Esoteric Astrology as News July 15 – 22, 2015

Light in the Mind (Gaining Knowledge)

Light of the World (radiating the nourishing Cancer Light)

Jade Helm (strategic military maneuvers) begins.

mastering human domain, jade helmOn July 15th, at the new moon (no light) something new was initiated in the Unites States called Jade Helm (July 15 – Sept. 15). Strategic military maneuvers in western and southern states, a massive surveillance of the United States people. It’s important we know about these things. The keywords on the Jade Helm logo are,” Mastering the Human Domain”. It’s AI (artificial intelligence) being tested to monitor humanity and to make decisions based on the information gathered. See July 10th article (& references) on my FB page concerning Jade Helm (the name’s innocuous) and why it’s important to be aware. Access my FB page via my website. So everyone can read, study, ponder & decide.
cancerThis is our last week of Cancer’s light. Next Wednesday night, July 22, Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, the Sun enters Leo. Before Leo arrives, let us understand Cancer more deeply.
Everyone’s astrology chart contains the sign Cancer. All 12 signs are in everyone’s astrology chart. Each month as the Sun enters a new sign, everyone is affected and influenced by the prevailing sign. Every sign has three developmental stages humanity sequentially progresses through. Here are Cancer’s developmental stages. All stages are important. They strengthen us to be able to step onto the next, higher stage of awareness.
Fishing in Paris by D. Saarela
1) At first we are self-oriented, self-absorbed and self-important (personality building).
2) After many lifetimes we awaken to our environments (Earth, families, friends). We become sensitive to others. (Cancer & Leo are the signs of sensitivity.)
3) Then, one day, under the Soul’s Light we identify and are united with the Whole (which means holy), with all of Life.
1) At first we have selfish desires (important developmental stage). Eventually caught in desire, we experience loneliness and isolation.
2) In despair we seek help, uplifting desire to aspiration (Soul quality).
3) The Soul then begins to shed light into our personality.
Filled with the Soul’s light we become the “Light of the World.” With this light, we “build a lighted house for humanity and invite humanity home.” We dwell there, too. Goodbye & thank you, Cancer. Hello, Leo.



March 21 – April 19:  Notice your many and various goals this past year. You’ve climbed the ladder to a pinnacle in order to reach those goals. You have become over time very potent (Pluto). Notice your new authority; one that is finer tuned, more responsible, aware of the importance to serve others. These are great accomplishments though they felt like great challenges. You’ve done well. Continue.


April 20 – May 20: Each day you demonstrate your true self, an illumined teacher during times of change and transformation, crisis, stress and strain. Actively pursuing a “call”, you barely have time for other realities. Continue speaking with those sharing your concern for humanity’s future. Your resource in helping humanity understand our challenging times is communication. You have created a “garden” of needing-to-be-shared information. We listen, learn and are grateful.


May 21 – June 20: Show others how you value them. Offer praise and recognition to everyone, all the kingdoms, and for everything in your life. Each of us is blessed with creative gifts and abilities. Your gift is communication and love. What you offer helps others grow, transform, achieve, evolve and grow more. Your gifts move humanity forward spiritually. It’s a contract you made long ago. With the Soul (Ray 2).


June 21 – July 22: You can feel work takes time away from family. Your task and lesson, difficult as it may seem, is to balance the two – work & family. The more difficult this task is the greater the test and initiation (greater awareness, greater responsibilities). Do you have visions for a different future? Or have you given them up? A new identity is appearing with new dreams and visions. Watch for them.


July 23 – August 22: Your life has assumed greater and expansive dimensions. You’re being asked to love more. So many dreams, inspirations and thoughts moving through your mind yet hidden behind a veil. This brings forth great emotions. Attempting to express yourself you find communication difficult, tangled with sadness. You remember many things from the past. All your travels, loves, journeys. You gather them in a jewelbox of memories. You become Vesta.


August 23 – September 22: A deep hidden creativity is building within. For many years to come creative ideas will appear. You’re being impressed from spiritual realms to bring forth your artistic creative nature through prayer, meditation, spiritual study, group work, sharing resources with others. You are to garden and collect seeds. Doing so helps express love to all kingdoms. Suspend crystals in each window.


September 23 – October 22: Judgment, criticisms, anger from past experiences determine life in our present/future. Consider changing your thoughts. If you desire freedom, the first is freedom from the past. Before entering the Earth we make contracts with family members. Each family member will act in such a way that our evolutionary growth moves foreword. What seemed so difficult was really a door toward liberation. Have the intention to always radiate forgiveness and Goodwill. Choose to love more.


October 23 – November 21: Expanded communication and creativity, full and rich, are being informed by the journeys taken. Share, write about and communicate your thoughts and experiences. Simultaneously, set aside moments of silence each day for yourself. Allow those you trust to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You are and are not an island. Don’t confuse the two. They are one. However, island life is good for you.


November 22 – December 21: A new world stage prepares itself for you. Sagittarians are publishers, world travelers, and philosophers living in no one’s shadow. In fact these adventurous warriors create shadows others stand in. You continue to be at the very edge of change. However, that change is not quite prepared enough for you. Maintain your present direction and state of being. Doors open gradually by themselves. Surprises lay ahead.


December 22 – January 19: Inner impressions are informing you to take time alone and rest. Focus upon closeness and communication with those you love. More love is then returned. You might unwind from your extraordinary states of responsibility. We award your constant standards of beauty applied to all areas of life. Know that communication may be difficult (Neptune/Chiron). Try anyway. Speak from the heart. Other hearts listen.


January 20 – February 18: Realities appearing in life begin with hopes, wishes, dreams and imagination. Form and matter are shaped by what we imagine until one day our dreams are materialized. Attempt to clarify what is important to you, what you want to pursue, and who you want to be in the years to come. Sometimes this is difficult. Some of us live only in the moment. But within each moment there is a vision for our future. Capture and ponder upon it.


February 19 – March 20: You may have plans for the immediate future. They may change. There is a collaboration occurring with you and another. Pursuing this will bring about a synthesis that will take you far into the future into a world very different than expected. Understanding the present planetary changes, “seek to serve and not exact due service…seek to heal never hurt.” But at times you are hurting which deepens compassion for your particular task and Pisces duties in life.





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X-flare & Geo-magnetic Storm Monitor: Solar events (sun spots, solar flares, etc.) represent the activity of our the Solar Logos. The Sun’s activity accelerates our evolution. There is a connection between the activity on the Sun and events on Earth.

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