Esoteric Astrology as News June 3 – 10, 2015

Radiating the Will-to-Good = Goodwill in Humanity

Friday’s Complex Day

Contact Releases Love

Fourth Quarter Moon

Quotes for our Present Times

The first three days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) after the Gemini festival of Goodwill (Tuesday this week, June 2), the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) and women & men of Goodwill radiate the Will-to-Good to Earth and humanity. This, along with the Forces of Reconstruction (standing behind nations & world leaders), uplifts, transforms and gives humanity hope that there is a great and better life ahead.
 images-28These also inform humanity that it is humanity itself that must gather the commitment, courage and sense of community to build a new world in the new Aquarian Age, under new rules. To create, in fact, the new Sharing Society based entirely upon Goodwill. Thus the Gemini festival each year is of great importance to the life-direction of humanity.
Therefore (as disciples) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (this week) we radiate the Will-to-Good to humanity. What is important to understand is when humanity receives and senses this Will-to-Good it becomes Goodwill within the hearts & minds of humanity. Humanity then becomes a radiating force to all the Kingdoms on Earth, assisting the NGWS & the Hiearrchy.
The NGWS stands between humanity and the Hierarchy (inner spiritual government) with many intermediary and mediating tasks to do. We can only do them together as a group.
 Friday, Venus guarding & guiding the day, is very complex with multiple interactions between all planets circling the Sun. Sun/Pluto means a very demanding day, filled with questions and mysteries.
 Mars/Jupiter creates an expansion of desire, aspiration, arrows flying towards the Light. Venus trine Saturn calls structures forth that provide beauty, unity and synthesis.
 Venus enters Leo and love is everywhere emanating from the heart of everyone. This love, a creative activity hidden then revealed, is the result of “making contact.”
 The Ageless Wisdom teachings inform disciples, “Contact releases Love.” We make contact therefore with all the kingdoms. This brings the light of recognition to them. Redeeming, uplifting them. This is the task of the NGWS – to be, like the Christ has asked of us, “Light unto the world.”
 Tuesday is the fourth quarter moon, decreasing in light, rising at midnight, appearing in the early morning sky. We draw back into ourselves at these times, the fourth quarter moon, reflecting on what has occurred in the last three weeks, what we have accomplished. We reorganize and reorder, preparing for a new phase after the dark of the moon has passed.
 Next month Venus retrogrades (July 25 at 1 degree) in Leo. Venus remains in Leo through October 9. This is our last week of Mercury retrograde before Mercury enters its shadow.
 A thought to remember & understand daily – The entire zodiac imprints (cosmic energy, life energy) on all forms on earth.
A quote for our times:
“We never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller



March 21 – April 19:  You wonder these days what your true values and ideals are for they foreshadow and portend the future. You ponder upon your circle of friends. Are they like-minded? Are you comfortable with them? Friends are important for support and nurturing. In the coming months you re-evaluate and re-examine who your friends are and why. You will also assess your importance to them. Through communication you deepen the spiritual basis that holds everyone together. Or separates.



April 20 – May 20:  Long held dreams, hidden and perhaps buried for years emerge, lighting the way toward your future and a new possible profession. It may be the right time for new training and study in a new field of endeavor. You assess your needs, family need and the needs of humanity (a triangle). Combining the three mean makes you a world server. Everyone needs to help in creating the new emerging sharing society. You will lead.


May 21 – June 20:  You constantly seek information leading to knowledge and wisdom – your spiritual task. Assessing all you’re learned, an integration process occurs. What would you like to pursue (learn) now? Previous beliefs and ideas are becoming useless. As you encounter new ideas and philosophies you’re to uncover what you already know, blending them. This expands your creativity which helps people love more.


June 21 – July 22:  In daily life you often think of loved ones who have passed on, feeling they left you behind. The reality is they’re always working nearby. Talk with them from the heart. They hear you. How is your monetary situation? You begin to use resources creating a future different than the past. What hopes do you hold deep within that not shared with others? Begin to.


July 23 – August 22:  It’s good to review relationships (past and present), seeking the truth of how you communicate(d), your moods, and what you offer(ed) others. Always cultivate a depth of connection, heart to heart, for this releases greater love. Recognize your growth through relationships. Ask if you long ago expected too much, created illusions, were defensive and demanding? Rewrite these relationships with forgiveness and understanding. Then you (and others) are free.


August 23 – September 22:  It’s good to be especially careful with health. You can be extra sensitive. See food as medicine. Create balance by eating all foods (organic), prepared in all ways. Some people follow diets for religious reasons, ignoring what the body needs. We serve the devic presences in the body when we eat correctly. Begin to make flavored waters w/ fresh fruits and veggies. They purify, clarify and light up the body.


September 23 – October 22:  You feel independent these days, knowing that balance comes from inner poise, prayer and serving others needs arise. Careful with communication. You may be sounding (and/or feeling) extra stern, withdrawn and separate with and from others. If you have children tend to them with extra care. Creativity, art, long distance travel, friends and beautiful places are your refuge. Nurture the artist within. Grow flowers.


October 23 – November 21:  Are you feeling strange and subtle changes within? You inner self as well as your home needs tender loving care. Our homes are psychological fortresses. When we change, they change, and those changes disassemble our sense of security and safety. A garden needs to be planted wherever you are. Call forth Ceres, the mother, to offer you comfort and care. Attempt to make home and self more beautiful. Beauty sustains you in this time of change.


November 22 – December 21:  Outer success seems less important these days. You question and evaluate you life in spiritual terms. You ponder upon inner fulfillment wondering what’s been unreal and a masquerade? Spiritual dimensions, perhaps not apparent, are all around you. At times you want to withdraw, find peace, drop into deeper dimensions, classify your knowledge, and make new plans for the future. Jupiter (expansion) is your guide.


December 22 – January 19:  You tend and care for the resources you have. You become Ceres, the mother, to all finances and resources in your environment. You want to ensure your future and financial security is a focus and goal. Remember to work within a budget each week and month, detailing how your money is spent, what you must have and what you can do without. You will feel a sense of order and organization. Assess your gifts, talents, what you love. These are where future resources will emerge.


January 20 – February 18:  You review who you think you are as a person and who you are with others. Do they synchronize? Attempt to be aware of present resources and how you’re handling them, including finances. Are they dwindling? Or not appearing? Has there been a change? Do not feel confused by the changes. Consider how community life would assist you, bringing forth your gifts. Cultivate compassion.


February 19 – March 20:  Assess your life experiences, accomplishments and learnings. Make this into a book. Take time to focus upon yourself. Find places of quiet and solitude. Establish yourself there and notice your thoughts centering on beginnings and endings. Notice your needs. Not wants but needs. Notice previous endeavors seem no longer important. You seek a clarifying sense of independence and direction in the world. You seek your own home and garden.








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