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May 18 – 25, 2016


The Gemini Festival of Humanity

Festival of Goodwill

World Invocation Day

At the Time of the Full Moon


starlight falling at the gemini festival


Precipitation of Energies Falling to the Earth at the Gemini Festival

Sirius – Ray 2 (Love/Wisdom)

A star in the Big Dipper – Ray 2

Gemini, the constellation – Ray 2

The heart of the Sun – Ray 2

Mercury, Venus, the Earth realm.

Shamballa, where the Will of God is Known

Hierarchy, Ray 2

New Group of World Servers


The Kingdoms

The heart of the Earth, Ray 2

We draw this precipitation of energies at the Gemini Festival.

gemini - full moon

The Festival

The Gemini Solar Festival of Goodwill, of Humanity, and World Invocation Day occurs Saturday, May 21, 2:14pm (Pacific time) at 1.14 degrees Gemini. This is the third Spring Festival and the first of two blue moons of Gemini. Very auspicious, blue moons (which means two full moons) in the time of Gemini.

light of gemini

As the Light of Gemini enters the Earth, the Forces of Reconstruction also stream in. They sweep throughout the Earth producing in humanity (seeking God’s Will) a dedication and an aspiration to express Goodwill. Goodwill produces Right Human Relations which produce the first anchoring of Peace on Earth. During the festival the Christ, the Hierarchy (inner spiritual government) and New Group of World Servers distribute to humanity the Will-to-Good (the Wesak blessing) from the Father.

The Buddha’s blessing, safe-guarded by the Christ since the last full moon, is released to humanity. During the Gemini festival all things polarized come into harmony and unity. The Gemini festival invoking world fellowship, represents the Work of both Buddha and Christ (brothers). During the festival, the Christ, representing humanity as its elder brother, reads the last sermon of the Buddha. The three spring festivals and the two great Teachers, together, through united invocation and rhythm, stabilize East & West, humanity and the kingdoms for the coming year.

gemini twins

Since 1952), humanity worldwide has celebrated World Invocation Day ( – a global day of prayer and meditation – where people of different spiritual paths invoke together the energies of Light, Love and Spiritual Purpose, using the Great Invocation.

The NGWS invites everyone to join the Gemini Festival World Invocation day (on inner levels) by reciting the Great Invocation together. (Read more on my FB page, Risa D’Angeles) Sunday, Mercury (Gemini’s personality ruler) turns stationary direct (14 degrees Taurus). Mercury joins with Venus & Gemini in a triangle of emanating light “poured forth as a radiant blessing to humanity, the Earth & her kingdoms.

Gemini - persian art - the twinsTwo Gemini Festivals

There are two Gemini festivals this year, quite an auspicious Gemini event.

The next Gemini festival, the 2nd full moon occurring in Gemini, is June 20, which is also Summer solstice.

A quote for the Gemini Festival from Esoteric Astrology (pp 348-9).

From the Old Commentary:

gemini - synthsizing the polarities“Upon the golden triangle, the Cosmic Christ appeared; His head in Gemini; one foot upon the field of the Seven Fathers (Big Dipper) and the other planted in the field of the Seven Mothers (Pleiades). Thus for aeons, the Great One stood, His consciousness in-turned, aware of three but not of four.

Intent, with suddenness, He heard a sound go forth….

Arousing to that cry, He stretched Himself, reached forth both arms in understanding Love, and, behold, the Cross was formed.”




I See and When

The Eye is Open,

All is Light

(Taurus Seed Thought)




View Graphs of the Sun’s Activity

X-flare & Geo-magnetic Storm Monitor: Solar events (sun spots, solar flares, etc.) represent the activity of our the Solar Logos. The Sun’s activity accelerates our evolution. There is a connection between the activity on the Sun and events on Earth.







View Phases of the Moon





March 21 – April 19: Notice your many and varied goals this year, climbing the ladder to reach those goals. Notice also that a new authority, one finer tuned, responsible, and aware of the importance to serve others, has appeared as new values in your life. These are the beginning of great accomplishments, as well as great challenges. They are the qualities of the Soul. You have done well. Keep climbing.


