The Wesak Festival of Illumination

Ancient Wisdom teachings consider Wesak the most significant moment of the year when an actual heavenly event takes place and manifests upon the Earth. The Wesak Festival is considered to be a time when God Himself, transmitting through the Buddha and the Christ, releases a blessing upon Earth. It has been celebrated for centuries in India as a holy and public holiday and always occurs during the Buddha Full Moon. This year it occurs April 22 to May 18th. During this time, humanity can place itself completely in line with spiritual forces unavailable at any other time during the year. The force from this blessing spiritually stimulates and prepares us to more completely serve the Plan.

Not far from Nepal and surrounded by the Himalayan mountains is a protected area of land. A path, winding its way through narrow passages, eventually opens up to a valley covered with green grass. Several days before the Full Moon, spiritual seekers enter the valley and set up colorful tents in the southern and middle sections. The north section of the valley is unoccupied except for a very large flat rock upon which is set a large crystal bowl filled with water.

Just before Full Moon the Christ, Lords, Masters, Archangels and Illumined Ones who watch over planet Earth gather around the rock to pray and move in geometrical formations (circles, cross, triangle and six-pointed star). These sounds, tones and shapes create a unified atmosphere of spiritual demand, readiness, and expectancy. Eventually all eyes are turned skyward.

A few minutes before the exact time of the Full Moon a tiny speck of light can be seen in the sky. As it comes closer and grows in clarity, the form of the Buddha, saffron-robed and in the cross-legged position, can be seen descending. At the very moment of the Full Moon the Buddha, hovering directly above the rock, extends His hand in a blessing toward the Christ who, representing humanity, receives it for distribution. The Great Invocation is then intoned, sending a thought current of gratitude from humanity to God Himself. As the Buddha pours forth His Blessing of Illumination and the Christ in turn pours forth His Blessing of Love, the atomic and molecular structure of the water changes, becoming infused with Wisdom. It is then distributed in small portions and taken out into the world to be shared.

The Wesak Festival is a potent moment of intensive spiritual service made by humanity to God, and God to humanity, via the Buddha and the Christ. For the eight minutes of this celebration the entire universe links up uniting humanity with the Source of our creation. We call this source God. The spiritual effects remain until the next Wesak Festival.