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December 14 – December 20, 2016

Darkness Always Precedes the Light



This is our last week before Winter Solstice. Mercury retrogrades (Monday, Dec. 19) through Christmas and into 2017. That means four safe days for holiday shopping (before the 19th). This is our last week of Advent, a spiritual, religious and astronomical cycle. When the Sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn (solstice), winter begins (December 21st). We are in our darkest days of the year. Before the new light.

winter-solstice-deerWe sense inner and outer preparations…for the change of seasons, for solstice, a holy child. Advent, ‘adventus’, “something’s about to happen, something’s arriving.” There is expectancy, a hushed time of waiting. The Hebrews await the Messiah. Christians the Second Coming, esotericists the Reappearance of Christ, Buddhists the Boddhisattva, Hindus the coming Avatar and Islam the Imam Mahdi. All of Earth’s kingdoms await the new light. Always darkness precedes the Light.

rabbit-at-winter-solsticeTwo thousand years ago a holy child was born into our world (at the intersection of east and west). He came in an age of great darkness (ignorance). His birth created a new law. And a new light shone in that dark world. Something beyond the Laws of the Old Testament (10 Commandments). What was anchored in the Earth was the Light of Love. He said to us, “Love one another.” With every annual rebirth of the new light in the world at Winter Solstice, the veils between the visible & invisible worlds become more transparent.

Wednesday, Dec. 21st at 2:44 am, west coast time, Sun enters Capricorn. The new light dawns. The New Group of World Servers begins preparations for Wesak.






I See the Goal

I Reach That Goal

And Then I See Another

(Sagittarius Seed Thought)




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X-flare & Geo-magnetic Storm Monitor: Solar events (sun spots, solar flares, etc.) represent the activity of our the Solar Logos. The Sun’s activity accelerates our evolution. There is a connection between the activity on the Sun and events on Earth.







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March 21 – April 19: Careful and conscious communication, especially with elders, wise ones, teachers, supervisors, colleagues and those you work with, is most important. There could be misunderstandings and misgivings. Have the intention to “hold your mind steady in the light” of Right Relations so that all your thoughts radiate love yet also authority. This allows for true leadership. At times you may need to be strict. Do it with compassion.


April 20 – May 20: All of humanity is called to be a “thinker”. Thinker begins with curiosity, then gathering information. Usually we believe what other people tell us. We believe what they believe. In our world ignorance is more acceptable than knowledgeable thinking. This must change for humanity. Taurus is called to have an illumined mind that illuminates the minds of others. Offering the light of knowledge. Throughout all your lifetimes, this is your purpose.


May 21 – June 20:  For deeper self-identification it would be good for you to study the lives of ancient philosophers. Many, as Thinkers, Philosophers and Knowers, began schools and academies with lifetimes as great teachers. Geminis are teachers and writers. What are you studying at present? Learn also about investments, preparing your assets should something unexpected occur (illness, death, economic loss). This is Gemini intelligence at work. Read Catherine Austin Fitts.


June 21 – July 22:  Past loves and relationships (and perhaps monetary concerns) may show up in one or more ways, especially in your thinking and in your heart. You will revisit previous issues, especially misunderstandings and misinterpretations with those present in your life. With all communication, examine the intentions behind words, assess the meanings, and do not over-react or there will be sadness, illusion and separation. You may need to make several financial decisions soon.


July 23 – August 22: Tend carefully to your health at this time; be sure to exercise (gently) as part of a daily routine. Allow yourself the thought that mistakes are made more easily now. Therefore, check and re-check all work, writing, thoughts and actions. With co-workers realize criticism separates while cooperation unifies. You are a natural leader. Others look to you as a model of either good or bad (manners). Wear the color violet and rose.


August 23 – September 22:  Has something bothered you in the past months? Something about your relationship or lover or children or even your sense of creativity. Whatever it is will re-emerge in your daily life for healing. You will ponder upon the field of love. It is most important to be exacting and truthful. Truth occurs when we love enough. Love mobilizes us to do what we must. What is that “must” for you? Remember to “love more.”


September 23 – October 22: It’s important to communicate more with family members. Or to at least consider this communication so that in during the holydays your heart will be able and willing. Care in communication needs to be taken with family and all domestic matters, including real estate. You might consider transforming your home(s) so that they reflect more beauty. Accomplish all things, including communication, with non-judgment and ahimsa (doing no harm). These will protect you in later lives.


October 23 – November 21:  Often you feel the ancient fires (ancient battles) coursing through your body allowing regeneration to take place. You hide yourself away sometimes. You know many would not understand. So often you live in the shadow of a thought- form of protection. It takes a long time for you to trust. However, during this time you will need to contact and connect with others. If you remember, “Contact releases Love,” you will be released (and protected).


November 22 – December 21:  Previous financial issues may appear. Don’t feel threatened. You will not drown in financial perplexity. Instead think re-budgeting instead of continuing to purchase. The only real use of money at this time is for educating others and for tithing to those in need. And for beauty. Think on all the charities that you believe in. For gifts this year, tithe to those charities, in other people’s names. This provides you with real wealth.


December 22 – January 19:   It’s best to remain balanced between the garden and being out in the world. Sometimes hiding behind a large tree in the courtyard while a party’s going on. In the past you have been misunderstood. Through no fault of your own. Sometimes people think you are different or emotionally distant. You really aren’t. You’re a spiritual onlooker, a silent Watcher and Listener. This is a grace-filled place to be. A place of beauty. A mentor for others.


January 20 – February 18: A completely new world-view begins to emerge in your understanding of life and the world. Your knowledge is being expanded which nurtures future plans. There has been uncertainty the past several years. However, this has strengthened you, allowed courage to come forth. Intuition becomes your guide and will remain with you at all times. This is a golden realm, a golden thread. You are protected.


February 19 – March 20:  Ideas, goals, hopes and visions, groups and friends from the past may show up either in person, in classes, in dreams, letters, emails or phone calls. It’s therefore important to review your hopes and wishes for the future. They may no longer exist. So many dreams, beliefs, visions and hopes have come and gone. However, a new light dawns, along with a new sense of detachment. This eases you. For now, tend carefully to all phases of health. Drink Golden Milk each night.


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