Esoteric Astrology as News May 14 – 20, 2015

Taurus New Moon – “Let Struggle be Undismayed”

Mercury Retrograde – A Contemplative Time Out!




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 Taurus New Moon & Mercury Retrograde
merc retroIn this last week of Taurus, we have a Taurus new moon festival (Sunday, 17th) = “Let struggle be undismayed.” – and Mercury turning stationary retrograde (Monday, 18th). New moon times signify new realities, thoughts, ideas and planning. Mercury’s three-week retrograde, creating internal assessments and review, supporting introspection, allows us to emerge after the retrograde with new ideas the new moon energy introduced.
Mercury retrogrades from May 18th through June 11th (from 13 to 4 degrees Gemini). Mercury retrograde offers us magical gifts, ideas we haven’t thought of yet. It also arranges and re-arranges our minds.
Mercury is communication, the communicator, the Messenger of the Sun (gods). When a planet retrogrades its outer characteristics become hidden. Everything feels upside down, curving into unexpected directions. Mercury rules the lower mind; how we think, talk, communicate, add numbers, understand directions, interpret our environments.
When Mercury’s retrograde, minds turn inward leading to silence at times (we can’t find words), to confusion, misrepresentation, mis-communication, with details left out and nothing being remembered. We are reminded to double-check everything, preparing for errors, details missing & delays. It becomes an adventure to navigate Mercury retro. With all of this, Mercury retro is still a gift.
Mercury Retro Rules – no large purchases (car, house, computer, etc.), no signing (or sending) important papers, no medical decisions, no major surgeries, no new negotiations of business plans, etc. These “no” statements are protections. Why? Because when Mercury turns direct again, the world turns right-side up, it looks and sounds different, what we signed we discover had hidden clauses, what we agreed to actually never occurred. Everyone’s mind has changed! Mercury retro cultivates inner awareness, listening, research, review, reassessment of all information received since last Mercury retro (Jan. 21 – Feb. 10).
Mercury retrograde provides us with a specific amount of time, a spectific rhythm of time for review & this occurs three to four times a year. By the time Mercury retrogrades we’re overwhelmed with too much information. Mercury retro’s gifts are many – new perspectives, a new look at old problems or situations to achieve greater understanding. At times a rapprochement (a re-uniting after a long separation) occurs. Mercury is our personal “star”, our “ starry messenger.” Mercury brings forth harmony. It calls us out of our own shadows.


March 21 – April 19:  Mercury is your Soul ruler, guiding and guarding you into newer and greater reaches of thinking and doing. During the retrograde, when it feels like delays are occurring continuously, take the time to look around, both internally and externally. There are things to look at, new realities to understand and previous issues to review. Careful with all communications. Mistakes can be made easily. You can be misunderstood. Ask people what they heard you say. You will be surprised.


April 20 – May 20:  Take no chances on any level during the retrograde. No signing of important documents, no creation of new financial plans or agendas. Simply consider all options, waiting until the retrograde is over to make final decisions. Review all financial budgeting, sources of income and all monetary outlays. Extra care with finances, loved ones, children and all communications will be needed.


May 21 – June 20:  Communication, as you well know, when Mercury is retrograde can be upside down and inside out. This retrograde can affect things domestic, all matters in the home, including communications concerning home. You will see your home in a different perspective. Try not to be too distant with everyone which happens with Gemini when their guide and guardian (Mercury), retrograde, creates an inner focus. Explain Mercury retrograde as it applies to you.


June 21 – July 22:  You will go even deeper into your shell during the retrograde. You will be working out the past, seeking to understand in detail what occurred a long time ago, and how to see the entire picture, not just a few memories. Every level of interaction, past, present and future, as it pertains to you must be observed with no judgment, no criticism. Let your inner world inform you that all that you are is good. It always has been.


July 23 – August 22:  Your group life, all communications with groups – observe yourself and groups during this retro of Mercury. What people say may not come to fruition; meetings and agendas may be delayed. What you thought you heard in the group may end of being confusing. Plan may be cancelled. And those you thought were friends may give off uncommunicative signals. Perhaps you’re thinking of someone from the past. They are thinking of you, too.


August 23 – September 22:  All worldly career decisions need to be reassessed and reviewed with care. This is the purpose of Mercury retro times. Mercury is your personal guide and guardian. It’s also Gemini’s. Careful communicating with co-workers, those in charge and in public. Professional matters may become complicated and tricky. Maintain a quiet, low, hidden profile. Think more, act less at this time. You may feel you’re climbing a tall mountain. Get some boots.


September 23 – October 22:  Things legal, travel, education, goals, philosophy of life. These pass through your mind for review and possible revelations. Observe carefully what your mind of thoughts and ideas presents. Careful at work. Something from the past may need attention. Maintain the highest of ethics. Everything can become delayed and complicated. Know this. Give yourself extra (lots of) time when traveling, communicating, working. Rest a while.


October 23 – November 21:  Intimate communications, shared resources, sometimes thinking these are too difficult, thinking of higher education instead. This always happens with Scorpio, sign of the Nine Tests & Trials, the deep waters of experiencing, sometimes feeling one is drowning. Mercury is the spiritual guardian of Scorpio. Mercury says to Scorpio, “Practice kindness & do no harm in thoughts and especially in speech which can create or destroy.” You understand this. You take a vow of “ahimsa.”


November 22 – December 21:  You are sensitive during all Mercury retrogrades. Be aware of and observe this. Laugh about it; yet explain it to everyone who can listen. Careful with negotiations, with one-on-one interactions. Be extra loving and kind to partners and intimates. You will think on past relationships, assessing what was loving about them, what was not, and the parts you played. Use words only for praise and appreciation. All others can destroy.


December 22 – January 19:  In the retro your daily life may feel messy, delayed and frustrating. You may feel you’re making lots of errors, it’s hard to maintain daily routines or feel life has any order and organization. Mercury retro is upending everything and this has purpose. It teaches us to be more adaptable, to flow with the changes (temporary), to know not much will be completed easily. Call in the Templates of Harmony & Ease. They will help you. Then go out and play.


January 20 – February 18:  Gambling is not a good idea for those who gamble. It’s really risky during retros. Focus more on children, romance, creativity, art, music, dance, painting, museums, and becoming non-judgmental. Re-think romantic alliances, avoid entering spontaneously into new relationships and don’t introduce anything new to anyone. No one can hear. Everything from the past must be revisited. To see what’s viable for the future.


February 19 – March 20:  Family relationships are most important. Bring forgiveness and understanding to all past interactions with family. Forgive even if there is no understanding, even if there is no communication. Forgive anyway. Everyone may seem on edge, especially you, Pisces. Do not begin major home improvements (no selling or buying) until the retro is over. Ponder instead. What can you do? Rework and reorganize everything at home.









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