Geomagnetic Storms yesterday from the Sun.
Continuing today. Careful everyone.
Makes one feel crazy, body hurts, emotions rising. 
Right choices, right communication difficult. 
Wednesday, September 9, 2015 – Mercury’s day.
Mercury rules, guards & guides our day – with new information.
Building the mind each day so that we can enter the plane of intuition.
Knowledge (Jupiter) builds our minds, allowing us to work with Pallas Athena, the intuitional plane, the Buddhic plane (4th, central plane on the Constitution of Man/Mind – an esoteric doctrine).
The sky in the early mornings – pre dawn – 
the moon, Venus, Jupiter, Regulus, etc.
Remaining under the Light & protection of Virgo.
The Madonna, the Mother (matter) pregnant with the new kingdom.
The 5th Kingdom, that of the Soul.
Life quickens. We await Winter Solstice, when the new light comes forth.
When the Solar Angels came to Earth, sacrificing themselves,
in the Lemurian Age – 18-21 million years ago – our little protoplasmic bodies were broken into two – we became two genders – male & female. This was a new developmental stage on Earth.
Leo is the male. Virgo is the female parts of ourselves.
Gender is NOT sex. Sex is the manifestation of gender only.
Gender display duality – the light/dark, the up/down, the radiating/the receptive – dualities allow us to see two sides, to eventually make choices, then to synthesize the two – which is an upliftment above duality – the point at the top of the triangle. We draw that triangle. Mercury, Gemini & Virgo all understand this…
Leo/Virgo is the Sphinx. Until we understand duality, the sphinx is a mystery.
Leo is the male principle – the radiating outward, initiating, seed-thought principle.
Virgo is the female principle – the receptive, gestating the seed thoughts, the bringer forth in matter of the initiating seed thought.
Through the eons the two have been separate.
They have not been understood. The mind has not been understood either.
The mind has a lower mind (receptive). And a higher mind (radiating outward). The lower mind if asleep can be manipulated. 
We must be careful to be awake, have a directed focused mind.
So that our lower mind does not remain unconscious & thus controlled by the Forces of Materialism.
Our minds are both male (focused, radiating outward)
And female (receptive, gestating).
Our minds must be both to be effective in our world.
Most of humanity function within the receptive mind.
Humanity must lift the lower mind up to the Light of the Soul.
So each of us can become “creators” in our lives.
And no longer enslaved.
The Forces of Materialism understand this – the receptive asleep unconscious mind. They project outward, through TV, the media, technology, symbols, colors, shapes, ideas, thoughts, words, that keep us asleep, keep us in the depths of materialism. The Matrix.
Offering humanity the Light of the Soul, the direction from the Soul, is the function of Virgo – her secret in the “cave of the heart.”
The masculine (radiating Light) part of the Mind directs the process 
Associated with Will, provides the Seed Thought, initiating energies.
We think of electricity – the proton, the one in the center w/ electrons around the proton.
The feminine (electrons) takes the seed thought (proton), builds & creates with the Light of the Soul. The parts of the mind unite under the Light of the Soul.
Study, prayer, meditation focuses the mind.
Builds the mind, strengthens it. Unites the female & male parts of the mind.
Lifts the lower to the higher, the direction of the mind through the Soul.
This is Virgo.
from Esoteric Astrology – p. 154 
The mystery of the Sphinx, connected with the relation of Leo and Virgo, and tied up with the secret of the solar Angels. This is not the mystery of soul and form, but the mystery of the higher and the lower mind and their relation to each other.
Virgo has a close relation to the creation of all forms in nature, and is intimately connected to the deva or angelic kingdom, from the lowest nature spirits and elementals, up to the greatest archangels and Divine Builders.
Virgo represents the laborious service in the heart of matter which the Solar Angels expend in their aeonial supervision of a human being. As well, the Solar Angels are already deeply expressive of the Christ Principle (buddhi, or solar love) and are those lives that stimulate the germination of the Christ Principle (under Virgo) in the heart of those they supervise.
The Forces of Materialism create the Matrix, the “traps” for humanity.
They are clever, keeping humanity asleep, exhausted, overworked, homeless, hungry, frightened. For our minds to awaken we must continually gather new information, use discernment & discrimination.
Working together to illumine & enlighten ourselves, each other & all of humanity. This is the work of the Soul in Service (the 3rd Law of the Soul). This is the work of the New Group of World Servers. This is the work of Virgo.
Read Catherine Austin Fitts’ blog today.
Understanding humanity’s global enslavement.
So we can recognize it, understand it, & then turn the other way creating the new…together.
Learning together, each day in the Ashram.
Our College, our school, our refuge…love, Risa
At the UN today – watching it on UN TV.
We are careful what we see. We are discerning & discriminating.
The UN, like all things in form & matter, have a personality, a Soul & an essential originating Spirit (purpose, goal). The UN is an outpost of the Hierarchy. The Avatar of Synthesis oversees the General Assembly. The Security Council at times functions like the personality. We are careful of the Agendas that the UN brings forth. If they Agendas are brought forth & supported by the corporations, then we know that Centralization (read control) is the outcome of the proposals. We are careful, discriminating, we are intelligent, informed, knowledgeable, we are discerning. We call therefore upon the Soul & Spirit of the United Nations to come forth.
September 9
UN High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace, UN Headquarters, New York
Organized by the President of the General Assembly, this fourth High Level Forum provides an opportunity for UN member states, UN agencies, media and civil society to consider ways and means of implementing the UN Programme of Action on the Culture of Peace and its importance to the Sustainable Development Goals. People of goodwill are invited to register to attend this all-day program. The Forum can be watched live