Dear Readers….thank you for your love and support as I go through the shock at the loss of my Santa Cruz column. Your love, support, blessings, messages, tithes, etc. all have helped me know I am not alone here. And that we will continue on in a new way. Thank you for going through this with me. I have felt up & down, joy & sadness, fear & anguish, feeling all the instabilities of changes. I am trying to achieve a poise within the constant states of transformation. I am trying to find a harmony within the loss.

Knowing & thinking about your presence helps me. The saddest part for me is the many who, every Wednesday, went to find the Good Times to read the column in the paper. Story after story came to me about people’s Wednesday ritual…looking forward to it, finding the paper, going to a coffee shop, having coffee, opening the back of the Good Times, reading their sign, reading the column introduction. And, now…the paper is not there for readers anymore. After thirty years. Readers now too are shocked. For my readers, most of all, I am saddened, sorrowful & heart broken.

I have to reorient myself now. Seeking new platforms, new sources of disseminating my writings. So, for now and in the future, my focus will be on my readers, Night Light News (NLN website), the column, & the Daily Studies that I write (also here on NLN). I will, with your help, attempt to create a new community, a new Ashram, a new place of interaction with all of us.

I will continue to teach as before. It’s important that we continue to learn together. We are in a wave, a cultural revolution. New waves will be coming in different shades & variations. These will push us forward. We will need to understand them. And that is my job. To explain what is occurring. To stand with you at the Gate of the new world. A new era.

Humanity is in a crisis and many veils need to be pushed aside in order for all of us to understand the political realms pushing us into the present state of disharmony & chaos.

I will continue to offer astrological commentary, to write, to counsel, to do charts, to mentor.

I will at some time open up the meditations for those who are interested. Step by step, I am assessing these things in the retrogrades, from now till winter solstice, when Jupiter & Saturn align in Aquarius, and a new cycle begins.

As many of you told me how I helped you through the year, you now help me, holding out your hand, lifting me up, helping me through shock & loss. So, now we will help each other. We are equals, really. We are One. I send my love to all of you, Risa

Summer Solstice, 2020

June 20th is the Summer Solstice, the high point of our solar year, when nature is at perfection. The magical transformation of hard brown seeds into flower and color has culminated. The solstices and equinoxes tell us a story about light four times a year. Light pierced the heart of matter (the core of the Earth) during Winter Solstice, when Earth was in darkness. At Spring Equinox, the light rose from the core of the Earth and touched the roots with a globe of fire. Now, at Summer Solstice, there is a powerful radiation of released light in plants and trees. Their waving about is actually a movement of ecstasy. Earth is in a state of joy and well-being.

Angelic beings, fairies, and devas can be contacted more easily and intimately at this time. Summer Solstice marks the time when their great work of mixing and manipulating color, light, and sound to produce chlorophyll in plants is complete. In the etheric realms, fairy dancing and feasting takes place in fields and meadows everywhere in northern latitudes.

Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream describes accurately the inner workings of nature during Summer Solstice. Filled with drama concerning occult truths and the Mysteries of Initiation, the play lasts for four days, the same amount of time the Sun in Cancer is poised at its northernmost position perpendicular to the Earth. A marriage feast performed by the fairies (devas, beings of light) during these four days acknowledges the uniting of the feminine (receptive Earth) and masculine (radiating Light) poles.

The uniting & equalizing of the feminine column & the masculine column – these are the pillars at the doors of Masonry. Uniting the mind principle with the heart of all that matters. During the Aquarian Age, both columns stand equipoised in their energies, balanced, filled with Light.

Note the glyph of Cancer – almost a circle, a holding, an embrace. The Hierarchy of Cancer, called the Cherubim, is responsible for the appearance (birth) of all forms on Earth (Ray 3, intelligence within form). Summer solstice thus begins a new cycle for humanity – the new gathering of the sun & moon seeds for the incoming new year.

Summer Solstice is under the guardianship of Archangel Uriel, the constellation Cancer, and Sirius, the blue-white star that, working with Venus, stimulates the power of beauty. Sirius is the source of Masonry, of Love, Wisdom, Divine Manas (intelligence), & of Freedom. The USA was formed & is under the divine guidance & direction of Sirius.

Happy Summer everyone! Risa

Esoteric Astrology as news for week June 17 – 23, 2020

Mercury Retrograde As Summer Begins



Mercury retrograde occurs this Wednesday at 15 degrees Cancer, moving back to the U.S. Sun (13 degrees Cancer, the same degrees as Sirius, where love comes from). During this time, through July 4th, we ponder upon why the U.S. was created. This 13 degrees Cancer (Mercury retro) foreshadows the July 4thbirthday of the United States with its full moon lunar eclipse (something in form falls away). We consider the values under which the US was founded (under direction of the Hierarchy). We read the Constitution, Declaration of Independence & the Bill of Rights. Disciples are focused intelligent and wise thinkers.

Summer begins Saturday, as Sun enters Cancer. And there is much unrest in our country and our world. We can expect this unrest, really insurrections, to continue through Winter Solstice. Then Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius, inaugurating the new era that eventually becomes the Golden Era. We are presently living the Kali Yuga years, when only one-fourth of divine light is present to humanity. The other three-fourths constitutes the dark, which during Kali Yuga, is allowed to be seen. Humanity, when seeing the dual forces (light/dark), must choose which side to support and stand upon.

