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The 1st Great Invocation (1936)

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.

Let men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.

May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote of this time.

Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.

So let it be, and help us to do our part.

 In the midst of converging forces, strife and conflict, the keynote of Forgiveness  ~ the need to unite, and to remember that the souls of human units are ONE.
As the conflict escalates, the second stanza of The Great Invocation was released in 1940, and the Coming One was clearly and deliberately invoked. 

The Great Invocation (1940)

Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth.

Let them bring succour to the sons of men.

Let the Rider from the Secret Place come forth,

And coming, save.

Come forth, O Mighty One.

Let the souls of men awaken to the light.

And may they stand with massed intent.

Let the fiat of the Lord go forth: The end of woe has come!

Come forth, O Mighty One.

The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived.

Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One.

Let Light and Love and Power and Death Fulfill the purpose of the Coming One.The WILL to save is here.

The LOVE to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad.

The ACTIVE AID of all who know the truth is also here.

Come forth, O Mighty One, and blend these three.

Construct a great defending wall.

The rule of evil NOW must end.

In a communication through Alice A. Bailey on April 17, 1945 the Tibetan gave the “new (3rd) stanza” of The Great Invocation, the version currently still in use. In that important message… validating the Invocation’s use and purpose:
I am preparing to present to you for wide distribution throughout the world, the last stanza of the Great Invocation … I will give A.A.B. this stanza at the earliest possible moment; this will be conditioned by world affairs and by my understanding of a certain esoteric appropriateness in the setting of a time cycle. If plans mature as desired by the Hierarchy, the new stanza can receive distribution at the time of the Full Moon of June 1945, as far as the Occident is concerned, and considerably later for the Orient. (4) And so it was that the “final” rendition of The Great Invocation, was given.

The Great Invocation (1945)

From the point of Light within the mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the Centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men –

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the Centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

The Tibetan asked his disciples to dwell on the phrase, “May Christ return to Earth.” This return was not to be understood in its usual mystical Christian sense. What was referred to was the externalization of what he termed the Hierarchy ~ that is, the senior disciples, initiates and Masters, in or out of incarnation, who are Custodians of the Plan for this world period. And by point of reference, the Tibetan had predicted the increasing externalization of the Hierarchy to begin its rollout in 1975.
Many believe that this externalization is going forward continuously through those initiates, disciples and human units who seek to embody the principles and energies of the Plan and Purpose, and who seek to create the climate in which the further emergence can take place.

Om Om Om

“O Lord of Light & Love
Come forth & rule the world.
May the Prince of Peace appear
& end the warring of nations, countries, peoples.
May the reign of Light, Love & Justice be begun.
Let there be Love & Light (intelligence) & Peace on Earth.
And let it begin with us.” (Ext. Hierarchy, p. 174)

Have patience future seers 
(an impression of a student last night at Wesak).

Monday, May 16, 2022- 6am

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Sunday, May 15, 2022- 3pm

Post #2 – Wesak Legend & Invitation to join in the
Meditation & Ceremony –
This is the Wesak Meditation.
It’s long & it’s beautiful.
Ending with the Three Great Invocations.
And an additional one.

Join with us (NGWS) tonight at the time of the full moon (9:14pm west coast time – we will begin 45 minutes beforehand, reading the Legend) – on inner levels, in the spiritual etheric plane in the Wesak Valley. Join with us in visualization, intention & dedication. And we will join with you.

We’ve reached the Wesak Valley – we set up camp, tend to our horses, our tents, the fire for cooking and we set about visiting friends in the valley also here for the Wesak Festival. We follow the hours ahead & use what’s posted below as the outline for the festival. We are ready for this. We have prepared. We stand in Dedication & Safeguarding. Om Om Om

Each year, at the full moon of May – under the Light of Taurus – the Buddha appears from Shamballa, bringing a message to humanity – that of the Will & Love of the Father. The Buddha enters into the etheric planes of the Earth, remains there for eight (8) minutes. He is accompanied by the Lords of Illumination, the Forces of Enlightenment – their purpose being the opening of the minds of humanity to the truth and freedoms humanity seeks.

There is a ritual that occurs in the Himalayas that the New Group of World Servers & all disciples of the Wisdom Teachings participate in. Below is the story, the Legend. Everyone is invited. We attend the ceremonies with knowledge, intention, love & dedication. The will & love of the Father the Buddha brings to humanity is to be radiated outward from the New Group of World Servers to humanity so that humanity can become enlightened as to their true origins, their tasks ahead & to assist humanity to step upon the Path of Light. Risa

There is a valley lying at a rather high altitude in the foothills of the Himalayan-Tibet ranges. It is surrounded by high mountains on all sides except for the northeast, where there is a narrow opening in the mountain ranges.

Up towards the northern end is a large and smooth flat rock. There are no trees or shrubs in the valley, covered as it is with coarse grass, but the sides of the mountains are dense with tall trees.

At the time of the full moon of May (Wesak Festival, Taurus Solar festival), pilgrims from all over the world and from surrounding districts begin to gather in the valley. Holy men and priestly lamas, pilgrims and groups from every country find their way into the valley filling the southern and the middle areas, leaving the northeastern area free, for there at the NE end, so the legend runs, gathers a group of great Beings, the Custodians on Earth of God’s Plan for our planet and for humanity.

They are called the Hierarchy, those who are part of the inner spiritual government, overseeing the Earth, assisting humanity on its evolutionary path.

The names of the Great Ones differ. Christians speak of the Christ and His Disciples, that great Cloud of Witnesses, who serve humanity. Esotericists know them as Masters of the Wisdom, the Planetary Hierarchy, taught and led by the Christ (also known as Maitreya), the Master of Masters, the World Teacher, Teacher of both angels and men (Sanskrit word for “the thinkers”).
They are also called Rishis, holy men of the Hindu Scriptures, the Society of Illumined Minds, referred to in the Tibetan teachings…the Wise Ones.

They are the Great Intuitives, the Great Companions of our world, the aggregate of perfected humanity who having followed in Christ’s footsteps, have entered within the Veil, leaving us an example of what we also can do. They, with their wisdom, love and knowledge, stand as a protective wall around our race (meaning the entirety of humanity – all cultures of humanity – also called “life waves”) seeking to lead us onward, step-by-step (as They Themselves were led in Their time) from:
Darkness to Light,
from the unreal to the real,
from death to Immortality
from fear to freedom &
from chaos to Beauty.

This prayer is from the ancient Upanishads, humanity’s most ancient text of prayer and instructions.

This group of Knowers of Divinity, the main participants of the Wesak festival, arrange themselves in the northeastern end of the valley in concentric circles (according to the status and grade of their initiatory development), preparing themselves for a great act of service.

In front of the rock, looking toward the northeast, stand the “Three Great Lords” – the Manu, the Christ, & the Maha-chohan (a triangle of force).

These three face the rock upon which rests a great crystal bowl, filled with pure mountain water. The Christ, who stands in the center – is the Lord of Love and Wisdom and the Teacher of angels and of humanity. The office of the Lord of Wisdom was originally held by the Buddha (500 BC) to prepare humanity’s minds for the coming of his brother, the Christ (Archangel from Sirius, Christ, the word is a “job description”).

As the Buddha brought forth Wisdom, the Christ brought forth Love. The Christ (Ray 2) now assumes the office (task) of (being) the Lord of both Love & Wisdom (Ray 2). Part of the work of the Bodhisattva (Christ) is with uniting the religions of the world and calling forth the spiritual essence within humanity.
The Manu (Ray 1) who stands to the right of the Christ, is the Lord of Form (creating & recreating humanity).

He presides over the evolution of the “life waves” of humanity, and the birth, destruction and movement of the continents. When the Atlantean flood occurred, the Manu tended to the remnants of humanity, and rebuilt the race of men (humanity), sending the new life wave down from the Gobi region, then a green valley, into what is now the middle east. The new “life wave” appearing in the bible as Abraham.
The Maha-chohan (Ray 3), the Lord of Civilization, to the left of the Manu, works with the intellectual culture of the races/life waves of humanity and with the energy of Intelligence (Ray 3). The Maha Chohan is also known as Lord St. Germaine.

Behind the Masters stand the adepts, initiates, disciples, senior workers, world disciples and aspirants in their various grades and groups (either “in the body or out of the body” meaning in the etheric, in a dream state) who are the New Group of World Servers (NGWS). Those present in their physical bodies have found their way there by ordinary means. Others are present in their spiritual bodies or in the dream state.

As the hour of the full moon approaches, stillness settles upon the crowd and all look towards the northeast. Along with the sound of specific mantrams, the Masters and Their disciples of all ranks move together through various symbolic positions as if in a slow ritual dance.

These symbolic positions represent the spiritual journey of humanity.

1. The circle represents one heart and the one mind, unity.
2. The circle with a point at the center represents the moment of self-conscious awareness. Thinking ourselves separate and different from all else, experiencing the feeling of isolation, we realize we are not alone. The Soul light, the Christ light, awakens.
3. The even-armed cross within the circle is the moment we recognize we are both spirit and matter, balancing this duality, above & below, side by side, in our lives
4. The triangle within the circle is the moment we dedicate ourselves to the good of all.
5. The triangle amidst three circle represents the unfolding petals of Will, Love/wisdom, & knowledge in our lives through experiences in form & matter.
6. The six-pointed star is the personality under the direction of our Soul, and thus we manifest our divine nature.
6. The five-pointed star represents the moment when our minds, emotions and physical bodies are now perfected expressions of Divine Will, Love and Intelligence. We are perfected humanity.

The expectancy in the waiting, onlooking crowd becomes very real as the tension increases. Within the body of the waiting people there can be felt a stimulation or potent vibration which has the effect of awakening the souls of those present, fusing and blending the group into one united whole, creating a spiritual demand, a readiness and an expectancy. The world’s aspiration is focused in this waiting group. The three words – demand, readiness and expectancy – describes the atmosphere around those present in this secret valley.

And then all participants enter into a deep meditation.

At the high point of group telepathic receptivity the Christ, raising the Rod of Power, the Manu & Maha-chohan raising the water bowl, calls upon the Buddha to confer his annual blessing from Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World who resides in Shamballa, the Place Where the Will of God is Known. The Christ calls the Buddha to transmit the direction of the spiritual work for the following year. He says:

“All is ready, Lord Buddha. Come!”

All of the participants now raise their eyes toward the sky.
A few moments before the exact time of the full moon, in the far distance, a tiny speck of light can be seen in the sky. The light comes nearer and nearer, growing in clarity, until the form of the Buddha can be seen. He is seated in the cross-legged Buddha position, his hand held in a mudra of blessing. He is clad in His saffron-colored robe and bathed in concentric circles of color and light.

The Buddha has his hand extended in blessing. When He arrives at a point exactly above the great altar rock, hovering in the air over the heads of the three Great Lords, a great mantram, used only once a year at the Festival, is intoned by the Christ. Everyone in the valley bows in reverence.

And so, as the legend runs, the Buddha has returned once to bless the world, transmitting from the Father and through the Christ, a renewed spiritual life for the world. The blessing is poured forth, and the Christ – as the Representative of Humanity – receives it in trust for distribution at the next full moon festival, that of the Gemini Festival of Humanity.

All those present in the valley now join in a powerful invocation, The Great Invocation, which sets up a great vibration and thought current of such potency that it reaches up from the group of aspirants, disciples and initiates to God Himself.

The reciting of the Great Invocation marks the supreme moment of spiritual effort of the entire year. It creates a spiritual vitalization for humanity the spiritual effects lasting throughout the following 12 months (until next year’s Wesak festival). The effect of this Great Invocation is universal. It links humanity with that great Cosmic center of spiritual energy from which all created beings have come forth.

After eight minutes of His Presence, the Buddha slowly recedes into the heavens, until again only a faint speck of light can be seen in the sky. Eventually the speck disappears. The ceremonial blessing, from his first appearance until the Buddha fades out of view, was eight minutes.

The Buddha’s annual sacrifice for Humanity (for He returns to Earth only at great cost) is complete for the year. He returns once again to that high place where He works and waits.

Year after year the Buddha returns to Earth to confer a blessing from the Lord of the World. Year after year He and His great Brother, the Christ, work in closest cooperation for the spiritual benefit of humanity.

In these two great Sons of God, acting together as custodians of the highest spiritual force to which humanity can respond, have been focused two aspects of divine life. Through the Buddha, the wisdom of God is poured through. Through the Christ, the Love of God is manifested to humanity; and it is this Wisdom and Love, which pour forth upon humanity at each full moon Taurus Buddha Wesak Festival.

After a time, after the Buddha has disappeared fully, the crowd slowly rises to its feet and the Christ begins to distribute the water to his disciples. The water in the bowl, filled with the blessings of the Buddha, is offered in tiny portions to the Master, initiates and disciples and they then go their way to their place of service.

The crowd, all having brought their water cups and vessels to the Festival, drinks from them, sharing with others. This is the “water ceremony of communion”. It is a symbol and indicator of the New Age, the Aquarian Age, the age of the Water Carrier, of “humanity bearing a water pitcher,” the Aquarian waters are the “waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity.”
The waters of Wesak are the promise and the symbol of this new era and new age of humanity, a new era that is to be created with its New Laws & Principles. The water, magnetized by the presence of the Buddha and the Christ, carries specific virtues and properties that are life-giving and healing for all the kingdoms.

The Wesak ceremony is the story of the universality of God’s love – the Will to Good which, when reaching the Earth, becomes Goodwill. The waters speak of the need for individual purification and of the 2nd Initiation, that of Baptism which cleanses the emotional body. The Wesak waters also convey the idea that humanity is thirsty, and offer humanity the opportunity to share with each other in the waters of life.

The “waters of life for thirsty humanity”- these word allude to the new era, the Aquarian Era, the era of brotherhood & of freedom, just now beginning to unfold for humanity.

(We are quiet for a moment)

Having been blessed, the yearly ceremony over, the crowd together recites the Great Invocation & then silently returns to their campsites. In the days that follow humanity disperses, returning to homes and villages, renewed, revitalized, able to love and serve more fully, and greater than the previous year.

The Masters and their disciples also return to their respective “homes”, strengthened and renewed and able to undertake another year of world service with humanity.

The unified group called the New Group of World Servers does the same. This is where we stand, with the forces of Light. We are the New Group of World Servers.
And so runs the ancient legend.

A Call for a Greater World Service

The Wesak Festival, also known as Buddha Purnima, comes from the Sanskrit term Vaisakha, which refers to the month when Wesak (Holy Water Festival) is celebrated, and is one of the most auspicious holidays in many cultures, especially among the Buddhists.
Buddha Purnima basically means the full moon of Buddha.

Believed to be the most powerful full moon of the year, the Wesak meditation is conducted on the exact time of the full moon of Taurus by many spiritual practitioners as a great way of service to mankind and the entire earth.

Based on a legend, every year at the exact time of Wesak, Lord Buddha will come down and pour forth the spiritual blessings and energies of the divine. Christ as the representative of the humanity receives all the blessings and distributes them to all.

In this way once a year during the Wesak festival a renewed spiritual energy and life is transmitted to the humanity and to every person and every being on earth, which marks a great point in the life and development of people on earth.

The effect of this moment of intensive spiritual effort and invaluable service will last throughout the year and is basically a great way of helping in manifesting the divine plan on earth.

Therefore many spiritual practitioners, disciples, Arhats and Masters prepare themselves well ahead to participate in this great act of service through days of intensive purifications and meditations prior to the actual meditation.
Without thorough purifications and preparations, the Wesak meditation will not create the expected effects on the practitioners.

Invitation & Great Invocations
Everyone is invited to join us.
At the end of the ritual we recite the Three Great Invocations.
Each calling forth different levels within heaven & earth.

Three Great Invocations

1. The 1st Great Invocation (1936)
Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.
Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.
Let men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.
May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote of this time.
Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.
So let it be, and help us to do our part.

In the midst of converging forces, strife and conflict, the keynote of Forgiveness was proclaimed ~ the need to unite, and to remember that the souls of human units are ONE.
As the conflict escalated, the second stanza of The Great Invocation was released in 1940, and the Coming One was clearly and deliberately invoked.

2. The Great Invocation (1940)
Let the Lords of Liberation issue forth.
Let them bring succour to the sons of men.
Let the Rider from the Secret Place come forth,
And coming, save.
Come forth, O Mighty One.
Let the souls of men awaken to the light.
And may they stand with massed intent.
Let the fiat of the Lord go forth: The end of woe has come!

Come forth, O Mighty One.
The hour of service of the saving force has now arrived.
Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One.
Let Light and Love and Power and Death
Fulfill the purpose of the Coming One.
The WILL to save is here.
The LOVE to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad.
The ACTIVE AID of all who know the truth is also here.

Come forth, O Mighty One, and blend these three.
Construct a great defending wall.
The rule of evil NOW must end.

In a communication through Alice A. Bailey on April 17, 1945 the Tibetan gave the “new stanza” of The Great Invocation, the version currently still in use. In that important message, a year-old prediction from a previous communication was re-stated, validating the Invocation’s use and purpose:
I am preparing to present to you for wide distribution throughout the world, the last stanza of the Great Invocation … I will give A.A.B. this stanza at the earliest possible moment; this will be conditioned by world affairs and by my understanding of a certain esoteric appropriateness in the setting of a time cycle. If plans mature as desired by the Hierarchy, the new stanza can receive distribution at the time of the Full Moon of June 1945, as far as the Occident is concerned, and considerably later for the Orient. (4)
And so it was that the “final” rendition of The Great Invocation, was given.

3. The Great Invocation (1945)
From the point of Light within the mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.
From the Centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the Centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

The Tibetan asked his disciples to dwell on the phrase, “May Christ return to Earth.” This return was not to be understood in its usual mystical Christian sense. What was referred to was the externalization of what he termed the Hierarchy ~ that is, the senior disciples, initiates and Masters, in or out of incarnation, who are Custodians of the Plan for this world period. And by point of reference, the Tibetan had predicted the increasing externalization of the Hierarchy to begin its rollout in 1975.
Many believe that this externalization is going forward continuously through those initiates, disciples and human units who seek to embody the principles and energies of the Plan and Purpose, and who seek to create the climate in which the further emergence can take place.
Om Om Om

“O Lord of Light & Love
Come forth & rule the world.
May the Prince of Peace appear
& end the warring of the nations, countries, peoples.
May the reign of Light, Love & Justice be begun.
Let there be Love & Light (intelligence) & Peace on Earth.
And let it begin with us.” (Ext. Hierarchy, p. 174)
Om – Risa

Beginning our nights & days of Safeguarding.
Concluding our Wesak ritual for 2022.
love, Risa

Sunday, May 15, 2022- 10am

Sunday – Wesak Day.
Read Night Light News –
It’s all about the Festival.
Today – 
Our Day of Dedication & Safeguarding.
May 15, 2022 – this is the day we have prepared for since the Winter Solstice. Our Wesak festival is tonight.

Well here we are at the Wesak Festival day.
The actual festival is tonight at 9:14pm (west coast time).

Altars, Wesak Bowl/Waters
Today we will create the Wesak altar, place our crystal bowls of water out, prepare ourselves for tonight’s ritual. 

It is a complex day today everyone – Mercury retrograde helping us with internal contemplation. Scorpio moon helps us too. No matter what occurs today, let us make the day quiet, contemplative, preparative, let us make it a good day. 
Tonight we gather for the festival. I will post 2 posts today –

Night Light News
First, if you read Night Light news – it’s about the festival.  (the weekly column)

Later in the afternoon I will post the Wesak Legend – 

We have a Lunar eclipse tonight too – something externally & in form falls away – no longer needed, its purpose & work complete – making room for something newer, something greater. We are grateful to know these things.

Wesak Festival
The Wesak Festival is occurring at 25.18 degrees Taurus Sun.
The Lunar eclipse is at 25.18 Scorpio.
Where are these degrees, what area of life, are these degrees in everyone’s chart? It is important to know & thus to be able to observe one’s life changing.

As we know, at full & new moon times – the moon’s lift is hidden, it only reflects the light of the Sun.

Our focus is on the Light of Taurus – its light uplifts & transforms all that it touches. At the Taurus Wesak Festival we receive the Will & Light & Love of the Father via the Buddha (for 8 minutes the Buddha is with us) & we radiate that Light Love & Will to humanity – this becomes the “waters of Life humanity seeks.” Thus we do our service, our task at this Wesak festival, together. love, Risa

On our way thru villages, walking to the Wesak Valley, soon we will be there, make our campfires, greet our spiritual friends once again from long ago. Walking thru villages to the Wesak Valley. Risa

Saturday, May 14, 2022- 10am

Working as a Group, preparing for Wesak.
Creating the Law of Magnetic Appeal at the Wesak Festival.
Distributing the Light of Taurus at Wesak – the light that uplifts & transforms all that the light encounters.

The Light of Taurus —”The Penetrating Light of the Path.” Keynote: “We SEE, and when the eye (Ajna) is opened, all is illumined.”

◊ In the light of Taurus, there is found that “innate divine urge for beauty, synthesis and the free expression of the hidden mystery which is to be found at the heart of all forms.”

At Wesak.
Group Union – Group Endeavor.
Creating a potent magnetic impulse.
The NGWS & the Hierarchy –
We are seeking to carry forward a group endeavour which is of such moment that, at the right time, it will produce, in its growing momentum, such a potent magnetic impulse that it will reach those Lives Who Brood over humanity and our civilisation, and Who work through the Masters of the Wisdom and the assembled Hierarchy. This group endeavour will call forth from Them a responsive magnetic impulse which will bring together, through the medium of the aspiring group, the overshadowing beneficent Forces. Through the concentrated effort of these groups in the world today (who constitute subjectively One group) light and inspiration and spiritual revelation can be released in such a flood of power that it will work definite changes in the human consciousness and ameliorate conditions in this needy world. It will open men’s eyes to the basic realities, which are as yet only dimly sensed by the thinking public.

Then humanity itself will apply the necessary correctives, believing it can do so in the strength of its own sensed wisdom and strength; yet all the time, behind the scenes, stand the grouped world aspirants, working silently, in unison with each other and the Hierarchy, and thus keeping the channel open through which the needed wisdom, strength and love can flow.
There are, therefore, to be found in this great task the following relations and groupings. These must be considered and are as follows:

1. The Forces of Light and the Spirit of Peace, embodied Lives of tremendous group potency.
2. The Planetary Hierarchy.
3. The Buddha.
4. The Christ.
5. The New Group of World Servers.
6. Humanity.
[Page 699]

Note the Buddha focusses in Himself the downpouring forces, whilst the Christ focusses in Himself the outgoing demand and the spiritual aspiration of the entire planet. This makes a planetary alignment of great potency. Should the needed work be accomplished at the Wesak Festivals, the needed adjustments in the world can be made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands of the New Group of World Servers.

Reciting the Unification Mantram
Offering this to all the young ones & to humanity.
The hour of service of the saving force is about to come.
We stand together.

The souls of all are one and I am one with them.

I seek to love, not hate;
I seek to serve and not exact due service;
I seek to heal, not hurt.

Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
Let the soul control the outer form, and life and all events
And bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight.
Let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
Let love prevail. Let all people love.

Graphic – preparing for Wesak.
Preparing our gardens.

Friday, May 13, 2022- 9am

Wesak Preparation (full moon solar festival Sunday night).
Friday, May 13, 2022 – Venus’s day. Ray 5 day.
Information in preparation for Wesak.
Focusing on Wesak & our preparations.
Silent, quiet, preparing – days of renunciation.

“…During the two days & nights preceding the Full Moon (days of renunciation & dedication) and then for another two days & nights after (safeguarding days) the Full moon, the moonlight is very pleasing .
The moonlight reflects the Light of the Sun, the Taurus Light, the Buddha Light. The emanating Light of Taurus, when radiated, uplifts & transforms all that the light touches.

Lord Sanat Kumara is engaged in a state of meditation to enable distribution of the brilliance of the moonlight (reflecting the Sunlight) for the benefit of the Earth and all planetary beings.

The meditation proceeds as a consecration for five days & nights. – before & after.

This ritual of five nights centered around Full Moon causes changes, vitality, livingness to be embedded in the mental and buddhic layers of the Earth & all kingdoms, especially affecting humanity.
This ritual occurs every Full Moon time which is a Solar meditation.
Twelve such rituals in a cycle are carried out at Shambala from the ancient most times…”

Wesak – when the Will of the Father is offered to humanity via the Buddha. As Buddha prepared the Way (500 BC) for his Brother, the Christ (0 AD), our present (this year, next year) Wesak festival of the Buddha is preparing the Way for the Christ’s Reappearance (2025).
Maitreya, Christ’s name in 2025, the World Teacher will come for the nations of the world. It will not be as He appeared previously. His appearance will affect all nations. And therefore, the NGWS in all nations are being called to prepare. Calling the Soul of the people & the nations.

At this time there is an urgent need to awaken the spirit of our nations & the nations’ people to fulfill their planetary function.
We are to learn together to become effective group units (Seed Groups) which can act as what Roberto Assagioli calls ‘Groups of Best Citizens’ – groups which work in harmony and with intent in order to exert an integrating and uplifting effect on their nation, and to stimulate into activity the true consciousness or soul of the nation.

Climbing the tower –
Climbing the ivory tower in our garden, & the Ashram’s garden, looking over the garden, becoming silent, detached. The Tibetan then meets us there. Om, Risa

On our way to the Wesak Valley.
All ways of transportation.
Gathering & joining groups along the Way.

Thursday, May 12, 2022- Post #2

The Betrayers – For shame! The House overwhelmingly supported sending $40 billion in aid to Ukraine on Tuesday, 368-57, prompting a harsh reaction from critics given the multiple crises that are going unaddressed at home (like babies not having the basic infant formula to maintain their lives). No Democrats and only 57 Republicans voted AGAINST a spending package to send $40 billion — $40 BILLION — to Ukraine. More than even the massive amount Biden requested.
149 Republicans Voted FOR $ for UKRAINEParticularly, conservatives took issue with the 149 Republicans who joined every single Democrat in passing the bill while inflation continues to soar, the border crisis is ongoing, and our nation’s most vulnerable population—infants—can’t get the food they need.

Thursday, May 12, 2022- 8am

Continuing with our Wesak preparations.
And a question & statement about our present times.

Today is Thursday, May 12, 2022 – Jupiter’s day.
Reappearance of the Christ Meditation day.
“Releasing the things that lie behind us….”

Libra (3) moon today. Sun in Taurus (4), Mercury(4) retrograde in Gemini (2). Note the multiple rays today.

Wesak Soon.
Walking together towards the Wesak Valley.
Sunday, late at night, is the Wesak Festival along with a lunar eclipse.
25 degrees Sun in Taurus, 25 Scorpio for the eclipse.
The moon will be doubly veiled, so our focus is on the Sun in Taurus – sign of illumination & Ray 4 – harmony emerging from conflicts & chaos.

The illumination humanity needs is its true identity by task at this time in the world. That humanity is the World Savior, World Server. When humanity awakens via suffering, humanity can then take its rightful place in the world, in each country – bringing back the Rule of Law (so broken now).

Wesak Quote – The Forces of Enlightenment
At each of the Three Spring festivals, great Forces stream into the Earth to assist humanity in its identity, in Right Choice, in acts of goodness, in Goodwill, in Truth & in its well being.
Aries – Forces of Restoration.
Taurus – Forces of Enlightenment.
Gemini – Forces of Reconstruction.

Beginning quotes on the Forces of Enlightenment
(under Taurus – sign of enlightenment & illumination of the minds of humanity).

The Forces of Enlightenment working with the Buddha

Externalization of the Hierarchy. (pp 461- 468)

A realization of the needs of humanity, and a careful appraisal of that which must be done to meet those needs, have awakened the men (thinkers) of Goodwill & responding to the Forces of Restoration (Aries); this has led to an insistent demand that the second phase of the hierarchical work be set in motion.

This phase is directed towards those activities and the development of that invocative (calling forth) spirit which will bring the FORCES OF ENLIGHTENMENT into contact with humanity and lead to activity on their part.

These forces (OF ENLIGHTENMENT) can function fully and influence the minds of men, if the people of the world can be organized to stand with massed intent behind that type of statesmanship which is seeking the greatest good of the greatest number, which sees the world as one great interdependent whole, and which refuses to be sidetracked by the clamoring of the selfish little minds (globalists, controlled by the dark forces) or by the demands of the reactionary forces (polarized humanity, entrained to hatred) to be found in all lands.

The Forces of Enlightenment are always present on Earth on a small scale, influencing the minds of the new group of world servers, the selfless workers for humanity, and the thinkers in every school of thought, working in every field of human betterment; they work upon and through all who truly love their fellowmen.

However, They are unable to influence the minds of the closed egocentric person; they can do little with the separative isolationist; they are ineffectual where the theologian of all groups – political, religious or social – is concerned, and they can do little with the type of mind that is concentrated upon personal or group problems (their group, expressing their ideas and working their way) and who fail to see themselves or the group in relation to the whole of humanity.

Part 2
1. The Will comes forth via the Buddha at Wesak. The Will of the Father from which also flows the Love of the Father for humanity.
Wesak – Will of the Father
Wesak is about the Will coming forth.
As the Will comes forth at Wesak, it can call forth the Will of humanity to stand up for truth, for freedom, for the Rule of Law & “in massed intent” to banish the dark forces overtaking our country & our world. Only humanity itself can tend to this task.
When humanity understands its true identity & purpose.

2. Where do those who voted 4+ billion to the Ukraine, when the babies in our country are starving, where do they think they will live when our country falls apart, when our people are starving, when we have become a 3rd world country. When our babies have no food, do we think we as adults will have food? This is the first step torwards our country’s planned (by the globalist’s) destruction. Where do the elite think they will live when there is no food in our country? Off planet, in yachts, in the Ukraine?

3. Who are the Republicans (all the Dems voted yes) who voted YES, TO SEND the billions of dollars to the Ukrains. They are the betrayers (along with the Dems). What are the names of the R’s who voted to send money to the Ukraine as our babies are starving?

Here are the Republican (57) WHO VOTED AGAINST the aid bill to the Ukraine. They need to be known so we know who did not betray our country & people.

Here is a list of the 57 Republicans who voted AGAINST THE AID package to the Ukraine. Their choice tells us who is for the United States & its people & who is against –

Voted against the Ukraine package….

Jodey Arrington of Texas

Brian Babin of Texas

Jim Banks of Indiana

Andy Biggs of Arizona

Gus Bilirakis of Florida

Dan Bishop of North Carolina

Lauren Boebert of Colorado

Ken Buck of Colorado

Tim Burchett of Tennessee

Kat Cammack of Florida

Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina

Michael Cloud of Texas

Andrew Clyde of Georgia

James Comer of Kentucky

Warren Davidson of Ohio

Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee

Byron Donalds of Florida

Jeff Duncan of South Carolina

Ron Estes of Kansas

Russ Fulcher of Idaho

Matt Gaetz of Florida

Bob Gibbs of Ohio

Louie Gohmert of Texas

Bob Good of Virginia

Paul Gosar of Arizona

Garret Graves of Louisiana

Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia

Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee

Vicky Hartzler of Missouri

Kevin Hern of Oklahoma

Yvette Herrell of New Mexico

Jody Hice of Georgia

Clay Higgins of Louisiana

Bill Huizenga of Michigan

Ronny Jackson of Texas

Mike Johnson of Louisiana

Jim Jordan of Ohio

Debbie Lesko of Arizona

Billy Long of Missouri

Tracey Mann of Kansas

Thomas Massie of Kentucky

Brian Mast of Florida

Mary Miller of Illinois

Barry Moore of Alabama

Troy Nehls of Texas

Ralph Norman of South Carolina

Scott Perry of Pennsylvania

John Rose of Tennessee

Matthew Rosendale of Montana

Chip Roy of Texas

Pete Sessions of Texas

Greg Steube of Florida

Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin

Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey

Beth Van Duyne of Texas

Bruce Westerman of Arkansas

Roger Williams of Texas.

love, Risa

Wednesday, May 11, 2022- Post #3

Today is Krishnamurti’s birthday.
One of the great teachers.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022- Post #2

A woodchuck showed up at meditation this morning – in the front of my desk is a large window to the back yard & an elderberry tree. The woodchuck climbed the tree in front of me & sat on the branches. Just sat there. After meditation, it climbed down the tree & went into its burrow. Woodchuck as spirit animal showing up at meditation. Then a flock of hummingbirds hovered around the window. Messages being given. Everyone can research. Share what they learn. A message to everyone. Continue to prepare. Have cash, stock up on everything, all essentials…have a supply of food & meds (people, animals). Know your neighbors. Do it now….love, Risa

Wednesday, May 11, 2022- 9am

Continuing with our focused mind preparation for Wesak.
May 11, 2022 – Wednesday. Mercury’s day.
Ray 4 Harmony’s day.

Organizing ourselves to be completely available for the Hierarchy for Wesak & Maitreya. Walking together towards the Wesak Valley together as a group, meeting others along the Way. Humanity’s task – redeeming the lower kingdoms, releasing the Light from our Ajna Center (the Tower), we redeem all the lower kingdoms. Under the Light of Taurus. Humanity IS Taurus, Ray 4.

From – Discipleship in a New Age, vol. 1, Page 510 – 514

Do you still work in your garden, my friend? Would you be willing to work in it another year? May I (who have looked on for years at your struggle and who today feel certain of your victory) make another suggestion to you?

Build in your garden an ivory tower and from the summit of that tower survey your life each day. Build it until the time of the Full Moon of May and then at the time of the Wesak Festival and for the three days of that Festival live in your tower and there abide.

In moments also of distress or of imminent failure mount to your tower and steadfast stand. The tower is only symbolic but, if you grasp the essential underlying meaning, you will literally slip out of the glamour as you mount your tower and pass into the clear light of day.

There is oft a mist in your garden, but on the top of the tower there is sunlight, space and air. There I can meet with you, if you rightly build and learn the method of ascent. (A description of this garden will be found at the end of this disciple’s instructions. A.A.B.)

Be more strict in the keeping of your quiet hour. Build then your tower of ivory and may the light of your soul pour upon you and flood your life; may you realise the uses of joy and of caring nothing about the separated self and may the blessing of your Master rest upon you.

As to your garden, my brothers & sisters, I would ask you to enter into it early each Sunday morning. See your garden sleeping in the darkness of the dawn—no real light, no sound or movement and no life apparent. It remains just dreaming and colourless.

Enter your tower and climb to the summit and then release the light which is in you; this will be to the garden of your soul what the sun is to the gardens of the world.

Watch the rays of light pouring out over the garden, awakening it to colour and beauty, arousing it to movement and life, and calling forth the song of the birds and the hum of the bees and evoking it to a responsive loveliness. There I (your Teacher) may meet you when the clouds of glamour roll away. Ponder on the symbolism [514] hidden in this garden and work steadily for the next few months from this centre of love and light.

Written for all disciples, who are gardeners in the world.

Geometrical Shapes
(mantrams, pacing, movements, etc.) – bring force down into the Earth – This is Ray 7, Uranus, Ceremonial Magic – Uranus is in TAurus close to the sun & North Node is in Taurus – Uranus in Taurus. (see chart below)

“Just as in the Wesak Festival, results in the force demonstration are brought about by the use of chanted mantrams and the sacred ceremonial pacing and interweaving of the assembled crow in the formations of geometrical figures, so in the initiation ceremony a similar procedure is followed. The geometrical figures appropriate for the various initiations differ, and herein lies one of the safeguards of the ceremony. The initiate knows the set figure for his own initiation, but no more”-
From Initiation Human and Solar- page 145
love, Risa

Tuesday, May 10, 2022- 9am

2nd Day of Wesak Preparation.
Being of use to the Hierarchy for Wesak –
Tuesday, May 10, 2022, Mars guides us today.
Sun in Taurus – the illuminator.
Mercy retrograded this morning at 5 degrees Gemini.
(TIll June 3rd Mercury moving back to 26 Taurus).

Jupiter leaves Pisces today & enters Aries.
We will have more energy now – looking at our identity – a great integrity emerging now in human consciousness. What is our true identity? In every land the same desire exists for understanding, for peaceful relations, for Goodwill, the deepest level of humanity & our divine inheritance.

Joy of Service –
Walking Towards the Wesak Valley togegher.
Humanity faces future difficulties. All of us must have Goodwill at all times, & know the power wielded by those who are Soul infused is deeply useful, to wield spiritual force in the world. Realizing this we also know we are not alone. There are many of us & we are overseen by the Hierarchy. Move forward with courage (Jupiter in Aries). Go forward in unison, in strength, responsibility & the Joy of Service.

Refuse to be allowed to be swept into any anxiety unrest distress depression or anger. Stand in Spiritual Being – begin this freshly each morning. Hold it during the hours of service in the hours ahead each day. We can do this – begin with 5 minutes with an interior quiet. All day fill the day with care & vital occupation. Gain the control of speech, of thought, & remember the most powerful factor is a Loving Heart.

Do not allow the Forces of darkness separating humanity with a spirit of hate & suspicion to overcome. Do not become negative, angry, or destructive. Do not feel one’s life with hate. This breaks the Law of Love (which is what saves the world). Guard the self with care, with a Loving Heart. Divinity guides the world. Stand with the heart of humanity – hold this steady in the midst of a changing world. Cultivate Joy that brings us strength.

The Hierarchy of Spiritual Forces stands with us, steady, in Spiritual Being. The silence of a loving heart is to be our keynote. Strength to stand is the result of a joyous attitude. (Externalization of the Hierarchy)

Walking together to the Wesak Valley, as a group….”We are a pool of quiet. Naught destroys that peace, for all around us needs that peace and quiet the restful waters give.”

From Discipleship in a New Age, Vol. 1

“All the groups (NGWS) must concentration upon the work of preparation for the Wesak Festival. Pure channels and released minds are the major requirement at this time, and I call you all to a preparatory purification and mental discipline. It is the growing inner momentum of aspiration and devotion and the increasing ‘lucidity’ of the mind which must constitute the goal for all of you during the next few months, for it is the demand of the disciples of the world which will bring in that which the world needs, and the intensification of light in which the real light can be seen.”
(p. 297)

“No cost is too great to pay in order to be of use to the Hierarchy at the time of the Full Moon of May, the Wesak Festival; no price is too high in order to gain the spiritual illumination which can be possible, particularly at that time.” (p. 629)

Our preparations together for the Wesak Festival, walking together to the Wesak Valley.

(looked at the Wesak Festival chart [yesterday I posted the Wesak chart] & the chart of the true prez – composite – stellium – Mars Sun NNode Jupiter Venus in Gemini on the United States Asc…will post that chart tomorrow – energies in the etheric attempting to manifest – which we can only see via astrology charts – – new music – messages – “Hold On, I’m Coming.”
Secret messages indicative of our strength that the F/Light stand with us – using the Taurus Vulcan to persevere thru all the darkness, holding our lamps up high to give strength to others – under Taurus we become warriors – we thank the Tibetan too, his spiritual messages of upliftment,. Singing & dancing towards the Wesak Valley. All of us together – love, Risa

Monday, May 9, 2022- 9am

Wesak Preparation.
It’s time to speak of Wesak & I will begin.
Wesak – the buddha full moon festival, the 2nd Spring Festival – occurring next Sunday (with a lunar eclipse – something in form falls away, its work complete)
It’s time to speak & write of Wesak & I will be the one to begin.

Every reader/disciple in our school/college/Ashram is welcome to post from the blue books information about Wesak, information that is important to them, touches them. In this way we all become teachers here.

And so….
Each day thru next Sunday (Wesak is Sunday night) I will post the Tibetan’s (via Alice/blue books) information on Wesak.
Thus we can all prepare this week for the Wesak Festival.
We are to be transmitters of the Wesak energies to humanity. Thus we need to be prepared with knowledge, dedication & intention. Our college is a training grounds for disciples to help humanity & the earth & her kingdoms. As we study together, we come closer to the Hierarchy & the Forces that are particpating with the Wesak Festival.

This is a Call for everyone to join together, to prepare for service for the upcoming holy day of Wesak.
And so we begin by reading, by gathering knowledge from the blue books.

I ask that readers participate – posting what they find interesting, important in the readings.
What readers are touched by.
And what effort everyone is making this week as we work together to be able to release the Wesak waters to humanity.

It is an intensive opportunity & endeavor – acting as a medium of transmission between inner spiritual group of workers & the intellectuals. Like the Hierarchy we are focused with intention in order to act as channels of transmission during the Festival.
love, Risa

Wesak Preparation (readings)
The World Servers and the May Full Moon
From Esoteric Psychology 2 – (pages 683-692)

The Month of May is one of deepest significance to all who are affiliated with the Great White Lodge (as are all true esotericists) in that the Wesak Festival takes place and is of moment and deep import. The period is always one of prime interest and rare opportunity, but the Wesak Festival [684] of 1936 was unique and the Lodge of Masters prepared for it for six months.

May I add also that the Buddha Himself in His high place and the blessed Lord Maitreya (known to Christian disciples as The Christ) have since then been in close communication with each other and cooperating in order to bring about a receptivity on the part of the human family to a possible outflow of spiritual force which may serve to turn the tide of the present distress, depression and uncertainty and thus inaugurate an era of peace and of soul-culture. This item of information is of interest, is it not?

In connection with these Festivals every May, I am presenting you an opportunity to serve and to bring about the desired objective of peace. It is possible for us, each of us, – in our small measure to cooperate in the intended Plan, and therefore what I have to say takes on another aspect and lays the responsibility of materializing that Plan upon the Earth upon the shoulders of each and all of us.

The work has been brought about through an intensive effort in two directions, – one the effort of the Hierarchy to impress that Plan upon the minds of men and to convey the needed power and understanding to effect the intended work, and secondly the effort of all disciples and aspirants to respond and bring through into manifestation that which is waiting on the subjective side of life. How, therefore, is that work at this time going forward?

This planet of ours, the Earth, is at this time the focal point of much attention on the part of the Administrators of the Plan Who today are working in conjunction with certain types of force and with certain Spiritual Entities other than those to be found at this time within the ring-pass-not of our planetary life. May I give here one hint without proceeding to elaboration? This hint can be accepted or rejected according to the intuition of the individual student. [685]

The Buddha has a special function at this time as an interplanetary mediator, and in this capacity (at the coming May Festivals) He will attempt to bring certain Spiritual Beings into touch with our Earth Hierarchy. They have expressed Themselves as willing to aid in the present crisis. That aid, if the effort prove successful, will come in the form of a much increased spiritual inflow of energy of a kind more potent and of a quality somewhat different to any at this time pouring into and through our planetary life.

Those aspirants and disciples who can train themselves to the realization of an increased spiritual responsibility and can preserve an inner quietness and a focused esoteric attentiveness can be swept into this tide of spiritual force and can then and thus serve humanity’s need. As transmitters they meet that need; as interpreters they increase the capacity of the human being to respond and to understand.

continued tomorrow – our preparations for Wesak – love, Risa

Addenda – I look forward to Reader Responses.

Sunday, May 8, 2022- 9am

Mother’s Day –
Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers…& those who mother the kingdoms….

A Poem about Mother Love….

“Their devotion showed me there were no versions of love there was only… Love. That it had no equal and that it was worth searching for, even if that search took a lifetime.”
― by Jennifer Worth, Call the Midwife

Night Light News is posted – it’s all about mother & Mother’s day –

Today, May 8th is also White Lotus Day – anniversary of the death of Helena Blavatsky – co founder of Theosophy – the bringing of the eastern teachings out of the caves & into the minds & hearts of the western world –

Saturday, May 7, 2022-11am

Lots to read today – many subjects. Letters on Occult Meditation talks about obsession. Clash between Piscean & Aquarius forces (electric light). Living in water (Pisces), then in the Air (Aquarian Light – a shift of enements – an occut effect)- creating an intense spiritual stimulation influencing humanity – bringing in a new civilization.

The F/Darkness do not want the new to come forth. They use frequencies that distort the minds & emotions of humanity. Creating a lunacy, lunatics, acting destructively, creating chaos & disharmony. It is a dangerous situation.

There is a fomenting hatred occurring now among the woke (read ignorant, emotional masses of humanity supported by the dark forces within the government officials).
Manipulation going on – frequencies poured onto the masses of humanity from the F/Darkness – further infiltrating the minds of humanity – creating distortions, violence, powerful forces affecting the minds & emotions of humanity. It is a much larger battle than we realize. Creating a mental illness within humanity.
We need to understand the present & the acceleration of destruction occurring among the woke crowd. Knowledge creates protection.

Today is Astronomy day.
Astronomy, the mapping of the heavens came after Astrology.
An interesting statement to ponder. One would need to have the true definition of astrology to understand that statement.

Today, May 7, 2022 – Saturday, Saturn’s day.
Ray 3 day – Intelligence Day. Divine Intelligence. Right Action.

Sun sextile Mars (Taurus/Pisces) – Moon in Leo, preparing us to honor & recognize mother tomorrow – Mother’s Day tomorrow.
Tomorrow is also White Lotus Day, too.

Tuesday – Mercury retrograde in Gemini, 5 degrees.
Jupiter enters Aries – leaves Pisces. We will have a new level of energy with Jupiter in Aries.

Going Deep here – Corrupting the entrainment by the Truth
For esotericists, deep thinkers. – intelligent, makes us think & research.
Yesterday I wrote about Mystery Schools –
Dark Journalist refers to them via Ouspensky/Gurdjieiff – Russian esotericists. DJ refers to the Fourth Way, the enneagram, Steiner, Blavatsky, Oscar Ichazo (Arica), etc. The What is it & What to do? Four Ways – Monk, priest, fakir & Yogi. Intelligent.

Matter Mind Master – south pole, equator, north pole.
Matter Man Master – 3 state of the one journey.
Matter evolves thru forms, we indwell within the forms.
We experience matter, evolving thru form, experiencing into Masters. All creations enters into form at different levels – different chains of evolution. Everything begins as minerals, then plants, then animals, then humans. Kumaras appear to help humanity develop up to the Anahata. Aspirants are above the equator, the worldly man is at the solar plexus. Permeating between solar plexus & down to the Muladhara. Man has an option to move to N Pole via Path of Yoga (discipleships). Or man can move downward into more & more matter. There is also the Higher Equator, the Anahata, the Master then masters the higher/ & lower forces, moving w/ facility in both matter & spirit, becoming a bridge, a path for the lower beings to move from lower to higher worlds. Disciples visualize light from Sahasrara to Anahata, all lotuses /chakras lit up from below to above, crowned with a crown of Light. Om

Apps on the rise – Truth Social, Gettr, etc.
Musk’s Twitter will be competitive – CAFitts says solutions have to come from the ground up, no longer from the top down. Humanity needs to come forth now, become the grass roots World Disciple. Save our freedoms.
Social Media censorship censoring doctors helping humanity. Anyone against woke regime is being censored, this is the power given to tech companies by the government. One user at a time, we take our power back. Use social media for the Truth – broadcast on whatever one can. Listen to Dark Journalist.

Freedom hiding out.
Distorted perceptions & interpretations within 1/2 of humanity – – people getting more & more distorted in the interpretations,
not matching the reality, the truth. The Aquarian energies are accelerating people fixations, obsessions, perseverations – many get an idea & become out of control acting like lunatics (moon), women entering Catholic churches disrupting the Mass – obsessive ignorant woke crowd – the result of mind control.

In Letters on Occult Meditation – on obsession – it can happen on all three levels of the personality (physical, emotional, lower mental). Mental is the most severe for obsession. In times coming up we will be confronted with more & more obsessives our of control – it’s something we will all be confronted with – as the Shamballa Aquarius forces increase this will become more prevalent – we must be aware of this & be able to counteract this should we be confronted with it. The F/Darkness/Materialism use frequencies to manipulate the lower devas of the personality (mental, emotional which affects the physical). This is a war, a battle. It’s important to understand the process, to recognize it. They are using the frequencies on the masses of humanity now, on groups. Creating a psychosis of destruction within the minds of humanity.

Standing with the Forces of Light.
Being intelligent thru true knowledge – together here….love, Risa

Chinese character below – wisdom, bright intelligence.

Friday, May 6, 2022-9am

Purpose of the Teachings Presented Here.
Lead us O Lord
From darkness to Light.
From the unknown to the Known.
From death to Immortality.
From fear to Freedom.
From chaos to Beauty.

Knowledge, to Action, to Wisdom
Today, Friday, Ray 5, Truth comes from Ray 5.
May 6, 2022 – Cancer moon, Taurus Sun – water & earth.
Mercury/Venus – sextile – a friendly nurturing day today.

Restoring the Rule of Law.
Bringing together neighbors, restoring the family unit.
Tending to the Life Principle, to the child.
Restoring the Rule of Law.

The Wisdom Teachings
The Purpose of my Work Here on FB & NLN
Reminding everyone (which happens every now & then, reminders are needed) the purpose of & what the contents of
my posts are here & on my website, Night Light News.
This is our Esoteric Astrological Ashram & College.
It was established in 1998.
The Teachings are based on Esoteric Mystery School Wisdom Teachings (Theosophy, Esotericism, Bailey Teachings, Tibetan Buddhist teachings, Esoteric Astrological teachings.
The foundation of the Teachings is astrological, but not the astrology everyone seems to think astrology is.
This FB page is for those who want to learn the ancient Mystery School Wisdom Teachings which have as their foundation Esoteric (Soul) Astrology. I
It is not a place wherein I defend the position of the Wisdom Teachings. It is simply a place wherein the Wisdom Teachings are posted, written out, explained.

Should anyone be interested in learning, they must come to the Wisdom teachings with humility, with curiosity & with open minds & hearts. Knowing they are beginners with a beginners (which means empty of previous beliefs) mind & heart.
It is best to look back & read ALL my daily posts in the past years i& to read my Thursday’s posts on Night Light News. Should anyone attempt to question the Mystery Teachings, attempt to control the content of my posts & offer different teachings or have a sense of hubris, their posts will be eliminated. This is my school, my college. The Teachings are based on the Wisdom School Teachings. The foundation is Astrological.

In Pythagoras’s Wisdom school new students had to be silent for 3 – 5 years. They are to listen, to learn in silence & contemplation. Why is this? Because the new student has no real truth or information. And anything the new student would say would distract the minds of others who have/had been studying for years. We follow this rule of Silence with new students in our school, college & Ashram.

Should readers be interested in these teachings, you are welcome to join the daily teachings via daily readings.
Should you have the attitude of knowing more than the Wisdom Teachings offer, your words are not useful here.

I suggest to those who want to argue with me about the Teachings that they create their own FB page and write for those who have their same beliefs.

Blessings of Truth
May, for everyone, the blessings of Truth fall upon everyone, no matter what path they are on.
For myself, I have stated the Path of this FB page & my NLN website & will continue on with the Teachings as before. Sincerely, Risa

Knowledge to Action to Wisdom
Disciples are to learn, to realize, to practice, so the knowledge can stay within us. Many learn, but do not practice, thus no realization happens. Knowledge to be useful needs practice. Many have swelled heads & arrogance. This is not Wisdom. Operative knowledge becomes Wisdom. Many acquire knowledge but don’t become wise. Operational instructions of knowledge leads to permeation of Wisdom, Light & Service. Vedas say the purpose of learning is practice which leads to wisdom. Then one becomes a Server, which transforms one into the Disciple. One must bridge gap between knowledge & action. Learn, act, serve, sacrifice then Wisdom occurs.
The Disciple appears.

We vow to be wholesome & benefit all beings.
That all have happiness, free from sorrow & its causes.
Never separated from the sacred happiness.
All living in equanimity.
Creations are numberless, delusion inexhaustible we transform them. Reality is perceived. The awakened way is embodied.
We become a guard for those who need protection.
A boat, raft, bridge for those who wish to cross the flood.
We are a vase of plenty, tree of miracles.
We bring sustenance, enduring like earth & sky.
Till all beings are free from sorrow & all are awakened.
Om Om Om

Is there a point where we go “quiet?”
In this war of ideas.
People’s minds have been made up.
We will have to stand against the “crowd.”
It’s a tricky stance.
Until we are “quiet” we teach the Truth.
Then there will be a time when it is too late.
The Teachings will have been given.
And the time of the “giving” then is over.
That time is soon.
For some, this is a year of danger.

The F/Darkness (controlling the false prez & the trigger issue of R vs W) is revving people up to oppose, hate & destroy each other. We are at the phase of the revolution where the F/D are activly pitting people against each other. The film, 2000 Mules, out tomorrow. Identity politics revving up. 5G mind control occurring. People easily controlled by the untruths. We are all affected by the “swarm”. Learn to control it. This is our job now. It’s been loosed on the planet. Work on your mind. We haven’t entered the heart of the storm yet. There is a lull now. Before the next phase begins. The F/Darkness won’t stop their ceaseless attacks. Careful everyone….remain aware, knowledgeable, poised & safe. These are the times when we are being trained by the Forces of Light – Risa

Thursday, May 5, 2022- 9am

Reappearance Meditation – Weekly Rhythm.
The Tibetan tells us to live a rhythmic life.
A life of rhythm & ritual.
Rhythm assists in our entering the hidden realms of light.
Rhythms & ritual – Ray 7.
We can read more about this in the blue book, A Treatise on White Magic (Bailey).

Today – Thursday – May 12, 2022.
Thursday is Jupiter’s day – Ray 2 day.
Love/Wisdom day.
Also, in rhythm – the Reappearance Meditation Day.

Cancer (3 & 7) moon today, Taurus (4) Sun & Uranus (7).
Sun/Uranus today in Taurus – unexpected things, thoughts, events may occur with Uranus. Or revelations can suddenly reveal something hidden.
Sun/Uranus in Taurus – illumination too.

Upcoming – Preparing thru Astrology
Sunday is Mother’s day – a Leo moon day.
Prepare to offer mother everything – praise, gratitude, recognition, honor & lovely gifts of & from the heart.

Reappearance Meditation Today
Our Reappearance Meditation under Jupiter is Ray 2 of Love Wisdom.
We stand close to the Christ, at the heart of Hierarchy.
Our meditation becomes a healing for all those in need.
In the light of our Soul, we say to the Christ….

“People of goodwill can come together to make things better.”
These are good words.
The NGWS are aware of how Goodwill is created in humanity.
We align with the Will-to-Good (Ray1 into Ray 2).
And radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity.
And then the Will-to-Good becomes Goodwill in humanity.
Understanding this “precipitation” is the task of all Disciples.

Today – our Thursday rhythms.
Reciting the Reappearance Mantram with the Christ.

Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
We join the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis…
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare humanity’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the One Life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.
Om Om Om

Wednesday , May 4, 2022- 9am

Look into this today – a film
2000 Mules – by Dinesh D’Sousa.
Be up to date on all that’s important to know.
In order to make Right Choices.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022- 9am

Cypress branch held over an Urn.
A story – a death & a choice.
Tuesday, May 3, 2022 – Mars day today.

A Cypress branch held over an Urn.
(Esoteric Psychology 1, 238/9)
– the Animal Kingdom, a Spiritual Perspective.
Animal Kingdom – 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence, Adapability.

A story – Coco leaping into heaven.
Coco, our Ashram brindle dog, after a long illness, took her last breath this morning at 4:30am. Her heart stopped beating. Coco was found in Hohenwald, Tennessee (south of Nashville), 13 years ago, a puppy that had been abused & continual trying to cross Hwy 412. Day after day, hour after hour, she would cross back & forth Hwy 412, filled with big trucks & fast-moving cars, traveling east to west, west to east. We were concerned for her, this tiny little creature, seeking refuge, care & companionship constantly crossing the highway. After much discussion, and seeing how ill this little creature was, at the end of our travels (a conference with Catherine Austin Fitts) we put her in the car, set her in the back seat & brought her home. Later, taking her to the vet, he said he didn’t know if she would make it. But she did. She did make it. And gradually she began to thrive living with those who cared for her, living in the Ashram. From her first day with us, she was always at our feet during morning meditation. Now, after her many years with us, she is leaping over the Rainbow Bridge, from earth to heaven, leaping like a deer into the heavenly realms.
During Coco’s illness, we continued each day the same rhythms & processes within the Ashram. Coco at our feet. Out of the feet of the humans, there is the Animal Will. Remember the washing of the feet of the Christ. Remember the Christ washing the feet of the Disciples. From the feet comes devotion, comes the will. Esotericists are to learn how to work with the will/Will – the Soul (2) working with the Monad (1) – the Shamballa Force (1) which is the force coming into the Earth (3) from the Buddha during Wesak.

The Secrets of the Kingdoms of Nature
The animal kingdom – the secret of following the scent.
Symbolic – a bunch of cypress over a funeral urn.
The Science – Devotion (Ray 6) upward & forward.
The Animal Kingdom & the Rays – Ray 3 – Adaptability & Instinct & Ray 6 – Devotion & Domesticity.
The Animal Kingdom (our physical bodies are our animal selves) is the “mother” aspect, prior to the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit (when our physical bodies were imbued with intelligence).

Animals & Humans
Domestic animals are impressed with ideas & with love & intelligence by humans. When the door opens into the human kingdom, these “impressed” will be ready to become human. And so when the door opens for the animal kingdom to become human, those who live & work (dog, cat, horse, elephant, water buffalo) closely with humanity are prepared to become human.

Through the years in our Group – 25 years – we have dealt with our mothers’ deaths, our fathers’ death & the death of our animal. Each death helps our group evolve – Our Group is Scorpio Virgo.

