Full Moon Tonight, Cancer Solar Festival, July 1, 2015
Cancer – The Light of Form, Awaiting the Light of the Soul.
Studying today, drawing Triangles, preparing for the Cancer solar festival. 
A Dance – the Pleiades (Enra Dance Company). Jewel box of lights, Pleiades.
In the time of Cancer. At the Cancer solar festival (full moon).
Cancer is Ray 3 (& 7). Ray 3, Divine Intelligence, Right Action.
Ray 7 – anchoring the Intelligence to create new rhythms of life on Earth. The Pleiades, 7 stars, 7 sister, 7 wives of the 7 brothers (Seven Rays in the Big Dipper). Ray 3. Our first solar system.
Here is a Dance of the Pleiades from the Enra Dance Troupe of Japan.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0813gcZ1Uw8
The Astrology
Complex day today w/ planets in the heavens highlighting the Cancer solar festival.
Venus & Jupiter in Leo (we see them together in the night sky).
The moon entered Capricorn this morning to join with the Sun for the full moon.
Sun in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces.
Then the full moon this evening.
Let us join together all day today.
Standing in Confidence, Aspiration & Dedication.
These hold our minds steady in the Light.
Meditations are held all day today & this evening.
Our group will come together at the following times.
6pm west coast
8pm Midwest
9pm East Coast
We will recite the Soul & Great Invocation.
Join the NGWS world wide in the celebration of this Cancer Festival.
“I build a Lighted House & Therein Dwell.”
These are the words of the Soul.
Building a house of Light out of the personality (physical body, emotions, lower mind). The loneliness & isolation of the personality ceases as the Light of the Soul begins to penetrate the personality (matter). Gradually we (the personality) are illuminated to the idea of unity & universality, of Oneness. When the Soul begins its direction of the personality, we become, like the Christ, a channel for the “Light of the World.” When we radiate this Light it becomes “unlimited nourishment to all forms & creatures of life, to all the “little ones.”
We dedicate ourselves at this Cancer Solar Festival to be the “Light for the World, nourishing the ‘little ones.’” This becomes our dedication for ever more.
We become the Universal Mother, pouring forth the “waters of life” to humanity.
We have limitless compassion; we develop inner reserves of nurturing energy. We selflessly create forms & structures on Earth for the betterment of humanity. We work with foods, agriculture, networking with women & men of Goodwill. We become the expression of Ray 3 (Divine Intelligence, Right Action, Right Use of Money/Resources, Ray 6 (Dedication, Vision) & Ray 7 (anchoring the Will-to-Good on Earth). These “pour through us unto a waiting & hungry humanity.”
This is our work today. Working always together in the Ashram.
Under the Light of the Soul.
Learning More,
Cancer Solar Festival at the Time of the Full Moon 
The Full Moon of the Teacher
The (lower) mind is ruled by the moon, for the lower mind represents the reflective principle. According to our alignment the mind mirrors the higher and subtle or the lower and material. Especially in Cancer spiritual Disciples reflect upon the higher realms, thinking about, making contact with our Teachers, Guides & our (individual, group, world) Soul. The Teachers work as reflective principles and transmitters of higher energies, transmitting Light & Love & information to those who follow them. The Master says in the Spiritual Psychology meditations, “These energies are from Higher Circles. These are from whom I follow to those who follow me.”
In the East (geography) Cancer (the sign) is considered the month of the Teacher and Cancer solar festival at the time of the full moon is celebrated as the full moon of the World Teacher. (M.K.)
Understanding Precipitation of Light (a triangle)
1. The Teacher, which is also the Soul, becomes the “Light of the World” for our personality.
2. The NGWS is to be the “Light of the World” for humanity.
3. Humanity is the “Light of the World” for the lower kingdoms – animal, plant, and mineral. And for each other (humanity).
Drawing Triangles
Making Contact with the Heavens Through Symbols & Art
Venus Jupiter conjunction in Leo today/tonight.
Sun/Neptune – Cancer/Pisces.
We draw our triangles. Explained by the Tibetan. This prepares us more fully for the Cancer solar festival meditation tonight.
Cancer triangles and Neptune
From Esoteric Astrology, pp. 415-417
Lying behind all the many interlocking triangles in our solar system and conditioning them are three energies (emanations) from three major constellations – the Great Bear, the Pleiades and from Sirius. It might be pointed out that:
1. The energies from the Great Bear are related to the Will or Purpose (Ray 1) of the Solar Logos and are to this great Being what the Monad (Will of God) is to humanity/man (the mind of man). This is a deep mystery and one which even the highest initiate cannot yet grasp. Its sevenfold unified energies pass through Shamballa.
2. The energies from the sun, Sirius, are related to the Love/Wisdom (Ray 2) aspect of God or to the attractive power of the Solar Logos, to the Soul of that Great Being. This cosmic Soul energy is related to the Hierarchy. Know that the great White Lodge on Sirius finds its reflection and a mode of spiritual service and outlet in the great White Lodge of our planet, the Hierarchy.
3. The energies coming from the Pleiades, an aggregation of seven energies, are connected with the Active Divine Intelligence aspect (Ray 3) of God (Logoic expression), and influence the form side of all manifestation. They focus primarily through Humanity.
We draw these above triangles.
Triangles of Force
Connected with this major triangle and affecting powerfully our entire solar system is another set of triangles – a triple interrelation in special relation to humanity. This triangle of forces relates one of the major constellations, one of the zodiacal signs and one of the sacred planets within our solar system.
We draw these triangles.
• 1st Triangle: The Pleiades – Cancer – Venus for Humanity.
• 2nd Triangle: The Great Bear – Aries – Pluto for Shamballa. 
• 3rd Triangle: Sirius – Leo Jupiter for Hierarchy.
Cancer & Sirius are related
The US is ruled by Cancer & Sirius (12/13 degrees Cancer)
From Esoteric Astrology p. 466
Cancer and Sirius 
Cancer—Capricorn—Saturn (a triangle) (which are an expression of Sirius energy) enable the aspirant to tread the Path of Purification, of Probation. These energies focus and qualify the energy of the Great Lodge of the Most High in that distant Sun. They pour through the Hierarchy upon the mass of men and enable the unit in that mass to “isolate himself and turn his back upon the past and find his way on to that section of the Path wherein he learns to feel.” 
1. Sirius – Working through – Cancer – Saturn – Capricorn
2. The Pleiades – Working through – Gemini – Mercury – Sagittarius
3. The Great Bear – Working through – Aries – Sun – Libra
We draw these triangles.
Cancer & Neptune 
(Cancer streams through Neptune – the Christed (Soul’s) waters of life. Neptune is the Soul & Spiritual ruler of Cancer.
Today during the Full moon time, the Sun is trine Neptune – Neptune is the Soul & Spiritual ruler of Cancer – Spirit entering into matter.
From Esoteric Astrology p. 217-218
A great mystery is veiled and hidden in the relationship between Cancer & Neptune – for Cancer-Neptune is expressive of the seventh ray which anchors the Will of God, the Will-to-Good on Earth. This energy is apparent and radiating to humanity today at the full moon, Cancer solar festival.
We learn about these things together.
We draw our triangles.
We prepare for the Cancer solar festival.
Together. Love, Risa