Initiation means beginning. Spiritually it means passing into higher levels of wisdom. Esoterically, initiation means an ever increasing entrance into the mysteries of creation, an understanding of causation, and entails an understanding of unity and essential oneness. Initiations mark a point of spiritual attainment and ever increasing enlightenment. Initiation is not a secret but an experience open to all of humanity. The Masonic Lodges understand this information and use ceremony and sacred geometrical formations to mark passages of initiations. The Catholic Church has initiation information embedded in their daily Mass ritual. Both organizations have forgotten the inner mysteries while still enacting the outer form.

While living in the Earth’s sphere humanity must pass through five major physical initiations. These are reflected in the five aspects in the life of Jesus the Christ. The five initiations of Jesus (and of humanity) were: 1) birth, 2) baptism, 3) transfiguration (flooded with light), 4) crucifixion, and 5) resurrection. Each initiation is governed and influenced by one or more planets, by a note, a color, and a Ray from a star in the Big Dipper.

After each initiation the aspirant moves up the ladder (Jacob’s ladder in the Bible) of evolution and eventually off the wheel of rebirth. Further initiations offer the choice to either stay and work within the realms of Earth or inhabit other planets, stars or solar systems and different fields of evolutionary endeavor. Several advanced Souls, when selecting the place for their further initiations, chose Planet Earth, staying and helping until humanity’s complete liberation is achieved. Jesus Christ, the Buddha and Sanat Kumara, the Regent from Venus, are a few of the more well-known Beings who made this compassionate choice. For this we are grateful.