In ancient times, when a child in a community was seen hurting the animal kingdom, the child was placed in an animal hospital, their task being to tend to the suffering & care of the animal kingdom. As the child works with the suffering animals, the child learns compassion, care & love.

We are in Scorpio south node, Taurus north node. Taurus stabilizes. Scorpio brings us into the depths of death, so that we can transform, become a phoenix, & in the fire, the burning ground of sorrow, we are transformed.

The Supreme Court & Roe Vs Wade
Well, last night on the news – the preliminary decision about R/W was Leaked. Leaks concerning the SC decisions have never happened. More indications that our present system of governance (controlled by the globalists) is fractured. Anyway, the preliminary decision is that R/W (abortion) would be a decision given to the states & no longer the Federal government’s decision. This is PRELIMINARY. The decision could change.
In the past, SC decision are given at the end of June. So this is a leaked preliminary statement. The results? More & more polarization in our country between those who believe in abortion (women’s choice) & those who don’t (focus on Life, Livingness, and the Life Principle in the fetus). Spiritual, abortion is not about the mother & her choice (a personality focus). The Soul focus is about the Live & livingness & the Life principle growing within the mother.

One choice is personality choice, the other is the Soul choice – a Knowingness about Life.
Two levels of awareness – one limited, one expanded.
One physical, one spiritual. A choice for each of us.
Humanity itself needs to understand Life & Livingness & the Life Principle. When humanity learns & understands the Life Principle, there will be no need for abortions. Pregnancy will be a conscious act. The SC ruling will create uprising & an uproar. Disciples will listen & observe with intelligence.

Today – Tuesday – Mars day – Ray 6 day –
May 3, 2022 – Mars asks us what will we do today? What actions
Will we perform? Why. What are our desires, our aspirations?

Sun in Taurus coming into a conjunction with Uranus (Thursday).
Watching the news – what will be revealed, what light will shine forth new information. What will be revealed with the Sun/Uranus Light of Taurus. We listen & observe. love, Risa

Monday, May 2, 2022- 8am

The Journey – from darkness to Light.
Taurus Sun, Gemini moon, Monday, May 2, 2022.
Next Tuesday, Mercury retrogrades at 5 Gemini.
Venus enters Aries tonight – an interesting transit.
From Scorpio to Leo, the tail of the serpent ascends.
From Aries to Libra, the tail descends.
The eye of the bull is the 3rd eye.
The Eye is in Taurus. the tip of the serpent is a column of consciousness,- a Rod within the body.
With 7 chakras.
The Seven lamps in the body.
The Seven lotuses.
The Shushumna.

The power of God is our consciousness, the Soul.
Above the 3rd eye is the energy of Aqurius – energy flows from higher circles to Aquarius to the 3rd eye – here we create works of goodwill & subtly destroy ignorance.

One is always linked to God. From the bulls eye to tip of spine there is a bridge. In the Initiate it is a straight line. For others is it is in the shape of a Z – one prevails in the darkness.
Until Z is straightened, the path is hidden.
A transformation must occur.

Meditating on the 7 centers. Feel the rod as diamond light, as I Am. We meditate upon this rod. Then we are transformed into light. The Z form is the curved path – It is like a swastika – which means one bestows the bliss of transformation. The Z becomes a straight line thru the path of yoga (many levels to yoga – from physical to devotional to raja yoga – & one foundational yoga is the study of astrology).

Three Crosses – worldly man, disciple, Master. Three levels. The path of ascension from mutable to fixed to cardinal cross. Meditation and study opens the path. Z to A. O to Aries. The path unfolds. Om.

EA (337-338)
Scorpio-Taurus.—The final victory of soul over form. Death and darkness demonstrate as life and light as the result of this energy relationship. The dark night of the soul becomes the radiant Sun.

Sometimes the dark night of the Soul is so difficult, that people don’t make it through. However, the dark night of the Soul finally ends. It’s a purification process. Should everyone understand astrology, which is a timing mechanism….one knows when this time of purification begins & ends. One day, after this process, the Sun begins to shine again. Risa

Thangka – The Journey – Follow the elephant. Note the transformation.

The Chart – note where all the planets are located –

Sunday, May 1, 2022- 9am

Crowning Mary with Flowers – Mary, the Earth, the Mother.
Bright Fire – Beltane – Bel – Sun God.
The honoring of Life itself, the livingness in Springtime.
Night Light News is updated – it’s about Beltane.

May Day – the first day of May –
The May Queen (Flora) & the May Kind (Jack in the Green), fall in love. They marry – it is the Sacred Marriage (or Heiros Gamos).
It is the union of Earth and Sky, a union re-enacted by humans throughout the centuries. A brilliant moment of Light & Life & Fire in the Wheel of the Year.
The Maypole, ribbons woven in a pattern, dancing.
Flowers & floral wreaths, May baskets filled with flowers, scones, & Goodwill.

In the Catholic Church Mary, the Mother of the World is crowned today. The May Queen crowns Mary with flowers.

Today, Sunday, May 1, 2022, is Beltane.
Bel – the name of the Sun in Celtic mythology.
It’s a Sun festival & a fire festival –
A purification ceremony – passing thru the two fires
set in the meadows, one is purified.

Cross quarter day between spring & summer.

Taurus (comfort, beauty) Sun & moon today.

Venus (5) sextile Pluto (1) – (Pisces & Capricorn).
Water & Earth –
– sextiles are harmonious & friendly.
60 degrees apart – the elements work well together.
The elements are friendly –

Night Light news is posted – all about Beltane.
Fires lit in the Ashram garden…..

The word ‘Beltane’ originates from the Celtic God ‘Bel’, meaning ‘the bright one’ and the Gaelic word ‘teine’ meaning fire. Together they make ‘Bright Fire’, or ‘Goodly Fire’ and traditionally bonfires were lit to honour the Sun and encourage the support of Bel and the Sun’s light to nurture the emerging future harvest and protect the community. Bel had to be won over through human effort. Traditionally all fires in the community were put out and a special fire was kindled for Beltane.

Things to do for Beltane

This is the Great Wedding day in nature. We dress in our best, especially in green, and wear a flower crown.

Remain outside all night, gathering the green, watch the stars & the sunrise and wash the face in the morning dew.

Conceive a new project, consider a new idea, & take the first step in its activation. Ask the fairies & devas and angels for help.

Dress one’s home and/or altar with greenery – especially with hawthorn, rowan and birch branches. Thank nature for their gifts offered.

Sit with & honor a tree.
This is the perfect time to communicate w/ & celebrate a tree. Especially a hawthorn, rowan or birch – the tree spirit will welcome your attention. Sit with it, talk to it, dance around it (maypole), honour the tree and its gifts. Hang ribbons from its branches, each ribbon representing a wish or prayer.

Flowers – This is the festival of Flora. Make a flower crown to wear – Make a flower basket. fill it with Beltane greenery, flowers and herbs. Think about, and honour, their magical and healing properties.. Give it someone you love.

Make Hawthorn Brandy. You will need a bottle of brandy and at least one cup of hawthorn flowers, plus a little sugar to taste. Mix the ingredients together and leave away from direct light, for at least two weeks. Shake occasionally. Strain, bottle and enjoy. Hawthorn is renowned as a tonic for the heart.

Trees of Beltane
Hawthorn is a deeply magical tree and is one of the three trees at the heart of the Celtic Tree Alphabet, the Faery Triad, ‘by Oak, Ash and Thorn’. Traditionally Beltane began when the Hawthorn, the May, blossomed. It is the tree of fertility and is the classic flower to decorate a Maypole with. It was both worn and used to decorate the home at Beltane.

Birch is regarded as a feminine tree and Deities associated with Birch are love and fertility goddesses. It is one of the first trees to show its leaf in Spring. Eostre/Ostara, the Celtic goddess of Spring was celebrated in festivities by dancing around and through the birch tree between the Spring Equinox and Beltane. Birch twigs were traditionally used to make new brooms that sweeps clean the home. Maypoles were often made from birch and birch wreaths were given as lover’s gifts.

A tree of protection and healing. Branches of Rowan were placed as protection over the doors of houses and barns at Beltane to protect from increased Faery activity as they woke from their winter slumber. Sprigs were worn for protection also. Rowan berries have a tiny five-pointed star on the bottom reminiscent of the pentagram.

So much to do to honor the nature kingdom – the kingdom that is most balanced & most beautiful. Nature, Earth is Ray 3 -embedded with intelligence. It is the Mother.

Mary we crown thee with blossoms today…
Dedicated to my Mother – the Queen of May.
Music –
love, Risa

Sunday, May 1, 2022- 9am

Crowning Mary with Flowers – Mary, the Earth, the Mother.
Bright Fire – Beltane – Bel – Sun God.
The honoring of Life itself, the livingness in Springtime.
Night Light News is updated – it’s about Beltane.

May Day – the first day of May –
The May Queen (Flora) & the May Kind (Jack in the Green), fall in love. They marry – it is the Sacred Marriage (or Heiros Gamos).
It is the union of Earth and Sky, a union re-enacted by humans throughout the centuries. A brilliant moment of Light & Life & Fire in the Wheel of the Year.
The Maypole, ribbons woven in a pattern, dancing.
Flowers & floral wreaths, May baskets filled with flowers, scones, & Goodwill.

In the Catholic Church Mary, the Mother of the World is crowned today. The May Queen crowns Mary with flowers.

Today, Sunday, May 1, 2022, is Beltane.
Bel – the name of the Sun in Celtic mythology.
It’s a Sun festival & a fire festival –
A purification ceremony – passing thru the two fires
set in the meadows, one is purified.

Cross quarter day between spring & summer.

Taurus (comfort, beauty) Sun & moon today.

Venus (5) sextile Pluto (1) – (Pisces & Capricorn).
Water & Earth –
– sextiles are harmonious & friendly.
60 degrees apart – the elements work well together.
The elements are friendly –

Night Light news is posted – all about Beltane.
Fires lit in the Ashram garden…..

The word ‘Beltane’ originates from the Celtic God ‘Bel’, meaning ‘the bright one’ and the Gaelic word ‘teine’ meaning fire. Together they make ‘Bright Fire’, or ‘Goodly Fire’ and traditionally bonfires were lit to honour the Sun and encourage the support of Bel and the Sun’s light to nurture the emerging future harvest and protect the community. Bel had to be won over through human effort. Traditionally all fires in the community were put out and a special fire was kindled for Beltane.

Things to do for Beltane

This is the Great Wedding day in nature. We dress in our best, especially in green, and wear a flower crown.

Remain outside all night, gathering the green, watch the stars & the sunrise and wash the face in the morning dew.

Conceive a new project, consider a new idea, & take the first step in its activation. Ask the fairies & devas and angels for help.

Dress one’s home and/or altar with greenery – especially with hawthorn, rowan and birch branches. Thank nature for their gifts offered.

Sit with & honor a tree.
This is the perfect time to communicate w/ & celebrate a tree. Especially a hawthorn, rowan or birch – the tree spirit will welcome your attention. Sit with it, talk to it, dance around it (maypole), honour the tree and its gifts. Hang ribbons from its branches, each ribbon representing a wish or prayer.

Flowers – This is the festival of Flora. Make a flower crown to wear – Make a flower basket. fill it with Beltane greenery, flowers and herbs. Think about, and honour, their magical and healing properties.. Give it someone you love.

Make Hawthorn Brandy. You will need a bottle of brandy and at least one cup of hawthorn flowers, plus a little sugar to taste. Mix the ingredients together and leave away from direct light, for at least two weeks. Shake occasionally. Strain, bottle and enjoy. Hawthorn is renowned as a tonic for the heart.

Trees of Beltane
Hawthorn is a deeply magical tree and is one of the three trees at the heart of the Celtic Tree Alphabet, the Faery Triad, ‘by Oak, Ash and Thorn’. Traditionally Beltane began when the Hawthorn, the May, blossomed. It is the tree of fertility and is the classic flower to decorate a Maypole with. It was both worn and used to decorate the home at Beltane.

Birch is regarded as a feminine tree and Deities associated with Birch are love and fertility goddesses. It is one of the first trees to show its leaf in Spring. Eostre/Ostara, the Celtic goddess of Spring was celebrated in festivities by dancing around and through the birch tree between the Spring Equinox and Beltane. Birch twigs were traditionally used to make new brooms that sweeps clean the home. Maypoles were often made from birch and birch wreaths were given as lover’s gifts.

A tree of protection and healing. Branches of Rowan were placed as protection over the doors of houses and barns at Beltane to protect from increased Faery activity as they woke from their winter slumber. Sprigs were worn for protection also. Rowan berries have a tiny five-pointed star on the bottom reminiscent of the pentagram.

So much to do to honor the nature kingdom – the kingdom that is most balanced & most beautiful. Nature, Earth is Ray 3 -embedded with intelligence. It is the Mother.

Mary we crown thee with blossoms today…
Dedicated to my Mother – the Queen of May.
Music –
love, Risa

Saturday, April 30, 2022- 11am

Click Here to Listen to Today’s New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation:


New Moon Solar Eclipse – Taurus
Radiating the Light to Humanity & the Kingdoms.
Our Radiance Mantram at the new moon solar eclipse
Taurus day today.
Saturday, Saturn’s day – Ray 3 Day.
New Moon, solar eclipse – 10 degrees Taurus.
Venus Jupiter at 27 Pisces.
Where are these degrees in everyone’s chart?
Beneficence & radiance?

We are experiencing an intensity of Light this week –
Solar flares.
Pluto stationing retrograde in Cap (28 degrees) yesterday.
Pluto is the Soul ruler of Pisces.
And today Venus/Jupiter in Pisces.
Venus Jupiter & Neptune (ruler of Pisces) associated with the plant kingdom (emphasized at this time – having to do with food, agriculture, etc.).
Very potent energies – with the solar eclipse & flares.
Disciples, knowing these things, remain observing & poised.

Reciting the Radiance Mantram
(the Light of the new Taurus moon becomes the “waters of life for thirsty humanity”.
It contains information humanity seeks)
The Light of Illumination.

Taurus keynote – “I see, & when the Ajna (Eye) is open….all is Light.” And this light of Taurus transforms & uplifts all that it comes into contact with.


Radiance Mantram – Radiating of the Taurus Light

Together, wherever we are, and also from within the Ashram, in vocal unison as a group, facing the world & Humanity, radiating the Light from our Ajna centers (middle of the forehead, our center of Direction), we say together…

“Radiance we are and power.
We stand forever with our hands stretched out,
Linking the heavens and the earth,
The inner world of meaning
And the subtle world of glamour.

We reach into the Light and bring it down to meet the need.
We reach into the silent Place
And bring from thence the gift of understanding.

Thus with the light we work
And turn the darkness into day.
And turn the darkness into day”
(from Glamour: A World Problem, p. 232-233)

Solar Logos = the Sun’s messages.
Contacting the Earth & her kingdoms.
X 1.1 flare this morning.
Two M flares last night.
One X flare this morning (6:42am west coast time).
Flares are electrical.
The devas in our bodies, electrical, are affected when we have flares.
Amazed during the three festival months increase in solar activity
During our morning meditation, it began at 8:42, peaked at 1.1.
Solar flares -a communication from the Sun, Solar Logos.
Electrical. It affects the devas within our bodies.
It’s special during this new moon day to have an x flare.
It’s an Invocation/Evocation.
The odds of the x flare – it was predicted as 1% today.
So this x flare was unexpected.
On this new moon, solar eclipse day.

The Tibetan says meditation is the single most creative event.
It falls under the 3rd aspect, has to do with the devas.
A communication between higher devas (Sun) & lunar devas (in our bodies).
It happened during our creative meditation this morning in the Ashram.
A communication happened.
Continuing today. New Moon solar eclipse Taurus day.

Usually we are very structured.
But as the Venus/Jupiter in Pisces occurs in a new moon (new seeding,
New dedication, etc.) solar eclipse…we don’t know how the day will unfold.

Taurus – Ray 4.
Venus, Vulcan, Vulcan.
Vulcan is the husband of Venus.
Fashioning the lead of our personality into the gold chalice of the Soul.

Mother’s Day is next Sunday.
The importance of the Mother. Her significance.
Mother/daughter relationship – lineage.
Relationship to the devas. To the Pleiades.

We are electrical beings.
The devas are electrical.
Our world is electrical.
We live in an electrical universe.
Electricity is a mystery.

Increased activity (Shamballa Force) during the Three Spring festivals.
The Solar Logos communicating with Earth & her kingdoms.

Connecting with the NGWS –
Those working with the Plan.
Nationals reconstructing our real government.
They are part of the NGWS working tirelessly
In our country – for freedom.

Taurus Light – the Illuminating Light on the Path.
Standing together within this Light on this Path. Risa

Friday, April 29, 2022- 8am

Life As Art (Ray 4).
Taurus & Scorpio & Mercury & Humanity (descending from heavenly places & entering into the Earth becoming warriors) –
– all are Ray 4. Art is Ray 4.
Life as Beauty – Disciples lifting the kingdoms to the Kings of Beauty. Every day.
Life as a Magic Box.
Life as unspeakably worthwhile.
It’s wonder, it pain, its unspeakable magical moments.
Magic is embedded in Life itself in the & Earth & her kingdoms.
(books by J. Pintauro) (four books) (
The Magic Box (autumn)
The Rabbit Box (spring).
The Box of Sun (summer).
The Peace Box (winter)
The Magic Box. The Rainbow Box.

Disciples are Magic. White Magicians.
The Kingdom is colorful. A Rainbow of Rays.

Today, Friday, Venus’s (5) day.
A magical Friday (as are all days – magical).
Venus rules Fridays – Ray 5 of intelligent real & true science
& the gathering of real & true knowledge.
Knowledge leads to wisdom – Jupiter to Pallas Athena.
Mental to Buddhic. Atmic to Monadic to Logoic.
Realms above.

Friday today – April 29, 2022.
Pluto (1) retrogrades – we turn internally to a deep level of contemplation for the purpose of transformation & transmutation. We all become Persephone once again.

Aries (1 & 7) moon today, a late afternoon v/c for three hours.
Then the moon enters stabilizing Taurus (4) – the LIght on the Path, the point of Light emerging from Aries, offering the area of Light Control. Light from the radiating Ajna begins – transforming everything in its Path.

Mercury (4) enters Gemini (2) today – a coming home for Mercury (ruler of Gemini, Aries, 1 & 7 (Soul ruler), Virgo, 2 & 6 (personality ruler) & Scorpio, 4 (spiritual ruler – esoteric astrology). The kingdom is colorful today with the many Rays shifting & changing the color spectrum.

Tomorrow & Sunday.
tomorrow – solar eclipse at the new moon.
10 degrees Taurus.
Venus & Jupiter join together in Pisces.
An auspicious day indeed.

Sunday – Beltane – cross quarter day.
Between spring & summer.
In the Ashram Garden the narcissus have replaced the daffodils.
Venus sextiles Pluto – we are given a respite in the underworld.
Venus clothes us with knowledge & understanding.
This helps transform us.

Life, with its unspeakable beauty, is the magical realm where
humanity transforms itself & learns the Path of Beauty which is the Path homeward. Risa

Thursday, April 28, 2022- 9am

Reappearance Meditation.
April 28, 2022 – Thursday, Jupiter’s day. Ray 2 day.
Mercury trine Pluto (Taurus/Capricorn).
Trines are harmonious. Lifting us up to the higher realms.
Reappearance Meditation today.
Our Reappearance Meditation under Jupiter is Ray 2 of Love Wisdom.
We stand close to the Christ, at the heart of Hierarchy.
Our meditation becomes a healing for all those in need.
In the light of our Soul, we say to the Christ.

“People of Goodwill can come together to make things better.”
These are good words said by a great One.
The NGWS are aware of how Goodwill is created in humanity.
We align with the Will-to-Good (Ray1 into Ray 2).
And radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity.
And then the Will-to-Good becomes Goodwill in humanity.
Understanding this “precipitation” is the task of all Disciples.

Today – our Thursday rhythms.
Night Light News is updated –
And we recite the Reappearance Mantram with the Christ.
Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Join the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis…


Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare humanity’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the One Life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Meditation & Teachings
All forms of nature evolve & find fulfillment in the form of man (the thinker). In the path of self realization 2 steps are conceived. All mundane forms eventually achieve the form of man.
The forms of varieties of beings all become man (thinkers).
Below man, there is no thinking.
Man is the Thinker, self conscious, endowed with will by nature.
Then man must conduct his own evolution. Nature ceases to play leading role. When one becomes man, one is mature enough to conduct itself in its further evolution. Free will & Freedom are the gifts of man – & these must be used with knowledge, growing in knowledge. Or man will fall. Man enters inferior forms when not availing one’s opportunities.
These are not privileges.
These are responsibilities.
Man sometimes falls thru ignorances & irresponsibilities. The responsible one follows the path of knowledge of Goodness, of Kindness. This is like the eagle, flying in higher skies. Knowledge leads one to higher states of mind then to the Buddhic Light which is like a golden mantle protecting man.
Man in the Buddhic plane then experiences Brahman, Atman, the Truth, God. All realized ones come back to help fellow beings. These are the Sons of God who stand out with service sacrifice alignment with God. Abraham was one such who carried the Word of God for fellow beings. There have been many after Abraham. All wearing the mantle of Golden Knowledge.
Living in the Golden Temple.

This is our Golden Temple of Learning. Learning how to be Bodhisattvas together. Gratitude for our Work together here.
love, Risa

Body as Golden Temple

Wednesday, April 27, 2022- 9am

Many Things to Read Today, many realities, thoughts, etc.
And thoughts about Astrology.
Mercury’s day today – lots of information offered.
Ray 4 day today – Mercury’s day – Wednesday, April 27, 2022.
A golden yellow day – Ray 4.
Harmony emerging Thru Conflict day today.
Taurus Sun, Aries moon.
Mercury sextiles Jupiter (Taurus/Pisces).
Venus/Neptune (Pisces).
A most auspicious beneficient day today.

All ’round development, ardent development. Art-full development. Man developing becomes a Master. Life has many dimensions – man must grow in all dimensions, fulfilling all experiences, knowing the world, feel its limitations. Not philosophizing. This is unreality & the path of denial. Yoga instead is needed, experiencing all aspects of life, from mundane to super mundane to the experience of the self/Self – the Atman. Yoga suggests everything in comfort. No self denial. The path of Raja Yoga respects the will of everyone – free will – analyzing at all times – is this for the Good? Or not? Walking the path unhurriedly unfolding all petals of every etheric center.
All petals must unfold. Man needs to live all physical emotional mental buddhic (4th plane on Constitution of Man) experiences in form & matter. Aspirants are often too quick thinking they can do away with the world. This is not real. The Yoga of Synthesis tells us we must develop by experiencing all aspects of life ardently, mastering all experiences, being artistic in experiencing.
One acts dresses lives, love, serve, cooks, sleeps, etc. well – artistically.
All round development – ardent & art-full development. Then the Advent of the Master – man becomes Master.

A happy birthday party in our Ashram today.
For a Taurus in our Esoteric Group.
It’s quite like Wesak, a Taurus birthday.
The Light of Taurus transforms & uplifts everything & everyone with whom the Taurus light comes in contact.

Astrology – its study is the key to understanding ourselves & our evolution. Astrology study is the externalization of the energies we all live within. No one can unwind the chart fully except each of us. As we consciously study our charts, the chart’s energies & wisdom unfolds for us. This is the 12 petals that unfold within us. Everything is about the Mother – Earth as Mother. Everything is Mother/Daughter, Father/Son. All relationships have to do with this original relationship. Heaven as Father. Earth as Mother. Humanity living in between – thus becoming the Sun/Son – the center of the Vesica Piscis. Astrology is so much bigger than the geo political issues we live within. Unfolding the template of our astrology charts is the foundation of understand our identity, bringing the unconsciousness within ourselves to the Light of Consciousness. This is the foundation of the new culture & civilizaiton. The energies in our charts, the astrological chart, reflecting the heavens is our roadmap. Without the knowledge of astrology we cannot understand ourselves or our world. Astrology is the foundation of our Ashram & our studies here. Knowing astrology we then are able to “do our parts in the world together more effectively.” Knowing astrology provides an essential healing for each of us. Astrology breaks thru the chiron wounds & offers us a pathway from the unknown to the known, from fear to freedom, from darkness to light, from death to immortality, from chaos to Beauty. Lifting up the kingdoms of earth to the Kings of Beauty.

Note: Restriction of food has to do with the Mother, as the Mother gives sustenance to the child & the family. Another way the Forces of Materialism attacking the feminine, the Mother. Destroying the mother thru weather manipulation, destruction of crops, GMO, etc. Destroying the devas, the mother, the 3rd aspect, which makes up the building aspect of the Mother (earth).

Desire & Aspiration & Taurus.
The Forces of Light call humanity to aspire to create new forms that benefit humanity. F/Light = desire towards Life & Immortality.

The Forces of Darkness – their desire is to destroy humanity, their desire has to do with death & destruction.

One is desire for Life & Livingness.
The other desire for death.

Electrical Phenomena = birth & death.
Taurus rules the animal kingdom.
There is a sacredness in the animal kingdom.
It is the 3rd Aspect – Divine Intelligence in the animal kingdom.
There is a sacredness in tending to the animal kingdom.
The 3rd aspect, Ray 3, Divine Intelligence. Earth is Ray 3.
Ray 3 is the electrical charge of livingness within matter.
Birth & death in the Ashram.
Our dog Coco is now in the process of transmuting.
She has participated in the meditations in our Ashram for 15 years. She has come to the end of her life here on Earth.
And we are tending & caring for her in her process of transition.
The transition of life & death is a most sacred time.
The Ashram is for all the kingdoms.
We, humanity are the “gods” of the kingdoms – animal, plant, mineral.
The spiritual will within us is in our hands.
The animal will is in the feet.
Coco lays at our feet. She is at ease, awake, aware.
Her “part” almost over.

Virgo – their task has to do with the animal kingdom.
The animal kingdom follows the circadian rhythm.
Humans tending to the animal kingdom must also follow the circadian rhythms – this is the detailed order & rhythm of Virgo.
Most important rhythm for the body of both animal & man.
This too is astrology.

Group Chart – Saturn in Taurus in natural Virgo house, trine North Node in Virgo conjunct Soul ruler Mars & midheaven Virgo w/ Soul ruler in the 10th. Mother is key. Saturn in Taurus trine North Node in Virgo. This is the energy of our Group here. (charts posted later in comments).
love, Risa

Tuesday, April 26, 2022- 9am

Lake, Lotus. Upcoming. Food Supply, etc.
Tuesday, April 26, 2022 – Mars guides us today.
Mars is Ray 6 – desire, aspiration, vision, dedication to the Plan & Purpose of God. Also the 9 tests of Scorpio.
Today – Pisces Moon – Taurus Sun – water & earth.
Earth is precipitated water.

Upcoming – Friday Pluto retrogrades, 28.36 Capricorn to 26.07 Capricorn – till October 7th.

Saturday – solar eclipse – new moon in Taurus – 10.28 Taurus.
Venus joins Jupiter in Pisces.
We can see these two planets in the early morning before dawn.

Sunday – Beltane – cross quarter day – between spring & summer.

Meditation – our visualizations.
Lake – lotus – the seven fold one, the lotus of creation with beings who are seven fold. The lake of waters is the basis of all.
A pulsating principle in the lotus. A beetle is in the middle, singing the song of SoHam. Man is the beetle, singing the song of the beetle in the heart, which becomes magnetized. This is a meditation suggesting being in the huge lotus of creation a seven fold lotus, hearing the sounds, the life waves of creation. Gaining in depth listening, the song becomes OM. This needs to be practices. Om resides in the heart. Personality falls away. Soul only remains. The Soul is the path – inhalation, exhlation. So inward. Ham outward. Singing the song of SoHam – in out in out. An interlude between in & out. Listening to heart pulsation – a double action of unfolding & folding back. A double sound is heard. Attuning regularly we find an even deeper interlude, the Shushumna** – the inner consciousness of OM – the inner pure consciousness – it is life & awareness, the original identity of man. The inner man. The outer man is the shadow. Man just regain his original identity – the Son of God, God walking in the form of man. The soul beetle adjust in the lake of life. All is attuned to the Lake of Life. Lotus in the lake. Man in the Lotus. God appears. Om

**Shushumna (सुषुम्णा, suṣumṇā “very gracious”, “kind”) runs along the spinal cord in the center, through the seven chakras. When the channels are unblocked by the action of yoga, the energy of kundalini uncoils and rises up the sushumna from the base of the spine.

Food & Land
We need to have land for the times to come.
To plant our gardens. Not just victory gardens – individual gardens. But community, neighborhood gardens.
Food shortages are looming.
The famous quote – to control the people, control the food supply (Kissinger).
If we know there is a food shortage….what de we each need to do? It cannot be done individually. Communities & cooperative need to form now. We are at the doorstep of shortages of food, water & fertilizer. What does everyone think of this situation?
The government is part of the globalists agenda, therefore participating in this agenda of shortages. It is planned obsolescence. Planned & purposeful.

We need to be landed & we need to truly own our land.
For the times to come.
Anna V Reitz last night did beginner information.
Listen to weekly webinars – live.

Taurus – the sign that knows the future & prepares
for that future….Risa

Monday, April 25, 2022- 9am

Morning Planets –
Venus & Jupiter – begin watching now early mornings.
Monday – April 25, 2022.
Pisces Moon, Taurus Sun.
Water & Earth – a good combination.
The saving grace & the illumination.
That saves the world. Om.
The serpent sits in the lotus.

Involutionary & Evolutionary path of consciousness. Nara, the etheric waters. Movement of space waters in the path into matter & path of return. Nara – unliminted space waters – moving hither & thither, right & left, the lotus of creation takes birth – a seven fold lotus. The serpent the kundilini 3 1qualities, 5 elements – a lotus at the center moving within space waters. Individual drops of water in the lotus also move in rhythm to the universal waters. Lotus dance, drops of water move – a dance is conducted. Being attuned to this enjoy the dance. We visualize ourselves in a lotus with others, gently moving with the lotus – right & left, a gentle movement. This is the kundalini awareness. We gain poise with ease. This meditation is like listening to the lyre of apollo, veena of Narada & the flute of Lord Krishna.
A serpent sits in lotus, dancing on ripples of the waters of life.
The serpent is the kundalini.
We are aware of this. A rhythmic rocking to & fro….
Building poise within us. Awareness. We understand.

Sunday, April 24, 2022- 12pm

Note from Risa –
Catherine Austin Fitts & Foster Gamble.
Saturday’s interview with Catherine Austin Fitts – it was a special show. Take notes everyone!

To watch the show for the first time or again or to share it with others – the replay is now available for free on this link:

Sunday, April 24, 2022- 10am

Pie Auction
A Story – Sunday, April 24, 2022.
Aquarius moon – community eating together.
Mercury square Saturn, Mercury sextile Neptune.
Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces.
A structure so humanity can come together, form a spiritual bond. – the Pie Auction.

Pie Auction in the Midwest – to support local fire department
We live in a village far away from town, down a dirt road. The village was a previous seminary. All around us in the woods are wild birds. Especially one called the sparrow hawk.
The sparrow hawk is a small hawk that flies through the trees along the river which is behind where we live.
The village has a top & a bottom.
People live at the top of the mountain & people live at the bottom. The mountain is called Cherokee Mountain. The Cherokee people come to this land & hunt deer and fish in the river. The fish are catfish. Restaurants in the towns of this Midwest city feature catfish & hush puppies.

Our house is at the bottom of the mountain, at the end of a dirt road. Veering off the dirt road, one can walk down to the river. Sometimes it rains a lot. When that happens the river floods. We can then see the river rushing by in the meadow behind our house. We can hear it too. Brown, muddy, fast moving, powerful sound.

The village we live in was at first created to be a seminary and community, led by a spiritual teacher. The seminary lasted for about 25 years. People from all over the country came to study. Some stayed & built houses to live in & to house students. The seminary was a school of Christian & esoteric & new age teachings. I was invited to come to this seminary & teach, which I did with a coworker. We taught for many years. In the meantime, the village grew eventually created its own fire department & became its own water district. The villagers built a community center, planted trees & grew gardens.

The seminary is closed now. The seminary land & buildings are gone. But the village itself & the houses remain. Many of the original people have left. New people have come in, bought the houses. They like the fact that the village is out of town (12 miles away), near a river & on a mountain.

We live in the woods. From the village to the town we pass ranches with cows, horses, meadows, fields of wild zinnias in the summer. We drive along the river. In the summer this area, because of the river, becomes a resort town.


In the village, to maintain the finances needed for an independent fire department we have a pie auction each year in March or April. People bring their “pies” to the community center, write out cards with their names, addresses & the “pie” ingredients & place their “pies” on the long tables for people to look at, assess, peruse & choose.

At first people in the village just brought fruit pies to the auction – sweet, home-made pies, old fashioned pies – apple, berry, blueberry, cherry, key lime pies (some with meringue, some with whipped cream). Over the years the idea of “pie” expanded to mean other foods – brownies, cakes, puddings and cookies. And then to savory pies (pizza pie, chicken, beef & turkey pot pie) and then for the more organic & vegan among us – to salads!

Then, 10 years ago, something new appeared and it has has become the pie auction’s piece de resistance – two complete Turkey dinners!

The auction begins at 5:30pm, Sunday night – tonight, April 24.
There is a real auctioneer who auctions off the “pies.”
Some reach up to hundreds of dollars.
People then can “sell” pieces of their “pies”.
People pay a dollar for a piece.
Some people make the auction their family dinner.
Buying several “pies” (savory & sweet), making it a dining out affair.
It’s fun, loud, competitive, hilarious and delicious.
Especially when there’s free ice cream & coffee with real cream.

The Turkey dinner is what I (our household) make(s) each year.
Two turkey breasts/legs stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, cranberry sauce & cole slaw.
Just like my mother’s turkey dinners.
Everything is homemade (even the cranberries), everything organic.
People here in the village now expect it.
The men especially love the turkey dinner.
I/we make two turkey dinners.
One year I added a blueberry pie.
“Blueberry pie in search of Whipped Cream” I called it.

I am writing this in the morning of the Pie Auction.
I have lists & lists of ingredients, timing of when to make each part of the dinner.
I call our Turkey Dinner A Meal of Gratitude from the Ashram Kitchen. Made with Gratitude.
Below are some recipes from our Ashram Kitchen.
I wish you could join us. Someday that will happen.
Cooking together in the Ashram. Love, Risa

Some Recipes
(no measurements)

Stuffing for Turkey or Chicken
Sour dough bread & cornbread (cubed, slow oven dried).
Sausage & grass-fed beef – sauté with chopped onions, bell pepper, celery. Sauté in ghee & olive oil.
Add chopped water chestnuts, apples, walnuts or almonds.
Add dried cranberries.
Add eggs, chicken stock. Salt & pepper.
Sage, thyme & parsley.
Mix. Bake in well oiled baking dish alongside (not in) turkey.

Cranberry sauce.
1 bag frozen cranberries, zest of orange, orange juice, ½ c sugar, dash of salt. Simmer till cranberries pop. Taste.

Cole Slaw
White & red cabbage chopped fine.
Bell pepper, green onions, celery.
Olive oil, cider or rice vinegar, salt & pepper.

Place intentional Love in all the dishes.
Sing to the foods. Chanting Om into each dish.
Then they become healing foods from the Ashram. love, Risa

Saturday, April 23, 2022- 10am

Color – an elevator of color.
Saturday, Saturn’s day – Ray 3 day – Divine Intelligence Day.
April 23, 2020 –
Contemplating the blue, the elevator of colors.
We contemplate the blue of the sky.


We allow the body to absorb the blue.
Rosy blue, indigo blue, sky blue. All the blue tones.
This blue washes the body, the mind, the emotions.
We allow the blue to wash our thoughts & emotions.
All pride fear hatred suspicion, irritation, unrest, are washed away by the blue light.

We rise up to the blue. On an elevator of color.
Violet to rose, orange to golden yellow, honey yellow, aquamarine, light blue, blue itself & deep blue.
color is a detail of Light.

We concentrate on the elevating colors washes the mind.
Color manifests significant aid to humanity.
Once the blue is settled in the mind, the blue continues in light & sound. It inspires us to carry out acts of Goodwill, leading us to the Teachers in the Vaisasakh Valley – a hidden valley where the Masters of Wisdom meet every year. The Disciples meets the Masters in that Valley. We meet them together.

We sit quietly in mind & body, aligning mind with blue, visualizing blue all around. Our Teachers are in brilliant white, seated, eyes transmitting grace, a subtle smile on their lips. The Teachers are teaching us. We are in a sacred valley of a sacred mountain range, snowy peaks, a stream from south to north. Moonlight in the valley, a flowing wind touching our skin.
We wash karm in space on the deep blue slate elevating colors.
At the feet of the Master in the Vaisaikh Valley.
We thus prepare for Wesak. (May 15, lunar eclipse, Wesak)

Taurus quotes (so beautiful)
Transiting North Node is in Taurus.
In August, Transiting North Node & Transiting Uranus conjunct in Taurus. A most auspicious time, reversal of the wheel, making choices, entering further in Aquarius (or not). Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio is significant for humanity. The Tibetan tells us planet Earth is under Aquarius, & humanity is under Taurus. Humanity is Ray 4, Taurus is Ray 4, learning through suffering, conflict & chaos….

Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the group upon the upward Way and let Taurus bring illumination and the attainment of the vision; let the mark of the Saviour, as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group. (RI 227)

Taurus and the single Eye
In Taurus—Desire is transmuted into aspiration, darkness gives place to light and illumination, the eye of the Bull is opened which is the spiritual third eye, or the “single eye” of the New Testament. “If thine eye be single,” said the Christ, “thy whole body shall be full of light.” This single eye takes the place of the two eyes of the personal self. The attention of the man becomes focused upon spiritual attainment. He treads the Path of Discipleship. (EA 143)

Taurus influencing Disciples
The disciples of the world today and advanced humanity are equally in a state of turmoil. They are being tested and tried, prior to taking a major step forward—in some cases this will be the taking of the first initiation and in others the second.

This is brought about by, and brings in, the forces of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, plus a general pervasive influence coming from Gemini. You have here three signs found in the Fixed Cross and one in the Mutable Cross conditioning and affecting the world disciples, and all of them of terrific importance and potency today, owing to the stage of development and the sensitivity of the disciples and world initiates. …

Note that the world disciples are related to humanity through their responsive¬ness to influences emanating from Gemini (2), and to each other through Scorpio (4). This produces in them the capacity to respond to test, to a sense of the vision (through the illumined eye of Taurus (4)) and to use their power of individuality through a developed personality and through the potency of Leo (1, 5, 2). (Esoteric Astrology, p. 162)

Preparing together each day. love, Risa

Homework – create the color palate w/ paint – it uplifts the mind to do this – creating the elevator of colors. love, Risa

Friday, April 22, 2022- 9am

Earth Day (lots of information to read today)
Navigating Through These Times with as much ease as possible Food Supply, Technology, Solar Flares, the Sun, Solar Angels & more….to read today.

Earth Day – Ray 3 day.
April 22, 2022 – Friday, Venus’s Day.
Taurus Sun today – Venus rules Taurus (Vulcan too).
Capricorn moon – practical day today.


Earth is Ray 3.
Ray 3 is emerald green. Nature is green.
Ray 3 is Divine Intelligence embedded within nature.
In our astrology charts, Earth is located opposite the Sun.
Where is that (Earth) in everyone’s charts?
There is an energy that emanates from, radiates from the Earth. We are to consider the emanating qualities & forces which are the contribution of our Earth.

The goal of life on Earth is to become an Initiate, unfolding the Soul. It is also to become

The US chart has Earth in Capricorn (opposite Sun in Cancer).

Solar Flares – ongoing.
Keep up with the solar activity. It affects our bodies, minds, etc.
Be familiar with the energies coming to Earth, affecting the Earth & the kingdoms, of which we are one (humanity is a kingdom, the World Disciple). Solar flares affect us in ways that are different for each person. Some experience no energy, exhaustion, pain, indigestion, headaches, tummy aches, inflammation, etc. It affects our vulnerabilities. Wherever we are vulnerable, these are affected with solar flares. We are having a C flare now. An almost X flare yesterday.

Our Next Challenge – to be aware, to use our mind, our consciousness & control the form (electromagnetics, nano, etc. – we are able to combat, change, be more powerful than the dark forces). Evil has a group, intelligence BUT EVIL DOES NOT HAVE LOVE. The more We gain in awareness, in willingness & in Love, the more the tests come, but the more we can overcome the dark forces. We must combat the control of our minds the F/Darkness apply to humanity’s minds. We have to “do our part” now. Aware, curious, knowledgable, willing.

Alana Freeland – geo engineering researcher, speaker.
Mentioned globalists are after full spectrum dominance of the planet, they have reached this goal – via their particles in the sky – weaponry. Next dominance of the Sun. They hit the Sun (aim things at it). Project Hammer, Project Smack. F/Darkness blasting the sun with energy weapons.

The Sun thus is going thru an Initiation. The journey of the Earth, expanded into the entire solar system. The battle of dark vs light occurring everywhere, focused on the Earth.

We talk with the solar angels on the Sun, connecting in with them. The F/Materialism have all kinds of evil weaponry & technology to create havoc – HAARP, NEXRAD, etc. F/Dark have capability to say whatever, put up false data, create an EMP. But on the big picture, they cannot overcome the Celestial Energies of Aquarius & Ray 5 coming into the planet at this time. The f/dark use their technology so humanity remains on the involutionary (dark/death) arc. However, the F/Light are greater than the F/Dark. Disciples pay attention to these things, aware of the darkness, the technology that creates destruction. We remember the “forces of Light DO control the F/Darkness (at the end). F/Darkness have been working with extra planetary forces. The F/Light are aware of this. Our job description as Disciples? As Humanity (throat chakra of the Earth)? We have to be aware, do our part by bringing forth our creativity & innovations, bring forth our talents, abilities, gifts – overcoming the dark forces & their technology. When we are in tune with the energies & the subtle forces, we are able to discriminate & discern what is real, what is not. The F/Darkness do bizarre technology things to entrain & destroy humanity. The F/Light, where we stand, CAN overcome this darkness. The F/Light work with extra planetary beings also, the Spirit of Resurrection, the Forces of Restoration, Illumination, Reconstruction, the Prince of Peace.

Disciples do our inner light work, aligning at the Spring festivals & new & full moons.

Destruction of Food Supply
Preparation (ongoing)
Food distributor centers are being attacked. 12 centers in one month. Azure Standard, Oregon (organic food distributing center – we order from them) is an example of a strange fire in the mail warehouse. This is the F/Darkness controlling humanity via food. Destroying the food supply so control the people. Kissinger – “if you want to control the people, destroy the food supply.” This is occurring, this control of the food on all levels is occurring. Prepare wherever you are with a back log of food.

Patches for pain – copper & silver embedded in them.
Do research on this.

Kali Yuga Prayer
Lead us from fear to freedom.
Lead us O Lord from darkness to light.
From the unreal to the real.
From the unknown to the known.
From death to immortality.
From fear to freedom.
From chaos to beauty. Om.

Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the group upon the upward Way and let Taurus bring illumination and the attainment of the vision; let the mark of the Saviour, as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group. (Rays & Initiations, pl. 227)

Pondering on these things today.
Standing with the Forces of Light.
Love, Risa

Thursday, April 21, 2022- 9am

Reappearance Meditation Day.
Ray 2, Jupiter’s day.
Thursday, April 21, 2022 –
Night Light News is posted for the week.

Capricorn moon today – a practical day.
Taurus Sun & Mercury in Taurus. Ray 4.
An illuminating, revelations day today.
A harmonious day today.
Taurus keynote: “I see. And when the “eye” (Ajna center diamond center of direction), All is Light.”

Our Reappearance Prayers today.
Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare mens minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Whenever withering of law, uprising of lawlessness, on all sides.
I Manifest myself
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil,
for the firm establishing of the Law. I come with a fiery sword.

Bhagavad Gita Book 4 Sutra 7,8

“Fiat of the Lord has gone forth:
Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity.
That demand is rising & mounting every day
And in such an hour, as you think not,
He will come.”

Reappearance of the Christ, Vol 1.
Doctrine of Coming One.
For decades anticipated by the faithful.
The return of Krishna, of Christ (world Teachers).
In Esoteric studies, the Christ {rinciple is an office within the Hierarchy.
The Christ is a Great Being from Sirius, Ray 2.
Lord Maitreya is His other name.
The name of His Reappearance, beginning in 2025.

Maitreya, the Christ, is assisted by the Hierarchy – the Ascended Masters of Wisdom
When men feel exhausted seeking resources & the innate possibilities & problems are beyond handling, they look for a Divine Intermediary, pleading their cause to God to be their Savior.

Christ is the Mediator. The Savior.
He said long ago, & now, too….
“I have come that they may have life.”

Spiritual revelation based on the interdependence of God to all kingdoms.
The appropriate mechanism is always found through which Divinity reaches & communicates with humanity.

Someone is expected, anticipated.
When time is right, when faith is keen enough…..
“Always He has come.”

Today, there is no exception to this universal Law.
There is no doubt of the spiritual awakening everywhere leading to the New Era of Brotherhood – keynote of Aquarius.
New approaches, new values to govern life are beginning to be defined.
This entails reorganization of financial economics, sharing all world resources This is the overriding priority.
Equitableness must be among all peoples.
Sacrifices, and simple living for long amounts of time, create stability & peace on Earth.

The heart of an Arhat is like the heart of the Cosmos.
The heart of the Arhart is like the fire of the sun.
Eternity & the motion of cosmos fill heart of the Arhat
Maitreya is coming radiant w/ fires, His heart aflame w/ compassion for suffering humanity.”
Agni Yoga, Hierarchy, 1931.

Om, Risa.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022- 8am

We are in Taurus now.
Sign of illumination, of the Art of Living. Fixed earth.
Taurus is Ray 4 – the color is a golden yellow.
Venus, Vulcan, Vulcan are the rulers of Taurus.

Mercury (also Ray 4) rules today – Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

Solar Flares happening. Read more:

We are in Taurus now.
Here is a quote on Taurus from the Tibetan.
From Rays & Initiations.
“Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the group upon the upward Way and let Taurus bring illumination and the attainment of the vision; let the mark of the Saviour, as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group.”
(RI 227)

We learn each day. All of us studying & walking towards fulfillment. We learn here each day – we are progressive in our studies. We do not move circularly. We move in a spiral.
Thus we ascend from the personality to the Soul.
Habits do not bind us.
We are students of the Path of Yoga.
Habits do not hold us.
We only offer praise & gratitude at all times.
This is the tools to eliminate & bring a greater order to our habits.
We never criticize or judge self or others.
We only offer praise, recognition & gratitude.
This leads us from darkness to light, from chaos to beauty.
This is our service to self & others.
We study, we learn, we ponder, we serve.

Taurus is the sign of illumination. We are awakened.
Then the hieroglyphs of sound (OM) conduct related alchemy & illuminates our centers.
The subconscious (& lower) mind is relieved from its self-binding separative nature.
Karma is neutralized.

The path of Ajna is the Path of Aquarius which is astrology.
Vyasa calls it the river of Aquarius ruled by Uranus. An influx of energy then streams into the student. Thus we accomplish neutralization of karma. Our Path is Raja Yoga.
The pictures of the subconscious mind are wiped off by the hieroglyphs of sound by a seven stringed lyre of Apollo. Krishna’s flute joins this sound of liberation. Om. Risa

Tuesday, April 19, 2022- 7am

Identification –
Quote from Alan Watts.
The interval between Resurrection & the Ascension.
Occult Teachings.
Last hours of Aries – the will to be. Aries builds our self identity.
Taurus begins tonight – the will to be illumined.
April 19, 2022 – Sagittarius moon, Sun enters Taurus at 7:24 pm west coast time.
We are still in the days of Passover – ending Saturday evening.
Friday is Earth day – Ray 3 day. In our astrology charts we remember the planet earth is directly opposite our Sun sign.

Today is Easter Tuesday – these are the days of interval between the Resurrection festival & the Ascension & Pentecost – in these day Christ brought the Christian mysteries (how to return to the Father) to humanity via His Disciples. These were considered “secret teachings” (Teachings given in the Pisces Age) (occult teachings), hidden teachings, hidden truths, the outgrowth of the Mithraic mysteries & an outgrowth of the Torah (Aries teachings).
The Christ taught the Path of Discipleship.

The early Disciples possessed inner courage & strength & fortitude as they faced persecution, sacrifice, dens of wild lions, dangerous meeting in catacombs, and eventually were martyred for their faith. Their task was most difficult. They had to find the kingdom of heaven within themselves. Which is an inner joyful state of identity.

The Christ taught His Disciples, after the Resurrection, in His Sun Body, a luminous radiance emanating from Him. This was the Christ’s natural vehicle upon which the spiritual Sun in the Capricorn (Light Supernal) realm exists – Capricorn is the home of the Archangels. Christ was an Archangel from the blue-white star Sirius.

We too possess a number of bodies. Around our physical body are layers & layers of finer & finer substance filled with light – There is the etheric body, the astral body, the mental body, the spiritual bodies – with atoms belonging to these different planes. Each of us can learn to be “clothed” in our body of light. When a Master Teacher is in our Earth world, S/He can easily dissolve the bodies of atoms & return the atoms to the universal substance from which they came.


This explains the empty tomb. As we pass into higher Initiations of Illumination, we too will be able to disintegrate the atoms at will, which the Christ did at the Resurrection festival. Christ, after Golgotha, no longer needed Jesus’s physical body. His time on Earth from Resurrection to Ascension, completing His Teaching mission, was done in His Archangelic body. He appeared in His Etheric body, this is the body of Light. Only those with “vision” could see Him & hear His words.

Christ’s disciples has developed the gift of clairvoyance & clairaudience. Thus they could “see” & “hear” the Christ in His Angelic body of light. Christ taught that the physical matter can never bea barrier to the Spirit. And that there is no death. Christ taught His disciples after the Resurrection of the spiritual currents within themselves, their proper development & use of these currents which would protect the disciples as the taught. And so in the following days Christ taught the deepest occult teachings and all that occurred was on the inner planes.

And thus each day the disciples partook of a drink of honey & herbs, an ambrosial drink of thanksgiving, symbolic of the multiple levels in a honeycomb. Each day a revelation was offered, a teaching given. We too can ask the Christ to teach us, to offer us the revelations needed that guide & protect us. For each of us, our “Christ” is our Soul, which we are to call upon to direct our lives.

Identification –
We identify with these words (Soul as code word for the Christ)….We say each day
“I am the Soul, I am Light Divine, I am Love, I am Will, I am Fixed & Perfect in my Design.”

We are in the interval between heaven & earth, between the Resurrection & the Ascension. “And there were many things the Christ did in those days, and if they were written every one, the world itself could not contain the revelations.” St. John.

A quote from Alan Watts on our identification.

“Jesus Christ knew He was God. So we too are to identify ourselves also as god. We are to wake up & discover eventually who we really are. In our culture in the west, people would say we are crazy. We would be put in jail. However, if we woke up in India & told our friends & relatives, “My goodness, I’ve just discovered I am God!” they would laugh & say…
“Congratulations, at last you found out your true identity!”
Alan Watts (always laughing, laughing as meditation). Risa

Monday, April 18, 2022- 10am

Easter Monday.
April 18, 2022 – the last full day of Aries.
Tomorrow – 7:24pm west coast time, Sun enters Taurus.
The most patient of signs.
Today – Mercury/Uranus, Venus/Uranus, Sun/Pluto, moon in Scorpio. A complex day after Easter.
Today the Lord finds His Disciples in a boat fishing.
He sets a fire on land & watches them try to catch fish.
However, they are unable to catch even one fish.
The Lord tells them – ‘cast your nets to the right side of the boat.” One then places one’s life amidst the spiritual currents of the Earth. One understands also that the time has come to merge the sorrows & tears of his personal life (Pisces) with the transforming fires of Aries. Thus, the continuation of the water & fire mysteries for the Disciple along the Path.
After the disciples has caught enough fish, Peter took the net filled with fish & brought them to the Lord, who then prepared them in the fire & the Lord & the Disciples ate together. And from today onward, till the Ascension & till Pentecost, the Lord taught his inner Disciples the deepest & most profound esoteric Truths.
We too sit with the Lord on that riverbank & partake of the teachings. The fish are the esoteric teachings given to us by the Lord & the Hierarchy & our Teachers. We absorb them, integrate them, act each day within them. Walking with the Lord each day during this spring time, this Resurrection time. Aries – ideas from the MInd of God, illumination our minds (Taurus). Risa


Sunday, April 17, 2022- 10am
Easter Sunday, the Rite of Resurrection.

A story about bunnies in the garden.
Sunday, April 17, 2022.
Easter, Resurrection Rite –
This is the Rite of the Impersonal life.
When one has “resurrected” the personality to the Soul level, then to the Monadic (spirit) level, one becomes aware of the illusions & mayas & glamours & the limitations within oneself. Resurrection Consciousness brings one to the Oneness of all of Life. The stone of separation & limitations have been “rolled away.” All one knows is the Good, the Whole, the Beautiful.

The Resurrection Rite allows one to have deep reverance for all of Life, the magic within Life itself that is all around us. The priest at Mass wears rose gold – the early radiance of dawn, as the Sun rises on Easter monring. This is the Light of our own inner illumination. We become the Light of the World, for the World. This, the Christ, so long ago, gave us this task.

Easter morning is the time of Initiation for advanced disciples.

Mary Magdeline stood vigil all during the night until the morning. When she awoke at dawn she saw that the rock had been rolled away. She said to the angels guarding the tomb, “Where is the Master? Where is my Lord.” And then behind her Mary heard a voice. “I am here, Mary. But don’t touch me. I am in my etheric body. My physical body has fallen away. My death & resurrection was to inform humanity that there is no death. When one dies, the physical falls away & one then exists in the etheric & the Soul takes us to heaven in our etheric body.” There is no death.

Christ then began to walk down the road of Emmaus, and the Christ encountered His Disciples. They walked together to the home of James & Jude. At the evening meal, the Christ, like He did at the Last Supper, poured forth his radiant life force into the bread & the wine. They became as communion for the Disciples, they held a luimnous magnet of healing power. From that time onward, the Disciples too were able to be the agents of this luminous healing power poured into the bread & wine at Mass.

And so, from now until His Ascension (May 26) & Pentecost (June 5) (then & each year) the Christ teaches the deepest esoteric teachings. Revelations from the MInd of God (Mercury/aries). Illumination of the MInd (Vulcan & Venus in Taurus). And the Love, Ray 2 & Wisdom of God in Gemini.

Easter Evening, the disciples went once again to the upper room (high mental state) where the Last Supper was held – the room was still vibrant with the power released and the dispensation to Love One Another (PIsces task). And He appeared & stood among them & said “Peace to all of you. Do as I have done.” The Master was imparting to His DIsciples, instructions on how to teach, how to go forward into the world & instruct humanity on all these events, each one a step in the Initiatory process & evolution of humanity.

A bunny story
Last week we found in our yet to be planted in garden a next of bunnies. They were one inch long. There were five of them. We protected them from predators by places then one by one in a wooden box & covered them with straw. Each day we watched over them. At twilight the mother bunny would come hopping over to feed them. Every day they grew & grew. Yesterday we saw that they had grow so much they were crowded n that little wooden box. I thought to myself….tomorrow is Easter. I’ll bet they all hop out of their next & begin their task of being Easter bunnies! And sure enough, at dawn this morning, the bunnies were no longer in their nest. They are all gone. They had hopped out of their nest to be Easter bunnies this year! See the bunnies in their nest below, before they disappeared!

Happy Easter, everyone! love, Risa


Saturday, April 16, 2022- 3pm- Post #2
Click below to listen to today’s Aries Festival Recording:

Saturday, April 16, 2022- 9am

Saturday – Holy Saturday, April 16, 2022.
Night Light News is updated.
Today – the Aries Festival, Forces of Restoration. Baptism. Water/Fire Mysteries. Baptism tonight on Holy Saturday.
2nd Degree. 2nd Initiation. Rite of Illumination.

The Aries solar festival (27 degrees Aries – 11:55am west coast time) is Spring’s first full moon. The Aries festival, the first of Three Spring Festivals, celebrates new life springing forth. It is the Resurrection festival (esoteric Easter festival) It is about the Love of God and the Hierarchy for humanity.

Aries – the dim point of light at the new cycle of manifestation – the searchlight of the Logos, seeking what can be used for Divine Expression? We say – “let us be used, O Lord!”

Restoration & Resurrection
All during Aries, the Forces of Restoration and the Spirit of Resurrection flow into the Earth, offering humanity a new “livingness”; restoring humanity’s morals and morale, optimism and psychological health. They assist in the appearance of the new Aquarian culture and civilization with the new “Spiritual Materialism” (Age of Sharing).

These great Forces bring about a new hope and vision for humanity, so the new world unfolds under the direction of the stars in Aquarius. Join us in this festival, everyone! Reciting the Three Great Invocations.

Holy Saturday – In the tomb of matter
The sanctuary in the church is dark – signifying Christ (World Teacher, Archangel from Sirius) is in the tomb.
Only the sanctuary light is lit – informing humanity that the spirit of Life is always within us.
The Church is dark. All statues, the altar, the Cross are covered in a deep violet silk. Denoting the Christ/Life Principle in the tomb of matter. What is the Christ doing in the tomb of matter this Holy Saturday? 2000 years ago, He entered into the dark regions of the earth to those awaiting release. The spirits of the earth, humanity living on earth had to ability to return to heaven, to the Father.

