The Plan


The information in Night Light News often refers to something called The Plan. In the dictionary the word ‘plan’ means:

  • Foundation (Taurus), arrangement of a structure, a piece of ground, a scheme or program for making, doing or arranging something.
  • To plan is to design, schedule, outline, and is a method of proceeding. It also means to have in mind, a project or purpose, formulated beforehand. It implies the use of skill in executing and arranging a design. With the use of the imagination (Pisces), the plan precedes the outcome.

Taurus, an earth sign, is responsible for the Plan of Evolution. Taurus is the home of the Pattern Makers or Archetype Lords, names which reflect Taurus’ purpose. It is the responsibility of the Taurean hierarchy to create, hold and filter to Earth, through the planet Venus, bits and pieces of the Plan for evolution. Now Taurus receives its information from the star Ray 4 in the Big Dipper. Ray 4 is called the Art of Living Ray which works itself out on Earth by presenting us with raw materials (also called Chaos) in order that with our minds we may fashion order and beauty. There is a deeper level to the planet Venus than just the idea of love, sex and beauty. Venus also represents the mind which can forge order out of chaos and beauty out of raw materials. Remember the Venusian Lords gave humanity the seeds of the mind 18 million years ago. And it has taken us up to the present time to activate those mental seeds.

The entire universe, with Earth acting a very small though important part, functions within a Plan fashioned long ago when night ruled the Earth. (Remember “night” is a code word as mentioned in our first issue.) Presently the Plan for humanity is the ending of time as we know it. The structure of time, a concept needed when working within dense matter, produces separation, polarities, and eventually, misunderstandings. It is through the cessation of time that synthesis takes place between all kingdoms, minds, races, religions and belief systems. Have you noticed time has speeded up, the electro-magnetic field has lowered and the frequency is shifting to the next dimension?