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April 7-13, 2016


Aries New Moon

Supporting the Endeavors

of the Serving Ones




The appearances of a full moon or the pale crescent moon inform us that a new or full moon festival is about to occur. These are special times when a great inflow of Light streams into the the Earth, affecting humanity and the kingdoms. There is a new moon early morning Thursday, April 7 (18 degrees Aries). Around the world, the New Group of World Servers (NGWS, esotericists) meditate during new & full moon times (festivals).

At new moon times the meditation is to strengthen and support the work & endeavors of the NGWS everywhere. The NGWS is dedicated to the establishment of Goodwill in all of humanity. As the new light streams into the Earth, the NGWS receive and distribute the light to humanity. We concentrate and ponder upon how the Plan of Betterment & of Goodwill can anchor and manifest in the world.

Aries is especially good at this anchoring and manifesting. Aries distributes Rays 1 & 7. Ray 1, the Will, Plan & Purpose of God. This Aries light is a searchlight seeking to anchor itself in the world. Ray 7, anchoring a new rhythm, new archetypes for a new world. As the Will to Good (God) streams into the world, it becomes Goodwill within humanity.

There is an ancient esoteric equation – “Intentions for Goodwill become Right Human Relations which establish the first processes of Peace in the world”. And so we begin at this Aries new moon time, strengthening the hands and arms of the NGWS. We join them. We recognize world need. We become devoted to enriching the quality of life, in all the kingdoms, everywhere. Often the NGWS are unrecognized. Their (our) keynotes are the welfare of all living things, understanding the planetary and cosmic relationships (astrology) and the power of Goodwill which brings about real change. Join us, everyone.


aries-new-moon-w: hebrew



I Come Forth

And From The Plane Of Mind

I Rule

(Aries Seed Thought)




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X-flare & Geo-magnetic Storm Monitor: Solar events (sun spots, solar flares, etc.) represent the activity of our the Solar Logos. The Sun’s activity accelerates our evolution. There is a connection between the activity on the Sun and events on Earth.







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March 21 – April 19: It’s most important to think about manners, being tactful and intentions for Right Relations instead of what we are taught – the usual competitiveness, lack of kindness, judgments, headstrongness and aggressiveness. Have conscious intentions to bring forth diplomacy. Allow your endeavors and daily activities to create spiritual resources that serve others. As you make all things new, make them harmonious, too.


April 20 – May 20:  Your subconscious comes to life and all your assertive abilities go into hiding. In the deepest parts of yourself you become brave. You may remember things from the past that creates worry or anxiety. Tend to your body and nervous system with care, choosing foods that calm and lessen inflammation (warm turmeric milk at night). A spiritual presence enters your life. You are asked to be kinder.


May 21 – June 20:  You might find groups of people seeking to visit, chat, discuss ideas, inviting you to a group. You might meet new people, join a group or organization that attracts the sociable part of yourself. Some relationships may fall away, to later reform themselves into better and closer friendships. Or the relationships have completed their purpose. Whatever your goals, the stars support you moving from here to there. Friends help you recognize and value yourself more.


June 21 – July 22:  You wonder about how you present yourself in public. You want to be remembered. If you’re usually a bit shy, this will eventually disappear. The world is your stage for a while and there’s a push to establish yourself, work hard and be the best you can be. You become the very best with determination and drive. Be impulsive, trust yourself, and shed your shell so others can know you better. Share more.


July 23 – August 22: You find yourself setting deep goals, considering far distant travels. Your interests in philosophy, religion, education and expanding your horizons appear in dreams and visions. This is a good time for Leos. You’re optimistic and vitalized because you know in the days ahead you’ll be blazing a trail into the wide adventurous unknown. Visualization and aspiration are your guides.


August 23 – September 22:  Find and read Jung’s “Memories, Dreams and Reflections” and also his “Red Book.” One or the other during this month. To look at, study and even draw symbols in the books that attract you. So you can anchor new archetypes that energize your life. They release the most positive dimensions of your personality and Soul. There will be a seeking for redemption and the way will be revealed in dreams.


September 23 – October 22: Although not quite aware of this, you’re quite brave in your daily life. Other recognize this. You recognize bravery in others because it rests within you like a shadow. You have a great sense of justice and seek, most of the time, peace and harmony. However, there are times when anger takes hold and you lose your way. For a long time. Like a rainstorm cleansing and clearing the air. Love more, no matter what.


October 23 – November 21:  Scorpio is about discipleship all the time. Discipleship is about service, serving others, after knowing how to serve the self. Ask yourself, “What is my service and what and whom do I serve?” Am I tending to my health and duties with care? Do I practice Right Relations with all my relationships, with all kingdoms? Do I hold myself and others in high regard? Am I non-judgmental? We ponder upon these things.


November 22 – December 21:  Most important at this time is your creative self-expression, creative aspiration, the supreme effort of distinguishing yourself from all others. Are you seeking something romantic, attempting to have children or pursuing entertainment, fun, pleasure, well-being and happiness? You can be fun these days. Sometimes you’re dreamy with romantic ideals. Call upon Venus for help.


December 22 – January 19:   There is focus of light and an anchoring at the foundation of your life. Thoughts of childhood, psychological roots, how you were nurtured, how you learned to nurture come into focus. You’re fiercely protective of your family. Kindness, love, nurturing of self and others heal all wounds from the past. Tend to all things within the home but especially within the garden. The devas want to speak with you.


January 20 – February 18: Notice if thinking accelerates and ideas race through your mind. Writing, communication, speech, connections, making contacts, all become very important to you. Try not to lose patience with those slower than you. You’re as quick as lightning. Hardly anyone can keep up. Be grateful for everything in your life. Even for what you feel you don’t have yet.


February 19 – March 20:  A new sense of self-identity is forming along with a new state of values. You become more consciousness of daily life. There’s a need to dispose, give away, sell, and generally release much of what you have. You will find yourself with a suitcase or two, a laptop, phone, books, some things from mother. Within the year you’ll be on your way. So this present time is significant. Guard everything. Go where needed. Prayer heals and directs.


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