The Christ Principles, the Archangel from Sirius, entered into the deep realms of the earth & released the Earth spirits & released humanity from death (the involutionary arc), from continually moving into darkness. The Christ Principles (the Archangel from Sirius, the Pisces World Teacher) opened the door of the Evolutionary Arc (the path back to the Father’s house, back to heaven, back to the world of spirit, our origins. And this “act” of the Christ Spirit released humanity to progress forward now into the Light.

This is the stupendous shift, change the Christ Spirit brought to humanity. It was done out of Love for humanity & the Earth & her Kingdoms. And as this act was performed, Love was, for the first time, anchored on Earth. Love & Wisdom anchored on Earth – Ray 2, from a star in the Big Dipper. Christ is Ray 2. The Hierarchy is Ray 2. The Soul is Ray 2.
Ray 2 is Love & Wisdom anchored on Earth.

Baptism Degree – 2nd Initiation
(control of the emotional body)
When passing the Rite of Illumination (Baptism degree), one can “greet the Sun on Easter morning.”


Baptism Rite – water has a special affinity for the etheric substance that surrounds our body. During Lent our etheric body is sensitized by pure/holy living. The Immersion of the body in the water loosens the bond between the etheric & the physical bodies. When this occurs, the chakras begin to open, becoming lotuses, there is an opening to the inner planes of life & there is a lasting impress upon the future life – in Aries – the Mind of God impresses the disciples with future tasks & realities. There is an influx of spiritual powers for those who have prepared themselves.

Lent begins in Pisces (water), culminates at Easter in Aries (fire). Fire & water blended purifies the desire body. In the Christian church the the “new fire” is lit – the paschal candle is lit at midnight, Easter morning. All candles & fires in the church were previously put out. The paschal (Easter, new fire) candle is plunged into the baptismal waters, the Easter Waters, which are blessed waters, holy waters.

The Song of Solomon is the textbook used by disciples on Holy Saturday. It outlines the process of the Mystic Marriage (Vesica Pisces), pineal/pituitary united, radiating form the Ajna center. When baptized with the new fire & the holy waters on Holy Saturday, a spiritual forces is imparted to the Soul. The 2nd Initiation (esoterically) releases the aspirant from emotional control. This is a most profound & important Initiation.

There are two Baptisms – that of water (River Jordon – Rite of Purification of the emotions) & that of Fire (Purification of the lower mind by fire – baptism by the Holy Spirit – think Pentecost).

Baptism is esoterically called “entering the stream.”

The Essenes, those early Christians who maintained the mysteries. Mary & Joseph, parents to Jesus were Essenes.
The Essenes kept vigil throughout Holy Saturday & the night hours before dawn, before the sunrise house of Easter with prayers & hymns of praise. We join them on inner levels today & tonight.

In the meantime – we also have Passover occurring, Saturday is the first full day of Passover & the Aries Festival (esoteric ritual for the Aquarian Age).

We join all three levels of rituals today – we join with our brothers & sisters – with the Passover Feast, with our esoteric group (NGWS) & with our Christian brothers & sisters in the Rite of Baptism. We stay with the Christ in the tomb of matter. We assist Him, as we do our work in the world, of “releasing” the livingness & vitality within all of humanity. Tomorrow – the Resurrection Festival. love, Risa


Friday, April 15, 2022- 11am

Cosmic Love Anchored on Earth on Good Friday.
For the first time in the history of the Earth.
The events of Good Friday changed the course of the earth, of humanity & the cosmos itself.
Today – Friday, April 15, 2022 – Venus’s day.
Good Friday. Pisces Festival. Christian.
Passover. Aries Festival. Hebrew.
Aries Festival tomorrow – Aquarius (esoteric occult) festival, at the time of the full moon.
When the Forces of Restoration enter the Earth – renewing humanity’s physical & psychological well being.
The NGWS participates in all these festivals.
Together they form the religion of the new era, the Aquarian Age under the Aquarian Laws & Principles, the Law of Love & the 10 Commandments.


Good Friday – when 2000 years ago, the Christ (Archangel from Sirius overshadowing the body of Jesus) “rent the veils” – opening the doors (previous closed) that allowed humanity to return to the Father, to heaven, to our origins.

Good Friday is the most important day of the year. When it occurred 2000 years ago, it caused a shift in the energy of the earth & the cosmos. All of the cosmos were watching the “events” called the Crucifixion. At the hour of His death, the earth shook, thunder & lightning of a cosmic nature shook the earth, flashed like an atomic bomb through the entire cosmos. The desire world was purified. The desire nature was loosed from the etheric. The kundalini of the Earth & of those ready for Initiation, the kundini fire rose up within the Earth & within the bodies of disciples. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd degrees of the Mysteries were revealed. A tranformation & a transmutation occurred in both the earth & the heavens. As the Lord Christ died He said, as He passed His Initiations (Christ & Jesus both were passing thru different Initiations) said, “My Robe, My Robe, My beautiful Robe has passed away.”


The Crucifixion is the ritual of the Soul “dying”, offering itself to the Soul. The Soul is a code word for the Christ. All the events in the life of Jesus & the Christ (two separate Beings, two Masters. though the Christ is the World Teacher from Sirius & Jesus is the Master of all Religions & works within the Hierarchy) were experiencing two separate Initiations

The events in the lives of both Christ & Jesus represent the events, tests, trials, offerings, dedications, etc. in our lives too.

The Three Degrees.
1. spinal fire, from sacral to heart.
2. fire in the chakras from heart to throat.
3. fire in chakras from throat to top of head – this is the Resurrection within each of us.

As the Christ participated in the Crucifixion, he became the Indwelling Planetary Spirit of the Earth. This was/is the mystery of Golgotha. Every year the christ reenacts this ritual, leading to the Divine Consummation on Easter Sunday, the Resurrection Festival.

On Good Friday – there was darkness from the 6th to the 9th hour – from 12 – 3pm. This is when the spiritual is able to overcome the personal. This is the sacred interval on Good Friday. We are to be in solemn vigil during these hours.

The light in the outer world dims. On inner levels, the spirit within all of life grows more intense & vivid. These are three crucial hours when the transforming Power awaiTng the fire center in the bod temple can produce a “light as never seen on land & sea.” In the body of the earth, 3 centers – North Pole, South Pole & the equator – become resevoirs of tremendous spiritual energies, light, power, love, will.

This occurred also when the Christ Spirit died on the cross – a glorious golden light flashed throughout the desire & astral body of the earth. It was like a release of an atomic bomb. From that
point of the release of divine energy humanity begAn to live with more light, more hope, more health, higher values. Christ became the Regent of Earth and has continued to serve humanity on a planetary scale from his place in Shamballa. This is the “redemptive” rhythm & work of the Christ & He has worked with humanity since that time, calling humanity to work with Him. This will continue until all of humanity is able to carry on its own collective redemtive work.

The door to Initiation was opened to all whomsoever seeks to enters. Good Friday is therefore one of the most important days of the spiritual year for humanity. The forces released that day so long ago has allowed the Initiatory process to be available to all of hUmanity thru the planetary fire centers.


Marc Chagall White Crucifixion

As the Christ in the body of Jesus died….the Christ penetrated into the heart of the Earth. That is tomorrow’s story.

After Christ/Jesus died, His Mother & the disciples embalmed His body, wrapped Him in fragrant white linen & placed Him in the tomb of the Earth. Mary Magdalene remained at the tomb as did two angels who stood guard.

The sublime sacrifice on the cross for humanity allowed one to understand all the mysteries & & the ability to understand the 12 zodiacal signs esoterically. And the two doorways – Cancer – gate into matter. Capricorn, gate of Return.

The story of Holy Week, of Good Friday was a story of cosmic proportions. The Earth & the entire cosmos changed as a result.


Cosmic Love anchored on Earth at the Death & Crucifixion of the Christ. The all pervading cosmic Love, present outside & around the earth but NOT in the earth, at the death of Christ, this Love was born & anchored into the Earth for the first time. When Jesus of Nazareth/also the Christ from Sirius died – at that moment there was born for the earth something that had never been found on the earth. It was only In the Cosmos. The death of the Christ, the Mystery of Golgotha signified the birth of Cosmic Love within the sphere of the Earth.” Rudolf Steiner

Good Friday. Everything in the church is covered with a deep violet silk cloth. No lights are lit in the church. Only the red sanctuary lamp remains lit. The lamp of hope. Everything, even all of nature becomes silent, in vigil. We, too remain quiet & in vigil during this day. Risa

Thursday, April 14, 2022- 9am

Holy Thursday – April 14, 2022.
Night Llight News is updated.
The stories for today (Thursday) & the following three days (Good Friday, Holy Saturday & Sunday – Easter) signify the stages of Initiation – a long and slow process of enlightenment & illumination. This is the ONLY story that is real.

So today, Thursday, Jupiter’s day – Ray 2 day of Love/Wisdom.
It is also the Reappearance of the Christ meditation day.
Virgo Moon in the morning, then a v/c from 11 am to 2pm – then the moon enters Libra.
Mars (6) enters Pisces (2 & 6) tonight – 8:06pm. A perfect Mars for Holy Week, Passover, the Aries Festival & Easter. Always the heavens create the perfect scenario to enact the mysteries.


Reappearance Meditation

“Forgetting the things which lie behind, I will strive towards my higher spiritual possibilities. I dedicate myself anew to the service of the Coming One and will do all I can to prepare men’s minds and hearts for that event. I have no other life intention.”
From Discipleship in a New Age, vol. 2, pp. 226-228

The Story & Events for Holy Thursday.
The Lord calling disciples to the Last Supper in an upper room – following the “man with the water pot” (Aquarius), Washing of the Feet (Pisces), gathering of the Disciples with the Christ for Passover, instituting the priesthood (Do this in memory of me), instituting the “new dispensation (not more blood sacrifices), instituting the Eucharist/Communion, betrayal by one of the Disciples, Gethsemane – in the Garden with Christ & the Three Disciples who fell asleep (the energies too strong for them to remain awake), Christ resting on the rock, speaking with His Father, Archangel Michael assisting the Christ, Christ given his task to do in the following days (Crucifixion, “renting the veil,” entering the dark inner worlds, releasing awaiting spirits, entering the tomb, Resurrection, etc. – all steps signifying each of our Initiations). Christ imprisoned, Judas regrets his actions of betrayal, etc.

The Easter Story is our story, too.

Holy Thursday
Washing of the Feet (an exalted teaching) – the highest disciple is to serve the lowliest of those in need – thus the Christ washed the feet of His Disciples – signifying the Disciples were to serve humanity, especially those most in need.
2. Last Supper (Passover – Jewish festival celebrating their exodus from Egypt, esoterically ending the Aries Age and initiating the Taurus Age); Meeting in the upper room – Soul level.
3. Holy Thursday when Christ (Avatar & Archangel from Sirius, Ray 2, who anchored Love/Wisdom on the Earth during the Pisces Age and introduced to humanity the Will of God). Christ said to His disciples “do all this in remembrance of me – be the Light of the World for humanity.”
4. Holy Thursday is the day of at the Last Supper, when Christ instituted the Holy Eucharist (communion), the new dispensation (sacrifice, the heart of which is Love).
No longer was humanity to sacrifice humans or animals on the temple altars. Instead, the “sacrifice” was the blood (symbolizing Spirit, Ray 1) and body (matter, form, Ray 3) taken in for form of bread and wine.
5. Christ instituted the Christian priesthood at the Last Supper, held in an “upper room” (signifying the higher mental realms, above the emotional plane).


We know that Christ asked the disciples to “prepare for the Passover (everyone at the Last Supper was Jewish – the Aries Age. The Last Supper instituted the Pisces Age with the new Law “to Love One Another.”

Jesus, whose body Christ was over-lighting, was Jewish, thus the Jewish celebrations were upheld even as the new Christian religion, with its Law to “Love one another”, was given to humanity.

Garden of Sorrows
At the Last Supper the Christ told his disciples that one of them would betray him (a daunting task for Judas), and invited three of His Disciples to accompany Him to Gethsemane in the Garden of Olives, where He would receive from his Father (Ray 1), his Divine Task.

We know that the disciples fell asleep (the energy of the Christ’s task was too difficult for them to be present) and that Christ, when understanding His task, to absorb all the distortions of humanity since the beginning of time, asked His Father to “let this cup pass away from me.” However, the Christ also said, “Not my will but Thy Will, my Father.” And the Father (Ray 1, Will of God), in compassion, sent Archangel Michael (the warrior Archangel with the sword) to assist Christ (Ray 2, Love/Wisdom). Afterward, Peter, his great disciple and the one who was to found the Christian church, betrayed Him (saying he didn’t know who the Christ was) and Christ was taken into captivity, tortured, ridiculed, made to carry a Cross, was crucified (an Initiation) and died. All this occurs this week which is why, in the Catholic Christian churches, these days before Easter (Resurrection) are referred to as Holy Week or Passion (week of sacrifice, the core of which is Love) Week.


Current Events
Covid in the news again.
Serpents in the news too.
Why are F/Materialism using symbol of serpent/cobra?
They use everything in our world as forms of destruction.
F/Materialism use serpent for involutionary (into matter) purposes – destruction of humanity via illness & venom.
F/Light the serpent represents the Ascending into the Light energy. The Antakarana, Rainbow Bridge.
Be aware.
Naga – cobra in Sanskrit.
Be aware of what is in the news, aware of the significance.
Involution – one enters into darkness & death – actions of the F/Darkness create this purposefully.
Evolution – ascension into the LIght.
Humanity is the Throat center – how we use language, words we use – determines the purity of the throat chakra.

More tomorrow.
Good Friday & Passover.
Then preparing for the Aries Festival & Holy Saturday.
Then Easter/Resurrection.
So many festivals! love, Risa

Wednesday, April 13, 2022- 9am

Preparing today for the holy days ahead.
Today, Wednesday, Mercury’s day – Ray 4 day, Harmony emerging from conflict & chaos day. April 13, 2022.
Virgo (2 & 6) moon day. Aries (1 & 7)Sun day.
Mercury (4) rules both of them.

Standing in Confidence & in Knowledge today.
Preparing for
1. Holy Thursday – Last Supper, Gethsemane (the Garden), Betrayal, Imprisonment.
2. Good Friday – Crucifixion. For Passover.
3. Aries Festival, Saturday, at the full moon.
4. Sunday – Easter – the Resurrection Festival.

All the festivals cover three developmental stages within humanity. The Jewish, the Christian/Catholic & the Aquarian/Esoteric. All religions are developmental stages.
Each stage offered to humanity in Right Timing.
For each Age – along with the Laws given for each Age.
Aries Age – Jewish dispensation – Ten Commandments.
Pisces Age – Christian dispensation – Love is the Law.
Aquarius Age – One World Religion/Esoteric dispensation – Laws & Principles of the Aquarian Age.

This coming weekend represents all three levels.
As each Age unfolds we include the laws of the previous age.
And the new Age adds a new levels of Laws & Principles.
Disciples understand these three levels.

The religions offered humanity prior to 2000 years ago (when the Christian religion was given humanity), the rules of the religion showed humanity how to be in & work within matter.
The Christian/Catholic religion was the last religion offered to humanity. This religion was different than all the previous ones.
The Christian/Catholic religion offered humanity the rules and laws & pathway of Return. The Return of humanity to the Father.
Humanity able to return home again.

Today, Holy Wednesday – today Judas (the personality level of humanity) fell into the temptation offered by the priests (mortal human behaviors). The priests wanted to know who was this “man” who said He was a King? They wanted to imprison the Christ. Judas agreed to betray His Teacher & to show the priests where the Christ was. He was given 30 pieces of silver. 30 = 3 = 3 levels of the personality – which when not strong within itself & trained always betrays the Soul, always betrays friends, family, and ultimately the self which leads to destruction. Judas agrees today. He betrays Christ tomorrow with a kiss. Then he destroys himself in remorse & grief.

We prepare for tomorrow – Holy Thursday. And for the days to come. We stand with the Christ during these days. Helping Him along the Way – so he is not so alone. Risa

Tuesday, April 12, 2022- 9am

Wisdom & Instruction – Book of Proverbs.
On this Holy Tuesday.
Preparing for the Aries Festival (Saturday).
Reciting the Three Great Invocations each day.
Today, Tuesday, Mars guides us today. Ray 6 day.
The color is rosy blue – we have hope, vision & dedication to the Work ahead. With each other.
Today, April 12, 2022. We are with the Christ & His Disciples.
Today, Holy Tuesday, He reads from the Book of Proverbs.
The book of Solomon’s Wisdom.


It is said – before the Lord created the world, He called upon Wisdom. She worked with the Lord to bring Harmony & Beauty out of the chaos of the beginning world.
We too stand with Wisdom – & bring harmony into our world.

Proverbs – wisdom & moral instructions.


Doing our work as offerings.
Offering our work to life in general.
Preparing together for the Aries Festival.
Creation was planned before we came.
We also plan for ourselves, like the Plan of Creation.
We are One among the Many.
We work together. We thus create the Ritual of Preparation
for the Aries Festival.
We remember we are Bodhisattvas.
Benefitting all beings so all may be free from sorrows.
Living in equanimity w/out attachments.
Reality is boundless. We live the awakened Way.
We become guards, guides, rafts & bridges for others.
A lamp in the darkness in this Kali Yuga Times.
We become a tree of miracles.
We recite the Three Invocations in these days
prior to the Three Spring festivals.
Preparing for the Aries Festival together. love, Risa


Monday, April 11, 2022- 8am

Monday – of Holy week.
Saturn in between N.S. Nodes.
Saturn calls us to clear the past (south node) & move
forward into the new era (north node).
We also make a choice – returning to the past for further instruction, or moving into the clear present/future.
Both may occur.
Jupiter/Neptune tomorrow.
Expanding into the greater mysteries.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of Passion week/Holy week, the Christ Jesus gathered His disciples in Bethany at the home of Lazarus, Mary & Martha & insturcted them in the deeper occult mysteries, inaugurating the Christ-ian mysteries of which the Catholic (universal) church emerged. The Catholic religion is the last great religion given to humanity during the Pisces Age – the demarcation from previous religions is that the Catholic religion instructs humanity on how to return to the Father. All previous religions instructed humanity on how to live on Earth. Note the difference. An important understanding. All religions are developmental stages for humanity.

This week, we visualize being in the home in Bethany…with the Christ & all disciples. In our innermost heart & mind we are being instructed in the Greater Mysteries. The Teachings are offered in the subtle, quiet & silence of our hearts & minds. We stand within the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things.

The day today – Monday, April 11, 2022.
Leo moon, Aries Sun – the fires of creation.
We stand in the Burning Grounds.

Friday – Good Friday, Crucfixion, Passover.
Saturday – Aries Festival, 27 degrees Aries.
Sunday – Easter Sunday. Resurrection Festival. Mercury/Uranus.
It may be an unusual day. Our Easter bonnets may be slightly askew. The bunnies in the garden may be hopping around more quickly. Flights of fancy will enter our minds. The Aquarian Master is present. Om

Sunday, April 10, 2022- 10am

Palm Sunday –
Music for Palm Sunday – Sunday Music.
Three Dog Night, 1973- Om the Road to Shambala

Palm Sunday –
The Vestments at Mass are scarlet & ruby red.
Signifying the beginning of Passion Week.
The Passion of Love of humanity by the Father & the Son.

Sunday, April 10, 2022 –
How to make Lent, Palm Sunday, Passion week, Crucifixion, Passover, Aries Festival, Easter/Resurrection Festival relevant to our times today. The question. The answer is at the end.

It is Palm Sunday today.
Beginning of Passion week.
Before the Last Supper (Thursday, installation of the priesthood, new dispensation/Pisces Law/communion given, the Betrayal, Imprisonment, a trial, a king washing his hands of the entire matter, a dream, the Crown of Thorns, Carrying of the Cross, Path of Sorrows/Stations of the Cross (14), Golgatha, the two thieves, the Forgiveness, Renting the Veil, Involution to Evoluiton, the shift from the mutable to the fixed to the cardinal cross, the death & Crucifixion (Friday – when Passover begins too), Holy Saturday (Baptism, Freeing of the spirits on Earth,

Today, Sunday is Palm Sunday, the start of Passion Week.
Palm Sunday biblically marks the triumphal entry of Jesus of Nazareth, overshadowed by the Christ, into Jerusalem (city of Peace). Palms (symbolizing peace, victory & respect) were waved and placed on the ground for the young never-been-ridden colt (the new Teachings for the new era/Pisces, the New Law) carrying the Christ to walk upon. It is a procession, heralding the Christ as the Messiah, the Promised One. A procession into the new era of Pisces, into the city of Peace (yet to be manifested).

Lent (preparation) has ended, and the Holy Week begins, a drama of cosmic proportions played out for humanity. The Christ enacts major Initiations (transformations that expand our ability to absorb Light) for humanity during Holy Week, ending in a trial, Crucifixion and Resurrection. This deep psychological theme of redemption and hope is offered to humanity, living as we are on Earth, one of the three planets of suffering.
And at this time of the Kali Yuga – so much darkness, so little light. The Christ having told His disciples – “Be the Light of the world for those in need.” And we become that – thru knowledge, intention & dedication.

A new world order came into being when Christ, Pisces World Teacher, visited the Earth over 2000 years ago. From that time onward we’ve been moving steadily toward a New Age, new era – the signs everywhere. The story of Holy Week is written in the heavens, on the Fixed Cross of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. The New Group of World Servers are preparing for Wednesday’s Aries Solar Festival. It is also called the Festival of the Risen Christ. (Note: the word “Christ” means the Annointed One. It is a “job description” of a Great One. With a great task to accomplish. The task of the World Teacher, who appears Age after Age, when the rule of law has been broken.

All the events from Lent thru the Resurrection – and after – to the Ascension & Pentecost, represent steps upon the Way of the Disciple. Each story a metaphor, an archetype to be recognized, integrated & understood. There is no other story in our lives. The events over 2000 years ago are enacted again today.
Lent (Covid), betrayal & crucifixion (humanity has been enslaved, betrayed,crucified on the cross of false realities, teachings, etc., humanity caught in darkness/ignorance (in the kali yuga), humanity awakening to the reality & once this occurs, the “resurrection” occurs to for humanity.

Everything in the story then & now is the story of humanity’s Initiation – stepping upon the Path of Return, through sorrows, pain, light, love, revelations – to liberty & freedom.

Again, it is THE ONLY story. love, Risa

Saturday, April 9, 2022- 10am

Palm Sunday tomorrow.
Mercury enters Taurus tomorrow too.
Today – Aries Sun, Cancer moon –
Initiating nourishment, nurturance & tending the home today.
Saturday, Saturn’s day – April 9, 2022.

Preparing for Holy Week & Easter.
All events this week, beginning tomorrow are different levels of the Initiation process for each of us.

The Temple we create is starlit, lit with the sun & the songs of the moon, 16 letters. This temple we create each day, it is a temple of glory, filled with 7 lotuses – lotuses of day & night.
All four corners of the globe are filled with sunlight & the 4 archangels. We meditate on the Sun ball at the Ajna, gathering energies & radiating.

Moon, 16 phases, 16 letters, 14 ascending /descending phases, full & new moon – messages from the moon on the full moon day – 16 lettered mantra – so we can reach the Sun, receive the Sun ,living by the messages. Thus we build our Temple – our body – with the I Am within us – the Ajna Center.

The name of the Lord is I AM. We are I AM, as a reflection of God.
Students are to recollect God as I AM within, and in all the surroundings, the glory of the Lord all around.

The Three Logoi, solar planetary intelligences are filled with the Lord, I AM. Every day & night. We live the days & nights as offerings to the I AM, experiencing I AM as all. This is an ancient meditation. The Arch is Starlit, the Sun an image of God, the moon then reflects itself as 16 letters in the Sun. This Temple we are, this glory we live in. We offer the lotus of our days & our lights. Om.

Tomorrow Palm Sunday.
Tomorrow Mercury enters Taurus.
We speak of comforts & the Art of Living.
On the 12th – Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces.

Palm Sunday – beginning of Passion/Holy Week
Illuminating the Teachings on this Palm Sunday Day.
A week before Easter.
The Day that begins Passion Week.
Palm Sunday – The Christ leaves the 40 days & nights in the desert. The Disciples joined Him in the desert & left the desert (place of purification, contemplation, silence, place where He “prepared His vehicles, learned how to use the body of Jesus) with Him.

Leaving the desert, the Christ looked towards Jerusalem (City of Peace in the etheric).

The Christ told the Disciples to find a colt or donkey (humility, simplicity, wisdom teachings) (a colt never having been ridden – meaning the new teachings will be given – the Solar Mysteries) that He could ride into Jerusalem (City of Peace in the etheric). He told His Disciples He was ready for what was ahead. His “mission.” The people honored the Christ Jesus with palms & hosannas.

And thus begins Passion-Holy week. Teaching His Disciples Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. The Last Supper Thursday night. Betrayal, capture & imprisonment after the Last Supper. Crucifixion on Good Friday & death. Releasing the prisoners within the Earth on Holy Saturday. Resurrection in Sunday. These are the “Initiations”, the steps towards Spiritual Enlightenment & Service. The Initiations we also experience.

Upcoming next weekend –
Good Friday/Passover
Holy Saturday/Aries Festival
Sunday – Easter/Resurrection Festival.

We prepare together this upcoming week.
love, Risa

Friday, April 8, 2022- 10am

The Savior is Coming.
Preparing our Aries altars. Palm Sunday in two days.
Today, April 9, 2022 – Venus’s day, Ray 5 day.
Nature showing her mantle of green.
Spring in the northern latitudes. Easter (Resurrection) is soon.
All religious festivals follow the rhythms of nature.
Earth, the Mother is virgin, we see the purity of
However, it is not seen as the minds of men are covered by ignorance.
She is the hidden light.
Only when we are pure can we see the purity of nature.
She presides over currents of the two Pisces fish, two directions.
The beginning & ending of all.
The mother presides over the fish, causing movement thru time.
This is the energy of spirit & matter.
She is the first impulse of the Lord of Creation.
The lion is her vehicle – Simha – the interplay of spirit & matter.

The pulsating principle in creation and at the center of all beings.
The sound of this is Soham – the swan song, swan is Hamsa.
Hamsa Soham Simha – different chemistries of sound.
Over which the mother presides.
With the energy of Pisces. The opposite sign of Virgo.
The quality of both, both are the mother, their quality is Grace.
Transmitted thru the two eyes, the two fish.
Her looks reach the pure ones, who are transformed into the Sons of God.

The fish hatches its eggs thru looks & transforms them to fishlings.
Saviors, Sons of God.
The Lord has a subtle smile. His vehicle of the bull. The sacred sound Mo.
The soundless Sound called NADA – sacred sound.
Nada is the soundless sound OM – permeating & supporting creation.

Lord of OM, Lord of the Mother.
He expresses through a Son of God, transmitting as bliss, the crescent moon.
The savior is coming. Nandi is the Kailash of the moon.
She is the mother, on a lion.
He is on the bull. She is the crown of fish.
Moon in his head. The Lord of she.
We think on these things, again & again.
And find the order for contemplation.
The savior is coming. Om

American State Nationals
AVReitz method of restoring our government.
Becoming an American state National.
Have to be on board as it is an experiment.
Learning as we go. Able to get deeper concepts.
Everyone has a different aspects.
One keeps learning.
As the money & economy keeps changing (fast), people have no idea what is occurring behind the scenes. Not necessarily set what the outcome is. But as the shift & reorientations occurs (It’s happening now), as this breaks thru to the mass mind, there will be a disturbance enough, that people will get onboard as to becoming an American State National.

Listen to Anna VR on Monday night or Wednesday’s Town Hall.
Eventually people will gravitate towards the issue of money.
And at first it can all be confusing.
Once we begin understanding the monetary system we have now. Life changes.

Bottom line – the 1st Initiation, humanity is going through.
It is about the economy.
We are already in the Initiation. All the events (including C>v-id) is part of the Initiation of the reorientation of the money/economy. The old ways are no longer working – they were set up by the Forces of Materialism.

CA Fitts talks about this in a different way – she is more “veiled”, trying to educate a different segment of humanity. AVReitz goes about it on a different levels.

It’s important to expose the self to the new way, gathering information on becoming an American National.
Start at the beginning, One step at a time. Work with others. Find your State Assembly.
Just begin. It is a matter of protection. We don’t know everything at the beginning. Working step by step.
When the economy goes more haywire, we have something to stand on. Just begin the paperwork. Learn step by step. It’s safer to have some paperwork begun.
Then we have something that protects us & something to fight from.

There are smart people in the State Assemblies.
Learn more, experiment. Join others.

The old is falling away.
It’s important to capture the family history.
Then discuss the new ways & relationships may be.

My recent process – being practical, focusing on projects.
Tired of being virtual, tired of computers & cell phones.
Now I want to live the reality of all that I have been writing about.
(my transits) Progressed Sun Mercury Venus in Taurus the 5th house (creativity). Knowing astrology gives us insight into our life experiences.

Jupiter Neptune Pisces on the 12th.
Observe how everyone is acting, being, thinking, feeling.
Careful with the liver.

Aries Festival altars – beginning to make them.
Aries Festival is next Saturday, April 16th.
During Passover. And Easter.
And the full moon will be on our Group’s Sun.
An auspicious weekend.
Preparing now. So much to think about!
love, Risa

Thursday, April 7, 2022- 2pm

No posts today, everyone.
Except remembering it’s Thursday.
April 7, 2022.
Reappearance of the Christ meditation day.
Jupiter’s day. Ray 2 day. Love/Wisdom Day.
Ray 2 flows through what signs & planets?
Who knows?
Reciting the Great Invocation with the NGWS & the Christ today.
Turning to the Great Ones….saying to them with dedication during this time of Aries – “Let us be used for Divine Expression.”
And the Hierarchy responds. Love, Risa


Wednesday, April 6, 2022- 10am

Night Light News is updated.
Mercury’s day today.
Ray 4 of Harmony emerging through chaos & conflict day.
Wednesday, April 6th today.
Gemini moon today. Mercury rules Gemini (personality building level). Gemini is Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom.
Aries Sun, Chiron in Aries.
Aries fire, Gemini air – they work together, their elements.

Sunday is Palm Sunday (April 10).
Mercury enters Taurus on Sunday.

Jupiter/Neptune occurs Tuesday in Pisces at 23 degrees.
The exaltation of Venus in there in Pisces too.

Good Friday is next week (April 15) is also the beginning of Passover.

Holy Saturday (day of baptism) (April 16) is the Aries Festival, first spring festival of the new spiritual year. A Love Festival.
At 27 degrees Aries – a solar festival.

Easter is Sunday, April 17 – the Resurrection Festival. Easter bonnet day. Easter basket day. Chocolate day. Egg day.

A Prayer
I behold all others to be my divine brothers & sisters.
Some are hiding behind a veil misunderstanding.
For those who hide behind misunderstanding,
I tear that veil aside & pierce the misunderstanding with the fire of love. Then I offer my Goodwill to my brothers & sisters so that no misunderstanding persists. We then stand as One together.
Beyond the veils of misunderstanding and in the Golden Diamond Light. Om

Tuesday, April 5, 2022- 8am

When we look up to the stars, the sun, the moon,
We know exactly who we are.
Noon beams awaken in us.
In us the Sun rests.

Venus in Pisces – Soul Centered Exaltation.
Love conquers all oppositions & separations & differences.
The corn that binds limits & separates the two fish is dissolved.
The two fish – one looking up – the Soul.
The other looking down – the personality.
Under Venus, the fuse & blend.
And we absorb this fusing & blending, this Venus in Pisces
& become Teachers of Love in the world.
So the hearts & minds of people are opened everywhere.
Venus ruling Gemini – Ray 2.

The cord binding the fish, limiting them, then fuse, blend & become One.
Personality lifted up to the Soul.
The struggle of duality between the higher (Soul) & the lower
(personality) is brought to an end.
The Soul then is the Comforter, the Healer.

Today – Tuesday. Venus enters Pisces today.
Venus in Pisces – ripples of thought calm down.
Gaining the light of the sun and moon, silver and gold.
Then healing happens.
A still lake with moonlight, a sheet of silver over our minds.
Reflecting the rays of the Sun.
Silver receiving gold. Silver mind transmits rays of gold.
Awaking the moonbeams, reflection of sunlight thru the moon.
Sealing the sun in its light.
The silver mind emitting moonbeams also seals the Sun.
The Soul appears.
Agitated rippled lake, one contemplates the moonlight, the ripples.
Full healed shine, shining with moonbeams, filled with the gold of the Sun.
A mysterious meditation, invocation.
Leading us to the 7th sub-plane of Buddhic plane.
And to the subtle causal body – mind of Diamond Light.
We are healed. Om

We are in the Burning Ground of Initiation.
Uranus & Mercury support the nervous system.

from Esoteric Astrology. (page 100).

Uranus, the Hierarchical ruler of Aries, “… rules the occult Way and is, in an esoteric sense, connected with the Hierophant of the Mysteries of Initiation.” The following quote sheds much light on how Uranus and Mercury together rule in Aries: “Uranus embodies the energy of the seventh ray and its work is analogous to that of Mercury, for the seventh ray is the ray which relates spirit and matter and brings together electric fire and fire by friction, thus producing manifestation. Uranus leads the soul to the burning ground during the final stages of the Path, when the fire of Aries and the fires engendered through the potency of Uranus produce the flaming heat of the final burning ground.”

In our school students do their transits every day. We follow the movements of the stars sun moon…It is the new psychology of health & healing.  Love, Risa


Monday, April 4, 2022- 9am

Om Mani Padme Hum – prayers for the young one called Carlton – died in a car crash – from Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz county).
Prayers for Carlton, his family & his friends.
Om Mani Padme Hum.

Reading Today
Everything is a beginning, everything is an ending.
Everything is also in the middle too.
Life is sacred, holy, magical. Life on earth is short.
We never know when we are “called back.”
Today….Monday, a new week, April 4, 2022.
Taurus moon, Aries Sun – still seeking comfort in Aries.

This evening an important transit – Mars/Saturn in Aquarius.
Ray 6 (Mars) with Ray 3 (Saturn) within Ray 5 (Aquarius).
Mars/Saturn 22 Aquarius – midpoint between North & South Nodes – powerful position –
Mars (brings the tests for humanity) – moving forward to a new stage, a new set of structures (Saturn).
For the Aquarian Age.
Mars/Saturn in Aquarius 22 degrees.
Where is this in your charts?

Esoteric Astrology, p. 293-4 – Fixed Cross, Leo.
Cross of Light, playing thru this are fires of God, producing purification, light & revelations. From Aries cosmic fire, Sag planetary fire, Leo, Solar fire. These fires cleanse the way by burning – so spirit soul & body can be purified. This is the scientific yoga of fire – three modes of divine expression. It is significant that before the door of Initiation lies the burning ground that all must tread – disciples & Initiates.
Leo treads the path with will & self effacements. when integrated & personality effectiveness, he treads it, undeterred by pain.

A dream – dressed in white, laying in a meadow, left hand touching the earth, in a meadow of flowers, somewhere far far away.

When Buddha reached enlightenment, he touched the earth & said “the earth is my witness.” (note: thank you Carol)

Transiting Jupiter soon joining transiting Neptune (23/24 Pisces) – a very spiritual energy – exact on April 12th. Physically, it has to do with health (liver sluggish). Spiritually it’s about understand & compassion.
Both rulers of Pisces – wherever Pisces is we are very sensitive in the etheric, it is a health house. Risa

Om Mani Padme Hum
Carlton Keegan, 18 years old, Scott Valley – died in car crash.
Below are photos of the memorial at the beach, a candle filled heart of love. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. For Death Carlton (died in a car crash from Scotts Valley) in the bardos.
Prayers for Carlton in the bardos & for his family.


Initiations become only real when they are dangerous.
Initiations for the young people, experiencing death is a shock.
Young people questing for meaning, their rights of passage have been lost. So we return to ancestral methods, seeking tests, go into the wild, call for your power, protection, identity. Thru tests of real danger come forth. We need intuition, spirit helpers. All teens are in a mass Initiation at this time. Especially the young adults – pulled by group think, group pressure, vulnerable. Not all of them make it. Some come in and die to help teach the others the dangers. A concentric circle reverberates thru all the young people. Intensified by the south node in Scorpio. Poignant and specific experience in life. The mother & father, the brothers & sisters – so sorrowful. The Archetype of Sorrow & Loss. Ancient & historical. Mother losing sons. Om Mani Padme Hum.

Life on Earth is short. We never know when we are to be “called back.” Knowing this we choose to be aware & love more. Risa


Sunday, April 3, 2022- 2pm
Resting today on Sunday.
Moon is resting too.

Day of Contemplation.

No transits today. Taurus moon today.
Day to choose comfort.
Question – What is comfort for an Aries?
New week begins today.
Palm Sunday is in a week.
Easter in 2 weeks.
Lent continues….love, Risa

Saturday, April 2, 2022- 10am

Sun Mercury Chiron in Aries 12 degrees.
What would that mean? How will this manifest?
Sun – illumination. Mercury – thoughts, communication.
Chiron – wound & healing.
We observe today how this manifests in our lives.
For each one it may be different.
What is astrology? We gather the knowledge of astrology (our chart) & the transits. We then have a foundation for observation, a platform to observe ourselves & the world. Most people do it the other way around. They then see thru a glass darkly with out true knowledge. There is then only opinion.
Taurus moon begins today at 9:50am west coast time.

Observances & Celebrations for April 2 –
and the week, too

Autism Awareness day.
International Children’s Book Day
National Birding Day
Peanut butter & Jelly Day.
National Play Outside Day
Reconciliation Day

The Week
Make Mine Chocolate Week
Crossword Puzzle Week
Laugh at work week
National Cleaning Week
Week of the Young Child – 2 – 8.

Two weeks till Easter! love, Risa

Friday, April 1, 2022- 8am

April 1 – April Fools Day.
April is National Poetry Month.
Aries Sun & Moon – tonight Sun/Chiron in Aries.
Rays 1 & 7 – red/white & violet/lavender.


Night Light News is updated.
And a recording for the new moon of midnight on
on NLN – – click on Audio Recordings.

Today is Friday, Venus’s day., Ray 5 day.
Next Sunday is Palm Sunday.
Passover begins Friday, the 15th.
Aries Festival at the full moon is Saturday, April 16th.
Sunday is Easter, the Resurrection Festival.

There is a Hierarchy of Teachers.
Teachers, Masters, Lords of Wisdom.
All teachers are disciples & students as well.
A chain of Teachers from hight to lower.
Masters teach accepted disciples, inspiring those who follow the Path. Real following means following instructions for long years with focus attention & deep interest.
Knowledge to many is information only.
To the sincere seeker, knowledge unfolds inner light love & power. Knowledge becomes inspiration.
The keynote is to sincerely follow the Teachers/Teachings.
Then the disciple transforms to be a Teacher & Master – conducting the Divine Plan, always following the Plan.
These are from higher circles.
These I follow for those who follow me. Om.

Planting David Austin roses, fragrant roses in the Ashram
Om Mani Padme Hum – Carlton Keegan – young man who died in a car crash in Santa Cruz. Om Mani Padme Hum.
All the young people in this grand experiment they are running towards – so difficult for them….we pray for them.
We recite for the young ones the Unification Mantram – so they can figure out their way thru the all around dangers…

This group is our container for those who need to communicate. It is a place to share, ground, have a conversation. It is our refuge….love, Risa

Thursday, March 31, 2022- 9am
Click Here To Listen To Today’s New Moon Meditation:


Aries new moon – template for the coming new year.
Preparing for tonight’s Aries new moon, the first new moon in our new spiritual year.

Today – March 31, last day of March, 2022.
Thursday – Reappearance day, Jupiter’s day.

Aries new moon with a geomagnetic storm today!
Careful everyone!

Note: All the planets are moving forward. There are no retrogrades (an unusual situation). Therefore, we will feel an acceleration of movement, time moving faster than usual, especially during Aries – ruled by Mars, Mercury & Uranus – bringing forth “all things new.”

We have no retrogrades in April – until Pluto begins its retrograde on the 29th of April at 28.36 Capricorn. April will thus pass by swiftly. May 10 begins Mercury’s 2nd retrograde (5 degrees Gemini) for the year.

Thoughts = gratitude, revolution, awareness & art –

Gratitude provides the pathway for more realness to unfold. L. Glass

A few thoughts on this day when the Aries new moon appears around midnight tonight.

Every revolution was first a thought in one man’s mind.
– Emerson

The aim of life is to be aware –
joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.
-Henry Miller

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
-Pablo Picasso

New Moon in Aries – planting our gardens.
New moon conjunct Chiron in Aries –
Aries – identity – divine.
During new moon times – we uphold, strengthen & support all the endeavors of the New Group of World Servers & all the Seed Groups of which we are all a part of.

New Moon/Chiron in Aries.
Mercury (10 degrees) nearby & Chiron (12 degrees) part of the Sun/Moon (11.31 degrees.
Chiron – a wound that when tended to becomes a healing.
Then we become healers for others.

This new moon (Sun/Moon together) of Aries prepares us for the following three Spring Festivals;
1. Aries – love of Hierarchy & God for humanity; Love.
2. Taurus – Wesak Festival – Will of God. Buddha’s annual visit from Shamballa.
3. Gemini – Divine Intelligence, Festival of Goodwill & of Humanity – Christ standing for humanity, facing the Father.

Chiron – we can feel we are the outside, excluded, hurt, wounded. Feeling that we are not part of the mainstream.
Aries initiates – Sun/Moon/Mercury in Aries.
We can initiate new realities, new projects – wherever Aries is in our chart – we have the energy to create something new, plant the seeds of all that is new. Mars gives us the energy. Mercury, the ideas & Uranus the ability to anchor whatever we are initiating. Being a pioneer. In time, this new moon in Aries is equidistance between the
20th of March & the 12th of April – Jupiter Neptune conjunction – 24 Pisces.

A big wave of Aquarius,, Pisces Aries energy. This first new moon.

Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces – affecting all things on the earth – things are not what they seem, but the secrets will be revealed, the veils parted….Neptune/Jupiter – big prices in oil, price of fuel & food & resouces = inflation – we are at a 40 year high. We may see a big wave of the dispossessed, humanity seeking safety. Neptune, Lord of the Sea, water, major flooding in Australia. Also poisons. Increase in hypnosis, psychosis, manipulations, big pharma, VXing. Also a mass unveiling at this time – important for humanity to have the truth. Whatever we are feeling – those emotions will be magnified (Jupiter). If fear & angry or joy & happiness – these will be magnified. Two paths ahead – the paths diverge. We will all have the ability to choose which path – from war to bliss, from descendant to transcendence, from materiality to the divine. The possibilities are unbounded, the ring pass not dissolving. Allowing us to be in touch with our spiritual future. The light today is bright shimmering diamond light. Within that light is the new information needed to move forward into the new era. The physics of light, of diamond light available. Imagine within this light the old ways dissolving away, the new ways beginning to form. Imagine.

That is our magical secret within Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (not appearing again for the next 166 years). What has not resonated with the truth – will be washed away. Will we be able to discern the truth from the untruth? April will be packed with light. Then we move into eclipses.

Setting our new intentions….together. love, Risa

From Sri Aurobindo & the Mother – tending to our bodies….SECRETS OF THE BODY-CONSCIOUSNESS- The Mother in “Integral Healing”, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
“If you take care not to corrupt it, the body carries within itself the certitude of victory. Only the wrong use we make of thought and its influence on the body robs it of certitude of this victory. So the first thing to do is to cultivate this certitude instead of destroying it. And when it is there, no effort is needed to aspire, but simply a flowering, an unfolding of that inner certitude of victory. The body carries within itself the sense of its divinity. This is what you must try to recover in yourself if you have lost it…Then faith awakens in the cells of the body. And you will see that you find a response in your body itself. The body itself will feel that if its inner will helps, fortifies, directs, leads, well, all its limitations will gradually disappear.” p.132-2 – Risa


Wednesday, March 30, 2022- 9am
Note the graphic below – it look like a ship with a sail.

Our Ark from Pisces to Aquarius.
Aries – Mercury – Divine idea from the mind of God.
Mercury, the Soul ruler of Aries.
Aries, flows through the pointer of the Big Dipper.
Sun in Aries, Moon in Pisces today – fire & water.

Tomorrow Sun & Moon in Aries (all fire).
Aries new moon tomorrow night. 11.31 Aries.
Aries – the Initiator. Rays 1 & 7 – Will & the Anchoring of that Will of God, Will to Good, Will to Love.
The colors are white & red & violet & lavender – like the lilacs blooming in areas where snow touched their roots.

From Esoteric Astrology, p. 481.
Aries, the initiator of impulses (either the impulse to incarnate or the impulse to return to the originating source) is closely in touch with one of the stars in the Great Bear to which we give the name “Pointer” in common parlance. This Pointer is a “major star of direction” because through it (in this world cycle) flows the will to unify and to bring about synthesis. This is the force which brings about the fusion or integration of the personality, the at-one-ment of personality and soul, the unification of humanity or the Great Approach of the Hierarchy to Humanity.

It will produce also the integration of our Earth into the body of the “sacred planets” and the consequent establishing of a triangle of force composed of the Pointer, Aries and our Earth. This triangular relationship will have a potent effect upon the solar system as well as upon the planet itself and is also one of the factors producing the shift in the Earth’s axis. Related to this triangle is a secondary one within our sun’s orbit, composed of Vulcan, Pluto and the Earth. In the Archives of the Great Lodge this is referred, to symbolically as:

This is one of the most interesting and informing astrological symbols I have given you and indicates a most momentous relationship. You have here two major and three minor energies brought into close relation; this is analogous to the two major rays and the three minor rays which condition a human being in manifestation.

These are the five energies which concern the informing life of our planet. They produce, in humanity, conscious evolution, direction and the founding of Shamballa upon the Earth. They are the five energies connected with the will-to-be, but from the consciousness angle and not the material expression of manifestation.

Unfolding in nature & time, three qualities, eight planes, detailing
Into spiritual and materials, all within the human.
Three planes of ether – cosmic solar & planetary & the 5 elements.
Everything worked out for all Souls.
To bloom like flowers, to shine like stars, to live in joy.
For the Soul is joyful & each unfoldment allows for joy to stream from the heart.
Experiencing joy after joy, the Soul follows inner direction, pursuing further experiences on earth, in form & matter.
All Souls are guided from within. Everyone’s guiding star is the Soul.
The Soul experiences itself as Brahman, That I am.
Creation is a compassionate impulse from the Divine for all Souls to evolve.
Our joy becomes unconditional
We are painted & shaped by our Rays.
The Kingdom is colorful. Risa

Note the graphic below – we draw this graphic & place it in our Esoteric Journals. Eventually we understand it. When we look up into the sky we locate the pointer in the Big Dipper & we know that Aries flows thru it, from heaven to earth. Risa

Tuesday, March 29, 2022- 9am

Writing in our Lenten Journals.
Preparing for Easter, Resurrection Festival, Passover & the Three Spiritual Festivals.
Spiritual Forces available during springtime.
Today – Sun in Aries, Moon in Pisces. Fire & water.
Creating all things new.
Jupiter in Pisces Moon in Pisces Neptune in Pisces –
Careful with health, with liver & digestion.
With the Pisces planets, the liver is sensitive.
Careful eating & drinking.
The Medical Medium’s book on the Liver is a good & essential resource. Here in the Ashram we are making celery juice w/ cucumbers and eating beets & apples. These support the liver.

The 2nd coronal mass ejection appears to be hitting earth the 31st, causing geomagnetic storms – this intensifies whatever issues people have – physical emotional mental, etc.

Today, March 29th – Tuesday, Mars day. Ray 6 day – desire, aspirations, vision, religion, faith & hope.
The color is rosy blue.

The solar activity increases, coronal mass ejections increase during spring – sending energy to earth, then auroras & geomagnetic storms – different things can disturb the solar field – solar wind, mass ejection, etc. – These increase with the Three Spring festivals & the Three Forces coming in – Forces of Restoration, Enlightenment, Reconstruction.

We have a new moon Thursday – 11.31 degrees Aries.

Palm Sunday is next Sunday, April 10th.

Passover begins Friday, the 15th, which is also Good Friday.

Aries Festival – Saturday, the 15th is the Aries Festival at the time of the full moon. The Festival is at 27 degrees Libra along with the streaming in of the Forces of Restoration – restoring humanity’s well being.

Easter – Sunday, the 17th is Easter, the Resurrection Festival.

Tuesday April 19th, Sun enters Taurus.


A great creative spiritual force becomes available to all earth’s kingdoms, especially to humanity at springtime.
Spiritual forces are released into the earth during the four seasons. They each offer a different evolutionary levels of progression for humanity. Aries is the fiery force that burns the dross of the old nature (winter), releasing a new vital green ardent aspiring livingness. So apparent in spring are nature’s rhythms & laws. Obedience to the cosmic order of things. Nature – means a natural harmonious way of living(ness). Risa


Tuesday, March 28, 2022-10am

Early morning sky before dawn.
Listening & learning – cultivating virtues.
A new week today – Monday – March 28, 2022
Night Light news is updated.
On Wednesday evening it will be updated for the next week.
For those who have not read it yet.

Here we are in a new week – the last days of March, the beginning April & spring showers.

Lent, preparing for Easter & the Three Spring festivals. Special this year, as Passover, Aries Festival & Easter are all on the same weekend. We know what that signifies. The foundation of the new Aquarian world religion.

Today –
Monday – wash day. Organizing for the new week day.

Venus/Saturn today – in Aquarius.
Paying bills day today, too. Venus is money/resources.
Saturn our tasks to complete.

Venus & Saturn are the rulers of both Libra & of Capricorn.
Often Libra & Capricorn seem to have the same energies.
It’s their rulers & Rays that are the same.
Venus (knowledge, real/true science, resources) – Ray 5.
Saturn – structure, discipline – Ray 3.
Both are knowledge Rays.
In Aquarius – Rays 5 & 7 – anchoring the new structures, the new resources for the new era.

Today is v/c – all day & night till 9:32pm (west coast time).
Then the moon enters Pisces.

New Moon
We have a new moon this Thursday night/Friday morning.
It is the first new moon for the new spiritual year.
11.31 degrees Aries – check where that is in your chart.

Note the “lights” in the skies these early mornings before dawn.

Disciples cultivate virtues.
“Virtue is the calling in of new energies and of a new vibratory rhythm so that the soul becomes the positive controlling factor and the soul forces supersede those of (203) the bodies … In place of the restless, self-centered emotional nature and the activity of the solar plexus center… there should be imposed the steady, detached and harmonizing rhythm of the soul…” from Treatise on White Magic, p. 202.

Learning More
Watch Cult of the Medics – videos – David Whitehead, martial artist, Canadian, videography, researcher, looks at symbols & signs – history of Knights of Malta & Templar, etc. Who are these people (he covers this in detail)? Well done. Suspenseful music, images flash fast at times. Interviews. Asks questions. Good for symbology & history – begin at Chapter 1. Chapter 3 – Follow the money. Vanguard – private company hiding shareholders. Helps us see the mass hypnosis. History of medical establishing Rockefeller took over. Templars were hospitalers – then became a cult which we are surrounded by. Science co-opted. Science is a method not a belief system. Today people think of science as a belief system. Chapter 4 – Deep dark world. Nature of evil. What is it? This one is for Scorpios.

Question for research – the tongue is associated with the element of water. Importance of the tongue, linked to taste. If dry tongue, one doesn’t taste.
Research importance of tongue & sacred sounds. Tongue is speaking. The tip of the tongue. Uses of the tongue. The tongue is associated with the astral plane.
And Ray 6. What would it mean to lose the sense of taste?
love, Risa

Sunday, March 27, 2022-1pm

Quiet, in contemplation & resting today. 
Contemplating Mercury now in Aries.
Ideas from the Mind of God of “All things new.”
love, Risa 

Saturday, March 26, 2022-11am
May All Servers Stand Tranquil During Strife.
May All Servers/Disciples be Poised & Hopeful.

Today – Saturday, Saturn’s day, Ray 3 day.
Earth is Ray 3 – the color is emerald green, which is the color of the plant/vegetable kingdom. Purposefully.
Ray 3 is Intelligence, Divine Intelligence, embedded within form & matter. The Pleiades constellation is also Ray 3. Intelligence embedded within the “mother” – which is the Earth itself.

Pleiades in the Bible.
Job 38:1 – 3, 31
Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said, Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up now thy loins like a man: for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me . . .Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

The Hebrew word (cimah ) occurs in ( Job 9:9 ; 38:31 ; Amos 6:8 ) In the last passage – “the seven stars.” The Pleiades are a group of stars situated on the shoulder of the constellation Taurus. The rendering “sweet influences” ( Job 38:31 ) is a belief in the power which the stars exerted over human destiny. Also.. the Pleiades appear about the middle of April, and hence are associated with the return of spring, the season of sweet influences .

Pleiades in the Secret Doctrine
“These Pleiades are the most occult constellations that exist. . . . They are very occult, because they are connected with all the Rishis, too; they have an interchange of thought with the Rishis.” (H. P. Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine Dialogues” p. 319-320)

“The Pleiades, as all know, are the seven stars beyond the Bull, which appear at the beginning of spring. They have a very occult meaning in the Hindu esoteric philosophy, and are connected with sound and other mystic principles in Nature.” (Vol. 1, p. 648)

Virtue is our goal. Expression is our work.
Depth is our position.
We live well in life by practicing virtues.
Intelligence w/ virtues. This makes man humane.
then a Master.
Our goal is to become Masters (not monsters).
Monsters perish, Masters shine forth.
Intelligence alone is empty, it is of no use.
Intelligence must have virtue & then ability comes forth.
Ability is our model, working for benefit for society.
Intelligence alone seeks to gain fame, which is short lived.
Virtuous ones gain eternity. Those seeking intelligence & fame
eventually creates violence.It is aggression to impress, subtle compulsions.

The gentle teacher expresses the Teachings.
…. while false teachers try to impress students w/ their knowledge.

The work of DIsciples is to fallow the Path gently.
then the works conducted are gentle too, not tinged with aggression. Disciples live in depths. Superficial ones look for heights in the world. Disciples live as inner consciousness, in the Antakrana, helping people. Working silently, knowing the Plan. Dry leaves are the ones who seek to impress others.
Daily orient towards virtue, gentle expressions, depths.
Then Disciples benefit all beings.

Three Spring Festivals
Aries Taurus Gemini
We are preparing for the Resurrection (Easter, Aries at the full moon – also Passover) Festivals.
Each year, during Lent, we prepare for the Three Spring festivals – for the Three Great Forces coming forth. There is an order of events – with Aries, Forces of Restoration – restoring mental condition, morale & psychological health (relentless onslaught of the Dark Forces – part of the battle isn’t just how to maneuver thru it but to maintain one’s psychological health – people can easily get depressed from the restrictions – maneuvers & manipulations of the Dark Forces – distorting & confusing humanity – who then say it’s too much & humanity gives in. In order to Resurrect humanity & move into our new civilization (Aquarius), we first have to cleanse & clear the mental condition of humanity before the solutions are given.

This is done thru the Love offered to humanity from the NGWS. One can’t be enlightened when depressed & demoralized. Order is important – Forces of Restoration, of Enlightenment, then Restoration.

Efforts to reconstruct our true government occurring now – feeling hope at first, then getting the information, seeing the plan (America is to Light the Way), then Reconstruction along new lines beginning on the physical plane where the work & creativity is occurring. All of this involved Creativity & Imagination. The order of things & the steps needed to be taken. Along with true government, reconstructing the minds of humanity & creating a more simplistic local communities/villages life style.

How to Begin
We begin with our own gardens & our little farms here, there, everywhere. And sharing what we have. Mission Statement – Go Forth to the Task of Helping Humanity, Establish Goodwill, Right Relations & a spiritual perspective.

May all Servers stand tranquil in the midst of strife.
To be the Observers (a Seed Group) so we can remain poised enough to guide humanity. Working under the New Laws & Principles of the New Aquarian Age. Thus creating all the new institution, as the old ones pass away.

the Work – finding our group – working together.
coming back to basics – what is needed every day.
Back to basics = food & shelter & sharing with each other.

Humanity is the throat center – the Creative Center.
Transiting North Node & Uranus are in Taurus.
Taurus rules neck, throat – region that emanates all the creative activities. And humanity must bring forth this Creativity in order to Materialize the Vision of the new era. Anchoring all the new information into form & matter. Change is coming. It may seem worse as the destruction of the old occurs. But then a new force of Creativity (Aquarius) will come forth.

Taurus in Esoteric Astrology rules humanity – the Creative Center.
Each of us doing our part to create the new culture & civilization.

The Master talks about virtues – Disciples cultivating virtues.
We ponder upon virtues & vices.
Virgo – goddess of Virtues & Vice.
Virgo – related to purity – purifying during Lent.
And our Group’s Moon, North Node & Mars is in Virgo.

More on this later….love, Risa

Solar Weather
There is an Increase in solar activity at this time.
Yesterday morning we had an M flare & the geomagnetic wave will hit earth tomorrow, Sunday. We observe as we are definitely affected by these energies, physical, emotional, mental affected.
Disciples cultivate the virtues of observation & poise.

