The Festival of Humanity

The third most important Full Moon of each solar year is the Gemini Full Moon, or Festival of Humanity, which occurs this year before dawn on June 16, 2000 at 3:27 (PDT). It is also called the Christ Full Moon, the Festival of Goodwill, or World Invocation Day. The two previous important Full Moons were Aries and Taurus, both of which gathered and held specific frequencies to be distributed to Earth at the third, and this month’s, Full Moon of Gemini.

Ancient Wisdom teaches that world peace will occur when every being demonstrates the capacities of Goodwill and Right Human Relations. These qualities are just now being brought to consciousness in the human family. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon to stimulate and orient humanity toward such attributes.

All seven branches of human endeavor; the political, educational, philosophical, artistic, scientific, religious, and financial fields; are influenced and stirred to adjust themselves toward Goodwill and Right Human Relations. When one’s intentions are focused on the energy of Goodwill, the unifying core of self and others is released, which, in turn, creates understanding and global unity. The intention and, therefore, activation of Goodwill releases the freedom, wisdom, and love that resides in the Heart of the Sun. This is an esoteric mystery. But if you take the words literally, and ponder on them, you will understand.

Gemini is responsible for humanity’s evolution through the use of the mind principle. Sagittarius is responsible for making the mind principle available. The Lords of Sagittarius presently activate the very seeds of the mind originally given to young humanity by Venus over eighteen million years ago.

During this month’s Full Moon, the star Ray 2 in the Big Dipper and Sirius, to the left of Orion’s Belt and the brightest in our night sky, infuse pure Love frequencies into the Gemini/Sagittarius constellations. These then descend to the Sun and into Mercury and Venus. From these two planets, and through the ministration of the Christ and the Hierarchy, Love is distributed to Earth. It’s quite a journey. The colors, if we could see them, are midnight blue, pink, and green.

The particular combination of the two stars, two constellations, the Sun, the three planets (Earth is the receiver) and the three colors (there are also tones) produce the fiery energy of Goodwill released all over the world during the Full Moon days. And the result is the activity we call Love. But it’s not the love of romance or feeling or sex. It is the Love of knowledge, or Intelligent Love, which, in turn, creates the willingness to serve as a link of Goodwill, or point of Light, for peace on Earth.

When this particular light energy touches Earth, it is penetrated slowly by our mental, emotional, and etheric fields. The energy of Goodwill released during the Festival of Humanity thus conditions our thoughts, words, emotional reactions and responses, activities, and relationships. It affects everyone. But it works more effectively when we are aware of the timing, activities, and design taking place.