Esoteric Astrology as news April 8-15, 2015


Jupiter in Leo – Recognizing, Cultivating Our Gifts, Talents & Abilities
strength card-LeoJupiter turned direct Wednesday morning (April 8, 2015) as Mercury joined Uranus in Aries – all things new, including the individual self, coming forth into the light of day. Mercury/Uranus informs us we are different and thus have great tasks to accomplish in visualizing, building and creating the new culture & civilization. That our time has come and that time is now. Jupiter’s passage through Leo is a specific time zone where are to realize, recognize, expand & cultivate our talents and gifts which have purpose, design & they, too, are on a time schedule.
Jupiter in Leo (asking questions such as…who am I, what are my gifts, how do I discover them, does anyone see them, are they important?) has been retrograde since last year. We began 2015 with Jupiter (expanding) retrograde (inwardly) in Leo (the creative self).
Retrograde’s tasks are of review, reassessment, renewal, refusal if need be, and rapprochement (returning to what once left behind). As Jupiter was retrograde in Leo we were to focus on our gifts, discovering, recognizing and gathering them so that when Jupiter was once again moving forward (out into the world) we would be able to show them off for the world to see.
Jupiter is the planet of expansion, a social planet, fusing and blending heart, heart, mind and love. Jupiter is the heart of the Sun, Ray 2, distributing Love/Wisdom, shining brightness and love into the world. Jupiter creates synthesis, which love does for everything. Jupiter is the Lord of Wisdom in Sag, Lord of Love in Pisces. In our new Aquarian Age, Jupiter at its heart provides us with limitless blessings. In astrology charts, along with rising sign & north node, Jupiter reveals our spiritual purpose, showing us where in life our gifts stream forth.


You are participating in many realms, experiencing multiple realities. The energies are dynamic, contemplative, fiery and liquid, leading at times to excessive activities and the subtlest of blues. Attempt to focus within the heart of what matters. Then, in quietude, new ideas, not yet to be acted upon, come forth. Ask, “Are these for the goodwill of everyone?” The answer leads to the best course of action. The times are critical.
You’re always in serious study and research, sorting out historical, medical, scientific details, feelings, instincts, and intuitions. The main purpose is the discovery the truth of what matters, the hidden essential depths. You counsel many others that the timing for action is not here yet, the true path isn’t discovered, the past isn’t reoriented. Moving forward without right direction or timing, you tell us, we lose our way.
Love often hides from others so you can bring it forth for everyone to see. Venus helps you assess wants, needs, and aspirations. Your’s and other’s. Certain pleasures are delayed until the right time for play comes forth. Everything’s astrological. Be aware of the Spring Festivals. Gemini is Ray 2 (Love/Wisdom). You are to radiate Ray 2 at the Festivals for humanity’s upliftment. Allow nothing to interrupt meditations.
Anything unresolved with those close to you re-appears. Jupiter attempts to unlock and bring forth great love through you into the world. Therefore, what’s unresolved must be healed before being set aside. Connect with everyone with grace and equanimity. Remember, “Love underlies all happenings”. Life creates meaningful encounters through testing, so that we are strengthened and made whole again.
You might need a spaceship to navigate the fires of expansion (Jupiter) and change occurring in your life. See yourself at a seashore building a fire at water’s edge. Contemplate both elements – fire and water. When joined together, new realities, directions and abilities emerge. You’re challenged to maintain equanimity, a steady course when emotions overwhelm. You can do this. Someone’s love steadies you.
You’re to be extra practical and creative with money and finances, especial those held in common with another. And with day-to-day events, plans, connections and agendas. Focus on how to bring balance and harmony, caution and care into all situations, especially those veiled and hidden. The month brings paradoxes and polarities. Stand in the middle where the light is. This is your new journey.
You continue to consider what you provide to others, especially those close to you. You also review your needs in relationships, acknowledging you’re happy. Know what you give you receive in return a hundred-fold. It’s like tithing. You always seek harmony above conflict, along with ease, depth, more meaning, closeness amidst freedom. Is there someone in your life you have not forgiven? Or don’t understand?
Express yourself these weeks and months through your body – exercise, swimming, walking, running, dancing, tai-chi, yoga, boating, sports, etc. Expressing yourself through the body is most important for its movement that needs to occur. It will vitalize your blood, sustaining and stabilizing your highly emotional sensitivities. Past and present daily life stresses make escape necessary. Escape into exercise for ease, balance and equanimity to emerge.
Call forth your mind and spiritual will to focus on two life needs – creativity and health. Think prevention first. It’s most important to enjoy yourself. This brings forth health and expanded creativity. Cultivate confidence in your intelligence, planning, humor and being mindful. Your communication uplifts and strengthens others. Ponder this during the Spring festival. It’s a most subtle yet potent time for you.
As you tend to needed domestic (home, family) responsibilities you can sense the deep transformations occurring within. Pluto is bringing forth the great change. Pluto can be a taskmaster. Be careful to care for yourself during these times of change. Rest is important. Careful with impatience and communication – saying words you regret later. Don’t work to the point of exhaustion. You are Persephone emerging into the springtime during the Festivals.
Careful with Right Communication and Right Use of Money. Maintain financial limits, yet give where needed. Right Actions and Right Discipline allows the intuition to emerge. With no discipline intuition has nothing to focus upon. Give more. Then more will be given, and more asked of you. Both must occur. Think on your life and the goodness it provides. This goodness is to be shared.
In the coming months although you may feel somewhat disoriented and dizzy, Neptune’s reorientation of your life, you will also come to a greater awareness of yourself, the Vesta-self – the fiery hidden parts of our selves. You will also continue be acquainted with your wounds. Knowledge of them will deepen over time, until they become the ways you help heal the world. Tend to resources with mindfulness. Everything is a resource. You included.






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