Solar weather:


Friday, March 25, 2022-9am

Knowledge (true knowledge) gives bliss.
The Annunciation of Mary by Angel Gabriel.
Friday, Venus’s Day, Ray 5 day  – knowledge & truth day. The color is golden orange, the color of the Buddha’s robes.
March 25, 2022 – The Annunciation of Mary. 
Angel Gabriel, the Messenger, appears to Mary, informing her of her promise to be the Mother of the Holy Child, Jesus, who would be overshadowed by the Christ Principle when He was 30 years old. Mary, Joseph & Jesus are Masters within the Hierarchy – this was the task (to be parents of the holy child, Jesus) they chose to assist humanity at the turning of the Ages – from Aries to Pisces, as the world shifted from BC to AC (before Christ to after Christ) – 0 AD.

The birth of the holy child was prophesied. A Teacher of the World appears at each change of the Ages. However, this Teacher (who overshadowed Jesus) was different with a greater task than all Teachers who appeared before this time.
So today – the Annunciation to Mary by Angel Gabriel that the time had come for her task to be revealed & fulfilled. Angels appeared to Joseph, too.

Mercury in Pisces (message from other worlds) soon to enter Aries (bringing forth something new for the world),
Mercury enters Aries early Sunday morning around midnight.

Capricorn Moon – practical day today.

Aries Sun – the search light of the Logos, the point of light at a new cycle of manifestation, seeking what/who can be used for divine expression?
We turn to the Great Ones & say….”Let us be used, O Lords”.

Aries seeks to know the self – it seeks self-identity, asking who am I, what am I? What is that I. What is self-identity?
These questions & their answers are the tasks of Aries.

Know Thyself
Above all Mystery schools, the foundations of which is the study
& knowledge of astrology are the words “Seeker, Know Thyself.”
The study of astrology is the prime way of understanding & knowing the self.

Knowledge gives bliss.
It unfolds in stages to develop love, sympathy & Loving Understanding.
We ask of the Lords – lead us to knowledge, to understanding, to love, to bliss.

Bliss of knowledge – the Lord speaks in the Gita = knowledge is pure, it creates bliss of understanding. Knowledge is like fire, absorbing into itself all the surroundings. There must be knowledge of self/Self (personality & the Soul) – then unwavering bliss appears.

After Knowledge & Knowing the Self, there is the Soul & there is the need to Serve. One needs strength to serve.
One cannot rush to war w/out knowing how to use weapons or writing w/out knowing the alphabet. Acquire patience, abilities with the intention to serve. Have strength, learn how to serve, this is the true education. Divine realization does not happen for those who are not kind hearted.

Aspirants cultivate knowledge, understanding, love & sympathy which create a divine heart – kindly understanding of the other. To understand all others, place oneself in the others’ place, life, position – this creates sympathy, kind heartedness, divine experiences, & loving understanding. The Loving Understandings = the 6th sub-race/life-wave of the 5th race/life -wave (the Thinkers).

Aspirants who strive are to aspire w/out pressure, aspiring gently w/ no expectation, no judgments – aspiring ardently yet quietly. Those who aspire for bliss w/out gaining knowledge – these are daydreamers. They fall into illusion maya & glamours.

The new realm being cultivated, the new children is/are now that of the Loving Understandings, A limitless state of being & awareness.
Love has settled down in the heart, oneness (Advaita – Not Two) is then complete.
Study, knowledge, understanding, love & bliss.

We pray – Lead us O Lord, thru knowledge to bliss, strength to service, from thought to realization, from love to Oneness. Om

Who resonates with this teaching?
It is the Blissful Teaching. Risa

Friday, March 25, 2022-9am

Knowledge (true knowledge) gives bliss.
The Annunciation of Mary by Angel Gabriel.
Friday, Venus’s Day, Ray 5 day  – knowledge & truth day. The color is golden orange, the color of the Buddha’s robes.
March 25, 2022 – The Annunciation of Mary. 
Angel Gabriel, the Messenger, appears to Mary, informing her of her promise to be the Mother of the Holy Child, Jesus, who would be overshadowed by the Christ Principle when He was 30 years old. Mary, Joseph & Jesus are Masters within the Hierarchy – this was the task (to be parents of the holy child, Jesus) they chose to assist humanity at the turning of the Ages – from Aries to Pisces, as the world shifted from BC to AC (before Christ to after Christ) – 0 AD.

The birth of the holy child was prophesied. A Teacher of the World appears at each change of the Ages. However, this Teacher (who overshadowed Jesus) was different with a greater task than all Teachers who appeared before this time.
So today – the Annunciation to Mary by Angel Gabriel that the time had come for her task to be revealed & fulfilled. Angels appeared to Joseph, too.

Mercury in Pisces (message from other worlds) soon to enter Aries (bringing forth something new for the world),
Mercury enters Aries early Sunday morning around midnight.

Capricorn Moon – practical day today.

Aries Sun – the search light of the Logos, the point of light at a new cycle of manifestation, seeking what/who can be used for divine expression?
We turn to the Great Ones & say….”Let us be used, O Lords”.

Aries seeks to know the self – it seeks self-identity, asking who am I, what am I? What is that I. What is self-identity?
These questions & their answers are the tasks of Aries.

Know Thyself
Above all Mystery schools, the foundations of which is the study
& knowledge of astrology are the words “Seeker, Know Thyself.”
The study of astrology is the prime way of understanding & knowing the self.

Knowledge gives bliss.
It unfolds in stages to develop love, sympathy & Loving Understanding.
We ask of the Lords – lead us to knowledge, to understanding, to love, to bliss.

Bliss of knowledge – the Lord speaks in the Gita = knowledge is pure, it creates bliss of understanding. Knowledge is like fire, absorbing into itself all the surroundings. There must be knowledge of self/Self (personality & the Soul) – then unwavering bliss appears.

After Knowledge & Knowing the Self, there is the Soul & there is the need to Serve. One needs strength to serve.
One cannot rush to war w/out knowing how to use weapons or writing w/out knowing the alphabet. Acquire patience, abilities with the intention to serve. Have strength, learn how to serve, this is the true education. Divine realization does not happen for those who are not kind hearted.

Aspirants cultivate knowledge, understanding, love & sympathy which create a divine heart – kindly understanding of the other. To understand all others, place oneself in the others’ place, life, position – this creates sympathy, kind heartedness, divine experiences, & loving understanding. The Loving Understandings = the 6th sub-race/life-wave of the 5th race/life -wave (the Thinkers).

Aspirants who strive are to aspire w/out pressure, aspiring gently w/ no expectation, no judgments – aspiring ardently yet quietly. Those who aspire for bliss w/out gaining knowledge – these are daydreamers. They fall into illusion maya & glamours.

The new realm being cultivated, the new children is/are now that of the Loving Understandings, A limitless state of being & awareness.
Love has settled down in the heart, oneness (Advaita – Not Two) is then complete.
Study, knowledge, understanding, love & bliss.

We pray – Lead us O Lord, thru knowledge to bliss, strength to service, from thought to realization, from love to Oneness. Om

Who resonates with this teaching?
It is the Blissful Teaching. Risa

Friday, March 25, 2022-9am

Knowledge (true knowledge) gives bliss.
The Annunciation of Mary by Angel Gabriel.
Friday, Venus’s Day, Ray 5 day  – knowledge & truth day. The color is golden orange, the color of the Buddha’s robes.
March 25, 2022 – The Annunciation of Mary. 
Angel Gabriel, the Messenger, appears to Mary, informing her of her promise to be the Mother of the Holy Child, Jesus, who would be overshadowed by the Christ Principle when He was 30 years old. Mary, Joseph & Jesus are Masters within the Hierarchy – this was the task (to be parents of the holy child, Jesus) they chose to assist humanity at the turning of the Ages – from Aries to Pisces, as the world shifted from BC to AC (before Christ to after Christ) – 0 AD.

The birth of the holy child was prophesied. A Teacher of the World appears at each change of the Ages. However, this Teacher (who overshadowed Jesus) was different with a greater task than all Teachers who appeared before this time.
So today – the Annunciation to Mary by Angel Gabriel that the time had come for her task to be revealed & fulfilled. Angels appeared to Joseph, too.

Mercury in Pisces (message from other worlds) soon to enter Aries (bringing forth something new for the world),
Mercury enters Aries early Sunday morning around midnight.

Capricorn Moon – practical day today.

Aries Sun – the search light of the Logos, the point of light at a new cycle of manifestation, seeking what/who can be used for divine expression?
We turn to the Great Ones & say….”Let us be used, O Lords”.

Aries seeks to know the self – it seeks self-identity, asking who am I, what am I? What is that I. What is self-identity?
These questions & their answers are the tasks of Aries.

Know Thyself
Above all Mystery schools, the foundations of which is the study
& knowledge of astrology are the words “Seeker, Know Thyself.”
The study of astrology is the prime way of understanding & knowing the self.

Knowledge gives bliss.
It unfolds in stages to develop love, sympathy & Loving Understanding.
We ask of the Lords – lead us to knowledge, to understanding, to love, to bliss.

Bliss of knowledge – the Lord speaks in the Gita = knowledge is pure, it creates bliss of understanding. Knowledge is like fire, absorbing into itself all the surroundings. There must be knowledge of self/Self (personality & the Soul) – then unwavering bliss appears.

After Knowledge & Knowing the Self, there is the Soul & there is the need to Serve. One needs strength to serve.
One cannot rush to war w/out knowing how to use weapons or writing w/out knowing the alphabet. Acquire patience, abilities with the intention to serve. Have strength, learn how to serve, this is the true education. Divine realization does not happen for those who are not kind hearted.

Aspirants cultivate knowledge, understanding, love & sympathy which create a divine heart – kindly understanding of the other. To understand all others, place oneself in the others’ place, life, position – this creates sympathy, kind heartedness, divine experiences, & loving understanding. The Loving Understandings = the 6th sub-race/life-wave of the 5th race/life -wave (the Thinkers).

Aspirants who strive are to aspire w/out pressure, aspiring gently w/ no expectation, no judgments – aspiring ardently yet quietly. Those who aspire for bliss w/out gaining knowledge – these are daydreamers. They fall into illusion maya & glamours.

The new realm being cultivated, the new children is/are now that of the Loving Understandings, A limitless state of being & awareness.
Love has settled down in the heart, oneness (Advaita – Not Two) is then complete.
Study, knowledge, understanding, love & bliss.

We pray – Lead us O Lord, thru knowledge to bliss, strength to service, from thought to realization, from love to Oneness. Om

Who resonates with this teaching?
It is the Blissful Teaching. Risa

Thursday, March 24, 2022-9am

Exaltation & Joy –
– the state of the Disciple/Initiate.
Today, Thursday, March 24, 2022 – Aries Sun, moon v/c till 3pm west coast time, when the moon enters practical Capricorn.

Thursday, Ray 2 day, indigo blue day, Jupiter’s day of joy & exaltation (both a choice).

The Reappearance Meditation today, our assistance to the Christ Maitreya in His Reappearance (soon), reappearing with the Hierarchy, the Masters of Wisdom. Each day we prepare now.
Reappearance Prayer is below.

On the Fire of Exaltation
(or Dead Spirituality – being aware of this)

— From Agni Yoga, ‘Supermundane (Master Morya).

“Knowledge and spirituality must be connected by a special flame which We call exaltation. Without this ardor not only knowledge but even spirituality remains dead and unconnected.

“Do not be surprised that there can be such a thing as ‘dead spirituality.’ Truly there is such a condition. We often come across people who have all the qualifications of spirituality, yet in life are cold and inert. What benefit is there in spirituality earned once upon a time? Like soured milk, many products can be made from it, but it is impossible to return it to its original state.
“The same also applies to knowledge, which should not be mechanical or limited. I repeat that the fire of exaltation is the best connecting bridge, which also serves as a balancing force amidst the storms of space.”

“When the Thinker used to repeat, ‘Be not afraid, do not escape from earthly disturbances,’ He knew the significance of exaltation.”

Joy & Exaltation in our daily work & meditations together.

Reappearance Mantram.
We face the Christ with love, dedication & intention.
We say together…

“Forgetting the things which lie behind,
I will strive towards my higher spiritual possibilities.
I dedicate myself anew to the service of the coming One
And will do all I can to prepare humanity’s minds and hearts
For that event. I have no other life intention.”

We recite the prayer above once again.
We use the word “we” instead of the “I”.
Working as always together in the Ashram.
Ohm Ohm Ohm

Islamic script exhibits states of exaltation.
Like the whirling dervishes, whirling in exaltation & joy.
The Islamic prophet Muhammad is related to have said:
“The first thing God created was the pen.”

Wednesday, March 23, 2022-8am

Ambrosia of Awareness
“The yogini (disciple) gratified by the ambrosia of the awareness, who has done all there is to do, has nothing to do; if there is something one feels one must do, then he is not a connoisseur of reality.” From Vidyaranya, Jivanmuktiviveka, Liberation in Life

Today, March 23, 2022 – Mercury’s day. Ray 4 day. Harmony Thru Conflict day.
The day is golden yellow.
Today Moon in Sag, Sun in Aries – two fire signs.
A fiery day today.
Withstanding the Mercury/Neptune in Pisces
– a watery day too today.
Fire & water – the two elements that bring forth all that is new.
Pisces water blending with Aries/Sag fire – careful of the steam!
Behind the steam is another reality.

Today Mercury/Neptune in Pisces – we observe what type of thoughts occur to us, what our communication is about, how others are communicating. We observe the subtle impressions from the MInd of God offered us today.


Golden Etheric Body
Disciples make service an essential part of our lives.
This builds the golden etheric body.
This is our immortal body.
We recite the bodhisattva mantrams.
When we offer ourselves in service, our spiritual growth accelerates.

Three Golden Threads –
1. Life thread anchored in the heart (comes from the Monad).
2. Consciousness thread comes from the Soul & anchors in the head.
3. Thread of Creativity – We build the Third Thread of Creativity Activity – anchored in the throat.
Humanity is the throat chakra of the Planetary Logos.

The new education has to do with Astrology as a foundational teaching & the Science of the Antahkarana (Science of the Soul).

The Educators – the 4th Seed Group.
We are called to create the new education for humanity.
The new education – astrology & the Science of the Antahkarana (the Science of the Soul).

The new education is the science of the Relationships between Earth & Heaven.
First Astrology (see below).
Then the Soul – building the Antahkarana, the building of the Rainbow Bridge, the building of the three threads – Life, Consciousness & Creative Activity.

We are to teach humanity of the Antahkarana, so mass humanity can build the bridge within themselves to the Soul. Education in the New Age (blue book) beginning inf. on the Antahkarana. It continues more advanced in Rays & Initiation.

The study of astrology is a foundational part of a spiritual path. When we study astrology we gain a new & different perspective about ourselves, our families, friends, all that is around us as well as the cosmos. Astrology is built on cosmic laws; which humanity has forgotten as humanity has also forgotten our origins. It is a study in archetypes & symbols, which the higher mind uses.

The Astrological community, a spiritual community, is growing exponentially each day. As the perspective offered in astrology is so vast & wide, a sense of the infinite, it gives us hope and a new vision of things to come, as well as an understanding of our past/present.
The study of astrology rebuilds our mental processes, eliminating ignorance, the unknown & that this we have not been taught. Learning astrology is like learning a magical process that opens the door to new perceptions & into the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things.
Nothing else, no discipline can reach astrology’s heights & depths, vertically or horizontally. It dismantles previous limiting opinions & beliefs, banishes ignorance, helps us overcome fear and offers us the ability to know & accept ourselves. It removes the veils from our eyes, builds a new model of what’s possible and opens our hearts to compassion and u understanding. It is a technology of ethics.
Astrology explains our own personal journey & it allows us to enter the Temple of Learning – upon which we see in the lintel above the door of all Wisdom & Mystery Temples – Seeker – Know Thyself. Astrology is the Science of the Relationship of Knowing ourselves. It is our own personal journey into self.

Learning these foundational teachings together here. love, Risa

Tuesday, March 22, 2022- 10am

Our 2nd day of Spring, with Sun in Aries.
During Lent – preparing for the Resurrection (Aries Spring) festival.
A warning – below – on taking a particular drug being offered “retreatants” by false shamans. Beware.

Tuesday today – Mars day – Ray 6 day, rosy blue day.
Hopes, visions, dedication day.
A day of action based on Goodwill. A day of giving.
Bliss is in giving.
Today – short 3 hour v/c – from 9am to noon (west coast time). Then moon enters Sagittarius –
Sun in Aries. Mars squares Uranus (Aquarius/Taurus).
Careful everyone. Don’t stumble or burn yourself.

Bliss is in Giving.
Like the Sun each day. Giving always.
Disciples give & never expect to receive.
Disciples give & receive – all with gratitude.
Giving more than receiving.
North pole distributes, south pole receptive.
Distributing sharing giving leads disciples to centers above diaphragm. Centers above transcend us into Divinity.
Below the diaphragm we can beastly humane or divine.
For disciples, always one releases, distributes.
Man & woman – giving & receiving – not genders, not physical appearances, but energies of giving & receiving – equally.
Sun gives, moon receives.
Moon wanes, waxes. The Sun does not.
Disciples are stable, no tottering, no instability.
Note nature always giving. Sun always giving.
Phases of waxing & waning.
Stable, poised. The Disciple.

As Aries begins, it is also International Astrology day & month – Aries, the beginning of the new spiritual year.
Astrological knowledge is an alchemical miracle.
Working with one’s astrology chart.
Critical during these times – astrology offers us the bigger picture of personal world events – astrology helps us integrate the influences of the heavens. Gaze at the symbols. Write out transits around one’s chart. One then enters into “scientific living.”
Knowing studying learning to read one’s astrology is a miracle.

It gives us complete information on all levels that we are experiencing. It gives valuable information. Working with the symbols is an alchemical experience. One is to work with, look at, write down one’s transits each day. The information we receive eventually is not from books, but wisdom within the symbols is revealed to us. Do the transits over & over….then observe one’s life, this then becomes a revealed livingness.

Drugs – their danger (one in particular)
Because of the spiritual war going on, be careful taking drugs….the F/D use these drugs to poison people. The spiritual new age retreat offers people the taking of drugs to experience “death” which the F/Darkness are all about. It’s another aspect of infiltration of the “new age” crowd – offering drugs that poison us. We are in a war, an informational war. Even if the drugs are linked to “indigenous people”, the outcome of the drugs destroy the liver, and crack open the etheric body that protects our body from infiltration of the dark forces. Even when it was used in the counter culture in the 60s, it was a CIA experimentation – even when the retreats are “directed” by a shaman (which isn’t real most of the time either, most leaders are not indigenous, & don’t have a real association with nature’s kingdoms – don’t be fooled).
Transiting south node in Scorpio – taking a drug & experiencing death.
So unwise.
The present drug used is the toxic poisonous toad called BUFO. They say taking this drug annihilates one’s ego. Yes, it does.
However, the ego is NOT to be destroyed. The ego is our personality. Which is our vehicle to interact with reality.
The drug is dangerous.
They say one experiences a death. Yes, nothingness is a death. But it’s not a real death. This is not death.
One can get caught in the nothingness, where nothing essential exists.
Where there is a lack of livingness. A terrifying place to be.
In between life & death, and neighter.
Just a place of nothingness.
One can enter a darkness that is forever.
Although it is touted as being a drug that brings us face to face with God.
It is not real. The experience is an illusion.
One does not find God thru a toxic drug that can bring forth real death.
And one can get begin to fear death.
Thinking death is a nothingness.
Which is a false belief as to what death is.
The experiences when taking this drug are not real.
The experience brings up past traumas.
And one’s reality shifts into illusions.
It is not safe to take this drug. It is not wise to take any of the
present day drugs being released into humanity by false “shamans.”
Or retreatants or those creating drug retreats.
Don’t be fooled. Don’t be foolish. Don’t be fooled.
Be wise instead. Natural like nature. Risa

Below – Paris in springtime.

Monday, March 21, 2022- 9am

Spring Rituals. Talk with the Devas.
The Christ Life, the Cloud of Fiery Livingness, the Life Spirit vehicle of the Christ, has loosened from the depths of the Earth & now floats free, around the glove, following the Sun, preparing for Resurrection (Easter).

It is now the time of Aries – the seed of idea from the Will & Creation of God.
When we receive that “seed”, it is like Aries, the new seed, the new spiritual year.
The first 15 days of Aries, we orient to the new life of Aries, the new green fires spreading over the earth, a splendid color, divine in origin. Green fire at the rootlets of each plant.

We create spring rituals – they replenish our will.
Flames of fire rituals burn away old useless thoughts & stimulate new pure thoughts. We enter the flames. We ask the fire to burn away all that is not useful so we can then conduct good & pure actions. The Great Teachers have mastered fire elements, working for the transformation of the fire (Agni) of the mind. His name means “A Garland of Flames.” In Aries, with ritual & prayer, intention & dedication, we absorb this green garland of flames into our body & minds. We thus are prepared for springtime, Aries, bringing forth with the devas “all things new.” Working thus, harmonizing with the Divine Plan of nature. And so the annual new cycle in Aries begins. Offering us the seed for the new spiritual year. We too plant our seeds.

And so we reorient to the new in the first 15 days of Aries, thus anchoring ourselves in the new fiery cycle of the new year. We can’t receive the seed of Aries unless we have inner purity. This reminds us of the purpose of Lent – preparation & purity.

We work with Mars (actions, tests, Ray 6). Then Mercury (light ray of intuition, Ray 4). Then Uranus, the Lord of Aries (the color is violet & Ray 7).

Aries is a radiant fiery sun sign, representing the upper part of the head & the beginning light at the dawn of each day.

As we begin our gardens, we work consciously with the devas – we hear from them speaking to humanity – calling us to interaction & cooperation.

You are masters of incarnation in ways that we are not, so when we associate with you, we can learn what you have learned. We are masters of joy and connectedness and of the powers of seeing and creating wholeness. When we associate, it can awaken those skills in you, which, when applied will benefit us both.
–Mariel of the Sidhe (from Engaging with the Sidhe by David Spangler)

Today, March 21, 2022. First full day of Aries/Spring.
Complex day today – The moon in Scorpio making contact with most of the planets.
A busy day today.
Mercury/Jupiter in Pisces. Neptune is in Pisces, too.
Our liver needs tender loving care.
Mars square Uranus tomorrow (Aquarius/Taurus).
Careful. We can unexpectedly hurt ourselves, stumble, fall, pull a muscle/tendon.
Go slow, slow down, be aware & conscious.
Rest more. Love, Risa

Daffodils & lilacs are blooming.
Golden yellow, white & violet/lavender.
Following the rays of spring.

Sunday, March 20, 2022- 10am

The Star Gates of Spring, of Aries have opened!
Spring has arrived!

A great creative spiritual force is now available to all of the kingdoms, including humanity.
Spiritual forces are released into the earth at the four great points of the year – eqinoxes & solstices.
They each offer & respond to a different evolutionary need in humanity.
Aries is the fiery force that burns the dross of the old nature (winter), releasing a new vital green ardent aspiring livingness.
So apparent in spring nature’s rhythms & laws.
Obedience to the cosmic order of things.
Nature – means a natural harmonious way of living(ness).
Nature responding to the pathway & light of the sun.

A faint blush of green now can be seen (etherically). The daffodils are almost over. The tulips are growing an inch a day, reaching up to the Sun. Pisces (water) offers the past year to Aries (fire). We are not in the water/fire mysteries.
The Sun is at the equator. And so also are the new/moon seeds – all gathered in the heart center, which is our equator.

Spring equinox (Sun at the equator at zero degrees Aries) begins the new spiritual/solar year. In Aries, “all things new” begin. New life emerges in our Northern Hemisphere. Aries is the “fire of the mind”, bringing forth new ideas that become new ideals within humanity. Aries is “electric fire”, the fire in lightning storms usually experienced in Spring.
During Spring equinox the Solar Angel streams into the Earth a fresh impulse (the Plan for the coming year). And at the Full moon during Aries, the Forces of Restoration and the Spirit of Resurrection flow into the Earth (the Mother). These forces offer humanity a new “livingness” by restoring our moral, ethical and psychological health. Their “presence” supports the new Aquarian culture & civilization and the new Spiritual Materialism (Sharing Society) to emerge. They offer a new hope and vision for the new world to unfold.

Archangel Raphael (the Christian name for Mercury or Hermes), the Healing Angel, begins to preside over the Earth at the equinox, bringing healing and protection. He carries the Caduceus, staff of Mercury. It is written that each evening, Raphael gathers up all of humanity’s requests for healing, carrying them to heaven where he presents them before the throne of God. Here they are transformed into fragrant blossoms, which are then borne down to Earth by Raphael’s (Mercury’s) serving Angels. The flowers, scattered about where there is pain and sorrow, bring solace, care, beauty & comfort to those in need.

Spring is here. We are in the garden today. love, Risa

Saturday, March 19, 2022- 10am

St. Joseph’s Day today.
Father of Jesus, the holy child born in Bethlehem of Mary & Joseph, taken to Egypt, later brought back to Israel, & at age 30, overshadowed by the Christ Principle.
St. Joseph is the template for good fathership.

Today, Saturn’s day – Ray 3 day. The color is emerald green.
Earth is Ray 3 too. It is covered with a green mantle of nature.

Note chart below – stelliums in Aquarius & Pisces.
Old & New together.

Night Light News is updated for spring…
And also the recording of the full moon/Pisces solar festival meditation tomorrow is available to listen to.

Today…March 19th – our last day of Pisces –
Tomorrow, Aries Sun, the new Spiritual Year begins.
We step up into a higher level of the spiral of light.
The Rays changes – what is the change in Rays?
And what are the colors? Who knows. Who will read this?
Who will answer?
This is our College.

Tomorrow too….
It is always at the beginning of Aries International Astrology Day.

A complex day today – Libra moon makes contact
with many planets. Venus squares Uranus – we are to step into a new direction & anchor aspects of the new world today.
Allowing the old ways to fall away.

As one year culminates & a new spiritual year begins….
We assess what behaviors we no longer want to take into the new spiritual year. We assess what NEW behaviors we want to cultivate in the new year. This assessment lasts till the next new moon – in two weeks.

Health –
Today for the days to come – stellium of planets in Pisces.
Careful with health – poisons, infections, liver.
Eat lightly, lessen fats, carbs, sugars, etc.
It’s Lent – time of purification.

Goodbye Pisces. Hello Aries.

Friday, March 18, 2022- 9am

Pisces Solar Festival (Full Moon) today –
Click to Listen to Today’s Full Moon Meditaton:
Today –
Holi – India’s (Hindu) Festival of Colors.
Holi – a celebration of love, color & of spring.
About Love – Love does not only consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.
from Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the Little Prince
Full moon day today – Pisces (Rays 2 & 6) solar festival, 28 degrees Pisces. Stellium in Pisces (see chart). Jupiter in Pisces, careful with one’s liver & digestion (Virgo moon).
Planets in Aquarius & planets in Pisces. It’s as if a tug of war between the old (false leaders, false teachings, false ideals, socialism, extreme materialism, false conformity, fanaticism, narrow vision, false dedications & idealism that have no practicality, false thinking & beliefs, inability to see beyond one’s desires, etc – all Ray 6 of the Pisces Age) & the new (Aquarian Age, Rays 5 & 7 – truth, new rhythms, etc.). With North Node in Taurus inviting us to be poised as we continual to face change & transformation (Uranus in Taurus).
Jupiter/Neptune – some of us may feel as if we are in a fog. Some of us entering higher & deeper spiritual folds of reality.
Spring begins Sunday – we are ¼ thru 2022 already!
Today, Friday – Venus’s day, March 18, 2022.
America & the Pluto transit.
Where are we?
We seek the wise ones, our Soul each day.
A calm, collected mind, a courageous heart and a commitment to seek guidance from Higher Mind are the essentials for a successful journey through the dark realms (Pluto on the US Pluto) – seeking to understand the spiritual aspects of current upheaval & crisis, the Initiation (1st) humanity is going thru. Especially in the United States.
This weekend we have a full moon (today, Friday), and Spring (N. Hemisphere) begins early morning Sunday. Sun sitting at the equator, thus spring equinox (equal day & night).
Full Moon Virgo = Pisces Solar Festival.
Our last full moon for the spiritual year. A new spiritual year begins on Sunday.
The time of the full moon is a period when spiritual energies are uniquely available and facilitate a closer rapport between humanity and the Hierarchy. Each month the inflowing energies carry the specific qualities of the constellation influencing the particular month; these energies playing sequentially upon humanity, establish the “divine attributes” in the consciousness of humanity. As aspirants and disciples we seek to channel the spiritual inflow into the minds and hearts of men, and thus strengthen the link between the human kingdom and the Kingdom of God.
Entrance upon the Path of Approach is possible for individuals, for groups, and for humanity as a whole as a unit. Energies not usually or normally contacted, can be touched, grasped and utilised at the time of these Approaches, provided that they are contacted in group formation. Thus the individual, the group and humanity are enriched and vitalised.
KEYNOTE of the full moon Approach to the Hierarchy:
“He who faces the light and stands within its radiance is blinded to the issues of the world of men; he passes on the Lighted Way to the great Centre of Absorption. But he who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves his brother on the darkened path, revolves upon the pedestal of light and turns the other way.
“He faces towards the dark, and then the seven points of light within himself transmit the outward streaming light, and lo! the face of those upon the darkened way receives that light. For them the way is not so dark. Behind the warriors–twixt the light and dark–blazes the light of Hierarchy.”
I. GROUP FUSION. We affirm the fact of group fusion and integration within the heart centre of the new group of world servers, mediating between Hierarchy and humanity:I am one with my group brothers, and all that I have is theirs.
May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them.
May the strength which is in me lift and aid them.
May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them.
II. ALIGNMENT . We project a line of lighted energy towards the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the planetary heart, the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara; and towards the Christ at the heart of Hierarchy.Extend the line of light towards Shamballa, the centre where the Will of God is known.
Mantram of Love
In the centre of all Love I stand.
From that centre I, the soul, will outward move.
From that centre I, the one who serves, will work.
May the love of the divine Self be shed abroad,
in my heart, through my group, and throughout the world.
Visualising the downpouring spiritual inflow released from Shamballa through the Hierarchy, into the NGWS (where we stand) & streaming into humanity through the prepared channel.
We see the inpouring energies are establishing the “Pathway of Light” for the coming World Teacher, the Christ.
Directing the Light & Love & Power into the hearts & minds of humanity with intention & dedication.
Reciting the Great Invocation together. love, Risa

Thursday, March 17, 2022- 9am

Our last days of Pisces Sun. Virgo Moon today.
Preparing for tomorrow’s full moon, solar festival.
Pisces – 28 degrees.
Today is St. Patrick’s Day.
St. Patrick taught about the Trinity – in a three leaf clover.
March 17, 2022 – Jupiter’s Day, Ray 2, Thursday.
Mercury sextile Uranus (Pisces/Taurus).
What revelations will we have today?
What surprises?
Standing in Confidence, Aspiration & Dedication today.
Tomorrow, around midnight is the Pisces Solar Festival.
We prepare today.

Today – Thursday, Jupiter’s Day.
Reappearance Meditation Day.
Night LIght News is updated.

Reappearance Meditation Day.
Spoken as Bodhisattvas.
Our Reappearance Meditation under Jupiter is Ray 2 of Love Wisdom.
We stand close to the Christ, at the heart of Hierarchy.
Our meditation becomes a healing for all those in need.
In the light of our Soul, we say to the Christ….

“People of goodwill can come together to make things better.”
These are good words.
The NGWS are aware of how Goodwill is created in humanity.
We align with the Will-to-Good (Ray1 into Ray 2).
And radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity.
And then the Will-to-Good becomes Goodwill in humanity.
Understanding this “precipitation” is the task of all Disciples.

Today – our Thursday rhythms.
Night Light News is updated –
And we recite the Reappearance Mantram with the Christ.
Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Join the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis…

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare humanity’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the One Life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

As we cultivate the divine each day, we also cultivate virtues. In due course we become divine. We then return to serve, like the rainwater serves. A Master is like the rain water.
Alchemy happens.
There is a secret in this path.
The sun ray absorbs the water from the ocean. Water evaporated up. Then there is a rainfall.
Raja Yoga is our meditation, invocation, players reaching up to the heavens, then falling down to Earth again. Watering the Earth.
Our work – Visualization, creative visualization.
Rain showers us with Light. Om. Risa

Comments – News/Notes
We are the ones who will come after us. We stand with all those who came before us. That was us. Now we are here. And we prepare for those who come after us. We are those same people too. There is no death. There is one spirallic globe/chain cycle of livingness. We return time after time, meeting our past & our future in the present moment. Nothing prior to this time was a mistake. Now we are coming to the essence of our lives, as we understand them, as we understand time & space. This is a cautionary principle. To live life with Goodwill. If there is any chance of harm, to choose No Harm. To purify & prepare our bodies at all times. The dimensions now are open, crossroads wide. We can enter past & future. We stand perfected at all times. We are not what we think we are. The farthesst reaches of the earth have been reach with the poisoned cult. Infiltration of poisons. Trespassing has happened, a religious fervor, the publc health situation. No blood to go unpoisoned. Pollution of our blood. Colonizing of the world with the poison. We don’t see it. But it’s right in front of our faces, all around us. We keep ourselves pure from this pollution (mental, emotional, physical). We prepare the future for 7 generations. We are who will come after us. We are the 7 generations we will meet in the future. Lifetimes to neutralize. We begin now. Risa

Wednesday, March 16, 2022- 9am

Telling the Truth. Esther Saves Her People.
Creative Process & Education –
Tonight at sundown is Purim.
Pu – freedom from alloy, from limitation.
Pur – purity – purification during Lent.
Esther – queen telling the truth to her husband, King Cyrus, thus saving her people. Truth saves.
We remain pure when we tell the truth.

Purim – the story of Esther telling the truth to her husband, King Cyrus, that her lineage was Jewish.
During Purim (4th century Persia, BC – Haman (assistant to King Cyrus), attempting to kill the Jewish people. Esther had to tell her husband she was Jewish (he didn’t know). And she asked Cyrus to save her people. And he did.
Purim is a one day celebration. There is masking & parades & celebrations, offering tithtes to the poor & the eating of Hamantaschen cookies (butter cookies filled w/ apricots).

Today Virgo Moon, Pisces Sun. It’s almost full moon time.
Friday is full moon, Pisces solar festival, 28 Pisces.
The Last full moon of the solar year.
Spring occurs on Sunday…..Sun enters Aries.

The Creative Process & Education
(Way back in the ’60s, something began to happen to the education of our children. It was a breaking down of the process of teaching – phonics was eliminated, basic math was eliminated, along with many other educational basics. This has led today to the false teaching methods & subjects in most schools now. Our children have not been taught adequately, a shift away from parents & giving power to adminstrators & teachers. This has resulted in a country of ignorance & belief in false truths. An ignorant country is easily captured by the F/Darkness.

Education in a New Age (page 15)
Reading has to do with the clothing of ideas with form and is related to the first step in the creative process, wherein Deity, governed and impelled by an idea (embodying God’s purpose and plan), converted that idea into the desired substance and clothed it with the needed outer appearance. Writing symbolizes the method whereby the process is carried on, but it is of course far more personal in its implications. Reading is concerned essentially with the realization of a clothed idea of some kind, whereas writing is, curiously enough, concerned with the individual’s conscious self-relation to ideas, and his use of words in writing is the measure of the grasp he may have of these universal ideas. Arithmetic (and the power to add, to subtract, and to multiply) is related also to the creative process and concerns the production of those forms upon the physical plane which will adequately produce the idea and bring it to manifestation.

About Education & Creativity.
(destroyed in recent years in our schools. In the New Aquarian Age, there is the need for the New Education & NEW TEACHERS. Education is needed as a creative process for children. When the children are not taught the basic, they cannot climb the ladder of consciousness, they cannot discover the Soul, they cannot evolve. This statement is a core curriculum. The US is now low in terms of reading writing & arithmetic for our children. This has to change. All aspects of CRT & its offshoots (products of the Dark Forces need to be eliminated & this has to be done by parents & true teachers). As we read the Tibetans work each day we create an alchemical process. We also need to write out words by hand (not always using the computer).

Telling the Truth – it sets us free….love, Risa

News/Notes – News & Notes – The world situation – F/Materialism we knew would try to collapse the US. The US represents the Light of the World, leading humanity to the Light. In Esotericism, the first Initiation (birth into the LIght, the Soul), reading about the 1st Initiation, it’s about the economy (“bread, Bethlehem). We don’t know how this was is going to turn out. We sense it will get more & more chaotic & difficult. The Forces of Light will prevail but it may take a long time. This is a planet of suffering, sorrow & pain, which humanity will need to experience – lack of food, economic difficulties, etc. Everyone will go thru this. We no longer watch the news except for one (T___er). We noticed the colors now used in advertising, the colors of Ukraine (blue/yellow). Colors & numbers – important in propaganda & entrainment.
Notice the numbers, too. Double numbers – 33.88.44, etc.. We don’t know what this means. F/Darkness, the media is their tool.
Note: Z_en- sky was a comedian before the head of Ukraine. They are making him out to be a hero. But he’s just another puppet. Listening to L. Logan (journalist, reporter on wars for years). On Fox News she was asked a question & she told the truth – we are being lied to 100%. Z a puppet. Yet we see all the support for U & Z. She out & out told the truth, more so than anyone else. T skirts around the truth – Fox is the controlled opposition, telling part of the truth. We hope the truth will be revealed. That the White Hats are in control.
Purim is always brought up by JOS – Esther telling the truth. What is unfolding now (always) has a religious theme. Darkness, Crucifixion, Resurrection. T comes the closest to telling the truth, but even he is shackled & some of the people on his show are suspect. An exercise in discernment. Part of the revolution is televised. Most isn’t. Careful not absorbing too much or one can become anxious & reactive. The photos too….we don’t trust them. We listen to T & the news when we can. Everything is contaminated with untruths. Watch as little as possible. T is the best at this point. The people we know that are entrained – they are news addicts. Absorbing untruths, become self righteous about untruths, entering into hubris. Sad situation.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022- 11am

(Beware the) Ides of March – Energies of Culmination
March 15, 2022. Tuesday, Mars day, Ray 6 day.
Careful what we do today.

Ides of March 
– originating from ancient theologies, well before the Kali Yuga began (March, 3100 BC). It is the ending time, before a new something begins. The energies of culmination are all around us (end of Pisces, end of the solar year). A new cycle is about to begin. A time of preparation, beginning preparations for new cycle.
Important nodal point for deeper changes.
Postpone major events till 1st week of the new cycle, Sun in Aries, new solar year.
Shakespeare’s plays- contain enormous wisdom.
Not of the past, not of the east or west, but cosmically.
Many subtle unseen changes are occurring before the new cycle begins.
It is like a dark of the moon time. Nothing to be created now.
A waiting time. A preparatory time.

Shakespeare & the Ides of March
Julius Caesar was cautioned to not plan Senate meeting
on 15th of March. Caesar, drunk with success, overlooked the time dimension & was killed that day. Caesar was a renowned emperor, with great will & wisdom, but with his will. He didn’t honor time, the correct & right timing of things (astrology’s purpose).

The Great Knowers do not plan things when time is concluding.
at the end of cycles. They wait for fresh & new times, new life, higher order, new livingness, the new cycle of livingness to begin. One should always know the tides of time (astrology as a timing mechanism). As always our intentions – caring for the common good, always in right timing. 

The last week of Pisces (Spring is next Sunday).
Today is the day before Purim (sundown, Wednesday, tomorrow –
The story of Truth, Esther tells her husband, King Cyrus, of her real identity as a Jewish woman. Her truth saved her people, the entire Jewish race living in Persia.

Today, Wednesday is v/c all day till midnight.
Even with the v/c the Moon inconjuncts Neptune, Sun & Pluto.
the elements challenging each other.
However, we can look to the rays to see what brings the planets & moon together.
When the Moon ends its v/c, it enters Virgo.
We are careful today.

“In Pisces the work is consummated and the will of the Father works out through the second ray Will as the will-to-save. … In Pisces, we have the consummation of the work of that which the matter aspect has made possible….and Christ emerges as the world saviour.” EA, 627/8 – Risa 

Monday, March 14, 2022- 9am

Today is Pi Day.
Pi – ratio of diameter to circumference.
March 14 (3/14), 2022 – Monday, a new week begins.
Note to everyone – read ALL comments below.

Pisces Sun, Leo moon today. A very creative day today.
What will each of us create?
I will make a pie today – apple, rasberries, cranberries, pears.
A Chicken pot pie too, maybe!

Pi (often represented by the lower-case Greek letter π), one of the most well-known mathematical constants, is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. For any circle, the distance around the edge is a little more than three times the distance across. Distance around circle is 3x distance across the circle.

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 (3/14 in the month/day format) since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant figures of π. It was founded in 1988 by Larry Shaw, an employee of the Exploratorium. Celebrations often involve eating pie or holding pi recitation competitions.

Pi – is wisdom, the path between man & God.
The line across the circle in relation to the circle itself.
Their relationship mathematically.

The Power of Pi is the power of thought.
Thought with Truth/ real Thinking leads man to the self.
Man – the words means the thinker.
Relationship between them – symbolically presented the line thru center of circle on each side & the circumference.

VIsualization – main technique of Raja Yoga.
Main technique in Esoteric healing.
Visualizing, using our creative imagination create the “thought forms of solution” for humanity’s well being.
It is a Creative Process.
Thought is Golden. It affects the mental, emotional, physical.
Thought/thinking helps us discern the Truth.
All of the Wisdom Teachings have to do with the power of thought.

Ring Pass Not –
Humanity called to go beyond one’s beliefs into Truth.
One (humanity in these crucial times of darkess) must achieve a greater level of awareness, knowledge & consciousness, before one (we) can move forward.
At first the ring pass not is is a protective mechanism.
Beyond that “ring pass not” is a fiery field that one must be prepared for.
It’s a protective barrier.
It’s like the Tyler in Masonry. It’s a concept we are to review.
The Rings of Saturn are the “rings pass not” – meaning we are protected from moving forward until slowly & gradually we are prepared. Boundaries that protect us till we are ready. Humanity awakening at this time, a delicate process, the “ring pass not” applies to the Tyler standing at the door of Masonry is a protection. What occurs beyond the ‘rings’ is too fiery, until one is prepared. All the Work we do here is to help everyone prepare to step beyond all “ring pass nots.” Preparing everyone for the next level of fiery information.

Awareness Expanded
Further upheaval expected. (see/read comments below)
Be spiritually mentally emotionally physically prepared.
So we don’t have detrimental repercussions.
Read comments below –
It resonates with all the information we’ve had for years.
Anna Van Reitz also said subtly – “everything is changing, the frequencies are changing, prepare for what you may “see.”
Created by the F/Materialism & their plans to shock humanity.
Preparing ourselves through knowledge.
Things to ponder & know about.
See/read comments below.
It keeps all of us up to date.
True knowledge keeps us out of despair.
And ready for battle. We are in a cosmic war.
The F/D have great criminality that is surfacing now.
They will create a last ditch effort in this cosmic war.
Naomi Wolf – said there was a whistle blower form Black Rock about fraud committed from Pfizer leading to deaths, all covered up. Wall St. investors know this too – invested in Bit Pharma. Investigations coming. As they fraud is revealed at high levels, distractions are offered to humanity – create a war instead. Extend the control so that all open societies are closed, project a hologram of “aliens” so humanity will be locked down forever.
What most don’t understand is we are focused on politics, but the situation is way beyond politics. It’s a cosmic spiritual war. And humanity has to increase awareness & then protection falls into place, the larger perspective allows for protection. Extra terrestrial element may be projected onto humanity & it’s a great false flag. Be prepared.

Read more below….Love, Risa


We are in a cosmic spiritual war.

Spiritual & cosmic aspects behind what look

We are in a global cosmic war. And it’s entered into the
physical plane.

When we see the physical world, we think everything is

But what we see in the outer world is not necessarily the
essential truth.

We are in a spiritual & cosmic war.

It has entered the physical world now.

It will continue. The saving grace will be for those who

Spiritual  &
understand the Truth.

The actual catastrophes – what the Dark Forces count on are
later causalities –

The migration, our despair, our depression,

Food shortages, lack of necessities. Reverberations
created by a group

Trying to genocide a civilization – a tragedy created
that affects all of humanity.

Reverberations – 2ndary effects after the 1st
tragedy that causes suicides & violent

Responses from people that would never be violent, yet
driven to the edge.

Conclusory violent events created self-harm.


Think about lock downs, isolation, distancing, masking,
even isolating our children.

The cabal depends upon the self-termination of many of
humanity due to reverberations

After the catastrophes. When they are trying to get a
nuclear war, or as they create fake conditions & create fake “meds”, they
are waiting for 2ndary effects to terminate the population.


We have to protect ourselves from these reverberations.

Have spiritual protection, in a position to defend
ourselves spiritually, with knowledge.

Mental & spiritual protection for those affected by

Don’t depend on gov to save us anymore.

Historical knowledge of how/where these events come from,
when we know these things,

We have a spiritual strength.


The events from the cabal come directly from the Nazi
movement in 1932 in Germany.

Members of the cabal are approaching 100 years old, they
were there in Germany as Nazis.

They know what happened (S….S, Schw…b, etc. they were
there when the Nazi methods killed the people. They are master of disguises. Many
think they are “progressives” but they are actually Nazis, steering propaganda
& events actually occurring. They have attempted to

Groom our children. Their purpose is extermination.
Humanity complying are being led to slaughter. Those who stand for the truth
are called domestic “te__or__sts.


Where do we go from here? When we know we are being

Pushing our buttons pushing us to relive historical


There are many of us who are trying to ring the bells &
tell people what is occurring.

But there is resistance to the truth. The truth is so
horrific, people can’t believe what is occurring.


It is a global war – both sides have many layers of plans
going forward.

When one is shot down they go to the next one, the next
one, the next one.

There are White Hats alliances movement as well as a
Cabal – with constant streams of  plans
(on the walls of some of our government officials).


Oscar Wilde – a foolish consistency is a hobgoblin of
small minds.

Don’t’ be foolish here anyone. The Dark forces are real
& they are very very clever.

And their purpose is death of humanity.


We need to look w/ certainty & with true knowledge.

For example….the B administration knew Russia was going
to bomb Ukraine.

They had that intelligence.

However, he did nothing to prepare the Ukraine people.

He closed all the pipelines we are no longer self-sufficient
with our own natural resources.

He is a puppet of the dark forces. Along with those
around him.


Col. Douglas McGregor (White Hat)– Fox News – he was

Advisor to Fox News – owned & operated by CNN.

Questioner pumping up threat of Russia saying about to
conquer Poland.

Who does that sound like ? (Hitler, marching to Poland).

McGregor went off script – he said the war with Ukraine
is over.

Putin destroyed all the underground biolabs, bio weapon
labs (20 of them all across Ukraine). Putin destroying those targets.  

McGregor said the targets are destroyed, & Kyiv is circled,
they had to surrender.

And Zelensky is in talks with Putin – Ukraine has surrendered.

As soon as he said that Fox news cut McGregor off the

Scrubbed off data bases.


The Cabal is desperate for a nuclear war.

If they don’t get that their people will be prosecuted.

They want a distraction –

Big Pharma selling their stock now, getting out of town.

All who cooperated with the past years of crimes against
humanity will be prosecuted.


Ukraine has exposed what they were going to do = they
were going to use bio weapons labs….(can’t say yet….).

We can’t walk away from this. Ukraine has exposed the
next phase of the pandemic.

Using bio weapons labs….

Members of cabal concerned the nuclear war won’t happen.

Trying to get nuclear war since H-l-ry was running for

They are continuing to the next step of the war.

Fake Alien invasion – what does this mean? Fake word applies
only to alien & not to

The word invasion. Think about this.

Alien identity is fake. They will say they are real, but
they aren’t.

The operation will be a global broad “alien” invasion,
all assets of cabal we’ve seen previously. They are calling it Operation Failsafe
(cabal loves that name).

It’s the final Failsafe – definition – final net, final
safety measure to collect all power & resources against humanity. Final
step. It has lots of different aspects. Three major ones.

It will affect everyone, some more than others.


The purpose of knowing this information, is that we want
people to get thru this & to remain alive.

When what is coming occurs, it won’t be holograms.

Think of 9/11 – when it occurred it was a solid reality. Holograms
that have solidity to them & sound. That was present. But what’s coming
will be 9/11 x 1000 – attempted destruction of our cities. Nothing fake about
it. The cabal understands one has to attack people on spiritual mental level,
exhaust them, wear them out, make them depressed, sad – keep pushing this &
load them with fear. Fear is the ultimate mind killer. Creating a wide-ranging
panic, like we saw in last 2 years (virus, etc.). Over time this depressed the
mind & kills the spirit. Once a person comes to this point, we can’t save
them. Once humanity is pushed beyond a certain point, they can no longer we
save, their spirit is damaged. They then either do self-harm or they join the


True history & spiritual Knowledge arms people with true

So we don’t go into a blind panic (normies go into a blind
panic) & then loop into joining the forces that are destroying this. This
is a loop of self-destruction. Panic-demic.

Cabal remembers when they found out all they needed was 2
Nazi officers & an armillary Sargent to march into a major town, executing
a few people, & saying “we’re here now.” They then take over a major town
& the town surrenders. Then they all are told to spy on each other.
Familiar, anyone?


Put a pandemic (virus) & 2-3 false scientists to tell
people lies & humanity then reacts with panic & falls into line.
Appeasing the fear by falling in line with the forces of darkness.


Fake Alien Invasion (members of Cabal are the “aliens”)

We have been preconditioned. All the space alien movies,
invading cities, this is already in subcons. Mind of humanity. This has been in
the works forever.

A major link, how to know it’s safe – LIVE THRU THE
INITIAL PANIC PERIOD – we live thru it by being aware of this. Knowing the
aliens are real. Aliens are not physical. They exist on same spectrum as
ghosts, demons, angels, etc. They cannot exist on the physical plane. The cabal
wants us to think always of Alien Immanency. Roswell wasn’t real. The aliens
are an insectoid – they exist but will not be involved in this “invasion.”


Seven Words circulating around the world– (we follow only
a few individuals)….Icke for global events & other reliable sources).

They are saying same information. Seven words – individuals
telling them.

Seven Words circulated all over world –
“Take the Ch, it will be fine”.

People receiving this – this is voice to skull, scaler
waves technology.

All getting these 7 words – all over the world.


2 Books – Extra Dimensionals
– Clear Hearers (voice to skull technology – used by cabal).

Develop spiritual discernment to know what something is
NOT genuine, artificial message sent to humanity. For our own
development….develop discernment, discrimination to see the falseness covered
by a false dangerous killing light.


Once we know we are being manipulated, we “break with the

We awaken to the game being played. Then WE WIN THE GAME.

The moment we discern the manipulation, we reject it.

Then we have genuine clear hearing ability, standing in
the breath of God.

Our powers & abilities then protect us from the dark

We then are in the true Game of Knowledge & become

We have to then make the Spiritual Decision as to where
we stand.

Inside our body, this spiritual war has also been

Taking the Ch Ch is part of playing with the dark forces.

If we have taken it….detoxify immediately.

Frontline Doctors can help with detoxification.

Physical detox works on spiritual level.

The Ch Ch is a spiritual attack on the blood of humanity.


We wouldn’t be surprised if the F/Dark create an alien

Creating a false flag & saying the world has to be
against these “aliens.”

The present day “aliens” are the Dark Forces & their
agenda of death.

It is against all levels of creation & against God.

The present false administration is completely under the

Of the F/Darkness. The present administration is only low
hanging fruit.

There are greater realities of darkness controlling our
country & our world.


We are in a laboratory of transformation.

It’s happening all around us every moment.

Sunday, March 13, 2022- 1pm

Today, March 13, 2022, is the anniversary of my mother’s death. She was born in Leo (Aug. 14, 1917), died in Pisces (March 13, 2014). Om Mani Padme Hum.
In the wisdom teachings disciples remember loved ones who have been “called home.” We remember them on their new birthday, which is their “called back” day (death, our Great Adventure, & a mystery to most of us, although we have “died” to the physical plane thousands of times).

In remembering my mothers I remember the things she did in her life – brought up on the east coast, the eldest of her siblings (4 in all), her mother gave birth to her when her mother was 14 years old. Her mother, Victoria, as raised in an orphanage. Was adopted out of that orphanage by her grandmother. My mother was closest to her grandmother than her mother. Her grandmother died when my mother was 12…there is a story that her grandmother was thirsty and kept telling my mother I am thirsty & my mother ran to the river & filled a glass with river water to give to her grandmother & soon after her grandmother died. My mother always felt perhaps she killed her grandmother with the river water. This fear has been passed down to me, an experience I too had at my mother’s death.
After high school my mother, who wanted to attend college, was asked by her mother to begin to work as my mother’s father became very ill. Mother worked for General Mills for many years. Eventually mother married my father but mother could not tell her employer she was married. My father enlisted in the war & my mother along with other officer’s wives followed their husbands in trains, travelling across the country, from Florida to Idaho, from west to east, north to south. My father was in the war. He left for the war before I was born. My mother lived with her mother in a tiny eastern town. Mother and grandmother raised chickens, a hundred of them. To this day I love the sound of chickens, especially the sound of roosters. I didn’t see my father until I was almost 2 years old.
In the years with my father, our family moved every several years, moving to Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, & finally to Hawaii (for my high school years). In every town we lived in mother grew gardens of tomatoes and lettuces, peppers and corn. Large gardens. Mother made our bread, baked pies & cookies, everything mother made was home made. We were not allowed pop or cookies or anything sweet growing up. Each of us five children had chores. If we didn’t tend to our chores well enough, we were awakened in the night to complete our chores. Mother raised us in the Catholic Church. We went to Catholic school. We prayed the rosary together as a family. Sometimes, in emergencies, we prayed each night after dinner, all of us on our knees in front of a fire in a fireplace.
Mother made our home beautiful, ordered and very clean. Mother’s food was pure in all ways.
Each year mother organized around the liturgy of the church. As we are now coming up to Spring & Easter, mother would be thinking of having the Last Supper (At Easter time, we participated in both Jewish & Catholic rituals). Mother would have the Last Supper on Thursday before Easter. On Holy Saturday, if there was a new born, they were baptized on that day. On Easter Sunday, a special Polish meal was prepared. Mother would make a spring Easter bunny cake covered with coconut. She also made strudel – nut & poppyseed. Some of us in our family still make it each year.

Mother outlived my father – who died Jan 16, 1991, when the Persian Gulf War began. For many years our father was ill & mother tended & cared for him. His illnesses were due to the war. On his death bed as the war began, my father said he didn’t think we would ever go to war again. Mother was his constant companion in his last years.

Mother lived until 2014, 23 years after my father’s death. In those years after our father’s death, mother was often lonely. At times she took up painting. I found her art supplies after she died & her drawing & water colors. Mother was a Leo – sign of the artist & creativity. Mother’s true creativity was how she raised her children, her ability to withstand all the years of separation from our father (he was sent overseas often & for long lengths of time), her gardens, her cooking & baking and the absolute beauty she brought to the home.

It has been eight years since her death. I miss her. I talk with her every day. I ask her forgiveness for when I was unskillful or cruel or absent or unaware or unavailable. I tell her what a wonderful mother she was, how grateful I am for all that she gave us, especially the beauty of the home, the order & organization, the Catholic religion, schools & training, the demands she placed upon us to be good, better, best in all that we did. All of her five children are happy & successful. I tell mother she did a great job al those years. And I tell her I look forward to speaking with her, seeing her when I die.

In honor of my mother I am baking a pie today & also baking bread. I have a candle lit for her & I am saying her favorite prayer, the Memorare. Mother was dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary’s sorrows were reflected so many times in my mother’s life. Mother felt that Mary understood her. And so for & with & to my mother….

REMEMBER, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

Mother said these words on her deathbed.
I was with her. She said goodbye by grasping my hand & holding it tight. I still have that memory in my mind. I miss her. I love her.
Till we meet again, Mother….Risa

Saturday, March 12, 2022- 11am

Poems for Lent
Blessing the Space Between Us.
A poem –
Also….on this day Saturn’s day, March 12, 2022,
and in the days ahead….
We can’t fight the existing system.
We have to create the new system.
With our imaginations, our creativity, being awake, working together. And remaining in prayer – which is a protection from the conflicts & chaos which will continue & accelerate. If each of us cultivates our imagination, our creativity, then it helps build the field of the new world, the new era, the new Age.
We are in Lent – preparing purifying for Easter, Resurrection Festival, Purim, Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday, the new & Full moons, the Three Spring festivals, the Three Forces coming in during Aries, Taurus, Gemini, for Easter & for Spring. They are all one, actually.
A Poem for Lent –
our 40 days and nights of reflection
You have traveled too fast over false ground;
Now your soul has come to take you back.
Take refuge in your senses, open up
To all the small miracles you rushed through.
Become inclined to watch the way of rain
When it falls slow and free.
Imitate the habit of twilight,
Taking time to open the well of color
That fostered the brightness of day.
Draw alongside the silence of stone
Until its calmness can claim you.
Be excessively gentle with yourself.
Stay clear of those vexed in spirit.
Learn to linger around someone of ease
Who feels they have all the time in the world.
Gradually, you will return to yourself,
Having learned a new respect for your heart
And the joy that dwells far within slow time.
To Bless the Space Between Us:
A Book of Blessings by John O’Donohue, published in the U.K. as Benedictus. love, Risa

Friday, March 11, 2022- 11am

I receive questions often.
And I answer them.
Below is a question sent to me from a reader via my emails.
And my answer.
If you have questions please write me – I like questions.
I always ask questions. Why?
for connection & communication.
For contact – which releases Love.

