Esoteric Astrology as news for week May 31 – June 7, 2017

North & South Nodes (Dragon Points) Change Signs



We had a shift and change in the heavens —  last of two important points in astrology charts – the North & South Nodes (Dragon points). The nodes are neither planets nor signs. They are points in space signifying the Moon’s path crossing the Sun’s path. They are like a bindingtogether of two cosmic principles, Solar and Lunar. The North node faces North Pole, the South Node faced South Pole. These points drift gradually through the months.

Every eighteen months, the nodes, always opposite each other, change signs. The North Node represents the Sun, and our present/future, what we are developing in our present lifetime. The South Node represents the past, the moon and our past lifetimes. Each node holds our gifts. The North Node holds the gifts to be developed in the present lifetime. The South Node holds the gifts, talents and abilities we developed over lifetimes

Each lifetime, throughout the unfolding years, life experiences gather together our past talents and gifts.Each talent and gift gathered (remembered) creates a stepping stone. Eventually, the stepping stones (of past talents, gifts, abilities gathered from the South Node) lead us to the North Node.

There we meet our dharma, our present future tasks (gifts) to be developed in this lifetime. The South Node provides us with all that we need to develop our new tasks. The Nodes are part of the Path of Evolution we traverse each lifetime. (more on the Nodes next week).