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 August 17-24, 2016


Leo Wears a Lion Skin


Hercules & lion skin


Thursday, early morning, is the Leo/Sirius Festival (at the time of the full moon). During this Festival of Light, the principles of Love & Freedom stream into the hearts & minds of humanity. The three fires of the Sun burn brightly creating the Burning Ground for humanity, establishing strength of Will, of Love Wisdom & Intelligence in humanity. All of these humanity seeks. Thursday begins three days of Safeguarding that Light of Leo & Sirius, Love & Freedom.

hercules & the lion (ancient art)Each of the 12 Labors (zodiacal signs & Gates) of Hercules is a story about the Soul and the personality. Each sign describes a different relationship between the two. In Cancer, the personality (“dark light of matter”) awaited the light of the Soul.” In Leo, the Soul appears and must learn to overcome the strong personality (wild lion laying devastation to the land).

Leo is the 5th gate, labor and task for Hercules. He is to overcome the Nemean Lion (personality). The people are afraid. Hercules is courageous, strong and brave – Leos qualities. There are two lions in the story. One is the kingly lion, Hercules himself (the Soul). The other is the animal lion (the personality). The animal lion (uncontrolled personality) is “destroying the countryside” (life of the human).

hercules, hero's wreath & lion skinAnd so Hercules goes on his way, passing through Gate 5, alone and unafraid. Eventually he hears the “Lion’s roar in all the land, especially in the evening air”. And comes upon a cave and entering it faces the fierce lion whose breath is fiery hot. Hercules grasps the lion by the throat, until all the lion’s roars of hate subside. And Hercules overcomes the lion with his great courage, strength and act of will.

And the great Teacher, looking on, said to Hercules, “The lion is dead, Hercules, but lions and serpents must be slain again and again. You have done well. Rest now. For Gates 6 (Virgo) opens soon.” In Labor Six (Virgo), Hercules steps upon the shores of a great sea where no men were found. Only a Queen and her Temple Virgins. Hercules wears a lion’s skin. It informs the Teachers he is ready for testing and training. The Sun enters Virgo Monday.

Rubens - Hercules & the Lion





I Am That

And That Am I

(Leo Seed Thought)




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X-flare & Geo-magnetic Storm Monitor: Solar events (sun spots, solar flares, etc.) represent the activity of our the Solar Logos. The Sun’s activity accelerates our evolution. There is a connection between the activity on the Sun and events on Earth.







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March 21 – April 19: You may struggle mentally to maintain equilibrium between desires and what is actually possible. It’s good to study the subject of sacrifice – the 1st Law of the Soul. At the center of sacrifice is Love. paradox. Love and sacrifice both come from the heart. We’re on Earth because we sacrificed to be here. You may feel that you’ve become a fiery warrior. Spiritual warriors always win.


April 20 – May 20:  You assess all relationships in terms of value. You must also assess what you value and the values you offer others. Often you sense there is more you can give. Always you begin with intentions for Goodwill which creates Right Relations. You offer the goodness of yourself in relationships. You know love isn’t a feeling.


May 21 – June 20:  Tend to all things great, small and necessary in daily life. Observe all habits, agendas, and how you serve your world. We evolve step-by-step, beginning with tending to our physical, then emotional, then mental bodies. Then we progress to the Soul. Each day “brood, as a Soul, upon the service for the coming day. Emotions are then calmed. The full moon shines on you.


June 21 – July 22:  You reassess goals and aspirations the next two months. Earth (soil, trees, plants) is very important for your well-being. Make sure you’re out and about in the Sun and nature – the most balanced kingdom. Its radiations strengthen your heart and mind, refocus your enthusiasm (“filled with God”), allowing calm practicality to emerge. Where is your garden and are the devas your companions?


July 23 – August 22: Ponder upon how you want to be seen, known and recognized in the world. Consider your identity as one who is helping to build the new culture and civilization. Leos are to nurture the new era at its foundational stages because Leos are leaders. Begin to share with everyone your thoughts, ideas, resources and discoveries. Cultivate all creative gifts. Leo’s talents must move from self to the community called humanity.


August 23 – September 22:  You’re coming into a new self-identity. It is filled with thoughts of goodness. It’s important to tend to the home. Its value is now and in the future. A certain set of teachings holds possibilities for greater Love & Wisdom. This study allows you to enter into the life stream of humanity through understanding of the mysteries. Uranus asks if you’re studying astrology seriously yet?


September 23 – October 22: It’s a spiritual practice, especially in Leo to realize one is valuable. Is this consideration difficult? If so make lists of all your gifts, abilities, talents, kindnesses, good deeds, thoughts, ideas and plans and givings. There you find value. Place the lists on your walls, reading them each day. This knowledge balances you. It’s the beginning of your self-identity as a Goodwill server for humanity.


October 23 – November 21:  Things, stars, people sometimes go into hiding – especially you. Or you find someone else hiding away and make their acquaintance. There’s actually someone in your life very valuable to you. They’re knowledgeable and have the skills needed for your next creative stages. They are concerned with humanity’s future. Call forth all your resources, using them to help others. Then you begin to come out of hiding.


November 22 – December 21:  Life becomes subtler, slightly different, feelings of compassion awaken. Tend to debts and then give (tithe) to charity. Example of giving to those in need: St. Jude’s Hospital; Doctors Without Borders; UNESCO; Red Cross, Heifer Project. These are difficult financial times. The spiritual law is what we give is returned ten-fold. When we give to others our life is cared for. You need care.


December 22 – January 19:   Things seem transformative at times, restricted other times. Then joy comes from the garden through the door. Along with these “moods” a new identity is occurring. This identity is new yourself. The river of life is gliding you downstream into new territories. Each day you help bring forth the new culture and civilization. What interests you about this? What do you think is your part?


January 20 – February 18: You see the need for nourishment of self and others. One source of nourishment is financial security in terms of home and land. Visualize a home on vast amounts of land. Include a workspace for the arts, cottages, gardens, trees, ponds, communal kitchen. See friends and loved ones close by, Work daily on this through visualization. Draw and paint it. Talk about it. These are the first anchorings of your dream.


February 19 – March 20:  A return to a previous, perhaps put-aside creative work allows you to reaffirm its importance in your life. There’s a renewed fire in the mind, calling you to two things. Laughter with a sense of play, much missed in your life since childhood. And a new level of creative work reflecting who you are now and are becoming. All parts of you yearn toward a close spiritual community. It will appear in its right timing. In paradise.


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