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First Day of Autumn

First Day of Autumn

First Day of Autumn – Sun enters Libra. Reappearance of the Christ meditation today w/ the NGWS. Night Light News is updated – Peace Messengers, Peace Wave, Peace itself, Mercury, Autumn. We concentrate on Libra today. Libra is the sign of...

Geomagnetic Storms

Geomagnetic Storms yesterday from the Sun. Continuing today. Careful everyone. Makes one feel crazy, body hurts, emotions rising.  Right choices, right communication difficult.  Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - Mercury's day. Mercury rules, guards & guides our day -...

Vulcanism – April 25, 2015

~Vulcan – Ray 1 into 7 – Earthquake in Nepal, Mt. Everest avalanche, etc. ~Saturday – Saturn’s Day – Saturn guards & guides the day. ~“Destruction of Form, cataclysms within nature, continents shaken, lands raised/submerged, in order to, preparatory to the ‘building...