Nepal~Vulcan – Ray 1 into 7 – Earthquake in Nepal, Mt. Everest avalanche, etc. ~Saturday – Saturn’s Day – Saturn guards & guides the day.
~“Destruction of Form, cataclysms within nature, continents shaken, lands raised/submerged, in order to, preparatory to the ‘building work.’ Building proceeds from etheric levels.” (from Cosmic Fire, p. 467)
~Vulcanism – Chile’s volcano erupting – Shamballa Force, Ray 1 into Ray 7. Ancient buildings destroyed. We pray for our brothers & sisters in the Nepalese earthquake, the Everest avalanche & the Chile volcano. (Read more below*)
Saturday – We tend to our responsibilities & our tasks. We also begin to rest. Today is the 2nd quarter moon – occurring at 5.27 degrees Leo.
The moon aligns with Jupiter tonight as darkness falls.
Two lights set together in the darkening sky.
Three bright lights in the sky tonight. Jupiter w/ the Moon.
And to the west, Venus (brighter than Jupiter).
In the drawing we see the waxing of the moon passing Jupiter, then Regulus (heart of Leo). April 25, 26, 27th.


st. mark winged lionToday is St. Mark’s Feast Day – one of the writers of the 4 Gospels (New Testament – the Good News).
Everyone has a gift, a talent, abilities (Leo, individual creative self).
St. Mark’s gift was writing. He wrote about the Messiah being rejected by humanity. Mark’s gospel is the shortest of the four (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).
Mark’s symbol is A winged lion – from Mark’s description of John the Baptist as a “voice of one crying out in the desert” (Mark 1:3), which artists compared to a roaring lion. The wings come from the application of Ezekiel’s vision of four winged creatures (Ezekiel, chapter one) to the evangelist
Wesak – the Three Spring Festivals are all about the Plan of God – restoring the Plan of God on Earth through the enlightenment of humanity’s minds & the absorption of the Will-to-Good, which becomes Goodwill within humanity. Let us adapt to the coming festival, eat lighter, drink more water, stand in the Sun’s rays early morning & at sunset. Let us continue to prepare so that we can perceive the Divine Purpose of the Father for Earth.
Speak with the Devas each day in the garden. We stand in cooperation with the Devas. They are the Builders. They build like the pregnant mother builds a new form within her body. We are in the process of attempting to manifest a new world. First we contact the Mind of God, we perceive the plan, conceptualize it & then bring the new world into form. The Devas (builders) are part of this. This was the function & Purpose of the Spiritual Community called Findhorn in Northern Scotland.


Our preparations for Wesak continue. Rereading yesterday’s posting for Wesak preparations. Continuing with our Forgiveness – asking & offering. Loosening the past, adapting to the present, envisioning the future world, which we create. Walking with other pilgrims to the Wesak Valley. Forming community of Servers with others there. Gazing at the stone altar. Tending the fire.
April 25
Participating w/ our Brothers & Sisters worldwide –
World Tai Chi and Qigong Day & World Malaria Day
World Tai Chi, Chi-gong Day –
The last Saturday of April each year in 100s of cities, spanning over 80 nations, people come together … to breathe together and provide a healing vision for our world.
World Malaria Day
2015 UN Theme: Invest in the future. Defeat Malaria
The global fight towards zero malaria deaths is one of the great stories of our time. A partnership of over 500 UN agencies, governments, organizations and stakeholders are working together in the Rollback Malaria Partnership. Throughout the past decade, as a result of this effort, deaths from malaria have steadily declined. It is a distinct possibility that by 2015, Goal 6 of the Millennium Development Goals, will be met, ensuring that malaria is no longer a major cause of mortality and no longer a barrier to social and economic development and growth anywhere in the world.
A new strategy aims to reduce malaria cases and deaths by 90% by 2030 from current levels. Four countries have been certified free of malaria in the last decade and the post-2015 strategy sets the goal of eliminating the disease from a further 35 countries by 2030.
From the Ashram garden, within the square, under the guidance of the Four Angels of the Four Directions – all of us practicing Tai Chi with everyone in the community, to the sound of Ohms. Under the rays of the rising Sun. love, Risa

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