Gemini Festival of Humanity

Goodwill and Great Invocation Day


(Gemini Seed Thought)


Friday, June 9, is the full moon and the 3rd Spring Solar Festival of 2017. This Gemini Solar Festival has many names – Festival of Humanity, Festival of Goodwill, of Unification & of Humanity and World Invocation Day. The new and full moon days are esoteric (spiritual) holy days. At present the world’s many religions have different holy days. However, “In the future world, humanity everywhere will keep the same holy days. This will unite spiritual efforts and resources and voice a united spiritual Invocation. Each year humanity will participate together in three great Festivals – the Festival of Easter (Aries), of Wesak (Taurus) and the Festival of Goodwill (Gemini).”

The Festival of Goodwill calls to the Spirit of Humanity everywhere to have Right Relations with all the kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human, spirit). The Gemini Festival acknowledges the Divine nature and inherent intelligence of humanity, stating that “all minds are created equal.”

At the Gemini Festival, the last sermon of the Buddha is preached to the Disciples by the Christ. What is this sermon? It has eight (8) points.

  1. Have no expectations as to the outcomes of desire.
  2. Be content.
  3. Be serene.
  4. Allow every moment of life be a meditation.
  5. Follow the teachings (not the teacher).
  6. Know that everything always changes.
  7. Remain the observer.
  8. Know that All is One.


The Buddha’s blessings from Wesak (Taurus) are distributed to humanity on this day through the Light of Gemini via the Christ, the Aquarian World Teacher. A great tide of Love thus flows around and into the Earth. This light brings forth Goodwill, Right Conditions and harmony, unifying Heaven and Earth. A synthesis occurs between whatever is opposed and/or separated. Everything becomes One again.

Goodwill is the keynote, the “touchstone that can transform the world.” Intentions for Goodwill create Right Human Relations which creates Peace in our world…it is the only Way.

All around the world on this day, people are reciting the Great Invocation, the Great Mantram of Direction for Humanity. Here is Eleanor Roosevelt reciting the Great Invocation at the Gemini Festival, World Invocation Day, June 1952.





March 21 – April 19: Identifying as creative generates a sense of goodwill. Creativity calls you to initiate new endeavors that respond to all the changes coming your way in terms of work, relationships and how you’re recognized. Everything is not what we think it is. Observe the world with poise. Tend to health with a focus on proper digestion (probiotics, enzymes, green foods, etc.) and raised vitality.


April 20 – May 20:  Home sustains your relationship. There’s much to be done at home. What is the larger picture concerning your life, geography, relationships, partnerships? Careful working in the hot sun. You may not be absorbing enough water. Maintain adequate electrolytes each day. Something challenges you, calling you to consider other realities. Perhaps it’s your health. Read the Medical Medium’s books.


May 21 – June 20:  Mercury, your planetary messenger, is in Taurus, calling for illuminating communications with others. A line of light beams from Sirius streams directly into your heart, unifying polarities, calling you to love (Ray 2) more. Then the twelve petals of your heart open and new revelations come forth. Study Venus, land, soil, gardens, greenhouses, communities and neighborhoods.


June 21 – July 22:  Communication may feel hidden away behind veils. You may have a sore throat. You may feel frustration. Those around you may be acting out those feelings for you. There’s a situation with money. Whatever you give opens a gate to receiving. Always what we give is returned tenfold – a cosmic law. Is there a wound or hurt occurring? Are your feet painful? Do you feel limited in some way? This will pass.


July 23 – August 22: After too much time with groups you will seek to retreat. Sitting amidst your Sun are remembrances and emotions from the past calling you to a state of healing and liberating forgiveness. Gratitude follows forgiveness. It’s important to value every person, event and occurrence in our lives. When we do so, a vital life-force flows forth and all restrictions and obstructions disappear.


August 23 – September 22:  Enter into any new endeavors slowly; resting along the way so your physical body, emotions and mind can get used to new rhythms and realities. You are in a state of change and reorientation. New values and resources emerge from deep contemplation and considerations. A new eighteen- month cycle is beginning. Are you considering a restructuring of your home environments?


September 23 – October 22: You move from being in the world and serving there to the needed comforts of home, attempting adequate time for both. Deep emotions (Pluto) call you home while a sense of wanderlust calls you to travel. Both are of comfort. Daily life seems veiled, yet happy, with realities ever-shifting. At times, you’re called in four different directions. Only the Angels of the Four Directions are consistent. Ask them to accompany you.


October 23 – November 21:  Try to be charitable when communicating about other people’s lives, choices and resources. Maintain ethics and kindness within the many variations of reality. Your values have shifted. This is good. Home becomes a place where you seek comfort from the past. A wound seems to come out of nowhere. A return to spiritual resources would help. A return to prayer, to Mass, to church are needed in times of reorientation.


November 22 – December 21:  It is good to focus on the value and quality of all your life experiences. You want to have comfort and ease with money and resources. Questions appear concerning what you most value. Create a list of values – personal, political, work, education, profession, people. What is of value in terms of relationships and communication? And why? Your “other” self is in need of being discovered.


December 22 – January 19:   An illumination, a fruition, a completion and then a new beginning occurs at the full moon. Do you (like Libra) feel stretched upon a cross, called in four directions? It feels very difficult. Acknowledge all four realities. Place an angel at each of the four directions. Stand at the center of the cross and willingly, intelligently and lovingly work from there. The angels speak these words: purity, dedication, love and service. They are potencies (powers) to work with. Just for you.


January 20 – February 18:  Careful with money. Keep track of it. Neptune’s afoot. Be extra careful with communication. Use words to help and praise others. Kind words nurture you. Careful driving. Stay focused. Each day seems filled with responsibilities, tasks, errands in order to create comfort and nurturance. Attempt to be less strict and more conciliatory. People will listen more to you with depth and concern when you are kind(er).


February 19 – March 20:  You sense a new level of work will appear soon, a transition into a greater world. It awakens new states of self-identity and the ability to work with and serve others in greater capacities. The world seeks education and nurturing. You have the qualities needed. However, you feel a great tension and unease of not being in the right place. Yet you must continue forward. Something changes soon. Bravely, mindfully carry on.


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