Saturn the Dweller on the Threshold

The constellation Capricorn is called the sign of initiation. It is also one of two “gates” provided for the advancement of the human spirit. The first gate is through Cancer (mother’s womb), where humanity enters Earth. The second gate is through Capricorn, where the experienced, strong-personalitied human re-enters the realms of Spirit. Capricorn and the planet Saturn work together on both the personality and Soul level. Saturn’s work with Capricorn is to provide a structure or series of lessons for humanity. Later, Saturn, still in the form of a teacher, becomes what is called the “Dweller on the Threshold”, masking the presence of an Archangel.

In the tarot, Saturn represents the devil (“lived” spelled backwards). Now, the devil isn’t a bad anything. The devil is a metaphor for the personality, or realm of the senses, the part of us that needs to grow strong through participation in Earth experiences. The purpose of our sense nature is to build the personality or ego. But there comes a time when the sensuous aspects of matter no longer feed the personality. This is when we are tested in order to determine if it’s time to move to the next level. Here we meet the Dweller on the Threshold, or Saturn (devil). To pass the test we must exhibit a build-up of mental, or mind, substance. If we pass the test, the face of the “devil” changes into the an Archangel. It takes a transfiguration of sight and the activation of the Third Eye in order to illuminate, intuit, discriminate, and discern what is real.