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January 18-24

Each age lasts 2,500 years and provides humanity with new realities. As the last age (Pisces) gave humanity the Law of Love (Ray 2) and religion (Ray 6), the Aquarian Age offers humanity science, technology and new ways of thinking (both Ray 5). We move now from Capricorn (the mountaintop experience) to Aquarius (the valley experience).

Waters of Life

Poured Forth For Thirsty Humanity

 Aquarius - falling water

vintage_zodiac_astrology_aquarius_constellation_poster-rd30280771e8e42db9fc1e88729a10fd8_xop4_8byvr_324 (1)The sun enters Aquarius Thursday afternoon right after Mars squares Saturn (a transit that can be a quite challenging – we must keep our desires in check). Aquarius is the sign of humanity, the sign of serving humanity in need. Friday is the inauguration of the new president of the United States. The president serves the people. Aquarius (humanity) is the shadow side of Leo (the leader). All Leos who become leaders are asked to have Will, Love and Intelligence in order to have Right Action. Leo’s counterpart is Aquarius, what Leo longs for. Aquarius is the future and all Aquarians come from that unknown place.

aquarius 4Aquarius is the new age, the new culture and civilization. Aquarius, with Uranus, brings to humanity “all things news.” Aquarius & Uranus can shock us with the change, bring forward things unexpected & revolutionary. Aquarius calls humanity to group endeavors and to approach life from spiritual points of view. Aquarians have a great need for freedom and to serve others with Love/Wisdom (from Jupiter). This love is not necessarily romantic personal love. It’s a love for humanity. It’s the Knight’s quest for the Holy Grail, a “chalice filled with the waters of life gathered for thirsty humanity.”

aquarius constellation

aquarius 2Aquarius is a fixed sign, which is a steadfast energy. This fixedness helps Aquarius to remain in the present, while also aware of what’s ahead. Aquarians are the World Servers, the Water Bearers. The “water” is electrical energies from Uranus, which brings for “all things new.” Astrology is both the language and tool of Aquarius. Astrology, an energetic scientific system of relationships, provides the waters of understanding to humanity. Here is the keynote of Aquarians – “Waters of Life am I poured forth for thirsty humanity.”


aquarius characteristics (1)



Water of Life Am I

Poured Forth For

Thirsty Humanity

(Aquarius Seed Thought)




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X-flare & Geo-magnetic Storm Monitor: Solar events (sun spots, solar flares, etc.) represent the activity of our the Solar Logos. The Sun’s activity accelerates our evolution. There is a connection between the activity on the Sun and events on Earth.







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aquarius_5 (1)



March 21 – April 19: You are working toward a goal (or many), seeking accomplishment. Power holds you in focus. You are your own leader & authority. You are ambitious. However, this isn’t all of who you are. You are professional; your heart goes into your work. You enjoy recognition, success. You can have pride & arrogance. Pause a while. See where you’ve come from. Where you’re going. Help others along the way. Lift them up.


April 20 – May 20:  Your life endeavor is to understand the world. Looking ahead, over the horizon, you’re able to see what’s ahead and so you prepare, allowing no hindrances. You’re proud of your abilities & tolerance. You’re curious and want others to be curious, also. Alas, many aren’t. You’ve acquired vast knowledge, more degrees than most. Now you hide away, under cover, in order to quietly help others. We see you.


May 21 – June 20:  And so, now you realize you must go further, wider, deeper into the mysteries. You must finally accept that where you are may not be where you must be. You long to be somewhere else; a place that reflects your deep spiritual values. As you attune more to your heart, you will discover that a change is needed for your spiritual growth to continue. The Path of discipleship is not easy. You’re on it now. When do you pack?


June 21 – July 22:  You attempt to bring harmony to relationships, hiding any disharmonious factors from the world. Sensitive to both peaceful relations and harmony, when rejection’s in the air you scuttle beneath your shell protecting your brood. It’s important to not protect others when their behavior has been harmful. It’s most important to seek out the truth and only the truth. Not one side. Otherwise you become separate.


July 23 – August 22: There are so many daily responsibilities that, at times, you feel overwhelmed with responsibility, tasks, little time, and serving everyone but yourself (which must come first). Like Cancer, you’re sensitive, especially to criticism. Therefore, be not critical…ever. Soon the hard work, responsibilities, the seeking of perfection will ease. You’ll meet crisis with determination & clear vision. Who do you love?


August 23 – September 22:  Things we need to acknowledge for Virgo. You’re unique and special. You’re dramatic and express yourself creatively. Your fun-loving side emerges…sometimes. When is that, again? You’re at times adventurous, risk-taking. Then you pull back. You need to combine new world ventures with technology. Children are most important. At times you’re the child with an inner restlessness. You find your way.


September 23 – October 22: There’s so much pride in what you’ve created…a self-identity, profession, social network, a hidden private life. You protect yourself while building secure foundations, your own new family and a new heritage. Relationships, most important, teach you how to love, share, give, take & cooperate. One thought in all this building up-ness. Don’t deny or reject your past. It contains the “jewel in the lotus.”


October 23 – November 21:  Privacy is your keyword, your template, guide, amulet, talisman & good luck charm. Privacy protects, provides refuge (like the Buddha), is your sangha (community). You protect your home, family, possessions, and your personal life. Even your heritage is somewhat private. Privacy allows you to build a safe foundation from which you emerge into the world. But just for a while. We see you sometimes. We respect you.


November 22 – December 21:  You need change. You’re laughing. You sense restlessness, a need for scene changes…often. You’re proud of your gifts – intelligence, agility, friends (acquaintances?), adaptation, strength, fluent communication, knowledge, curiosity, aware of future trends, everyone knowing you while you remain unknowable. Talents and gifts equal responsibility. What and whom do you advocate for? Especially when you’re in the spotlight & valued – like now.


December 22 – January 19:   There’s an image, a “presence” you present to others. It makes an impression. Some embrace you for this, others reject. The rejection surprises you because you’re at your best when in the world, tending, serving, casting light upon shadows. Some people are those shadows. When you’re nearby they must hide, turn against you. Allow them. Bless them. That is the only way they can survive. They will change. Your character strengthens.


January 20 – February 18: There’s a need for introspection and seclusion for a time. Because you must gather strength, not be in the public, direct all energies inward. Yet you must also be in the world tending to worldly tasks. You feel often alone in a crowd, set apart from others. Yes, Aquarians are different, from elsewhere, hear a different drum(er). You are not quite comfortable at this time. You’re seeking the feeling of home. Soon.


February 19 – March 20:  Your tolerance and openness, humanitarianism, sense of equality with everyone, lack of bias & prejudice, and having no sense of social status whatsoever, creates the magnetic appeal surrounding you. Sometimes you must separate from people. Even as you adapt easily, you do not easily enter into close relationships except for one or two. You’re here, but not. A silver cord keeps you grounded. For a while. Not too long. A group, your family, siblings need you.


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