leo solar festival of the three fires of heaven.
The devas, the fiery nature of the Sun, the heavens manifest twice every day: in the early morning, when the stars are no longer seen
and the sun has not yet risen;
and in the evening, when this sun has set
and the stars are yet to appear. Right before the first star seen in the heavens,
The devas of livingness, of life, the builders appear. They are Cosmic Love and Wisdom, their light then spread over the Earth.
This is the time when the Christ next to a pine tree, every evening, blesses the world & recites the Great Invocation.
In these two interludes, between these two poles,
not disturbed by other events, we stand together on the Earth with the Mother of the World.
The Sun is centered in its Heaven and rules the day.
Day by day its light cultivates in humanity awareness.
It is in the Place of the greatest sacrifice, where one is on fire.
Therefore the Sun is the High Priest of our system transmitting the Fire of Life. Sun in Leo.
The pioneering spirit of the Findhorn Foundation goes back to 1962, when co-founders Eileen Caddy, Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean first arrived at the Park, (Forres, Findhorn, Scotland) which was a caravan park (trailer part in U.S. language) at the time. They had nowhere else to go. All they had created before in their lives had been destroyed. They followed their inner guidance, trust in spirit, and the willingness to act on a vision for building a new world. Others came to join them (they had dreams to go to Findhorn & help the Caddy’s – they arrived on the Caddy’s doorstep (a trailer or what in Scotland is called a caravan), knocked on their door & said, we had dreams to come here & help you) and soon a vibrant spiritual community emerged. Today the Findhorn Foundation and community continues to be a place for spiritual inspiration, lifelong learning and a pioneering centre for demonstrating consciousness in everyday life.
Its founding principles of inner listening, co-creation with nature and work as love in action have inspired countless millions. I am one of them. After living at Findhorn, my dream was to create a Findhorn west. Someday, sometime, some lifetime, this will happen. Risa
Today’s Astrology
Friday, July 23, 2021, Venus’s day today. Ray 5 of real science & knowledge leading to love & wisdom.
Full moon is tonight – 7:37 pm west coast time.
All day today we prepare. We have a v/c moon today from 9:34am till 5:12pm west coast time. We adjust our time zones.
Full moon meditation
Gathering the Light of Leo – the three fires of Leo.
Offering ourselves in service to humanity.
Turning towards the Hierarchy, we say….
We know, O Lords of Life and Love, about the needs in our world.
Touch our hearts anew with love, wisdom, intelligence, willingness, all the resources needed so that we may love and give as needed. Help us to Know & to Do our Parts.
Forces of Light Invocation
(we stand with them in dedication & constancy)
May the Forces of Light
bring illumination to humanity.
May the Spirit of Peace
be spread abroad.
May people of Goodwill everywhere
meet in a Spirit of Cooperation.
May forgiveness on the part of all humanity
be the keynote at this time.
Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.
So let it be, and help us to do our part.
Joining tonight with the Christ under the pine tree, reciting the Great Invocation with Him. For the world, under the Light of Leo’s fires. Om. Risa

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