Week of October 26-31, 2017

Warrior Am I

And From the Battle I Emerge Triumphant


Jupiter in Scorpio – Our Heart’s Desires

Jupiter, the Truth Teller (ruler of Sag) has entered Scorpio’s deep waters of desire remaining in Scorpio for a year (till Nov. 8, 2018). Last year’s Jupiter in Libra, we saw unrest, intolerance, turmoil and a country divided. For humanity to see what was NOT in balance and choose which side to stand upon.

Now with Jupiter in Scorpio – sex, power, money, rock n roll – (the Hollywood sex scandal broke right after Jupiter entered Scorpio; now the Iran scandal and JFK records to be released), what’s hidden (silenced, secret, repressed, held back, etc.) comes to light. This revealing will continue through the year. Keynote: dismantling dominant paradigms, providing avenues of awareness, acknowledging, revealing, stepping forward into the light.




We will develop more courage and determination. Simultaneously, we will consider the wise (& unwise) use of power and control. Jupiter in Scorpio exposes corruption, vice, immorality, fraud and the manipulations of the elite. Over time we will demand transparency, ethics and financial reforms. Personally, we could be over-extravagant and over-confident (Jupiter) about our own finances. Careful everyone.

Our belief systems will be tested. There can be rigidity and a fanatical observance of old (religious, political, etc.) beliefs. Scorpio rules study, research, reorientation and death, expanding us into realms unknown. Many will seek mediums who speak to the dead. Others will begin studying Kabballah, the Bible, Course in Miracles and Ageless Wisdom teachings. For one whole year, humanity becomes Persephone, taken into the underworld by Pluto, with Jupiter benevolently protecting us, and, while we are in the dark Scorpio recesses, asking each of us, “What are your heart’s deepest desires?

Tuesday is Halloween. Something wicked our way comes (we hope)! The night (Pisces moon) is void-of-course. Careful, everyone!




March 21 – April 19: The coming year brings you deeper understanding of self in relationship. Intimacy becomes you, generosity, trust and compassion too, as you more fully embrace the ‘other.’ This brings a certain empowerment and feelings of joy and happiness. Careful with finances. Don’t beg, borrow, depend on credit or accumulate debt. Learn to be frugal. Tithe each month to those in need.


April 20 – May 20:  You assume new ways of communicating, cooperating and negotiations which allow relationships to experience greater happiness. It’s a blessing to extend beyond compromise and have harmony in relationships. You begin to understand the Law of Right Human Relations and ideas that foster the well-being of others. Love comes surprisingly and unexpectedly and assuredly.


May 21 – June 20:  Daily life rhythms and rituals, health, small animals, serving others –these bring you deep enjoyment. You enter into the world of form and matter, and find that it is good. Gemini (and Pisces) tend to remain somewhat “out and away from this world.” What is all around is what really matters now and during this time you recognize your part in the world, your usefulness and goodness in helping others. Life Purpose comes to stay.


June 21 – July 22:  It’s time to have fun, amusement and pleasure for the entire year, time to express yourself in ways unknown before. It’s time to be artful and creative, to be playful, take risks, expand and grow like a garden in the wild. Notice new ideas, new dreams, desires and aspirations. Discover what nourishes you and allow yourself to be entertained without apology. Explore all possibilities, especially the emotional and romantic.


July 23 – August 22: Family life, living arrangements, comfort, beauty, the rooms in your house, your garden, all things domestic, your origins and foundations…all of these will be an expanding focus in the coming year. Some Leos will buy real estate, others will decorate, move or invite family and friends home often. A sense of peace prevails and privacy, too. Begin to build a garden gate.


August 23 – September 22:  You will do more of the following – express yourself (speaking, writing), take short trips, talk with siblings and friends, relate more consciously with the world around you. Perhaps you’ll purchase a new vehicle to explore new lands. More people will contact you. There will be more errands, too. Daily activities and tending to details may become overwhelming. You’ll need to be in a garden more than ever.


September 23 – October 22: You are the seven-stringed lyre of Apollo. Music, art and architecture create the magic and beauty that released you from daily harsh realities. Social justice, care and kindness for those in need are your greatest gifts. They come from the heart. In always helping others, you reflect the kindness and beauty of God. There is a hidden path to God. It’s called Beauty. God is grateful for you.


October 23 – November 21:  There will be transformations, reorientations and renewal, some rather numinous, in the coming year. When focused in the heart, you move into a level of existence that is honey yellow, a transparent golden hue. You find the path of “I Am” and then the goals you have set for yourself come true. You will step into new roles, new identities. Life’s purpose catches you and you’re never the same again.


November 22 – December 21:  .Reviewing the past year helps integrate all your experiences, desires, dreams, aspirations and the constant messages encountered from the beyond. The Great Ones left you “breadcrumbs” each day to let you know you’re on track, that wherever you were and are, there is support, and that all limiting beliefs can be laid by the wayside, forever. You will teach and share all that you’ve learned.


December 22 – January 19:   You worked diligently and persistently this past year and in subtle and interesting ways you will be rewarded. Over half our lifetime we are gathering past-life gifts, learning about ourselves and what our talents and gifts are. This coming year is very private, filled with psychological understandings and recognition of your essential divine self. Whatever you ask for, comes to you. Is it balance in relationships you seek? Pray for this.


January 20 – February 18:  You will assess your place in and contribution to society and culture, and how authentic you can be publically. There is a balancing of your personal and public lives. One area of livingness ends as another begins. The new is aligned with your heart’s desires. You have vision and farsighted concepts. Follow them. They lead you to the “forest” (Vedic metaphor for where you need to be).


February 19 – March 20:  The way we live our lives affects our health and well-being. It is important to see the broader picture, not allowing small inconveniences to upset inner balance. This new cycle is to be one of joy and happiness. We can choose this each day. The next twelve months is a time of preparation. Next year Pisces will be called to world service. During this year, travel, write, publish and fine-tune talents and skills in preparation. Life begins to change.

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