Friday, Venus’s day, Ray 5 day.
March 11, 2022 – is it the Ides of March?
What is the Ides of March?


Good evening, Risa.

As a follower, and a follower of spirituality, I have a question that is nagging me. I was always looking forward to the Age of Aquarius. Now that it’s here, it feels worse. The dark powers are using science and technology to silence freedom of speech. Now, they are creating war. I heard someone call the dark forces paganism.

I’m not confused. The myths, the astrology, the ancients, I don’t want this erased.

So, my question is, how does the Age of Aquarius and astrology work together? It seems like the Age of Aquarius worships the gods of science more. Sincerely, J.W.

From Risa –
We are not really in the Age of Aquarius.
We are right at the periphery.
One step away perhaps.
An Age is 2,500 year long.
We are still leaving Pisces, 2,500 years long.
We have just touched the very tip of Aquarius.
Before the new Age of Aquarius can come forth, the darkness needs to be eliminated. This is what we see now.
The darkness being revealed that is not useful for the new era.

Yes, Aquarius is about technology & science (Ray 5)
That the outer level.
But the inner level is Jupiter, Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom.
In the present transition between Ages, the old wornout institutions have to be seen, recognized & then, if they are not useful to the Aquarian Age, destroyed,
So the new can come forth under new laws & principles.
We are in the time of the revealing of the darkness & its destruction.
It is a time of going from darkness to Light.
From the unreal to the real, the lost to the found, the unknown to the known.
Also we are in the Age of Kali – where the darkness is allowed to be seen so humanity can awaken & learn how to stand with the Forces of Light.

We don’t enter the Age of Aquarius instantaneously.
We have barely begun.
We are in the time of Saturn balancing all the karma from previous times. The dark, before it can be eliminated, must be brought to light.
And the dark forces are out & about trying to save their lives.
And they are being seen by humanity who, not understanding the Wisdom teachings or astrology, may think all is hopeless.
We feel like we are in the wild wild west of no man’s land.

Yes, Aquarius is about Technology – and the dark forces have taken over technology. Appropriated it for evil purposes.
But Aquarius’s light will expose them. And it will take time.
Paganism – it has many meanings.
We are to be careful with paganism. It has many levels.
We must not eliminate God or Spirit or the Divine.

Humanity needs to be rightly educated in the Truth.
The Forces of Darkness offer untruths & create a world of illusion. They generate fear in humanity. They want to hold onto their control of the captivity of humanity – which ultimately offers death to humanity. They are active serpents (symbol of ignorance, needing to be eliminated by the tip of the spear of Truth).
The NGWS must help humanity dispel fear & ignorance via education. We are to stand daily with the Forces of Light.
The Forces of Light are attempting to dismantle the darkness.
It will be violent at times – war is occurring.
If you read my daily writings on my website you will understand what this war is about.
Humanity itself has to save itself.
And humanity will have to awaken, see the dark & the Light.
And make their choice.
Some will remain to enter the Aquarian Age & some will not be able to. It is for each of us, a choice that is given. And a choice to be made….love, Risa

Does anyone else have any questions?
love, Risa

Snow in the midwest….see below. Can you find the buddha underneath the snow?

Thursday, March 10, 2022- 9am

We are in the “century of destiny.”
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”
— Margaret Mead, The World Ahead: An Anthropologist Anticipates the Future

Our country is in need of spiritually intelligent focused humanity, who see the challenges, step forward into the light & work together to reorganize the energies from dark to light, from the unknown to the known, from death to immortality, from slavery to freedom, from chaos to harmony. Watching the news each day I cannot believe what I am seeing & hearing. An incapable prez, a puppet with increasing paid puppets by his side, working with the dark forces whose transparent purpose is our country’s destruction. Both Bucky Fully & Socrates wrote the same words….We can’t make changes from within. We have to step outside the accepted realities, and create an entirely new reality. This is what Aquarius calls us to do.
To stand with inner radiance.
To be thinkers, to have quality of thought of Goodwill….& thus to be the growers of the new culture & civilization. We are to be Seers, standing in causal (the Soul’s) light.

What are one’s thoughts each day?
Are they of Divinity? Whatever we think we become.
True Divine Thinking one becomes a “growers” of the new.
Then one becomes a Seer – past & future while in the present.
Living as a Soul, a grown one who can help others grow.
Seers become Rishis.
We contemplate these things each day.

Today – Thursday, Reappearance Meditation day.
Standing close to the Christ – heart to heart.
Today, Pisces Sun, Gemini moon which become v/c.
Mercury in Pisces – our words are to be those of saving grace words….helping humanity with compassion. The day is v/c till late tonight.

Everyone’s new rising sign is Aquarius (air sign), as the Earth itself has transitioned into the realm of Aquarius. And Aquarius, with Saturn, Jupiter & Uranus its rulers, calls humanity to make all things new now. The US chart has Moon & Pallas Athena in Aquarius. Leo North Node. The humanity in the US is very creative & capable when awakened to create the new structures needed that work under the Laws & Principles of the new Aquarian Age. What are these Laws & Principles? Who will respond?


Our World Today – Evil by the Opponents of the Forces of Light.
1. Our Earth, being a non-sacred planet, is in process of becoming a sacred planet. This means an interim of upheaval, chaos and of difficulty.
2. This transference out of the lower states of consciousness, expressed through the lower centers, into a higher state, can and will take place in this world period and in this century if humanity so wills it, if the Forces of Light eventually triumph and if the new world order comes into being. This it will do if the lessons of the war are learnt and right action follows as a result.
3. Three factors must also be borne in mind:
a. The whole problem is vaster than anything the human consciousness can grasp, because it concerns the life experience and a point of crisis in the life of the planetary Logos.

There is a transference of energy from planetary solar plexus (cupidity, glamours & greed) will be raised thru suffering & agony to the heart center where sacrifice leads to true cooperation amongst humanity as a whole. Note: the Middle East & parts of Asia are the “solar plexus” of the planet. Ancient karma is being acted out at this time. South Node in Scorpio – Scorpio tests being experienced – more tomorrow….love, Risa

Wednesday, March 9, 2022- 9am

The Diamond (Vajra – lightning bolt) Sutra
Each of us….
Called to this “hour” of crisis in our people, country, world.
Calling humanity, Disciples, Initiates, Bodhisattvas.
March 9th, Wednesday, Pisces (saving grace) Sun, Gemini moon.
Mercury (2) enters Pisces (2 &6) tonight.
The words today on this post personify Mercury in Pisces.

The Diamond Sutra Teachings (Perfection of Wisdom)
But first we need to gather true knowledge to eventually come to the Perfection of Wisdom or esoterically The Rain Cloud of Knowable Things.

The Diamond Sutra – the first text from Sarawasti by Buddha,
‘the diamond sutra’, (teachings) like the perfection of wisdom, cuts like a thunderbolt through illusion & maya.

We are to realize the lower mind is like a dew drop, bubble or cloud and we are know that many of its messages to us (critical, judgmental, etc.) are not real & we are to learn to look into an inner sky self (the Soul) which is eternal and constant.
That everything which has come about has love at its essence. And that everything has a cycle of livingness & pralaya (sleep) & must also in due time disappear.

This is the dharmic law of nature and that only our inner stillness (the Soul, the comfortor, healer, director of the lower mind & personality) remains as awareness, like the “buddha” who is on to other shore yet can help people on this shore become aware.

These are the Teachings in the Diamond Sutra – which is not for the beginners (building the personality self) but for Disciples & Initiates – the “bodhisatvas”, the rare people who are not rooted in this world of form & matter, yet live in it, and always in an instant ready to go on to other shore, but live here among us to help other beings to become ‘bodhidharma”, who have the potential to become bodhisatvas.

Pisces – the one made to appear & disappear, appear & disappear, and one lifetimes brings salvation.

We are called ‘at this hour.’
“I call you to prayer and to meditation for both are needed today, fusing as they do the emotional and mental bodies into one aspiring whole. I call you to discipline, for that is the meaning of fasting, and to the constant effort to live at the highest possible point all the time; this is so often a dream but not often a fact. Today, in the hour of the world’s need, aspirants and disciples who are willing to make at least consistent, persistent effort are needed by humanity and the Hierarchy. (EOH, 353)

Learning today together.
We turn to the Lords & say together.
Lords & Mother – surrounded by stars & the fish.
The bull his vehicle, the lion her vehicle.
Ananda – bliss.
Shiva – crescent moon on his forehead.
We are all Sons & Daughters of God.
We are all to be Saviors, unfolding like flowers.
Happening like the dawn. We achieve this thru purification.
Purity of the inner & the outer = Son/Daughter of the Virgin (purity). Thus one carries Joy which comes from purity.
Lent is the time of purification – preparing for Resurrection Festival, Easter & the Three Spring festivals.
Each day we smile, we carry cheerfulness.
Living in & on the mother (nature, Earth).
She is on the Crown of the fish – presiding over the oppositng currents of the two fish – beginning & ending of all.
Mother presiding over fish causes movement through time.
She is the first impulse of the Lord in Creation.
She presides over sound – Sa & Ha. Simha (lion) is her vehicle.
Simha – interplay of spirit & matter – pulsating principle in creation. At the center of all beings.
SoHam – the sound of the Swan (Hasma)
SoHam, Hamsa – many sounds to recite.
The quailty of the mother is Grace – two eyes, like two fish.
The Lord transmits His Grace thru the two eyes of the Mother.

Each day we are blissful, the emergence of the Lord of the world.
Sons of man turn into Sons of God via the grace of the mother (purity). Becoming gifts (bodhisattvas) to humanity.

Our Daily Prayer
We know O Lords of Life & Love about the needs of humanity, the children, our country, our world. Touch our hearts anew with love & all that we need so we may love & give & do our Work in the world. Om (the soundless sound, sacred sound, universal sound). Om permeates & supports the entire Creation.
The above is the order for contemplation.
Om Om Om

We are working with physical laws with the physical laws.
This is the Initiation for humanity.
We begin always with the physical body, the emootional body & the lower mental body.
The Diamond Body work/teachings comes later.
After we have built a strong personality.
The Golden Body is the Soul.
The Diamond Body is the Causal surrounding & protecting the Soul. – we learn this together.

We always begin with the physical laws. Then we can build the other two light bodies. We begin where we are. love, Risa

Note: In our Ashram Esoteric Astrological Science & Art College, we would spend months on drawing the calligraphic Sanskrit creating the Diamond Sutra & then the work would be presented in our Gallery. Perhaps we can all begin to do this wherever we are. Risa

Tueday, March 8, 2022- 10am

Dear Readers…
I am wanting to focus on the future.
Move away from old social media.
Into the new. A new path.
My writings will continue to be posted
here on NLN. And other sites too.
Stay tuned to what I will be doing. Risa

Today, March 8, 2022 – Mars guides us eachTuesday.
Mars is action & Mars is Ray 6 – vision, desire, aspiration, dedication.
Today Pisces (2 & 6) Sun, Gemini (2) moon. So my communication to everyone about upcoming possible changes. My intent is to leave FB permanently.

In the meantime….below
1. Prayerful intentional esoteric invocative words from Henri from Finland.
2. The home & museum of Helena Blavatsky in Ukraine.
3. Theosophical Order of Service in Hungary assisting refugees from the Ukraine.

From (Henri) Hc Rave Amadeus Berryhill
“Let the causal energies of people’s passive causal consciousness be activated. May the causal energies flow to the earth.
May the essential energies activate the attraction of people – consciousness. May a planet of hierarchy come amongst us.
May knowledge of the purpose of life lead, the little will of people.
May the pioneers implement the ideas of love and knowledge on earth, seal the door from the forces of darkness.
May knowledge love and power implement the plan on earth.”
Love henri (Finland)

News Notes:
Helena Blavatsky (co-founder of Theosophy) was born in Ukraine. Her home was renovated in 2013 by a group of Ukrainians and Russians and is now a museum called the H.P. Blavatsky House-Museum located in Dnipro in southeastern Ukraine. You can read more about this museum on the online Theosophical encyclopedia
The Hungarian Theosophical Order of Service
is helping refugees fleeing Ukraine to enter Hungary.
HPB has her family roots in SE Ukraine. love Risa

Monday, March 7, 2022- 12pm

A Great Loss –
A calling back of “One Who Has Done a Great Work”.
Another great teacher of the esoteric wisdom teachings & astrology has been “called back.” Alan Oken on his Great Adventure now….There is a feeling of sorrow hearing the news & as if I am in a state of vigil for my friend, Alan. I hope he didn’t suffer.
This feels like the ending of something.
And the beginning of something else – with the South Node in Scorpio – as we will go thru experiences of death & transformation for the next 18 months. Two great esoteric teachers called back is a momentous situation.
We carry on now for them & with them as they continue their work from the heavens.
We think we & our teachers & loved ones will live forever.
But the Soul has its timing mechanism.
When we have completed our work then the Soul calls us back.
Om Mani Padme Om….Risa

An interview with Alan and Chris Brennan. A wonderful insight into Alan. God bless & receive his Soul. 
Ohm Padme Mani Hum.

From Risa 
My history with Alan….I have known Alan for over 30 years. Alan was a friend. We corresponded over the years. Of all the esoteric astrological teachers, he was the very best – he worked & taught for the people. A people’s astrologer & teacher. My family & his family knew each other thru various unusual ways. 
Alan would call & ask me to come to New Mexico to teach with him in his school. It was my last class teaching esoteric astrology before he closed his school in NM, before he moved to Bali. When the Good Times fired me after 30 years of writing, Alan wrote me – told me not to worry. It was at that time also that his popular astrology column in Dell ended too. 
I have known Alan since the 70s. When Alan’s Soul Centered Astrology book was no longer being published, I asked Crossing Press (Freedom, CA) to republish it. Which they did. I use this book every morning in meditation. Have used it for more than over 30 years, each morning opening it, reading from it, using his writings as I research for my columns. All of my thousands of students over the years were told to get his two books to study wirh. My copy is tattered now, falling apart, written in, the most used book in my library. Along with his Complete Astrology book. Alan never compromised. He spoke several languages & was brilliant in his knowledge of esotericism & astrology. He mentored so many. 
So many will feel shattered, sorrowful, at a loss. I have lit a candle for Alan to light his Way. Standing with him, thanking him for his Service, his Work So Well Done. 
Now no longer in form & matter, he will continue his work in the heavens. 
A celebration will be held after 49 days welcoming him, a son & a disciple, home again. Alan is free, liberated, on his Great Adventure now. Om Mani Padme Hum….walking with Alan towards the Light. Risa

Sunday, March 6, 2022- 9am

Doing our best to be good human beings.”
Losar – Tibetan New Year.
Listen to the Dalai Lama on Losar, 2022.


Today is also the 1st Sunday of Lent.
Preparing for the Three Spring Festivals & for Easter & Passover – Easter & Passover & Good Friday & the Aries Festival all occurring on the same weekend – foundation of the new world religion when they all occur together.

In the sky
Venus & Mars in Aquarius, shining brightly together in
the sky.
Taurus moon today working harmoniously with Pisces Sun.

The War
In the service of humanity a challenge is always a joy and obstacles are just a different way of looking at situations.
The spirit in its innermost self remembers beautiful worlds
Beyond all the recollections abides an inexpressible, firm poised observing consciousness – the Soul.

“Of the possibility of return to the light
Whence the spark emanated.
See to this part of yourself, O disciples, for it must become harmless as the dove before the door is opened.”

Personal note: I watched the film Dr. Zhivago yesterday, switching between the film & the news of the war in the Ukraine. Both were frightening to watch.
The extremity of life & death. Hope & destruction.
The power of nature (Siberian winters) & the powerful who misuse their leadership that destroys humanity – both can lead to a loss of hope and life itself. Watching the news again today….
the people leaving their homes, migrating to different countries. It feels like a great Karma is being worked out in our world at this time. The cleansing & clearing of karma – that what we see on the outside has deep roots into the past, much of which is unknown to us. It is complex. We don’t know who is playing what part. Therefore we stand in the middle. Poised, observing & knowing that “love underlies all the happenings of our times.” Om.

Praying for our world….love, Risa

Saturday, March 5, 2022- 12pm

Lots of Reading Today (Forces of Restoration).
And a Question – What is Peace?
How is Peace created? Humanity seeks peace. We are told to have peace, be peace. But very few know how we create it within ourselves.
There is a very specific way towards peace.
It is an esoteric equation.
Who knows the esoteric equation?
Who will write it as an answer to the question?
What is the specific equation for peace?

Today – March 5, 2022 – Saturn’s day. Ray 3 day. Earth is Ray 3.
Sun Jupiter today in Pisces. Jupiter was the original ruler of Pisces.
Moon in Aries today. Pisces to Aries soon.
Tonight Venus & Mars enters Aquarius. Seeds of the new era, the new Age of Aquarius under the Aquarian Laws & Principles.

We are beginning to prepare for the Three Spring Festivals – Aries, Taurus, Gemini. The Forces of Restoration, Illumination, Reconstruction – vitality is needed by the NGWS to helps humanity move out of the cave of death, into the Light of Day (Easter Resurrection).
Humanity needs information, knowledge & intelligent activity.

It is most important that we are fully aware of the Three Spring Festivals & the Three Forces streaming in during Spring.

So today I am posting about the Forces of Restoration – the Aries Forces. At the full moon of April – let the life giving spirit be called into active response & release the potency of Livingness into the hearts of humanity everywhere. During full moon April 1945, the F/ of Restoration began their work, emerging subtly at first. F/R are creative in nature – it poured into the Hierarchy & disciples & was transferred to humanity. It is a mass energy = mass intelligence.

The Forces of Restoration
Externalization of the Hierarchy – p. 456-7
There is first of all the phase, now in progress, which will culminate at the time of the Easter Full Moon. This is dedicated to planning for an inflow of the Forces of Restoration. Do not misunderstand these words.
The Hierarchy is not occupied with the restoration of the old order, with the state of life prior to the war, or with the renewal of the theologies (religious, political and social) which have governed the past and which have been largely responsible for the war.
The restoration referred to is psychological in nature, but will work out in the restoration of the will-to-live and the will-to-good. It will consequently be foundational, and will guarantee the new civilization and culture. This is a very different matter.

These Forces of Restoration are concerned with human vision, human integrity and human relations as they underlie the entire problem of the brotherhood of man.
These [457] energies, if released upon the Earth, will render futile the efforts of the old order (in politics, religion and education) to restore what was and to bring back that which existed prior to the war.
They will endeavor to offset two tendencies which will have to be taken into momentous consideration during the coming cycle of conferences:

The tendency to crystallize, to cherish that which has gone (and gone forever, let us hope) and to over-estimate that which is old, worn-out and, if I may use the word, stagnant.
The tendency to over-fatigue and to complete collapse – once the war is over. This tendency is due to the weight of the war and to the physical and psychological strain under which mankind has labored for so many years.

It is the energy that MAKES MEN THINK, PLAN & TAKE ACTION – it awakens men’s minds so they take intelligent action – necessary at this time. Humanity responds to the F/Restoration based upon their culture, background, mental abilities, etc. The Forces are active in all lands. They lead to a definite re- organization of national & planetary lives. They will bring about a new world – where eventually war disappears. Physical health is better & cities & villages rebuilt, creating a New Earth, with inflowing new life.

Note: we can feel these energies/forces coming in – they stimulate & spark the creativity within each of us. They truly work with the Aries energies where we begin our new gardens, the spring up of new life in the kingdom of nature. These energies are attempting to spark the creativity within each of us so we can bring forth the new models of living ness. Rising up out of the ashes of the old ways.

Suggestion – Reading about Aries in Esoteric Astrology. Read about the Spirit of Resurrection. Read about the Forces of Restoration – all in the Alice Bailey/the Tibetan’s blue books (use index in the blue books). Follow along with the rhythm of the seasons – Aries soon, Forces of Restoration coming in soon. Each of us doing our research in the blue books & sharing what we read & learn.

Tomorrow I will post quotes about Russia from the blue books.
We remain poised during the present war – Russia & Ukraine.
We surround the two with the Six pointed star & with the Five pointed star & with a fiery triangle – the triangle of the Will to Good & the Will to Love which opens up Goodwill within humanity which creates Right Human Relations which creates the peace (active & real) that humanity seeks. love, Risa

Edgar Cayce said Russia would be the hope of the world.
We will read about Russia tomorrow. Father Malachai saw the 3rd prophecy of Fatima (he spoke of it on Art Bell) & it had to do with Russia’s role in the future of helping free humanity. People might want to look for this 3rd prophecy.

Humanity is the creative agent.
Life was created before man appeared.
We are the creative agents as we are direct reflections of God.
We are to plan our lives well with our creativity.
And we are to enjoy the Game of Life.

It is important to be relevant as the NGES, we are to be relevant when studying the esoteric information. Applying the esoteric information to our present world.
What is presented in the media is propaganda (pictures words, etc.). As the NGWS, we need to be our own researchers & to be thinkers. Looking at many sides, knowing the potential if not the actual truth of what is occurring in our world.

Libra is the energy between the Ages.
Libra is Ray 3, Creative Intelligence, the Devas building the new forms. The 3rd Aspect is Saturn – all under the Law.
Libra is like no man’s land – an interim between two.
Our group here is Libra Sun & Venus.
We are, in our work here, helping humanity bridge the two Ages, the two worlds. Living in both the energies of the old, while creating the new. We ARE the Bridge.

Saturn is the Law. And the key is to bring about our own creative endeavors. We must begin to Think. The Readings above, tomorrow, days after help us to THINK. Our work here HELPS US TO BE THINKERS. Thinking is a creative act. Thinking creates alchemical changes. We build the bridge to the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things. As the light of clarity comes in all illusions are dissipated.
We will do this work together here in our Ashram. love, Risa

Forces of Restoration always are the first Forces coming in Aries. They take on more meaning as our country & people have been demoralized, restricted, & our freedoms have been destroyed. The “playbook” says, the restrictions will continue to return. Humanity must not be demoralized. Mental health must be maintained. The young people especially teens must be protected. ONLY CREATIVITY & TRUE KNOWLEDGE WILL COUTERACT THE DARK FORCES. We must reinvigorate ourselves & each other, feel the vitality of creative livingness – doing this every day for ourselves & others. This counteracts & neutralizes the 3/4 darkness in our world today. We stand with our lamps held high – the Light of the World (Pisces & Aries).

Our work here, should we all keep up with the work each day, stabilizes all of us in our lives each day. Nostradamus also said Russia would be significant in terms of world peace. What we are shown in the media is not necessarily real or the truth. Sylvia Brown talked about the Covid virus happening in 2020. She said after a winter of panic it will vanish (for 10 years). It will seem mysterious. Love, Risa

Other sources – Cult of the Medics – Rumble. David Whitehead – videography – traces medical establishment back to certain Knights – Knights of Malta – lots of symbology – Maltese Cross – 8 points. Interesting footage. Shows 70s. And 2020s as markers. Prints out long sheets of graphs/curves. Quality of life goes down, shifts, population decreases sharply. He asks questions. Footage is fascinating. Puts together lots of thinking. Krishnamurti is in it. Asks what view of universe do we have now? Going into medical take over of body. Cults of the Medics. Covers lots of things. Dismiss the music. The footage & questions are what’s interesting. Etymology, symbols, goes back to Crusades, different Orders of Knights. Cult of the Medics. Twelve sections in all. Begin at the beginning with the symbols. He is not just presenting arguments. He asks questions. Good questions we all need to ask. The Truth is Out There. We just have to find it. An exciting journey of discovery. Risa

Art below – Forces of Restoration (Roerich).

Friday, March 4, 2022- 11am

The world needs Bodhisattvas now.
We become Bodhisattvas by our intentions to be of service, to help one another.
Today, Friday, Venus’s day –
There are NO aspects in the sky today.
A rare free day today – Moon is in Aries –
Creating all things new today – new intentions.

Bodhisattva Vows
We ponder upon each word.
We create willingness & intentions & identity
As Disciples with this prayer.
We stand in the Ashram & within the Hierarchy.
And recite this prayer within our Group.
We are Bodhisattvas** together.

Bodhisattva Prayer for Humanity
“May I be a guard for those who need protection
A guide for those on the path
A boat, a raft, a bridge for those who wish to cross the flood
May I be a lamp in the darkness
A resting place for the weary
A healing medicine for all who are sick
A vase of plenty, a tree of miracles
And for the boundless multitudes of living beings
May I bring sustenance and awakening
Enduring like the earth and sky
Until all beings are freed from sorrow
And all are awakened.”

**Bodhisattva –
Definition – bo·dhi·satt·va, noun
(in Tibetan Buddhism) a person who is able to reach nirvana but delays doing so out of compassion in order to remain on the Earth & save suffering beings. In Buddhism, Bodhisattva is the Sanskrit term for anyone who has generated Bodhicitta, a spontaneous wish and compassionate mind to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. Bodhisattvas are a popular subject in Buddhist art.

Bodhisattva –
Below…the word written in different languages
We can draw these in our Esoteric Journals.
This is our art for today.

Sanskrit: बोधिसत्त्व
Tibetan: བྱང་ཆུབ་སེམས་དཔའ་; (byang chub semsdpa)
Pali: बोधिसत्त
Thai: โพธิสัตว์; phothisat
Japanese: 菩薩; (rōmaji: bosatsu)
Korean: 보살, 菩薩; (RR: bosal)
Khmer: ពោធិសត្វ; (Pothisat); (UNGEGN: Pothisat)

Om Om Om Shanti. Risa

Thursday, March 3, 2022- 8am

So life becomes a car festival & not a festival of war.
We pray for humanity suffering.
We pray for all those who are suffering in the Russian/Ukraine war. War awakens humanity. The Russian & Ukraine people are calling for liberation & freedom. The world is watching. The Russian & Ukraine people are leading the world’s people in standing up for freedom. We pray for the people under war & oppression.
Today – March 3, 2022 – Mars/Pluto & Venus/Pluto –
Pluto Mars & Venus are all planets of war.
Pisces is one of the four signs of death.
Pluto destroys that darkness so the Light can begin to shine.

In His Name we live.
We are reflections of God.
We live in His Temple, forgetting our origins.
Our bodies relate to creation & come from the Divine.
We are to have car festivals & not war festivals.
God precipitates itself into many bodies.
He opens His Eyes in us. There is no more illusion, reflections.
The Truth is realized. The false identity falls away.
But falseness has no reality.
Until we realize this, casting off illusions….what do we do?
Suffering, ignorant, in pain.
We must try to see Him as we look upon each other.
We realize in His Name we Live.
In Him we Live.
Let us Listen to Him as we Listen to Each other.
This is a Joyful Play we live in.
Maybe we fail over & over.
But try to see Him as we see & listen to each other.
Then life becomes joyful. A festival movement.
Like a car festival.
Otherwise life becomes a war festival.
Waiting – the ability to wait is important for disciples.
Waiting = ability to receive.
Life offers thru time, then we receive.
When we cannot wait, we miss life.
After each aspiration – we wait with poise.
Movement/poise rhythms wings of a rhythmic life.
Poise comes thru pausing.
In His Name & Temple we Live.
He opens His eyes in us….Then we “see.”
Let us look to Him. Let us look to each other.
Then life is a car festival. Om

The Great Invocation –
Recited for the people who are experiencing war.
Mantram of Direction for Humanity
See below….love, Risa

Wednesday, March 2, 2022- 8am

Click to Listen to today’s New Moon Meditation recording


Lent begins. Ash Wednesday today.
40 days & 40 nights of purification & preparation for Easter.
New moon today – Pisces new moon – 12 degrees 7 minutes.
At new moon times, we uphold support & strengthen the endeavors of the NGWS – the 10 Seed Groups.
Of which we are all one.
Note: Read comment below – possible way of seeing the present times. Different than mass media.

Mercury joins Saturn in Aquarius – we speak of the structures needed for the creation of the new era (Aquarius).
Moon in Pisces, Sun in Pisces.
Tomorrow around midnight – Mars/Pluto in Capricorn.
Venus/Pluto in Capricorn –
Pluto is essential transformation.
Pluto is the soul ruler of Pisces.
Saving Grace.

Pisces – and the waters drowned the man & he was made to disappear & he rose again & disappeared again, rose & then died & disappeared again….and then one day brought Salvation. This is the Pisces task.

Venus is our resources & Mars is our aspirations & actions.
How are we experiencing transformation?
We observe these things in our lives & in the world.

“Amidst the whirling forces, we can stand confused.
We know them not.
For, during all our past, they swept us up and down the land
wherein we moved, blinded and unaware.

From place to place and point to point,
they drove us up and down the land
and nowhere was there rest.

We know them now and here we stand and will not move
until we know the Law which governs all this movement
up and down the land.

We may revolve and, turning, face the many different ways;
we face some wide horizons and yet today here we stand.

We will determine for myself the way to go.
Understanding Cosmic Law (Saturn/Mercury today).
Then onward we will move.
We will not travel up and down the land nor turn in space.
But onward & upward we will move.”

From the Old Commentary, Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey
love, Risa

Comment: A different from the mass media’s presentation of the war – a different possible understanding the present war = Ukraine has been a pivotal point for the forces of darkness for many years. It has been a place of money laundering, sex trafficking, etc. And it’s much more than that. It’s a major hub for child trafficking & underground bases, bio weapons labs, etc. On the mass news Putin has told the people in the cities to leave before he bombs them. We have to see this in a different way than mass media. Some came into this life as a sacrifice so that the planet can be cleansed. It’s difficult to see the suffering. But we have to see a larger picture. The Tibetan asks us to see the larger picture to understand the “love that underlies the happenings of the times.” This “war” is not just about this moment. It’s not just that Putin created a war. He has been talking about the bio labs for years. We observe,, we see the big picture (esoteric information) & come to an understanding. The Hierarchy does not look at death as we do (with fear & misunderstanding). The Tibetan has written about Russia (Libra section, Esoteric Astrology). What we are getting in the mass media is a false story. Putin has brought back Christianity to Russia. He has talked about pedophilia & that many are led by the dark forces. We are not seeing Putin by the western mass media. We have watched him for a while. His purpose is to cleanse the country of the dark forces. He was mentioned also “they are walking among us…..” he is aware of the bigger picture. We are the observers. We gather bits & pieces of the truth. Our false prez is part of the globalists agenda (depopulation, etc.). Putin knows what’s occurring. And doing his job. The Hierarchy chooses the best person for the job. Putin has Saturn in Libra conjunct the Sun. He has a karmic responsibility to do this task during this time. The situation is difficult to watch. And to discern the truth as the western media is also false. Any war is always terrible to watch. All those who die are those who chose to be the sacrifice so humanity can learn. Death isn’t what we think it is. The suffering before the death is what is terrifying to watch. We pray for all those suffering in this war. Risa

Tuesday, March 1, 2022- 9am

Mardi Gras Today.
Much to read today – many thoughts, information, etc.
Preparation for new moon tomorrow day, too.
March 1, 2022 – tomorrow is the Pisces new moon.
Sun sextile Uranus today – Pisces/Taurus – a friendly day today even when we encounter the unexpected.
Mercury & Saturn in Aquarius. Sun/Jupiter in Pisces.

National Pancake Day, today.
Day before Ash Wednesday (“from dust thou art…”)
& beginning of Lent.

Tuesday, Mars day – Ray 6 day – day of aspiration.
Preparing today for tomorrow’s new moon day.
So many thoughts to hold today.

Walking in Wonder day to & everyday.
Remembering that choice.

Preparing today for tomorrow’s new moon festival.
New moon is 12.07 degrees Pisces.
Where is that degree (12 Pisces) in everyone’s chart?

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Containing all the previous eleven signs….the waters of life to be offered to Aries at spring equinox. Then the burning ground begins.

Up the ladder creeps the serpent.
The human body has all levels – that of consciousness, force & matter.
Head – consciousness.
Heart to throat – force.
Below the heart to base of spine – matter.
The body contains Spirit Matter Soul, Father Mother Son.
Spirit, light, fire are within our bodies, moving from above downward, & below upwards.

There is a path of up & down movement – a ladder.
Serpent moves up & down –
There is a discipline related to this.
Disciples experience this serpent as the fire of Kundalini.
At first it is coiled at the base.
As we progress on the Path of Yoga…the fire rises.
Conflict leads to harmony, understanding to synthesis.
Peace appears. Duality appears & disappears.
We understand it.
When we reach the top of the ladder, we experience bliss.
Pure consciousness. Love.
Up the ladder creeps the serpent. Up the color ladder.
To the blue. Flying in the blue.
Life is harmonized.

Watch Ice Age Farmer. Video about Ukraine, bread basket in that part of the world. Gives another aspect to what’s happening there. If just one in three people had backyard chickens, we could do away with toxic egg industry. Some in our group have 9 backyard chicken – eggs supplied for 3 household each day.

Steps to Synthesis
Not to say no is a wisdom by itself.
Gain flexibility – accommadate as much as possible.
Think well before rejecting. There may be more possibilities.
By rejecting we lose. By accommodating we gain.

Night Time
How are your night times?
Is everyone sleeping? Or finding themselves awake much of the night? During night times we are in class – from 10 – 5am. Eat protein before sleep, or bananas & milk, or Golden Milk so sleep is undisturbed.

Important to cleanse the blood at this time.
Mars Pluto tomorrow. Begin the purification tomorrow.
Continue the purification thru Lent to Easter.
40 days & 40 nights – the time it takes to purify & to change habits & vibrations.
Mars is blood.
Aquarius (Uranus ruler) rules blood circulation.
Oxygen, too.
As we enter new energies, different frequencies, that we purify & cleanse the blood. We can eat foods & drink liquids that cleanses the blood. Uranus (Aquarius ruler) carries the life force for humanity. Focus on during Lent the purficiation of blood to help bring in Aquarian energies.

The Law
We must understand importance of the Law.
All things are build upon the Law – Ray 3 (Libra, Capricorn, Cancer). The Devas are the builders of form. Devas build all that we see in form & matter. Humanity is consciousness – producers of thought forms. Our body is built of the matter of devas. We are to work with the devas & cooperate with them.
We are to create the thought forms that the devas use to build form & matter. ALL IS UNDER THE LAW. STRUCTURES OF FORM & MATTER ARE BUILT UNDER THE LAW.
There are Three Aspects of God – Under the 3rd Aspect of Divine Intelligence are Four Other Rays (4, 5, 6, 7). The devas respond to sound. The structure for how devas build is UNDER THE LAW.

The Greater Builders/Devas are called the Holy Spirit (Ray 3)
Form & matter, built by the devas is what is called the Holy Mother, Virgin Mother (Ray 3). Matter (Ray 3) is virgin matter, embedded with intelligence.

Listening to Anna van Reitz – she gives us the bigger picture. She understands THE LAWS. She says – I want to educate people. We are not going into different dimensions. We are entering different frequencies. Humanity needs to be educated as to what’s ahead. We need to understand the laws. We need new laws (the New Aquarian Laws & Principles for the New Age, the new Era, Aquarius) to help navigate where we will be going as a humanity. Listen to what she is saying. Apply the esoteric to what she is saying. We are to build the right foundation by knowing these new laws. We also must prepare our bodies so that the new frequencies can flow unhindered through us.

The Devas & humanity are one (unified) on the Buddhic Plane (Constitution of Man chart). Devas are the Creative Intelligent Builders of form/matter. In the west devas are the Angels. Humans are the Consciousness (thinkers). Thought is the creative force. Humanity is the Creative Agent (That I AM). The Devas follow through with our thought processes. When we visualize, imagine – use our imaginations as Creative Beings – the devas want to follow through and build from our thought forms. So the question is what are our thoughts each day, each moment?

Why is it important to work Under the Law?
The Law is Saturn. The Spiritual ruler of Libra.
It is dangerous to work with devas when we don’t know what we are doing. We have to KNOW THE LAWS in order to work with the devas. Cosmic Fire (blue book) is all about this.

Listening today.
Begin around #13 (disregard the host)
Anna Von Reitz, youtube

Monday, February  28, 2022- 2pm

Creating a Divine Geometry of Light.
Geometry is the Archetype of Beauty in our world.
And Beauty is the silent & hidden Path to God.
Over the World.
Today, Monday, last day of February.
February 28, 2022. Aquarius moon today. Pisces Sun. A new moon in Pisces soon. All of us doing our part.
We are in a laboratory of transformation. It’s already happening all around us. Close to us & far away from us. Everywhere.


The convoy. The war. The change of the Ages. The Kai Yuga.

Now we are in Pisces. Soon in Aries. Preparing for the spring festivals.
Approaching the new moon (Wednesday).
Mardi Gras tomorrow.
Ash Wednesday, Lent Wednesday too.
“From dust thou (the body) art (was made, of the Earth) & unto dust (return to the Earth) thou shalt return.”
As the Soul gathers up our Spirit, returning us home once again.

Present Times
The Masters hold the Divine Blueprint. We are to access this vision & manifest it via our daily actions. As we take care of ourselves, health, finances, family, etc. in daily life. We support each other here in our Group Work.

United here as we are in spirit & in heart. Under the light of the Soul.

Divine Idea – From the Heart of our Group.
Allowing the Divine Will, Divine Love. Will to Good flows forth.
Brotherhood/Sisterhood in our Group.
Divine Feminine = the Pisces Aspect of compassion.
Invoking a healing, a Right Relation between ourselves.
And within the world. Among all nations, world leaders, all live waves, all kingdoms.

The compassionate action that brothers/sisters in the Work
would do for another.
A Geometric order.

Sounding a high note of Care & Compassion.
This creates telepathic resonance within us.
The Tibetan asks this of his DIsciples.
A unity of Right Relations. A Gift.
Subtle chemical magical events occurring in our world.
Uniting the polarities, creating a holy wedding.
That is the promise. We all do our part together.
Love, Risa

Sunday, February  27, 2022- 5pm

The Convoy!
Sunday afternoon into the evening.
The Convoy!
7,000 trucks & cars and 30 miles long & growing – latest data from Oklahoma highway patrol. OHP escorting and providing support!
People on overpasses, side of the road, in fields, standing on cars, flags held high, horns sounding, everyone waving.
The people’s revolution!
Stopped for the night at Big Cabin, Ok (Vinita, OK)(north east OK near border of Ok & Missouri & Ark).
Tomorrow rollin’ thru Joplin on their way thru Missouri & onward.
People’s Convoy on FB – w/ information & routes. Roooin’ onward! Risa

Sunday, February  27, 2022- 12pm

Sunday, February 27, 2022.
Aquarius moon today. Prepare for the future.
Pisces Sun. Practical thinking.
News & Notes: 
South Node in Scorpio 
Lots of war language in our world.
War language in the media.
Putin destroying Ukraine – Kazarian mafia (dark forces).
U – Laundering vast money thru crimes.
Bio labs there (U.). Sex Trafficking. Money laundering.
In U. 
Media does not tell us this. 
Putin had enough. 
Now F/Dark on defensive. 
Watch what evolves thru
the next several weeks. A war is occurring.
But what type of real war is actually happening?
Do we know the truth of what is occurring?
Ukraine is Kazaria (globalists).
War is now engaged. 
The consequences will be interesting.

Budo – enlightenment thru war.
Bu – contention.
Do – way/path to enlightenment/perfection/mastery.

Bu – like jihad – which means personal struggle (not holy war).
Bu – same connotation. 

It’s like Harmony Thru Chaos.
Enlightenment Via Contention.
Victory over self. An internal struggle. A personal Budo.
Overcoming the self, perfecting the self via conflict, chaos.

Global War – having prepared for past 20 years.
Will escalate with different energies presenting themselves.
War is spiritual between F/Dark & Light.
Canada made vast mistakes (Trudeau).
Banksters upset. Changes in Canada as a result.
Ides of March – setting tone for many months in the future.

Vx don’t work. Backlash will begin soon.
Wave then will push to Big Pharma. 
Then investors of bio labs will fall down.
Warnings on Wall St….BP stocks will fail.
Canada was point of first contact for digital ID.
But it didn’t work. 
Kazarians think of everyone as cattle, beasts, not smart.
Beasts of burden. The K were shocked that Canadians
were smart. Like all of humanity.
Notice: have cash on hand. Cash on hand.
You know what I mean.
T doesn’t believe in or care about crypto.
Cash is best. love, Risa 

Saturday, February  26, 2022- 5pm

Lots of Reading/Learning Today.
An Intelligent day today, Saturday, Saturn’s day. Ray 3.
Saturn is the Teacher, teaching us.
We follow the Teachings. Leading us to the cave temples in the major mountains.
We call for mercy for humanity, a touch of the Light of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Lord Krishna, Maitreya & in the synthesis of the Lord of the World. Lifting humanity up to the Light. Calling the World Mother to safeguard humanity. Helping the Avatar of Synthesis to lift up the entire Earth to the Light of Intelligence. Om.

Sun in Pisces (the Saving Force, the Light of the World, of Life Itself).
Capricorn Moon – the Light Supernal on the mountaintop.
Offering humanity Initiation. The 1st Initiation – of humanity’s personality recognizing the reality of the Soul

Today, Saturday – Saturn’s day. February 26, 2022.
Ray 3 is communication, intelligence, the intelligence in understanding how we & others communicate.

NLP – Neuro linguistics Programming.
A study of how people talk, communicate think & integrate information. A way of understanding ourselves & them.
NLP was created by listening to, following, asking question, studying, videotaping, etc. Virginia Satir, author & psychotherapist.


In the mid-1970s Virginia’s work was extensively studied by the co-founders of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who used it as one of the three fundamental models of NLP.
Bandler and Grinder also collaborated with Satir to author Changing With Families for Science and Behavior Books, which bore the subtitle ‘A Book About Further Education for Being Human’.

Steve Andreas, one of Bandler and Grinder’s students, wrote Virginia Satir: The Patterns of Her Magic (1991) in which he summarized the major patterns of Satir’s work, and then showed how Satir applied them in a richly annotated verbatim transcript of a videotaped session titled “Forgiving Parents”. In this session, Satir works with a woman who hated her mother, and had difficulty connecting with others as a result. Using a variety of role-plays, including a “family reconstruction”, this woman came to see her mother as her “best friend”, as detailed in a 3½ year follow-up interview.

Virginia died in 1988. Virginia was one of my Teachers.

Overview on Communication
I wanted to provide a very very simple overview (below) of how people (you, me, others) communicate.
This is our college. We learn everything here.
We listen & learn thru thoughts & feelings. And study.
And most of all we learn how to think, to observe, to listen & then to understand each other. Knowing the concepts of NLP is a step in our knowledge.

Learning – A Tool.
Learning About Ourselves & Others
Learning techniques….learning by listening & real hearing to help heal wounds, valuing the self. And valuing others.
THEN….no more illusions, projections, misunderstandings, opinions, etc.


The way we talk – we leave a lot out.
We often have filters.
Lots of inf. is sublimated & goes to the unconscious.
Cons. Can only grab a small portion.
We delete & generalize lots of inf.
Filters usually up
Ages 1-7 – developing filters.
We speak to each other via deletions & generalizations.
Leaving inf. out when we talk.
Listener has to be curious & ask questions.
Exercise – undesired behavior = replacing it with behavior
We desire.
If feeling procrastinating & want to be more productive,
Visualize an image to feel all senses…& being productive.
Paste positive image over negative, replace negative words w/ positive.

The Path of the worldly person is in darkness, like a serpent in the netherworlds. Blinding the sounds of the lyre of Apollo.
The worldly man is always on the horizontal plane of objectivity.
The globe around us -made by the magic of the 5 elements made by the Cosmic Mind.
Man relates to the world thru the 5 senses.
Then we get stuck in illusion, no true reality available.

When in illusion we are in darkness, the path of eternal darkness.
Serpent of matter leads man into the world of darkness, via our attraction to the element.
Pursuing happiness only, one cannot find the path of Return.
We forget our identity. We live only in the field of sensory reflections.
But humanity must begin to move vertically.
Then one can bear the darkness….and enter into an inner spectrum of light.
Blue – the lyre of Apollo.
Collect oneself & place the self in the core of the heart.
Step upon the Ladder of variegated pure light. Pure colors.
A ladder of colors.
Orange yellow, yellow gold, yellow orange, honey, with hues of aqua, sky blue, deep rosy blue indigo blue.
The Path is first of & in darkness. The serpent of matter enchants us.
Music of the nether worlds cannot be heart.
Variegated light appears eventually.
We climb the ladder of colors. Pure colors.

Remember to continue to prepare.
Most can’t fathom the need to prepare.
Disaster supplies – for some it brings up a lot of anxiety.
Push thru the anxiety – begin to prepare. Continue to prepare. Everything (prices for good/food, etc.) is going up.

Tomorrow the history of Ukraine, Russia, Turks, Kazars, etc.
It’s important to know history & religions of the peoples.
Synthesis of history, religion, words, countries, peoples.

South Node Scorpio
Internal struggles, vicissitudes for all of humanity.
South Node in Scorpio for the next 18 months.
More (maybe) tomorrow. Love, Risa
From our collegeEsotericAshram/TempleofLearning.

Friday, February  25, 2022- 11am

Walking with Intelligence Today (& everyday)
Learning & Reading Today.
Note: Read all my comments today, everyone.
To Read Today – Our Study Together. This is our College. 
From Catherine Austin Fitts.  Core Concepts – topics core to our intelligent understanding. Read the entire page & go to each link –  
Today, intelligence, truth & knowledge gathering day. Venus’s Day. Ray 5 day.
When we know the truth, love is then released. And wisdom too.
We need intelligence, facts, truth, discernment, knowledge, love & wisdom to get thru these critical transitional times of war.
Friday, Venus’s day. Ray 5 day. February 25, 2022.
Today is Cash Friday – use cash on Fridays.
From Catherine Austin Fitts on the economy.
We are in an endurance war.
Remain motivated. Take breaks, Rest a lot.
Then back to the Work.
Find a balance. Remain poised.
We can easily become exhausted.
We are of no service when exhaustion sets in.
Rest then.
Virgo calls us to serve ourselves first, time for
Self-care. So we can then be of service to others.
Don’t get worn down.

We don’t know what’s real.Prepare –
Go to list of preparedness.
Prepare for breakdown.
Coleman stove, hose, hooked up to propane stove.
In case oil, electricity, gas is off.
Silver prices going up.  Silver dimes are good.
Before 1964 – good to collect. 90% silver content.
That dime is worth $2.00.
Buy silver in small increments.
Rest more. Love, Risa 

Comments – Up to Date
We don’t know what’s real.
Several reports – Putin taking out bio weapons labs in Ukraine.
Mapped out on alternative media.
Project Camelot talked about this & other reports have shown this.
We don’t know. But it’s definitely a war.
As we don’t know details.
Forces of Materialism activity trying to depopulate & bring
Down financial system. The 1st Initiation – one world currency.
They are moving forward with their plans.
Putin & Russia are working on the sides of Light to bring down
The cabal & F/of Materialism.
But the thing to know – the F/M are moving faster than ever,
Their plans we can see all over mass media –propaganda.
Propaganda of the media – identify it.
Saying Russia will launch a cyber-attack.
The F/Materialism will create this & blame it on Russia.
Should the F/Materialism create vast chaos…
This means water, electricity, oil, banks can be affected.
Breakdown is the goal of the F/Materialism/cabal.
Don’t mix up F/M/cabal w/ Putin/Russia.
The two are different.
One is dark the other working with the F/Light.
Don’t be confused or fooled.
Don’t listen to main stream media. They are the propagandists.
Stand with the Forces of Light.

Know the Truth. 

Thursday, February  24, 2022- 10am

Calling the Forces of Light
Archangel Michael with his fiery sword.
Protecting the people in the Ukraine.
The Forces of Light with fiery swords, led by Archangel Michael….
Surrounding Ukraine & Russia with a triangle of fiery light.
The Lords of Light standing within the triangle.
Calling the Angels of Light, of Peace, of the Will to Good to surround that region.

What is happening?
We use our discrimination. We are neutral & poised.
Nothing as it seems or as it’s presented.
Something seems strange about this was.
Putin’s chart – Scorpio rising. Sun Saturn Mercury in 12th house in Libra.
Saturn is spiritual ruler of Libra.
In our esoteric work, the US, Russia & Great Britain holds the destiny of humanity in their hands. Russia is to bring forward the legislation to protect the children (in 2035). We don’t really know what is occurring. We are to remain neutral till we know. From the alternative media we know the cabal & many of our US gov. officals have laundered money in the Ukraine. Much more is going on beyond what we see, beyond Russia invading the Ukraine. Look at Putin’s chart below.

Putin said yesterday – we need to de materialize & de Nazi the Ukraine. The US has empire of lies, destroying family valies. We crushed Nazis in 1945 & will do it again in the Ukraine. We will crush the Nazis, now, once again in the Ukraine.” (the cabal is left over Nazis & the puppets in our country are part of that group).

March 3 Mars/Pluto 27 Capricorn. Mar/Pluto = war.

Pluto testing the world disciples – p. 547 in Esoteric Astrology.


We know south node is going thru Scorpio – Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio along with Mars. South Node is the past. Pluto comes into full force in order to STAGE THE TESTINGS OF THE WORLD DISCIPLES (countries of US, GB & Russia & France). And brings in the potency of Scorpio, sign of disciplieship & the death of forms happen leading humanity to freedom. Worn out ideas/ideals, old forms must disappear. But in their place an undying spirit & truth create needed new forms.

When we are bombarded with all propaganda of news – remain steady in the Light. Know the F/Light are in control. And we stand with them & support them. This is OUR DISCIPLINE. To remain stable during this time of great propaganda. In this chaos – Libra no man’s land time – in this transition – disciples are awake, aware, & standing firm with the Forces of Light.

What We Know
All we know is we stand on the side of the Forces of Light.
This is the plan for the globalists’ economic reset.
For the past years I have written – prepare.
With the war now fully exposed, with our pipelines shut off here in America, with our manufacturing down, with our dependence on foreign oil & on China, with a false prez who is a puppet of the globalists….what will happen to our country?

We each must begin to take seriously the thought of preparation. Prices of all goods will double in the coming times. If we take that seriously, what does that mean for each of us. What do we each need to do for ourselves, our families & the kingdoms depending upon us? What is the most practical thing to do? What ARE the most practical things to do now.

Here outside my window the land is covered with sheets of ice.
In the heavens is rolling thunder. Last night we watched as Russia invaded, declared war on Ukraine. We saw the missiles in the air, & we heard the sounds of war as bombs fell, exploding in the night. Today’s rolling thunder, so unusual in this winter of ice storms, reminds one of what we saw & heard last night.
There is something behind this war that we don’t quite know yet.

US chart Saturn on the moon of the US.
Moon is humanity’s comfort.
Moon is ruler of US Sun.
Sun in US Gemini rising chart is in the house of money.
Saturn = limitation, discipline.
Make sure everyone’s inventory is well stocked.

Forces of materialism going forward in their plan to destroy the United States. The stock market is down. Supplies are limited.
We are entering a deeper phase of the change.

Reappearance Meditation Today
The heart of an Arhat is like the heart of the Cosmos.
The heart of the Arhart is like the fire of the sun.
Eternity & the motion of cosmos fill heart of the Arhat
Maitreya is coming radiant w/ fires, His heart aflame w/ compassion for suffering humanity.” Agni Yoga, Hierarchy, 1931. Risa

Wednesday, February  23, 2022- 11am

Community –
A community of Bodhisattvas.
This is what we are to be.
In our community here – creating a sense of belonging.
This is our community of students teachers disciples Initiates.
Bodhisattvas – we become bodhisattvas via our intentions & dedication.

Today, Mercury’s day. Ray 4 days. Bringing harmony our of conflict & chaos. The work of the NGWS.
Today – Wednesday – February 23, 2022.
Happy Birthday to all Pisces beings!

Belonging – Community
Each place, each group, each community has a specific role to play within the human family, and a specific note to sound within the symphony of the Earth. A group of soul-aware servers can become a conscious seeding presence for the higher potential which lies hidden and unexpressed in the places they find themselves in. And n the people & humanity all around.
Our work here, each day, t is a laboratory for this work.
The focus is on humanity itself to awaken.
Calling humanity – to become the World Server.
The New Group of World Servers by their side.

And so…
As we choose to be Servers (Aquarius) & Saviors (Pisces)
We recite daily the Bodhisattva prayer. And each day we
Use our imaginations (Raja Yoga) – our imaginations help
Create the “thought forms of solution for humanity in crisis.”

Bodhisattva Prayer for Humanity
May I be a guard for those who need protection,
a guide for those on the path,
a boat, a raft, a bridge for those who wish to cross the flood.
May I be a lamp in the darkness,
a resting place for the weary,
a healing medicine for all who are sick,
a vase of plenty, a tree of miracles.
And for the boundless multitudes of living beings,
may I bring sustenance and awakening,
enduring like the earth and sky
until all beings are freed from sorrow
and all are awakened.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Shantideva, the Indian Buddhist sage of 700 AD
love, Risa

Tuesday, February 22, 2022- 10am

Party in the Ashram –
On this 2uesday of 2/22/22 – A Palindrome. A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or sequence of words that reads the same backward as forward. It’s an auspcious set of numbers. The next palindrome date will not occur for another 200 years.

Today is my birthday. The beginning of a new year.
Always at the beginnings of things I read the quote from Dune.
“Beginnings are fragile things.
“A beginning is a very delicate time. A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”
This every disciple knows.”
Using my imagination for my birthday – of things I hope & wish for….creating a birthday of creativity, visualization & imagination. It ends up to be fun and happy and joyful. The imagination, the tool of our present/future.

And so what did I imagine & wish for today?
Not expecting anything in form & matter.
Just the use of my imagination is enough of a gift.
As I imagine….then everything becomes real.

Double citizenship – Italy & the USA.
I heard we can have double citizenship if grandparents are from Italy. A Birthday Tea party, at Filoli Gardens – a garden tour, stock up at TJs (haven’t been to TJs for 2 1/2 yrs.). Good quality waffle iron (never had one). Air fryer. (I hear they are good for making potato fries zucchini etc. Power XL 10 qt. Was recommended ). Little green house to begin to grow seeds for spring. There are other small things. Silk or linen Duvet cover. Go to Cafe Gratitude. Rose bushes for a rose garden & plant a lilac bush. Some big things. New bathroom. New bedroom. Orange silk curtains/drapes on windows. New bedroom. New kitchen. Shelving everywhere. Warm pool easily accessible. New town to live in – in a warm climate. Multiple Interns, buffet set up every morning for breakfast & lunch time, too, using silver. House keeper/cleaner. Gardener. Home organizer & decorator. Health. A visit to Santa Fe & Taos, to Santuario to pray for a healing miracle. Extended trip to Italy. Attend cooking school (raw foods vegan vegetarian Chinese Japanese Thai cooking school). Breakfast, lunch & dinner with friends at Sugar Nymphs Cafe, on the high road to Taos. Learn everything about sauces, italian breadmaking.
….And more when they appear in my mind & heart.
I don’t expect any of them but it’s good to dream imagine visualize & make long lists of things.
Then it all comes true in the end. Like a miracle!

for my birthday….I light a candle in our Ashram today as a blessing for everyone – family, friends, loved one, readers, students, etc.. And invite everyone to join me for my party in the Ashram today. Party in the Ashram! with love, Risa

Monday, February 21, 2022- 11am

President’s day. the True president recognized.
Not the false one.
Truth Social available today. Keep trying!
Astrology Today –
Pluto in the sky on the U.S. Pluto – transformation all around us.
An important day today – February 21, 2022.
Pisces – the Saving Force.
Enduring like the earth & sky – untill all are awakened!

Creativity & the Imagination.
We are to overcome the dark by using our imaginations which is our creative tool, our creativity.
Our creativity has been siphoned off by the F/Darkness.
They use our creativity, our creative minds, for themselves & their agenda, which is the dark agenda.
We instead must realize our creative tool, our creative imaginations. When do use our creative imaginations we are no longer in the darkness. We create the new world, a world on the opposite ends of what we see now. We create this new world with our imaginations, together. This is Aquarius.

We elevate ourselves with our imagination. Nothing is impossible to us with our imagination. It allows all shadows & hindrances to disappear. Imagination & visualization is a meditation, a focusing of the mind. We apply the higher mind. We then enter into the cave of the heart. Imagination is a creative activity. Again, it is a meditation, causing illumination in the cave of the heart. The kundalini rises, seven fold wings like an eagle. We act “as if”. Then our lives are unburdened. Shadows detach. We then stand in the Light of the World. Using our imagination, our hindrances are absorbed into the LIght of Life itself. The subterranean caves are illumined by the colors of the imagination. We elevate our selves. Seven fold wings appear. Nothing is impossible to us. We stand in the beam of the Light. Namaskarams….Om.

The Planet & the Planetary Logos is going through an Initiation, as is humanity. Humanity is the Throat Center of the Planetary Logos. As a result of this great Initiation, we see our planet in a state of transformation & change. The NGWS is being called to work under the Hierarchy’s intentions & plans. The NGWS is to register this task. Each Group is under the direction of Hierarchy. They are impressing us, our mind, from the Hierarchy & from Shamballa. Initiations follow the Laws. Our task is to cultivate higher sensitivity, to be pure, have an undisturbed mind, to interpret the impressions clearly. The NGWS lives in the world of energies. All is energy. Disciples know this. Disciples do now allow habits & shadows to limit them. Instead, Disciples work in the world of forces, using energy selectively, becoming a true occultist. The world of energy is the body of the Planetary Logos. Energy constanly moves, with vortices of force. The Spiritual Hierarchy is a vortex. Humanity is another (in violent activity of change). Readjustments are occurring wiithin the center of Humanity, attempting to conform to Spiritual Intention. The throat center, which is humanity is what is being affected. Under the Will of Sanat Kumara, preparing for an Initiation. Thus energies flowing thrugh the life waves of humanity – are being rearranged, transformed into new aspects & qualities, that have not been recognized.