April 20 – May 20:  Your true self is a leader and teacher everyone seeks in these times of unpredictable changed & relationship instabilities. Is a heath crisis making work difficult? Does it seem time has lessened? Do you barely have time for other pursuits? Continue research and contact with others also concerned for humanity’s future. Expand your garden. Build a green house. Find land for community for humanity and its children.


May 21 – June 20:  Offer the praise and recognition everyone in your life needs by articulating your gratitude to them ceaselessly. You’re blessed with creative gifts manifested as outer abilities. A new identity is taking shape. It’s a deeper Soul identity. One gift of the Soul is recognizing the spiritual purpose behind all relationships. Can you see these? Or are you caught in a duality of purpose? A Gemini test. Stand always with intentions for Goodwill. This is your festival.


June 21 – July 22:  You may feel your work at times takes you away from family. And then, in turn, family feels like it takes you away from your (spiritual) work. Your task is to balance the two. The more difficult, the greater the Initiation. Do you have visions and dreams for a different future? Envision and (day) dream more. In between health crisis and responsibilities glimmers of dreams occur. Record them.


July 23 – August 22: The work demanded in your life make feel overwhelming. So much to do, so many people to mentor, so many thoughts, so many emotions trying to express themselves all at the same time. Difficult communication creates touch of sadness. Someone(s) needs communication. Relationships could feel hidden, like art objects yet to be found. Someone thinks of you daily.


August 23 – September 22:  A profound creativity is building within you. Some Virgos become pregnant with new physical life. Some will gestate a new level of artistry and creativity. You’re being impressed from all levels, high and low, to bring beauty forth. Each day recognize the life force within all kingdoms by expressing clear unconditional love to everyone and everything. Study essential oils and flower remedies.


September 23 – October 22: As thoughts from the past appear and reappear, your response to them determines how you feel each day. If saddened or in grief, take Ignatia Amara (homeopath). Some thought may urge forgiveness, contact and care of another. Distorted remembrances and beliefs hinder your deep creative self. Develop intentions for Goodwill. It creates Right Remembering and Right Relations. More love follows.


October 23 – November 21:  Communication expands internally, becoming full and rich with memories. Though it’s internal, you realize the need to communicate thoughts to others who can listen with care, ask the right questions, and maintain confidentiality when needed. Seek these people. Let others see your strengths as well as the need for security. Don’t keep secrets. Share a bit more. It’s safe.


November 22 – December 21:  Yes, more change is coming. Having its own sense of timing and this can lead you to feel impatience. A new world stage is being prepared. Your sign creates publishers, world travelers, foodies, writers, philosophers. Nothing overshadows your sense of adventure. Maintain the present direction. Let the doors (of perception) open by themselves. A. Huxley’s words/book.


December 22 – January 19:   Spiritual forces, ever-directing, inform you to rest from climbing that ever-present ladder reaching into the heavens of success. It’s good to unwind from your extraordinary capable sense of responsibility. We award your high standards applied to all endeavors of life. Now you must relax and rejuvenate before your next tasks appear. Begin each day with the words, “I have the intention for Goodwill in all aspect of my life.”


January 20 – February 18: All realities in life begin by having needs, then hoping, then imagining things appearing. Inner life is shaped by these until one day dreams appear in form and matter. Attempt to clarify what’s important, of value and what you must pursue next. Sometimes this is difficult. Some of us live only in the moment. But within each moment is a vision of the future. Try to capture it.


February 19 – March 20:  You had future plans. However, they are changing daily. Create collaboration with another. It will take you far into the future, creating the template for a new future. You understand the changes occurring on our planet. You “seek to serve and not exact due service, to heal not hurt others”. At times you are hurting. This is so compassion deepens – your particular task. The future isn’t formed yet. It must be imagined by all of us. Demonstrate this daily.


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