Unfortunately, and very cleverly, the dark forces have clothed themselves in a false light, having appropriated the light in order to confuse humanity. Those who are focused within the emotions will not be able to see this appropriation. They will be attracted to the false light. Under this false light, the darkness creates situations in which humanity becomes separated, disconnected, divided, estranged from each other. When humanity is thus separated, hatred, cruelty, rage, violence and death result. Those who have a focused clear reasoned thinking and an intuitive thinking mind can see through the false light. These are the disciples in the world, who, seeing the false light, stand with intention and dedication with the Forces of Light. The light and dark are all around us in plain sight. Which side do we each choose?





March 21 – April 19:  You are known for individuality and freedom of expression. Only Aquarius rivals you in this. In times to come, the urge for individual creativity and freedom becomes extreme. Because you must initiate changes in the present culture, the planet Uranus will radicalize and revolutionize you. Expect unexpected change – part of the Divine Plan to “make all things new,”for which you’re partially responsible. Your initiating energy must include kindness.


April 20 – May 20:  You need to be out and about in gardens, plains, meadows because you can feel a certain claustrophobia. Sometimes you find you must be solitary and work alone so your intuitive gifts can be fully accessed. As usual you avoid anything that feels like opposition, attempting instead to flow with the accepted reality. Something or someone (like Shamballa) shatters this calmness. It is not comfortable, yet it’s needed. Keep going.


May 21 – June 20:  Everything you say has importance. All that you do has importance. Your hopes, dreams, wishes, friends, groups and associates are important. Voting is important as is writing. Your life goals and ambitions, always changing, unplanned, unpredictable are important. Your mind, even unsettled, is important. As your life twists and turns, and as you search for the Soul of yourself, you becoming liberated and forward thinking. You thought that could never happen.


June 21 – July 22:  Flashes of intuition and insight occur. It’s good to create an Insight Journal. Journal of Revelations & Impressions. So many Journals for an esoteric student. Retrograde Journal, New & Full Moon Journal. Now an Insight & Revelations Journal. Insights help us to see behind fogs, miasmas, glamours and illusions. Writing in our journals, impressions happen. Begin to explain your thoughts and actions to others so they can understand step by step the source of your knowledge. You will teach them.


July 23 – August 22:  In the coming weeks and months, notice a new and different philosophy of life emerging. You may consider a utopian view of how to live your life, perhaps in community with others and like-minded people. You realize ideas from the past need updating in order to build the new era. To be successful in the future one must know and live the new Aquarian Laws & Principles. Unanimity, Goodwill, Right Human Relations are a few of them. There are six in all.


August 23 – September 22:  It’s important to review money inflow and outflow, finances, banking, insurance and investments. The economy may behave erratically, with sudden ups and downs in the future. Attempt to stabilize all resources. Consider investing in gold and silver even when the market shifts and changes. Maintain the precious metals in safekeeping (special safes). You are intuitive enough to understand these things. When you give, more is given to you. So you can give some more.


September 23 – October 22:  Careful with relationships, marriage, partnerships, close intimate connections. They may either be disrupted by sudden change or there may be a sense of woundedness. The outcomes can last far into the future. Develop more stability through truthful and caring listening, asking questions, communicating with understanding more. These will absorb unexpected upsets when everything turns upside down. Health wise, careful with the liver and pancreas. Eat all things green and alkaline.


October 23 – November 21:  Nothing routine will occur in your daily life, especially with work, health and communication. The disruptions will be good, proving to be creative for you, helping to develop new abilities that express new and original ideas. Focus your imagination on inventing things. As you upset the apple carts wherever you are, you become the change maker, greatly needed everywhere. Tend to your health with the utmost care.


November 22 – December 21:  As your level of creativity increases, you find the need for more discipline and self-control, both of which also provide you with more self-knowledge. This is interesting. Through discipline you come to know yourself and your needs more. Then a new level of creativity arises. Speculation is costly. Instead focus on independent thinking and how to break with all that is old. You are seeking freedom and liberation.


December 22 – January 19:  As you attempt each day of your life to bring constancy and calmness to your home, know that sudden upsets may occur. Moments of unexpected freedom occur too. Life for you becomes a state of constant transformation. You assess present needs with past needs and see how much has changed. As life proceeds into states of interruption, new opportunities arise. Observe these changes, write and communicate about them. Create a new journal which will become a new tradition.


January 20 – February 18:  Be aware that your thinking, communicating, processing information and interacting with others is significant and that deeply affects people. Careful, therefore in the thoughts you think, which become the ways you speak. You consider striking out in different directions, going here and there. A rebelliousness erupts, an aspect of advanced and new thinking. You become interested in sources of light. And will begin to think more and more about community. It’s where you belong.


February 19 – March 20:  Often you experience daily life as unsteady and unstable. It’s simply a fact during Gemini. While living on Earth, fluctuation, interruptions, changes continually occur. We must hold ourselves with poise no matter what occurs. Material things come and go, unforeseen events upset plans. This is not due to anything you have created. All conditions in our world are now in flux. The new world is being created. It’s not quite here yet. It’s built through our creative visualizations. For now, remain in a garden and rest there a while.


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