First Day of Autumn – Sun enters Libra.
Reappearance of the Christ meditation today w/ the NGWS.
Night Light News is updated –
Peace Messengers, Peace Wave, Peace itself, Mercury, Autumn.

We concentrate on Libra today.
Libra is the sign of Right Values, Judgment & Right Human Relations with all Earth’s kingdoms, especially with each other.
Sun entered Libra this morning at 7:21am west coast time.
The moon is in Gemini. And Mercury is Stationary direct – 15 degrees Virgo.
Jupiter & Venus are in Libra too.
Venus rules Libra & Gemini.
Venus ruling Libra calls us to Right Values.

Autumn (Fall Equinox in northern hemisphere, spring equinox in southern hemisphere – equal light & dark).
Equinox – he Sun rests at the equator.

We have on this first Libra day equal light (day) and dark (night). Soon humanity’s festivals of light will begin – reminding us that within darkness there is hidden Light (spirit within matter).

A Study of Libra – preparing us for the month of Libra
So we may understand the many facets, levels, gifts, aspects of Libra.And the tasks we undertake in Libra.

Libra is the Light that moves to rest.
The light that oscillates, until a point of balance is achieved.
Libra is the light that is distinguished by a moving up & down until a poise is achieved.
Libra is a pause.
Our task in meditation during Libra is Contemplation.
Libra’s pause is an assessment, a contemplation of things.
Contemplating our personality as it is related to the Soul.

Libra stands between 2 activities.
In Libra we are paused & in contemplation.
Because we must make important decisions in Libra.
We move forward into the great crisis of Scorpio.
Or we move back into previous experiences once again.
Libra experiences two contrasting realities.
Libra must balance between the two.
And then choose to align one or the other.
The Soul or the personality.

Libra receives & distributes Rays 3 & 7 (this Ray 7 is from Uranus, the Soul ruler of Libra).
Ray 3 – Divine Intelligence, Right Action, Right Economy.
Ray 7 – anchors this into the world, bringing about new rhythms.
Together with Pluto they create the New Economy. The outer manifestation of the 1st Initiation of humanity – that of bread, food and all the resources humanity needs to sustain itself.

Libra is about Right Judgment, too.
Interesting as the Jewish Festivals of Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur, when G-d looks at our lives & makes a judgement about our actions, occurs.

Librans would like to live a peaceful life.
Libra doesn’t like the flurry of disharmony.
And so, in the Light of yesterday’s International Day of Peace, & the equation of peace. Here are more thoughts on Peace.
Peace contains the components of understanding and sharing. Peace is therefore the result of understanding and sharing and not the origin of them as is often implied.
Peace is not a cessation of war. Peace is an active ongoing process.
We don’t begin with Peace. We begin with intentions of & dedications toward Goodwill.
Which lead us to Right Human Relations which leads us to the steps toward an Active & Ongoing Sense of Peace.

Our first day of Libra…love, Risa

Artwork on Autumn by Marc Chagall

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