Twenty five thousand year cycle has come to an end. Planetary Logos & Solar Logos intertwined with the 12 zodiacs. Also the end of the 2,500 year cycle (Pisces to Aquarius). These affect the body of manifestation of the Planetary Logos – three centers – Shamballa, Hierarchy, Humanity are shifting & changing.

Ray 7 is coming into manifestation, lessening Ray 6 of idealism (Pisces Age). Ray 7 anchors the new archetypes, the new rhythms, the new mind & heart & consciousness of humanity.

All the above, as we seek to understand the world today, is the Great Initiatory Process producing vibrations that are different than before. A new direction appears. The human family is deepl affected.

Head Center – Shamballa – Ray 1.
Heart Center – Hierarchy – Ray 2.
Throat Center – Humanity – Ray 3 of Active Intelligence.

All are impacted with the new energies – resulting in a planned redirection, GREAT CREATIVE ACTIVITY, never seen before, expressing itself in all levels of human living. Sacral, heart & throat centers will be activated. This is happening everywhere in all humans, moving into a new state of evolution. It is a CREATIVE RAISING, & produces great difficulty for humanity. The microcosm is undergoing a deep change. Humanity is BECOMING NEWLY CREATIVE. Thus a great disturbance is occurring within the life waves of humanity. This creative gift is the Calling Forth of the IMAGINATION – producing a creativity that humanity has never seen. Creative Thinking, Writing, Poetry, Creative Imagining, etc. these will produce new art, architecture, culture. Music of the Spheres will be contacted. This is the new creative fields being reorganized. A redirection of energies – carried forward by Ray 3 – Divine Active Intelligence.

Humanity is registering this –
Invocation along with the Creative Imagination will bring the new heaven & earth into Being-ness.

Intense creativity – first the old is destroyed. We are now in the destructive phase. Then comes a cycle of restoration (not of the old but a new regenerated reality). Restoration occurs through humanity’s CREATIVE IMAGINATION.

The human spirit will live thru this period of chaos. Then humanity will reorganize all of life, of livingness, through their Creative Imagination. Working in every country, making effective Goodwill…working with the New Group of World Servers, under the direction of the Hierarchy.

Men & women of Goodwill everywhere. All that occurs is a process of the Planetary Initiation, happening everywhere. And so here we are together….

The Soul of humanity is being released from its prison of materiality – Risa

Sunday, February 20, 2022- 9am

A Study
The Imagination. Visualization. A Creative Process

Today, Sunday, the Sun’s day. February 20, 2022.
Pisces Sun, Libra Moon. Mercury in Aquarius.
Venus & Mars in Capricorn.

In our present times & the times to come we will more & more need the use of our creative imaginations to create the world we want to live in, to identify who we truly are, & to enter into higher & higher realms of the cosmos. The study of Astrology with its symbols assists & prepares us for this leap into the use of the

Creative Imagination – a very occult process.

Creative thinkers “roam around” in their imaginations.

The heart is central to the creative imagination and the imagination is released from the heart into creative
expression when one acts “as if” one is Soul connected, then manifests. The as if ideal manifests. This is a very occult practice to live as if the soul is in constant control (Bailey, 1955 – DINA 2).

it is the picture-making faculty of the imagination that links together the higher mind and the physical brain.

The creative imagination has an innate capacity to act as if, and this helps bridge the gap between the lower and higher aspects of mind. We become what we think, hope, and will. The biblical saying as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23.7) uses what Bailey (1942 – Esot Psych 2) called the as if method.

When we visualize, we use our highest conception of what the ideal might be.

When we make a mental picture, we set up a vibration that attracts appropriate mental substance in which the mind then immerses. Our will (intention) holds together the image

Inherent in all of us is an innate urge to creative life by use of the divine faculty of imagination (Bailey, 1942 – Esoteric Psychology vol 2). Sustained imagination is a good exercise for constructive creative work (Bailey, 1955, ibid), as imagination or visualization involves the ability to move energy currents (Bailey, 1953 – Esoteric Healing).

Bailey (1944 – DINA 1) described visualization as the primary form-building aspect of the creative imagination and that is consistent with the esoteric finding that energy follows thought.

Though many parts of the brain may be involved during visualization, the esoteric understanding is that one tends to focus particularly in an area of the brain between the pituitary gland and the pineal gland. Here one paints pictures and attempts to see what one desires. In a three-step process, one gathers energy into this specific area of the brain, focuses that energy using the power of intention, and finally sends this focussed energy toward a desired destination by means of a pictorial process. Visualization builds a bridge between the emotional and the mental planes or realms. It is the lower correspondence to the construction of the antahkarana (Bailey, 1944 – DINA 1)

Djwhal Khul recommended spending 5-10 minutes each morning to work with the art of creative visualization. He instructed one student to visualize daily a garden in disorder that the student was to restore to beauty and to fill with precious things. The
intent was for the student to create the garden, to perfect it, and then to consecrate the garden for service, so it might become a place of refuge when the student was out of
rhythm (Bailey, 1944 – DINA 1)

Effective creativity requires persistence, focused attention,
imagination, meditation, and invocation;

In psychological creation, an external stimulus may
strike the imagination in a manner comparable to physical conception.

creativity is aided by persistence, focused intent, imagination,

Imagining, brooding, pondering on an idea attract mental matter to the thought form.

Visualization includes the use of the creative imagination (our picture-making faculty),

Imagination. The world of meaning lies behind the world of form (the world of seeming), and the ability to penetrate these inner realms, whose existence is attested to by all teachers of esoteric teachers (the definition of esoteric implies inner or subjective
realms), is cultivated by use of the creative imagination.

The soul knows the Plan; its form, outline, methods and objective are known. Through the use of the (our) creative imagination, the soul creates; it builds thought-forms on the mental plane and objectifies desire on the astral plane. It proceeds then to externalize its thought and its desire upon the physical plane through applied force, creatively actuated by the imagination of the etheric or vital vehicle.

The Soul (Ray 2), The Quality (Ray 2) of Life (Ray 1) On its own plane, the soul knows no separation, and the factor of synthesis governs all soul relations. The soul is occupied not only with the form that the vision of its objective may take, but with the quality or the meaning which that vision veils or hides.

The soul knows the Plan; its form, outline, methods and objective are known. Through the use of the creative imagination, the soul creates; it builds thought-forms on the mental plane and objectifies desire on the astral plane. It proceeds then to externalize its thought and its desire upon the physical plane through applied force, creatively actuated by the imagination of the etheric or vital vehicle. Yet because the soul intelligence, motivated by love, it can (within the realized synthesis which governs its activities) analyze, discriminate and divide. The soul likewise aspires to that which is greater than itself, and reaches out to the world of divine ideas, and thus itself occupies a midway position between the world of ideation and the world of forms, This is its difficulty and its opportunity. This compilation seeks to increase understanding of the immortal soul, addressing its many aspects under sixty two headings. (more during the week) love, Risa

Saturday February 19, 2022- 10am

Changing of the God – Pluto Pluto transit.
Let Choice Be Made –
Door of Initiation. The Times we are Going Through now.
Pluto on the U.S. Pluto – in two days.
Today is February 19, 2022 – Saturday, Saturn’s day. Ray 3 day.
Ray 3 is Divine Intelligence. Earth is Ray 3.
The Teacher is Saturn. Saturn is also the Dweller on the Threshold. Lake & lotus of creation.

Pluto Transiting the US Pluto.
The most important transits in 248 years.
Since the founding of our nation in 1776.
Pluto on the US Pluto (direct on the 21st).

Pluto is nuclear. could be a nuclear scare.
We don’t know the outcome of this.
Read comments below.
Deep State may use Russians for

Today is February 19th. However, we would say Pluto is already on the United States Pluto. This is a dangerous transforming transit we have never experienced. We look into the world & see what is occurring that is affecting the United States.
Pluto is the transformer – first there is death, then rebirth, then recreation.

Shots fired in Ukraine.
Fearing this will escalate. War such as this is primitive.
It is not needed. Globalists (false prez) use war to make money.
War is lucrative for the globalists. Their life is about greed.
They have no concern for humanity’s well being.
He/they live in the shadow worlds.
Our false prez is a puppet of the globalists & follows their & China’s directions. They all live in shadows.

Film – Changing of the Gods (series)
Pluto Transforms – Pluto on the U.S. Pluto
Pluto Thru the Times
Watch film “Changing of the Guards.”
Register for it.
10 part documentary on Pluto.
Through history –
Free to watch.
shown each night beginning Feb. 22.
1/2 hour long each night.
Changing of the Gods.

Changing of the Gods: An Astrology Documentary Series

Changing of the Gods Review – Is the Documentary Worth Watching?

Check out the 2022 trailer for Changing of the Gods.
The 10 part documentary series will be released on 2.22.22. Please sign up at for instructions on how to join the online premier.

NGWS & our Present Times
Humanity needs the NGWS to assist them in this time. We will re awaken memories of the past (Dweller, Saturn). These memories may flood in. We must remain poised as these memories flash in. We are entering the door of Initiation for humanity. We are to have a strong group identity, know our tasks working together. We will need each other to do our work. Everyone here (readers) have been preparing for this time. We are a Group here. We are to help humanity walk through the door of Initiation.

Tests of Scorpio – Dweller, memory (a creative agent).
Imagination is the most important creative agent

The US = Pluto/Pluto on 21st.
Transiting Saturn joining the US Mpon (past). 23rd.
T. Venus square US Chiron on 21st.

Disciples observe events in the world.
Remaining poised standing with the Forces of Light.

Friday, February 18, 2022- 3pm

Shifting from Aquarius to Pisces this morning.
From the air of Aquarius to the water of Pisces.
From Rays 5 & 7 to Rays 2 & 6.
From Serving to Saving.

Friday, Venus’s day. February 18, 2022.
Developing a discipline to remain in the very present moment. This is where the Soul is. The present moment contains the past & the future. Remaining in the present is the center of the Vesica Pisces. To work in the new era, remaining in the present is

Venus is Ray 5 – Knowledge & Science.
This is our College – In our college we learn everything together. Everything expands our mind.

Chinese new year of the Water Tiger, 2022
Daoist perspective of the World.
Patterns of Time (Chinese Astrology).
Five elements, 12 animals.
Forces of Nature. Spirals of Time unfolding.
Mechanistic view of the world. Dealing with elementals.
Different view of the world that presented here.
Learning — everything then becomes useful.

2nd new moon after winter solstice.
Chinese new year.
Still timely to talk about this.
Earth Ox (traditions, conventions) year last year to water tiger.
Water Tiger are king of the Earth (dragon yes, in 2 years – dragon king of celestial).
Tiger year – discontent – nothing left to lose.
Position self to major change. Water will diffuse this, not precise.
Last Water element 2013 (Chinese new year, water for 2 years, with Earth in between). Water Rabbit next year. 2 years of an element, then Earth in between. Water Snake 2013 – otherworldly.
Patience & endurance tested.
Tigers are hunters, compulsion, hunger, deepest desires, instincts.
Lean down before the hunt for inspiration.
No manners this year. Chaotic interruptions. Institutions tested.
Accept loss as part of the process. Gambling year. Winners & losers. Loss part of the process. Let go….
So one can start over.
Identity crisis – orange stripes of black stripes?
Dreams crash & burn? Start over.
No old identiffication allowed.
Tigers work in isolation. They are reclusive.
They attack, are aggressive, then retreat.
Black stripes this year. Water is the color black.
2013 Black water snake.
Some will do well retreating this year.
Some will retreat (yin) Yet there is a tiber (yand).
Magic that is unpredictable this year.
Yang energy this year, high risk. Caution.
Moving forward yet not directl path. Circuitous.
It’s ok to be self reflective.
Passion of tiger, don’t push thru – damage.
Set backs, no clear victories. Nothing straight forward due to water elements.
Let momentum build.
Spring volatile, dangerous time – 2nd new moon.
Spring in CHinese Astrology is February or early March new moon.
Unstable time. Allow for a slow start to the new year.
Struggle = between restrictions by institution & individual evolutionary change. Institution try to maintain conventions.
Tigers represents something out of control.
Mastering Tigers – riding the tigers.
Not by domination but being comfortable w/ uncertainty.
Courage – don’t look for control. Paradox. Think on this.

Love Politics Economy
Unconventional relationships. Tigers produce offspring but then ignore each other. Impulse, not planned, relationships.
Competition in economy. Predators.
NFT – watch out for them.

Last water tiger 1962 – Kennedy prez.
Institutions have had their say – now consequences.
Feeling of pent up caged – engine for change.
Disastrous for intitutions.

Health – watch out for overdoses.
Alternative healing – take it seriously.

Experimental year. No hypocrasy allowed.
If stripping away – be ready for growth.

Don’t be mediocre. THINK BIG. IMAGINE.

Spring will be a volatile time.
Tiger’s don’t have personal history.
Liberated from the past. Breaking out of tradition.
Tiger – Mastery over earth realm but not celestial realm.

Orange stripes, hungry, flashy.
Black – restore for new energetic pulse.

Entire year – volatile.
Freshness to re invent – but no staiblity yet.
Water, fluid year.

For each animal –
Mixed year for dog pig horses & rats.
Challenging for rabbit & snakes.
Potential dragon ox rooster goat
Monkey – destabilized. Careful.

Our Group is an Earth Tiger.
United States is Fire Mpnkey

Year & month, day & hour – different rulerships of each animal.

Monkey – antagonist to tiger. If forest monkey live in trees. Cosmic jokers. Tease tiger on ground. Pull tail of tiger, run up into trees. Have fun. Jokester elements. Watch out Monkey. Tiger will get monkeys. Monkey’s purpose is to upset normal, bring revolution. Don’t press luck. There are enemies & monkey is being hunted. Can get fooled. Heavy caution for Monkeys. US being hunter, not knowing who enemies are. Warning for the US.

Story of Rat – bringing gifts to Chinese emperor. Who got there first? Race of animals. Rat got there first, Water buffalo crossed river first, rat rode the water buffalo & got to king first. Then came the Ox. Pig was last, enjoying itself along the way to the King.

Pondering on these things.
In our college we learn everything.
love, Risa

Tiger (our Group here). Earth Tiger, 1998.
When in one’s own year, can be tricky. Leadership of tiger – ask what we are motived by. Most unstable time is first 2 moons. No easy place. Difficult. Watch emotional responses. Go for big things, what aspire to. Won’t come easily. Regenerative, rise to challenges. Catharsis this year. Know limits & costs of strength. Keep focus. Fertility in the fall. Fire moons in the summer. Native element of certain moons. May seem like failure. But really it’s opportunity. Go big for things in the fall. New purpose comes forth carrying group into the new year (next year).

Thoughts on the Water Tiger for 2022.
From a Daoist teacher. love, Risa

Thursday, February 17, 2022- 10am

Reappearance Meditation.
Thursday, February 17, 2022.
Night Night News is updated.
Virgo moon, last week of Aquarius Sun.
Jupiter sextiles Uranus today.
Unexpected friendliness today.

Our Reappearance Meditation under Jupiter is Ray 2 of Love Wisdom.
We stand close to the Christ, at the heart of Hierarchy.
Our meditation becomes a healing

for all those in need.
In the light of our Soul, we say to the Christ….

“People of goodwill can come together to make things better.”
These are good words.
The NGWS are aware of how Goodwill is created in humanity.
We align with the Will-to-Good (Ray1 into Ray 2).
And radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity.
And then the Will-to-Good becomes Goodwill in humanity.
Understanding this “precipitation” is the task of all Disciples.

Today – our Thursday rhythms.
Night Light News is updated –
And we recite the Reappearance Mantram with the Christ.
Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Join the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis…

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare humanity’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the One Life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech. Om Om Om

Wednesday, February 16, 2022- 1pm

The Candle was extinguished.
Om Mani Padme Hum.
Goodbye brother…walk towards the Light.
OM. Risa

Death –
The Call Goes Forth.
Return, O Disciple.

Death is an ordered process.
It is an interlude.
And so, when the lessons were all learned
In the classroom called Earth….
the Word sounds forth….a word of withdrawal…
That the form has served its purpose
The principle of mind then organizes itself
Hearing the Word (the word of Return)
And then repeats the word,
The waiting form responds
And drops away.
And again the words….
Thou no longer needs the form.
Your work complete, your watch over.

And the Soul stands free.
Death is an ordered process
An interlude
When all the lessons were learned.
A job well done, the watch over….

Words at Death
Death – the Disciple Returns Home
A call ushers forth to be With the Light eternal,
To Transform what has gone before, into a Being of Light.”
The mysterious Beauty within us, our Spirit of Life,
And so the disciple Returns home once again. Om.
Om Mani Padme Hum.
For 49 days – in the bardos with Michael.
Directing him towards the white diamond Light ahead.
There awaits the Christ to receive him.
The Disciple returns home again. Om.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022- 9am

Click to Listen to today’s Full Moon Meditation:


Waters of Life Poured Forth For Thirsty Humanity.
Aquarius solar festival day. 28 degrees Aquarius.
Full Moon Day, Lantern Festival.
We remain in vigil for Michael today.The candle is still burning brightly.
Om Mani Padme Hum.

Today – Wednesday, Mercury’s Ray 4 day.
“Aquarius – the light that shines on Earth across the seas. The light that ever shines within the dark,,, cleansing with its healing rays all that must be purified….until the dark is gone.”

Read the Aquarian Labours of Hercules – cleansing the Augean Stables (creative act). The Augean stables represent our present world cast in darkness. The NGWS & humanity itself must become Hercules, working under the creative Lords of Aquarius, it’s Rays & planets.

The meditation – full moon meditation.

Standing together as the NGWS…under the Light of Aquarius.
Our identity together under the LIght of the Soul.
Under Aquarius – “Waters of life are we, poured forth for thirsty humanity.” Om Om Om


Tuesday, February 15, 2022- 7pm

Not Yet Dark – Dylan – 

Michael – pausing a bit – pausing for a bit and reviewing his life thus far, where he is now, where he was before, where he came from, the impact his life has had on others, the price, the toil, the toll of his decision to pursue the life he chose…all the while he is taking inventory of his life, determining his status as a member of the human race, & perhaps for the first time he feels a sense of mortality, wondering what, where, who he will be when it’s finally completed. The permanent atoms gathering all his experiences…allowing his personality to fall away, the angels gathering his Soul & taking him to the bardos…We who love him will follow him & direct him towards the Light of Day. Risa


Tuesday, February 15, 2022- 5pm

Vigil –
Om Mani Padme Hum
Tuesday evening –
Esotericists everywhere are in prayers, silence, quietude & vigil as one of our Esoteric Teachers, Michael Robbins, is in his process of transitioning. This is the first of our contemporary Esoteric Teachers being “called back.”
Om Mani Padme Hum.

A candle is lit to accompany Michael. From the darkness to the Light. When he has completed his transition process, the candle will be extinguished.
In vigil. In prayer. As the full moon rises. Om.

I have fought the good fight, I will have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 8 Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing. 2 Timothy 4:7-8.

“There are moments when one feels free from one’s own identification with human limitations and inadequacies. At such moments one imagines that one stands on some spot of a small planet, gazing in amazement at the cold yet profoundly moving beauty of the eternal, the unfathomable; Life and death flow into one, and there is neither evolution nor destiny; only Being.” – Albert Einstein


Go forth, Brother, into the Light of Day.
From all of Michael’s family, friends, students, colleagues.
Om Mani Padme Hum.


Tuesday, February 15, 2022- 10am

Calling Rudra – Destroyer of Evil – to protect our country.
Rudra – God of storms & of war.
For our country – calling Rudra.
Calling from the Edge of Darkness in this Kali Yuga Time.
Calling for Protection.

Tomorrow is the full moon, Aquarius solar festival.
Aquarius – the light that shines on earth across the seas.
Shining within the dark, cleansing with its healing Rays until the dark is gone.

Today – Tuesday, Mars guards & guides us today.
February 15, 2022. Mars asks us what are we doing today & why? What are our desires & aspirations? Visions & beliefs?
Mars is Ray 6…

Tomorrow is the full moon – Aquarius solar festival.
28 degrees Aquarius.
Leo moon today – Aquarius is the fulfillment of Leo.
Leo the fulfillment of Aquarius.

Light of the Zodiac
The entire theme of the zodiac can be through of in terms of Light. Each sign represents a type of light.
A full spectrum of Light.
When in tune with the astrological energies each month
When we participate with the new/full moons,
We align moment by moment, with the Light irradiating matter.
The entire story of the Soul is about Light.
Each day, with our information gathered here, we participate
In the Light (stars, planets, rays, etc.) that flows to our green Ray 3 emerald Earth.
We participate in the rhythms of the seasons.
In the Catholic Church this is called the Liturgy.

Light & Circadian Rhythms.
The Forces of Darkness, so clever but with no love, introduced to humanity an exposure to false & artificial light, to wrong frequencies of light (computers, smart phones, 5G).
The light that destroys.
That disrupts our circadian rhythms.
Disrupts us from taking in the real light from the Sun.
This disruption over time destroys humanity.

Disciples stand in the sun each day.
Feet on the ground, eyes to the Sun.

Calling Rudra – to protect our country.
Rudra – Destroyer of Evil.
A Ray 6 Lord.
Rudra, God of storms & of war.
For our country – calling Rudra.
Calling from the edge of Darkness.

Rudra (/rʊdrə/; Sanskrit: रुद्र) is a Rigvedic deity associated with wind or storm, Vayu and the hunt. One translation of the name is ‘the roarer’. In the Rigveda, Rudra is praised as the ‘mightiest of the mighty’. Rudra means “who eradicates problems from their roots”.

Music – joining the music of the spheres, the lyre of Apollo, the flute music of Krishna – reciting ohms like the drumbeat of the heart.

Udavva is the Grand Master of the 6th Ray of devotion.
Krishna – only the holy presence in the heart & no room for sorrow.
Krishna says – I will unfold the path for you, you are to impart it to the world but only to those who seek it. The path is walked in darkness. This is so they can seek the light.

The darkness of midnight is the pathway. Sometimes we hear flute music that calls to us. Explore the ocean of Wisdom teachings, but teach these only to those who ask for it.
Watch out for those who practice Black Magic. Those who have drifted away from the path. Learn the Way. Renounce all of life to the Soul & there will be great happiness, joy & bliss. One eventually becomes a Rishi.

Calling…, Risa

Monday, February 14, 2022- 9am

Valentine’s day. Monday, February 14, 2022.
A day of love. Leo moon (love at the heart). Aquarius Sun.
Love for humanity.
Aquarius is Ray 5 – Venus’s Ray.
The heart of Aquarius is Jupiter, Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom.
Valentine’s day is perfect under the Light of Aquarius.
This is the week for Valentines, lanterns under a full moon (Wednesday).
Today, Monday, February 14 is Valentine’s Day – a day of hearts, flowers, cupids and chocolates. This year, Valentine’s day falls under an ardent Leo moon – for Leos, love is always at the heart of the matter. Disciples know that “love that underlies all people, events and happenings of our times.” Love requires a piece of our heart given to another.
Valentine’s day occurs in the midst of winter. It rekindles a fire of hope the yearly promise that new life and vitality (spring) will soon appear. Offering flowers to loved ones, gracing tables with buds, blossoms and blooms seals this promise. Mercury enters Aquarius on Valentine’s day. We sense a love for humanity, wanting to unite everyone through cooperative and shared ideas and principles. The Aquarian Principles and Laws, actually.
All names together utter the names of God.
Original teachings in the Vedas…that matter is the off spring of Spirit. Matter is designed & shaped by nature. Spirit dwells in matter. All that is visible & invisible is God. The forms of the world are God. All names are God’s names. God, the Spirit dwells in all. One must seek, feel, sense & know this in all the forms.
Then the darkness is not so dark. For the darkness at the center then emits light. This is a discipline for disciples. God the fiery spark of Light reveals3 the invisible. The path of Grace which Jesus follow & all disciples look for God in all that is. Then the prophecy is fulfilled. The teachings of Christ are the Synthesis of Wisdom. Not many understood. He taught the Synthesis of all that is. Symbols, allegories, immortality of man, created, destroyed, brought dead to life, embodiment of love & sacrifice, following the Path of Truth. He was/is part of the Plan & the Path. All name together utter the name of God. Darkness to Light. Prophecy fulfilled. All form God. Om.
The Woo of Ka – (inner picture, different perspective, having background of what is occurring now) – The Woo of Ka – the inner light of the Soul. Ka represents the Sun, the Light of the Soul, the inner direction). Entering the phase of Initiation now. So events in the world will be different. The door of Initiation has opened for humanity. Let Choice Be Made by humanity now. Let Choice (for Light or dark) be made. Risa


News/Notes – Comments
On the Front Lines
News & Notes – Comments, on the front lines….Truckers convoy beginning in the desert of California. We support them. Telegram feeds. Local towns supporting this. It’s a reality, humanity coming together in support of freedom & liberty for all. Truckers organizing everywhere. Have to be careful of paid infiltrators creating havoc asking leading questions that make truckers sound like ……& that allowed the FBI to come in to disband the group. Careful truckers how you respond to questions. Ask for badge number before answering questions. Video everything if questioned. Careful truckers. We are with you. We’ll see how the convoy travels in the US. They may be taking the southern route. We will following them, supporting them. Careful everyone. Most groups are infiltrated. Careful everyone. One group was infiltrated for over a year, funded by a super pac, lobbyists, trying to get the group to take a stand against……these people were personal friends. Once it came out, the infiltrators (paid) still wanted to be part of the group. Confused souls….paid to infiltrate, yet what do they really believe? Their actions – based on money? Michael Moore’s movie – he talks about Peace & Freedom party in Fresno, central valley. Grandmas meeting for a long time. They had an FBI infiltrator agents at their meeting. Careful everyone. Ottawa group, people were bringing gas cans & food, etc. Police took gas cans away, fining people who brought them. Hundreds of people showed up after, everyone carrying gas cans. People are behind the movement, supporting the truckers. We support them too. In all ways, every day. Heart to heart to all the truckers.

Research mobile radios.
Get the actual mobile radio. Supplies will disappear.
Encouraging people to research this.
The best is a hand held – HT radio.
Can use it at home & in the car (antenna in car).
Supply chain getting worse.
Antibiotics no longer made in the US.
Hard to come by more & more.
If on a medication – stock pile it now.
Battle of the banks happening, too.
It takes stamina to have these conversations over the past years.
Our pantry filled with lentils & rice.
Maintain stamina. Maintain Taurus constancy.
Everyone has Taurus in their charts.
The reorientation is happening.
Disneyland (metaphore), lala land is no more.
The Initiation is upon us. The Reorientation is here.
Take little steps.
Keep preparing, stay in the know, don’t back down.
Be in reality. Don’t get stuck.
Keep working. Keep preparing.
Consider what is the worse situation.
The prepare for it.
Reviewing the plan of the Forces of Materialism.
Get people into big cities, out of country. Use 5G to control the people.
Remove the food supply.
It’s best to be together. Like minded, heart to heart.
We are living now in a different time than ever before.
Be ready at any time for a false flag (a created event of destruction).
Creating chaos.
Astrologically Pluto iin the sky will conjunct the US chart Pluto on Feb. 21, 22.
Durham report came out yesterday, important reveals.
Things may shut down. Be prepared.
All the people on the streets who have survived on the streets for a long time.
They will survive. We must survive too.

We suffer instantly when we have no information.
What if the internet goes down?
Cell phones not working?
Do you have your walkie talkies?
In order to communicate?
Prepare….love, Risa 


Sunday, February 13, 2022- 10am

Exercising the Imaginations on Birthdays.
The sky on a winter’s night in northern latitudes.
A colorful view of Saturn (3).
The Astrology today – Cancer (3 & 7) moon today.
Tending to home, food, nurturing things. With Intelligence.
Sun & Saturn in Aquarius.
Saturn is the original ruler of Aquarius.
Then when Uranus was discovered (March 13, 1781), Uranus
took its place next to Saturn as Aquarius’s personality building rulers. Saturn (3), Uranus (7). Aquarius (5 & 7).

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day.
Leo moon , Mercury enters Aquarius tomorrow.
Wednesday is the full moon, Aquarius solar festival.
A good week ahead.
And then…
Pluto steps in on President’s day, February 21st….
& aligns with the U.S. Pluto for the first time since the creation of the United states. Pluto – the big transformer bringing death & destruction in order to create the world anew! love, Risa

Exercise in Creative Imagination, Imagining.
How to Use Our Birthdays in a Creative Way.
In the coming week I will be writing about the imagination.
Our divine creative process, our tool of creative visualization.
Soon it will be my birthday. February 22nd. Washington’s birthday. Cherry pie day.

This year, after 2 years of isolation, & for many as the isolation, distancing, breakdown, lock downs, masking, Vx, mandates (all the implementations of control & annihilation the F/Darkness have conjured up (Black Magic forces) for humanity) continues. (in this Kali Yuga time), I have begun to use the tool of my creative imagination to imagine things – what would I like for my birthday. Imagining anything & everything.

I am doing this imagination exercise in order to expand myself
out & up from the deep isolation brought to our world by the Black Magicians, out & about in our world today.

The imagination is our creative tool, our creativity, our creative self that creates things.

In this Aquarian Era, as it unfolds, we are to call upon our creative identities, talents, gifts, abilitieis & express ourselves creatively (Leo tasks) thru the tool of our creative vizualization abilitity to imagine. Image = imagine = imagination.

The imagination is the the creative tool built into us – as we are reflections of God the Creator who made us in His image.
“Let us make them in our image,” He said.

I decided, as my birthday is coming up, that this year I would use my creative imagination to be as bold, startling, flamboyant, outlandish (beyond the boundaries of what’s expected), eccentric, outre, irregular, original & as creative as I could be in my creative expressions, expressing all the things that I would like to happen on my birthday. All the things I would like to have & to experience. Possible or not. With no expectations. This last then allows for complete freedom of thought.

Birthdays are the beginning of one’s new year. On that day, it is good to think on things one hopes & wishes for, creating in hope, wishes & dreams a template of things to come. It’s also fun to allow ourselves the freedom to think freely, to be outrageous, outlandish. Articulating those hopes, wishes & dreams & writing them down (handwriting them only), then brings forth the first anchoring of what one envisions into form & matter.

This is a good exercise for everyone to begin to do. At birthday parties, instead of the usual chit chat where the birthday person is often ignored, I always make a point of asking the birthday child, teen, young adult, adult, elder…..what is it they would wish for in their new year. And asking everyone to focus on listening. And to invite them to wish big, creatively, outrageously with no hindrances, exceptions or limitations. At first this can be difficult. This is especially good for children. young ones & teens. To articulate hopes, wishes & dreams.

In the days before my birthday I will write down a list of things I have thought about these past days & weeks. They will be from the unthinkable, the unusual, the unattainable to the deeply personal, ideas & things from large to small, big to little, attainable or not.

Please note: I do not want or expect anyone to gift me any of the things I write down. That is not the point. Receiving is not the point. Being creative & free in my thinking is the point. Freeing my imagination is the point.

So….reminding everyone – nothing I write will be what I expect.
It is simply an exercise in Creative Thinking.
It’s a Leo cultivation of self & what one wants & hopes & wishes for. Knowing these things about ourselves….prepares us for Aquarius. The Era of Sharing. We have to have ourselves, know ourselves before we can give of ourselves.

Doing this creative exercise allows us to work on not being limited by time, the considered reality or anything external that could hinder my imagination. Using our creative imagination allows us to free ourselves. Become unlimited. Which we are.

I hope you will do the same as your birthday comes about. And offer this invitation to all those you love who are around you too. love, Risa

Saturday, February 12, 2022- 10am

Symbols & Mantrams
Saturday – Saturn’s day.
Dear Readers – always read my comments below the post.
A to Z – written in the cave temples of our bodies.
The wheel turns one way then the other.
Cave temples are the etheric lotuses in in our cerebral spinal system. There are letters on lotus petals, symbols of sounds, Sanskrit – language of devas. 49 letters. 7×7 – 16 vowels, 25 consonants & the letters that bestow poise. Every petal responds to a sound. They are the 7 planes & 7 sub planes. Sounds are how creation happens.
These sounds are seed sounds. They form the mantrams – arranged in Sanskrit from AA to ZZ.
The Science of astrology & the wisdom teachings offer the clue to these sounds & meaning.
Initially, we are to visualize the 7 lotuses & know the pets for each chakra & their colors. Notice each petal has a seed sound. Know the chakras. Involution of man is from AA to ZZ. Evolution, process of return is from ZZ to AA. One must clear the past via the present/future & return to the center. Clearing the path comes from neutrality, dispassion, attend to events w/out creating consequences (karma). Then the past is cleared, the wheel reverses.
Disciples dominated by emotions cannot maintain poise & thus cannot clear karma. Disciples must be neutral at all times so the path of return can be revealed.
Disciples remain poised, calm, the observer.
Scriptures are written in symbolic language. Symbols are mysterious. That means they are protected from those who are not pure, from those who do not have Goodwill.
A-Z – scriptures are written in the cave temples of the body.
Z-A the pictures of the future. The Wheel Reverses.

Today, Saturday, Saturn’s Day. February 12, 2022.
Saturn, Ray 3 – the Teacher, discipline, structure.
Cancer Moon today & tomorrow. Our last week of Aquarius.
Monday is Valentine’s day. Wednesday is the full moon…
Aquarius solar festival 28 degrees.

Cancer moon – baking bread today in the Ashram.
Sending valentines too. Risa

News/Notes – Comments.
On the front lines – AB 1993 – (crazy new bill introduced
in CA) – AB 1993 introduced. ALL employees will need to be VXed. The dark forces won’t quit. They will continue with their deadly bizarre control mechanisms. As one thing is released, another hammer comes down. We are entering a dangerous period. Humanity pushed to the corner of the cage of livingness. Humanity being pushed & backed into a wall. The Dark Forces
have nothing to lose. Their agenda is control & if that doesn’t work, death is their agenda. And their agenda is speeding up. Bill has not passed. But who knows what will happen in CA (lost to the dark forces). Things will change fast.
We are at the cross roads of potential. We need to keep up with the shock waves of preparation. We wake up & the banks are closed. Cell phones don’t work. Always anticipate so not stuck in shock.
So many in states of disbelief. They were complying till now. Then one day reach a point of thinking, realizing what the “regime” is doing to humanity. Living high life when complying to authorities. But its squeezing down, reaching more & more people. In CA super majority Dems state legislature completely corrupt funded
by Big Pharma & S….s.

Everything denied now. No accommodations. This is where things fail. No negotiations. Everyone who doesn’t comply is considered a “threat to society.” 1964 Civil Rights Act. But under the “accommodation” process, specificity comes in – then it’s between self & employer. If employer thinks employee is a health risk, if they perceive it’s a hardship for employers for have employees not Vxed….then they go after people’s licenses. The chaos has already been released. People losing jobs, employers breaking the law. There is no longer any law to protect the people. So many pro the dark agenda w/out thinking….

About testing – they aren’t reliable. Don’t trust them. Either one is sick or not sick. If sick, then we take care of ourselves. Taking appropriate measures also to not get sick. Don’t participate in this mind control texting Vs campaign. Can’t perpetuate in this mind control. Also, people who have shots are called to be tested. 30-40% already have their shots. Different level of madness is occurring now. The texts & Vx are created by Forces of Materialism. Taking the tests & the Vx is funding the evil. Everyone knows none of this works. Everyone who is a thinker knows. Be a Thinker everyone! Risa

Mantram –
(RAM – seed sound) during prime-time news
yesterday – we often listen to what is beaming to mass humanity? East Indian spokesman….sounding the mantram RAM & hitting a gong. The sounding of RAM to strengthen the mind & be able to make Right Choices, decide with clarity to make Right Choices. has to do with Cosmic Will, clearing of the mind. Maybe this will help dissipate the entrainment of humanity, clearing their minds to make right choices for their well-being. Color orange w/ sound RAM protects us from external dark influences. The Sound of Fire – it burns away impediments to progress. It also protects children. The sound RAM. Sound is so important. Our words are sound. The F/Materialism is constantly bombarding our bodies with negative sounds. We then attempt to neutralize this bombardment with the sound

It is sound (voice & intention) that brings something into form & matter. Not texting. love, Risa

Friday, February 11, 2022- 8am

The Importance & Significance & Outcomes of Reciting Mantras
Their power, potency, protection, usefulness.
Mantras protect, they invoke devas (helpers, angels), they help dissipate illusion, mayas & glamours, they discipline and transform, they help in works of Goodwill to rebuild society in tune with the Law. They produce & spread a field of Light around the practicing individual & group. They insulate against the impact of negative * dark & evil forces.
Mantrams are rhythmic. Their rhythm is in complete tune with the 7th Ray (anchoring a new rhythm in our lives & on earth) & therefore they bring rhythm or light, love & livingness to the student.
Mantrams enable contact with the Devic Kingdom.
Mantric practice align & empower the student to accomplish much with much less speech. It eliminates the need of speech substantially.

This sound is chanted at the beginning of every mantra & at its end. It is known as a seed sound. A seed sound is extremely potent and expresses a particular energy. There is no translation. Om is the sound of the Ajna Center, Third Eye. Here is where the male & female energies meet. It is called the Soundless Sound,
or the Sound of the Universe.

The Ajna Center is the Seat of Mastery. The Ajna* Center is the Diamond Light of Direction.

Soul Invocation
I am the Soul. I am Light Divine (3). I am Love (2). I am Will (1)
I am Fixed & Perfect in my Design. I AM THE SOUL.

Happiness For All Mantram
May all beings everywhere be happy and free.
May all my thoughts, words and actions contribute in every way
to the happiness & joy of all beings at all times.

Mantra to Eliminate Obstacles
Salutations to the remover of obstacles.
These words, A sound formula assists us in the removal of hindrances, obstacles & limitations (physical, emotional, mental). One does not need to know the exact nature of the hindrances. Just the awareness and recognition that there are obstacles, hindrances & limitations and then saying the words (mantra) with the intention for resolve is enough. This mantra unifies us within. When there is oneness there are no obstacles.

Mantrams evoke (call in) the devas.
The devas rebuild the physical, emotional & mental body of each individual & they rebuild society in tune with the Law.
The Third Aspect of the Law.
Mantrams invoke the devas to help build the new.
In accordance with the Law (Ray 3).

The seed sound of the Ajna is HAM; the sound of the upward movement, so that the I AM might unite with THAT. Through meditation in the Ajna we lift ourselves above duality and thus find the unity and eternity of existence. Through the Ajna we invoke the “Light of the World” or the “Mother of the World”.
It is also the centre of the Sun in us.
We can vizualise how from this point the sunlight flows via the channels of the Nadis into all the six centres of the body and illumines the body.
When we are receptive to the light pouring in from the Ajna, the chakras (energy disks) in us blossom into lotuses.
It says that in the Ajna all the other centres are included and that like with electricity this centre is the main switch through which everything receives Light.

Ajna signifies the Divine Will. The Will of the soul therefore works through the Ajna centre.

Today….Under Aquarius Sun.
Moon is v/c today till 3:27 pm (west coast time).
Then the moon enters Cancer, a nurturing nourishing presence.

All of this today – under the Light of Aquarius.
Aquarius (in the new era/Age of Aquarius) is now the rising sign of the Earth. Thus Aquarius is the rising sign of everyone, no matter what our rising sign is in our charts.

The advent of the new era of Aquarius is creating the present changes and crisis in our world. Aquarius is like an eclipse. It changes everything and “eclipses” the previous Age (Pisces). What is Aquarius? What is the task of Aquarius?

“Aquarius is the Light that shines on Earth across the seas . The light that shines within the dark (ignorance, illusions, maya, glamours, cruelties, unkindness, etc.), cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark is gone.”

Aquarius is the training ground of the White Magicians.
Who bring love & wisdom which saves the world. Om.

The Great Invocation is the Great Mantram of Direction for Humanity.

Thursday, February 10, 2022- 9am

The weekly column for Night Light News is updated.
It’s about Valentine’s Day & the Lantern Festival, full moon time, ending Chinese New Year’s festivities.
Today, Thursday, our Reappearance Day.
Jupiter’s Day. Ray 2 Day – February 10, 2022.
It’s almost Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day will be under
an Aquarius Moon – interesting this year.
love, Risa
Image – Art below – Calligraphy of the Heart Sutra

Tuesday, February 8, 2022- 11am

A Study of Many Things Today.
Including Astrology – see charts below.
This is our Ashram, our College, our place of learning together.
And so, I asked readers to define the word “race.”
I received a small handful of different responses.
I will define race soon from the Esoteric standpoint.
I want to point out this important fact – Race is not a “social construct.” It is not part of Critical Race Theory (which is a destructive form of thinking).

The word “Race” is something entirely different altogether.
As this is our College – I want to give more time for readers to investigate what the word “race” means esoterically. And then someday – when we read the letter “R” in our Esoteric Glossary….I will define it.

This is our Astrological Ashramic College.
Astrology is an infallible sacred art & science.
What is fallible (mistaken) is the interpreter (astrologer).
Astrology is an infallible sacred science & art.
There is a complete science of astrology that remains secret.

And so…
Today – Taurus moon, Aquarius Sun.
Mars trine Uranus – thus the information offered below.
Uranian Aquarian information

Today is Tuesday, Mars day. Ray 6 day.
Ray 6 is the Ray of the Piscean Age.
Along with Ray 2. Ray 6 develops our desires which become aspirations, devotion, our vision, hopes & wishes.

Ray 6 developed all religions throughout time – each one a developmental stage for humanity.
Ray 6 is also faith – often disregarded as illusion. It’s important to have faith – it’s trust in things not yet seen. The F/Darkness stimulate fear within humanity. And then people lose their faith.

Fear, Faith – F words. F is the 6th letter in the alphabet.
Virgo is the 6th sign – Virgo & Neptune are Ray 6.
We think on these things.

Faith has something to do with manifesting the future.
“Faith is substance of things hoped for & not yet seen.”
Faith is important. It’s been villified & dismissed in our times.
Now it’s time to re educate ourselves about what faith is.
confidence is the outward expression of an inward faith.
Part of the mind principle.

Ray 6 can be the deepest devotion or the cruelest fanaticism.
We are in the Kali Yuga, when the dark forces are misusing Ray 6.
All things are under the lights of the Seven Rays.

Transiting South Node approaching our Asc.
Past gifts available to us to offer to humanity.

Charts Below
Following US chart – T Pluto in US 9th house on natal Pluto closer Y closer. T Saturn coming up to the US moon.
T North Node in the US 12th house – spiritual energy burning away the dross – Good to look at charts everyday.

Look at astrology charts every day –
Notice how fast personal planets move. Intuition comes forth from symbol gazing. In US chart T Pluto into natal Pluto strams into US saturn in Libra – Saturn is the Dweller, hindrances to overcome so when the Angel of the Presence appears, we are ready. Saturn in Libra – money, sex & the law, the three areas of concerns in our world today. Saturn in Libra -ruler is Venus. US Venus is at 2 Cancer conjunct Jupiter.

T Venus is in Capricorn retrograded in 8th house of debt & reorientation. pluto will aspect US Pluto 3 x this year. Good to look at, gaze, learn about the US chart & then turn to the world. Then there is understanding. All things that have been hidden will be revealed – sex, money & the breakdown of the law – humanity has to awaken to these things. Controlled by the dark forces.

Beings coming in a different levels of the chain of evolution.
We are speaking of 18 million years here….
The worldly ones, seekers, aspirants, seekers, chelas, disciplies, initiates. Following the paths – either of the world or of spirit. Humanity is at the midway point, at the heart – everything being balanced in the heart, moving with facility between heaven & matter. One at this point is the bridge – a movement from matter to spirit, settling in the midway point. We visualize the light of the Chakras….an upward moving light. This dispels the darkness. Mind & heart together are the equator.

As we study together, we stand with the Forces of Light. We gaze at the symbols – gazing at spiritual symbols opens their essence to us.

Ann Von Reitz last night – interesting conversation within the first hour. Talk about reincarnation, the Soul, light bodies, esotericism, etc.

Many are doing bridge work – exploring, breaking down the old structures, open to learn all that is new.
Everyone comes to the truth without force.
We don’t influence people. Be the truth & people are attracted by one’s magnetism. The truth has a magnetic field. We are to never push information – that then becomes a state of violence. We work without coercion. We need to reconstruct our educational system. Reconstruct our identity, & learn our true birth right. We can’t build off of fraud. We have to learn what the fraud is, from the beginning. Learn the mistakes. We can then redo the mistakes. As in America, within each sphere, what is my group – we can move forward with truth at the foundation. Without the truth, we only has a state of ashes in a cemetery of death. Learning what the legitimate government is. Learning what the evil is. When we don’t object to the evil, the evil carries on.

Faith – Ray 6, 6th plane of the emotional nature (on Constitution of Man). If we think about land law – it’s based on good faith agreements. Faith is important to the idea of Land Law. Approaching from the esoteric, then to Anna VR (index faith), reading & then making the bridge to the world. There is a big tie in between faith & Read Article 611 – Key information -about land law, natural law – the word faith is all thru it.
“Good faith agreements rely on our will & good intent to carry thru & do our agreements, service we agree to perform without fail. It implies faith that God will allow us to carry thru on our good intentions, subject to His Will. We can’t make good faith agreements to do things immoral or unlawful.” AVReitz

The energy of faith – why it is so important?
Before we anything we have to have faith in the Plan, faith in God.
This is what AVR is saying too. These are just words to many.
But it’s really the alchemical formuly – how to manifestt the Plan under the Law of Goodwill & Right Human Relations.

We decipher the alchemical keys & formulas.

Remove the veils covering our minds.
Helpers are here with us.
Allow the helpers to relate the truth to us.
The faith is that we have helpers who want to help us.
The symbols are also our helpers.
Gaze at symbols. Allow the teachings to penetrate, permeate.
The the essential seeds of Truth reveal themselves.
No matter what is occurring on our world stage now.
This is our struggle – to take back our own minds.
Using the imagination –
Spend time doing that…..
This is our creative gift….Risa

Gazing at the astrology symbols over time.
They help to make our mind/Mind principles Pure diamond Light.
Which reflects the Soul.
We then have a clearness of mind & within this clear mind we create our vision, the Plan, then the devas can work in cooperation with us in a clear light on the screen of the mind/Mind.
If the mind is contaminated with emotional vicissitudes…with worldly distractions, with untruths…then what is created is distorted. The F Darkness can implant their vision within us.
And great suffering results.

When we gaze at symbols, when we pray & meditate (focused mind on spiritual things, mantrams)….when we focus within the clear diamond light reflecting the Soul – that which is needed is manifested into our world.

We are re-ordering our minds. No more top down corporate thinking. part of the reorientation is reconstructing our mind, learning how to perceive the truth. The leader at the top is God. We must reorder the true government of the people. God at the top & His reflection, humanity. We are the bridge between the higher kingdoms & the lower kingdoms. The decentralizing pieces – We are to decentralize the centralized government.

Learning what is the real world, & the real government.
Learning to decipher the lies standing along with the truth.
Learning to recognize the two. Then making the choice.
Everything we are talking about has to do with our Freedom.
Esoterically we can see the function of the true president (T).
They give us hope, faith, they call the energy of the people to stand with them….when the people are strong enough, they (leaders) withdraws – & the people take over. Out of the Ray 6 of hope, desire, aspiration, dreams, etc., the people, different factions of humanity become ready to be warriors again. Risa

Three charts below.
1. Today
2. USA – not Pluto/Pluto. – note outer wheel are transits (in the sky planets)
3. Group Chart (who we are here). Outer wheel is our transits.

Monday, February 7, 2022- 9am

Information we all need to know.
Read ALL my comments below.
Humanity needs real education. Humanity needs to be
retrained – from entrainement of falsehoods to the Truth of Liberation. The Task of the NGWS.

A new week – Monday, February 7, 2022.
Taurus moon – comfort, ease, illumination. Vulcan, Venus.
Aquarius Sun – the light that shines on earth across the seas. Cleansing with its healing rays all that must be purified until the dark is gone. The darkness of ignorance, of entrainment.
The darkness of the Kali Yuga.

The words below are part of the Formulas for Initiation.
Humanity is in the first Initiation at this time.
The Initiation of Reorientation (crisis) & of recognizing the Soul.
And recognizing our true identity.
This is the formula for freedom.

Lead us O Lord. From darkness to Light.
From the unknown to the Known.
From the unreal to the real.
From death to immortality.
From chaos to Beauty.
(DINA 2, Formulas for Initiation)….Risa

Comments –
“Aquarius is the Light that shines on Earth across the seas. The light that shines within the dark (ignorance, illusions, maya, glamours, cruelties, unkindness, etc.), cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark is gone.”
In our present times – in this darkness.
Feeling the abyss.
The chance to reach the entrained is getting smaller & smaller.
When we tell the truth, they cite more entrained false facts.
The entrained cannot hear, listen, understand.
The shot is a poison, an infection within the body that affects the DNA, the mitochondria.
People don’t want to hear anything more.
The truth seekers feel like their hands are tied, mouth sealed.
The entrained say – we have to agree to disagree!
Like an echo chamber of entrainment.
It’s not going to get better.
Tragedy. People are dying. How about is the entrained look at those who are dying?
Piercing the heavy blinders.
How bad is my batch, my lot number?
Let’s see adverse events connected with those.
But no….they can’t do that either.
People are trying to research what to do for those who get the Vx.
The terrible situation is when the babies get the Vx.
They are beginning to Vx 3-month olds, now & up.
Can’t get thru to the entrained.
There is no peace, no coming to peace.
It’s not about agreeing to disagree.
Let pain bring due reward!
How many lifetimes will this take.
People’s VX cards on their websites – so proud of it.
Vx are being pushed because in order to get liability free.
Certificate of VX certification – in order to get Big Pharma liability free…
It has to be from childhood on.
Get adults on board. Then get to the children.
Get on childhood schedule, begin with babies.
Then they can finish their trials.
Then under 1986 act….then free of liability – cannot be sued.
CDC changing guidelines = they want people to have 3 doses w/in 3 months, then another within the next 3 months. Escalating time between doses. Know this is poison. (more when there is more). Risa

Also – New platform – Truth Social. We want to be part of it. Should be out around Feb. 21st – T. Pluto on the US Pluto. Looking into this. love, Risa

Sunday, February 6, 2022- 9am

Adama – Bread & Community.
Building community around the making & baking of bread.
Adama – Hebrew – ground, earth, being human.
The ADAMÂ Foundation is dedicated to baking bread and building community in refugee camps and other places of need around the world.

Humanity is experiencing the 1st Initiation – the Bethlehem (House of Bread) Initiation –
And so….Something to read today on our day of rest.
Bread & Community –
Adama – building community around the baking of bread.

I will be donating to Adama. Thinking about the families in refugee camps. Learning how to make & bake bread. Making bread was something my mother taught me. I still do it today.
Baking bread once or twice a week. Giving it away to those in need.

The name Adama is Hebrew for ‘earth’, the essential element of farming. Our strong connection to the land, commitment to agriculture & a down to earth, practical approach and culture.
From the earth comes the wheat & grain to make the bread, the staff of life for many in our world. The Bread of Life.

Today is Sunday, February 7, 2022.
A day of rest before the new week begins.
Resting on the first day of the new week.
A way of preparation for what’s to come.
moon v/c today – till 3:00 pm (west coast time).
Then Taurus moon – stabilizing, creative, the Art of Living.

Baking bread today – sweet potato pecan bread.
Bread for the Ashram. love, Risa

Saturday, February 5, 2022- 9am

News & Notes today from the Front Lines.
Education today. Saturn’s day. Leaning more. today.
But first –
Joy – We need to cultivate Joy (Ray 2) in our lives during these Kali Yuga times. The Kali Yuga era contains ¾ darkness, ¼ light.
We are furthest away from our origins, from heaven, from the Light. And so we are called to not get lost in the darkness.
Reciting our Kali Yuga Manta (at the end of this post).
Joy – it is a choice, & it comes from being creative, thinking creatively.

In the midst of the darkness of the Kali Yuga, what brings us Joy?
And how do we meet the needs of the day?

CAFitts – researched (at a very difficult time) – what helps one survive the dark forces & resultant suffering? She found that Joy was the answer.
Joy is the heart of Aquarius.

Today – Saturday – Saturn’s day. Ray 3 (Intelligence) day.
February 5, 2022 – The Teacher (Saturn) teaching us today.
About the F/Materialism – attempting to overwhelm us & have humanity in despair.
The antidote is Joy & creating community (Aquarian principles)

Reading & listening
Have you heard of the Washington State students refusing to maintain the mandates? More will follow.

And so, today –
Education – the NGWS are to educate humanity.
Most of the intellectuals are lost. Especially in the universities & colleges.
Two resources to read today under Saturn, the Teacher.

For both the awakened & the unawakened.
Good especially for the unawakened. An Introduction.
15-20 minutes. Stresses the plan of the Dark Forces moving forward.
Disciples standing with the F/Light withstanding the darkness.
Don’t be distracted with untruths & with legislation of control.
Know the following.

Universities Fallen to the Dark Forces.
What are they?
What has happened to our universities & colleges?

Disaster Preparations
Update disaster prep lists Be smart about it.
Prioritize needs. Think about barter.
Ask what do I/we need? Then what extra things should I get now.
When we can still buy things, to trade later with people.
Instead of getting rid of things – do it smartly.
Think about if others can use them. Ask if friends & acquaintances can use them.
Beans (any type) for example are a perfect bartering something.
And rice, too.

View one’s possessions as useful not just for self but for others, too. Be a smart prepper – Think bartering.
Currency situation is pending. We don’t know what that means.
We are forerunners. We’ve mentioned this for so many years….we
May be ignoring the present signs. Think about how to be efficient. Assess what’s valuable. Assess what’s needed. Assess what can be Shared, bartered, given away. Assess what needs to be kept. We are pioneers. We have been preparing for this time for 20 years.

Our next phase. Transiting (in the sky) Pluto on the US Pluto.
Complete transformation of the United States as we have known it.
Venus moving direct now. Lookng at our resources.
Protecting them.

Next phase coming to light, or people awakening to is the money situation.
Or no money. We don’t know.
Concerned – we have to be ready for possible great shifts in money situation.
What may look like hoarders – really, a lot of what we have we may be able to barter.
What can you barter with?
Sense moving into deeper having less than we are used to.

The money system may begin to shift.
We may not see this yet.
But it’s almost at our doorsteps.

Take one step at a time.
Complete one level, go to the next.
One stage at time.
Canary in the coal mine begins to tweet out….
Be aware. Beware. Be aware.

Part of humanity’s 1st Initiation is the creation of the new world.
The New Aquarian Era. We are assisted in this creation by the new Aquarian Laws & Principles. Do we know them yet?
As the old systems deterioriate & fall away….we are to be in the acts of creation.
The Dark Forces only know the old system.
Humanity is to walk away from the old systems, & create the new systems.

There won’t be a new system magically prepared or given to us.
We are the creators of that system.
We are in transition now – time of chaos. Which is also a time of opportunity.
And a time of choice. We stand in between two AGES –
Between Pisces & Aquarius –
As the old falls away humanity is called to create the new reality.
And to begin now – because all that we are used to may soon no longer be available.
Aquarius energy is fast energy. Ruled by Uranus – change happening in a blink of an eye.

Think medical cabinet supplies.
Have Artemisia on hand – good for long C-V-D – it’s anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial. I encourage people to research artemisinin. As it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic & has anti-cancer properties. Research & determine if it is appropriate to have in your medical emergency kit.

Also, have a year’s supply of NAC…zinc, Vit C. C. Ivermectin too.
Get emergency medical supplies in order. Include homeopaths.
We must begin to be responsible for our own health, our own supplies, our own food, our own needs.
If using supplies on other people, replace them.

