Polarity and Duality

Gemini is the sign that mediates between and brings synthesis to all polarities and dualities. Polarity and duality are often thought of as the same thing &emdash; a state of opposition &emdash; but actually these words have, though subtle, very different definitions. Duality is a theory about the nature of reality, stating that matter always consists of two irreducible elements. Polarity, on the other hand, is the condition in which one body exhibits opposite or contrasting properties. Whereas duality suggests separation, in contrast, polarity implies inherent unity.

In the great “night of time”, before the universe was created, there was only One Being revolving around itself. In a flash of creative thought-desire, this One Being decided to expand Itself and in Its expansion created a reflection of Itself. The One therefore became the Two in order to see Itself, though both One and Two were of the same substance. This One pouring forth substance containing Itself is what is called polarity. Gazing on this reflection of Self, the One delighted in what It saw and, in order to see many reflections of Itself, created the worlds. In essence, out of the Mind of God (the Father) came forth the Matter of God (the Mother). A Divine Love emanated from these original Two gazing upon each other, and the physical universe, with its great Suns (sons) and planets (daughters/Earth being a planet), was born. Spirit thus created, entered, and became a different form of Itself and is now what we call matter. Great worlds and solar systems were born from this initial reflection of God seeing Itself, and all matter of elements came to be from that original flame reflected, and great waters warmed and cooled, and land masses solidified, flora and fauna flourished, creatures began to emerge from the depths, and &emdash; lo and behold &emdash; humans were created in the image and likeness of their Creators.

At first, propagation of each species was performed by a budding process. There were no distinctions between male or female beings, for they were one. As Spirit descended into denser and denser matter, it became appropriate that a separation should occur between male and female processes. During a time called the Lemurian Period, 18 million years ago, a developmental change occurred in the human species &emdash; that of separating the sexes into two distinct forms, each having opposite characteristics of the other. This separation was a necessary developmental stage for humanity. Separation brings with it an inner search for unity, and the seeking of the other half of itself. Since humanity needed to begin its ascent back to its original home, a sense of longing for something lost, in the form of this other self, was established.

In the world of form (here on Earth), the original polarity of the Two really being One, was further separated when our human forms became either male or female. This was the beginning of what we call duality &emdash; two things that understand and know not each other. Meanwhile, as the original Fire of the Father entered deeper and deeper into matter’s denseness, that Fire became hidden and veiled in mineral, animal, plant, and human forms. This great separation created a forgetfulness within humans about the nature of reality. Humans began a quest for what they felt within themselves was the “lost other” part of the self. Eventually, and as humanity experienced more and more the density of living within matter, a psychology, or world view, called dualism emerged concerning the nature of reality. One side, the scientific, proposed that matter is all there is and that knowledge is only available through the brain which quantifies, measures, and sorts things. The other world view, the religious, proposed that reality consists of a unified consciousness, mind, and spirit, and that such energies, issuing forth from a great initial Intelligence, are the source of life itself, and that knowledge is available through contemplation, prayer, and spiritual study.

The Ancient Mysteries reveal to us that dualism (oppositions) is what occurs on Earth for the purpose of creating tension in order that the two opposite views eventually join. But dualism is a construction within matter and not a prime cause within reality or behind form. It is Gemini who first allows us to see these distinctions through its work with Mercury, its personality ruler. And it is also Gemini, through its Soul work with Venus, that eventually harmonizes the two world views. Gemini with Mercury gives us the facts. Gemini with Venus gives us the wisdom that the facts contain hidden within themselves the seeds of a Oneness. It is, like Gemini itself, a paradox to be pondered.