Refrain from using Go Fund Me.
They have confiscated all the money given for the truckers, tens of millions of dollars.
And will distribute it to whatever they deem as their choices.
It is a stealing of money.
Be careful from now on whom to participate with.
Research who supports what.
Perceive who is safe to interact with.
Who supports humanity’s freedoms.
Careful everyone.
The dark lights clothe themselves in a false cold light.
And those who are unawakened can be confused.
Update today – after a massive public outcry……Go Fund Me relented, reversed their actions. Sent money back to all who gave to truckers. Good choice Go Fund Me. No more karma. Risa

Our daily Mantra
Lead us O Lord from darkness to Light.
From the unknown to the Known.
From the unreal to the Real.
From death to immortality. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Friday, February 4, 2022- 2pm

F is for Freedom.
And for Friday, too. Friday is Venus’s day – Ray 5 day.
The Ray of Aquarius & of Sagittarius.
The color is golden orange.
Aries moon today – Initiating all that we need for freedom.
News & notes today –
1. First, we are having Geomagnetic storms from the Sun.
Everyone’s emotional field is high.
Last two/three days have been difficult.
Now we are in the red…..We are in a storm –
Take Rescue Remedy when needed.
2. People rising up.
How do we get tyrants to stop the crazy health orders?
We don’t.
However, there are a Variety of approaches occurring.
Things Can get confusing quickly.
Need background to understand & operate on the different levels.
Some Folks trying to go after bonds –
However, Everyone’s at their own level of understanding.
Many different levels of knowledge & responses.
Citizens battling against the mandates.
Against the enemy.
People not complying.
Some doing home schooling. Some not.
Different methods.
Some are new to this. Some developing evidence for lawsuits
Lawyers involved.
Going after bonds, In different states it’s different rules.
Different states set up different states.
Some states don’t have bonds.
Then going after similar idea – serve officials notices, ask government claim forms, take meticulous notes on children denied school, sports, etc.
Some people are exiting the citizenry.
Not going to throw federal codes to administrators who
Are “just following orders”. Not know what they are doing
or the harm they are creating.
“Just following orders.”
Who’s orders are those we ask?
Some meeting w/ Superintendent of SC Public Schools.
A mother who is an upstanding citizen arranged this.
What will it get us?
For those stepping out of the system….
Asking where is our place.
So far down the path at this point.
Battling for 15 years, trying to live in the cracks, the in between places. No more of doing that either anymore.
Feeling hunted. Still hunted.
Many people still believe in the system.
But they don’t see what’s behind the system
11.7 million dollars given to school districts to install mandates in the public schools.
Enforcing masking, VXing, instructions (to enslave the children)
Schools in CA are bribed.
Health & logic do not matter anymore.
Don’t bother. They can’t hear. Paid to not know or hear.
That is not their (officials) purpose.
It’s control of the masses, the children.
When will more see it’s doesn’t matter.
Serving legal papers means nothing.
Millions of codes. It’s meaningless.
Nothing legal works anymore. What do we work with?
Standing with what Lawful instead.
Exiting the regular citizenry.
When in this place one is trying to figure out where
one fits in when exiting citizenry.
Each approach to resisting/changing the enemy wants to recruit.
But they don’t know what’s behind the mandates, laws, Vx, & lockdowns, etc.
Things are getting really confusing.
The Truckers. Good.
Denver reverses mandates.
Etc. etc. things in different places trying to resist.
Walk away instead.
Create the new. Don’t work in the system anymore.
It no longer exisits. See this.
How many false flags are happening?
This is a world war that won’t magically disappear.
Something bigger is happening….
Something is behind these “revolutiond” that the people need to
recognize & understand.
Big picture –
The existing institutions are supposed to come down.
The old ways no longer exist.
Don’t try to uphold them.
They are shadows now.
Walk away.
We can’t fight the old existing structures.
They have to come down.
Build the new now.
Whatever groups are building the new (Bucky Fuller = don’t resist the old, build the new), that is where we need to stand. Together.
Walking Away. Stepping out the fray.
Into the field of new creations.
At this point hard to know who’s on what side.
At this point we don’t care.
Why? We are creating the new world.
Without the benefit of the old world.
On mainstream media – parents coming on – saying forget school boards. Forget the schools.
Walk away (from everything institutional).
Walk away from the school boards, the schools, the local governments, the mandates, the laws. Walk away. The old realities no longer have life. Walk away.
There is no appealing to the hearts of officials.
They are “lizards”. They have no heart.
Build the new. Change one’s status. Stand with the Nationals.
Don’t be distracted. Maintain focus.
Tricky – we look for belonging. Instinctual need.
Create a group to belong to.
Hanging w/ Nationals – not lots of parents.
They too have different reality. They are the ones with time to rebuild the original government.
But they aren’t living the battle parents have.
They say why are your kids in school? Easy for them to ask. A single working mother- what do we do with our children.
Battling the system – Kennedy, Hildebrand, etc.
Lobbying legislature but this isn’t really working.
This is working with the source of the evil.
But we don’t work with the evil.
We know of it. We walk away from it.
Building the new in the Light.
Standing in a unique position.
Only a few standing in this unusual place.
Standing in a new place.
Seeking where is my group.
You are the group, you are the new. You are here.
There is a need for parents to enter into understanding the work & words of Anna Van Reitz thru Their children’s needs.
Children – realizing – America as it stands now is a corporation & a state that owns our children.
If there is basic information – working with parents so they can get the deeper picture. The deeper core of the situation. THis is what’s needed. Educators.
There are still “believers” that we have rights, that this will all go away, that if we use logic & someday it will get lifted.
They don’t see the war.
Having to accept people where they are.
Most people aren’t educated about the real situation.
The core of evil.
The Nationals are having a benefit on Saturday.
Signing paperwork this weekend.
After the retrogrades. More when there is more…
The People are Rising. Walking towards Aquarius.
Sign of Freedom & sign of humanity.
F is for Freedom. Risa

Thursday, February 3, 2022- 9am

Thursday, February 3, 2022.
Mercury stations direct (8:13pm west coast time) tonight,
at 24 degrees Capricorn.
Night LIght News is updated with the Chinese New Year.

Thursday – Our Reappearance meditation day,
Jupiter’s day, Ray 2 day of Love/Wisdom.
We know that during 2025 there will be a great Concave among the Christ (Maitreya) & the Hierarchy & the Lord of the World to discuss how prepared humanity is for the World Teacher’s Reappearance & when the Reappearance might begin to precipitate. Until then disciples and the NGWS continue to prepare the Way….each Thursday, our Reappearance Meditation which creates a new rhythms of preparation & expectancy on the Earth.

Today – our Thursday rhythms.
Night Light News is updated –
And we recite the Reappearance Mantram with the Christ.
Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Joining the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis…

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare men’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Under the Sun & with the Christ, we stand with our hearts wide open.
The 12 petals of the heart unfolding.
We stand with the Christ in the Ashram.
Unfolding in time & space, we become the Lotus.
Everything occurs through time in nature.
We live in the Lotus of time. Unfolding.

Reappearance of the Christ

“Whenever withering of law, uprising of lawlessness, on all sides.
I Manifest myself
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil,
for the firm establishing of the Law.
I come that humanity may have life.
I come with a sword.”

Bhagavad Gita Book 4 Sutra 7,8

“Fiat of the Lord has gone forth:
Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity.
That demand is rising & mounting every day
And in such an hour, as you think not,
He will come.”

Reappearance of the Christ, Vol 1.
Doctrine of Coming One.
For decades anticipated by the faithful.
The return of Krishna, of Christ (world Teachers).
In Esoteric studies, the Christ principle is an office within the Hierarchy.
The Christ is a Great Being from Sirius, Ray 2.
Lord Maitreya is His other name.
The name of His Reappearance, beginning in 2025.

Maitreya, the Christ, is assisted by the Hierarchy – the Ascended Masters of Wisdom
When men feel exhausted seeking resources & the innate possibilities & problems are beyond handling, they look for a Divine Intermediary, pleading their cause to God to be their Savior.

Christ is the Mediator. The Savior.
He said long ago, & now, too….
“I have come that they may have life.”
We stand with the Christ today. Our swords in hand.
With the Forces of Light. Preparing….love, Risa

Wednesday, February 2, 2022- 9am

Chinese Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger.
For two weeks – ending February 16th at the Lantern Festival full moon festival – 28 degrees Aquarius.
Today is Mercury’s day – February 2, 2022.

The Question:
What is the esoteric definition of race?
Since “race” is an issue & in the recent drama of denial on the View about race….what do Disciples know race is? I have mentions this before – saying what the word race means esoterically & also the words we can use to further define the idea of race. I look forward to everyone’s answers.

And so today – February 2nd, Mercury’s day (Ray 4 day).
Clarifying chaos with truth & harmony day.
A perfect day to ask what the word race is & means?
Amidst the distortions offered by the Forces of Darkness.
Which are attempting to destroy our country, the people, the children, our freedom, our language, our education, our bodies, our minds, our lives. Disciples know the truth, stand in the truth with a flaming sword. Standing with the Forces of Light.

And so today again – several families of deer run by into the woods, a woodpecker pecks at the elderberry tree, a red cardinal on a branch, an icy wind slices through the air. It’s winter.

It’s Groundhog Day. St. Brigit’s Celtic Festival Day. It’s Candlemas. This is our cross quarter day – between winter & spring in the northern latitudes. Between summer & winter in the southern latitudes.

Mercury is slowing way down in its movements, stationing direct tomorrow night (8:13pm west coast time) at 24 degrees Capricorn. It’s important when given information about the retrogrades to apply the information in our daily lives. Otherwise we live, see through a “glass darkly.” Life is lived via opinions instead of reality & truth.

Time unfolds time. Life creates life.
Lock & key adjustments. Lock is mind, key is discipleship.
As the key is used, the lock opens, the space within, Divinity is realized. A smooth touch of self existence is experienced. We draw into our heart center, from outer to inner. Outer is horizontal movement. Inner is vertical movement. They meet together at the center of the Cross. From the heart to subtler planes. The minds stands in the Buddhic plane, intuition. This is the Rain Cloud of KNowable Things. Time unfolds. The subtle life creates the physical body. We are golden. We are diamond, when we are absorbed the the Soul. Lock/key adjustment. Horizontal meets verticals. Time unfolds time. Life creates life.

Festivals today –
February has a rhythm of festivals, all with the purpose of uplifting humanity from the darkness of winter, to the hope of Spring.
February 1 & 2 (Thursday & Friday) are St. Brigid’s Days. We bake multi-grain breads, weave crosses out of wheat or oat stalks. The crosses, hung in our homes, protect from fires and lightening. We make corn dollies from dried (soaked in water) corn sheaves, offering the dollies as gifts.

Friday is Groundhog Day (does the groundhog return to his burrow or remain above ground to see his “shadow” [reminding me of the book “The Shadow of the Object” by Christopher Bollas, an object relations therapist and author, the shadow being significant memories of (the object, mother, father, etc. in our) earliest relationships and their influence in present time).

Friday is also Candlemas Day, significant astronomically and religiously. Candlemas (cross-quarter day) marks the moment in time (day) between winter solstice and spring equinox. Like a spring festival of preparation, we turn over the soil and prepare it bio-dynamically. We sort seeds, bless their life-force, securing our future food supply. The Light is returning. We feel hope. It is also called Imbolc (Celtic festival).

In the Catholic Church, Candlemas, 40 days after Christmas, marks the end of Epiphany. On this day, the holy child and Mary are presented in the Temple. Mary is bathed (Mary was purified in a ritual – a mikvah – bath of sea-salt water) and the holy child (Jesus) is recognized as the promised and long awaited one – the “Light of the world.” We, too, bathe ourselves in salt and sea water. And become the “Light of the world” for thirsty humanity (Aquarian task).

Candlemas is a fire festival, acknowledging the Sun’s rising light creating the rising of the sap (fires) in the plant kingdom. In the Catholic, beeswax candles are blessed, to be used throughout the year for light & protection. These rituals anchor into our thoughts and world the “Light of Life itself”. Rituals connect us to Earth and to the Heavens. We come into balance on cross-quarter days.
We prepare now because we have gained true knowledge.
Making sweet potato pecan bread today in the Ashram. love Risa

Tuesday, February 1, 2022- 9am

Click Here to Listen to today’s New Moon meditation: 


First day of February, 2022.
Note – Recording of the Aquarius new moon meditation is on our website, Night Light News, under Daily Studies.
The Aquarius Labour of Hercules – 11th Gate Opens.
Under the Aquarius Laws & Principles governing the new era.

Aquarius Waters of Life….
Today – Aquarius New Moon (Cleansing the Stables)
& Chinese Lunar New Year –

Today, Tuesday, is the first day of February 2022.
The day is v/c till after midnight tomorrow morning.
When the moon enters Pisces (3:00am, Feb. 2, west coast time)
The day today in the v/c, nature seems still & quiet.
We are to be that, too.

As our midnight Aquarius new moon (24 Capricorn) began this morning – Tuesday (Mars day – desire, aspiration, testing, etc.,) the Chinese lunar new year begins –
Two weeks of festivities, ending at the full moon Lantern Festival.

It is the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger.
NLN will be updated tomorrow – all about the lunar new year.

New Moon/Saturn & US Chart
Saturn (15 degrees) joined the new moon (12 degrees Aquarius) this morning in the sky.
Sun, Moon & Saturn = all three poised at the midheaven of the United States. Illuminating the past, providing the structure & direction for the new era (Aquarius) to unfold. Calling humanity!

Tomorrow’s festivals (Wednesday) – Candlemas (beeswax candles blessed for the yearO, St. Brigit’s (oat cakes baked) & Groundhog day.
It’s our cross quarter day – halfway to spring. We have visions of what to plant for our spring garden.

Thursday – Mercury stations direct at 24 Capricorn. A very responsible Mercury – communication is tinged with the voice of Saturn – structure, disciple, limits, boundaries. What communication needs these days.

Aquarius Labour
The Aquarian Labour of Hercules, 11th Gate Opens.
New Moon in Aquarius, February 1, 2022

In this labour, Hercules sounds the keynote – humanity as the World Server – this is the hallmark of the disciple in the Aquarian Age.
We live in a time when the issue of poison, manipulation and corruption are everywhere. The poison & corruption that Hercules is asked to clear up is materialistic desires & greed, the Forces of Darkness, that have caused the poisoning & manipulation of humanity.

King Augeas symbolizes the individual’s lower self or personality desires that must learn to be controlled. Without the control & direction of the Soul the personality runs rampant instead, misusing resources and endangering others.

When the lighted energies of the Soul begin it’s transmuting of the personality, providing direction & discipline, at first the personality balks at the prospect of losing control over its little dominion and has little time for serving others.

The soul prevails, however, and through its love & care & constancy & patience with the personality, being to directs the personality with its great purifying waters of life, The Soul is light, love & will & it pours its love into the world of the personality, breaking down all separative barriers and establishing the spirit of Goodwill, Right Relations, inclusiveness and group awareness.

This implies an ability to work in union with others towards a shared purpose, using the transformed personality for the correct direction of forces.

Thus, the disciple becomes a world server, helping to clean out the accumulated waste of materialism and to enter a better age of simpler, purer and, most importantly, inclusive living.

Keynote of Aquarius:
Personality Aspect: Let desire in form be the rule.
Soul Aspect: Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty men.

Laws & Principles of the Aquarian Age
The Aquarian Age – the age we have been entering since the Renaissance when Rays 3, 5, 7 began to manifest.

Laws & Principles
Note that Laws emanate from Principles.

From the Principle of…emanates the Law of…

Goodwill – Right Human Relations
Unanimity – Group Endeavor
Essential Divinity – Spiritual Approach

Monday, January 31, 2022- 10am

Monday, January 31st, a new week ahead. New moon in Aquarius, Chinese New Year, Candlemas, St. Brigit’s Day, Cross Quarter Day, Mercury stations direct! A busy week ahead! Today – Aquarius moon. At midnight – New Moon in Aquarius, 12 degrees.
Reading the Labours of Hercules today, the Aquarian Labour, the 11th Gate.
The highest human creative capacity is the ability to use our visualization, our creative imagination to envision and build a better civilization, the new era of Aquarius. Initiates and disciples have common sense. They are practical.

Labours of Hercules, Aquarius – Cleansing the Stables.
Seeing the poisons in our world destroying humanity, disciples & Initiates ponder upon how to cleanse & clear the world. Using our creative imaginations we are able to redirect humanity towards the truth. Aquarius is the “waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity.” The 11th Labour of Aquarius is to be applied to our world today.

Everything unfolds from within.
The Earth unfold like lotus with seven petals.
Ideals unfold into thoughts, then into actions.
Unfoldment of space. From heaven to earth.
This happens in time.

We have a geomagnetic storm.
Coronal mass ejection left Sun yesterday.
Arrival is Feb. 2nd
It’s on
Those who are sensitive can feel these things.
The animals too often get upset.
A sunspot today = 40% chance of an M-flare.
Intense energies falling to earth.
I get stomach aches & headaches.
Following these events for 20 years.
Some people get headaches.
Whatever one’s vulnerability, vulnerability is increased.
Pain is increased.

Reading the Aquarian Labour –

Sunday, January 30, 2022- 10am

Aquarius – waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity.
Aquarius – “the light that shines on Earth across the seas – the light that shines within the dark, cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark is gone.”
Sunday, day of rest, reading, preparing for Monday/Tuesday’s new moon in Aquarius.
January 30, 2022 –
Aquarius – 11th sign, 11th Labour of Hercules.
Cleansing the stables, redirecting the rivers of Life & Love.
Cleaning the towns & cities, the minds of humanity from the poisons of manipulation & control by the Forces of Darkness.
Cleansing the Augean stables….

Working with the Blue Lodge on Sirius….& the books of the Tibetan are the “blue books”. The sky is blue. Rays 2 & 6 are blue. In Esoteric Healing, blue has to do with our etheric field, the 4th love, the prana, the life force, working with the blue/violet devas. Before the Christ can reappear, humanity must begin to cooperate with the parallel evolution, the Devas, the form builders. We must work with the Devas before the Christ can return. Findhorn (community in N. Scotland) was originally created for this purpose. We study the colors of blue. love, Risa

Saturday, January 29, 2022- 9am

We are in the 11th Labour of Hercules.
Christ – Pisces. Buddha – Taurus. Hercules – Scorpio.
South Node in Scorpio for the next 18 months.
Humanity the Scorpio Disciples, we will be going thru labors & tests for the next 18 months.
What is the 11th Labour of Hercules.
Hercules was a warrior. We are to be warrior now too.

Saturday, Saturn’s day, January 29, 2021.Around midnight last night, Venus stationed direct in the heavens at 11 degrees Capricorn. Soon after the moon enters Capricorn too. Moon today in CApricorn joins Mars, Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus & Venus (later tonight). The moon is busy today on this Saturn, Ray 3 day.
Venus remains stationary for about 3 days before slowly moving forward. And Venus remains in her retrograde shadow until the first week of March. Careful with resources & money. We continue to review our values as they shift & change with the times & the needs of the times.

Mercury remains retrograde will February 3rd – stationing at 24 Capricorn – So much Capricorn energy these days – sign of the mountaintop experience, sign of the unicorn & the signature of God.

We have a busy week next week.
Tomorrow – Sunday – Sun Uranus – which begins a new week.

Monday/Tuesday – midnight is Aquarius new moon, 12 degrees Aquarius.

Tuesday begins the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger.

Wednesday is St. Brigit’s Day, Candlemas, Groundhog Day, cross quarter day & the day in between winter & spring. Winter is half over here in the northern latitudes.

Thursday – in the evening, 8:13pm (west coast), Mercury stations direct. Yet in its retrograde shadow till the 24th of February.

We are in the 11th Labour of Hercules in our country & our world.
Cleansing the “stables” of King Augeas as a pestilence & poison was (is not) sweeping through the country, thru the land, wreaking havoc with human lives. Hercules (world disciple, humanity is the World Disciple, humanity is Hercules, the Scorpio warrior). There is no more time for explanations. No more time for contemplation. No more time for seeking peace. We are now in a War, a war on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels of humanity. Humanity must now enter into intelligences, become the true Thinker (Aryan means the “thinker”), become the intelligence Disciple, sword in hand to “cleanse the land” of poisons & pestilence. A blight happening upon the people.

We read the Labours of Hercules, Labour 11 today, tomorrow, Monday & Tuesday, to prepare for the new moon of Aquarius.
Then we are fully prepared to understand our present times & our tasks to be done.

“We know O Lords of Love & LIfe about the needs of the world, our country, our people, our children. Touch our hearts with Love, with all that is needed, so we may do our Work in the World as needed. Om”

Ponderings, News & Notes
Epiphany – sitting at a high school – where children are told they must be online if not Vxed – turning in books. No conversation about what’s happening. Secretaries just “doing their jobs.” While waiting, looked at the chemistry book, copper cycle experiment. Figured it out in the middle ages. If add acids to copper, changes into a blue liquid, a gas comes off of it, then add zinc & it turns back into copper – demonstrating chemical reactions. Thinking about these things. On the side of the page was a picture of an octopus – they have blue/green blood linked to copper – helosiamin (humans are linked to iron), Octopus attached to cooper (can look blur or green). Copper’s patina is blue/green. Then thought about Something AVR said – we used to be “blue blooded.” Patriarchs lived to be 800 or more years old. Noah lived to be 800 years old. His son’s 900 years old. Krishna & teachers depicted as blue. Our blood had a different molecule not linked to iron, a different composition. Our bodies then operated to live that long. This is an interesting situation looking at octopus w/ bluegreen blood. Was our blood changed? Which then our blood was linked to iron? Then we lived less years? Now our blood is being contaminated (graphene oxide, Vxed, etc.) by the VX & our children will love less than 50 years. Is this the direction humanity is going, life span changing? I wonder how long octopi live? They are so mysterious. IN captivity? Their mind is in every cell. Their sense organs are different? They change themselves, their texture, color, etc. in a second. Octopus blue green blood is this a clue to being Godlike? These are things to think about….this is fascinating, don’t you think? Copper. What is copper? This all has to do with immortality. It has to do with Venus & the Ank. Venus rules copper. VENUS RULES COPPER!. The creative hierarchies – Capricorn hierarchy – Saturn, Saturn, Venus (three rulers), Dweller (Saturn) meeting the Angel (Venus). The higher Venus is the 3rd Initiation where Saturn no longer controls one’s life. Venus steps in. The higher aspect of Capricorn (Rays 1, 3, 7), transmutation alchemically where there is a change into immortality because Venus is ruling. Venus has to do with the etheric & it has everything to do with the blood. We are at this state now – standing with Saturn (limitation) or Venus (unity). Thee is a change at the 3rd Initiation – Alchemically things happen at this point. There is an increase of the Life Principles, & the Devas shift & change into crystal light. Working with the Angel of the Presence, the Solar Angel of Return. The F/Materialism are keeping up limited (Saturn). Disciples are working with the Light, with Venus, which then leads to immortality. Venus rules copper. Venus is the elder sister of the Earth. Copper works with zinc. There has to be a balance with copper & zinc for cells to work correctly. The Vx is poisoning the blood now…For which we are to aware & to understand. All about copper –

The colors of the Rays are important to know via the Rays & the sign & the planets. We color our charts w/ the Ray colors.

The Blue Lodge on Sirius….& the books of the Tibetan are the “blue books”. The sky is blue. Rays 2 & 6 are blue. In Esoteric Healing, blue has to do with our etheric field, the 4th love, the prank, the life force, working with the blue/violet devas. Before the Christ can reappear, humanity must begin to cooperate with the parallel evolution, the Devas, the form builders. We must work with the Devas before the Christ can return. Findhorn was creates for this purpose originally. We study the color blue.

Technocrats seeking immortality via AI, thru their technology. Thru blood too. They will fail. Risa

Friday, January 28, 2022- 11am

We Can Create Life Without War (Corita)
Venus retrograde w/ Mercury retrograde.
Last days of January, 2022.
Friday, Venus’s day, Ray 5 day. – Concrete Science & Knowledge Day. Sun/Chiron (Aquarius/Aries) today.

Mercury joins Pluto today.
Mercury/Pluto –
Words spoken in the retrogrades.
Rest assured, those speaking are NOT being transparent.
No matter what they are saying.
Trying to scare us.

Ukraine cannot join NATO – NATO doesn’t want the Ukraine to join.

Venus Stations
Tonight around midnight, Venus stations (is still in the sky).
Before, after 3 days, Venus begins slowly to move forward.
Venus at 24 Capricorn.

Everything in the news is dis-information. The reasons for what is occurring is not the true reason behind world events.
There is always in the Kali Yuga a false hidden agenda.

War talk In retrogrades.
Two retrogrades at once can be challenging & difficult.
Venus retrograde can be a time when wars begin.
That time is now. We hear it in the news from morning to night.
The fast prez warns us, Defense Secretary warning us. Revving up people so we can accept war. Gen. Flynn warns us this is a false flag (meaning it’s being done on purpose as a form of further destruction upon the US land, people.

A war w/ Russia will place us in the line of a nuclear war. And should we survive, further debt & bankruptsy for the US. The false prez & his cohorts work with the CCP – watching in the background waiting to be handed the US.
News these days is all about war w/ Russia, to defend the Ukraine. A false premise. It’s so the globalists can put money in their coffers. War is always about making money. The Dark Hats want a war, a physical war. But there is NO reason for the US to enter into a war w/ Russia. It’s a ploy & a false agenda. War w/ Russia will further destroy the United States. Soon, the US will have a Pluto transit – In the sky Pluto on the US natal Pluto (Ray 1). The F/Darkness mis use the transits to bring about destruction that is not in the welfare of humanity.

France, Germany, Russia & Ukraine – will meet in Berlin in two weeks.
No military invasion of Ukraine should occur.
Russia knows the US is weak especially after Afghanistan.
Pursue further communication.
There is a territorial integrity of the Ukraine.
We must hold all countries accountable to hold up their agreements. Putin respects the will of his opponents & European allies must do their part – step up & defend/protect Ukraine.
It is not the task of the US to do this.
They are creating false tension & a false flag.

Deep State wants this war.
Provocations are created.
Deep State is/are the Dark Hats.
Gen. Milley is a Dark Hat. Sec. of State, Austin, is a Dark Hat.
False prez & his entire staff are Dark Hats, run by globalists, supported financially by S-r-s….supported by the CCParty standing by.

Question: Why are we giving millions of dollars, arms ammunition, etc. to the Ukraine? Shipment after shipment. Physical war is primitive now.

Didn’t the true prez want to take the US out of NATO, saying the European Union must begin to begin to do it’s part – be more responsive & effective & the world should not depend only on the United States? The other NATO members must begin to do their part.

War is not inevitable. But it’s being pushed forward by the globalists, the Dark Hats, the CCP, & the Dark Forces. They make money on war.

Understanding Venus & Mercury retrograde.
Mis information, false premises, false agendas from the false government.

See US Chart Below w/ Transits.
Find Pluto on both wheels.
The US first Transit of Pluto (destruction, transformation, new creation, death & livingness) in the sky on the natal (birth) US Pluto – Feb. 21/22nd (in Pisces).
Things may heat up in the US from now till then.
Note there is so much mis information (mass media, alternative media too) in the “news”.
It’s almost too difficult to listen/watch for long.

Our Tasks
We have to have our own sense of self/Self as the “war” on our minds (skewed information) continues.
Do other things instead of watching/listening to the news.
Know we may be shocked in the times to come as to what is revealed.

We are to….
….remain in the present, be creative., seek & find ind like-minded people. Build community wherever we are. Be cooperative & patient. And build together the new culture & civilization. As we see the old Dark Hats try to manipulate the world. We understand what they are doing. We recognize them. We turn away & build the new under the stars of Aquarius.

We can create life w/out war…(Corita) Risa


Thursday, January 27, 2022- 9am

We Are All Aquarians now.
Reappearance Meditation Day.
Thursday, January 27, 2022 – Jupiter’s day (Ray 2, Love/Wisdom)
Goodwill –
Night Light News is updated. It’s beautiful. The graphics are beautiful. And it’s about the North & South Nodes – part 2.

Reappearance Meditation
A Great One in his speech referred to Goodwill.
“People of Goodwill can come together to make things better.”
These are good words.
The NGWS heard them, understood what he meant esoterically.

The NGWS are aware of how Goodwill is created in humanity.
We align with the Will-to-Good (Ray1 into Ray 2).
And radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity.
And then the Will-to-Good becomes Goodwill in humanity.
Right Relations & the Peace & Beauty humanity seeks.
Understanding this “precipitation”

Today – our Thursday rhythms.
Night Light News is updated –
It’s about the Nodes. Part 2.

We recite the Reappearance Mantram today.
Reappearance of the Christ Meditation Day.
Jupiter’s Day – each chakra within us transforms into a lotus.

Our weekly rhythm – creating a new rhythm upon the Earth.
Joining the NGWS – standing with the Christ & the Avatar of Synthesis…

Our Meditation
Standing together under the light of the Group Soul, facing the Christ with intention, dedication & Love, we say Reappearance Mantram together…

Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare men’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.

We sound the OM three times, dedicating the three-fold personality (triangle of the personality – physical body, emotions, lower mind offered to the triangle of the Soul – Will, Love/Wisdom, Divine Intelligence) to the work of Preparation for the Christ’s Reappearance on Earth.

May the power of the one life
Pour through the group of all true servers.

May the love of the one soul
Characterize the lives
Of all who seek to aid the great ones

May we fulfill our part in the one work
Through self-forgetfulness,
Harmlessness, and right speech.

Under the Sun & with the Christ, our hearts open.
The 12 petals of the heart unfolding.
We stand with the Christ in the Ashram.
Unfolding in time & space, we become the Lotus.
Everything occurs through time in nature.
We live in the Lotus of time. Unfolding.

Reappearance of the Christ

“Whenever withering of law, uprising of lawlessness, on all sides.
I Manifest myself
I come to birth age after age.
For the salvation of the righteous & destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law.
I come that humanity may have life.
I come with a sword.”

Bhagavad Gita Book 4 Sutra 7,8

“Fiat of the Lord has gone forth:
Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity.
That demand is rising & mounting every day
And in such an hour, as you think not,
He will come.”

Reappearance of the Christ, Vol 1.
Doctrine of Coming One.
For decades anticipated by the faithful.
The return of Krishna, of Christ (world Teachers).
In Esoteric studies, the Christ principle is an office within the Hierarchy.
The Christ is a Great Being from Sirius, Ray 2.
Lord Maitreya is His other name.
The name of His Reappearance, beginning in 2025.

Maitreya, the Christ, is assisted by the Hierarchy – the Ascended Masters of Wisdom
When men feel exhausted seeking resources & the innate possibilities & problems are beyond handling, they look for a Divine Intermediary, pleading their cause to God to be their Savior.

Christ is the Mediator. The Savior.
He said long ago, & now, too….
“I have come that they may have life.”

Spiritual revelation based on the interdependence of God to all kingdoms.
The appropriate mechanism is always found through which Divinity reaches & communicates with humanity.

A Great One is expected, anticipated.
When time is right, when faith is keen enough….
“Always He has come.”

Today, there is no exception to this universal Law.
There is no doubt of the spiritual awakening everywhere leading to the New Era of Brotherhood – keynote of Aquarius.
This is occurring now.
Inner & outer forces creating great changes.
Reorganizing world social structures that no longer meet humanity’s needs.

New approaches, new values to govern life are beginning to be defined. This entails reorganization of financial economics, sharing all world resources This is the overriding priority.
Equitableness must be among all peoples.
Sacrifices, and simple living for long amounts of time, create stability & peace on Earth.

Poise keeps creation in existence.

The present political system is in stages of change & transition. Disciples observe this with poised awareness.
We are not separate but integrated with all kingdoms.
Greater world harmony results.
Recognizing the higher states of consciousness, the Christ World Teacher, the Masters, Shamballa, Lord of the World & the NGWS – initiates of the world.

The heart of an Arhat is like the heart of the Cosmos.
The heart of the Arhart is like the fire of the sun.
Eternity & the motion of cosmos fill heart of the Arhat
Maitreya is coming radiant w/ fires, His heart aflame w/ compassion for suffering humanity.”
Agni Yoga, Hierarchy, 1931.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022- 1pm

Synthesis – thoughts on Synthesis – a study. Mercury’s day – January 26, 2022 – Ray 4 day. Harmony Through Chaos.
As we face the Dweller on the Threshold (Saturn, incomplete things from the past,
things to be unified, forgiven, released, etc.), we see the Dweller facing the Angel of the Presence – they are face to face & their Synthesis is brought about on the Path of Initiation.

Humanity is treading the Path towards Initiation = the 1st Initiation at this time.
That of recognizing the fact of the Soul.
Everything is under the Law. And there are many many laws.
Humanity & Disciples must know ALL the Laws.
Laws are Ray 3. They emanate from the Will of God into matter.

Understanding the Rays.
Spirit (Ray 1 Will Purpose) coming into matter (Ray 3, intelligence of form & matter, the Mother, Earth), manifests as Divine law & order (Ray 3 anchored into 7). Ray 3 is the Law(s).
Ray 7 is the order of the Laws manifested in form & matter becoming ceremonial magic, new archetypes, the new rhythms.

The Law (3) brings forth order (7).
And love (2) is the fulfillment of the Law.
Love underlies all happenings of the times.
It is important we understand the Laws, all levels of Laws.

Today, Wednesday, January 26, 2022.
Nodes changed, Mercury & Venus remain retrograde.
Venus stationary direct on Friday. Mercury stationary direct Feb. 3, Mercury stationary direct, 24 Capricorn. 

Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon. Mercury R & Mars in Capricorn.
Task oriented towards the new world’s creation.

It’s important to realize what is occurring within humanity and what is the part of the NGWS? It’s important to understand the concept of Synthesis.

It’s important to understand Saturn and the Law.
What is the Work, what is the Wisdom? Synthesis – what does it have to do with Law & Order?
Understanding of the systemic planetary cosmic planetary influences can be understand via Saturn – where choice is given to us, rejection or accepting of opportunity taken, responsibility becomes a fact in one’s life. This evolutionary process from old commentary – amidst whirling forces I stand confused.
It’s important to have a common foundation of knowledge, so we can anchor our consciousness & help create the new culture & civilization for humanity.

Synthesis – a fusing of energies within a triangle.
Will, Love/Wisdom & Synthesis (Ray 7), which comes under 
Ray 3.
Ray 1 (Will/Purpose). Ray 2 (Love/Wisdom). Ray 3 (Divine Intelligence).
Under Ray 3, all the four later Rays come forth – Rays 4, 5, 6, 7.
Ray 7 synthesis all the Rays.

When Spirit (Ray 1, Will) enters Ray 3 (Matter, the Mother, Earth, Intelligence), it’s anchors within Ray 7 – creating the new rhythms, the Divine consciousness into matter. It does this via the Wisdom & Teachings as DIVINE LAW & ORDER.

Note, the Dark Forces have attempting to eliminate all laws, all order, all structures, for the purpose of destruction of humanity. Thus humanity, awake & aware, must establish a new consciousness…must re-establish the new culture & civilization under the New Laws & Principles, replacing the old ways with the new ways.

What will we create that represents the new world, the new era, the new culture & civilization? Aquarius gives us clues – The new Laws & Principles, community. Cooperation.

Laws of Right Use – principle of sharing, supply & demand, democratic participation.
Law of Right Activity & Law of Right Planning.

This is foundational to all that is occurring in our world today.

Understanding synthesis, we lay the template for the new education, new medicine, new endeavors within the new culture & civilization.

Simple Steps to Synthesis
Having the intention for Synthesis. Correct intention is most important.
Anna Van Reitz’s information, the new culture & civilization, the breakdown & the reconstruction – all have to do with Synthesis.

Synthesis – the foundation for community under the Aquarian Laws & Principles.
The Aquarian Laws & Principles offer a foundation for the structure for the new communities to form under the new era’s Aquarian energies.

Synthesis of Theosophy/Blavatsky, Alice Bailey/the Tibetan & Roerich’s/Agni Yoga.
The Wisdom Teachings bring the three together in practical ways. Divine Law & Order coming into manifestation – Ray 7 – on the higher levels, Aquarius is the training ground for White Magicians. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022- 9am

Today is Tuesday, Mars guides us today. Ray 6 day.
January 25, 2022.
Morning & Evening Stars/Planets.

Morning stars/planets – Venus & Mars.
Venus still retrograde till the 29th – Saturday it stations 11 Capricorn.

Evening is bright benevolent Jupiter thru Feb. 20th in the night sky.

Mercury remains retrograde till Feb. 3rd, stationing at 24 Capricorn.
That is the day after Candlemas (Feb. 2, blessing of candles, Presentation of Mary in the Temple, Baptism of the holy child), a cross quarter day, between winter & spring. Ground hog day,

January 31. Feb 1 – midnight times – new moon 12 Aquarius.

Feb. 1 – Chinese New Year days begin – Year of the Water Tiger.

Feb. 1-2 – St. Brigit’s Day – Imbolc (Celtic, Irish Neolothic language – cross quarter day festivals, purificiation of light in the darkness)

Today Scorpio moon all thru tomorrow till almost midnight.
Sun in Aquarius. Mars (6) in Capricorn. Tonight Mercury (4) enters Capricorn too.

February is filled with festivals of light in the darkness.
And each day as we awaken. the day is filled with one more degree of Light from the Sun.

From now till February 20th we contemplate upon Right Human Relations. How is it created? Who knows? love, Risa

Monday, January 24, 2022- 11am

Walking this Monday morning with friends at Findhorn.
January 24, 2022. Mars enters Capricorn today, Mercury enters Capricorn tomorrow. We become responsible, task oriented, sturdy shoes, climbing a mountain to the rising Sun. Together.
Note to readers….after our walk this morning….please read ALL my comments below….love, Risa

Disciples Are Thinkers
Pi is wisdom, objectivity, the power of thought. We ponder upon ourselves, our lives. Pi is wisdom between man & God, the line connecting the center point of light in a circle to the circumference, mathematically presented as 21 (qualities} + divided by 7 (principles). 21 qualities are more than 0, less than 1. Three qualities – Rajas Tamas Sattva – awareness multiplied by 7 planes of existence. Three are the qualities interacting with all planes = 21 qualities within which we live. To know ourselves we must experience 7 planes & 3 qualities. In each of the planes we work out an equal triangle, find the center of the triangle, springing from center into higher planes of awareness. Each plane has a triangle, emerging from the center of each triangle allows for experiencing the Light beyond qualities. Pure conscious existence. Consciousness works with the 7 planes & 3 qualities. The wisdom is the wisdom of creation called Cosmogenesis – the work of awareness, from inner to outer, from outer to inner. Greeks call this Pi. Vyasa in Sanskrit. Truth is what it is. It can be reached by power of thought = Pi – leading man to the Soul Self. Wisdom externalizes the 3 qualities & 7 planes. As Disciples progress on the Path, wisdom is given. Disciples then enter deeper into the heart – inner chambers become outer chambers. Heart externalizes. Wisdom is Pi in the world. Disciples are thinkers. Risa

News/Notes – Comments
As things in our country move along….as things are revealed = we are Gemini rising, Uranus in Gemini (Gemini rising chart). It seems we have TWO PRESIDENTS. One false (yet seen). The other hidden (yet still the True Prez). Both are heads of two different corporations. The true Prez is still in charge, tho hidden from us. We need to figure out what is the True Republic. Lots of questions here. Concept that there is territorial & municipal levels. Territorial is the queen & municipal is the Pope. Operating within jurisdiction of sea (& Pope also in the air). US, Inc. USA, INC – caps = municipal level. lower letter = territorial level. Concept that the two spheres of power are actually at war, battling – even at the local courts. We don’t realize there is a battle behind scenes for money to be taken from us. This is the civil war. Even tho true prez is in charge of the territorial level…(neither are governments, people are the government – they are corporations that farm out work – this happened long ago). There are 3 Constitutions. 1, real one. 2. territorial/the Queen. 3. municipal/Pope. Municipal & territorial are at war. Neither are the government we know or need it to be. Bottom line – we are at war. Who realizes this? We haven’t had a legitimate prez since Lincoln. Lots happened on his watch – he was a bar attorney (first for prez). Things that happened since that time, things that happened under that congress – we need to find our real grounding as a government & as a country & as a people. The true prez (T), his position is tricky. Not free of the fraud (doing his best). He did his best to eliminate the fraudsters. The globalists attempted to destroy him. The situation is very very confusing. What’s useful is to understand we are the government; the people constitutes the government. We need to consider what that means. Risa

Big Picture – Astrologically moving from centralization to de=centralization. From big government to locality – local towns, cities, states. There is an infighting of elites. We have the false prez (another elite). Working directly with Chinese Communist party. All of Silicon Valley is also working with CCP – ready to offer the United States to china. What is the New Republic? We must be watchful of all videos & sites (don’t follow Nesarra/Gessara,/etc. they have parts of the truth but not all the truth & things are not resolved or rosy or linked to satellites – this is not true & keeps us in the Matrix). Go back to the basics. Only focus on – we need to move onto the land (from the seas). We have to say “I am a living man/woman who lives on the land. I am no longer a slave to the corporation that is our country.” This is to be our true voice. We must be clear of our status. This year astrologically T Pluto on the US Pluto (Feb 21, Dec. 28) with Uranus square US Moon. These issues will be confronting us. They are very confusing. We need to do our homework, our research. And keep on doing it. We are subject to all the illusions & entrainment & must have discernment & discrimination to know & understand the Truth. This all has to do with transiting Chiron in Aries – our true identity, what is our true identity, our sovereignty? What is our Divine Identity & our Divine Sovereignty? We each have to enter these questions in our own way. Focus on reconstructing the legitimate government. Let whatever happens in the government happen. There are no longer any political parties. We are voting for a CEO only. Exit from the false politics. Focus on personal identification (stand on the land). Listen to Anna V. Reitz….Monday nights. May not understand much. But listen anyway. We know this is real when bankers don’t want to do what they are supposed to do. When REAL American’s show up with the REAL Law….the bankers become frightened, make excuses. But for each of us…. & it’s not going to be easy….it will lead to collapse of the fraud banking system when we stand on the land. Listen to Bobby Graves videos – American Story – find it, listen to it – good tone & feeling. Easier than AVReitz’s legal language. Bobby gives the history needed, help us pull threads of Sovereignty thru to understand. No antagonism in Bobby’s work. Just information, truth coming from the heart…American Story – one is 2 1/2 hours, another in three parts. Listen to them. It will help us understand many things in our country. It give us context too. As we move into the chaos, as de centralization happens (Aquarius is local, the people = decentralization – this is the process of identification). Decentralization is the process of forming community & being local – allowing for sovereignty. This is Aquarius. Risa

End of Fed Reserve Note system.

2033 –
90 years later

Turn off Patriots channels.
Don’t waste time on Patriots networks.
They are keeping us on the sea.
Don’t listen to Simon Parks.
Catherine doesn’t support Simon Parks.
Joan O Savin either.
Don’t waste your time.
It’s only entertainment now.
But not real.
“They” know people are figuring the truth out.
Biden from Delaware, where most corporations begin.
Go back to the basics.
Find your State Assembly – Join it. Learn, think.
Do your Assembly work. Refocus.
Get on state calls.
That is our “new” entertainment.

All the above comments are key – the de-centralizaton process is key to standing within our creativity. De- centralization – we identify our gifts, how am I creative, what do I have to give to the world as we create the new era? In whatever state you live in – find your local State Assembly – begin working with them. Risa

We can’t play both sides. We need to become American Nationals. Careful who we align with. Don’t be confused. Go back to Bobby Graves videos….understand the history. This isn’t new….this is our original sources that’s legitimate, the lineage of the Sovereignty piece. Be in an Assembly of the Federation of States. Correcting our status. Learn about this wherever you are. No longer a slave. Come on along, everyone. Imagine the future here….free people, sovereign. Building the new era together in the Assemblies. Risa


Sunday, January 23, 2022- 10am

The What Why of Astrology
(personality & Soul astrology).

The knowledge of astrology works as a penetrating source of true light, our own personality source of Light on the Path. It shows us what is within us, our personality traits, our behaviors, our tests, our potential, our purpose, what we bring in from other lives, what we were born for and what our gifts, talents & abilities are to be cultivated in this lifetime & later to be offering to the world. The study & knowledge of astrology is thus extremely valuable.

What we call the planets are really Ashrams, with Wisdom Teachers and the home of groups of Devas (angelic builders). These we learn to identify when we study astrology from an esoteric and spiritual point of view.

The planets never indicate a fate that is inevitable but they indicate what hour in our day to day an evolutionary change & opportunity is taking place. We learn over time what the purpose of our present birth is (North Node) and what we are to cultivate (North Node, Rising sign/Soul Purpose) in this lifetime.

We learn about ourselves, we develop a true self-identity (Aries) through the study of Astrology. And…this is the purpose of astrology. Learning about ourselves in our truest sense. Astrology becomes our Light Upon the Path.

The planets, signs & rays are our helpers and indicators of direction. Through the knowledge of self and of the timing of things/events/energies astrology offers us, it is possible to work with the energies of astrology & change ourselves for the Good. Astrology offers us this secret. And this secret becomes surprising, revelatory & leads unexpectedly to a sense of Joy.

Planets influence the nature (form body, spirit, Soul, etc.) of humanity (each of us). They influence in two different ways. In lower nature (personality self – physical body, emotions, lower mind), the planets stimulate past habits & desire. They stimulate our reaction (which is different than response). In higher nature (Soul nature), the planets stimulate action for the Good.

We are to understand that every part in our body is governed by the planets in the three planes, the plane of matter, force and intelligence. Matter is controlled by the planets.
Force is directed by the planets and intelligences are affected by the planets. We live mostly within the personality. But we know that something within us has changed when we being to ask these questions….we know our Spiritual Journey has begun….with these queries…”Who am I?’, ‘Why am I born? Where am I from? In what direction am I going? What does my physical body, emotions & mind need to become cohesive and whole? What should I do? What is my purpose? What should I avoid? What is my personality? What is the Soul? How do I best serve? What type of education do I need in order to serve the world?

These are the initial questions when one steps upon the Path of Service. The seeking leads us to “know the self,” the statement written on the doorways of all Mystery Schools. The true schools always begin with a foundation in astrology for it is only the seeker to Knows the Self who can enters deeper into the mysteries. And become a true Disciple. Then a Bodhisattva.

Note: in our school ashram esoteric college of learning….everyone begins their study with the foundations of exoteric (personality building/identification) astrology (the Astrology of self-identity) & then proceeds into esoteric (Soul directed) astrology (Astrology of the Soul). Only then can the rest of the wisdom teachings/mysteries be revealed to the seeker. Risa


Saturday, January 22, 2022- 11am

Om Mani Padme Hum.
Death of a Teacher – Thích Nhất Hạnh

The Life Story of Thich Nhat Hanh

The life and message of Thich was of a universal nature. He taught mindfulness and right attitude towards life in a most profound way. There are TNH centres around the world, the a central one being Plum Village in France.

At Death (from TNH)
Oneness (prayer/poem)

The moment I die
I will try to come back to you
as quickly as possible.
I promise it will not take long.
Isn’t it true I am already with you,
as I die each moment?
I come back to you in every moment.
Just look, feel my presence.
If you want to cry, please cry.
And know that I will cry with you.
The tears you shed will heal us both.
Your tears are mine.

Today – Saturn’s day, Saturday. Ray 3. Saturn is the Teacher.
Today is January 22, 2022. 1/22/2022 = 11 = 2.
Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo. A short v/c today.
At 2:03pm (west coast), moon enters Libra.
The Wheel of Time rotates. Morning, then noon, then night.
Light to Dark.

Om Mani Padme Hum….love, Risa


Friday, January 21, 2022- 11am

“We begin the day with gratitude, giving thanks. 
Realizing we are mightily blessed and that My blessings are 
being poured down upon you all the time. ” God speaking, the clear small voice, thru Eileen Caddy, co-founder of Findhorn.
Taking a walk with Findhorn this morning. 
Jan 21…a month past winter solstice.
January 21, 2022 – Friday, Venus’s day, Ray 5 Day.
The color is a golden orange. 

At Findhorn a few gorse bushes are blooming, a bit of sunshine.
All the while abit of an Arctic blast in the northern hemisphere.
At Perth, Western Australia it/shot- summertime.
Eileen’s still small voice told her – 
“Don’t freewheel forever. Do something with your life. 
Explore the inner & the outerworlds, realms.
If you want a life of adventure, make sure you have obedience 
& developed discipline, discernment & discrimination. ” 

Discipline is a wonderful concept (Saturn’s teaching. 
It’s related to commitment. 
The pandemic has stopped us in our tracks.
Creating a time of solitude.
Talking & reading about freedom, about spirit, about adventure is not enough.
Allow the spirit to move within. It takes trust, faith, surrender.
Let Spirit move within every day.
Sending quality of exploration out into the world. May each day be graceful.
Exercisingself-care& care for everyone else, too. Have a positive influence on other’s lives. 

Jupiter in Pisces – sensitive to the subtle energies. North Node in Taurus – Back to the Garden. 

Diminished “field.” Past has passed away. With two retrogrades, Venus (ruling Taurus – lack of desire).  Mercury retrograde (lack of connection).
Feels like the “field” of energies, spatial environment, the energies.The past….it has diminished & is disappearing, being withdrawn.
It feels like the “field’ has diminished.Withdrawing of the past occurring. 

Aquariusrising, emerging, unfolding  – community.
Everyone now has Aquarius Rising.
Aquarius is the rising sign of our Earth now.
Aquarius is the light that shines on earth across the sea.
Cleaning all that needs purifying.
Aquarius is the new era, the New Age.
Space is a globe from which awareness springs out.
The globe is a lotus formed by Brahma.
First there was an egg. Then a lotus appeared.
From 0 to 1 to 10. 10 times manifested…wheel of globe rotates.
10 is basis of all theologies. 
Ten manifestations – three Logoi, Seven see-ers, 7 planes (Secret Doctrine).

When we do our work together, sounding Oms….we close a gap, a separation.
Om is the sound of the universe in harmony. 
Sound is instrumental for creativity.
Our voice/tones/intentions – they create & they can destroy.

Seeds of our vision beginning to sprout, the new Aquarian energy.
Creativity is the seed. The building tool. Using our gifts.
We bring forth our gifts. They magnetize others’ gifts to manifest & come together
In building community. Creating a life force, a manifestation of all that is new in form & matter.

Astrologically – next 18 months with the nodal changes.
Many will be released from the past & enter onto the path into the future.
Karma, restrictions, limitations, hindrances released.
Allowing for a new relationship for humanity with each other.

Tomorrow- the What Why of Astrology…..Love, Risa 

Thursday, January 20, 2022- 10am

Click to Listen to today’s meditation:


So much to read & listen to today.
Reappearance Meditation – recording.

We are all the Warriors now.
In the new phase of the “war.”

Today – Thursday, January 20, 2022. Meditation today.
1. Note to everyone – Recording of today’s Reappearance Meditation is posted on Night Light News today.
A new recording.
Listen, participate, take notes, ask questions.

2. News on our world, our country – see below.
3. See what’s in the sky each night.
4. Reappearance Meditation recording.
5. The Astrology Today

Virgo Moon today, first day of Aquarius Sun.
Jupiter’s day today. Day of Joy. Day of Reappearance Meditation.

So much to read today.
We are in the Change Times now.
Stepping out of Pisces into Aquarius.
Creating all that is new. We are the Creators now.

News/Notes – Dispatch from Santa Cruz county.
Children not Vxed made to leave schools.
Managing chaos again in Santa Cruz & in California.
Creating for the children mandatory independent (online, zoom studies).
So….the unVxed (un-poisoned) children must leave school.
Parents choosing not to Vx children punished.
If they don’t test their children weekly, the children cannot attend in person school…
Must remain home & do distant learning.
Back to the beginning – children stuck on zoom once again.
And….not learning, actually.
This is their (dark forces) game –
Mind control (enslavement) that “they” consistently do – so humanity & the children are never stable.
As soon as there is constancy, the DF create change.
Mass mind control.
Control of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.
Moving into a different phase of the “war.”
There is talk about more enforcement & control of unVx especially in blue states.

As Mandates are falling thru – be prepared for false flags (Ukraine). In blue states, don’t let down your guard, even as the war gets more intense.
Feels like ‘war’ in Santa Cruz….always having to be several steps ahead of what’s occurring.
Can’t rest. Dark Forces continue their onslaught of enslavement.
Next phase coming down the pike.

The “war” (crimes against humanity) has changed now.
From behind the scenes to into the open.
With transits for U.S. – there will be more chaos, more violence.

Survival Nodes – 29 Taurus/Scorpio
North Node/Taurus – remain focused in the eye of Taurus – what we want to create, creating together. This focus will protect us.
South Node – Scorpio – more & more Martian tests, aggressive, hostile, warlike.
May have to do with real war (Ukraine – globalists make money with war).
We will feel the aggressions, the war, especially in the U.S.

Stance of Disciples
Remain in the North Node – creativity, beauty, building, practical real things.
Scorpio/Taurus are survival signs.
Taurus – agriculture – who is your farmer, your health care worker, the real doctors? What are you growing, planting, making, creating, sharing? Raise your greenhouses.

Spirits Remaining Upward
Good time – for those who can keep spirits up – for innovative, creative parts of ourselves. Think garage startups – as people die, systems collapse, etc. everything will become local. People will come up with ideas that fill needs of others. Become Jack of all trades when parts are unavailable. Get 3 D printer for towns & villages. This is a tremendous time for new creativity to come forth. The F/Materialism have suppressed our creativity. Creativity leads us to the Soul. Focus on creative gifts that fulfill a need in the community/village. Focus on Creativity. Not on the destruction phase. Know the D phase. Work in the Creative phase.

New Education, New Creativity
Focus on the new education. Things aren’t working out. Create the new. Utilize natural resources. Take the children outside. Everyone is a teacher now. Every day create a new way of livingness. Each morning – how will I/we live today. Use the imagination each day. Not masking? Good idea. Ask where will I shop today where I am not mandated. How/where do I put on my suit of armor. I am a warrior each day.

Taurus is the Buddhic (4th, intuition, RainCloud of Knowable Things) Plane, the plane of imagination, of intuition. Taurus is the Art of Living. PhD’s no longer useful. Universities as they are no longer useful. This is a time to create the new reality. Not falling back into the old ways or depending on the formal structures. Teacher are everywhere not. Everyone a teacher now. The old institutions are all falling down. Bring forth everyone’s creativity (that has been so suppressed). Stimulate the children’s creativity too. The need is now to bring forth everyone’s life experiences. Each day a new day.

We are pioneers now. Starting from scratch each day. Time to acknowledge our own gifts & talents & abilities. And bring them forth in this new era, new Aquarian Age. Begin the new medical system. Nurses being fired. Stand up, walk out. Create the new system together. Dr. Tenpenny, couple of months ago – gathering funds to buy up empty building to start new hospitals that have integrity, treating people with love & care. It’s a brand-new world now. Even as the old world is fighting the new world, we can navigate together within the focus of creativity, Art of Living, building the new.

Leo’s gifts talents & abilities offered in this new Age of Aquarius.
Humanity – throat center…creative center. Energies now coming in from the heavens supports our creativity. This is the task for each of us for our upliftment & evolution.
The door is open.

Focus on North Node – help us come out of chaos into Beauty.
From dark to light.

This summer right up to the fall election….deep transits for the U.S. We are all going thru this together.
We are to be warriors now. Swords held high. Flaming swords. Standing together. Standing close to the Christ & each other today. Under the Light of the Soul – our healer & comfortor.
Love, Risa

Click to Listen to today’s meditation:


Photo of the night sky below – in the sky tonight & during January – helping us locate Orion, Betelgeuse, Rigel, etc.

US chart transits –
Note transiting Pluto (outer wheel) on natal USA Pluto in 9th house (inner wheel – the US chart).

Wednesday, January 19, 2022- 8am

A change day today.
A documentary on 5G (important information).
Today – Wednesday, Mercury’s (Ray 4) day. January 19, 2022.
Sun enters Aquarius tonight, 6:39pm (west coast).
Leo moon – gathering our gifts for use in the new era.
Uranus direct (yesterday). Uranus rules (works with) Aquarius.
Uranus changes things in a blink of an eye. A lightning bolt of change. Keep up everyone. The ride ahead is fast & accelerating.

Nodes Change – darkness held up to the Light.
Dark to Light.
The Light of Taurus, Ray 4, the Buddhic Plane – poise & stable in the illumined Light of the Mind

A day of change. An important one.
January 19, 2022.
The narrative changes for humanity as the nodes change.
Full speed ahead now?
Keep up everyone. Remain poised.

Around midnight, the nodes changed last night.
The nodes are points of contact between the Sun & Moon.
Present/future & the past.

From Gemini to Taurus North Node.
From Sag to Scorpio South Node.
The nodes comprise a pathway for humanity = from the past to the present/future.
Revealing the past, so we can move forward into the new era, the era of Aquarius under the New Laws & Principles.

South Node – all that needs to be revealed. All of the past that is useful for the new era to unfold. What is not useful falls away.

North Node – the new pathway ahead.

North Node Taurus (earth) – what are our values? Stabilizing ourselves, remaining poised. We must begin to live by those values now. Creating the Art of Living.

South Node in Scorpio – (water – emotional plane). Emotions separate us, create tumultuous waters within us which then effect the waves of livingness all around us. Scorpio south node – revealing all that the Dark Forces have forced upon us – revealing the darkness, the evil (life backwards), the slavery of humanity created by the dark forces (globalists). Revealing all the darkness in this Kali Yuga time, so humanity can Awaken to the Light. When humanity, suffering in the South Node of Scorpio, awakens, we see that we are the World Disciples with the task of redemption.

Night Light News this week, posted tomorrow, talks more about the Nodal Changes. It is part 1, a background explanation. Part 2 next week on NLN. And tomorrow more on the nodal changes & how they will affect humanity & the times ahead. love, Risa

Note: They say 5G will be released today (terrible frequency for humanity) in the big cities. Billions of dollars by Verizon & AT&T to create a system of surveillance & ugly towers everywhere.
Here is a 5G documentary to watch, to learn. Important to know these things to protect ourselves.


Tuesday, January 18, 2022- 11am

Uranus station direct today, in Taurus, 11 degrees.
Our 2nd to last day of Capricorn. Two days left resting on the mountaintop. “Lost are we in Light Supernal, knowing at the end of Capricorn, we will turn our backs on this Light.”
Tomorrow evening – Sun enters Aquarius.
And the Nodes change – the “narrative” of humanity changes, too. We look forward to what will occur.


“The Time is Always Right to Do What is Right.”
MLK, Jr. (a Capricorn who has “been to the mountain top &
I have seen ahead…”

We are harmonized with the Schumann resonance.
We are electrical beings. The earth is an electrical field.
We are to be Sovereign. How to be Sovereign?
When an outside energy does not hold dominion on our lives.

Watch, listen – “One must be sane to think clearly.”
One must be calm, sane, poised, serene & in harmony with the cosmos. Tesla was connected to the “field.” Grow our consciousness, being the best we can be.

Novak Djokovic about Nikola Tesla
Listen, watch….

Sunday, January 16, 2022- 9am

5G is mass control. It doesn’t matter what type of citizen we are. We have to be educated about what’s occurring. What is the 5G that is being turned on? Do we know? Everyone carries a cell phone around. They’ve made it convenients. But do we know what they emit? How the energies that flow thru the cell phones affect our health? Risa

Comments – News/Notes
A craziness in our country.
Show vaccine passport at McDonalds.
But don’t show anything when we vote.
This is maniacal thinking/actions.
Also….Message sent to urban areas… can’t go to school.

with Catherine Austin Fitts w/ Greg Hunter.
We are Headed to Digital Concentration Camp. Central bankers want complete digital control system. Covert yet now obvious now…in all systems. Government to implement control. Surveillance systems built steadily for decades tracking everyone – that’s why VX passports. This is dangerous. Must know what “they” are trying to do – creating complete transaction control. Extraordinary digital control systems.
Cars & homes turned into digital concentration camp.

Fighting back? How?
Saying NO. Where people refuse to comply – it doesn’t work.
SAY NO – YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CONTROL ME. Have to massively say NO, not complying.
One way to not comply – use cash, hold onto cash. Once system is digital….we enter concentration camps. When more & more use cash – cash can’t be controlled. Cash = de centralization. Digital – centralization. Goal of C…d & Vx?
Gathering data of humanity – doubled down, mandated Vx even when everyone knew the Vx was creating deaths.

Also, 5G turned on Jan. 19th – when the nodes change.
It’s a weapon against the people. Be aware everyone.
Know how to stay safe. l5G is mass weaponized control. It doesn’t matter what type of citizen we are. We have to be educated about what’s occurring. What is the 5G that is being turned on? Do we know? Everyone carries a cell phone around. They’ve made it convenients. But do we know what they emit? How the energies that flow thru the cell phones affect our health? Risa

Geomagnetic storm

Geomagnetic storms can increase whatever
symptoms or health issues we are already
experiencing – stomach upset, headache,
insomnia, joint pain, nervousness, emotional
upset etc. One can suddenly become emotionally upset & not know the reason!
Observe elders, children, babies & animals – a good indicator of these solar energies because they are very sensitive
to the energies. Risa 

Saturday, January 15, 2022- 10am

“I knew your name before you were born. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”  Jeremiah, 1:5
Hourglass on its side….One side (left) the past, the other side (right) the future (a galaxy of potential) Humanity is at the center, going thru the birth canal.
Darkness to Light….
What was our name before we were “named?”
“I knew your name before you were named.”

What is the Eternal Law? The Golden Rule (basis of all religions).
Do unto others what you would want others to do to you.
Our Constitution is based on the Golden Rule.
Ten Commandments – know God first. Remember where we came from.
Who are we? We are parts of God. Then we can proceed with this true identification.
We are to serve the planet, not the planet to serve us.
Genesis – our “dominion” over the kingdoms – means we are to tend & care for the kingdoms, with loving understanding. We are to be the stewards. This is our bridge between higher realms & the lower kingdoms.
We/humanity are the “Way”. The kingdoms are to learn from us (humanity).
An hourglass on its side.
The entire mass of the past (karma, hindrances, limitations, miasmas, etc.) – massive.
Tracing history of mistakes interpreted since the beginning of time.
The manipulations, being fed upon for generations.
All coming to this critical narrow necked birth canal where a reckoning is happening to get thru the doorway (Saturn is here). To get thru we have to pull all the threads apart, look at everything clearly as a humanity. It is a crisis getting thru the canal. We get squeezed, worked on, till a new body emerges. There is a die off too. Crisis of extinction, of pralaya, a Ring Pass Not. But there is a subtle membrane, an opening. Only certain consciousness will get thru. The dross is seen. And yet there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And the light at the end is the explosion of creativity & the potential that we cannot yet see. Humanity in the birth canal. It’s dark here. An archetypal experience. Individuals, families, countries, all of humanity going thru this time of crisis.
Crisis, Polarization (we are here)….then Sweep ahead.
The Soul waits for all of us.
We see glimmers of this expansion & that’s when evolution really opens up.
The bones move when a baby is being born.
Focus on two things – we are spiritual beings.
Two – love underlies all the happenings of the times.
This is what keeps us poised.
What was your name before you were named?
A question on this Saturday’s day – Saturday, January 15, 2022.
From Truth we turn to True Laws. From both Wisdom occurs.
When under direction of the Soul, Right Understanding of the Law reveals itself.
We have become confused about the Law & have formed our own opinions.
These are incorrect & have led to ignorance, destruction & violence.
A grand reckoning is occurring in our world, our country. In this Kali Yuga time of darkness.
When we know the Truth, we then enter into the Law. Love is the fulfillment of the law. America (our country) is to “light the Way.”
Our Constitution is based on the Ten Commandments, the Divine Golden Rule. The Law is Dharma. It’s Wisdom itself. The awakening of humanity is the movement into a higher consciousness (into the realm of the Soul). This awakening has to occur before the Law. Once the Awakening happens within humanity, the Light dissipates the glamour’s & illusions that everyone has been living under. Then humanity, with the glimmer of Wisdom permeating, then the Law reveals itself.
First there is knowledge, then Wisdom, then the Law(s) makes sense. There is an Eternal Law. The Laws of Nature which itself holds Wisdom. The eternal Law is called Dharma in the East. The world is not for us. Because WE ARE FOR (TO SERVE) THE WORLD.
When we are oriented towards (personality directed by) the Soul, we are in balance.                Then Right Understanding of the Law reveals itself.
As the awakening occurs, the True Law reveals itself.                                                                 (We see Anna Van Reitz having more interviews with the Patriots.)
The United States & the Law. – We are the only country that has an enforceable Constitution. The only country founded on the principle of Freedom. We must return to our original identity – “I AM, I AM THAT.”
From Truth we then turn towards the Law.
True identification comes from true education. Then the Antakarana is built, the Rainbow Bridge.
Aries is identification. Taurus is stabilization. Gemini is the distributer of this identification. Mercury, ruler of Aries. Venus, ruler of Taurus.
Wisdom is knowledge in action. Operative knowledge permeates as Wisdom.
Not the acquiring of more & more knowledge. But acting upon, using the knowledge as a tool of serving in the world. Vedas – purpose of learning is for practice which leads to Wisdom. This facilitates sub cons. Mind to conduct acts of Service – then Service & Sacrifice transforms each of us into a Disciple.
A Divine Triangle – Study, Meditation & Service.
With transiting Chiron in Aries – Aries is Identity – on all levels.
We have an opportunity to discover that identity – which creates the bridge between the past (Saturn) & the future (Uranus). Rulers of Aquarius.
Who are we before we are “named?”
What is our name before we are named? We ask ourselves, each other?
A layer overcomes us when we enter the earth plane.
Our work is to uncover that layer & know we are Sovereign.
Our Sovereignty comes from identifying from the Soul.
Saturday, January 15, 2022. Saturn’s day.
Well, here we are in the two retrogrades.
A double review taking place in our lives.
Venus (friends, resources, values, relationships)
And Mercury (communication, thinking, old friends showing up).  Their retrograde shadows last till the first of March.
We have been in a long v/c since early last evening.
The moon enters Cancer this morning at 8:11am (west coast time).
News from the Pacific –
A volcano erupted in the ocean near New Zealand. Big waves are expected in the Pacific coast & the Hawaiian Islands. A tsunami warning is up for that area. Jayco has recently talked about coming Ca earthquakes.  
A Triangle in the Sky
The hound is Cerberus. Three headed dog by Greeks, Surama in Sanskrit.
Dog Star, Sirius – chief star of the Dog Star.
In the Vedas, Sirius is surrounded by Dogs.
Sirius is the bestower of yogic initiations, initiating beings into discipleship.
Working from the South. Maitreya works from the north.
Sirius (2) is the Teacher of the solar system.
Jupiter (2) also presides over role of teacher for solar system.
Great Bear (1) is the Father, the 7 stars (rays) of the Great Bear.
Father & Teacher have exchangeable  roles….
The Pleiades are the Mother of the solar system.
A triangle – Big Dipper (1), Sirius (2), Pleiades (3).
Three systems – father teacher mother for our solar system.
In us the Great Bear’s stars is in the dome of head.
The Pleiades in forehead. Sirius in heart.
Rays 1, 3, 2.
The hound Cerberus, three headed dog.
Three stars around Sirius, the Teacher. Love comes from Sirius.
When under direction of the Soul, Right Understanding of the Law reveals itself.
We have become confused about the Law & have formed our own opinions.
These are incorrect & have led to ignorance, destruction & violence.
A grand reckoning is occurring in our world, our country. In this Kali Yuga time of darkness.
“I knew your name before you were born. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”  Jeremiah, 1:5

Friday, January 14, 2022- 10am

Mercury stations retrograde today, Friday, January 14, 2022.
Venus rules the day today, Ray 5 – concrete information & real science. Astrology is a science & an art.
Like Venus, astrology synthesizes, it brings all separations together, fusing all realities into a synthesizing understand.
One is intelligent to study Astrology with a good teacher.
It’s about 30 days till Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th.

What a week of planetary events that begin today!
Next week may be a week we remember in history!
Mercury stationed this morning at 3:41am (west coast time).
At 10 degrees Aquarius. It will be retrograde till Feb. 3rd.
Then in its shadow for several more weeks.

Everything will be triggered this coming week.
The US Chart Pluto (transformations begin) will be activated –
Mars & Pluto on Monday’s full moon (Capricorn solar festival) day – a Wolf Moon full moon.

Uranus stations direct Tuesday at 11 Taurus – the new era can move forward, unfold now more easily. We will be surprised each day. The unawakened will need to be shocked into awareness. Or they will fall into a deep Pralaya (esoteric word meaning deep deep sleep).

Aquarius Sun begins Wednesday with the Nodes changing!

Note the Nodes in the chart below.
They are opposite each other.
These will change signs next Wednesday.
From Sag to Scorpio, from Gemini to Taurus.

The South Node enters Scorpio – the past presents itself (Scorpio). Calling all Disciples to the battlefield.
The North Node enters Taurus – – The present future will call to us (Taurus). We will need the poised illumined mind to weather the storms of darkness.

Deeper further tests begin for humanity – South Node in Scorpio.
Calling humanity to a new stability based on the truth & the illumined mind – North Node in Taurus.

Dark to Light….happening everywhere, to everyone, every moment.
Thus….the week upcoming that was….Risa

Lead us O Lord.
From darkness to Light.
From the unknown to the Known.
From the unreal to the Real.
From death (ignorance) to immortality.
From chaos to Beauty. Om Risa

Thursday, January 13, 2022- 10am

F is for Freedom.
Not fighting the existing reality. Observing it.
Walking away from the darkness.
Creating the new in the Light.
Thursday Jupiter’s day, January 13, 2022.
Ray 2 day of Love & Wisdom. Reappearance mantram day today.
Standing close to the Christ. “People of Goodwill can come together to make things better.”
These are good words.

F is for Freedom.
“Forgetting the things which lie behind,
We will strive towards our highest spiritual possibilities.
We dedicate ourselves anew
To the service of the Coming One
And will do all we can
To prepare men’s minds and hearts
For that event.
We have no other life intention.” Om Om Om

Mercury Retrograde
Tomorrow, Mercury retrogrades 10 degrees Aquarius, returning to 24 Capricorn.
Where are these degrees in everyone’s chart?

Today is Gemini moon – time for thinking, talking, sharing, communication.
Aquarius, the new era unfolding.
Finding Our Way
Finding our way to freedom. Learning we can take care of ourselves.
Being Self-governing. Having Sovereignty.
This is the journey for humanity.
A mental & psychological state of learning.
We are embedded in a system of slavery.
Each of us has a story both of slavery & then of seeking
We each learn to figure out how to have

We find freedom when we build the Antakarana.
We find freedom when our personality is directed by the Soul.
We must learn what Sovereignty means.
Then we have the driving Will (Ray 1) to anchor into our life
Our own freedom (Ray 7).
It’s with Pluto & Vulcan – Will, Ray 1.
I can do it! I can be free. I can become sovereign.

We have to realize our essential Divine identity.
The F/Darkness thru frequencies & mind control is hindering
Our consciousness. Then we can’t recognize our true identity.
And we can’t move up to the Soul.
We need to climb the ladder of the Antakarana –
To the Soul.
Then we are Sovereign.

Sovereign is what kings & queens are.
Then we have the crown upon our heads.
Our true inheritance.
Claiming it, seizing it. Operating as a sovereign Power
Within myself.
No more entrainment. No more control.
I seize my own divine Power. Above the de facto (maritime, jurisdiction of the sea) Laws.

Our sovereignty comes from the Land.
We operate above the unlawful laws.
We are tired of being slaves, of being peasants, enslaved.
We stand upon the Land.
We are the kings & queens of our own lives.

Destructive Phase
We are in the destruction phase.
All the old cannot take us forward into the new era.
Everything now becomes an experimentation.
We need to disregard the darkness, walk together towards
The new, by creating what is new.
In this process of darkness & restriction, there is great opportunity.

For those looking for work/jobs.
Look for job listing places with no mandates.

The upcoming week.
Mercury retrograde Friday.
Sun/Pluto on US chart.
Sun enters Aquarius – with south Node entering Scorpio –
More tests coming for humanity.
Food shortages, unsafe to enter hospitals.
5G will be turned on. Everyone getting a cold, a temperature.
Scheduled to turn on 5G on the 19th, the same day Sun enters Aquarius.
The same day South node Scorpio.
We are now in life/death decisions.

In this darkness of the Kali Yuga, when the dark forces have taken over the world.
We are being pushed to find the new ways of livingness.

When Ray 1 comes in when a new Age comes in.
The first phase of the new is the destructive phase.
What is no longer useful to use is being dropped away.

On the subject of Vxed people
We haven’t seen the total outcome of the injection of poisons.
As people break down, become ill, can’t work, etc.
When people begin to short circuit.
When there aren’t enough people to work in the
Service sector.
When there is less & less food & resources….
We are just beginning to enter the testing & death phase of Scorpio (south node).
We need to know this in order to protect ourselves, to understand & to
Make right choices. No reactions. Just responses.

Ending on a happier note.
Scorpio south node, North Node Taurus.
Will be moving from tests of Scorpio which bring us to our knees.
Awakens us. Then takes us to the new phase of synthesis with Taurus.
Both are needed.
The darkness holds within it the Light of Taurus.
But we go thru the dark tests first – as the hindrances are brought to light.

Bucky Fuller Quote – creating the new.
“We never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, we build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller

Looking into the Aquarian Trust.
In other news, a study of the Agrarian Trust – the prospect of having a Community Land Trust farm that can also be a school (PEA). A main goal is to create a “Noah’s Ark” of food plants and livestock that are well adapted to our climate. This will be a genetic repository- like a living seed bank- to ensure that the community has access to these resources for propagation.

We need to think now in terms of building outside resources as things transform. Thinking of INTERIM SOLUTIONS until new realities appear, etc. How to slowly walk away from the darkness, restriction….walking away in each person’s own timing.

It’s an adaptable group of people who are mostly committed to staying in Ojai and creating / experimenting with new ideas, sources, new rhythms, etc. Resources, education, and village friendship.

Exploring the fact that we have opportunities in this phase of darkness….who has more ideas to share? What are others doing as they “walk away” from the darkness? Risa

Wednesday, January 12, 2022- 7am

Upcoming Shifts/changes, etc.
Fire of Love – Fire Mantra. Law of Right Human Relations.
We have many upcoming shifts & changes in the next week….beginning this Friday.

Note to everyone: Always read my comments below the post.
And so….

Today is Wednesday, January 12, 2022.
Mercury’s day – information day. Ray 4 Day.
The color is a golden yellow.
Ray 4 day is Harmony thru Conflict Day.

Right Human Relations
Until Feb. 20th we contemplate the Law of Right Human Relations. This Law of RHR emanates from the Principle of Goodwill.
The only way to Peace in our world is the equation…..
Intentions for the Will to Good = Goodwill = Right Human Relations = Peace (a living guiding ongoing process).

Right Human Relations creates harmony with all the kingdoms, in heaven & on Earth. It is one of the Laws Disciples live by.

The Astrology today & into next week.
Sun, Venus, Pluto in Capricorn – our last days of Sun in Capricorn.
Taurus moon continues for 1/2 the day.
It’s v/c till tonight. The v/c begins at 11:39am (west coast).
It’s v/c till 7:08pm (west coast). Then the moon enters Gemini.
Gemini is Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom. Mercury, Venus & Earth are its rulers.

Upcoming events:
Friday – Jan. 14 – Mercury retrogrades Friday, Jan. 14th. 10 degrees Aquarius. Where is 10 degrees in everyone’s chart?
Mercury retro moves back to 24 Capricorn, ending its retrograde Feb. 3 (day after Candlemans, day of Winter Olympics)

Monday – Jan 17 – Full Moon, Capricorn Solar Festival, Monday, Jan 17th. 28 degrees Capricorn. On the U.S. Pluto. (it’s a dark time in our country, all the dark forces alive & well in our country. We have to be our own Light in the Darkness.

Monday is also Martin Luther King Jr.’s commemoration day. He was a Capricorn – “I’ve been to the mountaintop….” he said.

Tuesday – Jan. 18 – Last day of Capricorn.
Uranus stationary direct – 10.49 Taurus – the new era moves forward now….all limitations & hindrances brought to the Light for their elimination. In a blink of an eye….be ready everyone!

Wednesday – Jan 19 – Sun enters Aquarius (6:39pm west coast).

Nodes Change:
And most importantly – the North & South Nodes change…
North Node enters Taurus, South Node enters Scorpio!
The South node brings to light all the darkness & hindrances we have been living under for decades. Brings to light the false government, false laws, dark underbelly of the dark forces & the globalist slave agenda. The times will not be easy. Humanity learns much through suffering. It is the dark cold winter. Disciples understand this & stand poised with the Forces of Light. Each Disciple holding a flaming sword. We enter the Burning Ground.

Mantra of Fire for the Burning Ground
Agni Yoga, the Mantram of Fire

I seek the Way, I yearn to know.
Visions I see, and fleeting deep impressions.
Behind the Portal, on the other side, lies that which I call home,
The circle has been well-nigh trod, and the end approaches the beginning.

I seek the Way. All ways my feet have trod.
The Way of Fire, the Fire of Love, of Service, of Saving…
calls me with fierce appeal.

Let the fire of love rage, the flames devour.
Let all the dross (limitations, hindrances) be burnt.
And let me enter through the Gate,
And tread the Way of Fire.
(Esoteric Astrology, p. 294) love, Risa

Graphics –
Dweller & Angel

News & Notes (important).
Don’t go to the hospital.
We have no rights when you go to the hospital.
Diagnosing a patient with C….d, hospitals are given bonuses.
They are give 6 separate bonuses if you are admitted to the hospital, if they say you have Covid, if you are intubated, if you are given certain medicines, if you die, etc. etc.
It goes on & on (reasons for bonuses).

For every patient when hospitals say the patient has C….d, hospitals receive $100K (that’s one hundred thousand dollars each person).
The false admin is paying hospitals to k__l people.
No matter what, don’t go into the hospital.
We have to become our own doctors now.
The false administration is following China’s guidebook.
There is no care for humanity left anymore.
We have to care for ourselves & each other.
A protocol was given when this all began….the protocol of prevention & protection is still in place. Follow it.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t be blind. Don’t be ignorant.
Don’t get sick. Don’t go to the hospital. 
Take care of yourself, your family & friends. 
Do it together. 

Have Goodwill & Right Human Relations with self & others.
Tend & care, nourish & nurture all that is Right & Good.
And one’s health & well being.
We are on our own now. No government program is available.
We only have each other.
Begin at home, with family & friends, spread out into
One’s neighborhood. That is our only safekeeping.
We’ve known about this for years now.
And so now it’s here. Risa 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022- 11am

Capricorn Sun, Venus retro, Pluto.
Taurus Moon. Mars square Neptune – both are Ray 6.
Squares challenge us to step into a new direction.
We can be challenged by this. But a change is good.
At the end of each day, reviewing our day we see that the day, no matter what occurred, was good.
We observe what good was in our day (even within frustration).
We seek the point of gratitude, of gratefulness.
At times we are in a state of overshadowing limitations, hindrances, betrayals, sadnesses. We can also attempt to
discover what was good. And to know that “love underlies all happenings, events, days, people, etc.” We focus our attention on the good & not on the events/people that prove frustrating.
So at the end of our days….we ask….what was good today?

I rule myself. I allow others to rule themselves, unless they ask & seek guidance.

On the mountaintop of Capricorn – “Lost are we in Light Supernal, resting on the mountaintop. And on this Light we know we will turn our backs, walk back down the mountain carrying the light – sharing that light – serving in Aquarius & saving in Pisces.

Heart of Synthesis
Students become disciples becoming a pulsating awareness of all there is. The plexus of the heart center is the fulcrum between all 7 centers, 3 above, 3 below, the heart in the middle. The heart is synthesis, a golden light presiding over the heart center. The golden light is a maiden. The heart is the lion.
The golden light is maiden on back of lion.
Golden light showers light into the 6 chakras, above & below.
The body tissues become agile, conducting much work w/out fatigue. Nothing impedes the work on the path. The pulsating awareness moves from the heart thru the column of the Shushumna moving below & above – the lion walking all around. The maiden showers spiritual rains, the hunter levels the ground, the lion walks all around.

Each day we choose Goodwill. love, Risa

Monday, January 10, 2022- 10am

Monday – a new week ahead.
Today, January 10, 2022 –
Taurus moon today, Sun, Venus, Pluto in Capricorn.
Resting on the mountaintop. “Lost are we in light supernal…absorbing this light….knowing at the end of Capricorn, having absorbed the Light, we will turn our backs on this light, & in that Light return to the valleys of the Earth.” We will twinkle in the darkness, our Ajna centers alight, our Ajna centers a light in the darkness, twinkling in the darkness for humanity.

And so we say together…..the Kali Yuga Prayer….

Lead us O Lord
From darkness to Light
From the unreal to the Real
From the unknown to the known
From death to Immortality
From chaos & conflict & duality to Beauty.

Note what’s ahead everyone.
1. Friday Mercury retrogrades at 10 Aquarius.

2. Monday January 17 – Full Moon – Capricorn solar festival – 28 degrees Capricorn conjunct U.S. Pluto.

3. Uranus Direct at 10.49 degrees Taurus.

4. Sun enters Aquarius & the Nodes Changes to South Node Scorpio North Node Taurus. Nodes remain in their signs for 18 months. The South Node in Scorpio = tests for humanity accelerate, deaths too. In the wake of the present evils being precipitated in humanity’s livingness by the Force of Darkness.

5G is to be released in the next week or so. This is dangerous for humanity. We remember to maintain our health & well being. We know what to take, what to do, how to protect ourselves. All the vitamins, minerals, NAC, zinc, etc. etc.

Coming from the heart
Sometimes we forget how to come from the heart of the matter. Sometimes we have an impatience with ourselves & others. Sometimes we wish people would get things faster, better. However, it is impossible. People are on their needed levels.
We remember not to remain in the lower mental all the time. It divides. The odd rays are mental. Mental is the least resistance. However, we need to integrate the even rays, the Love Rays. Even & odd rays process information differently. Scorpio is the emotional plane. The polar opposite is Taurus – which rules the Buddhic plane, the heart, the heart of the matter. In the next 18 months – we will be called to reorient the South Node Scorpio emotional lower astral energy of judgment & criticism to lift it up to the Buddhic – place of pure love. Buddhic is Ray 4, Taurus is Ray 4, Humanity is Ray 4. Moving from Scorpio lower field to the higher field of Love.

Know that “love underlies all the happenings of the time, all events, all people, all livingness.” Risa

Sunday, January 9, 2022- 9am

Sunday – day of rest.
January 9, 2022 –
Capricorn Sun & Venus.
Initiates resting on the mountaintop in the Light Supernal, after our long journey from Aries to Capricorn.
Our words – Lost are we in Light Suprenal, yet on this Light we will turn our backs.” Aries moon today – lots of ideas in our time of rest….love, Risa
Art – Hildegard de Bingen – all the kingdoms in praise & at rest.

Saturday, January 8, 2022- 7am

Capricorn ~ Guards the Secret of the Soul Itself
The “Secret of the Hidden Glory”
Saturday, January 8, 2022.
Saturn’s (Ray 3) day. Aries moon today.
Sun Venus Retro in Capricorn.
Fun Facts – we need some light heartedness.
As the 1% controls our world, as people are dying, in fear, being Vxed, as the children are being entrained with untruths…
We need some light hearted news…

It’s Bubble Bath Day, VIsion Board Day, Argyle Day today.

Capricorn – from the Secret Doctrine (Blavatsky)
He is ‘the One-Footed Goat’ who symbolizes the swift movement of lightning striking the hardened earth. He is the climber of lonely heights, the hoofed one from the sea. He is Makara, the watery dragon of primeval antiquity, having a dolphin or crocodile form. This vahan of Varuna-Poseidon merges with the mountain goat to become a powerful and mysterious sign of the ancient zodiac.

In Egypt the stars of Capricorn were identified with the crocodile which was to them a sacred animal signifying the meeting of water and air upon the earth. The amphibious nature of the crocodile suggested fecundity and, like the dragon, became the symbol of knowledge.

In Coptic Egypt he was called ‘OpÎύζυς. While retaining the meaning of the original symbol, he was actually depicted as a mirror. The concepts of lightning and fire, the earth, the air and the watery depths had been consolidated in the profoundly simple phenomenon of reflection. But the mysterious form of the goat-fish persisted in far-flung cultures such as that of the Aztecs, who portrayed the constellation as Cipoctli, the narwhal or unicorn of the sea.

As centuries unfolded, the ancient dragon became known as the ‘scaly-one,’ a representative of the fallen Satan. The goat was often identified with Pan, who was denigrated into the symbol of lustful desire. Forgotten were the ancient meanings that must have prompted Plato to write:

Beloved Pan, and all ye
Other gods who haunt this place,
Give me beauty in the inward soul;
And may the outward and inward
Man be one.

The fish-tailed goat ceased to be associated with the mirror of mind and the inward beauty of the human soul. Since the occult implications of this sign are barely suggested in the lists of personal attributes assigned to those born under it, the beginning student of human nature must look at the outward indicators with the aim of correlating them with what is intuitively glimpsed regarding the indwelling ego and the more general process of soul evolution.

Tradition teaches that Capricorn is the birthplace of Saturn, bringer of limitations and old age. If one translates cosmo-chemical affinities and influences into human character traits, it follows that the child of Capricorn expects little from the gods.

By nature he is ascetic in his ways, does not rely on others’ opinions and is coolly conscious of his own limitations. He is economical in speech, action and thought. Single-minded and capable of devotion and focus of will, he does not squander the few boons he has worked so hard to achieve in life.

Expecting little, he gets little but he is not distracted by idle hopes. His faith is born of hard experience, not wishful thinking. The Saturnine influence in Capricorn reflects the basic economy which reigns in the universe and which, though seemingly bountiful at times, in the end eliminates all that is superfluous to discover the bedrock necessities affecting the evolution of the soul.

Capricorn was considered by the Platonists to be the Gate of the Gods. It was held that the souls of all men released from the body ascended through this constellation into heaven. During the time of Plato, Capricorn was in the place of the winter solstice, ‘the Southern Gate,’ and was thought to be a natural symbol of death and resurrection. On the cosmic level, Hindu tradition teaches that the world will be destroyed at a time when all the planets meet in Capricorn.

It is written that “when the sun passes away behind the 13th degree of Makara and will reach no more the sign of Meenam (Pisces), then the Night of Brahmā has come.” As man lives and dies, so too do worlds have their cycles. Everything in nature is interdependent and mutually correlated.

The metaphorical teaching that during cosmic manifestation there were seven steps taken in the direction of the four cardinal points is mysteriously reflected in the twenty-eight stars of the constellation Makara. The twenty-eight stars appearing with the newborn infant Buddha echo something of the hidden nature of these astral forces.

The wise alone will understand.

H.P. Blavatsky
The Secret Doctrine, Vol. ii

Learning together in our college Ashram Esoteric School.
On this Saturday, Saturn’s Day. Saturn is the Teacher, the ruler of Capricorn (ancient ruler of Aquarius). After the 3rd Initiation Saturn’s limitations no longer apply. Karma has been released. We ponder all these words under the Supernal Light of Capricorn, resting as we are, unicorns, on the mountaintops, at the Gate of Return. love, Risa

Capricorn ~ Guards the Secret of the Soul Itself
The “Secret of the Hidden Glory”

Friday, January 7, 2022- 9am

Disciples & Initiates live & work among the people.
The Grace of the Divine works thru Disciples & in the following fields of endeavor – Healing, Education & the Law.
Three areas of focus needed in our world today.
Important for each of us to remember & then be able to “do our part in the world” at this time. All of this has to do with Synthesis.
Venus has to do with synthesis, conjuncting Sun soon.
We are in important times of self identity.

Today, January 7, Friday, Venus, Ray 5 day.
It’s cuddle up warm & make shortbread day, too.
Pisces moon with a v/c this afternoon from 2:23pm (west coast) to 9:26pm (west coast). Aries moon begins then.

Friday (today) is Venus’s day.
And where is Venus in the sky?
It’s retrograde & it’s close to the Sun (thus we can’t see it).
Venus is passing between Earth and the Sun, now rising and setting with the Sun and traveling across the sky with the Sun during the day.

See chart below from EarthSky news.

Venus in the chart is the series of thin crescents near the Sun. It’s the thinnest of crescents now, from our earthly perspective, with its lighted face (day side) turned away from us.

Read more here about Venus. It’s most interesting. The chart below, a different type of chart, is from EarthSky (you will see it when you go to their site).

Play of the Lord – Rod, Throne, Crown, Maga (magic).
Hunter sits on throne (heart regulating the chakras, Disciples live from the heart of the matter). Hunter wears the crown.
Crown of Magus gained. Kingdom regained.
The Grace of the Divine works thru Disciples – in Healing, Education & the Law.

The disciple becomes king of his own kingdom by establishing the law in the surrounding beings, elevating them through the transmission of the light of wisdom and healing of their sicknesses at all the three levels. He rules his subjects with the rod of love, light and law. The power is subscribed to him by his fellow beings. He is offered a throne to sit and to rule his subjects who are willing to follow him in the path of light. Thus, the hunter sits on the throne.

The hunter knows that the throne is offered to him by his fellow beings due to the acts of goodwill conducted for their benefit. He also remembers that the acts of goodwill have become possible by the grace showered on him from the head lotus of a thousand petals. He knows that it is the grace of the Divine that works through him in the three fields of healing, teaching, and establishing the Divine order (the law). He remains linked up to the crown lotus and conducts the work as a servant of God. Eventually, the fellow beings who offered a throne to him, also decorate him with a crown. It is the Lord in the fellow beings that inspires them to offer the crown. The hunter knows that it is the play of the Lord that bestowed on him the rod, the throne and the crown. He knows further that the Lord is glorifying him. He remains humble, grateful and serviceable.

Crown is of Magus. Magus is magic. Maga, Magus is Magha. Magha is the magical ruler. The hunter is King Magus. He is God’s representative. Magha (Magus) is the tenth of the twenty-seven constellations. The magical powers of the Divine work through the crown, which the hunter wears.

Magha or Magus is the most renowned of the constellations and is situated in Leo. (For details, please look in Isis Unveiled written by Madam Blavatsky.) Disciples are White Magicians who understand these words. The Father crowns the son as a prince. We tumbled into the mundane world. Becoming a Son of Man, living a mundane life, a liminted life. We look for solutions to be liberated, seeking light in darkness, seeking truth, Sirius meets him, Sirius the dog star teacher for the solar system, an army of life to save the souls. The Teacher meets the seeker. The journey begins. The Path of Yoga, Path of Discipleship. The son of man becomes the Son of God, Regaining the Kingdom.

News Notes: A note of caution – We know we are in the Kali Yuga. Which means the dark forces are in control. They are demonic in their purpose, their focus is on destruction & death. In the Kali Yuga we are living in 3/4 darkness, with only 1/4 light.
The dark is allowed so humanity can choose the Light (or not).

The dark forces have entrained the minds of humanity to believe untruths. Everything within the endeavors of a healthy humanity has been taken over by the dark. This means humanity must begin to save itself.

Nothing outside ourselves will save us (unless we gather as light workers in community together). We are to realize we ARE the World Disciples. Disciples understand these things, see the dark, recognize & acknowledge the dark, & walk away from it. Then together, the awakened ones, standing with the Forces of Light, create a new world under the new laws & principles. Anyone not understanding this, remains in the dark. And so….in the area of health – the situation in our country is getting worse, especially in terms of health & healing. Everyone must therefore keep themselves awake, aware, protected, healthy, their immune system strong. So no one needs to go to a hospital. Risa

Thursday, January 6, 2022- 10am

Note from Risa- Epiphany – 2022, January 6, 2022.

Dear Readers (readers, seekers, students, friends, humanity at large, etc.),

Today, this morning I had written my usual post. And as you may have read, on this Epiphany day of revelation, a very important day for information to be offered, all that I wrote disappeared. I was really upset. I walked away from it, tended to other duties this morning….

I had the morning meditation to facilitate  – we have meditation every morning – Monday-Saturday (resting on Sunday) with an inner esoteric group that has been with our school for over 25 years. We recently began to record the meditations for people in our group who worked during early morning hours when our meditations occurred (7:30am – west coast time). 

In the past year, during the meditations that I facilitate, I have had the urge, the sense, an “impression” (the words in my mind) of…. “Open the meditation, Risa, to readers, to seekers, to anyone who wants to listen. Let the meditations be the actual Teachings for humanity. Let them learn & participate. Open the Group but keep it also protected.” 

I heard these words daily during meditation for over a year but didn’t quite known what to do or how to maintain a protection around the meditation & the group. So this morning as I decided to not rewrite my disappeared post for Epiphany, the words, thought, impression, picture came to me….

Risa, use the recording, make it into an MP3, post it so people can hear it. And do it today, on Epiphany, day of sharing with the world, the day of Revelation!”

And so with two others in our group with different skills than I have, we worked together to finally offer the voice and the Epiphany meditation to the world at large, to readers, seekers, to those interested. This endeavor has been a long long time in thinking, visualizing, planning & endeavor stages. I want to be very protective of the Teachings & of our Group Work. Today, on Epiphany, the opportunity finally showed itself.

And so….I will continue to write & post daily information which will be in addition to the recorded meditation. For now we will offer the new & full moon meditations & any other eventful times during the coming months. We will eventually add the Reappearance meditations, too. 

I thank the Hierarchy for their “impressions” & “urgings”. 

I thank our inner Esoteric Group for their encouragement & for all their patience & talents, gifts & skills, many of which I do not possess. Everything occurs in right timing.

So this is an invitation, finally to the larger group, to join us today in our Epiphany meditation/teachings & also at each new & full moons for meditation. I will always post when the recordings are available.

Note for today – the MP3 has the actual meditation which is a teaching & a study.

The post on Epiphany below is part of the meditation/teachings. They are not the same & yet they are the same. Everything is a mystery & paradox. 

Here is the mp3 to listen to. Below are the Epiphany writings. They go hand in hand. As everyone listens, it’s good to take notes, and if there are any questions to post them on my FB page, or for those on NLN, to email me the questions. I like questions. 

About occult meditations – In a future post, I will write what meditation is, how to use the meditation, what to do, what type of meditation we use in our school, why meditation is important. Welcome to everyone joining us.. With Love, Risa 


Epiphany 2022

Writing these symbols today – +20+C+M+B+22+

To write on the lintels of our doorways.

Today is Epiphany. And the Reappearance Meditation Day.

January 6, 2022, Epiphany Day.


There is a ritual to be done today.

Writing symbols on the doors of our homes.


May Christ & the Three Magi Astrologer Kings & the twelves Lights

In the heaven, the zodiacal pairs, bless our home, office, center, school, etc. Bless all who live, work & enter here.


Finally on this Twelfth Day….after Christmas.

This Pisces day.

We stand together with everyone. After 12 days of a journey following the star Sirius – at Epiphany, the 12 petals of our hearts open. 

A Crown of 12 star lights above our heads.

The same crown of stars Mary wears.

A crown of 12 lights. The zodiacal lights.


So let us gather together today on Epiphany in the Ashram

Let us use our creative imagination, our visualization which creates the thought form of correction to humanity’s problems.

Dedicating ourselves to work of Hierarchy and Christ,

Let us hold our gifts, standing with astrology Magi kings

at the stable of the Holy Child, Mary & Joseph (a triangle).


In our hearts and hands we offer the holy gifts of ourselves….

Like gifts of the personality to the Soul – 

We offer the gifts of ourselves to the Holy Child & then to the world.


So we stand in doorway of our Ashram, mountain retreat, lodge & monastery & invite with great love all those seeking  in the valley

and children of the Earth to join us.

We see the crown of 12 lights above the heads of everyone


We turn to Christ & Hierarchy & all of humanity & we become one with them

WE call in our group members to participate in this ritual of Epiphany today, inviting everyone with love to this Meditation of the Coming Reappearance day and also to this revelatory Epiphany day. 


So let us together stand in the ashram

Call in our group members loved ones, family & friends

standing together with the three astrology magi kings

at the stable.

We see the holy child, Mary, joseph

We understand the star above us as Sirius, from where love was anchored upon the earth


Today is significant for many reasons.

understanding Epiphany helps understand The Coming Reappearance


We stand together dedicated.

We open up the healing dimension & the bardos.

We stand with all those who came before us.

And we prepare the Way for those who will come after us.

And so, each day we do our very best.

We stand with love with the Christ and Hierarchy under light of Shamballa.

We say our soul invocation, build the Antakarana, stand within the Spiritual Triad…. we build the Rainbow Bridge for humanity.


We identify with these words. We visualize them.

We say together…


I am Soul

I am Light Divine,

I am Love, I am Will, I am Fixed & perfect in my Design.

I am the Soul.


We understand the Revelation that happened more than 2000 years ago. Love was anchored on Earth for the first time.

The soul was created for humanity, the vehicle of Return.

The intermediary between Spirit & matter, Father & Mother.

The Soul holds the Love needed for our Return.


Christ & the holy child are symbols of Soul – world Soul, personal Soul.


Six-Pointed Star

We stand together in 6-pointed star – lower triangle = the personality.

Upper triangle = the Soul. We list up the lower triangle to the upper triangle. Lift the personality to the Soul.


We visualize our Soul like the great Sun radiating over, into the Earth. The Soul, with its Light of Love, Will , Wisdom, Intelligence – it too is like fiery Sun. 


We look up. See another triangle – the Triangle of the Will to Good, Will to Love, a fiery triangles. We surround our earth, countries, nations, leaders, people, our country, etc. with this fiery triangle.

When the fire touches the minds of humanity, of nations governments, etc., when it touches their hearts and minds, the Will to Good… becomes good will becomes peace harmony and beauty humanity seeks.


Everything we do, all our visualizations – all have to do with creating the peace beauty and harmony humanity seeks.


About epiphany: 

Epiphany reminds us what the Reappearance of the Christ is about.

A continuation of His Work in Pisces, continued in Aquarius. 


+20+C+M+B 22

Symbols across our doors

Symbolizes three kings and a blessing on this this school, church, home, center, etc.


3 Magi – carrying gold, frankincense & myrrh (mercy).

Three Gifts – 

We have been doing this for 15 years- same ritual

so today is Epiphany – tonight is the 12th night.

Epiphany means revelation, something revealed.

Revealing to the world something epochal, something cosmically important.

Revealing to the world the birth of holy child for the world.

Symbolizing the Soul – the soul created for humanity

So humanity can return now to the Father….and that love is being anchored on the earth for the first time in Earth’s history.

A new reality- 

Before Christ came it was the Law (Ten Commandments) that was anchored on Earth

Aries Age, Moses, walking from Taurus to Aries = the Ten Commandments.

Then in Pisces, Love was anchored on Earth.

Humanity needs love to be able to return to the Father.

Humanity needs the Soul – which is Love, to return to the Father. 

“Unless one come thru me (Christ, Soul), one cannot return to the Father.” Said the Christ.

We understand His statement now. 


So what we are doing here at Epiphany?

Gathering of our gifts to offer them to the holy child.

Offering the perfected personality to the soul.


Today is the culmination of our Journey with the Magi Kings.

We finalize our journey under Pisces sign of the Savior & of Saving the World. 


Today, Jupiter’s day, Love/Wisdom Day.

Epiphany falls on the Reappearance Day, Jupiter’s day. 


Today is January 6- Thursday, our Reappearance Meditation day.

Today, Epiphany & the Reappearance go hand and hand.

On this 12th day of Christmas we stand in a greater field of light.

In the field of the 12 zodiacal lights

We also stand at the doorway of the stable having discovered 3 astrology kings- under Sirius, where love originates.

We hold in our hands the gifts of self – offer them to the holy child who represents the soul and we offer them to the world in need.


Note – Night Light News is posted with the 12 signs explaining the gift each sign.


Standing at the doorway of the stable, the manger – 

Our hearts’ 12 petals open, above our head are 12 stars like Mary.

Jesus,  born 2000 years- signifies Love being anchored for very first 

The Love from Sirius.

Love not anchored before- laws only.

Love is the fulfillment of the law!


What is important is that we understand the symbology of this Christmas story & Epiphany in our hearts.


Jesus, a child born in Bethlehem, raised by his parents (Mary & Joseph – two Initiates).

At the age of 30- (30 =-3 levels of the personality – prepared and perfected for the soul), Jesus is overshadowed by the Great Archangel the Christ from Sirius, overshadowed for three years. Two Beings in One at the same time, each experiencing two different Initiations.

The Holy child (Jesus) and the Christ were/are two different beings


Love – When a baby is born – a great love unfolds within the parents and those around the child. 

Jesus as the holy child represents Love.

When overlit by the Christ, His mission was 

to teach humanity about the Soul which is  Love.

“I have loved you,” He said.

The Pisces law – “….to Love one another as I have Loved you.”

Also….”You cannot reach my Father unless you go thru Me (the Soul).”

The personality  must be offered to the soul before our return to heaven, the Father’s house.

When He was here, the Christ, He gave us all the ways to return to our original home, the Father’s House.

Many of us remember those times long ago. 

And, so today….here we are now. Remembering.


A poem written by Aquarian Catholic poet, mystic and monk, Thomas Merton ( about  the coming of this holy child to earth. Merton refers to the world as the “inn”, the Christ coming, uninvited, to places where there is the most cruelty, suffering, unforgiveness and loneliness.

Into this world, this irrational inn, in which there is absolutely no room for Him, Christ comes, uninvited. He cannot be at home in it. He is out of place in it. Yet He must be in it. And so, His place is with those for whom there is no room. His place is with those who do not belong, are rejected, regarded as weak, discredited, denied the status of persons, tortured, exterminated. With those for whom there is no room, Christ is present.” Where the Christ is, the holy child, we are too! With the Three Kings offering our gifts. 


Epiphany – Three Kings day, Twelfth Night tonight.

Ending of our Christmas season. 

It began on the first Sunday of Advent November 28, 2021- 

And today is January 6, 2022.

12 days after Christmas- symbolizing the 12 zodiacal signs.

We walked from east to west bringing the light of the East, the hidden treasures of the Wisdom Teachings with us. 


Epiphany occurs on the 12thday – Day of Pisces. 

Pisces sign of the Savior.

Epiphany – to show, to make known to the world a revelation. 

The prophecy revealed – a holy child born – the birth revealed to Magi kings, who would then spread the Word that the Expected One had arrived. Thus the three kings reveal holy child birth to the world as they travel back to their lands.

And later, this holy child as an adult, would be overshadowed from the Christ from Sirius.

What was revealed was that the holy child was the fulfillment of the  prophecy that a King would come to rule the world.


The Magi were learned wise men, scholars, philosophers, astrologers.

Only three were recorded but there were many many more who joined the journey to find the holy child. 

Three – Caspar, Melchior & Balthazar….

Thus – 

+20+C+M+B+22+. – 2022, the year.


The Three Magi Kings were Zoroastrian astrologers. They were also scholars, learned & wise men. Recorded to be Twelve Magi Astrologer Kings, the three known Magi were:


1.Melchior, a Babylonianscholar astrologer

2.Caspar, a Persianscholar astrologer

3. Balthazar, an Arabscholar astrologer


Understanding the Symbology

The child was born in a manger (for all of humanity, all nations & races of people), in Bethlehem (House of Bread – nourishment for humanity). He was born on the geographical line where East meets the West, signifying that the ancient wisdom teachings were to move from their protected places in the East (India, Persia, Tibet) and move to the West, to educate the people in the West. It is appropriate therefore why the Magi Astrologer Kings, the first Gentiles (non-Jews) to acknowledge this holy child, traveled from the East to the West. It is important for these facts to be emphasized and understood.


Three Gifts

The Three Kings brought three gifts –  note there was no offering of sheep or calves or animals (the usual offering). The gifts were from the mineral & plant kingdoms.

Gold – virtue, Kingship

Frankincense – prayer, perfume symbolizing a Great One 

Myrrh – suffering, “holy unction (Holy Orders, a sacrament, prayers & anointing in preparation for death), used as an embalming oil (for the child’s later death, a prophecy) 


In our school, our institute, college, temple place of work,

place the symbols + 20+ C+B+M+22+.

The numbers of the year – 2022

The letters are in the initials of Magi.

The words….May Christ bless this home…this institute, office, home,

Crosses represent spirit into matter then dispersing the light, side to side into the world


This is an ancient European practice for protection.

However the symbols used around the world also represent epiphany prayer and blessing & magic. The Magic of Protection. 

The symbols say – Peace be with this home, place of work, for all who live, work & enter here.


We make a Three Kings C today – it  hides a small almond in the cake

Which represents the holy child.

Whomever finds the almond represents is

especially blessed – and they make the three kings cake next year.


All of this – and so we understand this great mystery…together.

On this Epiphany Day, January 6, 2022.

Under the Hierarchy of Pisces. With love, Risa 



Thursday, January 6, 2022- 8am

Epiphany today…January 6, 2022.
I wrote about it. It then disappeared.
Pisces – love to everyone on this holy day, Risa



Wednesday, January 5, 2022- 9am

“Ye are my friends.” John 15:4.
“Love is the fulfillment of the Law.”
At the heart of Aquarius is Jupiter, Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom.
Walking today under the Light of Aquarius.
Tomorrow is Epiphany….

“Humanity must show clear thinking & exactitude of Direction.” Wednesday, Mercury’s day – January 5, 2022…Aquarius Day today, walking with the Three Magi Astrologers, east to west, seeking the holy child –

Today, Sun, Juno, Venus Retro & Pluto in Capricorn.
Venus sextiles Neptune (Cap/Pisces) today.
A friendly transit.
It’s v/c today, a long v/c since yesterday.
Today at 4:17pm (west coast time), moon enters Pisces.

Today Jan. 5, 2022 is the day before Epiphany.
Tomorrow is Epiphany – something new revealed to the world.
Epiphany occurring on our Reappearance Medication Day.

The Kali Yuga (present dark times)
“During the epoch of unbalance between good and evil
(Kali Yuga which we are in now – when there is 1/4 light & 3/4 darkness, when the Darkness is allowed to be seen so humanity can make a choice for their future)….
– prior to the epoch of Satya Yuga (Golden Age)**, humanity must show clear thinking & exactitude of direction.”
From Infinity Vol 1, Agni Yoga.

‘When the world is convulsed and humanity heaves in turmoil, there remains only one path to salvation. One must use one’s creative visualization & realize the highest good, walking upon the creative path of Ascent of the Spirit!

And so, now…at this time when all the old ways are being destroyed, when all the old energies are becoming out-lived, when the planet itself shifts (into a new Age, from Pisces to Aquarius), each must adopt with one’s entire spirit the new affirmations and the regenerating energies emanating from the Christ & the Hierarchy!

Only thus can humanity reach up to the higher energies….the Cosmic Magnet (the Soul, the Christ). Then the highest manifestation will attract the spirit to that which is Good, that which is Divine. The Law of Hierarchy always creates through beneficence, always affirming a better future. The Disciples follow. Om

Aquarius today – preparing for the month of Aquarius.
Walking with the Three Magi Astrologer Kings under the Hierarchy of Aquarius which are the Angels. Aquarius Disciples is St. Matthew, beloved by the Christ, & the writer of one of the Four Gospels. Matthew was a taxpayer, a patrician, a wealthy man. But when he heard the voice of the Christ, something stirred in his heart & he gave everything away to follow the Christ. The ankles & the two legs are ruled by Aquarius – along with the two columns of man’s body temple…we visualize them as coordinated in motion & symmetrical in form.

The Biblical seed though – “Ye are my Friends” – John 15:4 is to be contemplated upon. When we do so, & absorb the rhythms of Aquarius, anchoring it upon the Earth & into all that we contact, there is a great illumination that falls into us.

Every law is to be founded upon Love. And it is Love that brings the fulfillment of ALL Laws….loving one another & all the kingdoms. Our task. love, Risa

**The Era of Satya Yuga ( a.k.a. KRita Yuga, Era of Truth ), in Hinduism, is the first and best of the four yugas (world ages) in a Yuga Cycle, preceded by Kali Yuga (Era of Darkness & of Evil) of the previous cycle and followed by Treta Yuga. Satya Yuga lasts for 1,728,000 years (4,800 divine years). The Satya Yuga (Devanagari: सत्य युग), also called Sat Yuga, Krta Yuga and Krita Yuga in Hinduism, is the first of the four Yugas, the “Yuga (Age or Era) of Truth”, when humanity is governed by Gods/Avatars, Masters of Wisdom, etc., and every manifestation or work is close to the purest ideal and humanity will allow intrinsic goodness to rule supreme. It is sometimes referred to as the “Golden Age”.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022- 9am

Lots to Share Today in this Post.
This & That, Here & There, just about everything.
Keep reading, don’t stop! On this Mars Day.
On this Chocolate Covered Cherry Day.

Walking with the Magi Astrologer Kings on this 10th Day – Capricorn’s Day….Quote for Capricorn’s Day…
Be humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in wisdom & in love. Ephesians 4:2

Capricorn Day today.
Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Mars (6) rules the day.
Sun, Venus & Pluto in Capricorn (1, 3, 7)
Aquarius (5 & 7) Moon with a late afternoon (4:17pm west coast time) & evening v/c that lasts till later afternoon tomorrow,
Wednesday (4:17pm west coast time).
Our 9th day of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Sagittarius (4, 5, 6). Walking with the Three Magi Astrologer Kings. Gifts of self in our hearts to offer the holy child & the world.

Note: this weeks weekly Thursday on my website column of signs is about each of our gifts – a column I post several times a year so we don’t forget about the 12 signs & their gifts which are our gifts of self/Self.

Walking under the Light of Capricorn, Dec. 22 – Jan. 20th.
Hierarchy of Capricorn, the Archangelic Beings of whom Christ from Sirius is the head. From them come wondrous powers whereby humanity can be lifted into His likeness. It is the sign of Initation & of World Avatars..

The cosmic pattern he’d by Capricorn’s Hierarchy envision the magicient scope o life when the Christ spirit manifests for & in all of humanity. Then our planet will respond to its own musical keynote, first sounded by Angels & Archangels. We heard that sound for the first time on that Holy Night so long ago when they sang “on Earth peace, Goodwill to all.”

Soon is the Capricorn Disciples – brother of James & JUde.Simon was completely dedicated to the Christ & he served the Lord in all ways. That was his only desire – to serve His Teacher, the Christ.

The body center of Capricorn is the knees. In the Christed/Soul directed human these poinst become whirling vortices of light.
The knees symbolize humility. The bible verse is from Ephesians….

Be humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in wisdom & in love. Ephesians 4:2

Capricorn – “Lost are in in Light Supernal….yet on this Ligh we will turn our backs.”

In the Disciple –
Light grows by degrees, [ages of wisdom in numbers, volume of space molded in cube, degrees expand….
The mind glows, becomes light.divine mind, diamond mind. Light Rays of divine mind permeate body which becomes radiant, magnetic. Scriptures are then understood, revelations happening. Book of Life opens, pages of wisdom revealed thru symbols, numbers their key. When mind associates with wisdom, life become flexible, death postpones, man reaches immortality thru mind’s absorption of wisdom. When life increases, wisdom revealed in completeness, death disappars into the Light of Wisdom. The Disciple is a space, a globe, a cube, a perfect stable cube. Six sides, 24 right angles, 24 lunations of a year,
24 ingredients of creation.
Cube – 6 chakras transformed into lotuses. Man shines forth in all directions – E W N S above & below. Man is the stable one, shining forth, degrees of light – expand from acute to Right Angles. Man becomes an Adept. Om Ris

Threads of Light
There is a life thread (heart), a consciousness thread of light (head) & a thread of Creativity (throat) – the Science of the Antakarana – Rainbow Bridge. Lower is Libra, then mental body (Aries). We build the lower part of the Antakarana, the lower creative thread with our creative imagination & aspiration. Then the other two threads drop down from above. Education in the New Age (book) talks about the Science of the Antakarana. Learning about the threads. Art, geometric forms, artists, their times, their astrology charts – many have Taurus in their charts. Taurus is Ray 4, the ray of Art. Taurus, Ray 4, Buddhic plane.

24 Right Angles are the 24 lunation’s of the year. 12 new moons, 12 full moons. 24 = 24 hours of the Day. 24 is the number of Shamballa & Sanat Kumar.
The Gayatri which invokes the Light has 24 syllables.
Gayatri invokes the Light. Cube is the perfected human.
90 degree angles have to do with Light emanating.
We are moving from dark (below the equator) to Light (above the equator), from Pisces.

Note: Chinese doing research into painting our cells with different colored light thru the use of frequencies.
We already have wrong frequencies with wifi, with 5G, with HAARP.
What are the implications in terms of our health?
It depends on who is controlling the frequencies.
And their purpose.

Frequencies have to do with angles of Light & the devas.

There is an occult phrase – Angles awaken Angels.
Angles awaken Angels. Angles of Light. Angels of Light.
Geometry – acute angles (less than 90 degrees), obtuse angles (more than 90 degrees). Cube – all 90 degree angles, correct angles for the Light.

Art, music will be the way humanity is awakened, more than words. There will be a new art & music coming forth in the new era of Aquarius. What will it be like?

On Social Media – movie called 355 – in movie theaters. All scheduled Jan 7 – 13, the only move that’ splaying in the US
& Europe. People don’t know what is going on about this. George Washington had a woman spy whose name was 455. Four women from 4 different cultures – formed a group working together like super spies, named after GW’s spy.
Who knows anything about this? American Spy Action film. International spies stopping terrorist organization from starting WW3. The quality of the film depends upon the forces behind it’s creation & what their message is….we’ll see.

Monday, January 3, 2022- 8am

“The fires of God, electric and dynamic, burn out alloy.
They leave the pure gold of our essence untouched.” (Discipleship in the New Age, Volume I, Page 652)
A Word.
Choosing a Word of Dedication for the Year.
What is it? What will it be? The word that is to color our new year ahead?

Bodhisattva Vows & Prayers for the Coming Year.
We become the Light of the World.
The wheel rotates. Light Expands. From above to below.
Then side to side. We become the Light of the World.

Today – January 3, 2022. Monday.
Bodhisattva Vows & Prayers – lamps in the darkness.

Today – Sun in Capricorn – Rays 1, 3, 7.
V/c today – from 8:21am – 2:44pm – west coast time.
A day of quiet & rest.

Under the LIght of Sagittarius
And today is the 9th Day of walking with the Magi Astrologer Kings.
It’s the Light of Sagittarius today – Rays 4, 5, 6.
So many Rays today.
The Disciple is Phillip – he lived a life motivated by holy aspiration. When we aspire, the kundalini fire slowly moves upward, opening the lotus petals of the chakras…slowly they rise up to the head, to the pineal & pituitary…creating the spiritualized mind. The Divine Light of the Mind.

Matthew 5:14 – “Be the Light of the World for humanity.”

Untold blessings await those who dedicate themselves as the Light of the World, emanating the Light of the Sun.

Horizontals & verticals. Horizonals rotates by verticals. The Adept is a vertical one, the Divine flowing thru his six centers manifesting into the objective world. The flow is downwards & the side to side. The vertical light is the Light of the World the Christ told His disciples they were to be.

Disciples receive the Light from above, then shares that light with the world. Verticals rotates the horizontals. Angles become right angles, then they become angels. Life moves on in tune with the Plan. We visualize the vertical column with six lotuses, unfolding, with related light transmitted upward & into all directions.
Verticals rotate horizontals, Horizontals meet verticals. Degrees expand angles. Angles awaken Angels. The wheel rotates.

We become Bodhisattvas.
Our vows for the year as Disciples.

We vow to:
• Abstain from the Unwholesome
• To do the wholesome
• We vow to benefit All beings

Prayer of the Four Immeasurables
• We Pray tha